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Fantasy uncharted land

"Oh, dear... you rad too much into it. It's just a simple herbal drink." Spider laughed lightly. "If that someone is your friend, Ben, than he's going to die. He might even be dead by now." She spoke carelessly.
Meanwhile, a troupe of yansi priests stand near the imperial border using their Staffs to control the undead servants. The servants have little to no body hair and are nearly as pale as Ben with many flabs of dead skin & fat. They have no soul and their bodies are under the complete control of their Priest and his staff.
Ben was spying on the battle field. It seemed at men had no chance against the evil in front of them. They tried to shoot their arrows farther the reach the priests but it seemed impossible. Ben thought; Maybe I can sneak behind the undead army and get my hands on priests. He starting waling behind human troupe and take a round around the walking dead.
"Ugh... disgusting... I tried to stay out of their way... how did they get to me?" Ben growled as punched cadavers away and proceeded toward priests. "Those damned sorcerers... they deserve to be burnt for this."
The corpses would fall on their backs as severed hands still gripped Ben’s shoulders. The priests were steadily manouvering zombies Toward Ben while also walking them towards the archers with seemingly no sign of surrender.
Ben picked a rather long stick and slashed zombies away from his body before they touch him. He was so mad that couldn't think of anything but punishing the sorcerers. He ran faster than before to leave zombies behind.
The zombies would stumble back to their horde once they’d been outrun. The closest priest to Ben would turb towards him before attempting to shoot binding energy on his legs.
Ben dodged one or two fire balls before backing off. He didn't expect that much from yansi but it made him hate them even more. On his way of running from fire shots, he found a rock and picked it up to use as a shield then approached the fire-sorcerer again.
Ben had no way but to run from the magma, but that magma burnt most of zombies that were chasing him. He ran until was out of sight then noticed that magma had burnt cadaver of the first priest too. "Darn it... I wanted to take his head as a souvenir for Spider." He said then changed his path to find another way to get close to another sorcerer.
The priest had a portion of his right arm skewered causing him to call out in pain. Immediately, the other priests began to charge at Ben as Human warriors advanced now that there weren’t many zombies.
Ben was so busy with zombies that couldn't see sorcerers anymore. After throwing his stick away it was hard to keep their rotten hands away from his body. Once he got one of those that hadn't rotten yet and use it has a weapon to shoot the others away.
Zombies would continue stumbling towards Ben with one even suckling on his shoulder. Bluish black fluid dripped down his arm and chest as a yansi priest rammed right into Ben as the others rammed into other warriors & zombies.
Ben punched the zombie off his shoulder with a disgusted yell. He saw one of priests getting closer to him so picked a zombie with each hand and tossed them at the sorcerer. He pushed his arms to work faster as kept throwing zombies at their master. If it could go on that way, soon the priest would be covered by his zombies.

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