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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

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The Untold Stories of Hogwarts​

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A Harry Potter RP between myself and EquineGurl23 EquineGurl23 that follows two boys through their journey at Hogwarts during the years of 1991-1997.

Aaron Hoskins


At long last, a very special day for many young boys and girls had arrived. The date was September 1st, 1991. There were a select few young children who would be getting the opportunity of a life time. The opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school in the entire world, the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Eleven year old boys and girls from all over Britain had been getting letters to attend this special magical school, and a young Aaron Hoskins was one of those lucky young children. It wasn’t just any child that got the acceptance letter from Hogwarts though. A child had to have some sort of magical ability inside of them, and luckily for Aaron, he very much possessed that.

Perhaps it was inherited from his father, Andrew Hoskins, a man who himself was a wizard. Aaron’s dad had attended Hogwarts back in his time and was a very bright young Slytherin. Born to a wizard dad and a witch mother, Aaron’s father Andrew was a wizard himself. Once Andrew had graduated from Hogwarts though, he fell in love with a beautiful muggle woman named Mary. The couple eventually married and had their first and only child, Aaron, in 1980. Poor Mary Hoskins didn’t understand very much about magic or the wizarding world but luckily Andrew was an expert on the matter. It’s why Mr. Hoskins was not surprised in the slightest when his son showed early signs of a magical ability in his youth.

Mr. Hoskins and even Mrs. Hoskins (although she didn’t understand it very much) were very proud that their son was worth enough to attend Hogwarts. So, before September arrived, Mr. Hoskins took his young eleven year old son to a place in the wizarding world called Diagon Alley, a place where he had never been and never even heard of before. There, Mr. Hoskins took Aaron to get his school supplies he’d need for his very first year, to get his very own wand, and to get fitted for his required robes and uniform he’d need while attending Hogwarts. An 11 inch dogwood wand with a unicorn hair had chosen him to be its master and Aaron thought that this was by far the coolest part of going to Diagon Alley and preparing to be a wizard.

Now it was September 1st and the Hoskins family found themselves waiting on Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross Station. Aaron had personally found it quite silly that a platform had a number and then three quarters and honestly wondered how that was possible. On the platform there were many other young witches and wizards, some new like him in black, blank, unmarked Hogwarts robes. Others were clearly returning as they had house symbols on their robes. Aaron stood with his two parents, his trunk of luggage close by. Eventually, a large red steam engine train arrived at the station. The Hogwarts Express was here and it was time to go. Aaron felt excitement bubbling from deep within his stomach as the Hogwarts Express did arrive.

Aaron’s mother said her goodbyes first, giving her one and only son many kisses on top of the head and a great big hug to cap things all off. “I’m going to miss you so much, Aaron,” said Mrs. Hoskins, trying her best not to cry. “It’s alright mum, I’ll be fine,” said Aaron, reassuring his mother with a smile. “I’ll miss you lots too mum,” he told her. Mrs. Hoskins smiled sweetly, giving her son one last big hug. “I know you’ll make me and your father proud at Hogwash,” she said. Aaron giggled, “It’s Hogwarts, mum, not Hogwash,” he corrected her. “Oh, right, sorry,” apologized Mrs. Hoskins. “You’re going to be a great wizard, just like your father,” she told the young boy. Aaron smiled, his heart swelling with joy as he heard his mother’s encouraging words. Sure, she really had no clue about magic nor the wizarding world, but she damn well tried to support her son.

Aaron then turned to his father to say his goodbyes. Mr. Hoskins grinned proudly and bent down slightly to reach his short young son’s height. Mr. Hoskins gave Aaron a little ruffle of his hair and smiled. “Alright lad, off you go now,” said his father. “I just know you’ll do so well and make us extremely proud,” Mr. Hoskins told his son with a grin. “Thanks dad! I’ll do my best!” Aaron reassured him. “Now go on! Wouldn’t want you to miss the train!” Mr. Hoskins said as he waved his son off. Aaron chuckled and waved goodbye one last time to his parents before turning around and making his way towards the Hogwarts Express train with his luggage. He was determined to be the greatest wizard he could be and most of all, to make his father proud. He hoped he’d be able to master magic as well as make lots of new friends.

The excited young first year boy made his way through a crowd of students saying goodbye to their families and hello to old friends from years past and finally arrived at the train. Aaron took his trunk up and onto the train and went down the aisle of the train car he happened to board. The boy eventually settled on an empty compartment, entering it and settling his trunk down and pushing it underneath his seat. With a sigh, Aaron looked out the window and onto the platform at all of the students beginning to board the train. His thoughts were filled with excitement about going to Hogwarts for the first time.
Xavier Collins

Xavier had been waiting for this day ever since his letter came earlier that summer. His parents, a witch and a wizard named Cora and James respectively. They had both attended Hogwarts when they were younger and had married a few years after graduation. Cora had been a hufflepuff while his father James had been a ravenclaw. Xaie had been taught all about being a wizard and had spent time with his parents learning the rules for Hogwarts. They lived on a small farm out in the country so when Xaie had gone to get his wand, a beautiful 10" birch wand with unicorn hair that had chosen him, and the rest of his books he'd been awestruck at the large alley. Xavier was now standing on the platform with the other students, both new like him and older ones. His mother wrapped him in a hug and pulled away. "You got this!" She said, kissing his temple. "Mom!" He huffed, crossing his arms but a smile graced his young face.

"You make us proud son" His father ruffled his hair while the boy huffed. "Yes Dad" He said, wiggling out of his mother's hug and grabbed his stuff. He had his trunk with him and headed towards the gleaming red train. "Love you!" His mother called and the young first year waved back before stepping up onto the large train. He dragged his trunk behind him and looked for any empty compartments. He saw several with three to four kids per compartment. The last one he came to had one boy around his age inside, and he slid open the compartment door. "Hi there, may I join you?" He asked, his brown eyes focusing in on the young lad.
Aaron continued to gaze out the window, excited thoughts racing through his brain. He wondered what house he would be sorted into. Would he be a Slytherin like his dad was or something else? Aaron wondered all of these things and others but was soon interrupted from his own thoughts. Suddenly, a voice could be heard asking if they were able to sit with him. It sounded like the voice of a young boy and Aaron quickly turned around. He paused for a brief moment taking the sight in. Standing in the doorway to the compartment appeared to be a young boy of his age.

The boy had no house markings on his robes so that told Aaron that this kid was a first year, just like him. Always friendly, a grin came across Aaron’s face. “Of course mate, feel free!” replied Aaron. “I was getting rather bored anyways. It’s a bit lonely here,” he said. Aaron was excited. Perhaps this could be a potential new friend. Mr. Hoskins had always stressed the importance of friends. “You can’t get anywhere without friends, Aaron,” his father would often tell him as a younger boy. Aaron was determined to make his first friend, even before stepping foot on the school grounds of Hogwarts.
Xavier gave a small smile with a nod as he stepped into the compartment, sliding the door shut behind him. He slid his trunk under the seat before sitting down across from the lad. He looked over the lad with a grin on his face. The boy seemed nice enough, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. His robes were plain black which led Xaie to confirm what he'd thought. This boy was also a first year like himself. His parents told him that you should have friends especially in this school. Always having one or more friends made things a little easier especially when you'd be away from home for the year. "Thanks. I'm Xavier by the way but everyone calls me Xaie" He told the boy, sticking his hand out for him.

Xaie could see that the lad in front of him was excited and if he was being honest so was he. The boy had been waiting basically his entire life to go to Hogwarts and had been over the moon when he'd received the letter. He couldn't wait to learn different spells and potions, though the class he couldn't wait for wasn't available until he was a third year. Care of Magical Creatures was a class that his mother had taken and she'd often told him stories of the teacher Hagrid and what kind of things they did in that class. Xavier had huffed at the time when she'd told him that it was only available to third years and above, but in reality, he couldn't wait.
Aaron tried to contain his excited grin as the stranger smiled back and entered the compartment, closing the sliding door behind him and sitting, setting down his luggage. Aaron ran a hand through his light brown hair and adjusted a few locks hoping he looked presentable. His hazel eyes stared back at the new boy in the room. It wasn’t too long until the stranger introduced himself and now, Aaron had a name to put to the face. Aaron watched as the boy, called Xavier, extended out his hand. Aaron smiled and took the boy’s hand, shaking it very quickly and rather informally. It was clear Aaron was quite excited to meet someone new.

“Hullo Xavier! My name’s Aaron!” replied Aaron, grinning from ear to ear as he finished the handshake and introduce himself. “How old are you? Are you eleven like me?” he asked Xavier. “You look like a first year! I’m a first year too!” Aaron began. “Pretty exciting, all of this, isn’t it? One day you’re getting a strange letter and the next minute you’re on a train going to some big magic school!” he rambled. “Hogwarts sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?” Aaron asked eagerly. He hoped he wasn’t talking Xavier’s ears off but he had so much that he wanted to say and Xavier would be the victim of his excited ramblings for now unless he told Aaron to zip his mouth.
Xavier could tell this boy was very excited to meet him as he shook his hand quickly. He watched with a smile at the energy the young lad had. Aaron seemed like he'd be a good friend. The excited one to the more reserved one. Xavier listened to his voice with a smile across his face as he couldn't help but laugh at the excitability the young lad had. He brought one leg up on the seat and hooked his arms around it.

"Nice to meet you Aaron! Yes, I'm also eleven and a first year too." He started, and as the boy talked, he could tell that lad was a half blood just by the way he talked about the letter. "It is very exciting yes. I was so happy when I received my letter and I can't wait to learn all about magic" He slowly felt himself becoming more comfortable with the boy. Perhaps he found a friend already. "What house are you hoping to get into? I would love to get Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff because my parents came from them" He asked Aaron, his own brown eyes shining as the train starting moving to their new school.
Just as Aaron had suspected, Xavier too was an eleven year old and an incoming first year. That put them in the exact same boat and gave Aaron someone else to go through this new journey with. He’d really only heard of Hogwarts from his dad if anything, since his father was the wizard with magical blood in the family. He briefly knew about the four Hogwarts houses, which Xavier proceeded to ask him if he had hopes to be in any one in particular. Aaron’s father, a pure blood, had been sorted into Slytherin during his time at Hogwarts back when he was a kid.

Xavier had also revealed to him that he was a pure blood- an assumption Aaron could make since he was told that both of Xavier’s parents had attended Hogwarts. That meant he was born to a witch and wizard with magical blood. “Oh that’s wicked!” Aaron replied enthusiastically. “My dad was the one who went to Hogwarts. My mum’s not magical,” he told the other boy. “He was a Slytherin when he went,” he explained. “Can’t really say I have any house preference though…” said Aaron.

“It’d be cool to be a Slytherin just like my dad, but the other three houses seem cool too. So I dunno,” he went on with a shrug. “Guess I don’t really mind too much where I end up,” said Aaron. “That’s cool that both your parents went to Hogwarts. Like I said, only my dad went. My mum has no clue when it comes to anything magic!” Aaron said with a giggle. The train had already started moving and Aaron briefly looked out the window as the Hogwarts Express began to leave the station. They were officially on their way.
Xaie looked at Aaron as he spoke, confirming his thoughts that the boy was a halfblood. "I see. That must have been a shock for her when she found out her son was a wizard too" He commented, placing his chin on his arms. He felt the train move as he listened to the boy talk about which house his dad had been in. Slytherin was a house he definitely did not want to be sorted into, but he guessed that if Aaron was in it, he'd be able to survive it too. He'd heard rumors of the Slytherin house, but not much else.

"Yeah, I got lucky I guess. I don't know, I grew up out in the country so all I had was my parents." Xavier said. "Did you read through any of your books yet? I started reading my potions book, I can't wait for that class" Xavier didn't know if he'd like any of his professors but he hoped they would be nice. "Any classes that you're excited for?" He asked.
Aaron nodded. It sure was a shock for Mrs. Hoskins when she learned that her son would be magical and a wizard just like her husband. Despite her lack of knowledge on anything magic or wizarding world, she was still very supportive of her one and only son. As of now Slytherin seemed like a cool idea. What he didn’t really know was the rumors of Slytherin. Aaron had no clue about blood supremacy and how mostly pure bloods were sorted into Slytherin, man pure bloods who saw muggle borns half blood as stains on the wizarding world. He didn’t know that some people wanted him dead just because he wasn’t a pure blood.

For now though, Aaron would remain blissfully ignorant of blood supremacy and the rise of the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. Aaron was quick to respond with a shake of his head. “Nope, I haven’t,” he replied. “I haven’t done any readings on any of the books so I guess I’m going in blind,” said the boy with a shrug. “Potions eh? I don’t really know many of the classes. I just hope we can learn to do some really cool spells!” Aaron said eagerly. “Like a spell to make us taller or something!” he fantasized. “You think they’d ever teach us something like that?” he asked curiously. Aaron wasn’t really thinking of any practical uses of magic in that moment.
Xaie looked Aaron, listening to the boy's enthusiastic words. He could tell the boy probably didn't know what kind of spells they taught. "I don't think they teach spells that make someone taller. Most of the spells they teach us are for practicality and defense from what my dad told me." He said, bringing his leg down and reclining against the window. He didn't want to ruin this young boy's innocence by bringing up what he'd been told about Slytherin and the most infamous dark wizard that had come out of it. "I know there is a really cool spell that you can project a guardian that looks like an animal based off warm emotions or something." Xaie said, pausing for a moment to readjust himself.

"My father showed me his once, it was a lion. I thought it was really cool! Though he told me too that it isn't a common spell for first and second years though" Xaie's face fell a little bit. "And in our third year we can take a care of magical creatures course! I'm looking forward to that class myself" Xaie found himself getting engaged with this boy and not realizing that they were getting closer to Hogwarts.
“Oh,” said Aaron softly, nodding. He in all honesty didn’t know what type of spells they taught at Hogwarts and to be fair, his dad hadn’t told him much about it. As Xavier said something about using magic for defense, Aaron somewhat wondered what he would need to defend himself against. He innocently knew nothing of the dangers in the wizarding world. Aaron became intrigued though as Xavier described some sort of spell involving an animal guardian projection coming from the wand.

“That sounds wicked!” Aaron said excitedly with a grin. “That’s so cool! Why didn’t my dad ever tell me about that or show me?” he asked. “I can’t wait until we learn that! It’s a shame it’s not taught in the first year though and we have to wait to be older,” he said with a slight frown. Aaron had never heard of a patronus yet. “Care of Magical Creatures is a class?” Aaron asked. “What kind of creatures are there? Dragons? Unicorns?” Aaron asked curiously. He didn’t really know too many names of magical creatures since his dad didn’t talk a whole lot about anything wizarding related.
Xavier wasn't sure why his father hadn't shown him much. Perhaps he wanted to keep the kid from being too exposed or something? Xaie couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out when Aaron said it was a shame it wasn't taught to the first years. "It's a more advanced spell, I think that's why its for older students" He said.

"Dragons exist but I don't think they are part of the course. I know unicorns appear in the fourth year but we start with Hippogriffs according to my dad. That class is considered an elective course but I plan on taking it third year and up." Xavier said, his eyes bright as he felt the excitement building before he felt the train stop. "I guess we're here!" He said, looking out the window but seeing nothing except for some ground fog and dark skies. "Can't see the school from here though" He was a little disappointed in that.
Aaron shrugged. “I suppose so,” he replied softly. He just couldn’t wait to learn everything, but he had to realize, he would have seven full years of learning magic at Hogwarts. He had much to learn and needed some patience. Surely that would come with time though. Aaron’s knowledge of magical creatures was admittedly limited so he hadn’t really heard of hippogriffs before. He knew he had much to learn but he was so very excited to do so.

Aaron was about to ask Xavier what a hippogriff was but before he knew it, they had finally arrived at Hogwarts. Aaron’s eyes widened eagerly as he looked outside. There he couldn’t quite see the grand and glorious Hogwarts castle in the distance due to the dark night sky and the fog. He frowned as he squinted and tried to look for the school but could not find it. “I can’t believe we’re finally here!” Aaron said with a smile as the train came to a stop.

The light brown haired boy with the hazel eyes began to pull his luggage trunk out from underneath his seat. All of the students on the Hogwarts Express began to make their way off the train. Outside there was a large man with a big scruffy black beard guiding first years into some boats in the water. “We’d better get going, wouldn’t want to miss anything,” said Aaron, offering a smile and waiting for Xavier. He was going to wait for his new friend. Hopefully he and Xavier could both go on a boat together to get to the school.
Xavier smiled at Aaron, grabbing his own trunk. He sensed this boy was innocent to the nature of his heritage. Xaie certainly didn't mind that he wasn't a pureblood, but he knew there would be several that would. He dragged his trunk out behind Aaron, following the throng of students out of the train. He spied the large man, must be Hagrid Xaie thought, remembering what his mother told him that he looked like. He heard Aaron's voice and nodded as they made their way to the boats. There was one boat with no else yet in it and he took Aaron's hand without thinking about it. The light brown haired boy looked at him as he pointed.

"There's an empty boat there, lets get it so we can get to the school together" He said, enjoying the fact that he'd found someone who wanted to be his friend. When he'd gone to elementary school, he'd been a loner and his parents actually pulled him out because Xavier had retreated inside himself even at age 5/6.
Aaron left the compartment first, carrying his trunk with him, occasionally looking back to make sure Xavier was still with him and following close behind. Aaron couldn’t help but stare at the large man directing the first years to the boats. “Four to a boat!” the half giant announced. The first years were instructed to leave their luggage at the station and that it would be taken care of for them so Aaron left his trunk off to the side with the other first years’ things.

He then suddenly felt his hand be grabbed and raised his eyebrows, turning to see that Xavier had taken it. Aaron blushed ever so slightly but smiled and nodded as Xavier suggested they get in the same boat together. Aaron certainly wanted to stick with Xavier so he very much welcomed the idea of getting into the same boat and getting to the school with each other. Aaron smiled at Xavier as he sat down in the boat with the boy.
Xavier smiled as Aaron followed him to the boat. They sat down beside each other, with their legs brushing due to the size of the boat. He could feel a blush on his cheeks as he watched how excited Aaron still was about being here. He looked up hearing footsteps and saw two more kids their age headed their way. He was going to be polite and say hello when one of them, a girl, raised her nose up, looking around to see all the boats were full. He watched them board the boat and opened his mouth when she beat him to it.

"I'm not here to make friends, and you best stay out of my way." She snapped while her friend looked at her. "Pansy!" He said. "Sorry, Pansy can be rude but I'm not, my name is Blaise, nice to meet you." The boy, Blaise, said holding his hand out. "Nice to meet you Blaise, my name is Xavier" Xaie said, shaking his hand back.
Initially it was just Aaron and Xavier sitting in the boat meant before. Soon enough, a girl and a dark skinned boy came over and boarded their boat. Aaron smiled, happy to welcome some new people and potential new friends to the boat, but his smile quickly faded as the female was rather rude out of no where. Aaron widened his eyes, surprised as the girl snipped at them. She wasn’t very friendly, thought Aaron.

Luckily, the boy that was with her was nicer and scolded the girl for being so mean. The boy, who was named Blaise, seemed friendlier, and Aaron watched as he shook Xavier’s hand and introduced himself. Aaron looked over at the girl, whose name was Pansy, and scrunched his face up at her. He was a bit turned off by her initial rudeness. Aaron then looked over to Blaise and smiled. “Hullo Blaise, I’m Aaron!” he chimed in.
Blaise smiled at the other boy "Nice to meet you Aaron!" He said. He heard a huff from Pansy before rolling his eyes towards her. Xavier liked Blaise, he seemed nice but he refused to make eye contact with Pansy. The girl was definitely going to be trouble. "Are you excited for school Blaise?" Xaie asked the lad who nodded. Hagrid called out that the boats were ready to launch and a few seconds later the boat lurched as it began moving across the lake.

Xaie looked out over the lake at the other boats in awe at the amount of them, all full of excited first years like himself. He looked up as the castle finally loomed into view, lit up against the dark sky majestically. "Aaron! Look!" Xaie pointed towards the castle as they slowly made their way closer to the magnificent building.
Aaron grinned as Blaise greeted him. Blaise seemed nice. Perhaps it would be yet another new friend to add. Of course, he’d probably keep Xavier as his closest friend since he met him first and had all that time on the train with him talking and getting to know him a bit. Eventually, Hagrid launched the boats and they began to move, slowly gliding across the water. As Xavier talked with Blaise, Aaron looked down at the water as they moved.

Suddenly, he heard Xavier call his name and point. Aaron perked up and looked at where Xavier was pointing. His eyes widened as his mouth opened slightly. “Woah…. So big…” he whispered, in complete awe of the large Hogwarts castle up ahead of them. He couldn’t believe that he was going to get to go to school inside of that structure.
Xaie saw Aaron's reaction to the castle and he couldn't help the grin that crossed his face. He felt a little blush hit his cheeks as he thought that the boy looked kind of cute with such an awestruck reaction. He looked at the castle getting bigger the closer they got to the docks to go up into the great hall. "It's it beautiful?" He asked Aaron, his own eyes caught on the structure.

"It's just a castle" Pansy huffed, crossing her arms and turning away from the two boys. Blaise just ignored her and looked at the pair of boys before gazing at the castle.
Luckily for Xavier, Aaron was too busy admiring the castle so he didn’t catch the boy staring at him and blushing slightly. Aaron then looked at Xavier with a grin as the boy now looked up at the castle. Now Aaron was the one who found himself staring at Xavier. Aaron thought that Xavier looked pretty attractive and stared for a bit before shaking his head and trying to push those weird thoughts out of his brain.

Aaron grinned and nodded, “It’s so pretty,” he said softly. He didn’t know what seemed prettier though, Xavier or the castle against the night sky. Then Pansy chimed in and Aaron glared at her sassy comment. “Oh lighten up you, would ya?” Aaron asked, shaking his head slowly and rolling his eyes.
Xavier couldn't help the smile as Aaron looked over at him with a grin. The boy blushed again, looking at his feet with sudden rapt interest. Pansy glared over at Aaron with a derisive snort "I told you to I wasn't here to make friends, so leave me alone." She snapped. Xavier's head snapped up and he glared right back. "Leave him alone, he's done nothing to you. We're almost to the shore so why don't you ignore us" He said defensively. Xavier had made Aaron his friend and he wouldn't stand for people being mean to his friend.

He swayed a bit as the boat hit the shore. Holding a hand out to Aaron, he stuck his tongue out at Pansy. "Let's go to school" He told the light brown haired boy.
Aaron was rather stunned and didn’t know what to say as Pansy quickly snapped at him. He didn’t understand why she was so nasty. But suddenly, Xavier came to his defense. Aaron couldn’t help but blush as Xavier stood up for him. It was a very sweet gesture and he had to hold back a smile. The boat soon arrived at the dock near the castle and Aaron giggled quietly as he saw Xavier stuck his tongue out at Pansy.

Aaron grinned as he saw Xavier hold a hand out to him. The hazel eyed boy took it, blushing slightly again as their skin made contact and they got out of the boat. Aaron was going to very much like having Xavier as a friend. They hadn’t even gotten to the school yet and he was already sticking up for him and protecting him, like a true friend. Clearly, Xavier was good company. “Thanks for sticking up for me,” said Aaron softly.
Xavier smiled at Aaron as they joined the other students on the shoreline. "I dislike people like that, they think they're so much better than others" Xavier said to Aaron. He had noticed the slight blush on the other boys face before they'd left the boat. He wouldn't let others push his friend around, that wasn't allowed. "I, um I'm really glad I met a friend like you" Xavier said softly as the group started moving up the stairs to the castle.

It was the truth, Xavier had never had friends, and the one he had was his tutor that helped him with his early education stuff. He looked over at Aaron and smiled again. Yes, Aaron was a good friend and hopefully they had a lot of the same classes so he could learn beside his friend during their years here.

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