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  1. TheAdventureBegins

    Fantasy  Saving Aether (Closed/Roles Filled)

    Saving Aether In the world Aether at the age of twenty-one everyone is either gifted with an element or not. Those gifted go on to study at Yoserra, a private academy till they can eventually go out to serve the major kingdoms. Over the years those gifted with the elements have been fewer and...
  2. Caffeine_Obsessed

    Fantasy  Dreamcatcher (With Isthill)

  3. Caffeine_Obsessed

    Fantasy  Disarray (With TragicTrees)

    Cold, dreary voices filled the- equally as cold- meeting room. Angelo could barely contain the urge to roll his eyes as he listened to his subordinates drone on and on about some kind of new partnership his company was entering. He really couldn’t care less about what the hell they were talking...
  4. saltwater wxtch

    Realistic or Modern  Yes, who's this?

    Yes, who's this? A role-play about re-getting to know a life long friend. playing the game of the same name by maria mison for cosmic sans and myself reminder to get as experimental as you'd like with the responses this bbcode base is from Ambiloquous 𔕙
  5. xKitty

    Realistic or Modern  The Loveless, Friendly Ghost. [Closed] {Main}

    Jack Madisons And here we go again. Yet, another family had moved out of the house that Jack was solemnly stuck in. He stared out the window of the living room as the family drove out of the garage with fear and rage. The house had even gone down in price due to all the out-movings. It drove...
  6. Pax Pardus Hale

    Realistic or Modern  Of Ivanov Blood Reboot//All spots full!

    Yaroslavl, Russia was one of the ancient towns in Russia and due to its rich history it held onto a lot of its old habits. Including a working relationship with the Ivanov family, the king pin mafia family in Russia. The Ivanov family had lived in Yaroslavl since the beginning of time it seemed...
  7. BoneBrain

    Realistic or Modern  Royal Metanoia {Closed}

    The night air was cool and crisp against Ewan’s lungs, a harsh contrast to the occasional drag on the lit herbs wrapped between his fingers. Leaning on the rail of the balcony attached to his room Ewan considered the lights of the city in the distance, from his bedroom in the castle he could see...
  8. Abyss

    Realistic or Modern  Streets of Blood and Brimstone

    *Jazz Hands*
  9. bastion

    Waterdeep: Hunt

    Waterdeep, City of Splendors... It is truly the greatest city on the Sword Coast, possibly in all of Faerun. It is a melting pot of culture, with members of all races calling the city home. The diverse population has led to an open-minded community, full of outspoken and social people. Every...
  10. Kakyoin

    Fantasy  Bad Blood (Mikayre)

    Nyx had gotten home after having a pretty long and exhausting day. She stopped to pet her dog, Jinx, before slowly dragging her bag all the way to her bedroom. She tossed it onto her bed, opening the bag, which was filled with guns and other weapons. Nyx opened her closet, pushing past the...
  11. Elena Firebird

    Fantasy  The Library of Apheleon

    Liliana Edevane was the youngest duchess in the Kingdom of Apheleon at twenty-two years of age. She had only recently wrested control of her lands from her father's old seneschal, who had been running the manor alone after his death. And from what she could tell, he'd managed to cock it up...
  12. mikayre

    Fantasy  ❥ 𝐔𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐝 {jjomiomi+mikayre}

    U P R O O T E D @jjomiomi + @mikayre Nemi Ryse It was a sunny morning, and Nemi was still curled up under their quilt when a hard rapping sound on the door to their home woke them. This was out of the ordinary for a Sunday, it was the only leisure day they had. Sitting up and running a hand...
  13. Kakyoin

    Realistic or Modern  Beauty And The Boss (Alexis-Faye)

    Dio was inside of his office, sitting at his desk with his chin resting on his hand as he worked on some of his financial work that he’s been meaning to get done for awhile now. He looked through the papers that were spread around his desk. Many people had owed him money and it was time to pay...
  14. Kakyoin

    Fantasy  Bloody Ballroom (Quellys)

    Riko was upstairs, inside of her room with one of her maids. She sat there in her underwear, doing her makeup as her maid was searching for a dress she could wear. Riko loved feeling like the most beautiful woman in the whole ballroom, which she normally was. It wasn’t a very hard competition...
  15. Daan

    Realistic or Modern  Ready Or Not

    She landed another dart into the bullseye, a thunk! secured her another ten stacks in the bag. Her smirk couldn't have been wiped off by anyone. Some top-50s artist filled the empty club. The sound technicians were moving around the stage area, making sure everything was working correctly...
  16. Goldieloxx

    Multiple Settings  The Secret Circle | Main

    The Secret CircleAshborough, Washington Town hall meeting and Halloween event Friday, 6pm spooky season nice cool evening @Goldieloxx @MadiRaiCat @_amaranth_ code by RI.a
  17. xKitty

    Fantasy  Imagine falling asleep and waking up as a Furry... (Closed) {Main Thread}

    Kate Valentine Kate was excited to begin her Senior year of High School. The final year. She was ready. Very ready. Anticipation had crossed her face as she entered her room in her nightgown. She lied herself down with her phone in her hands texting one of her friends about it. They too were...
  18. _amaranth_

    Realistic or Modern  𝕾𝖎𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖉 𝕴𝖓𝖓𝖔𝖈𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊 || Main Thread

    Silenced InnocenceEasthaven Point High School There is a big assembly at the gym since after two months of peace and silence, the Porcelain Doll Killer stroke again. This time, the body was found in the chemistry lab by a group of unaware students. Most of all, the lifeless human doll was one...
  19. Green Ruin

    Fantasy  After the War - Knighthood x Royalty [MxM]

    After the war ➸ The Plot Last fall, a prince [Muse A] sent his knights on a quest destined to put an end to the conflicts in his kingdom. Among them was his childhood friend and most trusted man, the commander of his private guard [Muse B]. When the party returns in the wake of their success...
  20. Goldieloxx

    Fantasy  The Secret Circle | Characters

    Character Sheets **REALISTIC pictures only please!** Name: Nickname: Age: Gender: Sexuality: Occupation: Face Claim: Eye Color: Hair Color: Height: Body Modifications: Likes: [3+] Dislikes: [3+] Fears: [2+] Quirks: [2+] Theme Song: (optional) Power Specialization: Personality: [1-2...