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  1. Zerachiin

    Multiple Settings  (IC) Roller-Skating High-Schoolers against the Vast Expanse of Space

    APRIL 10TH, 2014 PUBLIC SCHOOL NO.9 SCHOOL STARTS AT 7:20 AM, STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED ON-CAMPUS BEFORE THEN (please note that images are just for aesthetics, may not align with In-RP content) With the heat of summer slowly beginning to subside, giving way to the spring months that serve as...
  2. BittyBobcat

    Realistic or Modern  Second Pick Main

    Heroes had been in Peter's life for as long as he could remember. They decorated billboards with bright costumes, posters with catchphrases, and action figures with small details that always seemed to rub away with too much play. The mere mention of presence of one was enough to draw dozens of...
  3. smolfluffball

    Realistic or Modern  The Five Steps IC

    Tired of being alone? Want to make some new friends? Looking for romance? Well, look no further! The Five Steps are here to help! Developed by TIES, The Five Steps help you form that connection you want in your life. What kind of connection are you hoping to make? Romantic? Platonic? Friends...
  4. chamomile

    One x One  ❛ 𝑯𝑬𝑳𝑳𝑹𝑨𝑰𝑺𝑬𝑹𝑺. [ 𝘤𝘴 ]

    the very touch of you corrupts hellraisers ;; demon & witch. CHAMOMILE X NATASHA.
  5. reveriee

    Realistic or Modern  『 回 』— ic
    Index: 《 回 》

    --CODE BY REVERIEE-- do not use without explicit permission. do not remove credit (visible or not) or claim as your own. --HUIII-- 回 --TWIPLES-- triples --REVERME-- reveriee. --ZYG-- 曾衍贵 --NR-- 苒fa-yin-yangreveriee ©
  6. redwood

    Fantasy  the arrangement // daan & redwood

    Sorcha Whitecross’s window shuddered with every blow of icy wind as the blizzard howled outside, fierce and loud. Normally the large window overlooked the idyllic Icemore River which flowed through the heart of Port Maud, Vraphate’s capital city; today the view was of a white and gray expanse...
  7. smolfluffball

    Realistic or Modern  The Five Steps || Characters (new)

    Blank Character Sheet ★ Feel free to fill it out as your character if you want! That's what I did for both my characters, and it was a lot more fun, so I recommend it! Try and have fun with it, because I know character sheets can be a pain :’) It’s totally OPTIONAL to fill the sheet in as your...
  8. mood.

    Futuristic  The Modification

    ----content container---- ----title (input your title twice! ***one line only! if you want two lines, reduce font-size!)---- ---outlined text---- ----* * * title here---- the modification ---filled-in text---- ----* * * title here---- the...
  9. MasterJuann

    Fantasy  Fate That Bleeds

    Words From Fate...All that anyone would be able to see when standing in the capital of Butelahn would be celebration. Starting from the castle, bright colors and decorations hung from every window and wall one could set their eyes on. The adornments dipped inside, as well, where gold and silver...
  10. Starwalker123

    Realistic or Modern  The Rain- taxi RP

    ParrotParfait Modern world The wind and rain drove down on the pavement. The teen stood on the sidewalk, hands shaking in the cold. This wasn't the way they had thought they would spend the night but now they would hail a taxi and hope they could get a ride to the little house outside of town...
  11. mourning star

    Fantasy  fairy circles — closed.

    i am the merry wanderer of the night — ;☾ *first letter of name* Crystal L. Windsor i'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell— and i'll die by your hand, which i love so well...In a grand throne room filled with spindly wooden support beams and spider webs strung up like party streamers...
  12. Goldieloxx

    Multiple Settings  The Preying Seasons | Main

    tags Beginning Setting: Second day of the festival Early afternoon July, current year @MadiRaiCat @_amaranth_ @Desert_Blossom code by g o l d i e l o x x
  13. Bumblebeee

    Fandom  Westeros of Years Past || RP

    If you'd like to change the background for the upper part, just change what's inside the parentheses after the background-image variable! If you'd like it to not be in black and white (or would like to change the saturation), you can change what's inside the ()s after the word "grayscale"...
  14. Gish_Sky

    Futuristic  Star Wars AU: A Galaxy Unfolded (Closed to group)

    “I hate sand.” Artem Kesyk, a scrawny fourteen year old boy, kicked the sand that had blown onto the streets of the Tatooine market. Well, on Tatooine, sand was everywhere. It was a bitter reminder of how his stowaway on a ship had stranded him on this awful planet. The boy scowled, leaning...
  15. simj22

    Fandom  RWBY: The Book for All and None

    Main thread. It's empty now.
  16. mourning star

    Fantasy  fairy circles — closed.

    fae royalty, henric witherborne.When the guard had walked into his chambers that morning to declare someone had stumbled into the damned fae circle, Hendric Witherborne could scarcely believe him. It had seemed preposterous. How could any human manage to find themselves in the middle of the...
  17. Goldieloxx

    Realistic or Modern  The Serpents | Main

    tags Beginning Setting: A few weeks after Liam's death A "celebration of life" gathering Early October 10PM @MadiRaiCat @_amaranth_ @Desert_Blossom @jasmichelle code by g o l d i e l o x x
  18. ParrotParfait

    Realistic or Modern  Spiffing Day for Tea

    The room phases a bit as I prepare for another guest. I put my previous session on hold in accordance to circumstances external to this room. When the room settles, the door gives a soft click as the lock becomes unlocked, ready for my next guest.
  19. MasterJuann

    Fantasy  Fate That Bleeds (closed)

    code by nine lives ♡ fonts used: main title & tab titles subtitle/subheaders body text to replace fonts, replace them here, then search up 'font-family' and replace them there too between the ''! ----tabs---- ----tab one (cover)---- ----text effect thing...
  20. Goldieloxx

    Realistic or Modern  The Serpents | Characters

    Character Sheets **REALISTIC pictures only please!** Name: Nickname: Age: Gender: Sexuality: Role: Face Claim: Eye Color: Hair Color: Height: Body Modifications: Likes: [3+] Dislikes: [3+] Fears: [2+] Quirks: [2+] Theme Song: (optional) Personality: [1-2 paragraphs or bullet points] Bio...