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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Aaron nodded in agreement. He never understood why some people were so rude like Pansy for absolutely no reason. “Yea me too, it’s so stupid!” said Aaron, shaking his head. He didn’t even realize he was blushing slightly. Xavier sticking up for him was very sweet and Aaron would certainly remember this for a long time. As the first years were guided towards the castle doors, Aaron looked at Xavier and blushed more noticeably and deeply red as the brown eyed boy told him that he was glad they met.

A sheepish smile came across Aaron’s face as he continued blushing profusely, looking away slightly from Xavier so he couldn’t see it, even though at this point it was hopeless to do that. “Thanks Xavier,” he replied. “You know, I’m really happy I met you too. You’re a good friend,” he told the other boy. “Not too many people back at home would ever do that for me,” he said softly. He excitedly waited as all of the first years gathered near the entrance to Hogwarts.
Xavier hummed in agreement as he heard Aaron's words about people like that. He saw the sheepish smile on Aaron as the lad looked at him with a blush. Xavier couldn't help but think it was absolutely adorable. He blushed as well as he heard Aaron say that he was glad to meet him too.

"You're welcome." Then he frowned, hearing about how people back at his home wouldn't do that for him. "Well, then people in your home town don't know the boy beside me very well then." He said, looking at him with a deep red blush.
Aaron was flattered and he couldn’t help but giggle and smile from ear to ear. He was really going to like having Xavier as a friend. He was so sweet and kind- it made him all the more attractive and appealing to Aaron. Aaron shrugged as he blushed deeply, not feeling he deserved such nice compliments. The two didn’t have much time to dwell on all of the blushing going on between the two as an older looking witch wearing a pointed hat and dark emerald green robes introduced herself.

The old witch looked stern yet kind and told all of the first years that her name was Professor McGonogall. She then informed all of the students that they would soon be entering the castle where the sorting ceremony would begin and that each of them would be sorted into Ike of the four Hogwarts houses. This made Aaron wonder once again what house he’d get into. He even wondered what house Xavier would be placed into.
Xavier smiled at the boy, seeing the blush on his face. It made him look even more attractive to Xavier. The moment in time was broken when Professor McGonogall told them that they'd be going in soon. It was time to be sorted into his house, and he was just as excited. He looked over at Aaron and hoped that the boy wouldn't get the house that he had originally wanted, because he couldn't picture the boy in Slytherin. Aaron wouldn't survive, that house was the worst in Xavier's opinion.

He himself was hoping to be sorted into Hufflepuff, and hoped that Aaron was sorted into there too. Xavier heard creaking as the great wooden doors opened. The students excitedly started moving towards the doors. This was it, the start of their next seven years. He held his hand out to Aaron with a smile. "Ready to get your house?" He asked the lad.
Aaron couldn’t stop thinking about how attractive he found Xavier. He tried to shove those thoughts out of his mind as Professor McGonogall finally opened the doors to Hogwarts and let all of the first years inside of the castle. Aaron followed the group of first years and McGonogall as they went through the halls. Up on the walls, Aaron could see many paintings and portraits of people which he could’ve sworn were moving. He blinked twice, rubbing his eyes to see if he was just seeing things. He was not- the paintings really were moving.

Aaron wondered if being sorted into Slytherin would make his dad proud, so he somewhat hoped he’d be sorted there. He didn’t even know that he would certainly not be a fit in Slytherin. He did not share the same values at all that most people who were sorted into Slytherin held. He hoped that Xavier got sorted into the house that he wanted most of all. It would certainly be cool if they somehow winded up being sorted into the same house.

Aaron nodded quickly and grinned as Xavier asked him if he was ready to be sorted. “Born ready, mate!” Aaron replied. “Imagine we get into the same house? How cool would that be?” Aaron asked Xavier. Soon, they were let into the Great Hall. Inside, there were four long tables and seated at them were hundreds of older students from each of the four houses, awaiting their potential new housemates to be sorted.
Xavier smiled over at Aaron as they entered into the castle. Xaie stuck close to Aaron, finding the moving paintings a little creepy at first and he let his shoulder brush against Aaron's as a grounding method. The lad wondered where he would get sorted and where Aaron would get sorted. He heard the boy's enthusiastic response and smiled widely. He had already internally admitted to himself that he felt something to the first year beside him but he wasn't entirely sure if it was platonic or something more. This would certainly be a very interesting seven years, although if future him could tell past him just how interesting it would get, he'd probably have run far away.

"That would be really cool" He agreed as they entered into the Great Hall. The four long tables in the middle had all the older students seated at them, waiting to find out who their new housemates would be. Professor McGongall stood at the front with an old witch hat seated on a stool beside her. She began talking about the sorting ceremony before she began calling students up alphabetically by last name. Eventually she called out "Collins, Xavier!" Xavier was suddenly nervous and froze in place.
Aaron felt Xavier’s shoulder brushing against his as they walked. Weirdly, he enjoyed the feeling. It was nice having Xavier’s body close to his. The first years were eventually lined up against the wall and the old Sorting Hat was brought out and placed on a stool. Professor McGonogall briefly explained about each of the four Hogwarts houses and their values and even gave some history on the Sorting Hat. Aaron had to wonder how it was possible for an old enchanted hat to know what house people belonged in.

Eventually when the whole Sorting Hat introduction was finished, McGonogall began to call the first year students up alphabetically by last name. The A and B last names went by and the first half of the C last names. Then, a familiar first name was called. As Aaron heard Xavier’s name, he turned to look at the browned eyed boy and smiled. Aaron thought Xavier Collins sounded like a nice name. Aaron noticed his friend frozen in place, getting cold feet.

The hazel eyed boy took a step forward and put an arm around Xavier’s shoulders. “Hey mate, it’s ok. Wherever you get sorted I’m sure you’ll love it and your parents will be super proud,” said Aaron, smiling encouragingly and holding Xavier close to him. “Now get up there and get sorted, yea?” Aaron said with a grin, patting Xavier on the back.
Xavier jumped slightly when he felt an arm on his shoulders before he felt his body relax. He looked over at Aaron and shot him a grateful look with a blush on his face. He smiled with an excited nod, the nerves melted away. "Th-thanks" He said, enjoying the closeness before he walked up to the chair. The professor smiled at him before gesturing for him to sit on the stool and the hat was set down on his head.

"Hmm, yes. I see. Loyal, honest, kind. Yes” The sorting hat mumbled. A moment later it yelled out “Hufflepuff!” And the table full of Hufflepuffs, which was flanked by Gryffindor on one side and Ravenclaw on the other. Xavier felt a smile on his face as he sat down at the Hufflepuff table, on the Gryffindor side.
Aaron nodded and smiled warmly. “Of course, mate,” he whispered to Xavier, giving him one last pat on the back before the boy stepped up to the front of the room and sat on the stool to be sorted. Once Xavier had came up to the stool, Professor McGonogall lowered the old Sorting Hat onto the boy’s head. Aaron watched on eagerly with wide eyes, very curious as to where his friend would be sorted into. Aaron looked at the Sorting Hat as it came to life and made its decision.

Xavier would be a Hufflepuff, one of the houses he wanted! Aaron grinned proudly and clapped for his new friend as he watched the boy join the Hufflepuff table which had erupted into cheer upon welcoming their newest housemate. Aaron looked over at Xavier as he sat down at the Hufflepuff and grinned from ear to ear, waving happily over at the boy.
Xavier looked at his new housemates, all of them cheering for him. He looked over at the line of students still waiting to be sorted and saw the big grin on Aaron’s face. He saw the wave his friend gave and he waved back. Xavier was excited, he was secretly hoping he’d be a Hufflepuff.

He heard them move through the rest of the C’s down through until they reached the H’s and he heard a familiar first name as the Professor called out “Hoskins, Aaron!” And he smiled. That was a nice name Xavier thought as he waited to see what house Aaron would get.
Aaron giggled as Xavier saw him and waved back all the way from the Hufflepuff table. The rest of the sorting ceremony seemed to go by slowly and the young light brown haired boy was growing rather impatient. But finally, the H last names came around and eventually, Aaron was called. “Hoskins, Aaron!” Professor McGonogall had called out. Aaron immediately perked up. His heart leapt and began to practically pound out of his chest. The boy took a deep breath before walking up to the front and approaching the stool.

Once he arrived, he sat down on the stool and closed his eyes as he waited for McGonogall to place the Sorting Hat onto his head. Closing his eyes shut tight, Aaron eventually felt the Sorting Hat be placed onto his brown haired head. “Ah yes!” the voice of the Sorting Hat said as the hat became animated. “Courageous, loyal, a heart of gold! Even a little mischievous too,” said the Hat. “I know where you’ll fair well. Better be…. GRYFFINDOR!” the Sorting Hat shouted. Instantly, Aaron’s eyes opened up wide as a big smile came across his face. The Gryffindor table roared with applause and cheers as they welcomed their newest housemate.

Aaron could not contain his excited grin as the hat was taken off of his head and he made his way over to the Gryffindor table to join his new housemates in the house of the lion. As Aaron arrived at the Gryffindor table, he was greeted with high fives and pats on the back from his older house members. He then excitedly went down to the end of the table and spotted Xavier at the Hufflepuff table, near the Gryffindor side. Aaron quickly took a seat directly across from Xavier at the Gryffindor table on the side closest to Hufflepuff. “Congrats mate!” said Aaron with a big grin as he looked at Xavier.
Xavier smiled as he heard Aaron's house. The boy would do well in there for sure. Much better choice that Slytherin if he had to be honest. He watched the table beside him erupt in cheers and he watched as they greeted Aaron with high fives. Yes, this was going to be a fantastic year. Xavier noticed Aaron coming closer and taking a seat across from him.

"Thanks buddy! Congrats to you too!" He said, a wide smile on his face. He looked up as he heard the P's start and noticed Pansy had gotten Slytherin which was a big shocker, not. Then he heard the last name of a boy his father had told him about. The boy who lived "Potter, Harry!" McGongall called out as the black haired lad made his way to the sorting hat. A few seconds passed before a loud "Gryffindor!" echoed through the hall. So the famous Harry Potter was going to be a Gryffindor.
Aaron couldn’t contain the excited grin on his face as Xavier congratulated him back. Sure he would’ve liked to have been sorted into the same house as he new friend, but he was confident they would be able to remain friends. Eventually, a boy named Harry Potter was called. The whole Great Hall seemed to break out into whisperings and Aaron wondered what was so special about this kid. He knew nothing of the tale of the boy who lived.

The Sorting Hat eventually placed Harry Potter into Gryffindor after deliberating between that and Slytherin. The Gryffindor table erupted into raucous applause and cheers they welcomed Harry Potter to their house. Aaron just clapped along politely. The sorting ceremony went on. A girl named Hermione Granger and a red headed boy named Ronald Weasley were sorted into Gryffindor as well and a boy named Draco Malfoy was immediately sorted into Slytherin upon the hat touching his head.

Finally, all of the new first year students were sorted. Soon, a man with a large white beard and half moon spectacles stood up and approached the podium. The man introduced himself as their headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, and gave a little opening speech. He warned students not to approach the Forbidden Forest or they most likely will be mutilated or killed. This certainly gave Aaron a good spook. Dumbledore then commenced the welcoming feast. Aaron could hear his stomach growl loudly and he realized just how hungry he was. In an instant, delicious plates of freshly cooked food appeared in front of everyone and the feast began. Aaron grinned excitedly and wasted no time in digging in.
Xavier listened to some of the names at the sorting before he heard Malfoy called. His father had warned him of the Malfoy family, and that they should be avoided. The lad looked up as Dumbledore began his speech. He looked out over the crowd as he spoke. Xavier glanced over at Aaron when Dumbledore mentioned the Forbidden Forest. He reached across the aisle when he noticed that the boy had looked a little spooked and gently touched his hand as a calming gesture.

Xavier smiled at him before turning back to the food that had arrived. He heard his stomach growl as he loaded up his plate and began to dig in.
Aaron munched away on the delicious food. It was amazingly tasty and savory. The house elf chefs sure knew how to cook. Although it did make Aaron miss his mother’s home cooking. Aaron had a large chicken wing and some mashed potatoes on his plate. He held the chicken wing and took a large bite of it before smiling and turning around towards the Hufflepuff table and Xavier behind him.

“This food’s pretty good, huh?” Aaron asked with a mouthful of food. If his mother was here she would surely be scolding him for his lack of table manners right now. Sitting on the end of the Gryffindor table were all the new first years, of which Harry Potter, the famous Boy Who Lived was a part of. Aaron didn’t quite understand all the fanfare around this Harry Potter boy who he had never even heard of before.
Xavier had just finished his last wing when he looked over at Aaron. He could see his plate still held food, and he’d just taken a bite of a wing himself. He shook his head at the boy with a grin. “Aaron. Do you always talk with your mouth full?” He asked teasingly. Xavier didn’t care honestly, he loved that the boy was so excited.

“And yes, the food is delicious.” Xaie agreed. His stomach was full as he listened to the kids further down the Gryffindor table. He personally didn’t care about Harry but he would probably stand with him if he asked.
Aaron hadn’t really noticed he was talking with his mouth full. He widened his eyes and blushed as he became aware of it and embarrassed as Xavier pointed it out. Aaron quickly swallowed what was in his mouth and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Erm, no- sorry,” he apologized sheepishly, even though Xavier was joking and it was clearly all in good fun.

Aaron’s belly was quite full now. He had enjoyed his meal and it did more than enough to satisfy his hunger. If the food was going to be like this at Hogwarts every night, he could certainly get used to this. The feast began wrapping up and the prefects were told to get the first years and begin guiding them to their dormitories for curfew. Aaron was sad to have to leave Xavier behind for now. He quickly got up and went over to the Hufflepuff boy. “Can you believe classes start tomorrow?” Aaron asked. “I hope we share some together,” he said.
Xavier let out a little chuckle at sheepish look on Aaron’s face. “It’s okay bud.” He said, standing from his seat and brushing his shoulder against Aaron as the other boy had come over. He didn’t want to leave Aaron but he was kind of tired too.

“I know! I’m so excited! I hope we share some too.” He said. “See you tomorrow anyway? I believe they have some kind of breakfast that students can grab before classes here in the great hall.” Xavier recalled his father mentioning that he’d often study early in the morning in the great hall with his friends while they had breakfast. He gave his friend a gentle pat on the shoulder before he followed the other Hufflepuffs to their dormitory.
“I wonder if the breakfast is as good as the dinner,” said Aaron, already looking forward to the first meal of the day the next morning despite having just eaten a hearty feast and having a full stomach. Aaron nodded and smiled, “Yea! I’ll see you tomorrow, Xavier!” he said happily. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow. He’d get to see Xavier and he’d take his classes for the first time at Hogwarts. It was very exciting for the young hazel eyed eleven year old boy.

Aaron gave Xavier a gentle pat back on the shoulder as he did so, and the two boys parted, each going with their respective house’s prefect. Aaron quickly joined the group of Gryffindor first years as their prefect gathered them up and led them out of the Great Hall. Aaron felt a bit lonely despite there being a large group of new Gryffindor first years. He was already beginning to miss Xavier and he didn’t even have Blaise, who had been sorted into Slytherin.
Xavier waved good bye to Aaron as they separated. He felt a little blush on his face as the boy returned the shoulder pat. “See you tomorrow!” Xavier said as he followed the other Hufflepuffs and their prefect to the dormitory. He looked around nervous now that he was alone. He didn’t realize that he’d enjoyed Aaron’s company so much that it felt weird to be on his own.

The first years were given their room mates and Xaie’s was named Eric. As they all filtered into their dorms, he sat down on the bed where his trunk had been placed for him. Eric walked in a moment later. “Hi, I’m Xavier. Nice to meet you.” He extended a hand to the boy.

“Eric. Please keep your things to your side of the room and don’t be loud while I study at night before curfew” Eric’s tone was rough and Xaie drew his hand back and just nodded. “O-okay.” He turned from Eric and set up his bed, pulling out an old stuffed bear. He’d slept with it ever since he was 3. It brought him comfort when he was scared or in a new room.

“You can’t sleep without a stuffed animal? Pathetic” Eric scoffed as he got into his bed. Xavier didn’t answer, his eyes brimmed with tears. When he was on his own, the hard exterior from earlier with Pansy was gone. He laid down in his bed, duvet over him and bear in his arms as he tried to sleep.
Eventually the Gryffindor prefect led all of the first years to Gryffindor Tower, where the Gryffindor common room and dormitory was located. The entrance to the Gryffindor common room was guarded by a large portrait of a very plump woman. The prefect explained that each Gryffindor would need to utter a certain password phrase to the Fat Lady within the painting in order to gain access to the Gryffindor common room and dorms. Aaron tried to keep the password in his mind as the prefect said it and the painting of the Fat Lady swung aside.

Inside was a glorious room decked out in deep red and golden yellow colors, the house colors of Gryffindor. There were lion symbols all over the room and the crest of Gryffindor on a big rug in the center. It looked like a very cozy room with a wide array of comfortable looking couches. There was even a fire place. The boys then were separated from the girls and Aaron went to go find out where his assigned dorm room was. Once he had found out, the boy eagerly went up the stairs and to the floor in which his room was on.

As Aaron reached the room, he opened the door and stepped inside. Inside of the room were two four poster beds. Both had red covers and pillows and there was a rug in the middle of the room with the Gryffindor house crest on it. But Aaron was not alone in his new room. The boy looked up and saw that there was already someone unpacking and settling in. Aaron looked to Ike of the beds and was surprised to see his trunk of luggage by the foot of that bed. However it got there Aaron didn’t know nor care. He looked at the boy briefly. He had dark brown hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. It was his new roommate.

Deciding to be friendly, Aaron put on a smile. “Erm, hullo,” said Aaron softly. This caused the boy going through his own luggage to perk up and look at Aaron, stopping what he was doing. The other boy seemed to be going through his clothes and unpacking. “I’m Aaron, nice to meet you,” said Aaron. “Guess we’ll be rooming together, huh?” he asked, although this was obvious. He was just trying to make some conversation. Luckily for Aaron, the darker brown haired boy smiled warmly back at him and put down the article of clothing he was folding and approached Aaron, extending his hand out for a handshake.

“Hello mate! Name’s Jacob Cromwell!” said the brown eyed boy. Aaron took Jacob’s hand and shook it. He analyzed Jacob for a moment. The boy had a round, smooth, and youthful face. His dark brown eyes were pretty and his hair looked as soft as silk. He was very attractive- a very cute face indeed. Aaron soon realized he’d been staring at the other boy for an awkward amount of time and flashed him a small smile. “Ready for classes tomorrow?” Aaron asked. Jacob nodded and then went over to his bed to get back to folding his laundry and putting it away into drawers. “You bet lad,” replied Jacob. “Gotta be up bright and early tomorrow morning! Don’t want to be late!” he said.

“You especially don’t want to be late to potions class. I heard from some of the older Gryffindors that the professor is a real hard ass and that he hates Gryffindors,” said Jacob. “How unfair is that?!” Jacob said, throwing his hands up and shaking his head. Aaron frowned slightly. Potions class was the class that Xavier had said he was looking forward to the most. If the professor hated Gryffindors, that was fine. He just hoped that the professor didn’t hate Hufflepuffs. “That’s rather silly, isn’t it? Why would they hire someone like that?” Aaron asked. “Dunno, but I’m determined to prove him wrong. I’ll be a great potions master just like my dad!” Jacob said with a proud grin.

Aaron then walked over to his bed and trunk and began taking off his robes, throwing them onto his bed without care. “I’m just so excited to learn spells and stuff, I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep!” Aaron said with a smile. “Well, you’d best get some rest mate, we’ve got a long day tomorrow and you wouldn’t want to look deader than a dementor,” chuckled Jacob. Aaron raised an eyebrow. He didn’t know what a dementor was. He’d never heard of such a thing. He was going to ask Jacob what that is but Jacob let out a loud yawn and finally finished putting away his clothes. “Speaking of- I’m going to get ready for bed,” said Jacob. “If you’re not up by breakfast time I’ll be sure to wake you,” he said to Aaron with a grin.

Aaron nodded and smiled, grateful that his roommate seemed nice. “Thanks lad, much appreciated,” he replied. Aaron then began to unpack. As he did so, Jacob got changed into some pajamas and headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Aaron eventually did the same, slipping into some sleeping attire and brushing his teeth as well. Both Jacob and Aaron climbed into their respective beds. “G’nite mate!” Jacob said over to Aaron before turning off his lamp. “Night, Jacob,” replied Aaron as he too shut his lamp and laid back, his head hitting the pillow. Although he was excited, digesting the large meal from the feast had taken its toll on Aaron and he soon drifted to sleep. He had a big day coming up tomorrow. The first day of classes.
Xavier had finally fallen asleep long after Eric. He heard the boy snoring in the other bed and he couldn't help but clench his teeth. He squeezed his bear tighter with a little aggravated whimper. He pulled the duvet tighter over him and his bear and forced himself to sleep. He couldn't be tired for classes. It seemed like time had passed by slowly as he opened his eyes to the sunlight. Teddy was still tucked into his chest as he yawned, sitting up and pushing himself against the golden and black pillow. He turned his head to notice that Eric was gone. Sighing in relief, he got up from the bed and tucked Teddy under the duvet so no one saw him and Eric couldn't do anything to him. He didn't trust the boy at all.

Xavier dressed in his black and golden robes with the Hufflepuff crest on the chest. He stepped out of the dorm and walked down into the common room. He hadn't spent much time looking at it yesterday but noticed the rug was black and gold with the crest on it. Several couches were spread about and a banner with the badger on it sat on one wall. A couple students milled around as Xavier nodded to them. He noticed the time and mentally cursed himself. It was 7:54 and breakfast would be over soon. Aaron must be wondering where he was. He had his course schedule in his robe pocket beside his wand and his books were clutched in his arms. He ran out of the common room before looking around. He shook his head, he'd been so nervous that the eleven year old had forgotten how they'd gotten from the Great Hall to the dormitory. "Need some help?" A voice asked from behind him. "Yes please, I don't know how to get to the Great Hall, I'm Xavier by the way." The girl who'd spoke smiled at him. "I'm Hannah. You can walk with me, I was headed there myself" She said, leading the way. They came up by the kitchens and walked past them to come to the main hallway and turned to the left. The doors to the Great Hall were open and the smell of breakfast foods still wafted through the air.
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Eventually, the bright morning sun shined brightly through the window of Aaron and Jacob’s dorm room. Aaron remained sleeping but his roommate was up bright and early. Jacob quickly hopped out of his bed and went over to Aaron’s, quickly shaking the sleeping boy awake. “Rise and shine, mate! Time to get up! Come on now sunshine, we’ve got a long day ahead of us!” Jacob said with a grin. Aaron groaned as he slowly opened his eyes and sat up. As Aaron was woken up by Jacob and opened his eyes, he could see the smiling face of his roommate there by his bed. Jacob had woken him up so that he wouldn’t be late. Aaron rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up in bed, gradually waking up now.

Aaron noticed that Jacob’s full head of dark brown hair wasn’t so neatly combed any more like it had been when he first met the boy last night. His hair was messy from sleeping. It honestly was admittedly an attractive look, and Aaron found himself staring at the boy and his wild bed head hair. “Good morning,” grumbled Aaron tiredly. “Morning lad. We’ve got to get going if we want first picks at breakfast! C’mon, I’m hungry,” said Jacob with a grin as he went over to his bed and changed out of his pajamas and began getting dressed into his Hogwarts uniform. Aaron groaned as he rubbed his eyes again and slowly got out of the comfort of his nice warm bed. By the time Aaron had retrieved his robes and uniform, Jacob was already all dressed in his robes, working on his tie now. Aaron noticed that Jacob’s tie, and even his own, was now colored with Gryffindor colors. The tie was now a red color with golden stripes.

Aaron began to put on his uniform, buttoning up his shirt. As he grabbed his robes, he noticed that they now had the Gryffindor crest on them. He was officially a Gryffindor! Aaron quickly slipped on his robes and grabbed his tie. “C’mon, chop chop! I’m hungry! I could probably eat a whole hippogriff right now if I was given the chance!” Jacob joked with a smile. Aaron laughed, although he still didn’t know what a hippogriff was. He quickened his pace and tied up his Gryffindor tie fast. “Done!” Aaron said with a grin as he was all dressed in his Gryffindor Hogwarts robes and uniform. Aaron felt and heard his own stomach growl, realizing how hungry he was. “You’re hungry too, I can hear it,” said Jacob with a smile. Aaron blushed slightly and nodded.

Jacob quickly went to go comb his hair before the two left the room together. Jacob now had his soft brown hair neat once more, and the two were ready to go. Aaron was glad to have a friend to walk with to breakfast and at least a friend in his own house. But what he couldn’t really wait for was seeing Xavier once more. He hoped the boy wouldn’t be late and would be at breakfast. Eventually the two young Gryffindor first year boys left the common room and began walking down the halls. Aaron wasn’t too sure of where to go to get to the Great Hall from here. “Erm, Jacob? Do you happen to know where we’re going?” Aaron asked nervously. Jacob then dug for something in his robes and pulled out a folded up paper.

Jacob stuck out his tongue slightly and unfolded the paper to reveal a large map of Hogwarts. “Err, one sec,” he said, squinting and focusing hard on the map as they walked. It honestly looked a bit comical and even cute, causing Aaron to chuckle a bit and smile. “Ok right down this hallway,” said Jacob, guiding them. Aaron nodded and followed. He was worried that Jacob would walk straight into a wall since he was so focused on the map. Nevertheless, Jacob had managed to successfully guide them to the Great Hall. “We’re here!” Jacob said with a grin as he began to fiddle with and try to fold back up his map. “Hey, where’d you get that map anyways?” Aaron asked. “My parents,” replied Jacob, “They both went to Hogwarts and gave it to me,” he told him.

Aaron nodded and entered the Great Hall with Jacob. Jacob Cromwell was a pure blooded wizard. They approached the Gryffindor table but Aaron looked around for any sight of Aaron. He wanted to sit close to the Hufflepuff side of the table. Surprisingly for being so early, the Great Hall was rather full and many students had already began eating their breakfasts.
Xavier walked into the Great Hall and noticed a lot of students. He scanned the Gryffindor table to see if he could spy the light haired boy but he couldn't see him. "You looking for someone Xavier?" Hannah asked, looking at the lad who was currently scanning the Hall. "Yeah, a friend I made last night. His name is Aaron" Xavier responded before hearing his stomach grumble. "Well, why don't we sit down before all the breakfast is gone yea?" She said, leading Xaie to the Gryffindor side of the table. He sat down, but looked behind him, trying to see the boy amid all the other faces. Hannah sat beside him, passing him some of the breakfast foods.

"Thanks, at least some people are nice in our house" He said as he began eating his food. "What do you mean?" She asked. "My room mate isn't very nice" He said, but refused to say any more. He was still wondering where Aaron was, he would constantly lift his head and look around for the boy. He pulled out his schedule as he finished his food and noticed that Charms was the first class at 9am. He checked the time and relaxed knowing that it was only 8:10am.
Aaron remained standing, looking around the crowded hall. Jacob raised an eyebrow as it seemed that Aaron was looking for someone. “What are you waiting for mate? Sit down! Aren’t you hungry?” Jacob asked as he patted down his robes before taking a seat at the Gryffindor table. Then, he saw him- Aaron had spotted Xavier. Immediately, Aaron’s eyes widened and a big smile came across his face as he saw the Hufflepuff boy he had befriended, sitting down at the table and eating some breakfast. Without even giving Jacob an answer and with virtually no hesitation, Aaron bolted over to the Hufflepuff table.

Aaron ran the short distance to where Xavier was sitting at the Hufflepuff table, panting as he practically bumped right into Xavier from behind. “Xavier!” Aaron said loudly, clearly happy to see the Hufflepuff boy. “Boy am I glad to see you!” he said. Aaron then peaked over Xavier’s shoulder curiously and looked at the piece of paper the boy had out. “Whatchya got there?” Aaron asked with a little smile.

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