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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Aaron had truly lost track of the time. There was Flitwick’s introduction, then lecture, then demonstration of the levitation spell followed by most of class which was devoted to the students trying out the charm for themselves. He was always in the mood for food though so lunch was a welcome idea. “What? Of course he’ll want to meet you! Who wouldn’t wanna meet someone as awesome as you?” Aaron said. They occasionally touched as they walked but Aaron didn’t mind it at all.

“Jacob’s a really nice lad, I’m sure he’ll like you,” said Aaron with a smile. The two eventually made their way to the Great Hall and entered. Aaron gestured for Xavier to follow him towards the Gryffindor table. Settling down there with a few other Gryffindors was Jacob Cromwell. The sight of his roommate caused Aaron to grin as he quickly made his way to the table.

“Jacob!” Aaron said as he greeted his roommate. “My favorite roommate!” Jacob replied with a giggle. This caused Aaron to blush ever so slightly. “Mind if me and a friend sit with you?” Aaron asked. Jacob smiled and shook his head. “No, not at all!” he responded. Aaron then looked back at Xavier with his hazel eyes, inviting the Hufflepuff to join them so that he could introduce him to Jacob.
Xavier felt a blush cover his cheeks at the compliment and smiled. “Thanks mate” He said, enjoying the occasional touches as they walked. He saw the crowded Gryffindor table and swallowed a little nervously. He followed Aaron to the table, where he finally saw Jacob’s face. He was cute, and Xavier felt something flare in his chest. He looked between the two, seeing the blush on Aaron’s face.

Aaron looked at Xavier with those hazel eyes and Xavier basically melted. “Hi Jacob, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Xavier” He stuck a hand out trying to be civil to the boy.
“Xavier! I’d like you to meet my roommate, Jacob!” Aaron said with a grin, proudly stepping aside and presenting Jacob to Xavier. Jacob smiled back politely and nodded at Xavier. The dark brown haired Gryffindor boy was undeniably cute and attractive as well as naturally charming. It was no wonder why Aaron was drawn to him and like him so much. “Hullo Xaiver, good to meet you,” said Jacob with a grin, flashing his pearly white teeth at the Hufflepuff.

Aaron seemed like he could not be happier as his two friends met. His heart was practically swelling with joy. It made him delighted to see the two together. Jacob promptly took Xavier’s hand and shook it. “Hufflepuff eh? What’s it like? Do you guys actually have a garden in your common room or is that just rubbish I heard?” Jacob asked Xavier. “And how’d ya meet my roomie over here?” Jacob asked as he quickly wrapped an arm around Aaron’s shoulders and pulled him in. This caused Aaron to chuckle and again, blush slightly.
Xavier bit his tongue as he was introduced to the boy. He had dark brown hair and even Xavier had to admit that he was cute and charming. It rubbed Xaie the wrong way, he didn't trust Jacob. Why he didn't trust him, the lad didn't know since he had no idea he was jealous. "Nice to meet you too Jacob" He kept his tone cordial before he almost huffed at the question.

"Yes we have a garden, and we met on the train" He said, before watching him wrapping an arm over Aaron's shoulder and his friend chuckled with a blush. Xavier sighed, he knew it. He was getting replaced. He felt walls construct themselves over his heart in a way to protect it from what the eleven year old didn't know. He took a step back, "I've gotta use the bathroom, I'll be back" The boy excused himself from the situation and tried not to run as he left. Exiting the Great Hall, he looked around before remembering that the bathrooms were near the Charms classroom and he headed that way. Entering the bathroom, he found an empty stall and sat on the closed toilet, swiping away a tear that had escaped. "Of course he found another friend. Remember Xaie, you didn't have friends in your last school either." He told himself. He didn't realize that he'd developed a crush on the other boy, just thought he was losing a friend.

"Will you be quiet?" A voice filtered through the bathroom. Xaie not only recognized the voice but also didn't realize he'd been sniffling. Taking a deep breath, he exited the stall and came face to face with Eric. "Um, Excuse me" He said, trying to duck around the other boy. "Hold on, first you sleep with a teddy and then you're crying in the bathroom the first day of classes, how pathetic" Eric laughed, shoving Xaie to the bathroom floor. He instinctively covered his face with his arm. "Please leave me alone" He said softly.
Aaron’s cheeks flushed red as Xavier proudly wrapped an arm around him. He grinned, happy to be touched and to be in such close proximity to Xavier. Jacob nodded politely, although he sensed that Xavier wasn’t so thrilled to be answering his questions. Aaron certainly didn’t sense any underlying jealousy. To him, it was just two of his friends meeting and he liked them both very much. The more the merrier, he thought. It made Aaron happy to bring people together. It was a great feeling.

Aaron frowned slightly as Xavier suddenly excused himself to go to the bathroom. “Alright mate,” said Aaron with a nod as he watched the Hufflepuff boy get up and leave the Great Hall. He then looked to Jacob and the other Gryffindor simply gave Aaron a shrug before beginning to eat his lunch. Jacob didn’t seem to mind Xavier and he didn’t sense any animosity from the Hufflepuff boy. “A garden in the common room…. Weird, isn’t it?” Jacob chuckled as he ate. Aaron just shrugged and picked up his sandwich. A few minutes had passed now and Xavier was still not back. It hadn’t been that long but Aaron frowned, wondering where his Hufflepuff friend was.

“He still isn’t back….” commented Aaron quietly with a frown. “I should go check on him,” he said softly. Jacob turned around and looked at Aaron, raising an eyebrow and laughing. “I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe breakfast earlier didn’t agree with his stomach,” chuckled Jacob. Aaron just shrugged again. Xavier had left rather quickly and so suddenly too. He decided he’d give it a few minutes before he did anything. Sure he had his new friend Jacob here, but there was something even more special about Xavier. He wanted him here by his side too.
Xavier coughed hard as he flipped, landing on his side. His ribs were sore and he could taste blood in his mouth. Eric laughed above him, his eyes narrowed as he watched Xaie try to get up. It was a fruitless endeavor as Eric swung his leg back and slammed it into his back. The momentum flipped Xavier again, his head slamming into the floor.

“How did a pure blood like you end up so weak?” Eric taunted. Xavier spit out some blood before glaring at the boy.

“Why do you feel the need to pick on other boys. Insecurity issues?” He snipped back before another kick sent him back first into the wall. He felt a rib or two crack from the impact and he groaned. How did a boy like Eric make it into Hufflepuff? Bullies are everywhere he thought, struggling to sit up.
Aaron impatiently tapped his foot as he waited for Xavier to return. Five minutes turned into ten and Aaron’s concern only grew. Suddenly he slapped his hand down on the table and stood up, startling Jacob. “That’s it! I’m going to check on him! Something’s up…” said Aaron quickly. Jacob looked at him, rather confused. “The lad’s probably fine mate- just digestive issues really,” said Jacob with a shrug. Aaron shook his head. He didn’t think it was that at all- there was a different reason. He didn’t know what the reason was but he sensed something was wrong deep in his gut. “I’ll be back,” said Aaron to Jacob before he quickly turned around and sped walked out of the Great Hall and headed towards the boys’ bathroom.

“Are you going to finish that sandwich, mate?” Jacob asked, calling out to Aaron. But Aaron didn’t hear him as he swiftly left the Great Hall. He was now a boy on a mission. Aaron soon made his way to the boys’ bathroom and entered. The scene he saw took entry shocked him. Aaron’s hazel eyes widened, his heart leapt, his mouth opened wide, and his stomach sank. There were two boys in the bathroom, both Hufflepuffs. One was standing over the other and the other was on the floor, hurt and bleeding, clearly injured. It was clear that the Hufflepuff standing over the bleeding boy on the floor was the one who had caused those injuries. The poor Hufflepuff on the floor was none other than Xavier.

An instant sense of rage ran through Aaron and he felt his blood get hot. Without thinking he quickly drew his wand from the pockets of his robes and pointed it at the other Hufflepuff boy, the one that was standing over the bloodied Xavier. Aaron didn’t know any defensive or attack spells at all, so he didn’t know how effective he could be with a wand. In fact, he only knew one charm, a basic levitation charm, and he didn’t even know if that worked on humans. Even if it did, Aaron doubted the effectiveness of it. But Aaron knew one thing- his friend was hurt and he was angry- he needed to defend Xavier and get justice for this.

“What’s going on here?” Aaron asked in a loud voice, trying to be intimidating. Unfortunately, not only was his voice shaky, but he had the higher pitched voice of an eleven year old boy so it really didn’t do him any favor in terms of the scare factor. Aaron furrowed his brow and glared angrily at the standing Hufflepuff boy, keeping his wand firmly pointed directly towards him as he took a step closer to him. Aaron wanted to go onto the floor and hug and comfort poor Xavier, but anger had taken over and right now, his focus was on getting justice for his friend.
Xavier felt one eye well shut when Eric had hit him the first time. He was still struggling to get up but it hurt, badly. He sank back down on his side, losing eye sight in his right eye. He barely registered Eric standing over him. He could hear him spit out words like “pathetic” and “weak” as the boy landed another hit, this time to Xavier’s upper chest. It knocked the wind out of him. The boy could barely look up to see Aaron standing in the bathroom, wand out and pointed at Eric.

Eric looked over and grinned a Cheshire Cat grin. “Oh look, poor pathetic pure blood needs a half blood to save him? How cute. I wonder if he bleeds the same” Eric turned his body to Aaron completely, stalking over to the boy. “You can hardly hurt a fly, and I’m sure you know all the spells to hurt me” Eric taunted. Xavier could hear the words, but only groaned with a bit of blood leaking from his mouth.

“What a sad excuse for Gryffindor I have in front of me.” Eric jeered. He was looking over Aaron, ready to land a punch to knock him down too.
Aaron stood his ground and continued to glare at Eric with pure hatred in his eyes. He couldn’t bear to look down and see the injured state his friend was in. Xavier was bleeding and badly hurt. Aaron didn’t know to what extent this other Hufflepuff boy had injured him but it was pretty bad. Aaron’s angry expression temporarily turned into a confused one as Eric called him a word he had never heard of before- a “half blood.” Aaron furrowed his brow, “Half blood?” he asked, clearly clueless as to the term. Although he was a half blood, meaning one of his parents was magic and the other was muggle born, he’d never been taught or heard the word before. He didn’t know anything about magical blood statuses.

The Gryffindor had to admit that the Hufflepuff’s threats had scared him a bit. He sure didn’t feel like the brave Gryffindor he was supposed to be but he sure as hell was going to remain steadfast and put up a fight if needed. Unfortunately Eric was right- Aaron couldn’t perform any spells that would hurt since he barely knew any magic. The threat of Aaron using his wand was essentially useless. Aaron slowly lowered his wand coming to this realization but still stared daggers at Eric. “What’s your deal anyways you dim wit?” Aaron asked. “What did Xavier even do to you? He wasn’t hurting anyone!” Aaron said, his voice shaky in his rage. “You could get expelled for this, you know?” Aaron said loudly, briefly looking at poor Xavier bleeding on the floor of the bathroom.
Eric huffed a laugh as he watched the boy in front of him. “My deal is that Hogwarts will let anyone in this school. He’s weak, pathetic and sleeps with a teddy bear still!” Eric spilled the one secret Xavier never wanted anyone to know about. He groaned from the floor. The boy in front of him did not scare him in the slightest.

“What is going on in here?!” Professor Flitwick stood there in the doorway. His eyes narrowed at Eric and pointed his wand. “Petrificus Totalus” he said, which caused Eric’s body to seize up in a bind. He then used the levitation charm on him. “Mr. Hoskins. Can you check on Mr. Collins? I’ll be back to bring the two of you to the nurse once I take care of this one.” The professor walked away, the body of Eric floating behind him. Xavier coughed on the ground, his good eye trying to focus on Aaron.
Aaron gritted his teeth angrily as Eric spoke. He didn’t know what he meant by the school letting just anyone in. Clearly if you got accepted, you deserved to be here. He also didn’t understand how Xavier sleeping with a teddy bear was relevant at all. If he wasn’t so angry with Eric and very close to socking him in the nose, Aaron probably would’ve gushed at how adorable it was that Xavier still slept with a stuffed animal, even at eleven when it was an age that usually boys stopped this at.

Aaron was about to physically confront Eric until the voice of Professor Flitwick caused him to stop. The Gryffindor turned around to see their charms professor intervening and putting an end to this, casting a spell on Eric. Aaron was grateful that Flitwick came when he did because he wasn’t sure how well he’d fair in a fight. Someone was going to get even more hurt if Flitwick hadn’t come in.

The Gryffindor boy looked at Professor Flitwick and quickly nodded, putting his wand in his robe pockets and quickly running over to Xavier and crouching down on the floor by the bleeding boy’s side. Xavier was hurt badly and blood was leaking from his mouth. Aaron felt a lump in his throat form and had to choke back tears. He couldn’t cry- that would look weak and pathetic. He had to remain strong for Xavier.

“Bloody hell Xavier, what happened?!” Aaron asked, “Who was that? And why would he ever do such a thing?” he asked frantically and very worried for his friend. “Y- you’re bleeding… badly…” said Aaron softly with a frown as he sat down close by the boy’s side, their bodies touching. It also seemed that one of his eyes was damaged. The other Hufflepuff boy had not held back at all clearly. It broke Aaron’s heart to see Xavier hurt and injured, laying helplessly bleeding on the floor.
Xavier heard Aaron come over, crouching beside him. The boy registered the words coming from his friend and he groaned again. He tried pushing himself up with one hand, before it shook and he dropped back down. “M-my room mate” Xavier coughed, a bit more blood trickled down his chin. He could feel their bodies touching and it warmed him up. “I-I don’t think h-he likes me” Xaie said, wanting to laugh but his lungs burned with each word.

Xavier reached his other hand up and placed it Aaron’s cheek. “T-thanks for t-trying to help” He said. The young boy could feel his body going into shock, his breathing slowed down. His hand dropped from Aaron’s cheek and hit the floor with a thud and his remaining eye slowly began to shut. His body was shutting down to preserve energy but with blood dripping down his face from a several cuts and out of his mouth, it looked much worse that it probably was.
Aaron gasped as Xavier revealed to him that it was his own roommate that did this to him. Someone who he was supposed to be living with in harmony. Aaron was appalled and he couldn’t even imagine if someone like Jacob should do something so heinous to him and hurt him in this manner. Aaron couldn’t help but blush as Xavier raised his hand up to touch his cheek so tenderly. Yet despite his bleeding and his weakened state, Xavier surprised Aaron and managed to find some humor in the serious situation. “No I don’t think he does at all…” said Aaron with a frown, shaking his head.

The Gryffindor was about to respond to Xavier’s touching display of gratitude until suddenly, Aaron noticed the Hufflepuff go completely limp. His hand dropped from Aaron’s cheek and the Gryffindor felt his heart leap, going into panic mode once again. “Xavier!” Aaron shouted. He then saw Xavier’s eyes slowly close and Aaron became very scared now. “Xavier! Wake up buddy! Xavier!” Aaron shouted, now aggressively shaking his friend awake. “No!” he screamed. He needed to get help but he did not want to leave his friend’s side.
Professor Flitwick arrived back at the bathroom, he had a blanket in his hands. He heard the screams and rushed in. “Easy lad! His body is in shock. You shaking him won’t help.” He stepped forward and wrapped the blanket around the boy. Xavier let out a small groan at the movement.

“Come on Mr. Hoskins.” The professor said as he gently picked up the boy. The boy was heavier than the smaller half goblin had expected. He gently set Xavier down, and brought out his wand, preparing to levitate Xavier to the nurse.
Luckily Flitwick arrived shortly after Xavier’s body went into shock. Poor Aaron was scared and confused. He didn’t know what was happening to Xavier but he worried deeply for him. Aaron widened his eyes as Flitwick came back and informed him that Xavier had gone into shock. He quickly backed away from Xavier, a guilty frown on his face as the charms professor said that shaking him wasn’t too wise. “S- sorry professor, I- I didn’t mean to,” said Aaron softly. “H- he just went limp and stopped talking!” Aaron cried nervously.

Aaron slowly stood up as Flitwick began to lick Xavier’s body off of the floor and carry it. Aaron was surprised and couldn’t believe that such a short and small man could carry a boy that was much taller than he was and probably weighed more despite being only eleven. “D- do you need help, professor?” Aaron asked, wanting to be useful. “I can help! I wanna help!” he added.
Flitwick knew he wouldn't be able to carry the boy to the infirmary and the nurses where the boy had to go. He gently set the blanket wrapped boy down and looked over at Aaron. "Gently pick him up, try not to jostle him or the wounds may worsen" He tried to be gentle yet firm. The professor enjoyed these two boys in his class. Aaron was the most excited and eager while Xavier was more reserved but more than willing to help his friend out.

He had left the offending Hufflepuff with Dumbledore and he had a feeling that the boy wouldn't be around anymore. Flitwick waited patiently for Aaron to grab Xavier, who let out a groan each time he was picked up and set down, the movement most likely jarring his wounds more.
Aaron nodded his head quickly and sprung into action. “Yes sir!” he said obediently, going to gently as he could pick up Xavier. It must have been the pure adrenaline running through him because Xavier wasn’t too heavy. Aaron blushed as he realized he was carrying Xavier. He oddly enjoyed it, although he wished it was a conscious and happy Xavier rather than his sleeping limp body. Luckily, the Hufflepuff boy who had hurt Xavier was sent to headmaster Dumbledore’s office where he would no doubt be getting disciplined harshly, as he deserved.

With Xavier being carried in his arms, Aaron followed Professor Flitwick. “Ready, sir!” he called to the short half-goblin man. He didn’t know where the hospital wing of the castle was so he was going to have to follow Professor Flitwick. Aaron felt like one of those knights or heroes from a story book carrying Xavier like this in his arms to safety.
Professor Flitwick nodded, walking just ahead of Aaron, leading the way to the infirmary. He kept an eye on the boys, making sure that Aaron was truly all set. It was a rather short walk if the half goblin was being honest. He hoped that the injuries weren't as bad as they looked, but Xavier had blood from his mouth which usually indicated internal wounds. Up ahead was the infirmary wing. "That door there on the right is where we're heading" He told Aaron.

Xavier felt himself being carried, his body was still shut down, but he was awake mentally. He could hear their words, he could feel the arms under him, carrying him bridal style. "A-Aaron" His voice was weak, but he needed to let the boy he was still around. He had fought through the shock which had been difficult but he didn't want his friend to be scared. Xavier tilted his head a moment later, the only piece of him uncovered by the blanket and his head came to rest on Aaron's chest as his eyes closed again just before they made it to the infirmary.
Aaron quickly followed behind Flitwick until they finally made their way to the hospital wing. Aaron nodded as Flitwick gave him directions and he turned and went through the door, entering the infirmary. As he walked, he could hear Xavier’s weak voice very faintly. Aaron quickly looked down at Xavier in his arms. “Xavier? I’m right here buddy it’s going to be all ok,” he said, trying his best to comfort the injured Hufflepuff boy. As Xavier put his head close to Aaron’s chest, the boy could probably hear how loudly Aaron’s heart was pounding inside of his chest.

As they entered the infirmary, Madame Pomfrey, the nurse, quickly got set up and instructed Aaron to gently lay down the boy on one of the hospital beds. Aaron did as he was told, gently setting Xavier down. He was quickly shooed away by the nurse witch as she quickly got to work on healing the Hufflepuff. Aaron frowned, his heart hurting for Xavier. He just wanted things to be all better again and go back to normal. He realized that they were probably going to be late for their next class, and it was only the first day.
Xavier felt himself being laid down on the bed. He felt everything as the ribs unbroke, the internal organs stitched themselves back together. The swelling around his eye went down and he hissed in pain. His body was sore and he suddenly felt very tired. He tried to keep his eyes open but there was no fighting. He was tired, his body had expended energy with the magic healing spells.

He wanted to tell Aaron to go to their next class but he found himself falling into a deep sleep. He'd probably sleep for the next day, the amount of injuries that needed healing was extensive and some would need a second dose of magic. Xavier was out of commission until probably Wednesday at the earliest if everything healed appropriately. The nurse had cleaned his face up and washed the blood out of his mouth so he could breath better.
Aaron didn’t even know what class they had next but he honestly didn’t care. His main focus now was entirely on being there for Xavier and being right be his side. Madame Pomfrey made quick work, fixing Xavier’s broken bones and the internal organs that had been punctured. Aaron stayed as Madame Pomfrey helped Xavier heal and recover. It seemed that the healing was going to take a while and that the Hufflepuff boy would need to be in the hospital wing for a while under the surveillance and care of the nurse witch.

When Madame Pomfrey had finished, Aaron quickly went to the side of Xavier’s bed and peered at the sleeping boy. He looked so peaceful now that he had been cleaned up. Xavier looked rather cute too when he slept, and it made Aaron imagine how much more adorable the boy probably looked with his stuffed bear. Aaron then leaned over the bed and gently put his ear to Xavier’s chest. He could hear Xavier’s heart beating calmly and the sound of it soothed and comforted Aaron, so he stayed in that position for a bit longer.
Xavier slept soundly, his breaths were even and his heart was calmly beating. The boy was tired, but he felt a light pressure on his chest as he was trying to sleep. In his almost fully asleep state, he went to wrap his arms around the pressure, finding what he thought was fur, but his hands had tangled into Aaron's hair instead. The boy mumbled incoherently before he fell asleep, hands going lax still in Aaron's hair. Xavier would miss the rest of the day and some of the first week due to this.
At some point, Aaron felt a hand gently make its wait into his hair. His light brown hair was very soft to the touch. The hazel eyed boy closed his eyes and smiled, just enjoying the feeling of being close to Xavier. He stayed like that for a while longer until Madame Pomfrey eventually asked Aaron to leave and advised him to get to class. Xavier would unfortunately, much to Aaron’s sadness, but kept in the hospital wing until Wednesday. The recovery process would take a couple of days. So, Aaron went to the rest of classes the first day without his buddy Xavier. He did have his roommate Jacob in all of his classes, but something felt missing. It just wasn’t the same without Xavier there.
Xavier yawned as he woke up. His body was still slightly sore, but Madame Pomfrey had allowed him to go. He had gotten up from the hospital bed to find new Hufflepuff robes. He grabbed the new clothes and headed to the bathroom. Changing out of his old robes, he washed off any visible blood he could see before redressing into the soft black robes. He adjusted his golden and black tie before nodding to himself in the mirror. He was a little nervous about going back to the school, he'd never been beat up that badly.

Xavier remembered much of it, including Aaron showing up and trying to help him along with Professor Flitwick. He could still remember the pain that had wracked his body and how gross the metallic taste of blood had been in his mouth. Xaie was grateful to have a friend like him that had grown worried enough that he'd come searching for his friend. He blushed remembering that Aaron had carried him to the infirmary and had sat by his bed until Madame Pomfrey had sent him away.

The lad stepped out of the bathroom and disposed of the soiled robes. He heard his stomach growl and he felt that he could eat a whole house table full of food. He thanked Madame Pomfrey before making his way out into the halls. He looked around after asking her where the Great Hall was and headed that way. He could start smelling the food and soon the doors to the Great Hall were before him. There were a few handfuls of students around, but it was also 7am and most didn't start coming in until 7:30-8.

Xavier scanned the Gryffindor table, looking for that familiar light brown hair that he'd missed. His eyes scanned person by person before he found who he'd been looking for. He moved down between the tables, his gait slow as his muscles remembered how to work after being in bed for three days. As he came up behind the lad, he wrapped his arms around the lad. "Hey Aaron!" He said, his voice excited to finally be out of the infirmary.
The first day of classes seemed to go by painfully slowly without Xavier. He managed to survive though with Jacob’s company, but he of course would’ve liked Xavier there too. The next morning Aaron woke up like normal, getting dressed and heading down to the Great Hall for breakfast with Jacob. Aaron had plans to go and visit Xavier in the hospital wing before their first class so he was going to eat his breakfast as fast as he could.

“Slow down! You’re going to choke!” Jacob said as he sat next to Aaron as they ate together. Aaron was practically inhaling his food and barely chewing as he scarfed down his breakfast so he could have ample time to be with Xavier in the hospital wing before he had to go for his first class of the day. What happened next, Aaron was not expecting at all. As he took a break from eating for a short moment, suddenly, he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. Aaron’s heart leapt as he heard a familiar voice. Aaron quickly turned around and widened his eyes, not believe what he had heard.

It was Xavier, and he looked all cleaned up and better. “Xavier!” Aaron blurted out, shouting quite loudly just out of pure excitement to see his friend in a good condition and in good health again. “Bloody hell mate I’ve missed you so much!” Aaron said, without thinking, standing up and quickly wrapping his arms around Xavier’s torso and giving him a big hug, squeezing him tightly. “You’re better!” Aaron said with a wide smile.

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