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Multiple Settings Taking a Gamble

Sub Genres
Adventure, Magical, Romance, School, Supernatural


departure from a literal use of words
Hey there.
I'm Figuratively (literally).
I'll be honest I suck at these search things so I'll try to do my best to keep this simple.

My Preferences
M/F Pairing with a preference for the female role.
I will double if I feel all characters will get equal 'screen time.'
I'm open to most genres, so it's be better to just ask.
I for sure will not do horror though.
I am a sucker for romance, but I do a slow burn and much enjoy the tension and build up between characters.
I am not looking for any fandom outside of Reylo right now.
I write 3rd person, past tense, minimum of at least a paragraph, minor spelling/grammatical issues may happen. I hope my partner can match.
I'd rather stick to PMs or threads. I will not go offsite at all.
I will try and post a few times a week, but this changes as my schedule does.
I will most likely not be able to guarantee daily replies, but I reply as often as I am able.

I don't really have any set plots in mind and would like to work on something with a partner. So, here's a list of pairings I'd be down for. Anything bold I would prefer that role. A * symbol means I am highly interested in a certain pairing. Don't be shy to pitch a pairing to me either.

Werewolf x Werewolf *
Werewolf x Human *
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Human
Elf x Elf
Dragon x Dragon
God x Human
x Warlock
Bad Girl x Bad Boy
Mafia Princess x Body Guard
University Professor x University Student

Still here? Send me a message and lets talk.​

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