1. CloudyStars

    Multiple Settings  Cloudy Stars Roleplay Search!

    🌸= Craving PLOTS The Road Trip ( double required) Muse A, B,C, and D are all good friends, Muse A and C are sister and brother so is Muse B and D. Muse A and Muse B are best friends alongside Muse C and D, they all decide to go on a huge summer road trip after they all graduate. They do not...
  2. Rayna

    Multiple Settings  Rayna's search for OC RP's

    Hello everyone! The name’s Rayna I'm a 29-year-old female who lives in Guam (so Australia ish time zone.) I am a stay at home mom, my little one will be 11 months in a few days and he's in that clingy stage so my rate of replies vary depending on what's going on. Some weeks I'm really active...
  3. AGreatPerhaps

    Realistic or Modern  Major Wars

    Major Wars Plot This is the University of Waterford. The students control the funding here. You want to your department to be good; you work for it. Every four years there is a political showdown. Friends who have known each other for their entire life split off to fight for their majors and...
  4. EldridSmith

    Fantasy  Krauxose College OOC

    All OOC chatter will occur here or on the discord, which I will PM you the link to once you have submitted your character sheet(s) and been approved.
  5. EldridSmith

    Fantasy  Krauxose College Character Sheets

    Character rules 1) You must be a legal adult for your race 2) No murder's (accidental or purposeful, if it was in self defense please consult myself and @Huntertabbysandshark3 for approval) or abilities that put those around them in constant danger 3) They must be relatively mentally stable, so...
  6. EldridSmith

    Fantasy  Krauxose College Roleplay

    As you step through the portal the true vastness of this ancient school finally dawns upon you in it's full glory as the countless spires pierce the heavens as the great islands float about you. A great hall can be found as you walk past the courtyard where great animated shrubs and plants walk...
  7. EldridSmith

    Fantasy  Krauxose College

    Krauxose College Dear future Student, Congragulations! After being tested in what you thought to be your dreams, you have been accepted into Krauxose College, the pinnacle of magic schools. Residing within the nexus between worlds around a branch of the world tree allows students from all...
  8. KatrinaPride

    Realistic or Modern  What is Romance? [A slow-burn love story]

    "Real smooth, Einstein. What's next in your basket of tricks?" Name: Rouge Vega Age: 19 Sex: Female S/O: Bisexual [Leaning to Girls] Bio: Rouge [Pronounced like Rooj] live on her own, in a small four house complex. She hadn't much growing up but somehow turned that into a positive with a...
  9. Akio Chikara

    Realistic or Modern  Romance Rp

    Hey everyone! Just looking for a quick and simple romance roleplay to pass the time in quarantine! Also haven't been on in a bit, so a new simple rp to get back into the swing of things would be nice. looking for anime high school or collage settings, Mxf. We can sort out pairings later, but...
  10. sox

    Realistic or Modern  skeleton flower. — [open, accepting]

    --bkgd-color: #f9f8f4; --accent-color: #d44648; --title-color: #000; --text-color: #000; --border-color: #000; --tab-color: #000; position: relative; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; width: 600px; height: 400px; background-color: var(--bkgd-color)...
  11. Zena_Kuzuki

    Fandom  Beastars....Hear me out y'all

    Okay, I'll admit. I've never considered that I would ever be interested in an rp based in the anthro world, but the recent Beastars fandom has me hooked! I'm all caught up on the anime, and would be willing to share in a 1x1 rp. OC's are perfectly cool by me! I'm preferably looking for someone...
  12. chilipepper

    Realistic or Modern  College Life Rp?

    What’s up? I’m Rio. I’m extremely jealous of people on this site who have the patience to make these beautiful search threads. Before I get into the good stuff, a couple things: 1. I’m looking for a pretty casual rp, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be effort put in. I’m not looking to...
  13. Arabella Cauwell

    Fandom  Maybe In Our Last Life

    Title: Maybe In Our Last Life Fandom: The Untamed, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Chinese Drama, Wuxia, Asian Drama Main Pairing: MXM – Lan Zhan x Wei Wuxian Place: A Modern College / University Summary: Lan Zhan, Wei Wuxian, and company end up going to the same college. While working on class projects some...
  14. _amaranth_

    Realistic or Modern  The Royal Game (Interest Check)

    THE ROYAL GAME ROLESHere is the list of possible characters. We are looking for 8+ people. There are many vacancies but we have set up 8 roles we would like to see in addition to yours. Other than that, you are free to get as creative as you can. 👑 The Queen Bee - Queen of the whole University...
  15. FireGirl02

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a RP Partner !!

    Hey, my names Cass! I have a lot of experience when it comes to RP and I've done my fair share of plots. Im not new to the site however I've been away from it and RPing for awhile so I am little rusty but I'll get back into it in no time!! Im not too picky when it comes to what kind of partner...
  16. DarkRabbit15

    Fantasy  Looking for long term mxf roleplay! Always Open!!

    Hey everyone! I'm DarkRabbit! I am putting the spoilers about myself and the rules I have. I apologize that they're long... but anyway, please read this before advancing forward. It is important (especially the rules). Now that is out of the way, onto the rules! Now that that is out of the...
  17. emilyB

    Realistic or Modern  Slice of Life (mxf)

    Heya!! I seem to have had a decrease in messages in my inbox. So because of that I am looking for some more rps to start with you all. What I am looking for: - Mostly male characters. I can play male if I have to but I would prefer to play female as I am female. - Romance building rp. - No one...
  18. manatee

    Realistic or Modern  there's no remedy for memory;

    manatee x yousmelldead
  19. LeBirb

    Fantasy  Research, Papers and Dragons [Not open to public]

    Hello! Welcome to Laqueum University. This is the primarily or most consistent setting of our roleplay titled "Research, Papers and Dragons". If you're actually reading this for the first time, it means I haven't sent ideas for this rp to you ahead of time. This also means that you're not...
  20. N

    Fantasy  The professor

    Naomi, she lived a pretty normal life as some people would call it. She had a loving family, her mother in her late forties along with her father. She had a young brother, and honestly she loved him more than anything in the world. She flew under the radar all throughout school, and she couldn’t...