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" go beyond! plus ultra! "
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' i think that saving people is just about the coolest thing someone can do. '

greetings and salutations!
welcome to my roleplay interest check for the manga/anime series, boku no hero academia / my hero academia!

you can call me connor, or caz! i'm 18 and use he/him pronouns! when it comes to writing and roleplaying, i have a good bit of experience, nearly six years for roleplaying and even longer for writing in general! it's one of my all-time favorite hobbies and i absolutely adore building worlds, stories, and friendships with my partners!

i'm a literate to novella writer, depending on the situation and how much time i have to actually sit down to write. my reply lengths usually range between three to five paragraphs, but i've been known to give replies that are easily over 1000+ words, sometimes more ( think 2000+ range )! i exclusively write in third person, past tense!

i usually am able to respond semi-consistently, either a few times or only once a day. i do unfortunately have a job, which hinders my ability to reply sometimes, but i do always try to let my partners know when i'm avaliable and when i'm not! i operate out of CST/central standard time!

i really only like to roleplay on discord, as i often forget to reply here on rpnation or other sites. i'm fine with either making a server for us or keeping the roleplay in regular dms!

▪︎ long-term or short-term roleplays! i have a slight preference to long-term plots, but i won't turn down something short-term, either!
▪︎ i have a preference for doing oc/canon plots and doubling! however, i am also alright with doing canon/canon pairings from a limited list! i will not do oc/oc.
▪︎ i can write for any type of romantic pairing, though i have the most experience and often lean towards m/m for my side, and most of my ocs are male. for my partner, however, i have no issues with doing m/f, f/f, m/m, nb/nb, etc.! i'm also 100% fine with writing or writing for trans characters! :]
▪︎ i love seeing interactions between ocs and characters, so i'm not the biggest fan of 'splitting up' plots unless it's absolutely neccessary. however, it isn't a definite no if you'd rather have separate plots and no interaction between our ocs.
▪︎ i love doing fluff and slice of life plots, but i don't mind including a little bit of angst! however, i will not do constant angst, as it burns me out super quickly and doesn't make me feel great.

▪︎ someone who can match the length that i write or is at least able to provide two - three paragraphs per reply! a decent grasp on grammar, punctuation, and spelling would also be super appreciated ^^ i do like replies to be in third person, past tense if possible, but i can make exceptions — first person is a no, though :[
▪︎ lgbtqia+ friendly and willing to write queer pairings and content!
▪︎ someone who is at least 16+, 18+ if you'd like to include mature themes.
▪︎ someone who lets me know about their triggers before we roleplay anything heavy! i want my partners to be comfortable at all times and this helps ensure that :]
▪︎ someone who helps keep the roleplay lively by helping out with plots and contributing ideas!
▪︎ it's an absolute plus if my partner would like to chat ooc and make things like art, pinterest boards, playlists, headcanons, incorrect quotes, etc. for the roleplay and characters! i absolutely love that kind of stuff ^^ making friends through roleplaying together is one of my favorite things to do!

underlined = most preferred to write for
bolded = open to writing
italics = it may take me a bit of convincing

▪︎ TAKAHASHI AKIRA | cisgender male, homosexual, class 1-a student. quirk: glassmaking. akira has many physical traits resembling a ram due to his father's quirk. he's optimistic, energetic, and incredibly enthusiastic, but also lacks confidence and tries so hard to take care of others that he often forgets to take care of himself. paired with iida tenya.

▪︎ MIYAMOTO RYUJI | cisgender male, bisexual, pro-hero and part-time u.a. teacher. one of endeavor's most trusted sidekicks. akira's guardian. quirk: dragonborn. ryuji is upbeat, humorous, and carefree, but he's prone to aggression and seen as dangerous and scary due to his appearance. paired with shigaraki tomura.

▪︎ YASUDA DAICHI | cisgender male, bisexual, league of villains member. quirk: three no evil. daichi is quiet, reserved, and often seen as unapproachable, but is actually rather pleasant company once he opens up to you. paired with bubaigawara jin / twice.

▪︎ RHIANNON | cisgender female, homosexual, former pro-hero, currently a full-time u.a. teacher. quirk: centaur. rhiannon is violent, intimidating, and monotone, but she secretly cares deeply for her students and friends and would risk her life to make sure they stayed safe. paired with fukukado emi / ms. joke.

| midoriya izuku, bakugou katsuki, aizawa shota, yamada hizashi, kaminari denki, kirishima eijirou, ojiro mashirao, sero hanta, shinsou hitoshi, todoroki shoto, uraraka ochaco, aoyama yuuga, kouda kouji, satou rikidou, tokoyami fumikage, yagi toshinori, and possibly more!
maybe? | takami keigo / hawks, todoroki touya / dabi, amajiki tamaki, mirio togata, hado nejire, ashido mina, asui tsuyu, hatsume mei, iguchi shuichi / spinner, jirou kyouka, rody soul, shouji mezou, tokokitsu taishiro / fatgum, yaoyorozu momo, monoma neito, toga himiko, etc. feel free to ask!
no. | mineta minoru, chisaki kai / overhaul, akaguro chizome / stain, imasuji goto / muscular, eri, all for one, etc. i am unable to write most of the 1-b students as i don't know enough about them, but this is subject to change. i will also not write for any of the characters that my ocs are paired with, even if i'm not using those ocs in the roleplay.

underlined = preferred character to write for
bolded = open to writing
italics = it may take me a bit of convincing

▪︎ TODODEKU | todoroki shoto & midoriya izuku.
▪︎ KIRIBAKU | kirishima eijirou & bakugou katsuki.
▪︎ ERASERMIC | aizawa shota & yamada hizashi.
▪︎ MIRITAMA | togata mirio & amajiki tamaki.
▪︎ SHINKAMI | shinsou hitoshi & kaminari denki.
▪︎ TSUCHACO | asui tsuyu & uraraka ochaco.
▪︎ MOMOJIROU | momo yaoyorozu & jirou kyouka.

▪︎ canon-based | following the events of the manga/anime, such as the usj arc, sports festival, training camp, etc.
▪︎ college au | similar to canon-based, but u.a. is a college rather than a high school! canon characters would be aged up to be 18+, opening the door for more mature themes.
▪︎ pro-hero au | the students have sense graduated from u.a. and are finally on the path to becoming amazing pro-heroes. villain attacks and rescue ventures, hurt/comfort, and possibly more mature themes if desired.
▪︎ make your own! | in my opinion, plots are much more fun when planned out together. the ones above are just simple building blocks to make way for our own stories — if you have an idea in mind, i'd absolutely love to hear about it! if not, we can figure things out together ^^

i believe that's mostly it! if you're at all interested in starting a roleplay, feel free to dm me or leave a comment on this post! thank you all so much for reading! i hope you all have a wonderful day/night and stay safe!

' go beyond! plus ultra! '
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hello! If this is still open to discussion, I’d really like to role-play with you, and we can talk more in DM’s, too! ^^


" go beyond! plus ultra! "
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hello! If this is still open to discussion, I’d really like to role-play with you, and we can talk more in DM’s, too! ^^
it definitely is, yes! i can send you a pm if you'd like and we can discuss more there? :]

poison goth

acid! 🕸️
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hi friend !

your preferences in rping pretty much match up to mine, and i've been deprived of writing for a good-- forever, it feels like LMAOOO, i do have a mha request posted, if you'd be interested in that, that'd be great! if not, i'm 100% open to anything else!

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