1. Dante125

    Fandom Multifandom slice of life.

    I want something simple yet kinda ridiculous. As the title says I want a multifandom slice of life. Basically you play whatever character(s) you want canon to your universe(s) or not, doesn't matter to me and I shall do the same! PM if interested!
  2. ghostling

    Fandom fandom search - GTA V | trevor / michael

    so, i have no idea how popular this pairing is outside of myself & my friends (lol) so i realise i might be going out on a bit of a limb here, but hey ho, always worth a shot. i've been replaying grand theft auto v recently and, as the title suggests, fallen headfirst right back down the...
  3. OppositeInverse

    The Elder Scrolls: 5th Era.

    ARC #1 ~ The Betrayed One ~ SOLSTHEIM @Rusty of Shackleford “On this third Sundas of Sun’s Dusk.. I write knowing my fate is sealed. The island of Solstheim has been ransacked and our armies obliterated. The citizen seem to be relatively unharmed, but for some reasons all our garrison...
  4. L

    Fandom Game of Thrones / ASOIAF

    Hiya, I'm 18+ and looking for a male partner to roleplay opposite my female character in a hetero relationship set in the canon ASOIAF universe. It sounds boring, but hey, it's a craving. Let me elaborate now: I do prefer using canon characters, but I can definitely be convinced to roleplay...
  5. Frnkenstein_

    Fandom The Legend of Zelda roleplay?

    Is anyone interested in being my rp partner for a loz post botw rp? Any ship works, just let me know if anyone wants to join. I usually rp as Link, so there are alot of options and characters to choose from! ;)
  6. Frnkenstein_

    Switch The Legend of Zelda rp anyone?

    Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a post BotW rp? Any ship works, I usually rp as Link. If anyone is interested please let me know :)
  7. FantasyDoctor

    Fandom Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Romance Roleplay

    I am looking for someone familiar with the anime or light novel series. Please just know the systems within the anime and devices in the story itself. If you know it, just message me so we can discuss the details. Please get ahold of me.
  8. Scrubnoppon

    Multiple Settings Scrumbo’s Summer Search!

    Hey everyone! I’m scrubnoppon, but you can call me scrumbo. I’m interested in starting a few more RP’s for the summer! So, here’s what I’m interested in. If you see anything you wanna role play, lemme know! ( the more *’s the More I’m craving!) Yu Yu Hakusho* Persona* SMT*** Final fantasy (VI...
  9. Dakine Itai

    Multiple Settings Dakine's Poorly Put Together Partner Post (Inquire Within)

    It always feels like I’m trying to sell myself when I get to creating one of these posts…*cracks knuckles* So, here it goes! I am a detail-oriented RPer who loves a challenge! I’ve been RPing for the last twenty years, give or take a few in AIM chatrooms and table-top games, so I am well...
  10. MrThe

    Hetalia, the Children of America

    This is going to be an RP where it is just like Hetalia, only instead of countries you play as one of the 50 states. It's going to be AMAZING! I can't wait! I know, pretty short interest check but it's a pretty simple concept.
  11. MrThe

    Hetalia, the Children of America

    We've got to do a Hetalia as the 50 states! Just imagine all the different states as people. It's Hetalia only instead of Countries you are the 50 States! Woops, sorry guys, I clicked on the wrong thing. I meant to put this in Interest Checks.
  12. XXDemonCutesXX

    Multiple Settings Partner Search!!! :3

    Hello! I'm searching for some new content n.n My post lengths vary, and I usually write in third person. I prefer 3-5 sentences per post, but if I've written a one liner response, then feel free to do so as well. Looking for someone to plot with, but I'm also willing to do fandoms! •Tokyo...
  13. grymi

    Fandom follow me down {Riverdale/Supernatural/Stranger Things}

    hey guys! I know I have another thread all up with my fandoms and an oc setting I’d like to do, but there’s three in particular I’m desperately craving right now. I’m looking to write against Archie Andrews from Riverdale, Dean or Sam Winchester from Supernatural, as well as Billy Hargrove...
  14. ItouKirishi

    Fandom DARLING in the FRANXX roleplay

    The year is 4049 The Great War has begun. The sudden increase in technology had wiped out nearly sixty percent of the world, technological advances growing even greater since the war had broken out nearly a century ago. The United Nations has quarreled before the Great War had started. They...
  15. Writingel

    Multiple Settings Roleplay Request

    Hoi, I'm a nobody with a lot of time on his hands, now that summer's rolled around. I got little to spend it on, at least currently (will let you know/update the thread if that changes!), and so I wouldn't mind having a partner or someone to spend a bit of this energy on. I don't have many...
  16. Okamirasu

    Fandom Haikyuu!! (Mxm 1x1 lookout!)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ya-ho!~ I'm Okamirasu, but please call me Oka! I've been really into Haikyuu lately like, really really into it i dont think this is healthy I'd like to find another Haikyuu nerd like myself and RP and obsess over beautiful boys with them, so...
  17. TooManyIdeas

    Fandom Kingdom Hearts and Persona 5 pairings!

    usual rules *I'm not too picky on paragraphs and wordcounts and everything, just give me something to work with. *Please write in understandable English. Iz thes cmprhns1ble 2 u? *If I don't reply, I'm either busy or forgot. Feel free to drop me a line, within reason--one PM is fine, two is...
  18. TarantulaHawk

    Fandom Current Status: Open! - [ Looking for Roleplay Partners! + Ignore Post Count ]

    Introduction Hello, everyone! I'm T. Hawk. I'm always and constantly creeping through the forums looking for people to roleplay with. As of right now, most of my roleplays in planning or already started have slowed down (due to my partner's personal lives and such). I'm looking for a...
  19. Oenanthe

    Multiple Settings *Insert Eye Catching Title Here*

    Last Updated: 6/16/2018 A VERY SKIPPABLE INTRO I'm baaackkk. I can never truly die, I merely disappear into obscurity and rise from my own ashes like a really annoying Pheonix with mange and a terrible cough. For those of you who don't recognize me (or haven't heard of me), which is probably...
  20. grymi

    Multiple Settings i just wanna see the light.~ [mostly fandom/one oc craving]

    hey there! this first thread of mine is going to be rather basic and to the point but i can promise that my writing is quite the opposite. i am looking to write within a few fandoms and have itchings for certain characters— HOWEVER, any character within the fandoms i list are more than welcome...