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  • Hello person that came into my page! If you're here just to snoop, waves hand, go on and snoop. If you're here for info on me, here:

    I'm Angel, I'm almost 15. And I love to write and make art.

    My favorite color is Yellow. And my favorite word is balls. (Yes, I have a favorite word) I like all kinds of music. These include the basics: pop, rock, and indie. And more into the NuMetal, folk, and dark rap/hip-hop.

    I make art, I like to draw my OCs and other people's as well! So if that's something that you'd be interested in, tell me!

    I enjoy writing and reading. I write a bit if everything. From modern fantasy to western to slice of life. I like it all! Reading wise I like romance and action. Plot can honestly be anything, as long as it's interesting to me.

    That's really it... Bye now!
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