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  • Not that anyone cares but does anyone else think the grown up Spyro from my Profile pic would look better if they kept his normal stomach color instead of the white? I know it's just a concept art but gotta wonder why they changed the color
    If anyone is at all curious about my Profile pic it's A grown up Spyro form a cancelled idea for Skylanders.
    Just thought I'd post this in case anyone is interested I've seen profile pics before and been curious about what they are from but feels like it could be weird to ask if I'm not talking to them already
    Anyone else think some people are to picky with post length like I get wanting something to work with but one line can be worked with it just depends on the person like I've RP'd with people who have done just like one word saying Okay or a short thing that has noting to say who's talking those I get the issues with but like a sentence that's fine as long as it's adding something.
    Honestly I feel expecting like 5 sentences or more every time is unreasonable
    Just for the record I don't mind if someone wants to stop a roleplay after a while I get stuff has to end but it's when people don't give it a chance or they ghost you for a while come back ghost you again come back and say they are done which means the RP barely did anything yeah that can be a pain
    That and fully ghosting you like at least say something that's better because at least people know not to except anything.

    Just saying this because I saw a post that was clearly about me (if you know the context of what happened)by someone else.
    Because yeah a RP ending out of no where sucks but at least give it a fair shot that's all I'm saying
    🤷‍♀️ Just giving my two cents. I don't want you getting in trouble, and talking about folks as if they aren't listening can definitely cause unwanted drama. It's fighting fire with fire, for sure.
    Okay thanks I appreciate it👍
    Hi there! Just wanted to chime in and say Daisie's right, we don't permit public call-outs, so please report if you feel someone is talking about you in public with enough details that your situation could be identified (whether or not your username is used). And of course please don't make such posts yourself. ^33^
    Just got a message from someone I RP'd with before but they left before I could even reply why do that?

    It's also a little annoying when I see a notification since gets my hopes up I got a replay on a post or something
    I tried asking them about it but I think they deleted my comment.
    2nd person to do that kind of wonder why people even come here if they don't want people asking them questions about this stuff
    Really get tired of people just leaving RPs without a word or just not reading the actual plot it gets so annoying starting to think there aren't really any RPs even going on on this site just really short ones that or I just have horrible luck.
    Like if your not willing to give something a shot and will leave in less then a day don't bother asking to RP 😑
    Sigh People should just tell you if they don't want to RP Anymore it sucks but at least you'd know not to wait for anything
    People need to read RP request post more 😔 I'm tired of people leaving RPs because they thought something else about the RP despite my post being clear or not liking my post length even when I'll say in posts they aren't long.

    Like no joke someone took a RP plot I had for Pokemon and thought it was about Pokemon enslaving Humans when the plot literally says like the opposite to that like how did you get that so wrong?
    You ever get worried someone left a RP because of how long it's been since they replied yet they are clearly still on?
    Sometimes I feel like that but don't want to make a deal out of it as they could be doing something else but I've had someone leave with no word mutiple times so I never know
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