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No lights please
The western gate of Nazkhul
The lone wanderer approached the gates with a heavy sigh, it’s echo almost in melodic synchronization with the taps of his cane and shoes. The way to the gate was devoid of all life at the moment, yet that was to be expected. Armies numbering in the hundreds of thousands were marching out of each of the four gates at an alarming rate. None were entering Nazkhul. Yet as the withered man approached the gate it began to creek open, it was a pleasing sound to the old man, whose walk was but a formality. As soon as the gate was fully ajar ranks upon ranks of soldiers began to March out, seemingly unaware of the mans presence. As the ranks marched on the old man didn’t budge instead simply watching them embark out on what would be a long, and nigh impossible to survive journey. Eventually the first rank should have collided with the old man yet they seemed to pass through him as they approached. Only a few lines of troops passed through him before the projection flickered out and the man seemingly vanished

Atop the gate the exact image of the old man but with slightly more luminous eyes stood watching the armies march out with a look of annoyance. Above him winged soldiers and vehicles moved in slow moving formations passing over the barrier as he willed it possible for them. Suddenly the block to the left of the main gate had several of the homes crumble and vanish beneath the massive metal feet of Terror, the sixth of the six sons. Even as the debris filled the air, the wails of pain and anguish beneath the giant metal angels feet were drowned out by the booming voice that followed.Greetings uncle Sogen…I have a few questions for you if you have time…terrors voice said. The Old man Sogens eyes never left the buildings crushed beneath his nephews feet, his godlike eyes not in the slightest obscured by the mass of steel, yet the carnage he witnessed earned no response, this was common within the city after all.

What have I told you of approaching me within your toys?” He said in a flat monotone shifting his gaze towards the faint constructs chest which began to shift and move opening a panel where the sternum should be and allowing the Demonic prince within to step out. It’s jet black skin covered it from head to toe and red cracks adorned its surface giving him a faint glow. Each of its fingers ended in sharp point, and blood dripped off of the crow like wings that seemed to flow elegantly as he hovered to the wall where Sogen stood landing into a kneel only rising when the old man indicated for him to do so with a raised finger from his cane My apologies Uncle I am in a bit of a rush I’m sure you are aware of my fathers orders…My question is actually a two part one. Will I find Leon to the North west or to the South west? And Will you attempt to interfere when I move to destroy him“ the demon said with a wicked smile plastered on his face. Sogen regarded the Demonic demigod with a glint of irritation before simply shaking his head side to side. “Leon has been Knocked to Nowhere and you can rest easy child, I Will not be intervening in your fun...Now begone from me, your presence is disturbing the locals.

Terror floated back into his giant angelic armor thanking Sogen profusely before rocketing off into the air leaving Sogen to once again let out an exasperated sigh before seemingly vanishing only to reappear in that same instant near the rubble of what was once four homes. With a gesture of his hand the rubble began to piece itself back together, splatters began to peel off of the rubble and bodies stitched themselves back together. A moment later he opened the door walking in and seeing several dumbfounded looking people who turned their gaze to him with horror in their eyes. Yet he ignored them entirely simply gesturing his hand towards the wall where two portals would open side by side their swirling inner tunnel winding through space time and reality itself to connect to his two favored and most trusted cohorts. One leading to the Private quarters of a particularly spunky gobliness, and the other leading to the medical facility. Neither would have opened more than five meters from the desired targets, as the portals were pulled to them like a beacon thanks to their gate keys. The old man took his seat at the table in the center of the home and shifted his gaze to the gawking family who silently and quickly scrambled upstairs to be out of sight. Admittedly Sogen was hurt by their reaction, he had just restored their lives and home. Yet he supposed he couldn’t blame them, a reputation as the brother of a cruel godking often had such side effects. Perhaps he should Acquire a new form, one less well known. Perhaps I’ll ask Lilith and Miss Arthur. He mused to himself as he materialized three goblets and a bottle of good red wine and proceeded to pour himself a sizable glass.

The Dungeon of Nowhere
The Stinging sensation of the Acid was an ever present reminder to Leon of his current predicament. His wounds from his father has already healed though admittedly his Jaw and Spine were still rather sore, but it was actually his wrists, ankles, and neck that were bothering him currently. The Razored Shackles he was strapped down with dug into his cartilage and the Burning Acid would keep the wounds from healing. The Pair of grey and black floating hands in the pool were another reminder that should he struggle against his shackles they will simply remove whatever they are tied too and find a new place to reattach. The acid was making his healing factor consistently work to keep him in one piece, which just so happened to be just enough to prevent him from completing his recovery enough to regain his power.

He thought back to how he arrived here going over the events for the seventeen thousandth time in the past three sleepless days. His mother’s death boiled his blood, but even that rage pales in comparison to his own self loathing. Strength was his entire life, and he found himself laughably hopelessly weak in comparison to his father. One way or another he would need to find a way to change that. Things went blurry for a while after that and his next memory was of a girl, a strange sensation flooding through him as his wounds were stitched back together by her magic, then the rough hands of the guards who shackles him and cast him into the submerged cell. An incantation which turned the water his cell sat in into acid, and finally the soulless analytical eyes of the Vampire who was giving the orders. A snarl built in his chest as he relished the thought of slaying the pale pathetic excuse for a leader. But something else struck him at the same moment as the thought. A flash of the Girl who healed him smiling and talking with the man. Immediately he felt the guilt build up in him, something he was not accustomed to feeling. After all why should he care about any of these people, they were weak, he was strong. They existed as prey to test his skills, stones to sharpen his blade, obstacles to be overcome. So then why…why did he find it so hard to hate them…why did he feel as though he now had more in common with them than anyone else…after all, their hatred of his father was enough that they hated him…something he fully understood for he was not even sure he didn’t hate himself for simply sharing the wicked DNA of Shadus.
The Heart of Darkness, Mt.Nowhere.
The Dark crystal of otherworldly power radiated as The Gathered magic practitioners shifted mana around to create several small hand sized portals. As soon as they were completed Vorin nodded his head to the man on his left who then waved over several others. Each of them took a handwritten letter in their hand, each written in a different language, each addressed to a different one of the rebel leaders, and each saying something different written by Vorin himself. Then each shoved their letters into the portals and shuffled hurriedly out of the room. Once completed the mages all let their streams of magic come to an end then they too shuffled on to attend to their business while Vorin himself stood for a moment seemingly lost in his thoughts. Finally he lifted his hand, the clothing around his forearm shifting and morphing into a strange black bat like creature. “Bring me dreadknight Valvius, I would have words with her.” He said as he let the thing fly from him. Afterwards however he didn’t budge instead he stood staring into the heart of darkness and listening to the whispers it sent into his mind.

AwesomeK13 AwesomeK13 animegirl20 animegirl20 The Hermit The Hermit Xcelgamer Xcelgamer Fred Colon Fred Colon


Always Online ●
"I could never lie to someone as stunning as you"

"I would hope you would tell me the truth regardless of how I look"

Two youths stood leaned against a slanted wall, locking curious eyes with one another. The conversation at hand had been sparked by the young male asking the young lass for directions. Claiming he was trying to find his way to any location that happened to serve alcohol. The conversation did not stop there. In fact, thanks to the man's charms, it gradually progressed into a more provocative discussion.

The man had just commented that the girl who stood leaning next to him was the brightest sight he had seen since entering Mt. Nowhere. To which there was a response of disbelief uttered.

"I would hope so as well" The man said with gentle voice.

Kal Yusta, the flirtatious man in question, was often found chatting on the ears of beautiful woman. This time was no exception. Currently he was mainly doing so because he had nothing better to do while he waited for the right time to continue his mission.

Only a few days ago rumors and uncertain stories regarding an assault on the God King began to circulate. This attack was apparently conducted by none other than one of the kings sons. Or so the story had been told.

As gathering information was somewhat of a speciality for Kal, he had heard these rumors soon after they had begun to spread. After informing both his coven and the forest protector Euphron; Kal was tasked with investigating the matter further. This investigation eventually lead him to where he found himself now. A "diplomatic representative" inside Mt. Nowhere currently having a charming discussion with a beautiful young lady.

"It's rare to find someone of your quality being so bare with their thoughts" Kal continued, still gazing into the eyes of his conversation partner.

The woman laughed softly before speaking once more.

"I have always enjoyed being...bare"

The look of seduction in her eyes was all that was needed to solidify the double entendre that her words carried.

As any man would, Kal had a spike of arousal over the tastful implications of the phrase. Despite most men however, his feelings displayed themselves in an unmistakable way. By pure physiological reflex, Kal's irises turned from a sky blue to a cherry blossom pink. A look part disgust, part terror, filled the countenance of the woman. She stumbled a few feet back and quickly examined Kal further. Though not in the affectionate way she had been doing throughout the conversation.

Kal could feel her gaze fall upon his pointed ears and his color changing eyes. He knew all too well what was about to happen.

"Yo...you...you fiend" she spat heinously.

Kal sighed as the woman practically crawled as fast as she could in the opposite direction.

"What a shame" he said with apathy.

He was quite used to people reacting poorly to what he was. Though poorly was perhaps too kind of a word.

Mere moments later a small scurrying sound could be heard on the stone ground beneath Kal. Looking down he saw a black scorpion with a glowing purple aura approaching him.

"About time" he muttered to himself.

Kneeling down he held out an open palm. As if it was its home, the mysterious scorpion climbed upon the outstretched hand. With a small pop, the scorpion vanished in a cloud of dark smoke. Leaving only a black marble behind. Kals eyes glazed over as the memories of the arachnid flooded his mind. He had sent out the drone to determine if the prince was truly being held here as his information had suggested. Apparently it was correct. Images of a dungeon cell filled with acid and pain peirced Kals mind. He saw flashes of what most definitely was the dark prince. Shivers crept their way through Kals body as the images of the prince filled his mind.

Shaking the thoughts away, he continued with the next part of the mission. To speak to the vampire lord himself. Kal had debated trying to sneak into a meeting with Lord Vorin. Though given the circumstances of the meeting, he doubted it would start things off very well. Instead, Kal decided he would simply ask to be brought to him. It might have been too simple of a plan, but a name drop of who he represented added with his natural, and sometimes magical, charm; most likely would aid him in getting where he needed to go.

With the information from the scorpion drone in his mind, Kal pocketed the marble and headed on his way.

It didn't take long before he found a gaurd who he hoped would be able to take him to Vorin. Or at the very least direct him to those who could. As Kal approached the burly and disheveled soldier, he put on his best smile and spoke in his friendliest voice.

"Excuse me good sir"

Fred Colon

It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Alicia eyed the chessboard, leaning back in her chair. Around her flowed the hustle and bustle of the Military Offices of Ordnell. Scribes carried papers from desk to desk, soldiers went in groups of twos and threes to requisition supplies, or submit scouting reports to the innumerable clerks that would file them away for posterity, the sound of quills and pen on paper was an ever present hissing. Alicia liked to be amongst her people. It allowed her to really feel the atmosphere amongst those below her, it let her gauge their morale. So Alicia had set up a table and chessboard in the middle of the busiest part of the Offices. People busy working flowed around her and her table, like water around a stone.

"Rook. To B8." She said,

"B8?" The squire, Ennie, she'd drafted into playing a game with her said. The knight she'd been assigned, one of the Goddess' sons, waited nearby, impatiently tapping his foot and trying to keep out of the way of the flow of busy people. "Ma'am, that's not a legal move, you have pawns in the way."

Alicia's rook began to move. When it came to where the the pawns stood, it coughed politely, and when the two pawns didn't move, followed up with an 'Excuse me'. The pawns, seemingly only now noticing the rook, quickly shifted to the side with exclamations of 'Sorry!' and 'Didn't see you there!' and the Rook passed unmolested, eventually settling in at the end of the board. The rook gave Ennie's king an awkward wave and a smile. "Check, old chap. Sorry about that. I'd recommend moving to F7, were I you. M'lady'll have you if you go anywhere else."

"Well. My men are cooperative, team oriented fellows." Alicia said, motioning to her pawns, who were shifting back to their original places. "No reason they can't get out of one another's way."

"B-but that's... its not how---"

"Leave it, Ennie." Her Knight, a fellow named Tanzel said, "Nothing you say will pierce our 'Grand' Generals thick skull."

"I trained your side, too." Alicia said, "Just tell them what you want them to do."

"Bishop, uh, to B8?" Ennie said after a moments hesitation.

"Finally!" The bishop crowed, and it made a running leap over a Knight and a pawn, red stole flapping in the wind, to come crashing down on top of Alicia's rook.

"Not so rough!" The rook complained as the bishop rolled him off the board.

"Good move, Ennie." Alicia said, scratching her chin.

"Ma'am, I think Knight Tanzel is in need of me, I really should get---"

But it was in that moment a small, purple portal appeared above the chessboard. A hand, bearing a letter, emerged from it, before swiftly retreating, leaving the letter behind. Alicia's own gauntleted hand lashed out and she caught it before it landed on their game.

Without a change in expression, Alicia broke open the seal and read its contents. When she was finished she handed the letter to Alicia.

"Well. It seems we'll put our game in hold, then. Please bring this to our esteemed leader. Tell them that'll meet them or their delegation there."

With that, Alicia folded up the table, gameboard and all, pushed in the legs, and then kept folding until it was all compressed into a little square no larger than he palm. She put it into her pocket and left the squire and her knight.

She could considered waiting for others, but she could make it to Nowhere much more quickly alone.

She knocked on a nearby door, waving her letter in the air. She had a written invitation from Vorin himself! She was welcome in nowhere, which meant that it was all too easy to get there, so long as Vorin let her in.

"Excuse me, I received your letter! Can I come in? Make sure Vorin opens the door, please. Since he's the one that invited me he's the only one that can let me in!"

Someone in Nowhere, perhaps Vorin, would hear Alicia knocking. If Vorin opened the door for her, Alicia would step through to Nowhere.

The Hermit

pfp: nudekay

  • People watching was always such an interesting pastime for Brigitte. Usually, it was rather boring, yet still somehow calming to one's emotions. On rare occasions, like her current situation, would allow her to witness the magics of the more common folk of the realm. With no current job to partake in, she was warping between major cities, wherever there was a spark of powerful, or sometimes even devious magics. Currently, she sat atop a cliff on the edge of the Scorched Plains. There was always powerful magic here, but nothing of real interest. Power without talent, after all, means absolutely nothing. After waiting for a moment, she felt a spark in the back of her mind. Something new to investigate, perhaps?

    Arriving to Mt. Nowhere in an instant, the change in temperature provided a newfound alertness that she hadn't anticipated in the rush to reach her destination. Fortunately, her biology made quick work of adjusting, and she began looking around intently. Brigitte would likely be seen as strange for doing so if it weren't for her natural appearance being well within normalcy for such a location.

    Her whole suit was on, save for the helm as to allow for summons or contracts to find their way to her. She quickly found the source of this prying magic: there was a strange, comparatively taller young man wasting time by flirting with a woman. She was watching for a completely different reason, however. He was utilizing a form of divination magic, and was clearly biding his time until he got some sort of results.

    Unfortunately, there would be no time to continue this watch. Brigitte felt the all-to-familiar sensation of a summons being called. A portal beginning to open within her medical chambers. With a sigh, she pulled her beaked mask over her face and made a step that would normally leave her turning at a 90 degree angle to the left. Instead, she appeared no more than a meter in front of the portal just as it finished forming.

    "These things really are quite impressive.. I'll convince him to teach me someday," Brigitte muttered to herself, stepping through the portal.

    Mid step, she felt the presence of another entity flowing through at the same time. Lilith would be joining her on the other side, it seemed. Perhaps she wasn't being summoned for her usual work, then?



Different timezone, who dis
Lilith was humming to herself as she looked over her favourite book,The Book of Summons or more accurately talking with some of her summons. "Well I mean come on Miss Lilith what are we going to do about this new development" said an absolutely tiny fairy who was sitting on the edge of the book "I'm thinking about it all, Sir Sogen will not be able to be help him at least that's what I assume....at least not directly" Lilith said with a smile "So what are you going to do? We need the son and probably allies, not just your summons" The fairy said as Lilith rolled her eyes at the comment "Yes yes yes I know, I'm not stupid, but I gotta lay low f-"

She stopped for a moment as the ground rumbled around them. Lilith looked around for a moment and sighed "ok ok it was just one of the siblings probably" she weakly smiled as she waited for the second quake before putting the fairy back into her book. She stretched slightly before hopping off her chair, she left the relatively massive desk for her and sighed to herself. "I bloody hate it when they are right, if I tell them they'll Lord over it" she mumbled to herself.

She yawned a little before noticing the portal that started "Oh my, well that is not what I expected...I wonder what Sir Sogen needs of me" She smiled and grabbed her Book, put on both her Gatekey and The End piece putting both around her neck and walked through. She flicked her hair about and making sure she looked decently neat and tidy

As she stepped through onto the other side she was somewhat surprised to see Brigitte here as well "Oh my well hello there Ms Brigitte how are you? I didn't expect Sir Sogen to call you as well" She smiled and it was incredibly difficult to tell if it was genuine or if she was faking it "....So what is this meeting about Sir Sogen?"


Ten Thousand Club
ezgif.com-gif-maker.pngCindy was sitting in her room reading when she heard a knock at the door. She headed down stairs to open the door and found a young man standing there looking a little nervous. "H-hello Miss Jordan." Cindy gave him a bright smile. "Hi do you need anything? Not feeling sick are you." The guy's eyes widen. "N-no! I'm fine! I just...." His face went red and Cindy raised her eyebrow and then glanced around when she heard voices saying, "Come on man you got this ask her!" Realizing what was happening Cindy sighed. "Um whatever your about to say I wouldn't if I was-" The young man's eyes widen in slight horror and she noticed that he was looking past her. Which meant her mother was standing behind her. Somehow Cindy hadn't notice the terrible scary and dark aura coming from behind her. "I-i think I'm going to go." the guy said. "Good idea" Cindy said in response before him and his friends took off in flash. "Mother don't throw anyone in acid this time." Cindy said as she turned back around and headed towards her room. Her mother gave a huff and crossed her arms. After a few mins Cindy had made her way back down stairs carrying her usual bag. "Where are you headed?" Virginia asked. "I'm going shopping. Need to restock on somethings." Cindy said as she checked her bag to make sure she had her book. "Oh? Sounds fun!" Virginia said excitedly. "I'll go with you!" "Oh no your not." Cindy said quickly. She pulled out her book and started scanning through it. "Almost every time you go out with me somewhere you end up hurting someone and or almost killing them. Then I always have to heal them up." "Wait you said almost every time. See I'm getting better it use to be every time." Her mother said proudly. Cindy glanced up at her for moment. "Right." Virginia suddenly gave Cindy a big hug almost squeezing the life out of her with big smile. "But I have to protect my baby girl!" "M-Mom I can't b-breathe" Virginia let go. "Oops! Haha sorry!" Cindy took deep breath before speaking. "I get that Mother but you tend to go over bored. "Ok I'm leaving see you later." Cindy said with smile then turned around and headed off. Virginia waved at Cindy as she left. "By dear make sure to tell me if anyone hurts you, flirts with you or says mean things to you. I'll be sure to gauge there eyes out!" Virginia said happily. Cindy face palmed.

Cindy made her way through the tunnels stopping at different shops trying find herbs as she was doing that though she could hear a couple girls near bye talking. "Wait so they are keeping him in acid?" The red head said. "Yeah something like that. I'm surprised they didn't just kill him." Said the brunette. "Probably going to use him for something." The red head said as she leaned against the wall. Cindy stood there for moment in deep thought. Ever since that day they found him and she healed him she had some terrible nightmares. She can't really remember them though...probably mostly because she didn't want to. She tighten the grip on her bag as flashes of those nightmares started entering her head. Luckily a loud voice broke her thoughts. "Girls!" A blonde had appeared and ran over from the two girls Cindy had just heard talking. "Ugh you will not believe what happen to me. Some Magia tried to hit on me. Can you believe it? Of course I didn't fall for any of it." Cindy rolled her eyes. "Sure you didn't" Cindy mumbled to herself. "Gross." the Brunette said. Seeing where this was headed Cindy left. "Seriously in the world we live in you think people would have better things to do then talk bad about other races. Now lets see what's next on my list....."
AwesomeK13 AwesomeK13 (lightly mentioned)


Ten Thousand Club
1624562166732.pngHoneybell stepped through to the other side not sure what to expect. She was glad to see it was another forest but.....it was a lot different from where she lived. All of the trees were absolutely massive, and some looked all twisted. It was darker then what she was use to during the day. She looked around the area to remember her surroundings and even though part of her brain was screaming to go back she was much to curious to see what was out here to listen to it. While walking her eyes soaked in every little details. There were so many plants flowers, bugs and little animals she had never seen before. This isn't so bad. Honeybell thought to herself. As she continued making her way she started hear strange noises. She stopped and looked around but didn't see anything. "I'm sure its fine...maybe whatever is making that noise is friendly....." she said to herself trying to calm her now her nerves. She stopped again as it started sound closer. She looked behind her. Was something following her? After looking around again she continued walking hoping she was just being paranoid.


No lights please
Domri Family Home, Western Nazkhul.

Only a minute or so had passed since Sogen opened his gates in the Domri family homes northern wall. Even still his glass was already half empty when Bridgette emerged from her portal followed a moment later by Lilith. He gestured to the open seats at the table next to them and the bottle shifted to the center of the table an equal distance from each glass. As Sogen ended his gesture he tapped his index finger on the table which unleashed a purple wave of strange dimensional energy that washed across the table, down its legs, across the floor, up the walls extinguishing the portals as it washed over them, and finally the wave would meet on the ceiling leaving the room with a faint purplish glow. Just like that he had sealed the room they were in within a pocket dimension he had just created. Something both of his cohorts would immediately recognize as a means to hide their conversation from The Sox sons and their father. Take a seat Ladies I’m afraid there is now a time limit on what I am about to tell you.” as if obeying his commands the chairs would pull themselves out, and the bottle would float to each glass pouring into it a nice sized glass of wine.

Leon is currently imprisoned within Mount Nowhere and Terror is on his way to attempt to kill him and the rebel faction together…and Unfortunately he has the power to do so with the army he brings at his back.Sogen would finish his glass and set it down only for it to vanish in a puff of violet vapor. He took a deep breath before continuing. The rebel leaders are currently meeting to determine what Leon’s fate will be. You will be delivering a message to them, which is why I chose you two for this. What I am asking is by far the most dangerous mission you have ever been asked to complete. You will be venturing into the heart of enemy territory to attempt to parlay with some of the most powerful beings outside of the great walls…Due to the danger associated I am not ordering you to do this I’m Asking you. As per usual I will reward you accordingly, however there will be no demerits or punishment for failure, nor will there be for you choosing to decline. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of giving you a reasonable amount of time to decide, Terror is already on his way, meaning if you leave in the next fine minutes you will have 24 hours to prepare.“ as he finished his statement he clasped his hands and lowered his head in a gesture of humility What is your decision? he asked a slight crack in his voice betraying very human like emotions for a god.
Xcelgamer Xcelgamer The Hermit The Hermit
The Chamber of the Heart of Darkness, Mount Nowhere.

Vorin did not have to wait long before his favored dreadknight entered the chamber. Causing him to chuckle with her usual sarcastic quib. The heart of darkness pulsated approvingly as she entered, one of the few who earned such a response from the ancient artifact.
Hello Maw, as always it’s nice to see you…I gotta cut to the chase on this one though, I know how much you hate politics, and I have no idea how you feel about the prince…but I’m going to advocate for us releasing him into escorted custody, I not only need you to back me on this, but I want you to be his Charged Custodian.As usual Vorin did not sugar coat the crappy job he had just given Maw. He always hated having to ask her for things like this, but admittedly there was no one better suited for this particular request, besides assuming it didn’t get her killed this was hardly the most compromising thing he had ever asked of her. Think about it Maw, This kid could be just the Equalizer we have been talking about needing forever. the last pleading sentence came off surprisingly childlike for one of his position and age, likely an indicator of just how nervous he was about this decision to begin with. The sound of footsteps outside the main chamber door would draw his gaze away from her eyes but only briefly as he was quick to return his pleading gaze.
The Hermit The Hermit
The Front stoop of Nowhere Guard, Alexi Sedson.

Alexi had just stepped out of his home wearing his uniform and ready to start his day when he was approached by a strangely clothed gentleman with an odd accent he couldn’t quite put his thumb on at first. He finished locking his chambers before turning on his heel to meet the mans eyes. He knew immediately what was so off about him and began smiling at the prospect of the potential for career advancement. He recognized the face from the guards briefing the night before, this man in front of him was the Delegate called in from The Dyzant.
“A good day my friend, you uh…if your the Dyzant delegate guy you are waaaay of course mister.” he beamed a rather large smile before motioning for the man to follow, “lord Vorin will certainly want to see you.” he said with a grin and began marching on without waiting for a reply or even looking to see if Kal was following him, making it pretty obvious that this guy was either a rookie, or hopelessly incompetent as a guard.
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Always Online ●
Kal had smiled awkwardly at the guard he had asked for help, slightly regretting doing so. This guard knew who he was and was surprisingly very eager to escort him. Despite this eagerness, the man was still quite, simple, as you could say. He had no quicker agreed to be an escort, he proceeded to march off in an unknown direction. Kal quickly followed as fast and graceful as he could. He was certainly something else. When they had arrived outside the Chamber of the Heart of Darkness, Kal was out of breath. He used his knees for support and breathed in rapidly. He then noticed that the guard seemed as if he had just finished a brisk walk. Certainly not the marathon he had just endured.

"Would you be needin' anything else today mister"

In between panted breathes Kal responded.


The guard gave a respectful bow that was a good deal lower than was normal. Kal turned around and gazed upon the ominous entryway to the infamous Chamber of the Heart of Darkness. He was indeed quite excited to witness it, and more than that, meet the notorious vampire king. Kal collected himself and straightened his cloak. He knocked on the door gently and waited for the granted entrance to the hall.

"Eh hello?"


The Hermit

pfp: nudekay

  • Listening to the explanation of the situation, Brigitte couldn't help but feel there was more to it than was being told, whether it was willing or not mattered not. Naturally, she also drank from the glass that was sitting in front of her. Though, given the absentmindedness of the action, she hadn't bothered to spend the mental energy to manifest a proper mouth, and as such she tasted nothing.

    "Mount Nowhere.." Brigitte wondered aloud. "I was just there, actually. I imagine we'll be required to be well within their defenses in order to follow through with these plans, so escape won't be a proper option."

    For half a moment, she wondered if the reconnaissance magic she was tracking earlier had anything to do with the captured prince, but waived the thought, realizing the improbability of such a connection. People do shady things all the time all around the world, after all.

    "I think it's worth going. If for nothing else, there must be someone particularly powerful in order to keep the young prince imprisoned, though I would expect it from no other kingdom. I'd like to know what, exactly, can do so."
    Anyone unfamiliar would think she was portraying intent to betray, however she was clearly being driven solely by the promise of learning new and powerful forms of magic.


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