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Fantasy New Beginnings and Ancient Ends- CS



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Creating a character

Image: (no real pictures please.)

Name: (can be anything.)

Age: (can range from 15 years to 9,500 years)

Species: (Can range from almost anything in fiction, you can use common sense to determine if they are acceptable. A Saiyan or a kryptonian is fine, An Elder god or a Perpetual, or an abstract conceptual deity...not so much.)

Class: (How would you describe your character in one word. Warrior? Scientist? Wizard? Vagabond? Troublemaker? Pick something.)

Proportions: (Height and weight.)

Distinguishing features: (Tattoos, piercings, scars, birthmarks, or mutations can all go here.)

Faction: (you can make your own or join an existing faction.)

Personality: (in general how do you behave? Due to the conditions of the end realm insanity is actually rather common and comes in various shades. That said people don’t tend to last long if they aren’t at least functional.)

History: (Where are you from a dead realm or were you born here in the End? How have you managed to survive? What if any have been your interactions with the Capitol? What are you planning to do? You know the basics Before using Leon, Shadus, the children of Shadus, or the Gatekeeper of the Capitol in your history please notify me.)

Skills: (talent is not by any means rare In the end world, those without it either die out or cling to more capable individuals for safety.)

Items: (whatever weapons, armors, equipment, and consumables you may have.)

Abilities: (The fun section, what kind of powers do you have. This can fluctuate wildly and there are ample different combos. I’m going to be pretty lenient here but try to keep in mind the fact that we are Roleplaying and things like taking peoples ability to react through any means be it unstoppable power or controlling them is very heavily frowned upon and will earn reprimanding. There are strong people here, those who have started their factions and maybe even repelled some of the forces of Shadus a few times. However that said there is a reason the rebel factions avoid the Capitol city, you are meant to be disadvantaged at the start of this story and through your COMBINED power have a Chance to win. So yeah...not gonna be strict here but I will ask you to try and keep it fun for everyone.)



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Name: Leon Shadeson

Age: 27yrs

Species: Demi-Deity

Class: Dark Paladin

Proportions: 5ft 11in / 184lbs-212lbs (wings)

Distinguishing features: Leon’s body is coated In a naturally growing infernal organic armor, he has tattoo like markings on each hand, on his forehead, on his chest, and in his navel just between his nonexistent belly button and pelvis. He also seems to radiate an aura of darkness similar to his fathers though much much less potent.

Faction: Any Anti-Nazkhul faction, Currently Factionless.

Personality: Leon is a harsh and cruel young being with little care for others around him. His entire life he has only known those who shy away from him in fear, those who fight against him either to survive or to draw joy from his suffering. Even those closest to him like his family have only ever caused him turmoil. As such he is very guarded and quick to react violently. He has little trust for others and expects no one to trust him. That said he has recently found himself no longer having the upper hand,his father humiliating him and his destiny falling into the hands of others has convinced him that perhaps he may actually need help.

History: Leon was born in the Nazghul royal fortress to Queen Miran as the first biologically born child of Shadus the dark god. His youth was plagued with violence and aggression as his older “brothers” were practically obsessed with beating on their little brother to “Forge” him. As a young child he once made the mistake of trying to run to his father for help only to find himself teleported by him back to his brothers feet. He would turn to his mother for help only to find her having long descended into madness and just as much a target as he was. That was when the Innocent boy in him died and was replaced with the predator he is known for being. While he never bested his brothers or father he found his uncle the gatekeeper to be far more forgiving a test metric and would constantly launch raids upon his uncles gates, all of which would end with Sogen pounding his nephew, then tending his wounds so that he could do so again the next day. Yet unlike the other monsters in Leon’s life, his uncle seemed to get a different kind of enjoyment from their clashes, it was almost like he enjoyed the young mans company.

It would go on like this for Nearly two decades and the constant clashes with Sogen would certainly benefit Leon, the weak boy had grown into a powerful young man, comparable to some of the finest warriors in Shadus’s army, only surpassed by the great generals, his brothers, his uncle, and of course his father. He began to grow famous within nazkhull as the favored son of the king. Yet his mother’s insanity began to grow more and more severe, eventually reaching its crescendo as she would strike out against the dark god king with all her formidable mystical might. Formidable though she was, her power was insufficient to achieve her goal, and Shadus smote her out of existence. Young Leon was beyond the wall at the time leading a raid against the neighboring rebel factions. Yet he was informed upon his arrival home of his mother’s death.

He was immediately blinded by his fury and flew to the palace from the gate with such fury that he crossed the 12.5 kilometer distance from the eastern gate to the palace in less than a tenth of a second. As he burst into the palace door his brothers moved to react to him but were halted by Shadus who asked Leon what he was doing. Blinded by rage Leon charged the throne shouting “you killed her you bastard!” To which Shadus responded with “of course I did.” As he stopped his sons sword with a wave of his hand. Leon attempted to press his attack only to be stricken by a blinding flurry of blows, each one more damaging than he had ever faced, and each one worse than the next. In less than a second the prince with the power to crack planets was barely conscious leaning against the frame of the front doors for support with no power left to fight. His father held the young mans sword in his left hand and said “if you do not wish to be in this family with me, you are welcome to get out.” He said as he delivered a final blow heavier than all the others sending his son streaking out of nazghul faster than the speed of light with his wings and armor shattered.

Leon would slam into the eastern face of Mount Nowhere hard enough to rattle the great mountain fortress but it’s defenses would hold. Before he even had the luxury of falling down the mountain his own sword pierced his chest pinning him to the mountain with his vision fading to black. He awoke within the mountain fortress itself, his sword taken, his organic armor removed and within a cell of Nth metal. The Volghan had found him and patched him up to hold him for possible execution. After all it wasn’t everyday that a son of Shadus was cast into the mountain, and Leon in particular had waged at least five campaigns against the rebel factions as one of Shadus’s commanders. The prince now waits in his cell for the other rebel factions leaders to be notified of his status as prisoner, and for the meeting they will have to determine his fate.

Skills: Swordsman, Hand to hand Fighter, Aerial combat master, Tactician, Anti-magic combat, Environmental Rebuke*

Items: Sentinel Saber- A sword Gifted to Leon by his uncle Gatekeeper Sogen, he forged the saber from metal shards he took from the “indestructible” twin Sentinels, which he then shaped and forged inside of the twin suns. The blade itself is Indestructible and heats up as force is applied to it making each hit wether blocked or not more dangerous than the last one. The upper limit on both its heat and durability have yet to be tested, it is said however that the point where he landed and was impaled had much of the surrounding rock turned to glass when the sword struck his chest.

Demi-Deity: Shadus : as the son of Shadus Leon possesses immense Physical might capable of shifting a planets tectonic plates, Relativistic speeds and reflexes allowing him to react to light speed movements, and enough durability to withstand attacks that would level continents. He possesses a healing factor that will allow him to recover to full capacity from near death in just under a week, senses enhanced well beyond anything occurring in the natural world, and even an additional sense that allows him to detect distortions to reality. Finally he is a timeless entity who is immune to the effects of time manipulation such as freezing or rewinding time, with rapid aging effects only serving to make him stronger. These abilities are not magical nor mundane in nature and have as of yet been shown to be impossible to block or remove.

Skin of The Demon God- A boon gifted to Leon by his father upon birth. It is an organic armor which Leon can expend supernatural power to grow from his being. This armor resists all forms of damage but is immune to none and will break off if enough damage is done. It grants him wings and while it is on him he can shape it, sharpen it, and morph it into weapons and tools as needed. While his End Energy is Full the Armor is nigh indestructible, but becomes less so as he expends energy, until it will dissolve of its own accord when he is out of power. This skin is seemingly a separate entity and will force itself to spawn to protect him even from attacks he does not see coming, however this requires energy as well and cannot be done if he is too far damaged.

End Energy- Leon can manipulate a Black and Reddish energy substance called End energy. This substance is able to unravel reality warps within the end realm including him generating an environmental rebuke field around himself that can repel the dangerous environmental effects of the end world. Currently Leon is Only able to use this power to make the E. Rebuke field and amplify his attacks, but it is theorized that he may potentially possess the same powers as his father, and may one day be able to manipulate the environment of the end realm and possibly warp reality himself...Though he himself doesn’t even believe this to be a possibility.

Name: Lord Euphon of the Spring.

Age: 9467yrs

Species: Nature God

Class: Druid

Proportions: 5ft 8in/ 155lbs

Distinguishing features: Euphon has an odd pigmentation on his upper head and his arms, this fluctuates from blue when he is feeling apathetic or bored, green when he is motivated or excited, and Red when enraged or Sorrowful.

Faction: The Dyzant

Personality: Seemingly Airheaded and Aloof, the God of the Great forest is most often found daydreaming within his domain and waiting for his people’s next request. He is remarkably lazy and generous at the same time causing an odd mixture of him granting people gifts, and asking them to do things for him. He is rather emotional and quick to display his emotions but never letting them get the better of him. He greatly enjoys hearing people’s stories and will often offer good hearted advice genuinely attempting to help others...That said like nature itself he has a more ferocious side to him, trying to impede his freedom or threatening his people or his forest can result in the fury of a raging bull crossed with a thunderstorm springing up in a second and descending upon an unsuspecting offender.

History: Many thousands of years ago Euphon was born into his universe as the middle child of the Goddess of creation from that universe. For several hundred years he and his siblings lived peacefully with their mother helping to create and manage life in the universe. However they were born into a feud that had lasted the entire time the universe was in existence. Their Uncle, the brother of the Creation Goddess, Zantic the God of Destruction who had long since declared himself an enemy of all creation.

Eventually his realm would near its encounter with the endrealm, however just as it approached Zantic launched his final assault and killed euphons mother. He and his siblings turned against the dark god and waged a chaotic final battle with him, which ended with Euphon having to take the essences of his siblings in order to overwhelm the destruction deity. While successful Euphon did not realize his universes time was up, as such he held nothing back content with the fact that he would need to reseed the universe after his battle with his uncle. Thus their battle ended life in the Realm, and right as Euphon started to try and renew the life that was lost his universe met the end and he fell into the endless sea.

He struggled to make it to the coast of the endrealms Shadow of the Divine continent as his universe crashed around him stirring up a tremendous whirlpool in the endless sea. Luckily for Euphon he managed to be ejected from the whirlpool in the right direction and found himself washing ashore near Ordnell. He spent a brief time there before moving inland to investigate the rumors of a Dark and powerful god. Yet as he traveled he noted many followed him, his presence causing the environment to become substantially less dangerous making them drawn to him. As he traveled he would plant food bearing trees for them to be Nourished, and more would come, so more trees would need planting. Eventually this reached a point where the sheer number of people who depended on him for survival caused him to abandon his journey to find this dark god.

The gathering people around him began to worship him as their own god, they named themselves the Dyzant and would revere the Forest he began to grow for them. Granted it took them a while to realize that Euphon would not lead them as a king, he not only lacked the interest but also lacked the attention span to be effective at it. So they settled for him being their guardian and provider and built the Faction around living in harmony with the Forest, which had by then grown large enough to be called the Great Forest. Euphon found that he was happy here and would often craft Unique and powerful creatures which he would then task the Dyzant with hunting, to which he would reward them for their successes with fair weather and bountiful harvests, or punish them for their failure with storms and failed crops. Yet as rumor began to spread more and more would join the Dyzant in the great forest until eventually some very important elves would bring Shadus’s attention to the forest.

He sent his six sons to find the so called Nature god and Slay him, After all there could only be one God in his mega continent. What followed was not a battle but a massacre. Sure his people fought back, but vast swathes of them were merely killed by the collateral of Euphons Lopsided struggle against the six sons, who assaulted him simultaneously. Despite his best efforts over ninety five percent of the Dyzant were slain and Euphon himself was Cut to pieces and scattered throughout the forest. Yet his essence was not destroyed. The Remnants of the Dyzant and their allies gathered the pieces of their God and pulled them back together, which after a time allowed Euphon to heal. Fearing the return of Shadus’s sons Euphon has hidden his efforts to rebuild by creating a vast subterranean forest beneath the existing Forest where his people and their allies now recover in secret preparing for a counterstrike, which Euphon himself seems to think is a terrible idea.

Skills: Healing, Survival, Foraging, navigation, homesteading, therapy, High Magic Combat, Divine Warfare, psychological warfare, stealth, leadership.

Items: Crown of The Kingless- Euphon wears an enchanted crown which protects his mind from any intrusion, manipulation, or influence beyond mundane conversation.

Bane Blade- A dagger which absorbs protections, runes, seals, wards, and any other form of magical defenses and channels that magic into more damage. He often gives this to his followers to complete hunts for him and rewards them with boons of nature if they bring it back, or curses them with natural fury if they do not.

Godly Physiology- Being a deity Euphon possesses physical attributes beyond that of normal mortals. He is strong enough to lift mountains, fast enough to outpace lightening, and durable enough to survive the impacts of The eldest son of Shadus, even if it left him injured and sitting in a massive crater. He is technically immortal and if his essence is not scattered no wounds can kill him, however he can be crippled, imprisoned, deported, and otherwise defeated without needing to actually be killed. Finally he is aware of all that occurs within his domain, which is the Great forest....wether he pays attention or not is an entirely different story.

The Green- Euphon’s original divine soul, the green is essentially the force of nature governing the development of life. Plants, animals, microbes, insects, basically all forms of life have some form of connection to the Green and using this power Euphon can stimulate and control growth, create new lifeforms, and even merge different kinds of life such as his Oaken Wolves who are a blend of Oak trees and large wolves creating sturdy wooden creatures that are more dangerous and far harder to kill than their normal forms. Using this power within the Great forest will yield the greatest results.

The Blue- The Divine soul of Euphon younger sister Dolkis, upon her demise he absorbed his sisters essence and now possesses the Blue as well. The Blue represents the mental aspects of nature, things like thoughts, instincts, emotions, and ideologies. Using the Blue Euphon can manipulate emotions to a degree, he is not able to create new emotions but he can amplify or weaken emotional responses, he can read thoughts, and can even weave convincing illusions that can be seen by multiple targets.

The Red- The last divine soul Euphon has which was pulled from his elder brother Ragnus. The Red is representative of the fury of nature and allows Euphon to manipulate and spawn natural disasters ranging from hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, wind storms, hail, and deluges. It is both the most powerful and least controllable of the three divine souls of Euphon and thus is his least used one.

Name: Vorin Senlex

Age: 7216yrs

Species: Ancient Vampire

Class: Assassin/Trapper/Politician

Proportions: 6ft 2in/ 188lbs

Distinguishing features: as a vampire of such ancient linage Vorin has taken the paleness of vampirism and dialed it to eleven, both his skin and hair are as pale as snow and his grey soulless eyes seem to bore into a foes mind.

Faction: Volghan

Personality: Vorin is a man who seems to have very little care for his own well being, he takes his responsibilities very seriously and never seems to not be thinking about his people’s well being. Those who are warriors find him annoying as he is more of a politician. However he does not care what others think of him, and is willing to suffer endless agony to prevent others from doing so, and likewise he is willing to commit any atrocity to prevent his people from having to face it. Many worry that his logical way of approaching things leaves no room for his emotions and in a way they are right, As of Late the stress seems to be getting to the old vampire, and while many have asked him to take a break he refuses saying he will rest easy when his people can walk freely in the lands beyond his fortresses walls.

History: Vorin was one of a handful of “lucky ones” who fell into the end as a normal human at the age of 16. He arrived with his father, and a few other random people who just happened to be at the right place at the right time to not land in some kind of lava pit somewhere. Sadly however he and the survivors were quick to discover the horrific nature of the world they found themselves in. Young Vorin saw as a storm with purple clouds blew in and the black rain droplets dissolved his father into a puddle of screaming goo, somehow still alive and in agony. He left his puddle of a parent when strange creatures came to devour the puddle and began to chase him away. One by one the other survivors fell at his side, but not Vorin. He was too careful, his fear kept him alive. He began to wander these wastes and over the course of three years he found himself to be rather good at survival. He would hide in self made camouflage, wait for a predator to score a kill and eat its fill before emerging to wage war against the other scavenger creatures for a meal.

However He didn’t realize he was indeed lucky, one day as he followed a predator the creature stumbled upon an average looking man, though admittedly a pale one. As the predator lunged, the man became a blur and the predators head was separated before Vorin even saw what happened. He knew he was screwed but still tried to make his escape, however he had only taken one step when the man offered for him to join him for dinner. Fearing his death if he pissed the guy off he went and sat down beside him and was fed. The man revealed himself to be Sigmund and offered Vorin the chance of a lifetime, to give up his life as a scavenger, and take up a new life as one of the predators. After a bit of thought and weighing his options he agreed and was turned into a vampire the very same night.

for the next two thousand years Vorin would serve Sigmund as his right hand. His knack for survival and analytical mind paired with an utter lack of pride and ambition seemed to make him the perfect assistant yet Sigmund wanted more from his favorite Adoptive son and one way or another he would get it. He pushed Vorin to stretch beyond his limits and study all he could possibly learn, including the means to operating the legendary heart of darkness. Vorin would reject the idea of leadership though, seeing it as arrogant, prideful, and self gratifying. However his time would change when the Gatekeeper of Nazkhul arrived and Sigmund went out to meet him.

As he left Sigmund tasked Vorin with managing the Heart of darkness which he left behind within the castle before going to meet the gatekeeper. He instructed Vorin to activate the heart and get as far as he could should he fall. Vorin never even gave it a second thought, he had seen the old vampire drag End Drakes from the sky and tear them to pieces, surely no man could match his maker. As such he was shocked when the battle began and Sigmund unveiled his real power, unleashing spell after world shaking spell at the gatekeeper. Yet that was just the start of the show, in short order the two men closed into a melee battle, as the gatekeeper marched on through the arcane onslaught and sigmund drew his sword. That was when Vorin began to have his doubts, his master swung away and the gatekeeper stoped each sword swing with his cane. Finally Vorin shed several tears as he saw the gatekeeper clasp a hand over his masters mouth mid incantation, and proceed to tear off both of the vampires arms from the elbow down in one swipe. The last thing Vorin saw was his masters eyes shift a pleading gaze to the camera that monitored the battle, which caused Vorins heart to break as he did his duty and warped the mountain fortress several million miles away.

Vorin spent at least a week in mourning until one of his fellow children of Sigmund brought him the ancient vampires journal where he learned his master saw just as much in Vorin as Vorin saw in his master. But more importantly was Sigmunds note saying that the Heart of Darkness would go to Vorin and With it the mantle of leadership for the Volghan. At first he intended to reject the offer, but his siblings proceeded to beat the crap out of him, threatening to kill him, until he took the heart to defend himself and with it the mantle he sought to avoid. Content with their treachery the fellow vampires submitted themselves to their new king who punished them all by forcing them to operate as his council and most trusted allies.

Skills: Tactical planning, Economic knowledge, leadership, military strategy, resource management, trap making , marksmanship, martial arts expert, Biologist, Physicist, Arcane Historical expert, Highly educated.

Items: The Horror- A terrifying legendary crossbow which is made of a unique fusion of Magic, Advanced technology, and Sturdy ancient designs. Made of Hyperadvanced alloys which are near indestructible and very lightweight, enchanted with the capacity to nullify regeneration or healing so long as an arrow is in the target plus an enchantment on the chains that allow their length and strength to reach nearly limitless levels, and finally its frame and design are taken from thousands of years of study into archery. The result is a crossbow that can drag angels from the sky and withstand blows from legendary weapons with not just ease but rarely with any form of damage at all.

Ancient Vampire Physiology- Vorin has been a vampire now for 7,198 years, as such he has grown rather strong. He is fast enough to outpace sound, strong enough to easily shatter steel, his durability is negligible as he is no more damage resistant that he was as a normal human, however his healing factor is remarkable having grown with his age. As such he can fully regrow limbs in as little as a minute, and without being beheaded or having his heart destroyed he will always recover.

Blood Magic- Vorin practices blood magic but not in the way most of his kind do, rather than manipulate blood for combat purposes he will use his manipulation of the Red ichor to adjust blood to be consumable and amplify the abilities it grants. The stronger the being he drinks from the greater the multiplication of his attributes. If he feeds from a god he will gain a portion of their divine essence and be temporarily empowered in a comparable way.

Heart of Darkness- within the mountain fortress there is an artifact from a long dead universe known as The Heart of Darkness. The one who turned Vorin granted it to him upon his own demise and as such Vorin has a litany of abilities he draws from the black mass. He can manipulate and shape constructs from a strong black miasma he can generate, he can replace parts of or even his entire body with the shadows making him incorporeal, which he often uses to become invisible or phase through matter, finally he can teleport himself and others using the shade stream. Using the power to its fullest he can shroud the Fortress of Mount nowhere or even teleport it elsewhere within the mega continent.

Certified Genius- Vorin is not where he is today because of his power, in fact many rebel faction leaders, including himself, will tell you he is likely the weakest of the faction leaders. However his mind has kept him alive, even allowing him to survive for five years as a normal human boy in the unforgiving realm. This knack for strategy and winning has earned him the fear and respect of many, even allowing him to not only survive a run in with two of Shadus’s sons, but allowing him to do so without losing a single ally or taking any damage...Granted it wasn’t an actual battle, but that was by design as well. Many may hate him, but none can call him a fool, perhaps shortsighted, but with a wit sharper than any blade.
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Card illustrations for Eternal, Tatiana Kirgetova.jpeg
Age: 313
Species: Magia Vulgas (AKA Mages)
Class: Arcane Trickster
Proportions: 6'1" 185 Lbs

Like everyone from the Magia Vulgas species, Kal has bright glowing eyes that change dependent upon his mood (Usually blue for content). Similar to the rest of his race, he has slightly pointed ears. These two features are what commonly out an individual as being of the Magia Vulgas race. On his right forearm, there is a black tattoo of his faction's symbol.

Faction: The Magia Vulgas/ The Coven/The Mages

Generally Kal comes off as confident, calm, and charming. Easy going by nature, he has kept a brighter personality despite the despair that constantly surrounds the world and his people. Part of this comes from the hatred his people face. Having lived hundreds of years constantly being looked down upon, he had learned to simply make light of the situations he finds himself in. Most of the time it's hard to tell when he is serious about a topic versus when he is just having a laugh. Kal finds the greatest pleasure in life in three things; women, alcohol, and trickery. Any amount or combination of these factors makes him want to pursue any path that may lead to them.

Kal is a member of the Magia Vulgas (Usually referred to by outsiders as Mages). The Magia Vulgas were once a mighty empire thousands of years ago. Upon the arrival of Shadus to the End, the empire was all but destroyed. Since then the Magia Vulgas have been forced into the role of nomadic mages with no true home. Many look upon the group with disgust and disapproval.

There are several cosmic forces that the Magia Vulgas can draw from that originate from their home universe. As this universe is fused with the End, they are able to tap into its power and use it as "magic". When a Magia Vulgas is born, they have a specific cosmic attunement that is natural to them. Once this attunement is discovered, they are able to practice using their powers. Each cosmic force grants users a sphere of possible abilities.

Kal draws from the cosmic power of darkness. This allows him to access magics used for trickery, deceit, and mayhem. His powers and abilities make him an excellent information gatherer. Thus, he acts as a sort of spy for his coven and the Dyzant. Most of his life has been spent away from his people and the forest. He is constantly traveling the realm in order to gather information or assets that can be used to overthrow the dark god and bring his people back to their former glory. With so much traveling and deceit, Kal has little to no true friends. Even his family died years ago. Thus, Kal's time, in the End, consists of espionage and lonely nights with women and booze.

Persuasion, charisma, deceit, melee combat (though not his strongest skill or one he prefers to rely on), information gathering, stealth, cosmic magic.

Primary Weapon: At his hips, Kal carries two short blades. These weapons embedded with cosmic magic can take various forms based on what is needed. These forms include dual blades, single long blade, double-bladed staff, single-bladed staff, and non-bladed staff.
While lightweight and unassuming, Kal's garbs are also embedded with cosmic magic. This allows them to be as durable as heavy steel with the weight of silk. His boots were especially enchanted by himself to produce no noise in most environments, even when running in a full sprint.

  • 3 Scorpion Drones (See character picture). These artificial creations are carried around in the form of glowing black/purple marbles. When activated, they will carry out any goal told to them by their master. Kal uses them to spy on individuals or scout an area. Once the scorpions return to Kal, he gains all the information they gathered while active.
  • 3 Tracker Pins. These small barb-like devices are psychically linked to Kal. When placed on a person or object, Kal has an innate knowledge of where the barbs travel.
  • 2 Attunement Crystal (See character picture) Two purple crystals the size of a small stone. One worn around his neck and the other worn around his waist. These crystals are what allow Kal to harness to powers of the darkness in an easier manner. With both of these objects removed, using cosmic magic becomes extremely unstable and dangerous.
  • Illusion creation (Illusions that affect any one of or a combination of the sense. Effects anyone near Kal. The more people the more power is required.)
  • Invisibility
  • Mind reading (When he touches a person, Kal is able to enter their mind and read/subtly influence their thoughts. This leaves Kal vulnerable though the target rarely remembers the process.)
  • Teleportation (Usually the last resort, Kal is able to teleport himself short distances. The farther the distance the more power is used)
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Cindy Jordan


50%Human, 50%Witch


5'6", 120lbs

Distinguishing features:


Cindy is a gentle, understanding, smart, helpful girl who always put others before herself. Cindy can be strict with others and can become forceful or scary if angered by others laziness or lack of concern. However, she is shown to be this way out of care for said person and waning them to do their best. She can also be pushy in her attempts to help someone, and she has a surprisingly stubborn side. For most part she is usually easy-going and calm-tempered, not likely to be easily riled up.

A vampire, named Virginia, came upon a cottage in a forest. It was hidden quite well, the only reason she even found it was because of the smell of blood. Curious she went closer and when she stepped in inside she saw a man and woman dead, and a baby crying in another room. Their death seemed recent though why the baby was still alive was what the vampire wondered. She followed the sound of the crying the baby was in the crib crying its little heart out. The woman went to pick her up. "Poor thing your parents were taken away from you much to soon....hmm whats this?" Virginia noticed a locket around the baby's neck, she sensed magic on it. She held it in her hands and looked on the back of it and noticed some writing on the inside. 'To our little Cindy May this always protect you when we can not.' The woman raised an eyebrow and studied it. She then took the locket off the baby and sat it down on a nearby table and then she held up her hand and shot her magic at it. When she did a barrier appeared around it and a strong one at that. The woman smiled. "Very interesting...very strong to...." She picked the locket up and put it back around Cindy's neck and then with the baby in her arms came out of the room and started to leave but before she did she stopped and looked back at the dead parents and glanced around the room. Not wanting to just leave them like that she decided to have them buried and called upon her goblin servants to bury them for her. She then headed out of the cottage but before she left she placed an invisibility spell around the place.

Virginia was quite happy to have daughter she had always wanted a child of her own and she felt like she could relate with Cindy as she was orphan herself though she didn't have any idea who her parents were. Cindy was lucky in the fact that one day she get to see go back to that cottage and learn who her parents were. Virginia was part of the Volghan faction and had made quite a name for herself. She could be quite scary, cruel and a bit crazy. A tiny thing could set her off. But she arrived back at the mountain with Cindy in her arms she seemed like a different person....Cindy was her sanity, her moral compass almost.

Virginia was quite protective over Cindy and she loved dressing her up. Many wondered if she was just using Cindy as a live dress up doll. As Cindy got older her Virginia started teaching her magic. She came to learn that Cindy was half witch. Witches and warlocks were known to be quite talented in magic but because she was half human Cindy had harder time catching on but she loved studying magic and she loved reading in general she seemed to always have book in hand. As she practiced and got older it was clear that her strong suite was healing not that she wasn't good in other aspects in her magic.

Since her adopted mother was part Volghan Cindy was as well by default. Because of her talents in healing she was always task with taking care of the sick and injured, including prisoners. Just recently she had to heal and patch up their newest prisoner, Prince Leon. Since then she had some terrible nightmares. Though can't really remember what happens.

Book smart, Healing, Potion Making, Spell casting, Singing, Good with children

She usually always has her bag with her which she carries her magic books, her notes, and things she might need for her potions. She also always wears her wears her magic pendant.

Light Magic - Cindy studies light magic which she uses to cast many different types of spells.
Nightmare Premonition - It's not something that happens alot but when it does its a warning of bad things to come if certain choices are made.




Humanoid plant

Not sure

5'4" 110lbs

Distinguishing features:
Her species eyes are completely green, they all have green hair and is actually very soft grass and they all have two flowers on their heads. These flowers are basically their life line if the flowers are ripped out of their head or die they die.

Currently Factionless

Honeybell can be very childish, but sweet, most would describe her as one big ball of energy. Honeybell can comes off as somewhat impulsive, instinctively doing things before thinking. She is also slightly oblivious about commonly known things, and quite innocent though this is mostly due to her being cut off from the world. Although she usually acts very cheerful, she's extremely determined when she needs to be.

Young Honeybell quickly made her way to the storyteller circle with the other children and sat down to listen to the elder. The way the young were taught were through stories which had history and or lessons one could learn from, the elder was always task with doing so. The old woman today was telling them about the Enchantress though she was no goddess they worshipped her as if she was. "The Enchantress was banished and all alone she so she created us. For a very long time we were all very and lived in blissful peace. She taught us the outside world was cruel, full evil and sin. She gave us strict orders to never leave for bad things would happen if we did. This forest was a magical one where only the pure of heart could enter. For a long time the Enchantress lived happily with us, but unfortnaly things were about to change. Our world had been destroyed but some how part of our forest and our tribe had survived. No one is sure just how for it seemed as if everyone had suddenly blacked out. Apparently this new world was harsher and more cruel then the last. The Enchantress feared that not single one of us would last in this new world. So to protect us she cast a spell using all of her magic and life force to create a strong bearer around us so no one could find us. When she did her body ended up turning into tree. Since then we have always been protected and always shall be. As long as that tree stands so does the bearer."

No one ever questioned the safety of the tribe for why would they? They took of care of the tree and made sure it never died and as long as the tree was standing tall and strong no harm could come to them but Honeybell curious she was couldn't help wonder the what ifs. Which was quite taboo to ever question the power of their Enchantress. Honeybell couldn't but think that maybe it couldn't last forever. Though death was not common in their tribe it did happen from sickness and old age so if they could die couldn't the tree? And even if it didn't could the magic really last forever was there really no chance for it to weaken and fade? She questioned if the enchantress was even part of the tree anymore but she soon came to find that answer. One night Honeybell happen to fall asleep against the sacred tree. While she was sleeping a light appeared from the tree as a beautiful woman. She smiled kindly at Honeybell. "it's ok to questions things and not believe everything blindly. I'm afraid that is something I failed to teach." She bent down and kissed Honeybell's forehead and her body glowed. "This is all I have left to give I can no longer promise protection. Though even what I've given probably isn't enough....but I will have faith." And with that she vanished. The next day When Honeybell woke up she discovered her new powers but told know one. For she had no idea what they would think or would react if she told them of the dream she had and the powers she suddenly acquired.

As time went by Honeybell practice with her powers and she kept thinking of the words she heard. One day when she saw gathering berries she saw rabbit go by and hop right through the bearer. Honeybell stared in shock and ran over to it. This was not good if things could get out then that meant things could come in though it seemed that had not happened yet. She slowly touched the bearer and put her hand through then quickly pulled it out. She stared at it nervously then without another thought she walked through onto the other side.

Good with animals, Cheering people up, Stealth, Charm,Dancing


Vine arms - Can transform her arms into vines
Prehensile hair -can make her hair move and use it to hold/manipulate objects like a limb, to attack opponents, etc.
Flower Manipulation
Regeneration - this is something her entire race can do if a limb gets caught off its just grows back even if their head was to some how get cut from their body a new body would just grow.
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Name: Maw Valvius

Age: 450 years of life in the end, 8.000 in previous universe

Species: Tiefling

Class: Dread Knight

Proportions: 185 cm / 100 kg

Distinguishing features:
Tattoo covering the majority of her back, depicting the results of a royal divination from her homeland, being a life of betrayal and conflict


The knight Valvius cares little for conversation, being straight to the point and effectively without personality, with seemingly infinite reserves of patience and self-control. For most of her life, this is all she needed to express, and it is all she expresses while in the now unique uniform of her old order.

Outside of the armor, Maw would fit easily in the role of a hero's foil. She is often balancing the line between what one would consider criminal and outlandishly cruel, all the while using dry humor and plain intimidation to take what she wants, whenever she wants it. Asking her directly, the knight Valvius and Maw are not the same person, though there is rarely reason to care for this supposed madness. She is an exceptional soldier and self-sufficient citizen, and that is often good enough.

In her original life, Maw Valvius was born a princess of the gods, raised to fight her universe's god of Death, the Immortal Vidar, Father of the Abyss. Unfortunately, a fortune reading revealed her true, power seeking nature, and she was given the mark of the betrayer, and exiled when she came of age.
She would come to server Vidar himself as the leading Knight in his great Legion of Reapers. For billions of years prior, he turned those who pledged their souls to him into his Knights, acting as soul reapers in the living world, fighting against the many lesser deities that rose to challenge his power. In the end, all was fruitless, as the universe this timeless battle resided in would fall in the end.

After the fall of the Legion and of Vidar, Maw quickly separated herself from what she now believed was a false god, despite the history of her own world. After all, who could claim to be immortal and fall to a being who doesn't even rule the new world they were supposed to conquer? Upon feeling the power drain from herself, she knew it was true. He was dead, and no longer powering his army. Perhaps it was the fact that he spread it so thinly that he lost that battle.

Maw abandoned her place in the army - not that there was much left - and set out to find a new place to call home, for the time being.

Swordplay: Eight millennia of war tends to hone one's ability to use the tools quite effectively. Valvius could swordfight blind and deaf if required to do so.
Amoral: Feels no impulse to help others, or to preserve life outside of her own. Any semblance of morality is learned or supernaturally implanted.
Thievery: Masterful pickpocket and lockpick, Maw is able to seemingly blend into shadows, entering and exiting an occupied room without making a sound to suggest anything is amiss, all the while stealing the wealth from their pockets.

Dread Knight's armor: Forged in the flames of the abyss, wearing such armor protects oneself perfectly from mundane attacks, and those which do pierce its armor will discover no damage to the metal itself, as it will have repaired itself in a near instant.
Broadsword: seemingly standard, though very little inspection reveals it seems to be formed of solid abyssal flame and is conjured only when Valvius is in her armor

Fraction of Vidar's Soul: Granted to her for her unrivaled success as a Reaper, she has been permanently granted the power of the Flame of the Abyss. Perhaps this has something to do with her split personality
Flame of the Abyss: pyromancy infused with the soul gnawing Abyss, flames produced seem eat light rather than produce it. Those burned by it can attest to the seemingly physical weight of the flame, not only eating the oxygen infused in the metals of armor, but also crushing the bones underneath.
Gift of Tongues: any words spoken by Maw Valvius are interpreted as the listener's native language, and vice versa. Simple blessing of communication from her royal bloodline
Natural Predator: Barring any outside enhancements, Maw's lineage grants her the strength of ten men and agility to match.​


Different timezone, who dis
images (9).jpeg

Age: 26

Species: Goblin

Class: Summoner

Proportions: 2'0" (2'3" with ears fully up) || 16 Lbs

Distinguishing features: Has a Rainbow Heart tattoo with the name Rose in it


Personality: Lilith Despite the fact she works for Nazkhull is a sweet, well meaning little goblin, seemingly uncaring about the war that's consistently going on around her. However as one might expect of the Gatekeepers secretary she is much more devious than what she first appears to be. A devious little trickster with an intelligence and wit as sharp as any sword and with help from her summons can be as intimidating as someone triple her size. When she inevitably gets into a fight She acts incredibly confident in her own abilities like she has already won and for those unprepared and expecting very little of the little secretary they most likely have.

Born into a broken dying world, Lilith did not have much time to learn about it. She along with her friend turned wife Rose was tasked with protecting the End, a massive crystal that provided the world with magic and making magic incredibly common. For four years the two of them had manage to keep the crystal safe and to not fall into others hands but it didn't matter the world was destroyed anyway, the crystal shattered into pieces and spread across the multiverse before it touched The End.

Upon awakening Lilith saw a ghastly site her darling Rose dead having protected Lilith from the fall by using her magic to add her own power to Lilith to survive the fall onto solid stone. Despite the sadness digging into her she managed to hold it down and not become easy pray. Fortunately however her first contact in The End was the Gatekeeper of Nazkhull, Sogen.

She was picked up by him and given to an accountant to essentially see her skills and find her a place for work. Lilith found she was best at doing the paper work, recording the events of the day and working out the amount any repairs that may be needed. It took her about 3 years to get where she is today and quite a bit of subterfuge and throwing others under the bus. She has made herself near indispensable, thanks to her summons she can easily slam through all the necessary paperwork. However she longs to be more than just a secretary hopefully pushing through the ranks or stabbing through to become the next ruler of The End as an end goal or at the very least become someone who is incredibly useful to The Gate Keeper or the GodKing

Skills: Small, Fast, charismatic, Magic Combat, Psychology, Magical Theory, Maths, Writing.


Witches Hat: While it's not magical or anything, It's a precious item of her previous wife. If anyone besides her touches it she gets incredibly pissed off.

Piece of the End: A misleading name within itself. The End is or rather was a crystal from Liliths original world, when her world collapsed the crystal shattered into pieces spreading across the multiverse. Only a single piece made it into The End along with Lilith, turning it into a necklace has amplified her mana regen. If Lilith or anyone managed to bring the pieces back together all aspects of their magic would be increased

Tome of Summons: Again a bit of a misleading name. While it does have to do with her ability to summon creatures it's not direct, due to The End being well, The End means that after summoning something they can no longer go back to their own realm. This was Liliths work around as to not fill up her own space, this allows her to contain her summons within the pages of this book

Gatekey: A key shaped pendant given to her by her boss the Gate Keeper. It allows her to create a portal that bypasses the Ward that prevents people from teleporting through the Wall

Summoning: Liliths Primary Magic. It used to be rather weak, only able to summon items and animals in her original world. Once she got to the End however that changed for better and worse. Due to the unique connection The End has with the multiverse has increased her versatility immensely as long as she focuses on her summoning, she can summon nearly anything she can think and bind it to her. Of course while she can find many things she currently can't control anything more powerful than a Dragon. As a drawback to her new versatility anything that gets summoned into The End is forever stuck in the end.

Domain of Power: After her wife was sadly killed during the fall into The End, due to a literal soul bonding Lilith was given her wife's Domain of Power. It's quite the interesting ability as it allows her to both add and take power, take from other and add to herself. With this she is able to stand up to even with the more powerful warriors of the Nazkhuul general army without having to use her summons. However because it's relatively new to her, she can't use it very well or do it from a range.

Fred Colon

It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Name: Alicia

Age: 2,000

Species: Human?

Class: Queen (Like in chess)

Proportions: 5'8'', usually

Distinguishing features: Nothing in particular

Faction: Ordnell

Personality: Alicia is mad. Not insane. There is a world of difference, even if she couldn't explain what is is to you. Alicia is, in fact, a perfectly sane, rational, and serious individual. It's just that, her reality doesn't always match up with everyone else's. Alicia is aware on some vague level that the world she sees isn't exactly the one that everyone else does, and tries her hardest to operate using the same same 'rules' as everyone else. She cares deeply for others, and though she has the skills to easily live a pleasant life without being found or bothered by the forces of darkness, chooses instead to join the Ordnell and fight for the people there. A lover of games, jokes and riddles, Alice is easily distracted and tends to let those take priority over more pressing matters, even matters such as combat or diplomacy.

History: Alicia is from Wonderland. The daughter of the original Alice, when Alice eventually returned to Wonderland for good. Alicia was a wonderland native, through and through, Inheriting both the title of the White Queen and the Red Queen from her mother.

However, as the ruler of the land, she could feel The End coming. Worried about the safety of Wonderland, she simply rolled it up and put it in a jam jar. Unfortunately, after she did that, she forgot completely about what she'd done, spread out Wonderland over a piece of toast and then ate it. She's had a stomach ache ever since, and her people were quite mad at her for a long time for being so forgetful and eating them. Fortunately, they found it in their hearts (and in her stomach) to forgive her. After Alicia told them about what she found at The End, they were actually quite happy to remain in her stomach.

That's what Alicia thinks happened, anyway. In reality, when she ate it, the universe went back to where it came from, someones 'mind'. First it had been in her mother Alice's mind, now it was in hers.

With her entire world in her 'stomach', Alicia set out to explore this strange new realm. After several encounters with unpleasant Nahzkul affiliated individuals, she realized that people here were much less kind than those in Wonderland, and almost as mad! And they had a king! A king that told people what to do! That wasn't what a ruler did! A ruler was just supposed to let their people get on with their lives while they played Croquet and threatened to behead those that upset them. She'd tried to tell as much to one of the rulers sons, but he didn't listen, and she was forced into a brief fight until she managed to convince the Cheshire Cat, upon threat of digestion, to let her borrow it's powers and escape.

Eventually she met the Ruler of Ordnell. The goddess that protected a city full of people. Alicia was accepted into the city, and with her strange, and when focused, extremely potent powers of reality manipulation, she rose through the ranks until she was one of the goddess' most potent allies. Not in the army, as such, Alicia became more of a 'Special Operations' officer. When things needed to get done, and you didn't care if they got done via brutal execution or via a strange tea party, Alicia was your woman. She wasn't ever a delicate touch, but she got things done if you could convince her that it was important, or trick her into thinking it was a game. There are few, if any, in Ordnell that can match the power of a focused Alicia.

: Culinary Skills: Alicia is a wonderful cook and baker. She needs to feed her entire population, so she's often making food and eating it. On the plus side, since she's feeding an entire world, she can eat and never get fat!

Mental 'fortitude': Not exactly a skill, but Alicia's mind works much differently than others. Mental attacks almost never find any purchase, and if an attacker delves too deep into Alicia's mind, they can find themselves trapped. Alicia is the master of her imagination, of her mind. Enter there at your peril.

Swordsmanship: Alicia is a skilled swords-woman. With a style she made up all on her own, favoring attacks that even she can't predict. She most certainly isn't the best there is, but she can hold her own.

Sharp-Minded: Alicia is a great one for puzzles and games. If she can manage to keep her attention on one thing, she's extremely clever. Puzzles, locks, even the movement of armies can catch her interest, and once they have she'll play till she wins.

Items: The Vorpal Sword: Alicia's first line of defense. A razor sharp blade that, nevertheless, can't cut anything unless Alicia says 'snicker-snack' aloud. If she does, however, it will cut any creature it touches. It doesn't work on other weapons for some reason. Even the flimsiest blade won't shatter under the impact of the Vorpal Sword. Some believe that the swords powers aren't really its own, but a further manifestation of Alicia's madness. She believes the sword should cut what it touches, unless what it touches is another weapon. That's just how sword fights work!

Potion of Embiggening/shrinking: Alicia has a potion that can make someone grow or shrink. She often mixes it with food, and feeds them to people at her tea parties for fun.

Tea Set: An ostensibly normal Tea Set. Alicia loves tea, very, very much. You can smash her tea set, toss it into the ocean or melt it down, but it will always come back, and Alicia never seems to run out of tea bags.

Hookah: The Caterpillar was a friend of Alicia's, and she's long enjoyed his vice of smoking.


Wonderland: Alicia accidentally 'ate' Wonderland. Those inside are still doing fine, and she can draw on the powers of the characters that reside therein. She can disappear, like the Cheshire cat, blow hallucinogenic smoke like the caterpillar, and in a pinch pull cards and chess pieces from her pockets that turn into soldiers that obey her every command, no matter how odd the command might be.

Not quite all there: Alicia sees the world differently than other people. What she believes has a lot more of an affect on her than the actual, physical world. If someone far away looks so small that she could crush them like an ant... well, she can. Usually this is a boon, but if someone is clever enough they can trick Alicia into believing things that are detrimental to her or others, things can get bad for her very quickly. For example, if someone describes a comfortable bed as having 'pillows and blankets that you could get lost in!' and Alicia agrees, it might be weeks before she finds her way back if she ever falls asleep on it. She can't directly manipulate other living creatures, however, as Alicia is a strong proponent of letting others be what they want to be. She isn't capable of making herself believe anyone should be other than they are.

Preternaturally fast: Tied to her reality warping powers, Alicia simply needs to want to be somewhere that she can see, and she will be there.

Hard to kill: Alicia has never imagined herself dying. And thanks to her powers, you need to force her to imagine it for it to be possible. You need to make her believe that she should die when you strike her, and she will. No one has managed it yet, however.

All that in a Jam Jar?: Alicia has a small demi-plane she can retreat into. The Demi-Plane contains a small cottage with a bed, table and kitchen inside, a garden around the house, and a forest that will just loop you back to the house if you go too far within it. She can enter this demiplane only by sticking her foot into some sort of food container, such as a bowl, jar, tureen or other similar object. The exception to this is the pickle jar. Alicia hates pickles. 'You'd never catch me dead living in a Pickle Jar!'
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Name: Brigitte Arthur

Age: 3447

Species: Changeling

Class: Court Sorcerer/ Traveling Doctor

Proportions: 170 cm / 57 kg

Distinguishing features: N/A

Faction: Nazkhull

Personality: Brigitte is a curious and inquisitive individual, always in pursuit of knowledge. She especially loves when a dying universe falls into her own, as such an occurrence is near guaranteed to bring new knowledge and magics for her to learn about. In what would seem like a very short attention span, Brigitte is able to keep track of many different stimuli at once, as coherently as if they were each the only thing she was focusing on. Because of this, she is often interpreted as rude and, at times, outright disrespectful to others. There are few things that will cause her to abandon her multitasking-oriented behaviors, the most common of which being medical care. It is that field in which Brigitte considers to be her true calling in life, and as such makes a point to give her full attention to whatever task she may be employed to do. As a side note, the easiest way to force her undivided attention onto something is to present it as a puzzle or game. She does love those as well.

History: Born and raised in Ordnell, Brigitte Arthur had instilled within her a desire for knowledge that was sparked when she met someone who had relatively recently arrived to the end realm. The man spun stories of a utopia, where anything that could be known, was. Apparently, that universe had also predicted its descent into the end realm, and was able to curb the loss of life in the event. With a newfound awe for learning, she became a magnet for her parents to bestow their medical knowledge upon.

Once she was of age to begin her studies, Brigitte began to learn the arts of alchemy from her parents, and during that time led a relatively uneventful life. She mastered her craft, and began traveling the massive city of Ordnell as a doctor, often returning home to exchange notes with her parents. Eventually, a point came when the methods of healing that her parents used was simply not enough for what Brigitte was running into in very specific cases. Their advice: to let nature run its course, as they were "lost causes" in their eyes. She didn't quite accept this, looking for more powerful methods, running into many roadblocks within the city, given the general attitude of the nation's top alchemists, of which her family was stationed firmly within.

Naturally, this led Brigitte to leave the city to search for more powerful magics. Eventually, her search put her well within the city limits of the city of Nazkhull, where practically anything any everything was allowed to further your own strengths. Over the next 1200 years, her skillset would be noted by those quite high up in the chain of command, leading to a special status of being allowed to travel to and from the city freely, and for her current occupation to take particular hold on the realm, with many powerful and magically inclined entities to employ Brigitte, in exchange for increasingly powerful magics.

Medicine: Near perfect knowledge of the anatomy of the most common races in the realm, as well as how to heal and augment them, both in a mundane and magical sense
Geography: A necessary skill of a traveler of such a caliber, knowing of and often having visited nearly 80% of habitable areas in the realm
Hand-to-hand combat: Self defense is a rarely needed, but necessary skill in Brigitte's life, as it isn't unheard of that those who have received her aid may try to turn on her rather than pay, mostly due to her primary loyalties. Far from a godlike master, but more than able bodied enough to take out a typical magician
Magic systems: By the nature of the end realm, Brigitte has discovered and mastered many types of magic to be added to her arsenal, boasting a sea of ability that the uneducated would call godlike. She knows, however, just how far she is from earning that title.

Spellbook: for any knowledge physically unable to be stored within the mind
Gate Key: allows passage to and from Nazkhull without explicit summons from those who keep the city's protection in place
Doctor's uniform: mostly mundane, but guards against most forms of divination, making Brigitte particularly difficult to track down. Keeps the smells of healing magic and medicine out, as well.
Skeleton key: If you've summoned her, she'll enter through the front door like any other civilized person. She just so happens to have a key

Magic: Despite her mastery in countless systems, she has practical knowledge in very little outside of healing. However, destructive magic is quite a bit easier to produce than reconstructive
Teleportation: A coveted skill in the immense world of the end, Brigitte has enough control to evade a bullet by stepping through the fabric of spacetime. However, the blocking of such a magic seems to be particularly easy to recreate amongst magicians.
Changeling: as per her heritage, Brigitte can look and sound like whoever she wants, provided she's seen and heard them once before. Unfortunately, size limits do exist if she wishes to elude magical means of detection. Particularly, the height and weight that she already exists as.

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