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Fantasy New Beginnings & Ancient endings- Lore



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The Realm of Ends​

The Multiverse of has been in existence for time immemorial, it is a construct whose scale is beyond infinite to the point of size being irrelevant. Yet the universes within this construct are not infinite. They are born at the top from an infinite plane known as the Source, and with them the deities who govern the forces of said universe. None are aware of what lies in the source as the membrane from which the universes emerge is perhaps the best example of a truly invulnerable and impassable substance. Universe born will exist for roughly 14 trillion years, give or take a few trillion, as they fall from the source at an immeasurable and sometimes varied speeds. Eventually all universes reach the end of their fall however, this end is a plane equally infinite to the Source, whose membrane is capable of unraveling the dimensional shell of the Universe as it makes contact and all of its contents will fall into the infinite plane below becoming a part of the endless patchwork of landscapes, dead planets and stars which float above the plane suspended by an Unknown power to act as the stars of the End.

This Realm is perhaps the most unforgiving place in all of reality. Winds blow across areas the size of star systems separating souls from their bodies, the massive twin stars creep across the realm close enough that their terrible effects scorch the world and make death either inevitable or Impossible dependent upon which ones rays you find yourself under. Even the Water will drain the moisture from a living thing if their willpower cannot quell the waters fury. These horrifying conditions have allowed only three kinds of things to dwell here. Mighty creatures and beings who can overpower these conditions and thrive. Godlike entities who can force these conditions to retreat from them or even command them. And those who cling to these other beings for survival.

The Horrifying beasts capable of surviving the treacherous nature of the end realm make it so that large populations can only exist if they are able defend themselves. As such civilians and military are often one and the same. However many who find themselves in this realm will bring with them their ideologies which in turn means even among the surviving populations there exists strife. Factions formed in the endless expanse and would often wage war against one another. Yet some things in this realm are not from the universes which rain from above. Some of the most terrifying forces in this realm are those who are native to it, and even a few who came into existence with the realm itself.


This entire story will take place in a large region of the End realm Known as The Shadow of Divinity by those who are loyal to the Capitol, or The Shadow of Tyranny by the rebel factions. This Area encompasses roughly the same diameter as the entire solar system and is a massive single continent surrounded by oceans with the radius from the center to the coast averaging 140 billion Kilometers. Because of the massive distance many people actually hide in the wilds outside of the Capitol walls. Several locations in this region act as landmarks due to their size, abnormality, Or permanence.

Nazkhull- The Capitol of the Shadow of Divinity region, which appears to be one single city surrounded by a wall with a circumference of 25,000 kilometers making the city roughly the same diameter as the entire earth. In truth it is a patchwork of cities with small empty spaces between used mainly for livestock and produce. The population is a staggering 18 billion souls from a variety of worlds and universes and the military is 1/10th of the population with 1.8 billion soldiers in its force and an equal number in reserve. Six deity like beings orbit the skies seeking to destroy those who oppose their creator and the king of the Shadow of Divinity region, Shadus. It’s gates are guarded by the kings brother ,a being of equally unquantifiable power named Sogen , yet he does not leave his post and only serves to ensure no one gets in or out of the city without his brothers say. With such power at its disposal the borders of this city seem to shift often, the walls expanding to encompass the budding settlements which form just beyond the protection of the walls. This process started 9000 years ago and has been rapidly accelerating in recent years leading many to believe the entire mega continent will be consumed if another nine thousand years pass.

The Great Forest- located 97,000 kilometers west of Nazkhull the great forest is a massive sprawl of trees from a variety of different worlds that stretches across 110,000 kilometers of landscape and dwarves the Capitol city despite being less than half its original size. Here dwell the Dyzant who are a harsh people that live in close relation with the forest. It is rumored that the forest grew ten thousand years ago after the Nature God Euphon fell into the end realm as his universe reached its end. He cultivated a high impassible forest and it grew and expanded into the single largest biomass in the Shadow of Tyranny. However Euphon and the Dyzant grew proud and refused to negotiate or discuss things with the growing city of Nazkhull, as such the Forest was attacked by King Shadus’s sons, the Six Gods of Nazkhull, and despite the Dyzant and their gods power the forest was cut by 60%, the peoples were cut down by nearly 90%, and their protector god Euphon was wounded. Since then the Dyzant have taken the strategy of the field mice and they hide waiting for an opportunity to present itself for them to rise from their hiding holes and feast upon the dark gods city.

Mount Nowhere- The massive moving mountain of the Shadow of Tyranny, Mount Nowhere stretches 89,000 meters into the air dwarfing most mountains people have witnessed in their time. The mountain has on rare occasions shown its ability to teleport vast distances and this ability paired with the mountains powerful mechanical defenses have made it an impenetrable fortress that has yet to ever lose a battle in its 6000 years of existence. Currently this mountain is occupied by the Volghan a group of Vampires from a variety of worlds, alien species, and ages. It’s current leader Gorreyu while far from being the most powerful vampire there, is a brilliant tactical genius who has already repelled two assaults from the armies of Nazkhull, even one which had two of the six sons of Shadus, yet this was won by warping the fortress to a new location. Currently the fortress can be found 8,900 kilometers further west from the great forests direction.

Ordnell- the free city of the Western coast, located as far west as one can go beyond the mount nowhere fortress Ordnell is arguably the final destination for those who wish to dwell free of the oppressive forces of the End realm. Eleven thousand years ago a powerful Chief deity landed in this region and immediately she saw the coming future, so she built the coastal city and then used all of her remaining godly power to forge a bubble of order around the city. This order bubble prevents the chaotic effects of the end realm from effecting the territory her coastal city exists allowing people to live relatively normal lives. This goddess still lives in this city, immortal but heavily weakened by her spells continuous drain on her magic. That said her instituting a “service guarantees citizenship” policy when she ruled the city has kept the city with a powerful military to which all of the 1.9 billion citizens contribute. Currently the city holds an election every ten years, another policy she instituted, and she no longer runs for the public office claiming she is far to busy spending time with her millions of descendants whom she trains to be godly defenders of the peaceful peoples of Ordnell.

The Scorched Plains- an ever present example of the might of Shadus, what was once home to a massive rebel faction of roaming barbarians now exists as a twisted and charred landscape of sharp rock formations, blistering heatwaves, pools of magma and mountain sized beasts of draconian linage. Starting only 7,700 kilometers west of the Capitol and extending for another 99,000 this region is nearly the size of the great forest and was created in a single day by Shadus pulling a sun down to scrape the faction off of the map. It is this reason that most rebel factions avoid direct confrontations with the Capitol as this catastrophic devastation is what is likely to become of such strategies.

The Ruinous Sands- it is believed that this region of the endrealm has been a sort of cradle of life for all of the end realms eternal history, while Shadus would have many believe he is the omnipotent ruler of the realm and its creator, the deserts beyond the scorched plains are a testament to an older history one which predates the dark deity and thus challenges his claim of omnipotence. Many believe this desert may hold ancient secrets that can bring down the dark god, which may be why he trapped the twin suns there to wander in an endless loop destroying all that enter with their heat, and those who survive the heat of the black and white sun find themselves quickly descended upon by the two magical golems known as the Sol Twin Sentinels, who are rumored to be utterly indestructible.


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Faction name: The Dyzant, The Forest People.
Faction Leadership: Euphon, the Elders Council.
Faction Summary: The Dyzant are a faction that grew nine thousand years ago around their nature god patron whom they attempted to make their king. Upon realizing his aloof nature and lack of interest in leadership they constructed a council of their own to lead them. They have been welcoming to all who enter the woods and wish it well. This included The Magia Vulgas among many others, which eventually drew the eye of Shadus. After a dreadful catastrophe in the form of a raid from the six sons and their armies their numbers were practically destroyed and they fled into a subterranean forest made by the wounded Euphon. They have waited there ever since occasionally rising to hunt the beasts of the forests above and trade preserved meats and medicines made from their kills to other factions.
Faction population: 29.3 Million
Faction alignment: Neutral Good.
Faction Symbol:

Faction name: Volghan, The Mountain People.
Faction leadership: Lord Vorin, the Nobles of Nowhere.
Faction Summary: The Volghan made it to their mountain fortress 8977 years ago and found a wonderful palace built within it, and a ornate marble Casket was in the palaces central chamber. Upon removing the lid they found the Ancient Vampire god Sigmund who had long since Sealed himself within his fortress to keep his Legendary Heart of Darkness safe. The first who found him were among the first he turned, draining them of both their blood and their mortal weakness. However it became readily apparent as the City of Nazkhul grew that the denizens of the mountain would need some kind of replacement population to stand any kind of chance so they did so, sigmund himself venturing out to find new recruits. Eventually this led him to his final protege Vorin. The young human was turned and witnessed his makers demise at the hands of the Nazkhul gatekeeper. Which would inspire Vorin to seek to surpass the limits of what was magically and physically possible using advanced knowledge. He expanded the fortress inside of the mountain, affixed his makers legendary heart of darkness to the fortresses core, and built up a defense of countless overlapping redundancies, endless hordes of dark and powerful creatures, and the Humility to run when fighting is impossible. These traits and nine thousand years of development have rendered Volghan as the most powerful rebel faction to date, having never once lost a battle and even having clashed with some of Shadus’s sons without a single lost soldiers.
Faction Population: 716million
Faction Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Faction Symbol:

Faction name: The Order,The Ordnellians
Faction leadership: Elected Prime minister of Order, Knights of the Order.
Faction Summary: Ordnell is the oldest city in the entire continent, or at least the oldest one still existing. Founded eleven thousand five hundred years ago by the Goddess Ampheria who shrouded the city within a zone of Peace and Order. 9000 years ago the city was nearly ransacked by Shadus himself but Ampheria met him in the plains leading up to the city and conversed with him for three hours. None of her subordinates were there but upon her return she stepped down and instituted an election based system which she omitted herself from being a part of. Afterwards she retreated to her private palace, had a second larger royal palace built, and went on to live as a mother, and eventually as a matriarch to her own large family. The city of Ordnell possesses both advanced technologies and powerful Magic’s that they use in tandem with their large population of Demigods to secure military superiority, this paired with their vast distance from other nations has kept them safe for a long time, but with the forces of Nazkhul spreading the Knights of Ordnell have begun a rapid recruitment drive.
Faction Population: 1.9 Billion
Faction Alignment: Lawful Good
Faction Symbol:

Faction name: Magia Vulgas. Sometimes refered to as the Mages by outsiders. Refered to by it's members either by name or by the Coven.

Faction leadership: Eldritch Council. A council comprised of a master of each cosmic power type. They govern over the Magia Vulgas and help make the decisions that best help the group.

Faction summary: The Magia Vulgas were once a group of mere mortals. Millions of years ago they were able to meditate and learn about their own universes' forces enough to be able to harness cosmic energy for their own power. This lead to immense power and prolonged life for the race. Over the eons, they grew more and more powerful in their connection to the universe. As with all worlds, eventually, the Magia Vulgas' universe collided with the End Membrane. Using their knowledge of cosmic forces, they were able to save practically every member of their millions-strong empire. The empire landed in what is now the Ruinous Desert. There they met the early inhabitants of Ordnell. The two groups lived in harmony and prospered from one another. However, nearly 9,000 years ago, the empire was all but destroyed. Seeing their power as a potential nuisance in the future, upon his arrival, Shadus eradicated every Magia Vulgus he could find. Only the fortunate few thousand in Ordnell survived the onslaught.

Since then, the group as a whole has been discriminated against and oppressed by the other factions/races. Dwindled down to a mere fraction of their former glory, the Mages were forced to become a coven of nomads. They spent thousands of years having no true home and doing what they could to survive. Almost all of the history of the race is passed down from oral tradition. This has lead to a great loss of information about the past as the race focused on passing down combative skills rather than personal history. Around 300 years ago the Magia Vulgas and the Dyzant began to work together. The two groups protected and hid one another in a symbiotic relationship that strengthened over time. This union survived attempted attacks by beasts, barbarians, and the sons themselves. In modern times the Magia Vulgas still seek knowledge of the universe and meditate on its mysteries. The Magia Vulgas and the Dyzant continue to combine their strength to rebuild their societies and hopefully defeat the very god they blame for the atrocities committed against them

Faction population: Roughly 800,000

Faction alignment: Chaotic Good

Faction Symbol:
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The Powers that Be

Nazkhul powers

Shadus- Currently the most feared being in the end realm and the ruler of the most territory. His reality warping power allows him to shape the End realm to his whims and even create new beings and powerful forces. To date none have been able to oppose him, all who have tried have been destroyed...or worse.

Sogen- The Brother of Shadus and The Gatekeeper of the City of Nazkhul. Said to be as powerful as his brother Sogen has displayed far less power than his brother. That said he has been spotted in many places at once, has opened riffs and portals that bypass wards and barriers, and has even displayed spell casting on a level beyond most mages. He is said to be easier to speak to than his brother.

The Six Sons- Leon may be the favored son of Shadus but he is neither the most powerful nor the eldest of his siblings. Each of his brothers are nine thousand years old, each one is in possession of dark power that rivals that of gods, and each one has a dark door into the hearts and minds of others. While they are in their massive armored mechs they are capable of raining enough firepower to casually level continents in seconds, and their robotic war machines can endure nearly as much damage as they can dish out. However these mechs actually restrict their power by design and their true terrible might is realized only once they step out of them.

Nazkhuli War Priests- The military of Nazkhul is formidable, even its lowliest soldiers are painless, fearless, warriors all to willing to throw their lives at a foe even if their only hope of success is to drown them in an ocean of their own blood. Rank is determined by how many conflicts you have survived, and debates between equal ranks are solved by mutual mortal combat , the strongest thrive in this system climbing through the ranks and becoming commanders and eventually generals. Then there are the priests, the sick and twisted spreaders of Shadus’s faith and will. They are those twisted individual warriors whose cruelty and effectiveness inspire the dark lord to reward them. They possess terrifying Dark Magic’s that can warp the sanity of their foes and allies alike and they seem to live for the sole purpose of spreading madness, pain, despair, fear, hatred, and Death. They often travel in small squads and are frequently seen on the battlefield resurrecting the fallen of both sides as abominable Eldritch corpse horrors.
The Untamed powers

the following are a list of the powers in the mega continent that provide a massive threat to the survival of the factions. Most such threats were wiped out by Sogen and Shadus during the great cleansing nine thousand years ago. However the few that remain either do not pose a threat to Nazkhul or would cost to many troops to slay without one of the brothers attending to it, fortunately for these lifeforms Shadus is too lazy, and Sogen has no interest in genocide.

The Formain monarchs- Born in the end realm the formain are giant humanoid ants who possess remarkable strength, technology, and numbers. A long campaign was launched against them but their rate of reproduction and ability to produce queens as needed have allowed these beings to survive even if they were pushed from the center of the continent. To date four recorded nests exists each holding hundreds of millions or even a few billion formain. While they are enemies of the Nazkhul, they will prey upon any species they come across or who find themselves unlucky enough to enter their area. Those who meet their Queens will find one of the most powerful psychic telepathic beings to have ever been born, and will learn to fear the formain strength.

The End Drakes- Drakes within the end realm are remarkably powerful draconian creatures who dwell in the massive dead planets that make up the “stars” in the end realms night sky. These city sized monsters rarely descend upon the mega continent, but when they do entire factions are wiped out! Essentially humongous dragons who lack the intelligence to be called a true dragon these predators are ambush predators who land on their foes with bedrock cracking impacts, and roast them with flames comparable to a stars fire. It is said that the king of these lizards came down to try and dethrone Shadus, its bones were cast into the scorched plains where they lie bleached and broken.

The Twin Sentinels- Rotating around the Ruinous desert there are two stars one black, one white, both a little larger than Jupiter. These stars positions can be traced down to the ground where one will find the great mechanical nightmares that are tied to them. The White sun and black sun sentinels. Both of them are indestructible, and both possess insane levels of physical and magical might. To date none have survived an encounter with either of them with the exception of Sogen who took from them the metal for Leon’s sword, yet even still the sentinels persist in their long walks around the desert and Sogen refuses to divulge any information.

The Weirds- On odd occasions the paranormal weather patterns of the end realm take on a physical form when enough souls have been claimed by the same disaster. These form into Weirds, odd constructs seemingly made out of possesses natural disasters. Each weird is different and will require its own way to be brought down. For this reason Weirds are avoided altogether, entire factions will grab what they can and flee or hunker down as if bracing for a hurricane. As such the power they possess is mostly unknown, but many magic users claim them to be absurdly powerful elementals that even gods would struggle to quell. Weirds are perhaps the only truly neutral creatures, willing to attack anything they see that is alive, be it A mortal human, a divine god, or Shadus himself.​


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The Great Elementals

Throughout the mega continent there are a select few native creatures whose existence predates the arrival of Shadus and The formation of Nazkhul. These powerful creatures serve purposes that the Godking deems acceptable and thus he has forbidden any from attempting to hunt them, not that they needed such protection as even the six sons of Shadus are dwarfed by these titans power. They cause the swaying of the mega continent to shift in a 100 year cycle.

The Spring Titan Agri- a massive elemental of Ever Oak whose very presence spurs growth for hundreds of Millions of miles. Those who find themselves hunting or camping in the presence of the Spring Titan will be struck by blows capable of causing earthquakes and like all titans they can reform endlessly in their own domains making them truely immortal and a limited reality warper. Agri in particular dislikes violence and has been known to dispatch his foes by rapidly growing trees inside of them.

Dirge, the Summer Spirit- this massive blazing elk is one of the most difficult to face as it’s inextinguishable flaming body offers no purchase for physical attacks. This spirit has a domain whose edges scrape across Its brethren as with all the Seasonal Elementals. It brings with it Drought, Heatwaves, and Wildfires. That said this creature is essential as the ashes of its fires fertilize the ground, the dry season it creates cuts local populations of wildlife down acting as a preserving population control measure. Nonetheless many attempt to hunt this spirit, you can tell those who find it based on wether or not they return.

Sezlek the Decaying- This massive acidic and poisonous creature brings with it plagues, swarms of insects, and Rot. It kills off the old and releases fast acting toxins which wither away all in its path. It is the most feared as it will actively seek out living within its vacinity or unleash its horrible children the Karion to spread death and destruction. Within its domain these toxins are highly deadly, yet as it completes its endless cycle the toxins will become powerful chemical nutrients once it’s domain has left them behind.

Njornn the Bitter winter- the larges of the elementals and bringer of the long winters Njornn is perhaps the most interesting of the Elementals and the ones who the denizens of the realm have the most direct encounters with. Every winter those who survived the Summer and Fall face their final test in the many Avatars of Njornn who spread out throughout its domain hunting creatures large and small to bring an end to them and complete the cycle. However each city, Great creature of the wilds, or lone wanderer must only face and defeat one avatar to be left alone by the others for the remainder of the winter season. However those who seek out avatars may encounter the real Njornn where they will meet their bitter end.

Guiren the Great Driving Force- despite being the smallest of the Great titans Guiren is by far the most powerful among them, yet also the least dangerous. Dwelling on the Frozen planet of Carptune high above the mega continent few have ever even heard of this Titan yet he controls and moves the other four using his immense telekinetic, telepathic, and magical abilities of which there are too numerous to list. Those who have met the Great Driving force report him being kindhearted, gentle, and quite wise. Yet of the few rebel faction members who have met him, none have been able to accomplish what he asks in exchange with his aid in the conflict against Nazkhul. Yet he is more than willing to teach those he meets how to be stronger that they may try his trails nonetheless.


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The six Sons

The Six sons of Shadus are incredibly powerful demon demigods created by their father. Their names and presences bring with them fear and the promise of destruction. Each is as old as the city of Nazkhul and Answer only to their father and Uncle. The weakest can destroy planets, while the strongest has yet to display his true potential. Yet the two reasons why they are so terrible to encounter on the field of battle is firstly their armor which brings with it tremendous power in its own right, and the Boon from their father which bans them from dying making each of them an unrelenting foe who can bring ruin to entire factions alone.
The Celestial Armor
The Armor of the Six sons is a strange Nth metal construct which is a fusion of the greatest of metals from thousands of heavens and thousands of hell’s. Each stands around 150 meters tall normally but can adjust their size to either 1/75th of that (2meters.) or up to 10x the normal (1.5 kilometers.) these titans can spawn wings,Tails, extra limbs, and weapons of all kinds and respond to their thoughts. That said the armors are not the true power of the sons rather they are fueled by the sons themself and each are notably stronger without the armors.
Terror - Without dispute the Weakest of the Six sons but well known for being one of the most cunning, facing his foes with powerful telepathic illusions and telekinetic attacks which come from every angle. His title as the weakest does little to comfort those he faces and if anything build a feeling of terror at the thought that each of his brothers are stronger than this being who has been witnessed leveling mountain ranges, bringing down moons, and cutting down mighty gods. Which in turn makes him even more powerful as he feeds upon the fear of those around him to become even more than he was when the battle began. As such he is known to target the bravest of heroes first in an effort to prevent them from spreading hope.
Deceit - the second of the Six Sons Deceit is the least likely to be encountered in a fair and direct fight as he will do as his namesake suggests and Deceive his foes into ambushes and traps using his terrifying dark doors he inherited from his uncle, paired with speed that transcends Time. He has been known to lure the unfaithful and rebellious to terrible locations such as the stomach of great sea creatures, or in the path of one of the Sol Sentinels, or several million miles above the ground. Many including Terror himself have debated Deceits rank above terror in the hierarchy, yet every bout between the two has ended before the span of a heartbeat could pass with deceit the victor, though usually on account of knowing Terrors assault was coming and acting accordin
Madness - The most psychically Gifted of the Six madness is a pure manifestation of his fathers insanity and thus has the ability to make hallucinations that become real and he can take whatever form he sees fit regardless of proportion or makeup, however his power will not be equal to forms that are beyond him such as if he were to take the forms of the three brothers above him or his father or uncle. He can still become them and gain their abilities but limited to what he is capable of mimicking. This works in reverse as well and if he takes the form of a being below him such as a chicken he will be able to make that form an ultra powerful god tier chicken. Because of this there have been tales of settlements to the east being destroyed by seemingly mundane and comic things such as turtles, or house cats. Due to this however he does have a vulnerability in that he cannot hide from those who can detect power, and telepaths are particularly effective at fighting him, yet again the inverse is also true and telepaths will feel his maddening effects far more than others. He will often use this to drive telepaths insane on his approach and have them spread the effect so that he can arrive to an attack with his full power. This gives most settlements a hard decision, ban telepaths in an effort to stay off of his radar, or keep a close eye on them in order to use their psyche as an advanced warning system.
Pride - If you were to ask him Pride would tell you he is the most enlightened among the Six and the others are all arrogant and self indulged. In fact all who do not acknowledge his superiority are themselves prideful and arrogant for he is perfect…which he backs with tremendous power that is hard to argue with. His physical strength is enough to hold black holes in his hand, His speed is on par with Deceit, and his durability allows him to shrug off supernova. In addition he is a powerful sorcerer capable of weaving spells to create life. He used his magical talents to build a squad of powerful demons known as the Seven Sins, which he leads as the seventh. He is often criticized by his elders for thinking himself above the rest of the Family, but pride pays them no mind, he knows he is correct.
Agony - Pain is something that all things feel and are right to fear, but agony is something different. It is a pain that transcends the regular and Agony is a horror who relishes in and extends every last bit he can. He is a torturous being who enjoys snatching others away into his dimension of many hells. Where he can torment his foes for eternity. He grants these tormented souls momentary reprieve form their suffering by creating powerful demons via infusing one or more souls into and inanimate object which is mutated into a powerful horror. He is also the most talented sorcerer among the six and is rumored to have invented magical weapons which can bring about Armageddon on the mega continent.
Death - Of all the six, only one inspires a feeling of utter inevitability and hopelessness. The one who keeps the others in check and following the will of their father. This son of Shadus Wields power similar to his fathers though to a lesser magnitude. He is capable of warping reality in any number of ways including but not limited to wiping foes from existence, or even halting the twin suns, or bypassing the Nazkhul barrier with or without permission. Anytime he enters the battle Armageddon follows him and even his brothers will flee for cover as facing the Greatest son of Shadus is like facing death itself. Fortunately his blind devotion and loyalty to his father keeps him circling the palace, ever vigilant in his search for any threats that may have entered the great dark city. The one time he ventured out on his fathers orders the entire eastern coast of the mega continent was wiped out, nearly fourteen factions called that coast home and while those inland waited for refugees and survivors of the disaster…none ever came.​

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