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Hello hello, I am ian, 29 years old, he/it pronouns. I've been roleplaying for like seventeen years on and off. I love collaborating with other people, building worlds and stories and developing characters. Very lgbt+ friendly, and comfortable playing any gender and sexuality. Mildly mentally ill and disabled, so please have patience with me, I may need to take breaks occasionally. I'd rather not roleplay with anyone under 18, and I prefer all characters to also be over 18. I like dark themes and violence in my roleplays, and mixing that with kids makes me uncomfortable. I usually also love romance, but it shouldn't be forced or shoehorned in, slow burn is best burn. When starting roleplays my preference is to jump straight in, but I am willing to do a short character sheet if you'd really like one. No one liners, and I have a two paragraph minimum for post. I'm pretty good at matching lengths.

If you message me about a specific plot of pairing, please title your message with the one you're interested in (unless you're interested in several). If a specific pairing interests you, please have some general plot idea to go with it. It doesn't have to be detailed, just something we can move towards and develop together.

I'm currently looking to play a somewhat delicate character, and my main interest right now is m/m.
(updated: 3/17)

New addition, this was a separate search thread of a specific but vague craving I'm having rn, so I'm just going to move it into here:
here's a vague list of themes I'm craving right now:

opposites attract
enemies to lovers
power imbalance
age gap
(age gap)
slow burn
dark themes
hea, but dear god you're gonna work for it

the more we can include, the happier a bean I will be, and happy to include any other
themes you might be craving. as for settings, in no particular craving order:


and the type of character I'm craving to play:

seems like they should be a bad ass, but is in fact a soft bean
seems like they should be a soft bean, but is in fact a bad ass, but that's just a cover for the fact that they are actually a soft bean
I just want to play a character that is deceptive and soft okay

possible pairings, I dunno, italics for roles I like:

angel x demon
master x pet
x hunter
werewolf x hunter
bounty hunter x wanted
soldier x rebel

pictures that I get kinda plotty inspiration from:


just some ideas, let me know if any of this calls to you <3

***Stars for pairings/plots I'm interested in right now
Italics for roles I'd like to play


Rich x poor
Bad boy x good girl
Bad girl x good boy
Bad boy x good boy *****
Artist x muse
Vampire x human
Angel x demon ****
Angel x human
Demon x human ***
Vampire x werewolf
Vampire x hunter
Werewolf x hunter
Werewolf x human
Princess x knight
Princess x rogue
King x maid
Teacher x student
Arranged Marriage


  • This is a story about a runaway prince(ess). Cliche, no?

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Miraven. For as long as anyone could remember, the kingdom had lived in peace. When the current king fell in love, everyone rejoiced, for their king was benevolent and just. The news of the queen's pregnancy ignited a week long celebration throughout the land, and nine months later a beautiful baby was born. Only a year after the child's birth however, the queen was killed by an animal while traveling. Heartbroken, the king had the beast hunted down, only to discover that the creature was actually what would soon be known as a Shifter.

    Shifters were people with the ability to change their shape into that of an animal. They'd lived under the noses of the humans for hundreds of years, rarely sharing the knowledge of their abilities for fear of disturbing the peace of the kingdom. Though typically only born to a Shifter parent, or parents, on random occasions they would spring up from human parents. Enraged over the death of his beloved queen, the king declared war on all Shifters. For nearly 20 years the Shifters were hunted down and slaughtered, slowly dividing the kingdom between those who hated the Shifters, and the few who sympathized with them. A rebellion began to form as the unrest grew, and the kingdom now stands on the brink of war.

    And so we come back to our runaway heir. As was mentioned before, on rare occasions a Shifter would be born into a human family. Around five years old, the prince(ess) shifted for the first time. In a lucky coincidence, the only person to observe this startling ability was the child's nursemaid, who quickly worked to hide the child's ability. They were taught not to shift, to be human, to deny their nature, and for most of their life, this worked. A month before their 21st birthday however, to save the life of a servant, they were forced to reveal themselves. The king was enraged, and so a few loyal servants quickly helped the prince(ess) to escape before they could be captured. Their father concocted a plan. No one could know that the heir to the throne was a Shifter. The people adored them, and the revelation would shift sympathies. So, to kill two birds with one stone, the king sent the best hunter he could find to capture the prince(ess). They would be brought back to the castle, and killed in a way that would insinuate a Shifter had killed them, thus turning the tide of his war. And so our story begins, an epic chase between the hunter and the hunted.

    So, more information on the universe. The only humanoid beings in the Kingdom are humans and Shifters, but there are a number of 'fantasy' animals, such as phoenixes, griffins, etc. They are simply rarer, thus finding a Shifter who can become one of these creatures is a bit rarer as well. If you play the hunter and you'd like to play a character who isn't a human, I'm open to it as long as you have good reason for their species, and it isn't too extravagant.

    Generally, a Shifter born to a Shifter parent will change for the first time very early in life. However, one born to human parents can shift for the first time at any point until about their early 20's. If you have any more questions about it just let me know. Would really like to play the princess, however I can be persuaded to play the hunter, male or female, as long as you can present an interesting prince(ess). This one is open to f/f and m/f.

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sweet lil cinnabun
im super interested in 'A witch among us' ill pm you when I get the time, I must admit my grammar isn't the best but length wise i can do 1-2 paragraphs or so depending on how much im given


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Tracking. I can't read your plots on my phone, the template cuts off. Will respond on computer


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It's all good!

Alrighty, I read through your plots and two caught my attention. I enjoyed "A Witch Among Us," but seeing as that one is already taken, I also liked "Police Dog?". However, it seems we both have a desire to play the female in most cases, and I don't play fxf. I really don't like mxm either, but I will do it, whereas I definitely will not do fxf. So, is there any plot where you want to play the guy? If not, I will, though :) And we can also make another plot for us, rather than your premade ones if you'd prefer.


Not made of lies and deceit
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I'm highly amused that, despite happily playing any gender, most of
my plots do have a preference for playing the female lol. I'd totally
be up for brainstorming a unique plot for us. Did any of the pairings
interest you? We could pick one and go from there.


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Haha! That is great. And I like: bad girl x good boy, vamp x human, vamp x werewolf, werewolf x human, or teacher x student (as long as the age gap isn't more than 10 years. It's more of the forbidden/authority aspect that attracts me here). I'm so open to others though!


An on fire garbage can
I'm super interested in Lost in the Woods, or To Hunt and Be Hunted, as I have a fxf itch to scratch haha


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for sure! let's do it! do you mind if I play the female? tbh idk why I made a deal out of it haha, I can do either.

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