1. Yhmera

    Multiple Settings  The dreaded 1x1 search (CLOSED FOR NOW)

    Lok'tar I'm closed for now. Got all the RPs I can handle. BUT if something opens up I'll let you all know. About Me I'm over 21. I would prefer that your at least over 18. Have been role playing for 10 years or so. 6 years on forums. Will play MxF (I would prefer female) or MxM Will not...
  2. jadafun

    Fandom  Madame Claire Voyance's Drag Race (Character Thread)

    Drag Name: (Their stage name. You may choose to give their real name as well, but they'll mostly only be referred to by their persona.) Gender: (Both in and out of drag. Cis and trans performers are equally accepted. It's just as acceptable to share the same gender as your drag persona as not...
  3. jadafun

    Fandom  Madame Claire Voyance's Drag Race (RP Thread)

    (Under construction.)
  4. jadafun

    Fandom  Drag Race RP with OCs

    I've been wanting a roleplay based on Drag Race for months now, but the only ones I find are either dead, didn't get much interest, or just involve roleplaying as real world performers. I'm specifically craving a roleplay with completely original drag personalities! I'd prefer to play a...
  5. Fungus_507

    Fandom  Join my harem...Maybe? (A poly Multiverse search thread) LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Tis’ I, the Squire who single handedly fought the DoomSlayer (And got my ass beat as a result) As well as the next Helltaker. This request is a simple one no? I’m looking for those who wish to join me in my aloping with my harem. If thou shall accept, I promise all the coffee and pancakes that...
  6. graytful

    Fantasy  Hellspawn Anonymous!

    ☽🌣𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕊𝕦𝕟 𝕄𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕣 🌣☾ The World's Premier Rehabilitation Facility for Monsters, Ghouls, and other Ghastly Creatures of the Night! The human lifestyle is no longer exclusive to mere mortals! In the modern era, the beastly folk of myth and folktale have found ways to adapt to the...
  7. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern  (superheros)The speedster is not as stupid as you think he is m/m

    Heyo! I'm Lir, It's nice to meet you! I may be a native English speaker but I drank dumb bitch juice since childhood so if I fuck something up, please know it's not on purpose, I'm just a dumb fuck. I'm also really relaxed person and I like to joke around and talk to you OOC and just, shit post...
  8. Meepkits

    Fantasy  Unique

    It was a quiet day in the forest, as usual, and Cinder found a spot to lie down on the generous grass, looking at the sunlight flittering through the trees, making the leaves shine and glisten as the wind gently brushed past them. It felt really good to be able to relax for once, recently...
  9. LumaThePhoenix

    Realistic or Modern  The Shade Corps(Remake)

    (A remake in honor of the original creator of this concept @LowkeyLovingLoki ) On the coast, a large mansion sits near a cliff's edge, solitary despite its prime location. The views of the beach are magnificent, but that isn't why there are people at the normally private property this time of...
  10. graytful

    Fantasy  Hellspawn Anonymous!

    Welcome to Silver Sun Manor, the world's premier rehabilitation facility for monsters, ghouls, and other ghastly creatures of the night! The human lifestyle is no longer only for mere mortals! In the modern era, the beastly folk of myth and folktale have found ways to adapt to the mundane ways...
  11. Sir_Magic

    Multiple Settings  HELP! Boredom and Brilliance

    Hey! My name is Sir Magic. (Don’t quite have a nickname. Magic maybe. Wish I did) I have been role playing in various places for the past few years. I do everything from a simple life to an all out galaxy, dimension exploration. I love world building and creating ideas from scratch. About my...
  12. Rosebudxo

    Fandom  Looking for a couple of things...

    So I'm really craving to do a Save Me Lolipop and InuYasha role-play. They can be separate. I'm looking to role-play either Kagome, Nina, or an OC. I am on episode of 14 or so of InuYasha. It's been years since I watched it, so I'm still catching up. I can do canon x canon and canon x oc...
  13. LoneKittyGirl_II

    Realistic or Modern  Friends rp but not quite

    Basically the same thing as Friends but without those characters. Basically some friends are living together, and there might be some drama and romance, but yeah. I'm looking for about four to six people to do this. Catgirls are allowed, as well as other mostly humanoid people. But it's mostly...
  14. Squidiot

    Fandom  // ATLA \\ - Searching for Long-term Partners ✦ Plots Included (Closed)

    Avatar: The Last Airbender ✦ Multiparagraph - Story & Character Driven - OC Friendly - Canon Request Available - Longterm INTRODUCTION. Hello and welcome! I'm Squidiot and over the past few weeks I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender which means I've fallen in love with the...
  15. vangaurd

    Realistic or Modern  Impromptu RP. Anyone?

    Daniel took over Vanguard— the world’s biggest security and weapons private company. In his takeover he assigned the previous CEO a chair on his committee. They never see eye to eye, and bicker all the time. Anyone up for writing the girl?
  16. flibertigibit

    Realistic or Modern  F R I E N D S inspired group rp 18+

    I I'm a newbie on this site but have been rping for about 4 years now on other smaller forums and sites. I'm 20 and love storytelling and comedy writing! I want to start a group rp inspired by the "buddy sitcom" shows like Friends, New Girl, Cheers, etc. I want to play with type characters and...
  17. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Let's Have Fun

    Hi so I love to roleplay anything! (As long as there is at least a little romance somewhere it can even be far down the road) So I want to know what your roleplay ideas are.if you have an idea and no one has ever taken interest let me hear it I want to know. Only thing is I don't do canon stuff
  18. KaineEnby

    Realistic or Modern  Polyamorous Roleplay

    Group size minimum of three partners total (you could play more than one character if needed/wanted) Pairings It will most likely be m/m/m since I will probably use Malik, but if I don't they any pairing is good Introduction I really would love to do a polyamorous relationship style roleplay...
  19. BravestBun

    Fandom  Among us RP

    An Among us RP, This is just for fun..So pls don't take it too seriously Much luv, thank you!!
  20. LowkeyLovingLoki

    Realistic or Modern  The Shade Corps

    On the coast, a large mansion sits near a cliff's edge, solitary despite its prime location. The views of the beach are magnificent, but that isn't why there are people at the normally private property this time of year... A number of highly reputable (both good and bad) criminals have been...