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Realistic or Modern the last stand tavern//restaurant rp [open]


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    Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

    Rupert Holmes



    ucked away in a rugged, forgotten corner of Astoria, Oregon, a port city once thriving with local businesses and a vibrant community, is the The Last Stand Tavern. The family owned establishment is currently ran by twenty-one year old Ava Cormac, born and raised in Astoria, who returned to her hometown after three years. While she's kept her mouth shut about the "why's and how's" of it all, those close to her are simply waiting for her to share more details with them, without her looking so concerned whenever it's brought up.

    Needing a fresh start, she heads back to the very place she couldn't wait to escape from. While Ava's father, Eddie Cormac who offically owns the tavern agreed to take his daughter back in, it was only under one stipulation.

    She take over the business.

    Hello all! This will be a drama filled restaurant themed roleplay. This will also be an adult roleplay, so 18+. There will be trigger warnings consisting of : substance abuse, domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, and addiction. While these things won't be drawn out or described in heavy detail, they will be mentioned.

    Think of it as a drama/comedy with some very life moments. The roles will consist of new and old workers of the Last Stand Tavern, with their own issues and struggles, working together and either growing apart or becoming closer than they ever thought. The restaurant has been opened for twenty-five years, there's bound to be some grudges, romance, and all things chaotic.




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I'm interested, need some slice of life to get me back into things! Good plot!

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