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A Lazy Bed Potato

A Search

let's have some romances!

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A Lazy Bed Potato
The Raw Thread:

hello! I'm ShenYu, He/Him pronoun, 20+ yo. As you may already know, I'm searching for someone to do a romance rp! Hooray for romance!

about me:
• I live in Asia. So expect a 12 hour time difference if you live somewhere in US.
• I'm able to reply at least once a day. Though I can give multiple replies if we didn't missed each other too much.
• I'm Ghost Friendly!
• I heavily prefer MxM pairing. You could try to convince me to play MxF, but I would only play Male.
• I'm open to double when the situation call for it.
• I'm fine with role playing over PM, Discord or Thread.
• I'm not a native English speaker and grammar sucks. I could try my best but don't expect perfection, please.
• Last but not least, I prefer anime or illustration FC. Just descriptive paragraphs of our characters' appearance would be fine too!

about you:
• Please be able to reply at least once every two/three days. I probably won't poke you if you're not responding or give any notice after a week but I'll consider the roleplay as dropped and won't continue it anymore. So if you couldn't give a reply after three days, inform me so I wouldn't dropped the roleplay.
• Quality over quantity. But no one-liner please. At least two paragraph for each post would be highly appreciated.
• Feel free to contribute your own idea into the plots. They are not fixed. I would love to listen to your thoughts about it.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me, shoot me a PM rather than telling me that in this thread. I want to keep this thread clean since I'll use this thread again in the future when I want to search for new roleplay partners or when I have some ideas in mind.

Also, more * means the level of my craving for that pairing is high! Bold means I wanted to play that character. Underlined means I have a plot for the pairings already. But you could always proposed a new plot of your own with the pairings listed below!

Emotionally detached businessman x Passionate artist **
Accidentally contracted demon x human paranormal investigator **
Retired idol x his anti-fan. **
Forgotten Prince x His Personal Servant.*
A shapeshifter pet x his human master **
Transmigrated human x [any type of non-human] *
• Mafia leader x Spy
Vampire in disguise x His human roommate

[Tags: Romance, Modern Realistic, Psychology]

Muse A is someone who used to suffered child abuse to the point where he started to feel numb from all emotions. He couldn't laugh when he found something funny, couldn't hate when someone hurt him, couldn't smile when he's happy. Though it gets better after years, he couldn't be completely cured. Thankfully, it never hinders his work and studies, since having no lingering emotions would mean he's a very rational and professional person. He quickly became a very successful businessman.

Due to his successful life and charming look, he met a lot of people who showed interest in him. Of course, he couldn't understand what they mean by love. But he dated them, anyway, thinking it could cure him. Though all of those relationships always end up as just a sexual relationship. Most of them couldn't take his Impassiveness, thinking that he only see them for their bodies, saying he's heartless, etc etc. It never ended in a good way. Muse A feel nothing when they parted. Even so, as he watched those people come and go, once, twice, thrice, piling up until he couldn't count them, deep down, Muse A admit that he's different... Knowing that being with someone would hurt them, he started to avoid others who showed interest in him.

At least until Muse B came, that is. Muse B was charmed by Muse A on their first meeting. He's an artist, a famous one, at that. It means he's excel in the emotional part. He fell in love with muse A and started courting him. When Muse A realizes this, being as rational as he is, he outrightly rejects him to prevent him from hurting. But Muse B is unlike anyone he has met before. Even with the stern warning, Muse B didn't give up. He's unusually stubborn and a bit eccentric. He believes in all kinds of nonsense, including the so-called true love or love at first sight. And he is abnormally sure that Muse A is his fated love!

After a few months of intense courting, Muse A couldn't take it anymore. Even when he showed zero interest on him, Muse B persists. Avoiding and ignoring him didn't work. Thus, Muse A finally agreed to date Muse B, thinking that Muse B would end up leaving on his own after some times, just like all those people before him. But deep down, Muse A really didn't want Muse B to be hurt due to his impassiveness. That's why he agreed to date him under one condition.

"I couldn't feel. So, when you're tired of me, please break my heart." Break it so I could feel something. Break it so you won't be the only one hurting...

[Tags: Romance, Action, Modern Fantasy, Supernatural, Demons, Horror]

Muse A is someone with a supernatural tendencies. They always found themselves entangled with many accidents that couldn't be explained by science. As time past by, Muse A started to use their ability to become a paranormal investigator that specialized in dealing with supernatural occurrences. Though they did it mostly because it's the only thing their best at and not because they like this job. In fact, they hate the demons because they are the reason for them to not be able to live a normal life.

Muse B is a high ranking demon who, due to the war between factions in hell, was injured and had to flee to the human world to find the demon doctor rumored to be in hiding there. But their appearance made many lesser demons in the surrounding areas restless, causing many scenes and made Muse A very frustrated. Muse A was determined to eliminate the root of this problem, thus, leading them to the place where Muse B was recuperating. A fight occurs between them when they met.

But who would've thought that due to a mishap in chanting and their blood mixing into an ancient rune laid out on the floor of the abandoned building, a contract was accidentally formed and bound both of them for eternity. A mutual and equal life bond that made even if one of them died, the other one would followed. How could Muse A accept this when they hate demons so much? Muse B, as one of the kings of hell, is also naturally disdain having their fate intertwined with some punny and weak human. But they couldn't kill each other since both of them will die if even one of them died.

Now, facing the lots of supernatural occurrences that has been growing in numbers since Muse B's escape from hell and the enemies of high ranking demons chasing after both of them, they would have no choice but to work together and make sure to keep each other alive, reluctantly accepting this 'Unwanted Contract'

[Tags: Romance, Slice of life, drama, modern, realistic, entertainment]

Muse A
is an all-round idol whose popularity was high enough to make even those who haven't actually seen his pictures or videos to at least knew his name. His face was displayed on many posters and billboards around many cities, his songs were played in many public places, hot and popular movies would always have him as one of the cast, and he would always appears in almost every TV stations. His popularity was so high to the point were Muse B became sick of always seeing his face, songs, and movies everywhere they goes. They thought that Muse A is a crazy fame seeker who love himself way too much.

When Muse A unexpectedly announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry, Muse B suddenly got struck with a huge luck of winning a high-end condo. Just great! The idol they hated will no longer frequently appeared everywhere they go and they could also ditched the small and cheap apartment they currently live in. Good things came to them one after another, making them link it to the disappearance of Muse A, their bad luck charm.

That's, at least, until their plan on greeting the only neighbor living in the same floor as them gone to ruin when they realize who it is. Who would've thought that it would be the retired Idol who hasn't showed himself in public for two months. What kind of debt do they have towards this person to always see his shadow everywhere? Now, they even have to live next to this hateful person every single day?!

Muse A was also surprised to know that the always empty condo opposite of him suddenly has someone living in it. That new neighbor is also someone who looks like they would do anything to not have anything to do with him. At first, they only had unexpected encounters each time they met. But Muse A soon became interested with this little neighbor of him, starting to pester them every chance he got just for fun.

Thus, these two people had a common thought, 'What a peculiar neighbor!'

[Tags: Politics, Medieval Fantasy, Kingdom, Drama, Platonic/Romance, Mystery]

Muse A is the eldest prince of a medieval kingdom. Though he still has a right to succeed the throne under the law of the kingdom, Muse A is actually an illegitimate prince born from a palace dancer. The current empress naturally didn't want this illegitimate Prince to block her future sons' way to inherit the throne. Thus, she did everything she could to suppressed him since he was still a kid, even resulting to Muse A's mother's death.

As an illegitimate prince without a backing, the existence of Muse A was very quickly forgotten by everyone. He started to be treated worse than a favored servant. His resources were cut off and he had no where to run nor escape, only able to wait until the day he died under the hands of his own half-siblings during the war for the throne.

That's until Muse B came around and met him, proclaiming to be a powerful noble from a neighboring kingdom who knew Muse A's mother when he was still a child and felt indebted to her. When he heard the news of his benefactor's deaths, Muse B decided to infiltrate the kingdom as a servant in Muse A's palace. He wanted to take a revenge against the people of the kingdom who took part in murdering his benefactor. And to do this, he's willing to be Muse A's backing and helped him secure the throne while pretending to be Muse A's personal servant.

At least that's what he said to Muse A. How much credibility his words actually have is unknown. It's even possible that Muse B only wanted to control him and the kingdom after he succeed on making him a king. But for now, they're on the same boat, working together to find ways to the throne.

[Tags: Romance/Platonic, Fluffy, Supernatural, Sci-fi, Urban-Fantasy, Slice of Life, Action, Mystery]

Muse A is someone who has been living alone for a long time. They couldn't get along too well with others and hardly open up with them. But, sometimes, life could be really hard and things that have been going well could turn upside down. When bad things happen, it's inevitable to long for someone to be there for them, comfort them, and help them go through their pain and sadness. Thus, on a rainy day when everything they work hard for came crashing down to nothingness, Muse A, who was alone and in despair, took a little animal on the street back to their home without thinking, wanting to eased up their loneliness. But Muse A would never have thought that the little animal they took was actually not just a simple animal.

Although Muse B is an animal, it retains some kind of human intelligence that made it able to understand human language and human emotions. It didn't know how it get to the street where Muse A first found it. It only has vague memories of what happened before it got there. But it knew it was in a brink of collapse. Thankfully, Muse A came and rescued it, giving it a home. It was very grateful. Thus, it decided to follow this human for all its life, doing everything it could to put a smile on its owner's face and making them happy.

One animal and one human began their life together in harmony, supporting one another and filled the empty void in each other's life. But their peaceful life is soon faced with a crisis when Muse B suddenly turned into a human, shocking both of them equally. When they thought that nothing could surprise them anymore than this, a storm was slowly brewing towards them in a form of a secret organization targeting their every movements, involving them into a dark side of the world that they would never be able to escape from. Will they be able to survive and stay together till the end? Just what exactly is Muse B?

[Tags: Romance, High-Fantasy, Slice of Life, Transmigration]

Basically, Muse A is a human who got transmigrated into a world where humanity doesn't exist. Instead, creatures that Muse A has never seen on earth before populated this strange world.

They have many different races, some where hostile with each other while some live in harmony. Some were as common as stones in the wild while others were rare enough to only be known as a myth. Regardless of that, Muse B is a part of this world as one of the many races there, one who prefer to venture alone.

Muse B is the first 'creature' Muse A met after they transmigrated. Both were equally curious about each other. Though there was a fear or vigilance of seeing something they had never seen before, their curiosity was even greater. There was a language barrier between them, making them unable to really understand each other. But one way or another, they end up venturing together, spending times to learn more about each other.

[Ps: this is me running out of ideas for solid plot 🙃]
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