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  1. Pax Pardus Hale

    Realistic or Modern  Of Ivanov Blood Reboot//All spots full!

    Yaroslavl, Russia was one of the ancient towns in Russia and due to its rich history it held onto a lot of its old habits. Including a working relationship with the Ivanov family, the king pin mafia family in Russia. The Ivanov family had lived in Yaroslavl since the beginning of time it seemed...
  2. simping_sponge

    Multiple Settings  What's life without a little love splashed in?~ <3 UPDATED

    Hello there! Here's a few things about me first! <3 My name is Sponge! I'm about to turn 18 in 1 month! Pronouns are She/Her I can use Discord or PMS (either way is fine with me!) Pacific Time I live for romance I'm a super friendly person so you can literally tell me anything! Don't be...
  3. Hamlet

    Fandom  Craving Peaky Blinders

    Hello all! I've been really craving some Peaky Blinders recently and would love to find a few partners for it. About me: I'm 23, I study and work, CEST. I'm queer and love to write queer characters. What I want in an RP: Totally down for doubling. I want to write Oc x Canon for my part. Canon...
  4. Yuta-Nakamoto

    Multiple Settings  Ginormous Interest check (not finished) (always open)

    Warnings before we continue~ 1.I’ve only been roleplaying for 4 almost 5 years 2.My writing is extremely mediocre 3.I don't like being forced to write (this is supposed to be fun~) 4.I am ghost friendly as I sometimes do it myself (not often!) 5.And lastly I am in love with dark plots and all...
  5. Lexis_Graziano

    Realistic or Modern  Long Term RP Partner Search

    Hi, My name is Alexis, I mostly go by Lex. Roleplay is something I'm very passionate about. I happen to love writing and roleplay just helps increase my imagination. I am literate but I will be honest, my grammar and punctuation suck. I have an over active brain and mt fingers can not always...
  6. Valery...just uhm Valery

    Fantasy  Female looking for roleplay partners. No specific setting in mind. Brainstorming is a must.

    Hello, female here, the name is Valerie. I’m looking for detailed and experienced males to do a slow-burning romance roleplay with. I would like the plot to include more than romance however, something bigger should always be unfolding, or else I find that the roleplay gets boring all too quick...
  7. Misanthropic

    Fandom  Gotham Roleplay!

    Hello everyone! I'm wondering if anyone is interested in doing a Gotham themed roleplay with me. I have a few plots in mind but if you're a more go with the flow that is also okay! I'm semi to adv lit and can do novella only if someone is interested in doing that! You can play any character...
  8. Kawashima Lightning

    Multiple Settings  Swollen Beauty

    Swollen Beauty - It's Like Sleeping Beauty, But She Is Pregnant A Few Things About Me Unless I have Writer's Block, I will type minimum up to a Paragraph and a Half. On Good Days, I can probably write up a Novel for a Response if I really wanted. There will be days that I don't...
  9. murphsorbit

    Realistic or Modern  looking for a 1x1 slice of life rp

    hey y’all! i’m looking to start a 1x1 slice of life roleplay with someone. i can play any gender, and the slice of life theme can be anything you desire! i’ve done college rps, mafia/crime boss rps, police officer rps, mma fighter rps, and famous/non-famous rps to name a few! i’d be interested...
  10. Emmy

    Realistic or Modern  ☽ 𝓘'𝓶 𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓼𝓽. ☾

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  11. final girl


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  12. BloodWolfRising

    Multiple Settings  Looking to make great stories

    Hey guys, so I have a few ideas for some 1x1's that I would like to try and create. Now before you move any further there are a few things you need to know. 1. I do not like one-liners, I am not saying you have to write multiple paragraphs, but give me something to work with at least. 2. I am...
  13. Strawberry_Milk

    Multiple Settings  1x1 Original RP Search

    Hello all! My name is Raven and I'm brand new to this site, and so you'll have to forgive me whilst I learn the layout and how to navigate. So first, a bit about me: I'm currently nineteen years old and prefer that my rp partners are at least seventeen years of age. I've been rping I would say...
  14. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Mafias Children

    Very simple I'd be a girl you'd be a boy i and a daughter of one Mafia boss and you are the son of another rival one we don't find out till later in the story but it's very intense
  15. Miss Dolly

    Fandom  Hazbin Hotel~? (closed for now)

    Hello out there, wonderful creators in the art of roleplaying~ Edit 9/9 - Spots have been filled, for now! Seems like my title caught your attention? Lovely! Decided to make a separate thread for this hellish fandom, so hopefully I´m gonna find a fellow Vivziepop fan~ My name is Emelie, age...
  16. ShenYu

    Multiple Settings  Let's have some romances! [MxM/MxF] [Open]

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  17. Ticl

    Realistic or Modern  The Snake Bites

    Sleek as a snake, Marley Scarlise stepped out of his swanky car, a pair of glossy black sunglasses perched atop the end of his straight nose, despite the evading sun hiding behind thick, smoggy clouds. His brassy hair was flawlessly swept behind his ears and his crispy autumn outerwear was a...
  18. valentrescu

    Multiple Settings  Rp Partner Search (Multi Franchise/Fandom!!) Always Open

    Hi! I'm looking for (multiple) partners to rp with! A little bit about my writing style, I prefer to write in 3rd person, past tense, but I'm pretty open to matching what my partner likes to do. I can write anywhere from non-lit to full lit, again, depends on my partners preferred writing...
  19. Jewel

    Realistic or Modern  Long Term | M//

    Jewel's 1x1 Partner Search Thread ---end of banner--- About Me Hey, hello, I go by Jewel. I'll try to make this short and sweet. I'm 18+ and I'm from North America. My timezone is EST/EDT (UTC -5). I've been roleplaying on RPNation on and off for a couple of years now. I consider myself...