1. CoachA

    Realistic or Modern  Blood Reins - A Mafia Rp

    Hi all! I've always love mafia roleplays and I can't seem to find any active ones on here. So here I am making my own! This roleplay will be set in a city in the middle of a terf war between to mafia groups. (Please be patient with me as I haven't hashed out all of the details, I will update...
  2. sccavenger

    Realistic or Modern  ~ complete newbie to forum roleplay looking for my first partner ~

    Hi everyone! My name's Eddie and I'm looking for someone to help introduce me to forum roleplay. Quick Intro I'm a 17-year-old guy. I'm Australian so yeah my timezone is extremely inconvenient (sorry in advance). I may be new to roleplay but I'm experienced in general creative writing, right...
  3. emotionalwreck4

    Fantasy  Fantasy Romance plots

    Hi! I’m looking for some romance rp partners. If you’re interested in any of these plots or have a similar idea, definitely let me know. I’d love to brainstorm together. 💕About me💕 •I’m not strict with length of replies, I’m semi lit, but I’ll write as much as I need depending upon how much...
  4. AlmighTy

    Realistic or Modern  Undercover

    An undercover FBI agent has to get a known drug dealer to fall in love with them to crack the case. But can they separate business and pleasure or will they fall for each other.
  5. themagnoliaofutah

    Realistic or Modern  A City of Darkness- A Mafia RP

    Welcome, one and all! I will try to keep this short and sweet! Rules: -Literate only please! If I see actions in asterisks I will digitally punch you! :D - No godmodding or controlling others' characters without their consent! -When we have enough people, I will make a thread and tag you. To...
  6. Rouge_Raven

    Multiple Settings  Looking For A Partner || Original Ideas ♡||

    Writers notes. △ I have a larger basis in Female/ feminine characters, meaning that if you want me to play a male character, it will not be as fluid. △ I do accept and will write darker topics (murder, self harm, etc). I would rather my work be as realistic as possible with these areas △I am...
  7. IneffableAngst

    Fandom  Black Lagoon role play. (Preferably Balalaika x Revy, but open to others)

    Okay, so I'm a 23 year old, who has been role playing for seven/eight years on and off, use third person/paragraph formatting, and I am really in love with this anime, and ship, at the moment. What I'm ideally looking for is someone to play the ruthless Captain of Hotel Moscow, Balalaika, to...
  8. riley129130

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for a rp partner

    Hello loves!! I'm new to this site so I literally have 0 rp partners right now and I would LOVE to change that!! Here are some of the genres that I am interested in. If you see anything that interests you please message me!! _Mafia _Romance _Scandal _Supernatural _VAMPIRES!!
  9. riley129130

    Realistic or Modern  Kidnaped by a mafia prince

    Tanoori was just an ordinary 18 year old collage student who loved to have fun and party. But one night everything goes sideways and she ends up getting kidnaped by the biggest mafia prince in the city. How will Tanoori's life turn out to be like living with a mafia prince?
  10. enzerubebii

    Realistic or Modern  A bloody romance with pixel demon

    @Pixel-Demon_PD It was a calm day in the city of New York. Well that calm day would vary on the place you live in cause in the farmlands it was anything but calm. Before there 2 rival families that used to get along. Only because the farm in the middle had their heirs best friend. A little...
  11. Veronicaxo

    Realistic or Modern  Looking For A Role-play Partners.

    I am looking for new rp partners. I enjoy many ideas, if you have an idea we could talk about it and see if it will work but, if you don't I have a few ideas in mind. If you like to discuss more, please PM me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ^_^
  12. Niri

    Fantasy  Looking for a 1X1 RP or a group

    Hello, I am looking for a 1 on 1 RP or a group RP, doesn't matter to me. I typically do Fantasy/Sci-Fi role-plays, but I'm open to different things. I do not wish to do any sort of romantic role-plays though. Feel free to reach out if you want to role-play. I am one-liner to simi-para. I will...
  13. Kelli

    Realistic or Modern  Marry Me?

    Hi, Y'all! So I've been really craving an arranged marriage plot, I have a few ideas in mind but I'm open to most, I'm also open to doubling but I would prefer to play the female role if you don't mind! Please pm me if you're interested thanks!! Here are a few of my rules don't worry I know they...
  14. Dinah_Rose

    Realistic or Modern  Mafia rp partner wanted

    Hey guys I’m looking for someone to play the rival mob boss for my character Rosalie, your characters rival mob bosses daughter, as her love interest. I would like to start with them meeting not knowing who she is as she just found out about her fathers “business” as she was taken by her mother...
  15. Maeve Wayne

    Multiple Settings  Looking For Roleplay

    Hello! I'm Maeve, I would like to say a little about me then I will get into the parings. I am still in high school so during the week I will be on and off, I do get busy so if I disappear for while just know I will come back on to check on things and get to replies. I have not really roleplayed...
  16. Oyasumi

    Multiple Settings  Let Me Be Your Man (MxM)

    Hey what’s up? I need some good boys love in my life so I’ve got some prompts. But real quick here’s some stuff about how I write: I only write in third person, first person always felt too personal for me. I can write paragraphs or just some sentences, I like to match my partners length. But...
  17. glossiest

    Multiple Settings  with the devil on my shoulder. [open]

    *yes, you gotta click the picture* [div class=background][div class=second] [div class=topimg] [div class=back]fa-angle-double-left go back fa-angle-double-right[/div][/div] [div class=border][div class=opacitybg][/div] [div class=box][div class=over]overview[/div] hiya! i’m glossy, and i’m...
  18. xSana

    Realistic or Modern  Looking For RP Partners (OPEN)

    WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN A RP PARTNER 1. Someone who’s active on here. Please respond at least twice a week. 2. I’m open to try new genres and ideas, but I don’t do fandom and hardly ever fantasy/supernatural. 3. I don’t expect you to write an entire novel every time, but I need something to work...
  19. Kassandra Rose

    Multiple Settings  Toxic (Mafia/Crime/1920s)

    Hello, lovelies! I am looking, solely (at this moment), for a 1920s criminal underworld story. The story will feature the rise of a small mobster family into wealth and success as major game players on an international stage. If you’ve ever seen Peaky Blinders, I am thinking along the lines of...
  20. lungs

    Realistic or Modern  ✒ ﹄𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒚 - 𝒐𝒏𝒆.﹃

    ❝ all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages. ❞ ❝ doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt i...