1. Wheecentvangogh

    Fandom Looking for Kpop roleplay partner

    I'd love to do with anyone who's interested 💕💕 I prefer literate rps but if you're more comfortable with semi-lit that's one hundred percent okay! I'd prefer for you to be at least frequently active? I understand real life comes first but if you're ever gone for an extensive amount of time...
  2. Adelita

    Multiple Settings Partners wanted

    Looking for rp partners. Open minded. Advanced. Loyal. Sub.
  3. Rising_Sun

    Multiple Settings In Search of Literate Partners

    Hello all! My name is Jack and I’ve been rping for approximately 4-5 years. This is an edited version of a thread that I’ve posted several months prior. I’ve taken out certain ideas and incorporated new ones based on what had recently risen in my mind. But first, a brief intro. I consider...
  4. Saffern

    Multiple Settings All That and a Bag of Rocks

    Hullo there~ I've been role playing for ages now, and I think I'm pretty decent. I cannot do one-liners. I try to match my partner's length but occasionally get carried away describing things. I highly dislike God-modding, characters with no weakness, people who take actions against characters...
  5. Eira

    Multiple Settings New and Improved partner search

    As it says, just an updated thread from an implied previous thread I had made, so let's cut to the chase. I vastly prefer to play female characters. This isn't to say I won't play side characters necessary for the plot as both characters *though I expect my partner to do the same*, but I've...
  6. PolarPopDork

    Fantasy In search of a Roleplay partner for this certain rp here 👇 (In description area 😋)

    In this world all mythical/supernatural/etc beings are real and alive, living amongst each other in a quiet chaos, humans wanting to be on top once again as the dominant species order out several attacks on different villages and towns with poor defensies(aka the government). This being only a...
  7. JACJAB01

    Realistic/Modern A collection of ideas

    Plot 1: Setting- Mosel Iraqi 2007, June, 20th. The large scale conflicts and battles of the War have wound to a close and the more complex detail of managing social projects, rebuilding government systems, and protecting the cibilian population falls on the shoulders of young leaders and new...
  8. Svadilfari

    Realistic/Modern < et corrupti sunt livores >

    et corrupti sunt livores -Mafia Themed RP- a one on one RP between @Svadilfari & @Auriferous
  9. Auriferous

    Multiple Settings The start of something

    Hello there :) If you're reading this, it's very likely you're in search of a new partner- and it just so happen, so am I! The first question you must be asking yourself is 'who are you, weird person, and what are you looking for?' Well, those are actually two questions, and I intend to answer...
  10. 48_Ignorance_is_strength

    The Suited Few [Checking Interest]

    A mafia styled roleplay, with groups of people joining the family, or seeking to put an end to their reign of terror, or just a bystander caught in the middle. Basic settings are New York City, the big apple in the year 1987. The infamous Perio Family rules a major corner stone of the underworld...
  11. BrittnieRheayn

    Realistic/Modern Come RP with me!! Lets chat and cry

    Whats up party people! My name is Brittnie and I am obviously here looking for a partner! One very strict rule I have is that you MUST be 18+!!!! I am 25 and feel very uncomfortable role playing one on one with someone under 18. Now that that's out of the way... HI! I prefer to post on discord...
  12. Thrushwing

    Multiple Settings The search for the perfect partner ✫Romance✫

    Hi, so I'm Thrushwing! I've been roleplaying for awhile now, but I tend to take a laid back approach (so you won't be getting ten paragraphs from me XD ) I love to talk and get to know you but let's get to the point. You're looking for plots right? **Muse A is your character. Muse B is my...
  13. trashman

    Multiple Settings gimme the goods (the good rp's)

    hi!! i'm trashman!! i'm like superbrandnew to this site and i'm uhhhh looking for some good good rps. forgive the lack of anything like... pretty?? i learned bbcode once... A Very Long Time Ago... and i've almost entirely forgotten it. anyway! a bit about me aside from my obnoxious personality...
  14. Alecto

    Fantasy The Black Order of Modern Mystics

    Mikhail Novakovsky The Tracker @Alecto Alice Jackson The Nightbird @ShadowHounder
  15. Will

    Multiple Settings Cracking on with a Roleplay (looking for advanced lit partners)

    Hello everyone, I am Will. I am a 20 year old dude ( I usually prefer my partners to be 18+). I've been looking for some legit roleplays because I've only had about one or two ongoing (which are both great, but only one is truly active, and I think I need another). I adore rping and have been...
  16. Alecto

    Multiple Settings The Great Search

    There's a less coded version (spoilers for organization) down below!! Heya! Alecto here and I'm trying to get back to roleplaying - it's been way too long since I've properly done it. So here we go! What you can expect from me: English is my second language, and while I'd like to think I'm...
  17. DarkRabbit15

    Fantasy MxF Roleplay!

    Hey everyone! I'm DarkRabbit! Sorry for the long post in advanced. :) I am a twenty year old female from Canada. I currently have a part time job (looking for full time and or full time +part or two part time) so my replies could be scattered! I have been role playing for 7+ years. My replies...
  18. Red_Rob

    Realistic/Modern Climbing up the mob ladder!

    Alright! This is quite a new concept I wanna try out.. Basically, Your Character (YC) is quite low on money for whatever reason ( paying through college, paying for medical help for his ill mother, etc.). YC decides to meet My Character (MC). Hearing the story, MC decides to give you a couple of...
  19. Fade Memory

    Multiple Settings [ angsty︱moody︱cruel ] — all welcome.

    「Hello」 Welcome to my edgy thread. I’m longing for stories with meaningful character relationships—romantic or otherwise. I usually write between 500 and 1000 words per post. I can post 1 to 2 times a week. I’m into graphics and music for roleplays, realistic face claims, proper character...
  20. tiffanyroleplays

    Multiple Settings one on one search

    Hello there. I'm here looking for one or two long term one on one roleplays. My name is Tiffany. I don't want to tell you my age ( 😂 ) but I am over 21 and prefer you to be, too. I just became a stay at home mom two months ago because I birthed some twins, lol. But since schooling is online, my...