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Realistic or Modern Dead With A Rose


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The Bloody Roses have been dominant in Chicago for years. They are the...well, let's just say they are a more Robin Hood styled family. Steal from the rich, and give to the poor. Kill the abusers, comfort the abused. Be the ears for the deaf, the eyes for the blind, and the mouths for the mute. The community reveres them as heroes, though the cops still try to take them down. It is unfortunate that the law dislikes the thought of a bunch of vigilante kids running around. But for now, they are safe...until now. The Blackjacks have joined the fight for territory, and they are the polar opposite of the Bloody Roses. Murderers, thugs, and men and women that commit atrocities of many kinds. And now, they want to extinguish The Bloody Roses for good. Who will come out victorious. And which side will you join?

This roleplay has mature themes, including violence, drugs, and some explicit themes. Join at your own discretion.

You are a part of the mafia, either the Bloody Roses or the Blackjacks. This is a realistic roleplay, so no supernatural characters outside of what is realistically accepted, such as a spirit medium or an exorcist. There is no defined or destined winner. That will be determined through roleplay. This roleplay will be played through 3 arcs. The arcs will change when a major plot point happens, big enough to change the course of everyone's story. Here is a list of rules below.

1. Be at least semi-literate.
2. Do not kill characters without permission.
3. While there are sexual themes, such as clubs, follow the guidelines of this site and do not ERP.
4. Your character must be 18 or above.
5. For every advantage your character has, add a weakness. You can lessen the amount for each depending on how much of an impact it leaves. Ex: You have 3 advantages, but 1 major disadvantage that weakens your character a lot.
6. What I say, goes. If I tell you to stop, you stop. I will try to be as lenient as possible.
7. As said in intro, no inhuman/supernatural characters
8. No meta-gaming.
9. No railroading (few exceptions)

Rules can and may be added. Feel free to suggest any.

Character Template
Class Status:


I am interested in this RP. Will bring a friend along for the ride as a bonus.
Query to follow:
1. May I send you my character sheet in PM? This is to avoid clogging up this page, and letting others voice their interests. Following your perusal, I will post it when a dedicated character sheet thread is made. Writing samples can be provided upon request.
2. Are there more information regarding the background of the Blackjacks or Bloody Roses? Specifically their leadership hierarchies, SOP, and any relevant information you could spare.

Best Regards,
I will state my interest as well but would also like to know a bit more about the two sides.

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