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Xander Malker

Location: Feast Table
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Xander hopped off the bus happily, things had been getting pretty cramped in there for his massive stature. Most of the ride he'd slept, he managed to conk out after the little fight happened near the back which he would have joined in on if not for it ending so quickly when Yuri stepped in to pull them apart. So now off the bus, he looked around happily at the tall mountains and trees coated with white powder and picked some up with his bare hands, packing it into a ball and aiming for Hunter before his better judgement took over and he decided to just take a bite of the frosty orb instead.

After the tour, the mini-lecture from Edzan, and getting their keys Xander made his way to the room he decided to share with Hunter, tossing his bag onto the lower bunk he dipped his head around the edge of the top to look up at Hunter "Yo man, We're gonna totally shred the hill tomorrow yeah?! it'll sick!" right when the words left his mouth there was a knock at the door and upon opening the imposing figure of Edzan filled the frame and told them to come with him

After being told what the deal was Xander pumped his fist and smiled at both Kat and Hunter as the teacher walked away leaving a trail of embers behind him "Alright! we gonna be goin' toe to toe with gramps, huh?! This'll be great! we're totally gonna get our asses kicked kahaha!" he said as they walked to the dinner table, with only a slight interruption from some kinda cyclops girl.

Xander sat by Hunter and started scarfing down all kinds of random food "Hey, let's eat fast n' sleep er something so we can get to training already!" he spoke between gulps of food "If it's gonna be Ed n' Delta Force He'll probably zone us off really well, So you could use ya' swords to give me n Kat an opening!"


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1593295749379.png1593295718688.png Watching three of the students form a bit of a distance was a slightly odd looking woman, her skin a bright shade of red horns jutting out for, her short black hair and a very long tail, her choice of cloths wasn’t exactly what one would expect someone to be wearing in cold weather but regardless she was wearing it anyway. A cheeky little smile would flow across her face a moment before maturing to a blue haired male next to her “Soo what do you thing of those three... hmm? They seem like they’d amusing.” she’d ask him with a little giggle.
Evren smiled as he wrapped his arm around Arlsok. His clothes thin and light despite the winter cold outside. "Ah it's nice to be back in the cold, I wish we were allowed to sleep outside." He says as the air gets chilly around him. "Hmmm that couple looks real timid, shall we go say hi~" He says with a wink to Arlosk. "Maybe we can make them as bright red as Telith?"
“Exactly my thoughts, we should definitely say hi~” She’d give a little wink back to Evren her long tail wrapping around him just a little “Hmm~ we I’m sure we can get them going red, i don’t think any of them are goning to stay chilly with us around.” Arlosk replied still with a cheeky grin on her face. “Well you know what they say lady’s first” She’d say softly to Evren as she started walking towards the group.
Evren smiles and chuckles at Arlosk. "Sounds perfect dear~ let's see how red we can get them." He says with a teasing smirk on his face as he follows her towards the unsuspecting trio. "Let's sneak out together tonight for some fun, what do you say dear?" He says before they arrive.
“Would I ever say no to you sweetie? Of course we will.” Arlosk answered softly before planting a kiss on Evren’s cheek. Her attention quick turned back to the unsuspecting trio looking between them all deciding who would be her first victim deciding on the shorter of the two males, Arlosk walked up behind hunter her long tail gently wrapping Around the poor boy before leaning in. “Hi cutie how ya doing~” She’d ask Hunter in a honey sweet tone.
"Hey there, you got room for two more?" Evren asked with a wink sent Kat's way as he stood before the trio holding Arlosk by her side.

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Emmy got a pile of meat and took it to the table near Dante and Leona. Sab joined them. She began eating all of the meat, it was a spectacle.
Kat Jackson
Anime Cat Hoodie.jpg"Ya. Nyahehe," Kat giggled. Edzan was going to be a tough opponent, if they were actually sparring with him tomorrow and not something else. "We're going to be using the onsen tomorrow," she said to her teammates, still sounding chipper. Since she would be the only girl in the group, they couldn't actually bathe together; maybe she'd be able to catch some of the girls or convince a couple to join her.

Her tail wiggled happily as she started to eat. She placed a sushi roll in her mouth and started to chew happily, then swallowed and started to purr.

Kat paused what she was doing when two people walked over. One had red skin and had a femme fatale kind-of-thing going on. Was she flirting with Hunter? She also noticed the wink from the blue haired guy. Was he trying to flirt with her?

"Ya...there's room," she replied. She sounded like she was still processing what was going on, but wanted to be friendly. "Are you two in 1-B?"

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Mukade Ito
IMG_0024.JPGRight off the bus, Ito knew that this whole outdoors thing as going to stink. The dreaded cold was far more than she could bear... at least she had the option stay inside, eat, and maybe get to a little pinning. Her mom found it weird that a girl who's quirk focused around keeping her bugs alive, would take such interest in pinning bugs, but Ito saw nothing wrong with it. Each new species she pinned taught her something new about that bug. How delicate a certain butterfly's wings were, how durable a beetle's shell was, and even how much force would rip a damselfly apart.

The tour was pretty uneventful, and after Ito unceremoniously threw her bags on the floor, she set out to the dining hall. Plate of food in hand, Ito went to go find a seat. Most of the tables were already filled with smaller friend groups. It was unusual that Ito didn't have a group of people already, but this was as good a time as any to find one. "The cat girl's table might be nice... but it looks like a bunch of people are already there..." She turned her eyes to a strange looking insect-like girl. "Yes. Yes. That is so freaking cool!" The person in green next to her also had a fair share of cool. Ito eyed the three students talking to them, and harmlessly eavesdropped.

"So how's about it, cutie-pies? Toss Honey Bear around with all yo wild plans and whatevs."

Not Ito didn't know much about the purple goth lady, other than that she could be a little bitter. Ito took a deep breath and decided to push her luck. Approaching the table with a smile she said, "Hi! I'm Ito. I've seen you around school, but it's nice to meet you Honey Bear! As for my plans, I was thinking I'd just do a little swimming and maybe some table tennis... wait were you asking about the plans of individuals, or the group... wait. Shoot..." Ito looked down with a vacant stare, as if she was running through what she could have done better and what she needs to work on. "Anyway!" Her head snapped back up in an unnatural manner, "Could I sit with you?"

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1593394008010.png Watching three of the students form a bit of a distance was a slightly odd looking woman, her skin a bright shade of red horns jutting out "I will make sure to receive the optimal amount of food and sleep tonight, but I do want to hang out with you two before we nod off." He says as he mixes together his two dishes her ordered. "I'll make sure to do the best I can in coordination with the two of you." He says with a smile as he watches Kat's tail wiggle before he felt something wrap around him causing him to freeze as he heard Kat purr. He blushed as he heard the seductive words of the red girl. "I-I'm fine..." He says as he looks away from her revealing clothing. "S-Sure there are spots across from us." He says before he starts getting irritated with how the blue boy was looking at Kat. He couldn't explain why but he wanted to stand up and slug the sleazy guy right upside the head. He looked to Xander for some sort of support here as he didn't really know what to do as he was being flanked by the two.
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Roy Rainfield and.....

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Roy walked around the table looking for Leona and Paris, he wanted to talk to them more about what Edzan had said earlier, perhaps get a second opinion from them about the absurdity of it all. From his perspective, He and Paris couldn't even get close to the level Leona was on and he hated to admit his fault but... Leona was kinda scary in Roy's eyes, something about her quirk made him a little on edge when she was right by him, he didn't want his blood moved around by anything that wasn't his own body.

Roy looked around a little more for his classmates but the faceless crowd of the members from Class 1-B and random tourists was blinding, he nearly bumped into a few people before finally losing his footing and tripping over the leg of a chair, his closed his eyes as his face shot toward the ground at a rapid pace, bracing for impact when suddenly

Christoph Gundyr and Cecil Williams
Christoph.pngCecil Williams.png
he was stopped a few inches before the ground by some strands of what looked like a few strands colorful fishing-line, looking up Roy saw two boys standing over him one looking quite concerned and the other smiled calmly down at him, waving with the hand that was free from the... Marionette sticks he was holding? The jet-black-haired boy raised his hands in the air before he dropped them downward, sinking into the ground and emerging from in front of Roy, offering him a hand.

"Quite the spill you just had my friend. glad me and Cecil were close by, ay?" he spoke, rising from the floor whilst hoisting the pale boy along with him. The student's voice was even and calm, with an accent Roy could put a finger on.

The other darker-skinned teen, Cecil, who seemed older than the other dropped the marionette sticks from his hand after Roy was on his feet, the things disappearing into thin air "You seem rather distraught about all this, big crowds can be intimidating and confusing for me as well. Care to join me and Christoph in eating somewhere quieter?" Cecil saying this resulted in a happy nod of agreement from Christoph who smiled to Roy

After a moment of thought, the albino teen nodded slowly "Y-yes... that would be nice actually"

Xander Malker

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Angry Xander.jpg

Xander looked up from his meal at the approach of 'Blueberry' and 'Cherry' both walking up with swagger to them. the boy seemed to start eyeing up Kat, all while the scantily clad girl was cruising-for-ah-sexual-harassment-case. Xander squinted at the two of the weirdos as they as seemed to passionately make his pals more and more uncomfortable, the ever-friendly Kat trying to start small talk while the ever-unsure of modern social queues Hunter seemed to want nothing to do with the whole scene.

It was then Hunter gave Xander "The Look" the one you give you bro when you need a lifeline look. The look you give to signal "Ay homie, shit's going south, So south it's all the way in Mexico, talking with the señoritas at the dive bar" and Xander knew he needed to throw his buddy an escape rope quick before Ms. Universe wannabe got all touchy-feely. He frowned and his face began to line itself with angry shadows as he defaulted to his talking to people he didn't know face.

"Ain't you cold, lady?" his gravelly voice boomed out with no regard for pleasantries than he turned the assault to the boy leaving no time for a riposte from Red. "And do you got depth perception with ya eye covered? Jus askin' since we clearly gettin VERY personal within the first few seconds of us meetin' " He had stopped slouching in his seat, sitting to his full stature.
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"We're in 1-B." Evren says with a grin as he sits across from the group.
"You sure cutie? Becuse you don't exactly look fine?" She'd reply giving a fake frown to Hunter, giving him a little pat on the head before her smile returned her tail uncoiling itself form him or at least beging too though she'd stop as the larger male had turned to adress her in a rather aggressive manner Arlosk simply just grinned at Xander "Hmm~ no im not cold at all, i just like this sort of clothing style" She'd reply sweetly only to frown at his next statment "Well hmm~ its not that personal cutie, trust me you would know" She'd reply shooting a glance to Evren as she did so.
"Hey man I'm just chillin here sayin' Hi and makin' friends. Anyways I'm Evren and this is my girlfriend Arlosk." He says with a grin. "I just couldn't help but notice the lovely couple here." He says nodding to Hunter and Kat before facing Xander. "Hey hey, if anything I'm the cold one dude." He says as he makes a small ice sculpture of Hunter and Kat holding hands earlier. "Gotta say, you're a cute pair."
Arlosk would shift her gaze away for Xander to Evren as he introduced the both of them to the three. she'd try to hold in a giggle when he made mention of hunter and kat spinning back around a big smile plastered on her face. moving up behind both kat and Hunter she'd give em a little hug essentually pulling them a little closer "You're right about that sweetie these two are absalutly adorable reminds me of us just a little." she'd then say with a bit of a giggle.
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Paris gaped at the bigness of the sky and the cool freshness of the air here. She had never been outside of Tokyo, and the mountains and the lack of a city skyline was astonishing. She was also realizing how inefficient her coat was. She had the remainder of her money from Edzan ($45) with her, but she was hoping she wouldn't have to spend it. She wanted to save it for a laptop.

She also realized for the first time that the cold weather might have an affect on her quirk. Plants liked to grow in warm weather. Paris could manipulate the growth of the plants as she pleased, but maybe it would take more of her own energy to make them grow in the cold? Maybe the growth would be slowed? Thoughts for later.

They were halfway through the tour when Paris returned to the present. On the way back to the dining hall she noticed the thick furry coats for sale in the lobby, and knew she'd probably have to stop by there later. She hoped she'd still have enough money to rent a pair of skis.

And back to the present again. Paris found herself alone in a crowd of hungry tourists. It took her a minute to spot her classmates in the crowd, and when she did, it seemed like they were being assaulted on all sides by other quirked individuals. Paris scrunched up her nose. Why did it seem like class 1-B had no sense of personal space? And who was she going to eat with?

And so Paris stood in the crowd, alone.

Location: Dining hall
Kat Jackson
Anime Cat Hoodie.jpg"Nya!" Kat wowed at the little ice sculpture of Hunter and her. The resemblance was uncanny.

"Couple?" Things started to click in her mind, but that still didn't explain why it felt like the ice guy and demon girl were flirting with Hunter and herself. She tilted her head and pressed a finger against her chin. It was true that she liked Hunter, but the thought of having a crush on him never occurred to her. She looked over at him and began to study his face. Maybe she did. She wasn't embarrassed about the possibility; but with training tomorrow, was now really a good time to sort those feelings out?

"Nya," Kat squeaked as Arlosk hugged her, shaking her from her thoughts. Her face started to turn a little pink now; she was starting to get a little uncomfortable.

"Maybe you two should find another table," she said with pouty lips, sounding more like a blatantly honest kid than someone with actual malice in their voice. She glanced over at Xander, hoping he was willing to play the 'bad guy' some more if the love birds didn't move on soon. She'd rather not get her claws out, especially on a fellow student whose only 'crime' was having an odd personality instead of something actually evil.

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Lana Del Rize


"Well ain't all o you kiddies just as adorable as could be expected?" Bella tilted her head at the students as she paced, watching with joy as the classes intermingled with... varied results.

Her joy didn't seem to extend to Lana, who had been caught up in her expressive display and was seeking nothing less than a perfect chance to escape the rapidly devolving scenario. This one-Eyed Human-Shaped speakerphone was practically a magnet for attention. The moment she arrived half of Class 1-B seemed to crawl out of the woodwork as if summoned by an unholy pied-piper covered in grease stains and the smell of moldy bacon. Everywhere she looked, 1-B was attempting beyond all doubts to mingle in one way or another. Not only that, but even some of the tourists seemed to be itching to get in on the action. It was social anarchy, the more silent classmates were literally being swallowed up by the crowd as all the rest were subjected to awkward chit chat. It was almost as if the restraints of being confined to one class were being ruthlessly torn apart, dogs and cats were living together, mass hysteria spreading like an airborne plague.

And it was all because... of her.

Bella didn't seem to notice what chaos her interjection had caused, too busy getting distracted momentarily by Rin asking for Leona to join their skiing tomorrow. Though her smile widened, her pal Eddie immediately narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Bring her along? Why on earth would we do that?" Eddie shrugged "She has her own classmates to go with, mixing the classes too much will just lead people to be confused and-"

A hand slapped over his mouth, practically sinking into his slime as Bella pulled him into a side hug, "Hol' up there, Baby. You ain't gonna deny Baby Boy Rinny his offering now are ya?"

Eddie's slime was already oozing over her hand, but he looked back to her in confusion once she pulled it away, "His what?"

"The Offering, duh!" she said it as if it was the simplest thing, in the world whilst kipping playfully over to Leona and leaning down to look her over "Well I accept this tasty little gift and claim it with glee, honey boy~"

Reaching out, she clasped a hand on Leona's shoulder looping a finger through some of her own hair, "Oh you are just going to love being mine, sweetie-pie. We're gonna be painting love up and down that Ski trail like nobody's business."

Lana saw her chance the moment that Bella walked over to Leona. While some may have had second thoughts abandoning their classmate to whatever horrifying companionship the Cyclops was indicating, Lana was just thankful that someone was there to take the fall. Hopefully, she could withstand the Cyclops long enough for Lana to make her daring escape. She was a rather noticeable individual from physical characteristics alone, but she knew how to blend in where it counted.

"Woah woah woah," Eddie waved his hands before looking to Bella in shock "Are you seriously considering this? I thought we were going as a trio... you know, like we always do."

With Rin, Leona and Eddie distracting Bella at the same time, Lana took that window of escape and quickly began scuttling away.

Only to smack into Taka and stumble back with a growl, "What the-!?!" Lana looked back and forth between the eyeless oddity and the last place she swore she remembered him standing last "When did you-? What?!?"

But he didn't even seem to realize she'd smacked into him. Her limbs made her a full head taller than him, yet he hadn't budged a millimetre. Instead, he was rubbing his chin thoughtfully at the conversation his classmates had been having.

"Yeah, Boss! We can't just lay claims like that!" he called out to Bella before pointing to Leona accusingly "She don't got no warranty, no sell by date. We can't just take offers with no preowned statements! Rin could cheat us on a sale like that."

Lana could feel a growl rising up in the back of her throat, but felt a hand take hold of her shoulder before she could lay into the brainless idiot for sabotaging her escape.

"That's because it ain't a sale, its a gift my dude." Bella said as she dragged an irate Lana back over and sat next to Leona before wrapping an arm around both of them "And I wouldn't go having fun without two of my dear lil' babies, now would I?"

She looked between the two of them for confirmation, but all Lana could do was snarl under her breath as her eyes glared down at the arm placed around her. Once again, her anger went unacknowledged by Bella, who hugged both her and Bella as Eddie sighed. Lana found her options for escape dwindling rapidly, the solid wall of self-indulgent friend-making that was Bella seemed to have fail-safes on top of fail-safes. And what's worst was that at this rate, she'd be forced to interact more with her classmates as a result.

So she would have to talk, have to snarl and yell and force her way out of the scenario before it was too late. That was no biggie, she'd been mastering the art of speech for a while before this. She'd held semi-full conversations with others, she could do this. Properly lining her words together, she prepared a barrage of vitriolic refusals which any sane human being would easily relent towards. But before she could issue such things, yet another girl entered the conversation blatantly intrigued by Bella's 'friendliness'. She asked to sit with them, and Bella was quick to nod.

"Oh honey please, there's no asking with Honey Bear." Bella shook her head with a grin whilst looking Ito up and down "There's only action and good times, fam. You should come ski too if them fine legs o' yours can hold up."

"Seriously?" Eddie questioned with a bit of dejection, but Lana could see the writing on the wall. The moment the suggestion left Bella's lips her single eye narrowed as if struck by realization. As soon as that eye swerved over the rest of the students nearby, her worst fears were realized.

"No..." she uttered

"In fact," Bella grinned, releasing Lana and Leona as she stood tall.

"No." Lana stretched the word out as she saw the flaming wagon of eventual travesty barreling towards her

"Any other babies who wanna join in on our lil trek should hop in! Make it a school party." Bella called out with a beckoning gesture "Let's make some long thick trails deep into them mounds!"

Mako Glass2af0d4612b85b41c1b3c2a819968ffc7.jpg
Having been more than willing to stay on the sidelines throughout dinner, Mako found herself folding her arms at the interactions going on around her. But it was Ferryn waving her over that prompted her to break her silence. Though she was willing to let others take center stage, she wouldn't back down when called upon by one of her friends. So as the conversations over meals rose around her, she casually made her way over to Ferryn with a nod before hearing her ask if she needed anything.

"No no, I'm fine over here." She was quick to hold up her hands as she gave a low chuckle "You just enjoy the food, good company's more than filling enough for me."

She hoped the sentiment of the statement would be enough for her friend, as merely stating that seemed to make her even hungrier. It was odd in a way, every time she tried to ignore or deny her hunger it would intensify as if in some form of spite. Acceptance and tolerance seemed to be the only methods by which to stabilize it, but it would never allow her to grow numb to its ache. But Ferryn didn't need to worry herself over such matters, not when she already seemed concerned about some Gray haired guy that was chatting with Leona.

Reaching a hand out towards her, Mako hesitated. She wasn't the type to bring up someone else's business if she could help it, and so desperately sought a topic to distract Ferryn with. Talking more about the food made Mako's stomach rumble just thinking about it, so she turned instead to look elsewhere. She found it easily enough, as Xander, Hunter and Kat were sitting nearby. Xander and Hunter both were fairly enthusiastic about most things related to physical activity, so she was sure that she could get them to start up a conversation on all the fun stuff they could do later. But alas, it would seem that all of them were caught up in a rather tense discussion with two more 1-B students if their facial expressions were anything to go by.

Mako briefly considered the option of just quietly letting things play out until another opportunity arose, yet found one presenting itself in the form of the Cyclops girl making yet another loud decree that they classes should join together for the ski rides. While Mako still was leaning more towards a snowboard instead of skis, she would be remiss not to take the opportunity to get everyone's mind on some common ground.

"That sounds like it could be pretty cool." she nodded down to Ferryn "Probably won't help me do better, but I doubt it'd make me do worst."

She cupped a hand around her mouth as she looked to her other friends, "Yo Xander, Hunter! I'm thinking of taking that Cyclops chick up on the offer but... I'm thinking I'd probably do better with a snowboard than Skis. But I wanted to get some seconds opinions on it, and since you guys seem like you'd no more on the matter I figured I'd ask."

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1593481403106.png Hunter sighs in relief at Xander's backup and flashes him a thankful smile. Unfortunately his relief was short lived as the red girl and blue boy continued to pester him and make him red from embarrassment due to her tail, being called a couple with kat and the ice sculpture. He looked over at cat Flushed red before looking away, luckily she was in awe of the sculpture when he did so. However as Kat studied him his face went from a light blush to deep crimson and his face began to heat up, he couldn't explain why but his heart was beating faster than normal and he wasn't able to control it. He ended up looking away once again due to instinct. He no longer wanted anything to do with the two strangers and he silently began eating his food while looking down to try and hide. He was relieved when Kat asked them to leave, allowing him to speak up. "Please sit elsewhere."
Upon seeing the scene was set against them the duo headed off elsewhere.
Hunter sighed in relief. "That was... uncomfortable." He says picking at his food to avoid looking at Kat, lest his face turn deep red again. He needed to get whatever this was under control soon...
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db1e8c9a45b97c0031b0f4cb7b2c973e.jpgrwby-omegaverse-16642469-010620190214(1).jpgLeona Wright & Rin Takahashi
: Ski Lodge - Dining Hall
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"Eddie shut the hell up," Rin rolled his eyes moments before Bella slapped her hand over his face. Rin's charismatic smiled returned as his hand raised to gently pat Leona's cheek, who tried to moved her head over of the way. Not that it was working. "She's not just any girl alright? Who cares if she's not in our class, she probably doesn't have any friends yet. I just want to make sure she has a good time up here." Rin knew a lot about Leona, the blood bender knew that. And unfortunately, he was right. Sabjorn and Dante were both probably just putting up with her but...Leona wasn't a fan of the way Bella was addressing her. An offering? Maybe for a slaughter, this was just Rin making sure he could keep tabs on her.

When Bella approached and laid a hand on her shoulder, Leona felt Ron's arm dip down to wrap around her waist. She felt her skin crawl but...there wasn't anything she could do about it. "I...I guess I'm looking forward to it?" If she was honest, Leona didn't know if Bella was really bold and flirting with her or if this was just the way she talked. It wasn't like Bella was bad looking either but Leona was seriously not used to this. If Lana wasn't here, she'd be the most uncomfortable person in the room right now.

"This is why people like Honey Bear here a lot more than you Eddie," Rin suddenly spoke up again, scooting a little closer to Leona now. "We aren't going to mess up your dynamic trio, I promise. But a lot of this trip is supposed to be about bonding right?" He cooed a little, leaning forward a bit. "What's the harm in bonding with our class A friends?" He finished just as the other boy spoke up again. Rin narrowed his eyes a little as Leona opened her mouth to retaliate when Rin once again spoke up in her defense. "She took down Delta Break during the entrance exam and got on the top ten list. She doesn't need anyone to vouch for her. And please," His eyes narrowed a little more, "Stop referring to her a product." Once he had finished, his face relaxed again and he leaned back in his chair with that smile.

Well, he obviously had a reputation to protect with these guys, Leona was surprised he had actually stood up for her but the girl's attention shifted a bit to Bella again. Poor Lana...as she was dragged over to their table, Leona managed to mouth "I'm sorry" knowing Lana hated situations like this. Not many people actually tried to... accommodate that fact. And Leona thought it was unfair. Bella stood up for her as well, or rather, corrected the slime boy. And it wasn't long before another girl had joined them, Ito the beatle. Leona really wanted to finish eating and go to their room now, but...ugh. she had a feeling they'd be stuck here for a while.

So she turned her attention to her dinner, grabbing the second riceball since with an arm on her shoulder and her waist made it difficult to eat her udon. "Don't worry," Rin smiled at her, leaning in as his voice lowered. "You won't be alone with them tomorrow. I'll be there to keep you company." She looked at him, a shiver running down her spin again but Leona didn't reply. If she did, she'd have to explain and...like she had told Ferryn, this was her issue to deal with.
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Dante had, by some miracle, managed to avoid a majority of the attention. At the dorms, he'd claimed top bunk nearest the window, and he'd somehow been low key enough that only Sabjorn and Emmy seemed to actually notice him to sit near him. Two Dragons and a vampire, now that was a sitcom waiting to happen. As he usually did whenever he was idle, he was working on his quirk drills in one hand while he ate, still trying to get a grasp on the jackhammer concept that was eluding him. He'd have to construct the jackhammer almost completely in blood to get it to work right, which meant a series of pieces rather than a solid form...

But of course, he was more than capable of multitasking.

He stayed quiet, choosing to observe the class B people, in particular the one who was... seriously, was he the only one that noticed how supremely uncomfortable Leona looked? And he was getting far too hands on with her. Too many red flags for his liking, and by how Leona shuddered.... Body language, you see, was something you learned a lot about while dancing. The subtle cues you could use to guide someone, the subtle nudges to get a response the way you want. Of course, that also meant he could see the signs of a bad lead: when the follow pulled away, when they moved against the motions....

He could simply say something, but... well, that rarely went well.

He cast a glance at Sabjorn, his eyes darting back over to Rin and Leona as a subtle signal. He doubted Sabjorn was truly paying attention, but he'd gained something of a rapport with the large dragon if for no other reason than because Sabjorn was practically Dante's designated scraps disposal unit whenever he cooked, which was often. He didn't need Sabjorn to do much, if things went correctly, but he still would much rather have Saboire Faire watching his back should something go particularly amiss.

Dante's eyes returned to his food, glancing at his blood construct as he started trying to make the jackhammer "work" until it came apart, the bottom of it whizzing across the room to bing off the back of Rin's head.

"Oh shit! Sorry about that!" Dante called, standing up and heading over, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Been trying to work on a new trick and unfortunately my little scale model didn't exactly hold together.... Hope that didn't hit you too hard!" He explained, holding up what remained of the model as he recalled the tossed aside blood before he seemed to notice Leona was there. "Leona! You said before it would be like a piston, yeah? Mind if I show you the design and see if maybe you can see where I'm buggering this thing up?" He asked, holding the model forward over his palm so she could see it. It rotated slowly on his palm, in tiny font only she'd be able to really make out, there was a single word: 'Help?'. It rotated so that, should anyone else look over after, it would be facing away from them. All she'd need to do is nod if she needed an out.

Sometimes.... subtlety was the best choice of action...



Used to be a people-person; then people ruined it
I wasn't really one for conflict, unlike what my first impression suggested. But as I watched someone that seemed to be ripped straight from Greek mythology wrap her arms around one of my fellow classmates, I felt my irritation levels rising.

The classmate was Lana Del Rize. An interesting quirk, called creepy by some. I simply found it intriguing.

Not only had they caused quite a scene, they also seemed to be blatantly ignoring how uncomfortable she was.

Irritation levels steadily increasing.

I sighed through my nose, practically dislocating my jaw to drop the apple I'd been smuggling out. The marks from my fangs very obvious, even in the soft light. My wings tucked and tail flicked, hovering just above the ground.

I stalked completely silently up to the three, right behind the cyclops.

"Excuse me," I started, tone flat. And despite only being a few feet away, I imagined it was quite startling to have a voice quite close to your ear. "I believe you're making my classmate uncomfortable."

Same deadpan tone.

My wind-ridges clicked, the long spines at the ends of my leading wing-fingers opening and closing in rhythm.

Wings staying half-relaxed at my sides, folded in a shell-shape and looming a foot-or-so above my head, I transferred the green apple to my left hand, using my right to pick scales off the sides of the extra limbs.

"I would appreciate it if you let her go; your point has been made."

Click, click, click, click.

The sight I was adjusting clicked like a dial lock, and I checked it before switching to tend the side.

Click, click, click, click.


literally a child
Emmy was eating her large amount of meats when alot of activity broke out. she smiled at Bella and was about to say she would love to join everyone when she heard the commotion behind her, it was Dante and Leona. she flew over to them and landed right next to leona "what's...going on? Emmy is here to help." she says grabbing Leonas hand and holding it trying to show she is here to help her if the boys get too weird, but looking more like a child holding their big sisters hand.


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Sabjorn completely missed Dantes cues. Subtlety only worked when people were perceptive enough to catch it. Which sab was not. However, he did notice when his friends suddenly were not next to him. He looked around for a moment, trying to figure out where they went when he realized there was a situation going down with some of the class 1-B students. Sighing for a brief moment, he scarfed down the rest of his food hastily before standing and joining Dante, arms crossed, unamused scowl on his face. All directed towards the students of Class 1-B.

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Yasu Akizuki
The arrival of 1-B students seemed to making many of his fellow classmates uncomfortable, that was not hard to see. For Yasu though, everything seemed to be fine expect the occasional outburst from the one eyed girl. He took a sip from his hot tea with a smile starting to form on his face. Some people's misery was another's paradise and in this case, his classmates were taking the brunt of 1-B for him. He continued to chow on his food, occasionally listening to what's going around him. Many in 1-B seemed like an odd bunch and Yasu was glad he didn't have to really deal with it. "I'll remember your sacrifice." Yasu said to himself jokingly, continuing to observe his classmates interact with 1-B.

Yasu took another sip of his hot tea and was listening to one eyed girl speak as her voice was the easiest to pick out from the commotion. When she mentioned both the classes going out onto the slopes together like a party, he almost choked on his tea. He broke out into a coughing fit which quickly subsided. The last thing he wanted to do was go out on the slopes with the other class. They would probably just get in the way but he could also say that about some his classmates as well. Yasu picked up his tea and food and got up from where he was sitting. If they were going together, he wanted to find someone he actually would go with or somebody that he could tolerate. He found himself walking up to Xander's table. They seemed like a decent bunch and not as annoying as some of the others.

When he walked up, he heard the word 'snowboard' and he was already intrigued. He had only gone snowboarding once or twice before but considered himself pretty decent because skateboarding helped him with a lot of skills. "So... you all are thinking about snowboarding? If you need some help getting on your feet, I could offer some service." Yasu said to the table in reference to one of the girl's question. He couldn't remember her name but she did look a little bit similar to the girl who was sitting next to him on the bus earlier. He took another sip of his tea which was starting to lose some of it's heat. When it came to teaching people stuff, it was one of the only things Yasu actually enjoyed surprisingly. He loved teaching his younger sister new things and the idea of being a teacher was something he never took off the table.

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db1e8c9a45b97c0031b0f4cb7b2c973e.jpgrwby-omegaverse-16642469-010620190214(1).jpgLeona Wright & Rin Takahashi
: Ski Lodge - Dining Hall
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Rin jolted forward as the blood piston hit the back of his of his head. Leona had to bite back a snort as Rin pulled his arm off of her and stood up and turned to face Dante. His smile had been replaced by a glare. There were many, many things Rin wanted to say to him...but he needed to be careful. "I'd say you have a good arm but if it was an accident...just don't let it happen again." Rin's tone made it clear this was a warning, but given the situation he wasn't going to do much else. Well, until Dante addressed Leona. The girl perked up as Rin's face twisted a little, unsure if he should say something or not. But just as he felt the need too, a large dragon boy and a small dragon girl joined the party. Rin sighed, turning slightly to look down at Leona.

"Everything's fine Emmy," Leona smiled, giving the short girl a gentle squeeze of the hand. Though Dante would catch a slight nod from her. He had already made her a way out even if he hadn't realized it. Leona let go of Emmy's hand, and shrugged Bella's arm off her shoulder as she grabbed her tray. "I'll still ski with you tomorrow, but I want to help him with what he's working on. Enjoy your dinner," She smiled at the cyclops, feeling a bit bad for Lana still, but Leona turned to leave. But Rin gently grabbed her left arm.

"Wait." His voice was low, expression a little softer than it had been with Dante and the dragons. He wanted Leona to keep sitting next to him. But at the same time, he needed to be careful. Leona narrowed her eyes a little.

"Rin, I want to sit with my friends. Please," She said. Though it sounded like a request, one he was certainly considering. With a glance to the other group he leaned down and whispered something in her ear, Leona nodding a little before he straightened up and looked to Dante and Sabjorn.

"Alright, alright, you can borrow Leona for a bit," He smiled, letting go of her arm. Though his hand moved to give her pat on the butt, his hand resting there until she moved. "Take care of my girl will ya? She's special." Rin smiled as Leona started walking off to Dante, Sabjorn, and Emmy's table to take a seat. Rin sat back down next to Bella, scooting his tray over to start eating his dinner, his posture slumped slightly.

Once they were out of ear shot, Leona sighed deeply, both from relief and tension. "Thanks guys, I owe you one," she spoke quietly, just in case someone could still hear them. They'd notice a slight flush to her cheeks now, and it definitely wasn't from the chili oil. "Though really you didn't have to, it was fine. Just a lot of people, you know?"
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[ Ferryn Evans ]

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Ferryn was starting to get very upset by the time Rin put his arm around Leona's waist. She hated that she had been asked to say nothing, and she hated that she had to just stand by and watch. Why didn't she do something? She said it was her problem to deal with, but she did nothing.

Ferryn hardly acknowledged what Mako said about joining 'Baby girl' and crew on the ski hill. The only reaction from her was a small wrinkle of her nose. She didn't like how the ENTIRE class of 1-B had no boundaries. They didn't feel like genuinely nice people, and someone with as little ability to protest a situation as Ferryn did didn't feel safe with them.

Then Dante showed up, and Ferryn began to feel a little better. She wondered if Leona would be mad at him for interfering, too, but atleast this situation was being handled. And atleast one more person saw what was going on now. Ferryn still didn't feel very hungry anymore, and she hoped a good night's sleep would make everything better.



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Lana Del Rize
Butterfly Affection -Kowaku no Youchuu- [N.Visual] [Captura5] (AnimeexAnimee)5.jpg

If there was a decent word to describe Lana at this very instant in time, it would be infuriated. Here she was getting tugged around by some one-eyed sociopath with a friend fetish, said sociopath also managed to draw the attention of everyone within a thirty-foot radius. And Leona's friend over there just seemed to keep giving her even more ideas, which in turn led to her drawing more attention to them. It was a self-perpetuating loop of drawn attention that was rapidly spiraling out of control. It would perhaps be easier to list the number of students nearby who Lana wasn't glaring at, as the more who drew near to this cataclysm of lunacy seemed to inspire Bella to just get louder and more involved.

"That's why folks don't like me?" Eddie tilted his head at Rin' suggestion before placing a hand to his chin "I was under the impression it was due to my neurotic obsession with propriety and cleanliness."

"Now see, I was confused on that at first too..." Taka admitted while rubbing at his head "Because... I always figured... people liked ya less because you looked like Oil... and Oil... is hard to get out of clothes."

"I suppose that'd explain why you tolerate me," Eddie shrugged whilst looking him up and down "I'm still unsure how you manage to consistently lack a shirt wherever you go."

Bella giggled at that before chomping down on a spoon full of delicious mashed potatoes, "Well ya can't go shaming our boy for knowing how to keep eyes on him." she cooed, reaching down to fill her utensil again when a voice spoke up suddenly behind her. Whereas Eddie physically flinched a bit at the sudden arrival, Taka once more tilted his head in confusion as Bella lowered her spoon and leaned back in her seat until she was looking upside down at her newest buddy.

"Oho?" She grinned wide at Flame's suggestion before her eye darted to Lana "You uncomfortable, buggy boo?"

Lana looked around incredulously, "... Duh."

Her response only prompted Bella to hug her tightly again, "Aww, but how could I ever let a sweetie-pie as cute and angry as you go?!? That's some downright sacrilege to honey bear right there, it is!"

Lana's human eye twitched as her cluster of eyes writhed under her eye cover with irritation. Bella seemed to take her blatant snarl of disgust as an invitation to start nuzzling her affectionately, inciting Lana to grit her misshapen teeth together even harder. She couldn't exactly blame Flame for this new level of stomach-churning intimacy, not many would assume that Bella took everything as an excuse to take things further. But that realization didn't stop Lana from recognizing that even more folks had approached the table. All at once, Dante, Emmy and that other dragon guy were up out of their seats and crowding around Rin and Leona.

No... not crowding, their intervention seemed to inspire Rin to allow Leona to leave. This sight nearly caused Lana to bury her insectoid fingers into the table, as of course Leona would find a way to turn her original plan back on her. Now she was the one being left behind to the whims of some 1-B lunatic with no recognition of personal space. And she had been the one working towards her own escape the entire time! Oh but of course, Lana should've seen this betrayal coming. It was all fair in love and war after all, but being fair didn't make it feel like any less of a piss-take.

Bella on the other hand didn't even seem to realize that Leona had been successfully evacuated from the table, her eye now looking Flame up and down with no small amount of interest, "Well I'm sure if we all just get together and learn our ins and outs a lil' better, things'll get really comfortable for all of us really soon, baby. I know I'm liking the sound of it, and getting to know both you and my buggy boo more intimately sounds a lil' too tantalizing to pass up, honey pie!"

With her gaze on Flame, Bella didn't notice one of Lana's lower arms reaching up towards her until a pair of chitinous fingers clamped down on her nose and yanked back off of her. To Lana's irritation, Bella held onto her stubbornly, requiring her to yank harder to slowly pry the Cyclops off like an itchy scab. The rough treatment didn't even put a dent in Bella's giddy expression. If anything, it made her chuckle with even more enthusiasm.

"Aha! So ya did wanna give Honey Bear a tug after all!" she snickered as Lana fought to drag her face away "Well pull as hard as ya want, Buggy-Boo! Mama loves to play with her babies in all kinds of fun new ways!"

Eddie didn't seem to share the sentiment, "Uh... are you sure about-?"

He didn't get to finish before Lana finally got Bella's hold on her to listen, acting on instinct and releasing her nose just to whip her lower hand around and take hold of the back of her head instead. Bella laughed through the entire process as she reached out towards Lana again, not managing to reach her in time before her head was shoved forward into her own plate of mashed potatoes and her laughter was finally muffled. The impact splattered her meal over her head, Lana's dress, and Rin who just happened to be in the splash zone.

Releasing Bella's head, Lana spat on the nearby floor in disgust as she finally removed herself from the table. As she passed Flame, she looked to her for only a few seconds before stomping off angrily.

Eddie watched her leave with a sigh, "Well... that went about as I expected," he said as he walked off "I'll go fetch some paper towels."

Meanwhile, Taka carefully nudged Bella, "Yo Boss... you alright?"

At his words, Bella finally pulled her face from the splatter of mashed potatoes before her, her smile hadn't weakened at all. Instead of answering immediately, Bella took up her spoon once more and scooped some of the potatoes off her face before eating with a smile.

"Boy, Honey Bear's gonna need you to check the air real quick." she said with a chuckle before glancing to him "An absolute dime just fed me a kickass meal, my dude. What's not to love?"

Mako Glass2af0d4612b85b41c1b3c2a819968ffc7.jpg
Mako sighed in relief as the situation with Class 1-B seemed to peter out a bit. Despite Lana's brief retribution against that Cyclops who referred to herself as Honey Bear, Mako could easily say that it had gone better than expected. With how tense everyone was, she had almost expected things to turn into a brawl right there in the dining hall. Thankfully the issues seemed to resolve themselves one after another, at least partially. The couple that had been pestering Xander, Hunter and Kat took a hint and wandered off together. Leona had been freed from her oddly clingy friend's grasp by her own pals. And that whole mess with Lana and Honey Bear... well, suffice it to say that Mako had been worried that far worst would happen.

But instead she gave a sigh of relief as she leaned against the table she was sharing with Ferryn. She had seemed intimately worried about what was going on with Leona, not something Mako had a full understanding of but it was recognizable at the least. Leona seemed relieved to be with her classmates, so Mako was hoping that some of that relief would be enough to ward off Ferryn's worry. But someone else had approached their table in that time-frame. Yasu had undoubtedly come to evade the louder individuals in class 1-B, and had apparently picked up on Mako's topic of snowboarding. He didn't even hesitate to offer his help getting started, something she could appreciate.

"Hey man, I'm all for getting whatever help I can." she nodded to him before running her gaze over the dining hall around them "I just figured I'd do better at it than skiing."

Maybe it was just her inexperience with the subject talking, but Mako figured riding one board down a mountain would be easier than two thinner ones. And she actually had experience with boards, whereas her familiarity with skis was entirely nil. Well, it wasn't like she had much of either in all honesty. But she could remember riding on a skateboard someone brought to her old job back when she went to Free State. Then there was that one time she tried surfing while hanging out with her coworkers. The main linking factor between all three were the singular board under her feet. Now Mako knew better than to assume they handled similarly, as even with next to no idea how it worked she'd recognized a distinct difference between surfing and skateboarding. But she had literally nothing in regards to skiing, so it was all a matter of numbers at that point.

But thinking of those previous encounters with riding on boards, Mako couldn't help but think back to her old job. She'd gotten fairly close with the other staff working at that buffet, one of whom even took her in after it was destroyed. Sure, she still had the same boss as she did back then, as Ming Lao had focused her skills towards a Restaurant some time after receiving reparations, but she'd acquired an all new staff save for Mako. In fact, looking around the dining hall at that very moment made Mako remember the old buffet, she couldn't help but feel nostalgic. The crowds wandering about and conversing, the large portions of food on offer, the lonely little Paris standing in the middle of it all with nobody to-

Wait a second.

Mako had to do a double take for that one, but sure enough there was Paris standing in the middle of the crowd not really doing much. Mako couldn't help but feel a little worried for her, and not just because she seemed all on her own over there.

"Hey Paris, you know you could sit with us if ya want." she ended up inviting her with a casual wave, then nodded over to Xander, Hunter, and Kat "We're talking about snowboarding and skis if that's your kinda thing."

To be fair, Mako wasn't exactly sure what Paris's thing was on account of how silent she generally was, but anything was better than nothing.

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Paris had never truly appreciated how invisible she was until today. It had definitely been useful in the past, but today held an all new kind of desire to be invisible, what with Class 1-B collectively assaulting her class. Where were their teachers? Where are our teachers, in fact? Paris couldn't find them, and despair started to sink in.... And then she heard Mako's voice, her eyes snapping to where the girl was sitting, inviting her to join them.

It was an internal battle as to whether to accept the invitation or not. Mako herself looked a little mysterious and scary, although she seemed to be friendly from what interactions Paris had observed. Ferryn, the girl with the stutter, seemed nicer than not, although she didn't talk much so Paris wasn't sure. Hunter was kind of serious, and probably super dangerous cause of his immense skill with swords.... Kat was fine, albeit a little overexcited.... But Xander.

Paris shuddered. Xander was massive. And he pinned kids up against the lockers daily, usually leaving a dent in the lockers that someone with a magnetic quirk would have to come fix. And he always had a super mean look on his face was he was super loud.

But Class 1-B had lost their first victims and were on the prowl again, and Paris decided hesitantly that she would be safer in the herd of her terrifying classmates than alone in the feeding grounds of Class 1-B. She hurried over to Mako and took the nearest empty seat, giving Mako a look of gratitude.

"I haven't ever skiied or snowboarded, but I want to try..." She offered.


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I leaned down, meeting the cyclops' eye. "If you touch me, I won't hesitate to defend my personal space. Clear?" But upon seeing what Lana was doing, I backed away, debating helping.

That offer passed by, however, and I had to duck to avoid an errant, flying potato-clump. Upon seeing the situation relatively resolved, my wings and tail drew in around me, covering everything but my head and part of my back and kinda seeming like a giant cloak.

Lana passed by beside me, and I raised a brow in a 'you good?' motion as she passed.

I was planning on going back to the dorm anyway, so I followed at a bit of a distance, not really one to get anywhere near someone else's personal space bubble.

In any case, I just wanted to go back to training or doing nothing.

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Mukade Ito

This Honey Bear girl was super fun... She was charismatic, happy, and knew how to talk to everyone! Ito had only known her for a few minutes, but was flattered when Honey was so open and welcoming with her. "Aw thanks! No one's ever told me I have nice legs. And I'd love to ski, but I really don't hold up well in the cold. I could just come and cheer you guys on!" It's true that Ito wasn't the biggest fan of the cold, but she certainly didn't mind it as much as she let on. It was really the fact that using Ito's quirk for any more than a few minutes was suicide.

Ito looked back to Bella. Every single one of Honey Bear's friends looked super interesting and nice, well, except for Lana. Maybe Lana was just someone that had to warm up to you. Maybe that's why she was cold to everyone; it had only been a week, after all. "Um..." Ito wasn't really ready to unload the whole "let them be, and eventually they'll come around," so she figured that averting Bella's attention would be enough.

It wasn't really hard to find some way to interject. I mean-Lana just got a super awesome nickname! "Aw no fair! She gets a cool bug nickname; I can do bugs too!" She turned her right index finger into a rhinoceros beetle to prove it. It scuttled around the table eventually reattached itself to Ito's hand. She made an expression that could only be described as a child waiting for validation. "Eh? Eh? See? I want a cool nickname too!"

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Xander Malker

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Xander clenched his fists and his face contorted more with anger as the two random 1-B kids kept pressing up against Kat and Hunter, He was about to stand up when they decided to leave finally. sitting back down Xander crossed his arms and frowned "Ugh- I hate people who get all up in my pal's personal space, bunchah jerks!"

He finished his meal and in only a few moments the table he sat at had a lot more people there than before, guess they picked a popular spot. apparently everyone wanted to go skiing or snowboarding, which he was totally on board for but after thinking for a second he raised an eyebrow "Hey uh- Hate to be the guy who kills the mood, but Kat n' Hunter, ain't we s'possed to be trainin' tomorrow? I don't wanna get all worn out snowboarding and then get my ass knocked off by Teach. Or are we planin' this for after training tomorrow?"

Xander had a lot of stamina, but he wanted to be in super peak form for fighting his sensei, so snowboarding tonight might be a bad idea.

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