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Used to be a people-person; then people ruined it
My ears perked at swift footsteps, and I had to glance behind me, noting the teacher. Someone who I needed to listen to. I sat through the entire speech, giving her as much attention as I could without getting anxious about watching my back.

When she was done, I dipped my head, tone still flat. "Yes, Ma'am." There was no protesting, and with fluid, immediate movements, I gathered up my stuff, moved to the front, and resumed my previous position, not even taking up half the seat even with my wings.

There was no frustration, no embarrassment, nothing. Almost like a robot.

All of the points were fair.

I couldn't contest that.

So I resumed writing things down, making notes, and mentally chastising myself for letting the mask slip. Even if it were only for a moment.

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DovahBeat DovahBeat
Amyleii Amyleii FireMaiden FireMaiden

Natural Flavour

Paris wants to Perish


Paris watched the incident with the dragons unfold, eyes wide as usual.

"Look at them..." She whispered to Roy, like she was deep in the middle of a forest staring at a bear that hadn't noticed her yet. "They're so tough..." Her head swiveled around slowly, taking in everybody else on the bus as well. "Actually... Come to think about it.... I wouldn't like to be in a fight with anyone on this bus..." Paris started to feel the illusion that she was drowning, a commonly occuring reaction to overwhelming stimulus in Paris's mind. She winced, and then slid down in her seat, thoughts whirling around to no end in her brain. What are you doing here? How did you get in? Why didn't they stop me at the door? Paris shook her head, trying to fling imaginary water out of her ears. I'm not really supposed to be here. I thought for sure they'd realise the mistake in the grading and tell me to get my things... It was true that Paris had been waiting for the message that she had to go home ever since she moved in. No, ever since the moment she had seen her name on the scoreboard at the end of the entrance exam. She had tried to find the teacher she and Emmy had fought during the test, but it seemed like he had been brought in for the event. He didn't work here. He couldn't tell her that she had actually failed.

Paris took a deep (and slightly too loud) gulp of air, and then blushed, embarrassed. She tried to get her breathing under control, and then looked out the window, watching the trees and buildings go by.

Location: Bus
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Grade A Bitch
f0ac015dbe52caeae46f0a4425ef6adf.jpgYuri Fujioka
Location: Middle of the Bus
Interaction: FlameAriiDrayceon FlameAriiDrayceon (Flame) DovahBeat DovahBeat (Sabjorn) Amyleii Amyleii (Emmy)
Mentioned: The students
"Maybe. But anything can happen to anyone. Especially on this line of work." Yuri had seen too many people who did everything right, who seemed like they could never be taken downfall because of one little thing. Ami was a capable hero, but nobody was invincible. "It's a reality you have to face every time you look at a villain. You might not get to go home that night. You kids shouldn't have to face that feeling yet...but remember, that's something that comes with the job." It why people like her existed, to help deal with the trauma and pressure that came with that realization every time you went to work. Every time someone came knocking just to watch shit hit the fan. Her expression was considerably softer looking at Emmy and the other students. But then she focused her attention on Sabjorn.

That smug smirk...the boy would suddenly feel a sharp smack to the back of his head. A hard smack from someone who definitely was not amused. "Wipe that fucking smirk off your goddamned face," Yuri barked. "I'll put this in words even an idiot can understand. Your claws are dangerous. I doubt Flame has any immunity to toxins, so if a bump sent her into your feet, guess what would happen? I sure it's not hard to connect the dots." She paused for a moment, crossing her arms again as that angry glare only got angry. "You'd be on the first bus straight back to Tokyo with your expulsion letter in hand for purposefully harming a classmate. We've already had to expel one student for this, do you really want to make it two?" That was also a promise instead of a threat, Yuri didn't stand for students like this. In fact, she was the reason five third years hot expelled. Well, technically it was their own fault, but she was the one who finally called them on their shit, stuff they had been doing for hears but nobody noticed. "If you want to switch places with her and be cramped behind the drivers seat, go right ahead and switch places."


Drummer without a drum set
Sabjorn immediately turned to glare at whoever just smacked him, but it was quickly wiped off his face and replaced with a mostly neutral expression. Shit. He averted his gaze and pulled his feet down from the seat. It was much less comfortable this way, he was too tall not to have his legs cramped in the small space allotted on the bus between seats. And it didn't help that his former fractures made them constantly sore, too. This ride was going to be killer on his knees now.
"Sorry, ma'am..." he mumbled begrudgingly, rubbing the back of his head where he was hit.

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Kat Jackson
Anime Cat Hoodie.jpgKat momentarily gave Hunter a puzzled look before realizing that he was handing her the tablet. She smiled as she grabbed it and started to see what movies were already on it. For someone who didn't watch movies, there was a good amount to choose from. She wondered if Xander had helped him pick them out, or if he had found a movie buff's list, or maybe they were already there and Hunter was just borrowing the tablet from someone.

She became so engrossed in scrolling down the movie list to notice the movie list, that is until a teacher's voice started to get involved. Kat jostled at Yuri's "Hey", which seemed to come out of nowhere. For a second she thought she was in trouble again, but didn't recall doing anything. It quickly became apparent that something else was going on as Yuri walked past her. She rested the tablet in her lap and quietly listened to the speech.

Her ears drooped a little as Yuri answered Emmy's question. She knew first hand that no one was invincible. Six years ago a villain had killed her mother, a hero named Vixen. Her dad took the brunt of the pain and tried to keep Kat as trauma free as possible, but it was hard to avoid the news reports. Back then she was worried about her dad. Taking inspiration for the J-pop idol groups she loved so much, Kat was her dad's ray of sunshine. In the end they both helped each other find the strength to move forward, and from that day on, she wanted to help others do the same; however, she found it hard to chose between being a J-pop idol or a hero. In her opinion there was a lot that overlapped between the two, so why not choose both?

Kat tried to hold back her tears as memories surfaced, but one managed to slip out. She quickly wiped it with her sleeve before it could drip off of her cheek.

She forced her attention back to the tablet and continued to scroll through the movies, but her ears and tail stayed in melancholy mode.





Kat's ears perked back up. Sliding back to the S-section, Kat scanned for the one movie that caught her attention. Star Wars: Episode 4. "Nya-ha!" It was perfect. There was action and laser weapons covered up any would-be gore. On top of that it was a classic!

She grinned at Hunter. "Nyan! I think you're going to like this. Don't let the number four fool ya. This was actually the first movie made in the franchise. It was only renamed after the prequel trilogy came out," she explained.

She put her earbuds into her ears and wiggled with excitement as she waited for Hunter to put his on. She started to hum the main theme before pressing play.

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Captain Lycanroc

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Edzan Miller, Delta Force, and Roy Rainfield

Interaction FireMaiden FireMaiden Natural Flavour Natural Flavour other students
Angry Edzan.pngRoy.png

As the fighting in the back Edzan gripped the stirring wheel tightly, a slight ethereal flame rising off his hands and face, to put it simply he expected better from the students of such a prestigious school. Listening to Yuri scold them Edzan agreed with nearly all of the points she made so clear, perhaps he'd have been a bit less vulgar but it certainly got the point across.

There was a long strip of straight road ahead so now was as good a time as any to transfer his senses to Delta Force to survey the other students for a moment, so he took a deep breath, gripped the steering wheel and his eyes slightly glazed over, everything was black for a moment before he saw light again, Delta Force was floating on the outside of the bus, watching some birds go fly by, it took him a bit of effort but after enough concentration, Edzan was in control of his Quirk fully, he wagered he had about 3 or 4 minutes of command in his current physical and mental state, although he'd skipped breakfast so maybe less...

Floating down through the roof of the bus he hovered next to Yuri, placing a hand on her shoulder that felt like having fire lash your skin, but cooler and didn't burn at all. "Yuri, I think they got the le-" The eyes shone brightly for a moment and a deep below sounded from within the phantom's chest before it returned to normal "We'll arrive at the mountain soon enough- prepare whatever you'll need when we get off the bus" this was followed by a quieter hum as it nodded and turned around, slowly floating past all the seats, looking the passengers up and down If Yuri hadn't scared them all straight already the pure malice always plastered across DF's face would he stopped at the seat with Paris and Roy

Roy was busy trying to calm down Paris, he was very inexperienced with this kind of thing, not sure whether to give her space or comfort her physically he simply took one of her hands and held it in both of his, giving it a light squeeze. "I-It's gonna be alright, Yuri-sensei sorted it out already. I'm right here with you..." Roy looked up and around him to see if things had calmed down and were met by a deafening silence and upon turning around he saw the floating figure of Delta Force

"Wha- Delta Force!? or.. No... Edzan-sensei, need anything?" the ghost floated over him and addressed Paris "We're nearly there, Paris, I have some noise-canceling headphones if those will help you, just let Roy know, he knows where they are." and with that, the specter finished floating down the aisle checking in on the others and floated back up through the roof.

Things went black again and Edzan's sight return, he shook his head and rubbed his eyes "Hm, Still gives me a headache to do..."

Natural Flavour

Paris wants to Perish


Paris didn't really hear much of Roy's attempts to comfort her, and really only snapped to attention when Delta Force (or rather, Edzan's voice coming out of DF) spoke to her. What would be been terrifying on it's own for some reason helped Paris to get a stronger grip on reality. She nodded subtly to Edzan-Force after he spoke, eyes still wide, and then watched as he floated away. Then she turned to Roy, somewhat apologetically.

"Do you... do you ever feel like you're not supposed to be here? Like they made a mistake, and soon they'll realize it and kick you out?" She twisted a strand of hair around her finger and then let it go, sighing dejectedly.

"Drawing more attention to myself isn't a very good idea."

It surprised her how nice Edzan had been to her over the past week whenever she'd been overwhelmed. She was always the first student to get overwhelmed, but Edzan-Sensei didn't seem to mind. She knew she had to get stronger, though. She couldn't push her luck forever. The plant girl looked out the window again, mind far away as the terrain began to turn to mostly trees and foothills.

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One Thousand Club
1593048019759.png Hunter smiled back as she took the tablet. The tablet had a lot prepared on it thankfully, and since he didn't know what to look for he didn't bother downloading more. Hunter didn't pay much attention to what the others on the bus were doing aside those in the near few seats, the rest he mentally zoned out. He noticed Kat's ear's drop so he patted her head to try and comfort her... at least that's what Xander said he should do. "Hey I'm here for you if you ever need anything." He says with a gentle smile as he notices a tear drop. He moved his hand after her ears perked back up again. She let out another nya sound which he had grown used to, but they were still cute. "Sure, that sounds fine. I'm honestly fine with whatever." He says returning the grin to her. He plugged his earbuds in before remembering something. "Hey, do you want to sit here and stretch your legs over my lap? I know you like to stretch and spread out." He asks right before she presses play.
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Kat Jackson
Anime Cat Hoodie.jpgKat managed to stop her finger right before it tapped the tablet screen. She smiled and nodded at Hunter's question. After switching seats, she waited a moment before hitting play. She stayed close to Hunter while the movie played and occasionally glanced at him to see his reactions to some of the moments in the film. She didn't start stretching out until after it was over.

"What did you think? Are you a Star Wars fan now? Nyan!?" she asked, smiling brightly.

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One Thousand Club
1593212711766.png Hunter smiled as Kat stopped to swap with him as she leaned against him as the movie played. He watched the movie, his expression changing little over the course of the movie but it was easy to tell he enjoyed everything... except the light saber fight scenes. He turned to her as she stretched out and asked how he liked it. "I really enjoyed it except for the scenes with the light sabers. Those aren't actually sabers and their stances and swordplay was horrible... ah sorry I'm ranting again. I really enjoyed it and I want to see the next one now." He says returning a smile to her. "Though I don't think we have the time to on this trip." He says as he takes a sip of water. "I have some games on my tablet we can play if you want, or we can just sit and talk or... well anything." He says with as he rubs the back of his head nervously, he didn't know what they could do together besides another movie, games, and talking.
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Natural Flavour

Paris wants to Perish
Here we are.

The bus finally stops and your eyes are greeted by the tall, triangular, cabin-esque building you will call Homebase for the next week. The sun is low in the sky, casting long shadows all around. It's nearly dinner time, and you notice the dining room ahead of you is brimming with tourists as Edzan and Yuri herd the group of you into the lobby while they check in. The food smells wonderful, and you can't wait to see what's on the menu.

However, before you can go enjoy some food, someone from the front desk escorts you to your rooms to drop off your luggage. One room for the boys, and one for the girls.

The teachers each get their own room, which looks more like this.

The school has also rented a private lounge/games room for just the Sakura High students and teachers.

There is also the onsen for relaxation which is open from 4pm-12am. You may be more interested in this tomorrow once you have a chance to ski down the mountain and get very sore.

And finally, the dining room, where your tour guide will leave you and you can eat dinner before deciding what to do for the evening. Your teachers will reveal what their plans are for you likely this evening.

Enjoy your stay!


Grade A Bitch
tumblr_oqinxbatXU1u9y0nmo1_1280.pngSera Hikari
: Lobby
Interaction: Captain Lycanroc Captain Lycanroc (Edzan)
Mentioned: Everyone

Sera had been here for the past hour, Gatekeeper wanting to send her head to get everything ready and make sure that once the other teachers and the students had arrived. She couldn't check in to anybody else's room until they had arrived, but that wasn't her job. She was making sure that the lodge had plenty of medical supplies and a room set aside so she could do her job after Edzan and Yuri beat the snot out of those kids. And Sera couldn't wait to watch. She had already visited the onsen and had organized her first aid bag three times when finally, the bus had arrived. She stood, fixing her skirt as the students all filed in. First class 1-A, and then class 1-B. "Hi everyone!" Sera waved with a pleasant smile. "Welcome to your week-long training trip! Class 1-A and 1-B from Sakura High will be in the same hall but have their own rooms. Girls in one and boys in the other. And no sharing! Past 9 o'clock, any visitors must leave and go to their own room or find something else to do until the curfew which is 11 pm. Any students caught outside of their rooms after that for any other reason than a trip to the restroom will be grounded." She explained, giving a look to a certain few boys.

"Please make sure you have all your luggage with you, and wait until your teachers dismiss you. I hope you all have a wonderful time." Once again, she smiled pleasantly before she moved over to where Edzan and Yuri were getting room keys. "I hope the trip up wasn't too bad, those long drives can be very boring," Sera said, leaning onto the counter a bit.

"Just a fight, nothing too unusual," Yuri chuckled a bit, pulling her bag up on her shoulder a little more as she picked up an envelope of room keys to hand out to the girls of class 1-A. The female teacher for class 1-B was doing the same. So sera focused on Edzan for now.

"The training areas have been set aside and marked off from other tourists, both on the hill behind the main lodge. You'll have enough space to let those kids or yourself go all out. Same goes for Yuri's, they're on the same but opposite sides of the hill," Sera told him, looking up at his face. She had always admired him, even back when they were students. It was always fun watching him fight. So you could bet your ass she was going to be observing some of the training. "Oh, and good evening. To both of you," She smiled. She always addressed Delta Force too, even if it wasn't a person.

f0ac015dbe52caeae46f0a4425ef6adf.jpgYuri Fujioka
Location: Middle of the Bus
Interaction: FlameAriiDrayceon FlameAriiDrayceon (Flame) DovahBeat DovahBeat (Sabjorn) Amyleii Amyleii (Emmy)
Mentioned: Class 1-A Girls
Once Sabjorn had settled down, Yuri returned to the front of the bus for the remainder of the ride. She had a little bit of paper to finish up still, but the rest of the ride was pretty quiet. She only had to get up if someone asked for some water or one of the snacks. So when they finally got to the lodge, Yuri was pretty relieved it meant she could finally stretch her legs. Yuri made sure she was the last one off and that everyone had their stuff before walking into the lobby. As Sera gave her introductory speech to the students, she made her way to the front desk to get room keys. The lodge had to make extra copies for the rooms they were using just to make sure everyone got one for the off chance they forgot theirs they could rely on a classmate.

Once she had hers and the girl's keys, she left Sera and Edzan at the front desk to begin passing out keys to the 1-A girls. But that wasn't the only thing she was doing. As she was passing out the keycards, she looked to the dragons. "Flame, Emmy, and Sabjorn. You'll be the first group of students I train tomorrow morning, so don't spend too long exploring. You're going to need sleep," Yuri announced loudly so everyone could hear the fact they had provoked the wrath of Yuri.


Drummer without a drum set
Sabjorn had gotten off the bus slowly, his legs were so stiff and sore from sitting still for so long in such a cramped space. At least the snow under his bare feet felt nice.
He was starting to check out the lodge's lobby when Yuri addressed him and the other dragons, causing him to freeze.
"Uh, alright..." he acknowledged. Looks like he wasn't going to get a chance for a flight tonight. At least training should be good tomorrow.


Used to be a people-person; then people ruined it
I had a small carry-on and, of course, the messenger bag I was never seen without. I was still fiddling with the scope, muttering (cursing) to myself in Valiaek, as it was being testy today. Probably needed to reoil the gears. As I got off, I hummed, lifting my head to sniff at the cold air, curious at how it held scents. They blurred, but didn't muddle like the ones in humid air...


I drew my wings in around myself (not that it helped), and stalked to the door, walking digitigrade and trying to ignore the coolness seeping in through the bottoms of my shoes. Snow didn't melt when I walked on it or got near it. In fact, it stuck to me and stayed as if I were any other nonheated surface.

As soon as I got to the lobby, I found a corner near one of the heat vents and spread my wings, hissing as the forming ice scratched at the veins.

I was addressed. From the voice, it was Yuri. My ears perked forward as I realized who I was, and I gave the teacher a curious look.

"Yes ma'am."

My tone didn't waver.

I didn't really consider the fact that it was 'wrath'. In my opinion, it wasn't out of the question to ask someone to remove an obstruction then toss their own logic back in their face, but I wasn't against filing the information away in the back of my mind.

Though, I somehow doubted that the other... Sabjorn, not that I believed I respected him enough to use his name, had internalized that at all.

I stood there a moment, sighing at the release of pressure from the now-pretty-much-melted-ice. Then accepted the room-key from Yuri, and to the dorms I went, claiming a top-bunk in case I couldn't sleep how I normally did.

If worse came to worse, I could just curl up under the blanket.

Slipping my carry-on into a corner, I was then ushered out to examine several more locations before being dropped off at the dining hall.

I ate literally one apple, turned on a heel, and made for escape.


literally a child
Emmy jumped out of the bus window and flew in the air, her scarf twirling around her, her stomach began glowing a bright red as she heated herself up. "yay! we are here!" she shouted happily before landing and going to grab her luggage.

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Delta Break / Edzan Miller

Interaction: FireMaiden FireMaiden EldridSmith EldridSmith shadowdude505 shadowdude505
Mention: The Male Students
Edzan Miller.png

Edzan was stone-faced as he got the keys from the front desk's receptionist, he recounted them all in his hands, dividing them into groups of two each and putting them inside his jacket pocket, before hearing the familiar voice of Sera Hikari behind him, laying the ground rules of the trip to the students, he had a bit more ease come over him knowing she was there, it'd certainly make things a lot less troublesome for him.

After her speech, she made her way over to check on him and Yuri and addressed both Edzan and Delta Force. "Sera, I assume everything has been fine here while we traveled," he spoke in his normal tone with a tint of recognition to his once upon a time classmate. Delta Force's reaction was a lot different, the specter pointed at her, and dragged a finger across his neck angrily, the last time it had seen Sera Edzan had been sedated for the sole purpose of Delta Force not interfering with a surgery Edzan had a few months back.

"Thank you again for making sure things run smoothly here, Sera. Your help is always appreciated in my eyes." he stepped past her with a nod and a death glare from Delta Force.
Making his way over to the group of male students who were either talking or checking the place out. Edzan opened his mouth to address them but before he could he paused, taking note of all the random tourists, around, some taking pictures of the Teachers and others just whispering, sighing the Veteran Hero began to adorn his hero "suit" An ethereal cape of red flames forming down his back, crimson embers raising from it as it flowed around him as he walked, next, clenching his fists for a moment and releasing them a turquoise flame ran its way up both his lower arms, flickering around in the air, releasing similar embers to the cape, but these being blue and green.

"Boys. During this week you will be under my jurisdiction and my watch, to put it bluntly, I will not hesitate to keep you locked in your cabin for the remainder of the trip if you miss behaving or even break something in this resort. Secondly, I'll personally be enforcing the curfew with you all... As a night watch hero I've gone multiple days without sleep, and Delta Force simply never rests, so if you are planning on a midnight trip to the onsen, you will be sorely disappointed." He looked at all their faces before nodding when he was sure they understood and began passing out the keys.

After a bit, he wrangled in Xander, Hunter, and Kat to his side. As he completed his costume change, as his boots were coated in the same plasma effect of turquoise flame. and finally, the staple of the costume made its presence know. "You three will be my first trainees. I expect good things from you all, eat up and rest because tomorrow."

He took his glasses off, closing his eyes from a moment, only to open them and reveal his piercing golden eyes shining brightly, as a pair of Red tinted glasses appeared over his face, ones that looked exactly like the Star on Delta Force's face

"You go through Delta Break's training Gauntlet."


literally a child
Ami comes running out, the snow beneath her feet piles onto edzen as her speed created a wind blast. "I will also be watching the girls at night! so don't any of you boys think about coming over and peeping or something, we already had to remove one student from this trip due to immature behavior." she says, clearly a bit hyper from sugar, still holding several lollipops in her hands.


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
2af0d4612b85b41c1b3c2a819968ffc7.jpgMako Glass & Lana Del RizeEDTou5rU0AEjSK8.jpg
and.... Others?
When the Bus had arrived they were all ushered into a tour of the facility, which Lana was thankful of due to how much she already hated having to move around this freezing wasteland with her odd limbs. Sure her chitin didn't transmit the cold too well, but her more fleshy bits were in harsh disagreement in that department. Her billowing dress did nothing, mocking her with its lack of temperature resistance. By the time they were inside the massive lodge, she already wanted to curl up in a corner and do nothing until their 'Vacation' was over.

Mako was used to feeling cold, probably not this cold but a rainy alleyway in the middle of the night was a pretty good preamble. Of course, it had been a while since she'd had to sleep outside like that, so maybe that's why she still had to rub her hands together occasionally to heat em up. Her outfit was fairly heavy and concealing, making it warmer than most. But that only went so far, especially in the actual snow. Of course the cheeky lodge had to have a gift shop with fur-lined coats sat in the windows to tempt those who underestimated nature's wrath. Mako resisted such beckoning, instead taking time to silently congratulate the owner for the clever subtle advertisement.

Thankfully they weren't outside for long, ushered in to drop their luggage off at their dorms. Mako just sat off to the side for this, opting to just take whatever bunk hadn't been picked first. As she waited, she looked over the room key she'd been given. Lana had no hold up with calling dibs on one of the tucked away lower bunks in the corner of the room. She'd even taken the time to pull out several towels to make some makeshift blinds for her bunk, obscuring it and her few possessions from view as the Tour went underway.

Whilst being shown around, the teachers started giving them some info on certain rules between the tour guide's explanations. Whilst Lana stayed right beside the Teachers where she could expect a minimum amount of hassle from the masses, Mako stayed near her pals throughout the tour. It was only once said tour concluded and the Guide left them to their own devices that things started getting a little... awkward. Well, it wasn't for Lana... at least not at the beginning. No, the problem rested solely with Mako once they were left with their instructors.

The Tour had concluded in a Dining Hall, one in which several guests and even a few students from 1-B were eating. The sight of which made Mako's stomach grumble, but there wasn't much that didn't do that nowadays anyway. If she had known they'd be stopping here, she would've brought the tupperware box she kept for situations like this. As it stood, all she had were several plastic baggies that she'd carry for if free samples were offered. But they wouldn't be enough to save a whole meal. Besides, the real problem came from the possibility of her friends wanting to snack down after the bus ride. She wouldn't be able to join them, and she knew from experience that simply hanging out nearby with her stomach growling tended to get a little awkward.

But it wasn't as though she'd just dip out on them, they were supposed to be having fun with everyone after all. So she'd do what she always did and have faith that they'd be able to enjoy the day regardless of such things. So even though some students were already heading off on their own, she just glanced over the group of her classmates wondering who she'd join for something first.

In stark contrast, Lana was just about ready to dip out, she couldn't exactly enjoy her vacation around people she was already stuck with for most of her time. What kind of twisted idea of a Vacation was that? Luckily, Lana foresaw such a result and had brought everything she'd need to successfully distance herself from pretty much everything the lodge and her classmates had to offer. So once the Guide had bid them farewell and Edzan Yuri and Sera had each said their piece about things, Lana took that as her cue to find a nice isolated corner to eat at. But alas, there would no such relief for her that day. For little did Lana know that she had been in a dark figure's sights since their arrival. And now... that very figure was making its move.

"Hey there baby girl!"

Lana froze several feet away from the group as that voice reached her ears. That sickeningly casual, overly familiar voice. Eye widening in a foul concoction of fear, disgust and disappointment, Lana spotted a blonde in pink clothes waving hello as she wandered over. Flanked by two odd-looking boys, the Blonde's single eye practically glowed with humor as it zeroed in on Lana before scanning over the crowd of students nearby.

"So this yo team, honey child?" she cooed before glancing to a boy who seemed to be made completely out of dark slime behind her "Yo Eddie, these are them right?"

He was in the midst of looking over a planner and occasionally scribbling in it, "No Bella, I'm certain its just some other Class of students we've never heard of before." he sighed before shaking his head.

"Yeah yeah." an boy with no eyes and a strange red horn growing from his head nodded fervently before happily licking an ice-cream cone "Was livin' under the floorboards and stealing from the school to sustain the underground tribe, glad you guys are finally catching on."

Eddie actually looked over to to him with a confused frown before shaking his head, "Damn it Taka," he groaned before looking to Bella again "Yes, that's them."

Lana had been about to utilize their conversation to make her escape, but Bella slid out of nowhere and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Well then why ain't you introducing us, fam?" she asked before looking the students over with a hint of interest glistening within her one eye "Bout to have Honey Bear dyin' of suspense over here, straight up stranded in a desert with none of them flowing deets to sate me, baby."

"U...Unhand... me." Lana hissed, only for Bella to drag her into a tight, one-armed hug

"Oh but how can Honey Bear have her fill without her favorite prickleberry there to poke and prod me up all nice n' good, baby?" Bella asked, giving Lana a Squeeze before she was shoved back.

"Up Up!" Taka slid over and caught Bella before she could trip, the both of them sharing a wink as Lana stepped back.

"Not... my problem." she cast her gaze to the side

Bella tilted her head at that before smirking again, "Guess I gotta find out who's it is, then." she snickered before turning towards the assembled group of students and raising a hand towards them "Yo yo my 1-A babies, Honey Bear and her Boys here from 1-B trying to get some straight knowledge on how ya'll are gonna be tearing it up around here."

"Why are we doing this again?" Eddie asked while adjusting his vest

Bella looked between him and the 1-A students before grinning wide, "Because Honey Bear loves being on top of all her babies, sweetie-pie. Can't be keeping them all nice and warm without knowing if they're cold right-right?"

Eddie took one look out of the nearby window to the snow-covered landscape outside before glancing back to her, "I think it's safe to assume they're cold, Ma'am."

Ignoring his last statement, Bella turned back to the class and tilted her head, seemingly unaware of the onlookers her loud queries were drawing, "So how's about it, cutie-pies? Toss Honey Bear around with all yo wild plans and whatevs."

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Grade A Bitch
db1e8c9a45b97c0031b0f4cb7b2c973e.jpgrwby-omegaverse-16642469-010620190214(1).jpgLeona Wright & Rin Takahashi
: Ski Lodge -Dining Hall
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Unlike some of her classmates, Leona actually really liked the cold. When it was cold, you could wrap up in a cozy blanket and eat as much hotpot as you want to. During warmer weather when you got hot...what we're your options then? Tear your skin off? Drown in some ice water? Neither would help for long. Leona enjoyed sitting with Dante on the bus ride up here, nice conversation and for the first time in a very long time, some had actually treated her like a person the entire time. Leona wasn't used to that. Like...hardly at all. It was really nice. But as soon as they stepped outside, the crowd of students kind of separated them. Oh well, Leona figured they would talk later at some point, or maybe be partnered up for training. That was unlikely though. She followed the rest of the students inside, listening to Sera as she gave the introductory speech before Yuri handed out the room keys and the tour started. Both class 1-A and 1-B seemed to be on the same tour, as much as Leona hated it.

She could feel him watching her.

Rin's eyes were glued to the mop of slightly wavy black hair, paying attention to the tour so he'd know where everything was but most of the time his eyes were on her. Leona tried to hide using the taller students, mainly Xander and Sabjorn as a shield but it didn't work. Leona had claimed a top bunk in the 1-A girl's room, her bag resting on the sheets now as she wondered if she could just hide in here for the rest of the night but they probably wouldn't let that happen. The onsen looked nice, Leona already debating on if she would take a bath tonight or just use the showers. Both seemed like it could end badly, but she really didn't have much of a choice. She was excited about the game room though because it seemed like only one class could use it at a time.

When the tour finally ended, Leona realized just how hungry she was. There was no snacking on the bus from her, simply because she forgot to ask so the smell of what had been prepared for their dinner made her stomach growl. So Leona, unlike some of her other classmates, immediately got in line. Turns out she had a few options, but since it was cold she went with the beef udon and rice balls. There wasn't really a spicy option, which saddened her, but she took a seat to happily start digging in when her bubble was quickly burst.

"Hey, sweetheart." That coy, sickeningly voice smoothed voice filled her ears right before an arm was sat on her shoulder. "I hope you weren't too bored on that bus without me," Rin smiled, watching as Leona silently ate on of her rice balls, head turned away from him. Leona hated Rin. She hated him with every inch of her being. But at the same time, she was too scared of him to do anything. Being dropped off a roof did that to you. "Here, I brought you something." Leona glanced down at her tray to see a little dish of chili oil. A surprisingly sweet gesture from Rin.

"Thanks," Leona mumbled bitterly, the word not good enough for that boy. But if she didn't thank him, who knows what he would do. Rin smiled a bit, satisfied even with that unhappy response, the boy finally moved his arm and started to eat his dinner. Leona shifting in her seat a bit, moving her hand so she could pour the chili oil over her noodles, giving it a quick stir before she started eating. Run tried to make small talk, getting a quiet reply from Leona as she slowly ate, not even that hungry anymore when she heard it. That bubbly attitude wrapped in a pink cyclops. She could hear Bella, the girl she met during lunch, Leona and Rin both started watching Lana and the cyclops crew. Leona felt bad for Lana. Run was amused.

His arm was laying across her shoulder again when Bella finally turned to address the rest of the students in the dining hall. "This here is Leona!" Rin smiled, almost brightly. "She's gonna go skiing with us tomorrow, if Honey Bear will let her," He chuckled, giving her a gentle shake. Leona smiled a bit. Bella seemed nice. Of not for Rin, she might actually be enthusiastic about possibly hanging out with her and the other two with her. Not that Leona actually knew them.

"I don't know when Edzan-sensei is going to pull me away for training but...that sounds fun," Leona spoke, her voice even with only the slightest hint that she was genuinely interested.

"Aw come on Bella, you'll let her join right? She'd probably be bored out of her mind of not," Rin laughed a little, that charming smile still on his face.

tumblr_oqinxbatXU1u9y0nmo1_1280.pngSera Hikari
: Ski Lobby - Onsen
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"Yes, everything is fine. I have plenty of supplies for when you kick their little butts in training," Sera giggled a bit. She knew Edzan and Delta Force had a tendency to hurt the students during training. Not that Sera was judging him, some of these kids probably needed it. Not just the training but to be taught a little respect. And Sera didn't fail to notice Delta Force's reaction. She pushed off the counter, turning a bit to face the space ghost with her arms crossed. "If Edzan hadn't undergone that surgery then you wouldn't be here to kick butt. And you wouldn't want to miss out on that now would you?" She asked, a playful smile gracing her features. Though as Edzan told her that he appreciated her help, Sera's smiled widened and warmed. "It's not a problem Edzan, I'm happy to play my part no matter how small," She spoke happily. When he finally moved to help pass out room keys to the boys, she took a slight step back to give him room, watching as he walked off. Of course, she paid attention to Delta Force too, making the little "I'm watching you too" gesture before she chuckled softly.

Sera didn't need to go on the tour, not did she need to eat dinner. So, being the woman she was, Sera headed off to the onsen. There were a few tourists using inside chatting amongst themselves as they readied for the actual hot spring, but that chatter quieted for a few moments when Sera first started to rinse off. "I heard she was here but I didn't think we'd get to see her." There were a few other mumbles about her, Sera chuckling softly to herself. That was amusing, civilians thinking they were that much different from pro heroes. Everyone had a quirk, and besides, it wasn't like Sera was a combat hero. They were truly the most popular ones. But she had to admit, she liked the attention.

Once she was done with the showering off, Sera stood and exited the bath room to the hot spring outside. The ait was warm but with an occasional cool breeze thanks to the high walls and open ceiling. It wasn't snowing at the moment, which meant it was more comfortable to be out here. And, despite the fact that Sera wouldn't have minded, the other women opted to use the bath inside. A content sigh left her lips as she sank into the warm water, leaning back against the side of the hot spring, Sera smiled a bit. This was going to be a relaxing trip.

f0ac015dbe52caeae46f0a4425ef6adf.jpgbeautiful-eyes-blue-blonde-anime-girl-Violet-Evergarden(1).jpgYuri Fujioka & Kaori Fujioka
Location: Her Room
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Once the tour had ended and the students were all settling in for dinner, Yuri retired to her room. She would have been eating dinner with them, but she had promised someone else she would join them for dinner instead. Yuri unpacked her suitcase, putting her clothes away and slipping into a tank top and leggings before very happily setting up her laptop. From a separate bag, she pulled out a bento box wrapped in a flowery scarf, and a bottle of sake Edzan totally didn't know she had. Or hopefully didn't know...not that he could do anything, Yuri was successfully over 20 after all. Anyway, she had a collapsible cup with her too and started pouring herself a bit of sake while she set up Skype.

Taking a sip of her drink now that her laptop was ringing, Yuri then moved on to unwrapped her bento box. As the shaft started to fall away, a blonde popped up on screen. Her hair was up in a messy bun, wearing a pair of shorts and one of Yuri's t-shirts like she always did. The woman's hips swaying a bit, her cute frameless glasses sitting on her face. "Hey babycakes," Yuri smiled, completely forgetting about her dinner as she watched her wife. Kaori smiled in return, seeming to not notice just how lovestruck Yuri looked. Wistful almost.

"Hi, honey! How was the trip up?" Kaori asked with a sweet smile, looking to her phone for a moment before back at what she was making herself for dinner.

"It was okay," Yuri replied, taking the lid off her bento box. Fried chicken and rice, some stir-fried vegetables, a bit of hot sauce, and ginger. Yuri couldn't help but smile again, Kaori knew her too well. "There was a bit of a fight on the bus, but I solved it. Taking the three involved off for my first group of students to train. All three of them have a dragon quirk funnily enough," She chuckled, dipping one of the fried chicken bits into the hot sauce before putting it into her mouth as Kaori commented on how fun that sounded. "How was your day?"

"Oh, it was great! I had five clients come in and we're able to leave with kids! All infants again, but i had three more appointments made for older kids," Kaori replied, Yuri nodding as she watched her wife's face, a small smile on her face the entire time. Kaori went on to explain how someone brought in some scones and that Juriha had another fight with the copier as she plated her own dinner. Picking up the phone, Kaori moved and got settled at their table, happily eating as she spoke a little more, Yuri still just listening. "I was going to see if I could come and surprise you, but none of my appointments can be changed so I'm stuck here."

"Oh you won't be that lonely," Yuri chuckled smugly while she took another sip of Sake. "You have a body pillow of me. Cuddle with that~" Yuri added, watching as her wife suddenly turned very red and tried to explain away the body pillow. Yuri just laughed. She thought it was cute. Hell, she thought everything Kaori did was cute. So, for as long as the universe would allow, Yuri would be sitting there eating dinner with her wife, already missing her even though they were talking. It was different though than actually being with her. And even if this training trip was just a week-long, Yuri couldn't wait to go home.


literally a child
During the introduction the place couldn’t help but be distracted by the sound of paparazzi. Not there to see the students, but there for an idol. A girl who’s quirk was that her body was made of fried dough and octopus, takoyaki to be exact, even able to release takoyaki sauce as if it where ink (which is weird because that’s more squid like then octopus) she had become an idol a year prior due to her beauty, cheerful aditude and unique and marketable quirk. She was also one of the top heroes in her schools hero course despite the strange nature of her quirk. Momo taki was her name. The hotel staff was quick to remove the annoying crowd. “S-sorry everyone, this is a vacation for my friends and I, p-please don’t be too upset.” She said as the paparazzi was escorted off the premises.

Natural Flavour

Paris wants to Perish
[ Ferryn Evans ]

location. dining hall.
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Ferryn took note of the places visited in the tour. She was especially excited about the games room and the opportunity to just spend some chill time with her class.

As dinner began, Ferryn looked for Mako in the crowd and waved her over with her arm, inviting Mako to join her. As she approached, Ferryn asked her if she needed anything. She understood the girl's issues with eating in public and wanted to help if she could. She wasn't sure how she would actually be able to, but offered herself anyway.

Everything was fine until the grey haired individual from the first day on the roof approached Leona and immediately invaded her personal space. Ferryn instantly wanted to make eye contact with Leona to make sure she was okay, but remembered how much the blood bender hated the offer of her help and knew it would not be welcome information for her to know that Ferryn was paying attention. Ferryn understood, but was torn between two parts of her. One part of her didn't want Leona to have to worry about Ferryn causing trouble, and the other part of her didn't want Leona to go through this torment anymore.

Ferryn kept silent and didn't look Leona's way.

But she felt sick and stirred her food around on her plate half-heartedly. Her morals were at war with one another and Ferryn felt like a volcano was beginning to awake inside her, bubbling and swirling around slowly.



Hippity Hoppity

Yasu Akizuki

The cold was something that Yasu certainly would have to get used to. He hasn't taken many trips far from home and was used to a warmer climate for the most part. He had followed the tour with extreme disinterest and just walked along with the group. Once the keys were handed out, Yasu made his way to the dining room to grab some chow. He hasn't eaten since the morning and was quickly growing hungrier by the second. He tried to ignore his classmates as he observed the eating options and he wasn't quite happy with what he had to choose from. He choose a meager turkey club sandwich from the options but food was food. As long as it went down the trap and stayed there, it was good enough for him. In his other hand, he had a cup of tea which was being served and he couldn't resist grabbing it.

His eyes wondered around the seating area looking for a suitable seat. He found himself a window seat and put his food and tea on the table before sitting. He took a bite of his sandwich and was mildly surprised it didn't taste like total shit. Yasu put down the sandwich and prepared to take a sip of tea till a loud voice rang out, making him almost spill his tea. "Son of a bitch." He said to himself turning to see what was occurring. It seemed some of 1-B's were making an appearance. He was hoping to have a peaceful dinner but it seemed like that won't be happening today. He was becoming visibly annoyed at the situation but tried to ignore it. He took a sip of his tea and rested it on the table. The only thing that could make the situation worse is if someone sat across from him. He was quite confident that wouldn't happen. He know tried to regain his sense of peace before but the voices were making it hard but he persevered.​
Kat Jackson
Anime Cat Hoodie.jpgKat smiled and giggled confidently. She was glad that Hunter had liked her movie choice. She had fun talking and playing games with him for the rest of the trip; it made it seem to go faster.

"Look! Look! We're here!" she said excitedly, pointing out the window to the lodge.

She followed Hunter into the bus isle. "Could you help me get my suitcase? Nyan? I'm too short to reach," she asked, rocking on the balls of her feet. She smiled brightly at him once it was in her hand. "Thanks."

Once she stepped outside the bus, the cold air cut through her her hoodie. She shivered for a moment and stepped closer to Yuri, hoping her teacher's quirk would help keep her warm. Thankfully they weren't outside very long.

She lowered her hood after stepping inside; naturally it was warmer than outside. Her eyes sparkled as she took in the sights; they darted from object to object. "Nyaaaa!" she oohed. A big smile was plastered on her face. The smells were heavenly too.

Kat nodded her thanks to Yuri when she handed her a key to the 1-A girls' room, and when it was time, scampered off after the tour guide.

After entering the girls room, she immediately left her suitcase by the wall, out of the way, and scampered around the room. She giggled with excitement. There were bunk beds, a table with pillow seats, and a TV in the corner. "This is going to be so much fun! Nyan!" she exclaimed.

Turning around, she realized the tour was still continuing and hurried after the group. She was led right back into the dining hall. The food smells assaulted her nose again and she started to rub her hands together in anticipation; She was looking forward to supper.

She glanced around the room, wondering where Hunter and the other boys ended up. Edzan spotted her first and it seemed like he wanted to talk to her. She followed him and shortly found herself near Hunter and Xander. She smiled up on them, before giving her attention to her teacher. Her eyes sparkled as the rest of his hero outfit emerged. He looked so cool! She was surprised that she was one of the ones that Ezdan-sensei wanted to train first, but the excitement overtook that. Her tail couldn't stop wiggling. "Aye, Sensei!" she enthusiastically replied.

She impulsively grabbed Hunter's hand and started to lead him toward one of the tables, but quickly stopped midway as the cyclops 1-B student started to talk to everyone. "Hi, hi!" she waved. "I'm Kat and I want to try skiing sometime this week. I'm training with Edzan-sensei tomorrow...!" she childishly prattled off. Suddenly her stomach growled. "I'm going to go eat food now," she added chipperly, waving goodbye.

She set her sights back on a table and sat down. She hummed as she looked over the menu; she ordered sushi with a side of rice.

"Hey Hunter, what kind of training do you think we'll be doing tomorrow?"

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1593293997501.png Hunter enjoyed the rest of the bus ride talking with Kat and playing games with her, for two thirds of the games he was trounced completely as he didn't have a clue what he was doing, but he started to get the hang of it to win a few due to luck. He nodded and looked outside when Kat pointed out they arrived and put away his tablet in his bag. He handed Kat her bag, happy to her her bright smile after doing so. He walked outside in normal clothes and looked around unphased by the winter cold. He had learned to regulate his body temperature due to the torturous training his parents put him through. Though he had packed a jacket just in case, but he wouldn't likely need it. He noticed Kat shivering and offered it to her, but she had already moved away towards the teacher.

The lodge was much different than the one he had visited in the US, it was more eastern and a good mix of modern and traditional instead of a cozy old log cabin. Both had their own unique charm, so he enjoyed it already. He turned to Kat as she let out a 'Nyaaaa!' with a big smile before running off to her room. After listing to Edzan's talk Hunter nodded in response before going to his room and setting his bag onto one of the top bunks before Xander took the one below him with one of his big smiles. Hunter returned the smile to his friend and nodded to him before he rejoined the main group to end up in the dining hall. However he was soon pulled to the side with Xander and Kat by Edzan. He returned Kat's smile before giving his full attention to Edzan.

"Yes sensei." He responded respectfully, however his excitement for tomorrow's training was plastered on his face, he was with his best friend and with one of the few teachers that specialized in close combat. He had seen the costume before because he looked up his teachers out of curiosity but it was far more impressive in person than on his computer screen. His hand was soon taken by Kat causing him to blush slightly as Xander gave him one of those silly teasing looks. Thankfully a cyclops girl distracted Kat so she didn't see it. He waved to them politely as Kat talked to them. Kat then started heading towards the tables taking him with, not like he was going to resist either.

Hunter ordered bulgogi and teppanyaki fried rice and request the two together as Kat asked him what he was thinking about training. "Well since the three of us are all melee I think he's going to have us fight against him and delta force. Granted the specifics I can only speculate on but I know he's not going to go easy on us." He says as he contemplates the specifics further.

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Drummer without a drum set
Sabjorn acknowledged the teachers' instructions and guidelines before making a beeline for the food. He ordered a lot and a variety. He wasn't really a picky eater, he was more akin to a garbage disposal really. Once he got his stupidly large amount of food he would sit down at the table near a few familiar faces, such as Dante and Emmy. He wouldn't say anything to them yet, though, not when he had food to eat.
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