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A few ground rules before we get started:
- This is an advanced RP, so 3+ paragraphs per post, please! English does not have to be your first language, but please use correct grammar and spellings if you can. If I feel that not enough overall effort was put into the character sheet, I reserve the right to reject it, but I will first make suggestions.
- Stay away from canon characters, please! As much as we all love Harley and Peacemaker, OCs only for this AU universe RP.
- Please post on the RP thread at least once every two weeks. Don't make me have to hunt you down for a reply. Three infractions of this rule will result in dismissal from the RP, though penalties will not apply to other RPers who are held up waiting for the offender’s reply.
- Realistic faceclaims only for all characters! No anime or drawings, except for supersuits and costumes.
- Please note that this is a gritty and crime-ridden RP with a host of villains as protagonists, and as such violence, substance use, language, and (limited) sexuality may occur.
- I know the CS is long, so feel free to stick your WIPs here until you can get around to completing them! Please, take as long as you'd like completing them; I'd much rather wait for a quality, fleshed-out character than a half-assed one.
- While your characters (either prisoners or guards) are allowed to have superhuman abilities or powers, please do not make them overly OP!!! Do your best to include a few weaknesses.
- If you wish to play more than one character, be my guest! I'm not going to limit the number of characters you may play; you know your capabilities better than I do. However, the two-week posting minimum applies to each of them.
- No characters younger than age 18, please! Well, if they're human, at least. XD

Inmates (14/∞):
- Caio McCarthy // "Whiplash" // Getaway Driver
- Dr. Elara Sterling // "Nexa" // Physicist with Cosmic Alter Ego
- Aia // "Shiro" // Devourer of Human Souls
- Keeley Murphy-Belanger // "Eepy" // Computer Whiz
- Ahmi Michelle // "the GunMother" // Super-Soldier Technomancer
- Kenna Rose // "Basilisk" // Human-Viper Hybrid
- Tamzin // "Pookie" // Alien with Psychic Powers
- Eve Fay // "Evolution" // Reactive Adaption Big-Brain
- Sinead Breaux // "Earth-Born Angel" // Gangster Girl
- Billy Blackwood // "Pestilence" // Child Entomologist
- Bai Yuan Yue // "Renegade" // Hemokinetic Vampire
- Wraith // Shadowy Necromancer
- Nicole Bolshevik // "Chemical" // Alchemist
- Natalia Bolshevik // "Bombshell" // Demolitions Expert

Guards (13/∞)
- Sidon Grey // "Manta Ray" // Marine Biologist
- Notti Tiamo // "Shine" // Physically-Enhanced Medium

- Victorine LaFontaine // "Soleil Rouge" // Lovable Plasmic Psycho
- Ander Lowe // "Mr. Lion" // Legal Representative
- Jamal Carter // "Null" // Military Man
- Amina Khouri // "Void" // Power Pirate
- AJ Fareva // "Wither" // Pathokinetic Twin
- DJ Fareva // "Deluge" // Pathokinetic Twin
- Cersei Hallows // "Neith" // Sharpshooter & THE Warden
- Markie Del Rios // "Pixie" // Former Dark-Ops Cyberneticist
- Nika North // "Agent Delta" // Former Assassin
- Levina Noe // "Maelstrom" // Lightning Deity
- Eddie Gears // "Mania" // Teleporting Copy Cat

Full Name:
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: (include any aliases or code names here)

Role: (inmate or guard)
Crime: (if inmate, why are they imprisoned?)
Powers: (if any)
Skills and Weaponry: (or any profitable abilities)
Allegiances: (do they have any allies or organizations with whom they work?)

Wardrobe: (include any costumes or supersuits here)
Height & Weight:
Body Modifications:
Physical Disabilities:

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:
MBTI Type:
Hogwarts House:
Moral Alignment:

Mental Disorders:


Relationship Status:
Past Partners:
Dominant or Submissive:

- as many as you’d like
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Full Name: Caio Bruno McCarthy-Serra
Name Meaning:
Caio is a Latin name that means “rejoice”
Bruno comes from Germanic roots that translate to either “armor/protection” or “brown”
McCarthy is an Irish surname derived from the word “loving”
Serra is a Latin surname meaning “mountain range”
Nicknames: Whiplash, on account of the condition that his intense driving is likely to give unprepared passengers. Before Whiplash stuck, his nicknames were Ace, Zoomer, and his favorite, Challenger, on account of the car that he drives outside of working hours. Nowadays, the Belle Reve guards either refer to him as CMC on account of his initials, or if they're feeling less respectful (which they usually are), he's Pretty Boy. Refer to him as a valet only if you want a discount dental rework. His aunt and uncle affectionately refer to him as Vaqueiro, which means "cowboy" in Portuguese.
Gender: Cisgender male
Age: Twenty-six years
Birthday: June 19th, making him a witty Gemini
Species: Human
Nationality: American-born with Brazilian heritage and citizenship; speaks fluent Portuguese


Role: Inmate
Crime: Mostly an accessory to various armed robberies but has had a more hands-on role in a few, too. Gross negligence, car theft, and one count of vehicular manslaughter.
Powers: None; he's a normal human.
Skills and Weaponry: Caio's greatest weapons are his improvisational daring and catlike reflexes that make him an ace wheelman. As a former Formula 2 racer who tried to go to the big leagues but failed to qualify, he can drive a car like a bat out of hell, making physics-defying turns and gunning at literally breakneck speeds. In more recent days, he served as essentially an Uber driver for other criminals looking to escape the scene of a crime, and you'd better bet that he had a five-star rating. He did this until his late girlfriend convinced him to start being a chauffeur-for-hire and eventually start robbing gas stations and banks with her. Additionally, Caio has almost a decade's worth of skill in mechanic shops, harboring an intuitive understanding of how machines work. If your car breaks down in the middle of an abandoned road late at night, this is the guy that you want in your passenger seat. He's great with his hands and is very attuned to the present, making him cool under pressure and rarely caught off guard. Lastly, being the son of a drug lord and thus a prime target for ransom as a child, Caio is proficiently skilled in Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Allegiances: Caio was mostly a getaway driver for hire, who took a commission of his patrons' stolen goods. When doing so, his loyalty was to himself and to his patrons as long as they were his patrons; out of a felonious moral code, he would never consider betraying those who hired him, which he has been given ample opportunity to do and refused every time. However, his one true bond of loyalty was to his late girlfriend and partner in crime, Adelaide Davenport, whom Caio killed in the car accident that ended their bank-robbing career and led to his arrest.
Enemies: Police, various American establishments, Adelaide's parents who blame him for corrupting her, killing her... and well, everything, really. Yeah.


Appearance: Caio McCarthy is living proof that an angel's face can hide a whole lot of sin. His most distinguishing features are his eyes. They are an exotic amber color, like a wolf's, with gold flecks that turn aflame in direct sunlight. He's great at eye contact in an unflinching way that's almost intimidating, even though that's rarely his intention. He's just naturally intense, and people are either off-put or entranced by the way that he'll cock his head and squint slightly when something piques his interest. Between his brows is a small crease, since a scowl is the expression his face adopts when something doesn't make sense to him, sometimes appearing even when he smiles at a risqué joke. Otherwise, Caio's expression is remarkably flat. Not in a cold, off-putting way, but in a neutral, reserved way. He avoids being read unless he wants to be read, but he's an expert at not being obvious with it. After all, most people are too distracted with his heavenly good looks to do much looking past the surface, anyway.
He has a feathery-soft halo of golden hair bisected by a deep side part, causing the bangs on the right side of his face to swoop across his forehead and kiss his eyelashes. His hair has a stylish, playful wave, so much so that it resists any and all attempts to comb it into submission. Yes indeed, the crumpled locks that he rolled out of bed with are the very same hairstyle he wears to the mechanic's shop, on a heist, or in a courtroom. His eyebrows are long and a few shades darker than his hair, an ashy blond rather than honey. They frame the top of a remarkably straight nose, one that's angular and elegant and more bone than cartilage. Below it is a blond mustache, perhaps the primary feature that keeps him from passing as a college student. His mustache slopes down at the ends and is occasionally accompanied by the smallest patch of hair just beneath his lips. Caio's mouth is narrow and naturally droops into a frown at the edges. Smiles don't come easily to him. His jawline is narrow and proportionally pointed with the rest of his face, altogether culminating in an elfish assortment of features, topped off by a long, swanlike neck.
Ever since first moving to Brazil and bouncing around the country, Caio isn't as milky pale as he once was, but many are surprised to hear liquid, lightly-accented Portuguese rolling off his lips. While he certainly isn't bulky enough to be a linebacker, daily workouts keep him pleasantly toned for someone of such a slight physique, combining long, lean muscles with a slippery level of agility. While he's not as ripped as he used to be when he was training to become a Formula 1 driver, he's deceptively strong, and you'd be damned to try and find an ounce of fat on him. His hands are pale and slender, with long, dexterous fingers that fly over a steering wheel and gearshift with effortless ease. During social interactions, he tends to keep hand gestures to a minimum, with his arms hanging by his sides or crossed over his chest unless explicitly needed. For those who are curious, he is left-handed. His voice is soft yet strong; he's not one to speak much, but when he does, Caio doesn't stammer over his words or beat around the bush. As an Oklahoma resident by birth, he has a subtle Midwestern-Southern accent, but not having lived there for half of his life has mostly weeded out words like "y'all" and "ain't" from his vocabulary.
Wardrobe: Caio's clothes are strategically chosen for him to simultaneously look good yet remain largely invisible, with the former goal being secondary to the latter. A reserved personality by nature, he's uncomfortable with the spotlight and dresses plainly as a result, sporting clothes like a solid-color t-shirt, dark jeans, an overworn hoodie, and either Converse sneakers or subtly fashionable ankle boots. He dresses a tad carelessly, with the top buttons of his shirt undone or tears in his jeans that weren't there when he bought them. It's not uncommon for his hands to be stained with oil at pretty much anytime. While he's by no means a diva, in the fall and winter months Caio gets a kick out of wearing a different knit scarf for every day of the week, which Adelaide insisted on making for him despite his protests. Always wears leather driving gloves on jobs, as to not leave fingerprints in the stolen car. They're a lovely scarlet color, with tiny cut-outs on the knuckles and a pocket right above where the back of the hand connects with the wrist.
Scent: Motor oil, leather, metal, and tobacco
Height & Weight: 5'8" & 132 lbs.
Body Modifications: Used to have a stud in his left nostril, a vertical eyebrow piercing, and standard lobe piercings in both ears. Was considering getting a tongue piercing before, you know, his arrest.
Physical Disabilities: His right leg is crippled from his career-ending car accident. While the bones have knitted themselves back together, he now walks with a slight, permanent limp. The winter months intensify the pain he feels. Caio can run, just not very fast and not for overly long periods. He used to be fine working jobs that involved standing all day, but now multiple hours with his weight on his bad leg is agonizing. But in his words, it's all okay, because he only needs one foot to drive. He also has hyperthyroidism, meaning that his body metabolizes food so fast that he requires more calories than an average person; otherwise he will lose weight without trying to. As such, Caio is almost constantly snacking and can eat enough for a man twice his slight size.
Faceclaim: Thomas Brodie-Sangster


Personality: Caio McCarthy is not a team player. The majority of his criminal activities involved providing transportation for strangers, whisking them across a city while avoiding the police, and taking a cut of their money, never to interact again. The closest he's ever gotten to playing on a team involved his partnership--both romantic and criminal--with Adelaide Davenport--but now she's dead, and he wants no part of being responsible for other people's lives ever again. So his conscription onto the Suicide Squad is a unique opportunity, to say the least. What Caio is, however, is a problem-solver, and not a reluctant one. He gets a genuine thrill from solving puzzles, fixing malfunctioning car parts, fiddling with metals, just the union of the hands and the mind in general. He is a self-sufficient, independent thinker who does not want any interference to his intellectual freedom. He's a one-man show who, when things don't go according to plan, is more than capable of improvising to get the job done. Caio doesn't make a habit of relying on others because others weren't present for much of his life, and he sincerely dislikes having to ask for help. He truly disdains those whom he considers useless, and as such dreads being useless himself.
Speaking of useless, Caio believes that both dwelling on the past and trying to anticipate the future are pointless actions. He lives in the present because that's something he can change with his actions. He's observant and focused on the situation at hand, striving to make the best decisions that he can with the information he's given. He trust his gut and acts accordingly. Caio prefers logic to emotions. He's lacking in empathy not out of sheer cruelty, but he lacks the necessary finesse to be a skilled people-person. He calls shots as he sees them, and there's little that makes him more uncomfortable than when people pity him or try to get him to be emotionally vulnerable. To him, machines make sense. If there's something malfunctioning, there's always a root of the problem that can be fixed. Whereas with people, there's way too much at play to isolate any one variable. People are messy and emotional and complicated, and so Caio prefers the company of cars, his toolbox, and a select few individuals. Adding to the problem is the fact that he's a little bit selfish with his alone time, and thus does not like committing himself to others. He likes to keep his options open and seize opportunities as they arise rather than plan things out in advance with others, because that shit just feels like a chore to him.
A deeply analytical soul, he is curious and passionate about his interests, which encompass a wide array of subjects: mechanical engineering, global history, neuroscience... the list goes on. Caio loves learning, so long as he feels the information is pertinent, and not just a whimsical waste of time to make idle people feel clever, which are largely his thoughts on philosophy, religion, and sciences that are purely theoretical in nature. Prior to the accident in which Adelaide died, he was a lot more daring and reckless than he presently is. Caio used to hop behind a wheel of a hotwired car and gun it at seventy, eighty miles per hour along boulevards, threading through traffic and occasionally leaving pileups in his wake. He had little regard for others' well-being or his own. Nowadays, Adelaide's death has made him more cautious, regretful, and a little bit paranoid. He's now in the habit of sizing up an enemy for strengths and weaknesses before launching an assault. Whereas he'd always looked at what he had to gain from taking a risk, now he considers what could go wrong. Recently, Caio has been so steeped in guilt that he's less trusting of his gut, and he hates it. In Belle Reve, second-guessing one's instincts could very well get one killed.
Although he's a loner by nature, Caio isn't totally asocial, and he definitely isn't anti-social. In fact, for a career criminal, he's pretty altruistic. He's the nameless nice guy who returns a fallen wallet, gives a busker a few dollars, holds the door for someone carrying a heavy load, and will slow down as to not drive over a squirrel. Perhaps because he was a selfish prick when he was younger, he sees the value in helping others and doesn't need to take credit for his good deeds. Caio doesn't believe that grand acts of heroism make the world a better place; he believes that this is (or is not) the result of small, day-to-day decisions that everyone makes. He is generous with what he has, and he's loyal to a fault. Even though the authorities have given him numerous chances to rat out some of the criminals he's serviced in exchange for a reduced sentence, Caio always refuses, because in his eyes, he made a contract with those criminals. And he's not one to break his word.
Despite his aversion of emotional conversations, ever since Adelaide's death, Caio has been a touch... unhinged. He's suddenly quick to anger and is prone to short bursts of temper, especially when he perceives injustice. He's more fearful, too, having always fancied himself invincible and with little to lose, right up until he lost the love of his life at his own hand. Unsurprisingly, ever since his imprisonment, Caio is more pessimistic than ever, and he's very reluctant to join the Suicide Squad because he doesn't want to be responsible for the devastation of the human race in the event that he fails again. Having Adelaide's blood on his hands is more than enough. When he gets in these sullen moods, he detaches from others and needs to be alone to recharge, preferably with some scraps of metal to busy his hands and his mind.
Positive Traits: Observant, objective, honest, direct, ironic/dry humor, fixes things for fun, bold, independent, competent, analytical, pragmatic, curious, altruistic, helpful, loyal, creative, prudent spender, coordinated, confident
Negative Traits: Trust issues, rebellious, opinionated, detached, edgy, unpredictable, reckless, accidentally rude, taciturn, temperamental, cautious, skeptical, fearful, lethargic, moody, self-sacrificing, avoidant, sarcastic, pessimistic
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Melancholic


Likes: Machines, automobiles, clocks and timepieces, solving problems, learning, facts, being inconspicuous, one-on-one conversations, sneakers and combat boots, racing, adventuring, robbing banks, the adrenaline rush, Dodge Chargers, purring engines, color-coded keys, leather seats, knit scarves, springtime, early afternoons, the colors pink and gold (Adelaide's favorite colors), snakes, samba music, Rubik's cubes, crossword puzzles, magic tricks, tinkering with metals, chess, darts, gambling, watching MMA, salty foods, feijoada (Brazilian black bean and pork stew), BBQ wings, chicken parmesan, olives, guava, vinigarettes, unsweet tea, hot chocolate, smoking and vaping, film, satire, action-comedy movies, psychological thrillers, documentaries, hills, bayous, suburbs, the smell of roses and honeysuckle, speaking and learning more Portuguese, exploring buildings, comfortable silence, going to bed late and waking up early anyway, getting piercings, getting a massage
Dislikes: Shopping, winter, sweet foods, dogs, being the center of attention, crowds, Carnival, circuses and clowns, the color green, public transportation, bicycling, video games, computers, cities and urban environments, classical music, sudden movements, obscure trivia, religion, politics, unproven theories, astrology, fortune-telling, the "justice" system (what a joke), romance movies, fiction books, singing and dancing, American football, alcohol, drugs, not being sober in general, doors that don't lock, walking around barefoot, having to dress up, coffee, unseasoned foods, avocados, white beans, caramel, seafood (except for shrimp), late night/early morning, horseback riding, nursing homes, the idea of growing old, kites, authority, emotional conversations, personal questions, crying, asking for help, cowards, attention whores, idealists, Americans confusing Brazilian Portuguese with Spanish, instruction manuals, having to be on time, receiving gifts, hugs, being tickled, touching in general
Habits: Replays chess games in his head when he's alone, races the most provocative car on a deserted road, swearing in Portuguese when other drivers cut him off, over-tips servers, constantly snacking on chips or pretzels, runs a hand through his hair when stressed, prone to pacing, pointing with his vape or a cigarette, sometimes absent-mindedly puts his driving gloves on even when not on a job, takes drives to clear his head, always stands either with his hands behind his back or on his hips, always has addressed his mother as "Giselle" since age 17, extremely light sleeper; like a mouse creeping into his cell will jolt this man awake
Fears: Aging and cognitive/physical decline, hurting someone else close to him, being useless, small spaces, heights, big dogs, public speaking, being murdered in his sleep at Belle Reve, crowds, clowns, Adelaide's parents eternally reminding him that he's to blame, becoming a father
Hobbies: Driving fast, fixing cars and other mechanical ilk, adding home improvements to his Charger, working out, sports betting, solving Rubik's cubes, crossword puzzles, doing magic tricks, caring for his pet sand boa Boudicca, chess, darts, vaping after Adelaide convinced him to quit smoking
Mental Disorders: ADHD, depression, bipolar, nicotine addiction


- Giselle McCarthy // Mother // Age 51
- Raul Julio Santana Serra // Father // Deceased
- Claudia Noemia Serra Palmeiro // Aunt // Age 47
- Romulo Miguel Capela Palmeiro // Uncle // Age 54
- Orquidea Angelica Serra Palmeiro // Cousin // 30
- Evangelista Flavia Serra Palmeiro // Cousin // Age 29
- Juliano Celio Serra Palmeiro // Cousin // Age 23
- Patricia Cecilia Serra Palmeiro // Cousin // Age 20
- Armando Rubem Serra Palmeiro // Cousin // Age 17
- Zacharias Elder Serra Palmeiro // Cousin // Age 13
Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma until age twelve. Then lived in Brasilia, Brazil until age nineteen. Afterward, had been driving around Alaska with his girlfriend until her death and his arrest.
Caio Bruno McCarthy-Serra was born to Giselle McCarthy, a high-school history teacher from Oklahoma City, and Raul Julio Santana Serra, a Brazilian ex-drug lord, who'd fled the country to avoid being found by police. They met in a small rustic bar called The Magpie in the city-suburb of Edmond, located just outside of Oklahoma City. Their courtship had lasted barely six months by the time they were married, and as if the universe were ticking down the days on a grand clock, Caio was born exactly nine months after the wedding. The couple's only child, Caio was born on fairy tales of true love and happily-ever-after's, so he wasn't aware until his teen years that two external circumstances greased the wheel of Giselle and Raul's love: She needed money, which Raul had in abundance, and Raul needed a green card, which he could obtain by marrying a US citizen. With both of these self-serving desires met, it was a match made in heaven.
Of course, fathers who are drug lords don't go around telling their children the source of their lavish incomes. Caio was told that his father had won the lottery, a claim which he ridiculously believed until an age that annoys him to think about.
Anyway, the family of three lived in a sprawling mansion on one of Edmond, Oklahoma's central streets, so that their house was the envy of locals and tourists alike. Growing up, Caio was not an easy child to raise. He started fights with other kids, openly disobeyed teachers, and either slept or cheated his way through his classes (usually both). However, Giselle and Raul were both loving parents who solved their son's tantrums by spoiling him with money, rarely disciplining him and discarding teacher's remonstrations because Caio was "just going through a phase." At the age of four, his parents started enrolling him in go-karting to work out some of his anger, as they phrased it. It was a good move, in that Caio quickly fell in love with the sport, and it fueled him endlessly with goals to strive toward; karting gave him a purpose to live, when he otherwise would have just had a chip on his shoulder. Caio became obsessed with the sport, winning tournament after tournament and rapidly progressing through the ranks. His goal was to qualify for Formula 4 when he turned fifteen years old, the minimum age for drivers, and at the rate he was going, he wasn't at all concerned.
Caio was ten years old when his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Raul's condition was kept largely under wraps from his only child, for as long as his parents could hide it. Until Raul enlisted the assistance of a nurse who was not part of the usual house staff, because his hands had developed a constant tremor and he was prone to dropping things. When Caio was sent to live with Raul's sister, Tia Claudia, and her family in Brasilia, he was told that it was because his father's illness was progressing too quickly, and his mother couldn't take care of both an ailing husband and a delinquent son. This, however, was only half true; the other part of the truth was that it was getting increasingly harder to hide the unsavory secrets behind Raul's wealth from Caio as he aged. As one of Brazil's most wanted fugitives, it was a risk that Raul and Giselle didn't want to take, and so the executive decision was made to ship Caio away for a few years. Until he was old enough to understand, whenever the hell that was supposed to be.
And so at age twelve, Caio became the problem of his aunt, uncle, and five cousins, with Tia Claudia harboring one last bun in the oven at the time. For the next seven years, Brasilia would become his new home, an ultra-modern city that looked like it had been plucked from a sci-fi set. Instead of getting a whole birthday cake to himself, Caio now got a sliver from an iced pastry cut into an elaborate polygon. Claudia and her husband, Romulo, were much less tolerant of Caio's defiance than his parents had been, but they weren't unloving. In fact, as the years have passed, Caio has concluded that they loved him more--or just did a better job of showing it--due to having taken the time to teach him wrong from right.
With his parents' lofty disposable incomes at his fingertips, Caio threw himself into motorsport even more intensely than he had in Oklahoma. The racing community in a major Brazilian city was not to be trifled with, and for the first time Caio found himself working for wins and snagging them by the skin of his teeth. But he did indeed continue to consistently win, so much so that in a year's time, he had attracted the attention of a club who wanted to sponsor him in a Formula 4 race, and were willing to procure some documentation that listed Caio's age as fifteen rather than thirteen. This is how he came to start competing in an underground racing arena with shady clientele who staked huge bets and huge bribes so the police would turn a blind eye to their livelihoods. Of course, Caio looked at the underground races as only a placeholder until he had enough experience to penetrate Formula 3, and then Formula 2. Which he did, eventually.
On another note, Caio completed his middle and high school years in Brasilia with straight A's until he became an upperclassman. On account of his golden hair and reserved nature, at times he stood out rather uncomfortably among his new family. But at age sixteen, he got his first job in a mechanic's shop, where he first took an interest in cars and other machinery. The broken Portuguese in which he conversed with his father came in handy, and over several clumsy years, he took up the language fluently. He made several friends at school, and his cousins were his playmates when they weren't available. Tia Claudia took to nicknaming him Vaqueiro, meaning "cowboy," due to the slight rustic twang with which he rolled his vowels, even for an American. For the first time in his life, Caio was actually, sincerely happy. But good things aren't meant to last.
As Caio wasn't there to experience it first-hand, he's had to trust his mother's account of the events. Anyway, in the wee hours of one night, the McCarthy-Serra house was stormed by a team of soldiers, a mixed group of Americans and Brazilians. From the looks of it, one of Raul's few sources in Sao Paulo who knew where he was hiding out had ratted on him. An MS patient who wasn't in a life-threatening condition but who was frail nonetheless, Raul had no means of fighting back against the soldiers, even if he'd wanted to. So he went peaceably when they apprehended him, or tried to. A soldier put an unarmed Raul in a chokehold on the floor in an unnecessary display of strength that ended up killing Raul.
Or so Giselle tells Caio, who was seventeen years old at the time. It took him several months and a flight back to Edmond to get the full story out of her and the white men in suits who interrogated him about his relationship with his father and Raul's activities. For several years afterward, Caio resented both Giselle and his late father for lying to him all his life. He'd been told that his parents had won the lottery before his birth, not that his father was one of the most notorious drug lords and hunted fugitives in a foreign country. According to the men in suits, Giselle was lucky not to serve time for being an accomplice to Raul, but Raul had exemplary lawyers and the real story had some foggy areas. But Caio felt no pity for her--just anger.
Wishing to never see her again, he returned to Brasilia to resume his racing career, his education, and his job at the mechanic's shop with a family who cared for him, genuinely. But he found he'd hit an unfortunate roadblock in the first of those three. Now that news of Caio's father's criminal activities had been publicized in the media, no club was willing to sponsor him anymore. When he'd lived in Brazil, Raul Serra was one of the most feared men in the criminal underworld, willing to do bad things for good money. Caio did everything he could: tried to assume fake identities, threw money at clubs and agents, cited his lofty record as evidence of his worth. But he had been exiled from professional racing by unspoken agreement; no one wanted to associate with the son of a drug lord that had been murdered by an intercontinental outfit of soldiers.
Caio gradually resigned himself to the idea that he would never become a Formula 1 driver. With his lifelong passion snuffed out, he graduated high school a few days shy of his nineteenth birthday, because he'd failed a few classes in his senior year that caused him to have to repeat the grade. He no longer had the motivation to try in academics, or in much of anything, really. Having turned his back on Giselle and her money after uncovering her lies, Tia Claudia didn't have the money to send Caio to college, so he was on his own to secure funds for it. Thus, he enrolled in the college that gave him the best discount: the University of Alaska in Juneau. With a strong liking for movies and no real plan for the future, he enrolled as a film major with a business minor, hoping to either direct his own films or be a stuntman.
In his first semester, Caio failed several classes and quickly found out that college was not for him; schoolwork made him anxious, and he lacked the drive to persevere through lengthy assignments. But he hung in there until he flunked out at the end of his fourth semester, at which time he found a job in another mechanic's shop, the thing he knew best. With an extensive, first-hand knowledge of cars, Caio was no longer a mere assistant but making decent money as a professional, if you overlooked the taxing physical labor and endless hours. The most important thing to come from his college experience, was meeting a native Alaskan girl, with whom he'd shared some core classes. Adelaide Davenport was a child prodigy multi-instrumentalist who should have been in Julliard, if she hadn't wanted to remain close to her family. She later became the love of Caio's life.
On his own in an overprice studio apartment in Juneau, with little to lose and strapped for cash, Caio turned to crime, which was unironically in his blood. He needed easy money fast, and he needed enough to dig himself out of the looming hole that was being a lifelong mechanic. And so, with his extensive knowledge of cars, Caio made repairs in the day and hotwired at night, looting cars for valuables and occasionally looting the cars themselves, discreetly pawning them off. But stealing from cars took a backseat to driving them. Still a racer in his heart, Caio put his driving skills up for sale on the criminal market, offering his services as a getaway driver for robbers. In an inconspicuous stolen car, he'd linger outside targeted establishments, jetting off with his criminal clients inside and whisking them to safety. It was the quickest, most effortless, yet adrenalizing source of income that Caio had ever encountered, so much so that he reluctantly stifled his guilty conscience. However, he never would have come up with the idea to rob a bank on his own. That was all Adelaide.
It started as just meaningless whimsies when they smoked weed together. But she kept bringing it up, again and again. Until their fantasies about such an idea became hypothetical conversations. And then those became the taking of inventories, running lists of practicalities and eventualities. And finally, they did it. But not a bank, for their trial run. Their first target was a remote gas station in a small town thirty miles outside of Juneau, where the police eternally had their faces stuffed in donut boxes and their thumbs up their asses. Caio served as the getaway driver, whisking them miles across the frozen ground, switching cars every so often. The thrill was almost as satisfying as the wad of cash the two college-aged students had stolen from the register. Drunk with victory, Caio and Dell committed more robberies in subsequent weeks, while she juggled school and he work. And that was when Caio found a more lucrative source of income than being the eternal go-fer in a mechanic shop: When Dell wasn't available, or was paranoid about her parents catching onto her criminal activities, Caio began serving as the getaway drivers for other criminals, snagging roughly thirty percent commission on their hauls.
After having graduated college with her degree in Music Education, Dell was damned to find an entry-level job that barely put her above the poverty line. Meanwhile, Caio was finally advancing at the mechanic's shop, experienced enough that he was entrusted with basic jobs on cars, even though he'd privately been performing much more complex stuff for a number of years. But Dell was discouraged, and Caio was bored. After a few more failed attempts at being a music tutor, Adelaide asked Caio if she loved him. If he would follow her anywhere. He answered yes to both. Dell kindled a side of Caio that had never known a single spark before. They restarted their string of robberies full force, living from motel to motel as they traveled the state of Alaska, this time swallowing their nerves and targeting banks, as had been their original, nonsensical delusion. They were a team: Adelaide was the silver-tongued, sometimes iron-fisted negotiator with a gun, while Caio was the swift set of hands that snatched money from drawers and then made sped them away toward their next target. For the second time in his life, Caio was genuinely happy. He and Adelaide maintained this lifestyle on and off for two and a half years, sometimes just sitting for a few months when they had enough money. To this day, Caio guiltily recalls the satisfaction he'd feel from a near escape at the hands of the cops. Unlike in college, he was finally gifted at something, and unlike his father, he was prevailing over enforcers of the law and taking justice into his own hands. The papers started referring to the daring chauffeur as "Whiplash," and his diplomatic companion as "Charisma."
Until during one job when Caio was twenty-five and Adelaide twenty-four. Unbeknownst to them at the start of the day, it would be their final heist. Forewarned of two bank robbers' progress across the state of Alaska, a bank teller just outside of Anchorage had managed to fire off a soundless alarm before Caio and Dell had even entered the bank. The result was that the two thieves were swarmed by cops in a well-planned ambush. In the subsequent car chase, various police cars hemmed them in, cutting off all escape routes. But Caio would not go quietly, unlike his weakling father. Thinking that if he couldn't go around the cars, he'd go through them, he cut the wheel hard and skidded uncontrollably on ice and slush. His last memory was of Dell squeezing his hand as they smashed into a telephone pole upwards of sixty miles per hour. And then it all went black.
Other than a concussion, two cracked ribs, and a mangled right leg in possible need of amputation, Caio emerged from the car crash in one piece, albeit in a world of pain. Adelaide Davenport wasn't so lucky. Or perhaps she was luckier, if the alternative is lifelong imprisonment in Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary. Presently, Caio has been there for five and a half months, and while he luckily didn't have to get his leg amputated, he will never walk without a limp again. And, far worse: He will eternally have to live with the knowledge that the love of his life's blood is on his hands, even as he held an engagement ring in his pocket on the day of their final robbery together, never presented to her.


Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Can totes see him being into Elara without realizing she's a gay gurl. :closedeyescryingfrown: May also fall for Eve, being the hot af braniac she is.
Past Partners: Perhaps surprisingly, just Adelaide. Caio truly craves love and to be loved, but he has massive trust issues that provide a pretty formidable barrier.
Turn-Ons: Blondes/curly hair, muscular legs, wide hips, glasses, slightly younger than him, foreigners, intellectual conversations, enjoys strategy games, fun-loving, adventurous, pushes him (gently) outside his comfort zone, extroverts, helps him see silver linings, clever sense of humor, monogamous, dirty talk, good kisser, gives him space, high heels, mind games (in moderation)
Turn-Offs: Bad hygiene, overweight, too much makeup, clumsy fingers, overemotional, high maintenance, no sense of humor, only ever wants to stay in, clingy, vapid and unintelligent, social media junkie, unnecessary drama, inconsolably insecure, nasally or high-pitched voices, boring/no personality, nagging, flirting with other men, calling him pet names in public, too touchy
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive, but a bratty one


- Here Comes the End—Gerard Way
- Red Right Hand—Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
- Table for One—Awolnation
- Cigarettes & Saints—The Wonder Years
- Fall in Love—Phantogram
- Make Me (Cry)—Noah Cyrus
- Supercut—Lorde
- The Arena—Lindsey Stirling
- One Time—Marian Hill

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Dr. Elara Sterling / Nexa

Name Meaning: "Elara" signifies light, while "Nexa" represents the nexus of interdimensional energies.


Gender: Female

Age: 30

Birthday: March 15

Species: Human (Fused with Interdimensional Entity)

Nationality: Swiss


Role: Inmate

  • Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, resulting in death.
  • Use of a weapon of mass destruction, resulting in death; and aiding and abetting.
  • Conspiracy to maliciously destroy property, resulting in death.
  • Malicious destruction of property by means of a superpower, resulting in death; aiding and abetting
  • Carjacking, resulting in serious bodily injury; aiding and abetting.
  • Interference with commerce by threats and violence; aiding and abetting.


  • Energy Blasts: Unleashes focused beams of cosmic energy as devastating projectiles.
  • Energy Shields: Generates protective barriers from energy.
  • Energy Augmentation: She can temporarily enhance her physical abilities with cosmic energy.
  • Telepathic Link: Shares a telepathic bond with an interdimensional entity.
  • Energy Detection: She senses and detects fluctuations in energy sources.
  • Temporal Awareness: Possesses limited insights into potential future events.
Skills and Weaponry:

  • Energy Construct Creation: Molds energy into solid constructs for offense and defense.
  • Astral Projection: Projects her consciousness beyond her physical form.
  • Elemental Fusion: Merges cosmic energy with other elements for versatile effects.
  • Proficient in theoretical physics and particle studies; adept at data analysis and experimental design.
Allegiances: None (prefers autonomy due to her dual nature)

Enemies: Government agencies, extremist organizations, and those who seek to exploit her powers.

Transparent Soul GIF by Willow Smith


Elara Sterling
  • Tattoos and dreadlocks tell stories of African heritage and inner creativity.
  • Piercings, from a septum to ear cartilage, catch the eye with daring rebellion.
  • Dark, translucent skin with a luminous glow in shades of blue and green.
  • Shimmering patterns in pink and purple hues resembling cosmic veins.
Wardrobe: Elara wears a metal suppression collar around her neck, its design a blend of advanced technology and cosmic aesthetics. Leather jacket adorned with patches. Fishnet stockings peeking through a flowing skirt in rich ethnic print. Combat boots. Layers of chains, charms, and pendants drape her neck, while bold statement rings adorn her fingers. Leather cuffs and beaded bracelets create a symphony of jingling sounds.

This collar is not merely an ornament, but a potent tool wielded by those who seek to manage Nexa's cosmic capabilities. The collar's advanced mechanisms offer precise control over the extent of her powers. Its functionality spans a spectrum of suppression levels, ranging from 1 to 10. At the lowest level, her abilities are nullified entirely, and her appearance assumes a wholly human guise. As the suppression level escalates, her true nature emerges, with her skin transitioning to a striking shade of dark blue, adorned by the shimmering cosmic veins that course through her form.

The collar's impact is not limited by its physical presence alone. It can be remote-controlled by Nexa's handler through an external device, allowing for swift adjustments in her power output. This dynamic control becomes a tangible representation of Nexa's ongoing struggle for equilibrium between her human essence and cosmic connection.

Scent: Hints of ozone and starlit nights.

Height & Weight: 5'9" / 145 lbs.

Body Modifications: Tattoos across arms, back, and legs.

Physical Disabilities: None

Faceclaim: Elara Sterling / Willow Smith, NEXA / Ann Ogbomo




Elara Sterling's personality is a dynamic blend of brilliance and emotional depth, interwoven with the complexities of her Bipolar Disorder (Type II) and Manic-Depressive Disorder. Her intellect shines through alternating phases of intense focus and creative brilliance. Alongside her determination, she navigates a rollercoaster of emotions, swinging between exuberant highs and introspective lows. Despite occasional self-doubt, she harnesses these fluctuations to propel her forward, armed with an unwavering drive for improvement and a strong empathy for others.

The interdimensional Entity, Nexa, presents a distinct persona within Elara's psyche. With an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for exploration, Nexa acts as both mentor and guide. This partnership offers Elara a cosmic perspective, while Nexa gains insight into human emotions through their symbiotic connection. Together, they form an extraordinary duo, blending cosmic wisdom with the human experience in an uncharted symphony of understanding.

For Dr. Elara, her PTSD manifests in a series of complex and often distressing ways, stemming from her traumatic experiences in captivity and the experiments conducted on her in the lab. These symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance, hyperarousal, emotional numbing, anxiety and panic, hypervigilance, negative self-perception, social isolation, headaches, stomachaches, and muscle tension.

Nexa aids Elara by grounding her during moments of distress, offering distraction and coping strategies, and providing a non-judgmental space for emotional expression.

Positive Traits: Resilient, compassionate, resourceful, inquisitive, and determined.

Negative Traits: Struggles with identity, mood swings, self-doubt, occasional detachment, impulsive.


Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Temperament: Manic/Choleric-Melancholic



Likes: Stargazing, music, solving complex problems, unraveling cosmic mysteries.

Dislikes: Exploitation of power, unnecessary violence, injustice, ethical compromises, wasting time on trivial matters, feeling trapped.

Habits: Observing the stars during moments of reflection, spending long nights brainstorming, and jotting down ideas in her notebook.

Fears: Losing control of the interdimensional entity, being used as a weapon.

Hobbies: Studying interdimensional phenomena, reading scientific journals, stargazing, playing the guitar, and seeking harmony within herself.

Mental Disorders: Mental Disorders: Bipolar Disorder (Type II) and Manic-Depressive Disorder.


Family: Narcissistic single mother, estranged father, ex-husband.

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland



  • Embraced a goth/punk phase during college, challenging societal norms and exploring her identity.
  • Met a kindred spirit, Rory Chavez, and fell madly in love.
  • Married and embraced dreams of building a family together.
  • Experienced a heart-wrenching miscarriage, leading to strain in the marriage.
  • Heartbroken and divorced, she decided to pursue her dreams with renewed determination.
  • Enrolled in advanced studies in theoretical physics and particle studies.
  • Developed expertise in experimental design and data analysis.
  • Kindled a romantic relationship with fellow physicist and Professor, Dr. Rowan Grey.
  • Fueled by a desire to work at CERN, the forefront of scientific exploration.
  • Overcame challenges and sleepless nights to earn her doctorate.
  • Emerged as a brilliant physicist ready to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Ended her relationship with Dr. Rowan Grey as her application to work at CERN is accepted.
  • Elara is exposed to interdimensional energies during a catastrophic terrorist attack on CERN.
  • The destruction of the Collider ripped a hole in the fabric of space-time, allowing interdimensional entities access.
  • She becomes linked with an interdimensional entity, granting her cosmic powers and a unique connection.
  • The entities possess the bodies of the diseased researchers at the lab, including Dr. Elara.
  • Captured by the extremist organization, Elara and fellow researchers are subjected to inhumane experiments.
  • The interdimensional entity, calling itself Nexa, becomes a guiding voice in Elara's mind.
  • Elara's powers grow, and she becomes the vessel for the interdimensional being's influence.
  • Elara builds a relationship with one of the researchers experimenting on her and her colleagues.
  • The researcher, Dr. Willow, falls for Elara and plots to help her escape as her colleagues die one by one.
  • The extremist organization's facility is destroyed as Elara, now known as Nexa, unleashes her abilities.
  • Governments worldwide label Nexa a dangerous fugitive due to the destruction and death caused.
  • Nexa relies on her powers and guidance from the entity to evade capture and survive with Dr. Willow.
  • Facing capture and exhaustion, Nexa lets the interdimensional entity take control in a desperate bid.
  • A cosmic battle erupts as Nexa fights against military forces, reshaping reality with intergalactic powers.
  • The battle drains Nexa's strength, and she's ultimately overpowered and captured by containment units.
  • She's imprisoned in a highly secure facility, her fate uncertain as she faces the consequences of her actions.


Transparent Soul GIF by Willow Smith

Sexuality: Homosexual

Relationship Status: Divorced, OPEN

Crush(es): Dr. Willow Sky

Faceclaim: Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello Hello GIF by 2020 MTV Video Music Awards



Past Partners: Dr. Willow Sky (girlfriend), Rory Chavez (ex-spouse), Rowan Grey (ex-lover), Kai Johnson (high school sweetheart)

Turn-Ons: Intellectual curiosity/conversations, compassion, shared sense of purpose.
Turn-Offs: Cruelty, manipulation, disregard for consequences.

Dominant or Submissive: Balanced


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Aia18 (2).jpg
Full Name:

Name Meaning:
Aia from the Japanese language signifies the term "One who is famous"

Shiro is Aia most common nickname the guards have given her simply due to her pure white complexion


Her actual age is just over a year but due to her specie having a highly rapid growth rate her body is around the human age of 21


While many believe she is an ancient race of Oni from Japanese mythology Aia is actually of Alien origin. Coming down to earth as an egg inside of a meteor she crash landed deep in rural japan and hatched there

Nationality: N/A but she started her life out in Japan

9 counts of murder and Human consumption
100+ counts of trespassing
100+ counts of breaking and entering

Powers: N/A

Skills and Weaponry:
enhanced strength- Aia exhibits enhanced physical strength and durability due to the enhanced density of her muscles, mostly in her tail which reaches to 3-4 meters long from where it is connected to her, though her kind still has similar strength in her body. in addition with the ability to climb walls and ceilings she has the strength to hold her self up for hours at a time. Able to lift triple her weight or more.

superhuman speed- Aia's species has superhuman speed able to reach up to 150 mph in a full hard sprint which she can hold for at least a couple minuets before hitting exhaustion.

enhanced senses- Aia shows unmatched senses such as vision, hearing, and smell, in addition she has a long tongue (3 feet) that she seems to be able to use as another sensor much like a snake.

hypnotic vision- Aia's species seem to be able to hypnotize there prey via extended eye contact. Her hypnotic eyes are very rarely seen however for the fact that Aia doesn't know how to use them at all and any use of them comes by accident. The most they do is immobilize her target so she can eat them

strength- Aia can at most lift a car up with her tail and throw it, break through brick wall and materials weaker than 4 inch metal walls
speed- Aia has a max speed of 150mph at a full dead sprint and can sustain that speed for a few minuets of running before she tires out, the lower the speeds the longer she can run.
hypnotic eyes- her limit with this ability is she doesn't understand how to use it at all so if it is used its used by accident
her age would be the biggest limit of her abilities. not having any other of her kind around leave her to learn about her abilities on her own. The fact that she is an alien in the first place is difficult. making it unable for her to go out on her own as well as learn the human language so far she can understand most if not all of it but can only say her name.

Allegiances: Aia at the moment has no allegiances

Probably the family's of the people she's eaten, the general public at large due to her appearance
Aia stands at a stout 4’11 inches and as per the obvious is anything but human. If her pure white complexion and constantly shifting and moving red markings didn’t give it away then the 3-4m long tail and teeth as well as the 3 foot long tongue should. Her eyes the same color as the red marking that dance over her skin and hair, honestly some might akin her to the velociraptors from the Jurassic park movies aside from the cute look she has. Her skin is basically like a humans in terms of its feel and look which covers her entire body including her tail. The tail itself is much like a 4th appendage with Aia having full and unlimited control over it, her hair a little bit more like fur than human hair but it grows and requires cutting all the same
In all honesty Aia hates clothing of any kind, when she was first brought in after her capture the creature refused to wear anything even putting multiple guards in critical condition over the simple jumpsuits. But as time wore on she grew more…. Indifferent to it. Sure any chance she gets Aia will happily strip down as any animal would prefer to not wear clothes. When it comes to missions though she wears a simple uniform, a one peace all black swimsuit style outfit and stockings made special to accommodate her legs.
Strangely enough she smells like a more high end perfume. Not that she wears any or would ever as she hates the smell of perfume
Height & Weight:
4’11 and around 123lbs not including the tail. Tail included amounts to around 345lbs
Body Modifications:
Physical Disabilities:
Don’t know if would be considered a disability but due to well her tail obviously Aia isn’t exactly made for tighter spaces unless they are vents she can snake her way through
ADA from the comic "ADA" by Hushabye Valley
Curious, wild, Animalistic. These are the most used words when describing Aia's personality. Aia is a very curious being, most likely from being on a foreign planet though her curiosity comes from her instincts to learn all she can about her environment around her and how best to fit into earth. many say wild cause shes very much like an animal, many even refer to her as a dog cause the way she acts. always sniffing around to see what is what, often very cuddly an wanting of attention from people she is familiar with. Seeming to attach or imprint her self to a person for the lack of an elder of her own species to guide her. the most basic all around explanation for her thought is Animalistic. Very driven by her instincts to eat, and learn despite her young age which is also plainly seen in her physique. a mouth that's filled with fangs strong legs and tail for running and fighting as well as climbing and other uses. Enhanced senses to use for hunting, if anything Aia is an animal, just one that's smart enough to learn how to be human and fit in. Despite the cute and often puppy like nature she can have around those she’s close to make no mistake that Aia is a killing machine, a predator species evolved to hunt and kill and from what it looks like she is a very very good predator
Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:
Indifferent to other life
Soely carniverous
Overly protective
Personal space does not exist in her mind

MBTI Type:

Hogwarts House:

Moral Alignment:
Aia is somewhat of a hot tempered creature if she isn’t around people she likes or enjoys. A true night and day difference soely depending on who you put in the room with her. Give her someone she likes and trusts and Aia is more akin to a puppy than anything else. Give her someone she doesn’t know or like and you have a vicious killing beast stalking and watching you, ready to devour at a moments notice
New toys
Anyone she’s comfortable around
Being able to hunt her food
Any petting or scratching of the hair on the back of her neck (probably the quickest way to get on her good side)
Looking at peoples tattoo’s and studying them
Any plant based food
People she doesn’t know
Being caged up

-Aia’s biggest habit would be her tendency to wander and never sit still, even when confined to her cage she can often be found simply pacing around. Crawling all over the walls and ceiling and just moving about.
-Her tongue is almost always at least slightly sticking out of her lips even just a little bit, being a sixth sense of hers she’s always using it to collect information.
-She is always watching, listening, studying anything and everything around her

Losing anyone she’s close too
Being forever caged up

Play hunting those she’s close too
Learning anything she can about the world around her
Raw Meat

Mental Disorders:
image0 (2).jpg
A rural town deep in the mountains of main land Japan

Aia's story isnt a long one, having landed in a small secluded town in the mountains of Japan around a year ago as an egg aboard a meteor. she quickly hatched and was found by the Village people. They quickly took her in helping her to learn of the world and teach her of earth and how to survive on her own. that is until one night when some tourists came and unintentionally found Aia, terrified of the creature they attacked her only to be killed by her. When the sun arose the Village found Aia among the blood bath, feasting on her attackers. In horror and sadness they sent the alien away from the village, exiling her to the world for what she had done. From there she drifted across japan leaving a wake of myths and rumors behind her as she became Japans "bigfoot". Until one day of course Aia awoke to find herself deep at sea. Having made the mistake of hiding away to sleep on a cargo ship destined for the US though she never made it to the states by boat. a storm hit the ship a day before they were to arrive at port and washed Aia over board into the ocean. She washed ashore a week later and from there moved on to explore this new land she found herself in.
Unknown but in terms of sociability Aia seems to gravitate more towards women.

Relationship Status:


Past Partners:
Dominant or Submissive:
- not part of her playlist but being an Alien Aia cant speak human languages instead she has various barks, chortles, purrs, screeches, growls, Chirps and other sounds

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Full Name: Keeley Murphy-Belanger
Name Meaning: Keeley means beautiful, his last names mean descendant of Murchadh and beautiful anger
Nicknames: Eepy
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: December 6
Species: Human
Nationality: Canadian with Irish heritage

Role: Inmate
Crime: Wire Fraud
Powers: none
Skills and Weaponry: Very good with electronics, being able stay under the radar
Allegiances: none at the moment
Enemies: His victims, rival fraudsters
Appearance: Keeley doesn't look menacing at all, with a frail, short body. He's always slightly slouched over as well, as if he doesn't want to be noticed. However, his hand length is slightly larger than would be expected of his size (7 inches), with nimble fingers. Keeley has medium messy dark auburn hair worn in a singular braid, large downturned dark grey eyes, and light olive skin. He has bags under his eyes, and a dusting of freckles on his face.
Keeley often is seen pushing his hair and tapping his feet (shoe size of 8 in Mens' US), maybe because he's not in front of a computer. Otherwise, he tries to stay as unnoticed as possible. He has light stubble, life he forgot to shave a few days ago, and cuts on his hands and knees from eczema that he kept scratching at. He also has a lot of bug bites. Other than that, Keeley tries to look as unnoticeable as he can.
Wardrobe: t-shirt and jeans, flannels and other casual clothes; the prison's jumpsuits if they have those
Scent: subtly smells like burnt metal
Height & Weight: 5'5 & 124 pounds
Body Modifications: none
Physical Disabilities: Fibromyalgia
Faceclaim(The likeness is pretty close to how I imagined him):
Personality: Keeley is slightly neurotic, and socially awkward. He always has the need to keep his hands busy at all times, whether that's scratching himself or using a computer. Introverted, but constantly fidgety, Keeley also likes keeping his mind busy. Once he starts a task, he'll try to finish it in any way. Once he's focused, he doesn't seem to acknowledge anything else. On top of that, Keeley is an honest person, so much as a fraudster can be honest. He doesn't take credit for other people's work, and hates it when people do so. He believes people should earn their own merits. Keeley likes traveling outside his own comfort zone a lot, to the point that he wonders if he even has a comfort zone. In spite of his introversion, he can be a bit crazy in his challenges. He sees stealing people's identities as a game instead of a crime.
In spite of his twitchiness, Keeley rarely gets truly angry, but is quite blunt. He states how he's feeling with someone, as he sees no point in hiding something. He doesn't beat around the bush, preferring to get straight to the point.
Positive Traits: doesn't take credit for other people's work, determined
Negative Traits: one-track minded, blunt, can't be trusted with secrets
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Moral Alignment: True Neutral
Temperament: Melancholic

Likes: sushi, coding, cats, a challenge(in computers), people who are honest about what they are feeling to him
Dislikes: being bored, people who lie about their accomplishments, peas, prison bathrooms
Habits: fidgets a lot, mutters to himself when thinking
Fears: drowning
Hobbies: computers, mixing random foods
Mental Disorders: ADHD

Family: A normal mother, a kleptomaniac father, a lawyer brother who's two years older
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Backstory: Keeley had a pretty normal life, with his mother working in CGI INC. Because Keeley's father was in jail so often, and eventually prison, Keeley's mother brought Keeley and Aidan, Keeley's brother, to work from when Keeley was nine years old and onwards, partially because Keeley had been diagnosed with ADHD. Keeley would often take interest in his mother's work, and asked her to put him in coding classes when he was 10 years old. As it turned out, Keeley had his mother's knack for technology and learned coding, and developed a fixation on coding. The year after, though, Keeley began to get plagued by bouts of pain, and would seemingly get dramatic over small cuts. At the age of 12, Keeley got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As a result, Keeley was home schooled until high school, whereupon he joined his brother. He had a hard time fitting in, and spent most of his time in the computer room.

By the time Keeley was 16, he began his life of crime, and managed to figure out the username and password to the social media of one of the school's bullies. He quickly became bored, as he felt being the bully was too vapid, and moved on. He made sure to be quiet and leave no traces of his crime. As he moved on, Keeley actually began to get more and more brazen, even scamming a few people. Keeley used emails. He was nearly caught a few times, but managed to escape suspicion. Eventually, Keeley applied for colleges, and got accepted into Louisiana Tech. He applied to become a computer major.

Keeley started to commit worse fraud as the years marched on, even sometimes using his voice to do so. He always did his activities in secret, but his daywork was approached by his second year classmate, Lionel. They became friends due to their shared interest in computers, even though Lionel was a lot more laid back, and a year passed when Keeley began to get a crush on Lionel, and Keeley waited until he knew he was in love before he tried to confess. He had managed to get discovered by the staff because he had been too focused on his work, and was promptly arrested before he could confess seriously to Lionel. After the trial and Keeley was thrown in prison, the judge and jury speculated that Keeley had the ability to steal government documents, had he not been caught.

Sexuality: Asexual Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Past Crushes: Nikki( his childhood best friend of 21 years), Vivian(it wasn't even really a crush, as Keeley was 8 and didn't know what love was), Lionel(never got to confess, as Keeley got arrested)
Past Partners: none
Current Crush: none
Current Partner: none
Turn-Ons: consent and respect
Turn-Offs: 'you belong to me', having a weird kink
Dominant or Submissive: Switch

-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri-vzG9QiPI (Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEhLyoVXcD8 (The Nights by Avicii)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwxLwG2_Sxk (Blinding Lights by the Weeknd)
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How they all fit? Well here ya goes...

Groups that i mention everyso often:
  • Sector XTC - Dark-ops R&D facility in Canada that abducts potential superMeta kids and conscripts and raises them into a program to turn them into Supersoldiers. Brainwashed and loyal soldiers they will die before turning on XTC.
  • Aerial Prime - Flight Squadron of powerhouse Metahumans commissioned to be used for black-ops and tactical warfare by Sector XTC out of Canada. Ahmi was leader, ‘FireFlight.’
  • Undersiders - Subterfuge squad of specialist Metas commissioned to be used for black-ops and espionage by Sector XTC out of Canada. Notti was comm expert, ‘Azure.’
  • The Circle of Vengeance - a multi-nat group of supervillains/vigilantes that were all ‘supernaturals’. The Mood Ring Twins were; AJ as 'Syphon' and DJ as 'Torrent'.
  • The Hellbound - group of tightknit superMeta mercs that constantly went up against Titans but moved strictly overseas when the Justice League went after them for retribution vs the Titans. Ahmi was Gold Team Leader ‘The GunMother’ in her monstrous mecha suit and leather gear. Victorine wasa ‘Meltdown’ the laughing leather queen and ultra plasma bomber.
  • HIVE - a canon assassin/cult in the DC universe that i only discovered while looking up inspo for names for supervillains. Agent D grew up in their org and escaped and found refuge at BR

  • Bffs with Victorine and has known her for a year. Met at BR and Worked with her for a year. Considers her like a sister.
  • Bffs with Markie and has known for over a few years but didn’t get to know her better until they worked together at BR,
  • ‘Siblings’ with Ahmi. Grew up together in the XTC facility as experiments then as teenaged young adult supersoldiers for different black ops teams. Have not seen each other in almost 7 years.
  • Friends with Wither and Deluge. She did their eval 1 year ago and saw that they had potential to become like her and channel and read energies. So she recommended rehab and training to become guards directly. Haven’t seen them in 9 months. It was their combined Eradication power that BR wanted tho.
  • Close friends with Agent Delta. She knows that beneath that rough and yeah, abusive behaviour is an actual sweetheart and they connect at that level. Notti seems to be the only one that ‘gets’ Agent D. And so they become close friends… maybe a little too close.

  • Former teammates and bffs with Victorine. Met in the Merc ‘Family’ The Hellbound for a couple years.Considered her a sister until she back stabbed Ahmi.
  • Knows Markie through Markie’s mom who Ahmi and the Hellbound worked for several times to do outrageous missions
  • ‘Siblings’ with Notti. Grew up together in the XTC facility as experiments then as teenaged young adult supersoldiers for different black ops teams. Have not seen each other in almost 7 years
  • Does NOT know she knows Wither and Deluge yet. When the twins were ‘Jumpscare and ‘Downer'. they were given a job to take ‘parts’ from Ahmi when she was the ‘Buzzkill’, esp, her blood. They did take one part from her and especially the blood. It’s the blood that is the main ingredient in the strangely effective sedative they use in BR. It even affects aliens and supernats.
  • Former lover of Agent Delta. They were a thing together despite the beef between HIVE and the Hellbound. But when Delta left HIVE, they moved in together and lasted for only 6 months.

  • Former teammates and bffs with Ahmi. Met in the Merc ‘Family’ The Hellbound for a couple years.Considered her a sister and then she back stabbed Ahmi.
  • Bffs with Notti and has known her for a year. Met at BR and Worked with her for a year. Considers her like a sister. Has a secret she not telling her bff.
  • Bffs with Markie and has known for over a few years but didn’t get to know her better until they worked together at BR, Does not mention she worked for her Mama when Victorine was ‘Meltdown’ in the Hellbound.
  • Is the supervisor and trainer for Deluge and Wither. Upset that they are friends with Notti cuz screws her plans. Grooming them for what she needs to do in BR. Does not know it was their power that resurrected her bff Veronica Hernandez aka "The Great Render".
  • Work Friends with Agent Delta and has the VPA lead under her thumb how she needs her, No inmate really messes with Victorine or else her bud Agent D pays them a painful visit.

Notes on Mains and other charries:
  • Notti really keeps an eye on Renegade cuz Notti and Demons do not mix. Doesn’t have any Specialty Cases cuz she does mostly admin and assists in evaluations. Has done evaluations on all the metahumans on the soon to be Suicide Squad but prolly forgets who’s who since she deals with soooooo many different people on the day to day
  • Ahmi does not know that she has hired out Keeley to do some sniffing around to look for access codes and files from XTC. Knows Null from when he used to deal ‘parts’ a while ago. Only had contact through online/scrambled voice and never showed her face to them, Is currently listed as Junior VPA but still treated and shown like an inmate and being used as a ‘mole’ in the hole.
  • Victorine is SCA for Kenna and is her source to the outside world, they were also trusted business associates out there when Vix worked for LexCorp. Also trying to be friendly to get Sinead on her side so she takes it easy on her… for reasons.

Notes on NPCs
  • Wither and Deluge know Caio through criminal jobs. Their old crew, The Circle of Vengeance probably hired out Kenna to off some bad people. Wither is learning channel and read like Shine. Deluge is a fanboi of lots of super criminals.
  • Markie known Caio since they were kids; their parents did business together. Has dark, dark secrets re: Ahmi, Notti and Victorine. Doesn’t know that her uncle is a major funder for her ABORT research.
  • Agent Delta knows who Ahmi is from when Agent D was a vigilante, knows who Notti is from when she was in gotham, and knows Victorine from when she was in LexCorp. But has dark secret on Victorine too.

Nova Red's nicks:
  • Shine: Moonshine, Bluebell (Another guard called her: Smurfette)
  • Markie: Motorin' (Shine calls her Markiki)
  • Void: Annoyed
  • Null: Nopey
  • Lion: Pussy Fur
  • Manta Ray: Ol' Manty Panties
  • Deluge: Mouthful
  • Wither: Gold Star (Another guard called her: Bargain-Bin-Raven Barbie)
  • Elana: Spacey Cadet
  • Caio: Limpy-Rich
  • Eve: Evo
  • Kenna: Ms. Bazzie
  • Tamzin: Pookie
  • Yue: Bloodbag (Deluge calls her Ms. Understood)
  • Sinead: Ms. Angellic
  • Warden: Moo Cow-sei

Bonus! The Buggalossary
  • SCA / “Speckers” - Specialty Case Agents. Supermeta guards in Belle Reve trained to handle Specialty Cases in the prison. Each SCA is assigned a number of cases depending on their expertise and experience
  • SC / “Specca” - Specialty Case. A Supermeta inmate that is assigned to a SCA in BR. These ones wear distinguishing collars superior to the ones in general populace.
  • GCO / “Geckos” - General Correctionals Officer. Regular guards in BR
  • LCO / “Locos/Locas” - Lead Correctionals Officers. Captains/Chiefs of GCO teams.
  • VPA / “Cysts” - Voluntary Participatory Assistants - Supercriminals seeking refuge and shelter from big bad orgs exchange program. In exchange for protection, these supercriminals serve out their terms as employees for BR. They are the ones that do the gopher work, escort and dirty underhanded correctional techniques when necessary.
  • Nullified Alpha, Nullified Beta / "Numbahs, Numbies" - inmates without powers are referred to as Nullifieds. Dangerous ones that are near meta level are Null Alphas, the lesser ones are Null Beta.
  • ABORT - Advanced Bio/Off-Terran/Red-Line Technologies. These are thrid party hired teams in BR that are responsible for tech, engineering, research and reverse-engineering any tech or advanced life forms they come across.
  • “The Cage” - Belle Reve
  • “Beasts/Animals in the Jungle” - General Populace on the floor outside their cells
  • “The ArmPits” - Solitary Confinement
  • “The Vault” - the below ground Solitary Confinement reserved for the most dangerous of Criminals
  • Off-Terran - Alien / Otherworld
  • Red-Lined Threat - on the scale they use to determine how dangerous a metahuman, anyone that crosses the red-line is considered a disaster waiting to happen
  • "Rage in the Cage" - Dangerous/Unpredictable to the poplulace of BR including staff.
  • Electro-Bars - electrified bars that bar powers from going in or out beyond the barrier.
  • "Cleaning / Cleansed" - cleaning getting rid of inmate evidence / cleansed killing off an inmate

Selfie in the Cargo Bay...

Charrie Voices...

So I think of the voices by looking at my CS for them and thinkin they like voice actors for an animation. Cuz me lol

Here's team BungleBoo:

Ahmi / GunMother (Gina Torres / FC: Anjelika Anderson)

Notti / Shine (Malu Trevejo / FC: Same)

Victorine / Nova Red (Miranda Lambert / FC: Nata Lee)

AJ / Wither (Hailee Steinfeld / FC: same)

DJ / Deluge (Terrence Howard / FC: same)

Markie / Pixie (Brianna Hildebrand / FC: same)

Nika / Agent Delta (Kathleen Turner / FC: Shay Mitchell)


"Ahmi" Ahvelina Michelle | "GunMother" |


'Buzzkill' / 'FireFlight' / Ms. Deviant

She/Her | 27yrs | 5'11" | 185lbs | Black Hair | Hazel/Gold Eyes | Tan Skin
Human Supersoldier | Muscular, Athletic build | May 23 / Canadian
Inmate(served only 3 days) | Mercenary / Former Black-Ops | Technomancer
Lesbian and very Single

This is The GunMother...

What's in a Name?
"Ahmi" is what her sisters and brothers in the XTC facilities called her. They all used the last 4 characters in their bar codes to name each other. Hers was 4HM1. Over time, it expanded to Ahvelina Michelle. Ahvelina has these meanings from different languages: "Strength, desire or avian.". The name belonged to the Psychologist that talked her down so many times. Michelle is the feminized form of Michael and means: "Closer to God." It is the name she daydreamed that her parents gave her.

What did you do to end up in Belle-Reve?

Overseas, she was on a mission with a lucrative payout. Her team ended up going 5 vs a whole battalion. Only Ahmi and another survived. The military forces... not so much. They turned out to be US GI soldiers. Ahmi decided to collect her earnings then lay low. But she was set up. Upon collecting she was ambushed, betrayed by her contact and turned over to face whatever was to come on US soil. She decided to comply since they held her 'kids' as leverage. She wouldn't get them back until she served her punishment.


In the Nanosuit (The Buzzkill)

Powers **{Inhibited by the Collar} Technomancer / Archon Mecha Suit
  • Archon-Reactor Tech {NULLIFIED}- nanotech that she is able to control and manipulate to form and re-form a mecha suit with full flight and advanced weaponry capabilities. Originally an extravagant golden, burning raptor but has since gone with more of a bug with big guns look to hide the stolen tech. Also has minor 'bumbler conjurations' whereby she forms such thngs while in human form: a HUD display visor, internal comms, close combat weapons, energy sidearms or hard wire interface ports.
  • Archon Reactor - implant that multiplies energy to be used to power her mecha suit and its regen abilities.
  • Tool-less Manipuation {LIMITED} - she can telekinetically move and attach various pieces of inanimate objects together or pull it apart without the use of specialty/hand held tools.
  • Tech Assimilation {LIMITED} - can meld into machinery to control and manipulate as if it were a part of her. Weapons are her specialty; it is the reason she used to be called 'The GunMother.'
  • Tech Interface {LIMITED} - able to 'speak' to computers and hack and dominate operating systems to get them to do as she wants.
  • 'Stinger' Energy Blade
  • {NULL} Concussive / Flash / Shrapnel / ElectroNet / Sonic Grenades and Mines
  • {NULL} Regen-Flechette Blossom Launchers
  • {REMANDED} 'The Musketeers' (the GunMother's 'kids') Technomanced AI Gun Bot Sentries
    • - 'Steady' TR-23 Armour-Breaker RailRifle / - 'Express' TR-45 Rapidfire RailSideArm
      - Ammo: Archon Regen-Flechettes (Rail)
    • - 'DJ' Archon Plasma Pulse / - 'Pow' Archon Particle Scattergun
      - Source: Archon Reactor (Blaster)



Archon Reactor Focus Weapon - The STINGER.

  • Blade is able to be hidden within her and extracted as needed.
  • When attached to Archon-Reactor Suit, the Blade will fold back, effectively creating a double-headed weapon that she may attatch to her arm and it will spin like a wicked buzzsaw.
  • Used as a lighter for Ahmi's smokes when she done a mission.

Supersoldier Training / Upgrades / Implants
  • Highly skilled in field combat as a black ops soldier: close combat, firearms, artillery, explosives, flight training, intel, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical endurance, leadership.
  • Synthetic reinforced limbs, joints and digits
  • Reinforced spine, upgraded synapses/nerves
  • Upgraded muscles and ligaments
  • Enhanced internal organs, ears and eyes.
  • Aerial Prime - her original group of enhanced supersoldiers
  • The Hellbound - off shore merc group of Supers
  • LexCorp - major benefactor for the Hellbound
  • Sector XTC - the Canadian secret black-ops and supersoldier Research and Development.
  • The Titans - had a few scuffles with them. The Titans closeness with the JLA is the main reason why the Hellbound mostly worked over seas.
  • Buzzkill's Targets - Her nanosuit's unique design stands out. Any that's she taken down and survived or any group she's taken on will defo recognize her as Buzzkill. Many have tried to figure out her human identity to get at her.

~Looks (FC Angelica Anderson):


Ahmi loves a good badass military look. Dark leathers, battle-scarred armour, and combat boots. When out of her combat gear she just tucks up her hair and wears her signature box cap with the cigar/cigarette sticking out of the band. Sucker for the city skater chick look. She is a fit woman with lovely muscles and so she loves to wear tanks or shortsleeve crop tops exposing her tats and muscles. Sometimes just a simple, sultry black sarong will do... but defo gets her fakey nails and lashes done up for full accents. And yes, she loves loose cargo pants, but when she wears shorts, rest assuresd they will be the booty shorts variety. One thing about going civillian is that she always has to have fresh kicks and so she will wear a different clean and crisp pair of shoes for each day of the week. Other than her signature hat, she will always have that ragged patched up bomber jacket with scraps and cut-outs of fabric, or bits of metal or clasps attached to it. Each item is from a member of her current and former squads.

Oh yeah. And she will try to cover up the ugly Inhibitor collar with a makeshift scarf.

She can be a pretty, pretty fancy woman at times but doesn't care for the expensive perfumes. She does however like to keep clean and waxed so she has excellent hygiene. If anything, she seems to smell like flowery anti-perspirant, lavender hair products and shea/cocoa butter lotion. She will spend top dollar for those items though.


Scars, Tats, Piercings:
Full sleeves down to fingertips, full back, some tats on her front and legs that tell her life story thus far. In particullar, a tattoo on her forearm with multiple overlapping runes that glow and pulsate when she uses her power. Little motes of light that she calls her 'bumblers' buzz around it. Has her tongue, nose, hood and navel pierced. Scars everywhere especially in parts where she was experimented on. Of note, she has taken grievous wounds in her belly and right thigh leaving nasty scars. Archon Implants in her head and arm that she assimilated and controls other tech devices. When she uses her power or when emotions are high, her irises will glow gold.

Body Mods/Disablilites:
The tech inside her has the side effect of making her at least 25 pounds heavier than she appears. She will not pass a metal detector test and is susceptible to EMP bursts while not in her nanosuit.

Out in the Field as Suicide Squad GunMother:
Without the use of her nanosuit she prefers to just go lighter with the garb and equip up with what they provide. She's requested two outfits. Her old civvies look as FireFlight with the black tight fitting lycra, hair in a tight braid and fully gas masked. The other being her city post punk vibe in an all white bullet proof hoodie, white tear proof 2 piece set and an electric mountain board deck.



+ Humourous, Chatty and Flirty
+ Badass, Alpha Mindset, Perceptive
+ Steel-Nerved, Quick Reactor, and Ironwilled
+ Confident, Hard-Working, Resourceful
+ Exceptionally Durable, Daring and Super Athletic

- Humour can be offensive, Smack-talker, Cocky.
- Dominant, Rigid, Does things her way cuz "Bitch, I AM the GunMother,"
- Aggressive, Abrasive yet Needs Quiet Emote Time to cope with spiralling depression
- Glory hound, Annoyed by Laziness, Financial Benefits Driven
- Vowed to find Siblings, Hates overlording, oppressive regimes, Ultra-Violent in Combat.

  • -always has a toothpick or something sharp out the corner of her mouth
  • -always has a cigarette/cigar while in the field, other than that does not smoke
  • -Calls people by their first initial when she gets comfy with them
  • -Eyes glow gold when using her power or in high emotions
  • -Hums christmas songs while she is working
  • -rough n tough bitch but once the karaoke machine busts out she will bust out the moves and vocals lol
  • -scowls a lot but eyes soften when talking to a friend, smiles when talking to people she considers family
  • -usually calm demeanor but when she gets pissed, she spits right before she lays into you
  • -loves tinkering with tech and pretties up her projects with cute little stickers or paint jobs
  • -Known as 'FireFlight' when she was part of the Aerial Prime squad as squadron leader.
  • -"GunMother" is her infamous name and rep as a Merc/Bounty Hunter
  • -"Buzzkill" is her pilot callsign and those that know her well half-mockingly call her 'Ms. Deviant' due to her past transgressions.
  • -due to experimentation, she is sterile. And so her Musketeer Gunbots, her 'kids', mean everything to her and fears losing them.
  • -only member of the Hellbound to keep in touch with her is her bff and forever crush; "Artemist / Ms. Uh-Oh."
  • -found out, Halo, one of her Siblings is in North America, still looking out for here 1st crush, their youngest sibling LiLi.
  • -somewhere a bit past an ISTP and maybe closer to an ENTP
  • -Point to House Slytherin!!
  • -Chaos Neutral - Free Spirit
  • -Temperment - Sanguine(?)
  • -Non-committed to one partner and yeah, she will sleep around with the dumb cute, club-hopping, bi-curious little things. Won't take a chance on a relationship with the intellectuals nor the queen B ones nor ones as broken, dominant, capricious and non-commital like her.


  • Ahmi is just another orphan who went missing across Canada all those years ago. As a young girl she and many other children were taken by the secret para-military government body known to a small few as Sector XTC.
  • Flourished with manipulating tech and managed to form a bond with the AI, machines and powersources from unestablished origins known as: Archon-Reaction nanotech.
  • All children were experimented upon: enhanced body parts, implants and Adept Power Accelerants were all used to create super soldier children.
    Siblings are: Ahmi, CoCo, Cookie, Corki, Daisy, Giro, Halo, LiLi, Notti, Rainy, Sunny, Talli and Tricky . They all cut themselves and shared a blood bond.
  • Ahmi was a top specimen and excelled at all physical training. Was held in high esteem as an honours student and soldier.
  • A nautral-born alpha, she soon earned her way to squad leader, codename: 'FireFlight', of the black-ops team: Aerial Prime. This was an all flight-based team with all members powered by the Archon tech.
  • Successful in all tours working as a unit, but more importantly, bonded as a family... that was until the mission at the Haida Gwaii on Canada's west coast. The team was divided right down the middle regarding the decision to execute their objectives in full. They had all known each other since they were little, they even cut themselves to share blood. Yet the Siblings still found no alternative but to battle each other with devastating results.
  • Ahmi was badly injured and her powers muted, but she still managed to escape with Archon Tech, abandoning all of her Siblings. As she fled across borders, contacts tipped her off that there was someone who helped out metahumans-- especially ones that were former spec/black ops soldiers. And so Ahmi found herself in Mexico. There she met a few others hoping lay low and off the radar, seeking out this mysterious person called the Mandible. They finally found the enigmatic figure and he took them all in. On recuperating her health, Ahmi's tech manipulating powers slowly returned and with the Mandible's help, they recreated her suit and incorporated the stolen piece of Archon-Reaction tech. The suit is now cosmetically different, perhaps not as destructive as before, but at least she is free to use her powers to create a symbiotic relationship with her suit as 'Buzzkill.'
  • Later, she met up with one of the Mandible's camp refugees; Okscana (soon to be known as Artemist) and was soon recruited into the Mandible's newly formed Hellbound.
  • Ahmi recrafted her nanotech which she eventually re-formatted and lived for years in the life of a hired gun for The Hellbound as a mecha pilot going by the name of the infamous 'GunMother.
  • But all the while she sent out feelers to see if she could locate her Siblings. LexCorp gave up some info in exchange for a huge assault on specific targets overseas. She paid the price and got her info, but ultimately got burned and ended up in Belle-Reve as a result.


Potential thoughts/ideas on the Squad...

For Aia, there's a hollow point bullet sandwich waiting lol Naw fr tho, i can see it going one of two ways. If the little alien gets too clingy, Ahmi wont hesitate to push back and hard. But i can see her also viewing aia as a little puppy that warms her heart. idk. we'll see how it plays out but one things for sure, she will be freaked out as soon as she sees her eat someone lol Thinkin she will call her 'Bitey.'

For Caio, Ahmi and he will defo butt heads. She's mouthy and doesn't like loners esp ones that don't do well in team situations. I think they will get along when it comes to working on tech but she will still sass him no doubt... ESP if she finds out that he is developing a crush on her... doubly more if she notices he is getting a weeeeee bit jealous about the attn she starts giving Keely lol Thinkin' she uses the phrase: "Don't have a Caio." when someone freaks out later on lol. Or 'Cry-o" when he complains or talks sasses her.

For Elara thinkin that she won't get along with the Dr, her being all intellectual and mood swingy. But with the entity i could see her being reallllly fascinated with her energy since Ahmi has weird energy harnessed/implanted within her. But thinkin that once Ahmi finds out that Elara has been experimented on, she will find cause to help get back bad at the facility. Prolly even open up about her own history of being experimented on in the Canadian facility.

For Keely thinkin that she will just view him as in the way and just cannon fodder lol. She'll constantly make annoying even offensive comments about how inept he is in the field. So basically bug him that he will be first to get killed. Then as soon as she finds out that he is the Hacker that has been working with her to get info on her greatest desire she will pull 180 and do everything to apologize all the mean things she said about him. When comfy she will defo call him 'K-boy' and prolly 'K-pops' if it bugs him lol

For Balor thinkin that she will get a kick out of the overgrown gremlin. She'd laugh and hype up his antics... then he'd prolly go overboard and Ahmi would have to try to reel him in. I could see them getting into fights since she would try to provoke him to clean up his messes; she haaaaaaates clutter. But they could get along working tech together too. On her former team there was another, The Great Render, who was really similar to Balor but twice as tall. They were killed during that fubar that eventually lead to Ahmi's capture. Defo calling him 'B-boy'. That and 'BayBay' too.

For Sinead, thinkin’ that Ahmi adores the little mouthy thing. Reminds her soooooo much of one of her mates on the Hellbound crew. Small, mouthy, small but fiesty, tougher than she looks and always has their heart in the right place despite the craptactular execution. I can see her laughing and egging on her sarcasm and quips. Ahmi speaks some French too so hearing the swear words will make her laugh no doubt. And if the little mouthy thing wants, Ahmi will defo teach her proper close combat and firearms skills and proper military flight training too. Defo call her 'S-girl'. That and 'Séraphine'

For Kenna thinkin that Ahmi just fell into an Insta thirst trap lol. Physically: height, looks, style is every clubista bi-curious girl that she has every pusued and tried to take home. Defo some heavy flirty-flirtations right here! ...then she finally figures out that the other woman is 'the Snake Bitch.' There's a 'players only' finders fee from LexCorp to bring her in alive. Then she finds out that Kenna was experimented on. Ahmi will be torn from collecting a payout or lighting up the facility that took Kenna's life from her. But that 'clicking' tho! Her little Sibling used to do that all the time and it drove her INSANE!! Ughs! Thinkin' that she calls her 'Barbie' as both a compliment and when she shakes her head and rolls her eyes too.

For Tamzin thinkin' that this is the one that Ahmi has singled out as "I don't like you. Nope. Like i reeeeeeallllly don't like you. Here accidentally eat this C4 for me, kay?" That goodie-two-shoes and diabetes inducing persona makes Ahmi just wanna blow something up. It would just be snide remarks and laughs at the alien's expense, but as soon as she finds out that she is a mindreader... There are too many secrets inside Ahmi that are so not privvy for anyone. Not especially someone that can mind eff others. Thinkin Ahmi might go hard in trying to sabotage her collar. Like its really mean so i dunno. Prolly just have her think about it... and hope Tam the Brainal Exam doesn't read those thoughts lol

For Eve. thinkin that she will get a kick out of the wild child. I mean there comes a point where wreckless endangerment goes too far, but until that line is crossed these two should get along fine. Reminds Ahmi of her sooooo much of wildcard Sibling Corki. The random and spontaneous actions and the repercussions that follow are either mind blowingly hilarious or absolute dumpster fires. The fact that she is unkillable fascinates Ahmi and sets her mind to, as mean as it sounds, get Eve to play moving target dummy for her fr fr lol. Once she gets in with Eve, thinkin the pair might get under Caio’s skin with their antics. Pull in Balor and Aia and watch it all burn down. Calling her 'E-girl' fo'sho! That and defo a 'Ms. Mayhem' title too.

For Billy, yeah she has a soft spot for younger folk but once she finds out that he is beset on world destruction. Yeah. GunMother goin’ full nuclear on his ass. Other than that, she can see he’s struggling and understand his need to be alone and so she will leave him be until its time to feed the boy a full serving of plama blaster to the face. That being said, Ahmi is a terrible person but not so far gone a monster and will lend a listening ear and big sisterly advice if her ever comes to her for it. But she is loathe to take him in for combat training, not especially with explosives and heavy artillery.But tbhI don’t see much interaction between the pair.

Que si tú te vas Al cielo, te sigo...

'Notti' - Nouvelle Tiamo - 'Shine'


'Naughty Girl', 'Luna Blue' 'Azure,' 'The Midnighter'

She/Her ○ 23yrs ○ 5'1" and a half ○ 130lbs ○ Black Hair ○ Brown/Azure Eyes ○ Light Brown Skin
Human Supersoldier ○ Fit and Athletic Build ○ June 7th ○ Canadian
Guard ○ Communications Expert/Former Spec-Ops ○ Spiritbound Empath
Bisexual ○ Engaged (Fiance: Derrick Johns)

This is The Naughty-Girl...

What's in a Name?
"Notti" is what her sisters and brothers in the XTC facilities called her. They all used the last 4 characters in their bar codes to name each other. Hers was N0T1. She decided to take up the name Nouvelle Tiamo. Nouvelle is French for: "News or story." She always loved the sound of the phrase: "Quelle belle nouvelle!!" that one of her Quebecoise Siblings used to say. She uses the name to honour their culling. Tiamo (ti amo) is Spanish for: "I love you." She daydreamed that her parents would say to her as they hugged her and tucked her in at night.

What did you do to end up in Belle-Reve?
Notti used to work as part of a special investigations unit in Gotham that specialized in cold-cases. Her talents allowed her to 'speak to the dead' and actually be on scene to get a confession from the perp. A contact from her old crew recommended her for a higher paying job as a 'Consultant' at a max-security prison. The money, perks and benefits were outrageous. She was hired and became part of the team that did a first time assessment/interview with new inmates. She also is present for interros and counselling too.


Powers: Medium / Spiritual Empath
  • Aura Intertwine - this is her main power to gain greater empathy toward another life form and better 'read' what they are all about. She is able to detect how many life forms or if spirits are present. Targets are susceptible to her influence when she sings; animals will become docile towards her when she sings for them. She uses it as a form of lie detector and a way to manipulate others into confessing crimes. It cannot hold up in court but there are others ways to exact justice...
  • Spirit Walk- she is able to reach out into the unseen Otherside and interact with spirits or travel into anothers dreams. She may attack you spiritually and Hex you from this side causing physical ailments and sickness to the victim in the waking world. This is dangerous for not only is her mortal body vulnerable in the waking world but her body has a chance to be possessed by demonic spirits.
  • Conduit - sometimes the spirits just come to her since they recognize her as a Name. When she needs to contact them she will chant and sing and then is able to link and commune with spirits and the unrested dead as a Medium would. Again testimomy will not hold up in court but there are other paths that lead to justice. She is able to use her Aura powers in conjuction with her Conduit skills to link and provide an open communication with others that she made ritual with. Or she may track a single target but must mark them via Spirit Walk.
  • Silver-lined Pacts - these are favours she may ask of spirits to aid her by increasing her powers for more effective or potent use. She is cautious to make any of these pacts since she will be absolutely bound to the terms. In desperation, she has made pact 3 times. Each time she has gained a new demonic enemy and must now watch out for their attacks on her until they are compensated.
Supersoldier Training / Upgrades / Implants:
  • Highly skilled in field combat as a black ops soldier: close combat, firearms, artillery, explosives, flight training, intel, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical endurance, rituals, specialized in morale and teambuilding.
  • Synthetic reinforced limbs, joints and digits
  • Reinforced spine, upgraded synapses/nerves
  • Upgraded muscles and ligaments
  • Enhanced internal organs, ears and eyes.
  • Undersiders - original group of soldiers in XTC - specialized in espionage and subterfuge.
  • Gotham City PD, Special Investigation Unit - Worked as an investigator in cold cases specializing in occult occurences/otherworldly connections
  • League of Shadows - Worked as consultant and channeller for the group on a case-by-case basis.
  • Belle Rêve - came highly recommended and with glowing honours. Has been a major asset for inmate eval that lead to selecting potential candidates for specialized dark ops team: The Suicide Squad.
  • Sector XTC - the Canadian secret black-ops and supersoldier Research and Development.
  • Gotham City Criminals - a looooot of bad guys that thought they got away with it were busted eventually by her team.
  • Demonic Spirits - she has exorcised her fair share of possessive 'demons' and they know her Name and want her broken
  • Belle Rêve inmates - There are some that like her for her upbeat and open personality. Then there are those with secrets to keep. They want the secrets kept secret at all costs.

~Looks (FC Malu Trevejo):


Despite most assumptions, Notti is a girlie that likes simple and smart fit; mostly demnim bottoms and solid colour tops. Mind you, what she does wear is curve hugging but simple nonetheless. She is super fit and boasts a good hourglass figure. But ey, don't be surprised when she busts out booty shorts or the short tight skirts and revealing top for fancy occasions-- nails and lashes dolled up too! Simple but effectively sexy enough. Nothing fancy. But! She will go haam on cute and unique kicks. Ranging from shiny-assed sandals to wicked stilleto heels to rainbow'd up athletic or skater sneakers. She spends a pretty penny on skin and hygiene care. But yeah, she still loves to put on the 'warpaint' and will take her time to do up a simple, natural-ish beauty look and mostly concentrate on shaping her brows. Oh, but the one thing NOT simple about herof course, is the seemingly weekly hairstyle transformations she goes through; some of her previous colleagues had betting pools to guess how she did her hair next lol

Incense, Lavender, Sage, Flowers, Blood.
Scars, Tats, Piercings:
Multiple scars along her body especially down her spine // She has some ink on her shoulders, tummy and hands. But of note are all the strange runic ones that are inked near her spinal scars // She has her ears, nose and tongue pierced.

Body Mods/Disablilities:
The tech inside her has the side effect of making her at least 25 pounds heavier than she appears. She will not pass a metal detector test and is susceptible to EMP bursts. Due to weight, swimming is not her best sport. Spirit walking leaves her body vulnerable. Needs to make bargains and fulfill them to use her powers properly. Has insomnia due to spiritual battles and nightarish visions.


+ Positive vibes, Energetic, Well-mannered
+ Persuasive, Intuitive, Perceptive
+ Steel-Nerved, Level-headed, Honourable
+ Hard-Working, Detail-Oriented, Studious
+ Compassionate, Advisor, Calming-Presence

- Hero complex, Always Too Much on her Plate, Haughty
- TMI syndrome, Emotionally Invested, Gets Too High
- Workaholic, Obsesses over Minutiae, People pleaser
- Picky, Annoyed by Laziness, Indecisive due to Overthinking
- Vowed to find Siblings, Seeks more than legal justice, Ultra-Violent in Combat.

  • - 'Naughty Girl' is what her Siblings called her since as a youth, she was a troublemaker. 'Azure' was her codename when part of The Undersiders.
  • - 'Luna Blue' is her codename when she works with the League of Shadows. 'The Midnighter' is her nick in Gotham SIU since she was most effective during nighttime.
  • - eyes glow a ghostly azure when she is feeling intense emotions or when she uses her powers. It's the reason they call her 'Shine' at Belle Reve.
  • - smiles then winks at to greet you once she's comfy with you.
  • - has an annoying habit of sighing, making it sound like she's disdaining you, but is just taking a deep breath.
  • -Talks out loud to unseen apparitions whether they truly are present or not. The smell of blood lingers in the air when she speaks with the unrested dead.
  • -Overdoes her 'conscious elevation' ritual and gets too high. She then proceeds to eagerly look for others to smoke up with her.
  • -fidgets with loose strands. Doesn't matter if its on her, in front of her, above her or on you, she will fidget with it.
  • -talented singer and seemingly 'Snow Whites' nearby animals and gets a kick out of it
  • -loves throwing things and hitting targets so she always carries a super-bouncy ball or rubberband ball with her.
  • -can't stand it when you touch her hair after she just gets it done up. Step on her white kicks and watch the sweet little thing morph and go alllllll King Kong on your ass.
  • -likes to shoot pool and go bowling but hates to lose at it. Aaaaaaways makes excuses why she lost that time.
  • -was in a relationship with Witch, Polita Calvillo-Holmes. What started off as a good relationship ended up with Poli becoming emotionally abusive and so they had a spiritual battle and Notti defeated her and left the relationship cold.
  • -currently engaged to Motorcross star, Derrick Johns. She fears she may lose him. Since childhood, her biggest dream was to have kids but fears that she may in fact be sterile and never bear her own children. She hasn't told her fiance yet due to assuming that he will leave her if he finds out.
  • -doesn't have a secret crush as of yet, but with the looming threat of losing Derrick... yeah her eyes have wandered...
  • -MTBI is a ENFJ
  • -Point to House HufflePuff!!
  • -Lawful Good leaning heavily into Lawful Neutral - dependable and seeks justice
  • -Temperment - Melancholic
  • -Attracted to strong-willed and ambitious partners. They don't have to be overly fancy and flaunty-- she hates that-- but they do have to take fitness seriously and have a positive outlook on life. They have to love her despite her creeeeeepy ways and cannot interfere with her rituals and spiritual connections. They also have to be able to give her her space when she needs it; growing up parentless as a captured experiment turned supersoldier for underhanded doings for your government can reeeeeallllly mess you up.


  • Notti is just another lost child who went missing across Canada all those years ago. As a young girl she and many other children were taken by the secret para-military government body known to a small few as Sector XTC.
  • Flourished with manipulating auras and spirits. Became an excellent tool for interros, investigations and insurrections.
  • All children were experimented upon: enhanced body parts, implants and Adept Power Accelerants were all used to create super soldier children.
    Siblings are: Ahmi, CoCo, Cookie, Corki, Daisy, Giro, Halo, LiLi, Notti, Rainy, Sunny, Talli and Tricky . They all cut themselves and shared a blood bond.
  • Notti did not have any upsides physically at steath and covert-ops training. Excellent gauge of how many unfriendlies were on scene.
  • Was inserted into the black-ops subeterfuge team: The Undersiders, using codename: 'Azure'. This was a specialize re-con and sabotage unit that Notti linked up by manipulating her teams auras.
  • They were on Canada's west coast mid-mission, readying themselves for next set of orders when all of a sudden their aerial support team, Aerial Prime imploded and they began attacking each other. This breach of ingrained protocol to never harm another team mate broke through the programming inside many of the soldiers. They watched in awe as Aerial Prime were killing each other. Many of the XTC spec-ops members broke rank and went AWOL post haste during the fracas. Notti was one of the lucky ones that got away.
  • Notti went dark for years, hiding and skulking from city to city across North America gaining an underground rep as she helped those in need. Finally she holed up in a small town 60km outside of Mexico City. Then she got the call from a particuar someone in Gotham City. They needed her particular set of skills. She was airlifted out of there and effectively erased and given a new identity. It was here where she took on the name Nouvelle Tiamo and soon enough met up with her first true love of her life, Polita.
  • She was an instant hit as she aided in the more notorious cases in Gotham. She even helped take down a crime sydicate that was in midst of purchasing and recieving supersoldier serums. Her name spread out to certain mystical circles and she was hired on several times by the League of Shadows. With their aid, she became spiritually strong enough to break free from the spell her lover Polita had cast upon her. Needing a fresh start and new scenery, a contact of hers gave her a glowing recommendation at Belle Reve.
  • With the pay, covered living expenses and benefits, she took on the offer. The change helped 1000 fold. She has been successfully employed for a year now and has just recently become engaged. All things were on the up and up... that was until it all started to unravel the day Ahmi showed up in the penetentiary.

I'll never be good enough...

'Vixxi' - Victorine LaFontaine - 'Nova Red'


'The High-Heeled Demon', 'Soleil Rouge' 'Meltdown', 'Ms. Giggles'

She/Her cuz Vagina ○ 31yrs young ○ 5'9" and a half ○ I'm 'top-heavy...' ○ Full-bodied Blonde Hair ○ Ice queen Blue Eyes ○ Flawless Pale Skin
Bestest Human Supersoldier ○ Lithe, Sexy, Athletic... you so jelaous of my curves ○ Jan 1st cuz I started it all ○ Austin, Texas. I'm Americandy!!
Like they could catch me... Honey, I'm a Guard ○ Top notch, 10/10 would recommend Merc/Former Spec-Ops ○ Plasma Making Empress
Straight cuz lips-to-lips don't satisfy ○ Sadly I'm single. Cuz he cheated on me. So I exploded him *giggles*

This is The High-Heeled Demon...

What's in a Name?
Really? But whyyyyy...? Okay fine then. "Victorine" is my great-great grandmother's name. It's a French name that traces back to meaning 'Victory.' I guess my parents were psychic *giggles* LaFontaine means 'Fountain,' and that last name is a fountain of riches; we are reeeeeeallllly old money. My family is abso-positively LOADED!

What did you do to end up in Belle-Reve?
Sweetie. It's Rêve You need to get more gutteral with that 'r'. No tongue. Just your throat-- mmmm-hmmmm. Yeah I said it *giggles* Anyways, I got her by the usual. I pulled a few strings... scratched some backs... warmed some lonely desperate aching bodies with my 'Charming Assets'... 'sploded some scrubs... y'all know the drill by now. There's an experimental drug going round. And I get what I want and need. I'm a winner. Yeah... not many want to end up working 'La Belle Cauchemar...' but I'm that type of gal. I get what I want and need no matter what the hell it takes. Ask the fella whose position i took-- oh wait. You can't. He's too busy resting peacefully 6 feet under *giggles*


Powers: Plasma Generation:
  • Plasma Blasts - look you don't wanna get hit when I start shooting at you. Kinda' like fire, kinda lightning, kinda magnetic disruption and star radiation stuff. Like I can adjust the concoction to fit who or what I'm shooting at, but whatever the case they are soooo hot and I shoot them and they glow a abso-positiverly gorgeous shade of red!!
  • Plasma Flight- just like what it says on the tin. I can't maintain it tooooo long but I'm fast and hey, it gets me where I want and need!
  • Plasma Aura - this is my faaaaave! Honey, I can make bubbles *giggles* I put them around me to protect me or put it around you so you go no where.
  • Plasma Injection - kay... this one is nasty... but it only happens when you piss me off, kay? It takes a bit of concentration but I can shove plasma balls inside you and detonate them. It's why they call me Nova Red now cuz I make you all 'Ker-bloody-Splat-BOOM!!!' *giggles*
Supersoldier Training / Upgrades / Implants:
Mmmmmm... I don't really remember what they did to me. But it's like what they did to my Ms. Deviant, Ahvelina... oh! Found it. 'Kay here's her readout:
  • Highly skilled in field combat as a black ops soldier: close combat, firearms, artillery, explosives, flight training, intel, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical endurance, leadership.
  • Synthetic reinforced limbs, joints and digits
  • Reinforced spine, upgraded synapses/nerves
  • Upgraded muscles and ligaments
  • Enhanced internal organs, ears and eyes.
  • The Titans - was with these losers for 20 months. They kicked me out for being psycho. Pfft... I ain't psycho. Honey, I'm effective.
  • The Hellbound - mercenaries! I looooooved them soooo much. Then I was given an offer I couldn't refuse and so I quit. So what if some got hurt..." I get what I want...
  • LexCorp - Sooooo yeah. The 'Company...' They paid well. But I tried to quit. *sighs* Buuuuut you just don't quit LexCorp. They quit you...
  • Suicide Squad - ...and then you end up in Belle Rêve. *giggles* But hey listen. i'm a Survivor and I was the Darling of the group... they all abso-positively love me! And that's why I'm still here!!
  • The Titans - Hey, It's not my fault I got Hellbound a job to take them out since I knew ins and outs of the tower...
  • Hellbound - Hey... it's not my fault the soldiers found out our position and base of ops... that and i kinda forgot to mention they were our US allies too... oopsies *giggles*
  • Belle Rêve inmates - Hey, It's not my fault a lot of them are in here. LIke I said, I worked for LexCorp. Honey, listem. I just ammmm that damn'd good!
  • Sector XTC - Eagle Valiant Division (US branch in Austin, Texas) - they made me... and I'm going to wipe them out. They think they got power over little ol' me?! Hell no. They ain't see nothin' like me. I'mma go full Nova Red on them and nuke that whole goddamm'd city flat. 'Ker. Bloody. Splat. Boom...' *giggles*

~Looks (FC Nata Lee):

'Kay lemme get this straight right now. I LOOOOVE the colour RED!! So it's the colour I wear the most. I mean just check the fit on these pics! My gosh. This Southern Belle is to die for, non? Just look at me and my 'Charming Assets!' Wow, if I was a dude I'd do me! No Doubt!! My word, I'm feelin' all blue balled just lookin at me and I ain't gots no balls! *giggles* Now another thing about Vixi, I am filthy rich. So whatever I want for clothes, accessories, lingerie, and SHOES?! Honey bear... doncha me started on my collection. A whole walk in closet... lemme tell you it's like a museum up in there. I love it sooooo much. I dress like there's always a special occasion goin on. That's cuz there is always a special occasion, all day, erryday... It's me! *giggles* Every man knows that and I expect to be treated like the beautiful, sexy, fashionable lady I am and nothing less.

LIke fine wine, lavish perfumes, and expensive.
Scars, Tats, Piercings:
I have one tattoo on my thigh. I have my ears pierced. I don't talk about my scars, kay? It's upsetting. I hurt things when I have to talk about them. I hurt them very badly and sometimes very dead.

Body Mods/Disablilites:
I'm a supersoldier so whatever they did, that's my mods. I have no disabilities. I'm flawless. I am perfectly fine.


I'm absolutely a sweetheart. I'm funny, I'm playful, I'm energetic, I'm sooooo adorable... I'm like a big puppy!I I'm a hard worker and very goal oriented cuz care about what I do and who I'm with... as long as you can keep up. I'm charismatic and charming and I know it's cliche... but sweetie, it is soooo true: every man wants me and every woman want to be me *giggles* I'm treat you to some Southern hospitality too. Oh and I'm nothing if not tenacious since I always get what I want. I'm smart, resourceful and think outside the box too. Clever girrrrllll... yeah that's me!! *giggles* I'm bold, well spoken and a great leader too. I only look good cuz I take care of myself and my health so showing off my body is my way of rewarding myself and everyone who see and admires me can feel inspired to look and feel as good as me--

Ahvelina?! Sister, what in the Sam Hill do you think you're--

Karate CHOP!!

--go to sleep, Jiggles... and I am sooooo not your sister. Ooookaaaay... let's see what you gots so far...

Riiiight... so yeah, she can be a puppy dog. Like a self-centred, self-serving, self-indulgent, self-righteous bitch puppy, but yeah, she can be adorable. But dang is she ever selfish. She's pretty good at humble brag too. Oh and know how a puppy just barks and whines? Yeah, that's what this girl's giggling sounds like. So irritating... ugh... like soooooo annoying. Yeah. She does work hard and sets goals but you will get run over or used up and cast aside on her way to get what she wants. And ey. Eyo listen... no mistakes here; she is soooooo fake when she says she cares about people. Like okay, i take that back. A bit. Yeah, only a little cuz she might care but she will always be satisfied customer number one. "Every man wants her...?" Nope. Just the simps who are 'charmed' by her big blonde butt and bouncy boobs. Like okay, she is hot, I'll give her that, but not every woman wants to be her; I mean she is cruel, vindictive, manipulative and outright even more psycho than me when she gets pissed. I seen her do... things to people. Once that bitch sees red... So yeah, she smart and clever, but did I mention she's selfish? Narcissism much? She's a teamplayer as long as it benefits her.

I can't believe we used to be friends... Dang. She'll turn on you. Like that. Anywaaaays... Bruh lemme tell you a bit about her:

  • - 'Soleil Rouge' was her name when she was part of the Titans. Her powerset was based solely on solar energies. (Ronni told me that Vixxi nearly destroyed their tower. One of her massive red bitch meltdowns. All cuz she didn't get her way. Apparently Night Wing called her a spoiled brat and she gots all triggered lol. That's Ms. Jiggles all right...)
  • - 'Meltdown' was her name when she was part of the Hellbound. Her powerset expanded to where it is today. 'Ms. Giggles' was and should still be her infamous nickname for obvious reasons. (The chicks were all ' The Infamous Ms. Somethings'. I was Ms. Deviant, Vixxi was Ms. Giggles, Ronni was Ms. Grippy, Oxi was Ms. Uh-Oh. Man... I miss those days when we was tight. We was like family...)
  • - 'Vix, the High-Heeled Daemon' was what she was called when she worked repo for the LexCorp. She was infamous for her red-high heels that she wore even in battle. (Really... but whhhyyyy? So impractical and she couldn't run. When she used to hunt me, I would trip her and try to steal one of her shoes just to piss her off. Oh how she haaaaaated me lol)
  • - Deluded in thinking that she is a great supersoldier. She flunked out most of the highly skilled tasks thus the reason she relies heavily on her superpowers in combat. Rarely will she engage in hand-to-hand. She was dosed with the Adept supersoldier treatment but does not have any physical upgrades she claims she has. (So yeah, she is much, much stronger, faster , more agile and has greater endurance than regular people but she's delusional if she thinkin she even close to the level that me n' my Siblings are at. We been physically upgraded/implanted. So without the physical upgrades, listen up, one good shot to the head will knock her out.)
  • - All the enemies she's made is most likely because she sold them out to fulfill her own personal ambition. She's pissed off a looooot of people but her family has paid off even more. (I heard that her parents do that to pay her off... to stay away. She's reeeeeeallly... dodgey about discussing her relations with her parents... but between you and me...? I heard her parents sent her off to XTC with intent to hide her. I heard they the really uppity 'pureblooded pedigree' kinda' folk. They don't want Vixxi muddying up their bloodline... Naaahhh shit, Jiggy... you are an evil, homicidal bitch but naaaaw... you don't deserve that. Hell naw. Awwww giiiirllll...)
  • - she is a sociopath and psychologically broken. She is playful and cheery one moment, the next she will murder anyone cold. Even kids. (we was drinkin' heavily on some really good stuff and she admitted to me that her goal is to learn how to harness her star power and nuke the city of Austin. It's where the Valiant XTC branch is located. It's not enough to get them. She has to take out the entire city. Her family estate is on the outskirts. We aaaaaalmost made some sexy-sexy time together but as soon as i heard her murderous plan, I dried up and bailed. Our friendship only went downhill from there... Bruh... still just cannot believe that I called her my friend... revenge on XTC sure, I'm down. Killing over a million people, hell to the effin' no. I'm not psycho... but I promised I'd help her take out XTC's Texas branch... then I took it back. Dang. Stupid, stupid me... that selfish bitch back stabbed me. That hurt. Goddamn does it ever still sting... Don't you understand? Vix wasn't just my friend, kay?
    WE was sisters in the Hellbound!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-- )

    Pfffft... wutevs... anywaaaaays... To help herself take me down, she somehow Frankensteined Ronni back to life. Oh poor, Grippy... Dang... I watched her die in Afghanistan. There was only pieces left of her to mourn over. She was one of my bestest friends. Ever. Bruh. We was like family!! And then I had to kill her and watch her die all over again. I killed my sister because of that red maniac's ambition... you know Ronni cried while we were fighting...? She knew she was gunna die. She was a monster by then but she knew... she knew exactly who was going to kill her. She cried. And I just cannot get that sound out of my head. And you wonder why I'm such a broken reject. So you'll have to excuse me if I can't get over it. I NEVER WILL--

    Your turn to sleep! Fais de 'Belles Rêves,' toi Deevi...! I hope you like that EMP love tap *giggles* Darling, just what were you doing here anyways? Hrmph... don't matter. Apologies, please pardon the interruption... she can be so uncouth sometimes... Shall we continue? 'Kay. Where were we?

  • I don't have any fears. Honey like I said I'm flawless!
  • I used to have a crush on Beast Boy. Well actually I just used to make him my ride when I was bored. Pretty handy to have a green horse chauffeur *giggles*
  • Mmmmm... currently I'm kinda not into anyone. Like I'm just talking and getting boys to take me out on the town. And no. No one here at work is even close to being in my league. So not worth my time and effort. This place just crawls with beta males. Ewww.
  • - Mmmm. I'd say I'm Lawful Neutral. Justice and leading and all that. Silly goose Night Wing said once that I'm full of Chaos and Evil. What. Ever. Boy was just pissed her couldn't bang me. He was as all blue-balled over me... ugh...
  • - you know... I could fit in any Hogwart's house. I mean I should even be the one with the lightning bolt scar...
  • - For my Temperment I'd say I'm Choleric because I am a great leader and I love a good challenge!
  • - oh I'm definitely ESTJ! Like I said, I'm a great leader and I-- --great leader...? You...? Hah...! When I wasn't there, you tried to greatly lead the crew.... How'd that go again...? Does a dumpster fire filled with manure sound familiar...? You just bossy... and toxic... and giiiiiirllll... Flawless...? You don't fly for long cuz you sooooo afraid of heights... And bruh... Don't even get me started on how you get when you think you're all alone-- --bitch!! Shut the hell up!! How'd that triple patty, special sauce, EMP blast go for you? Huh? What's that, bitch you want seconds? EAT THISSSS!!

    Whew. I don't know what came over me. Shall we continue? Kay. Where were we again?

  • What turns me on is a nice, big strong man that treats me like I should be a goddess. A proper gentleman that holds doors open for ladies and helps them across the street is good. He doesn't need to be an individual intellectual, but needs to be able to lead yet also be able to highly regard my decisions and needs too. A nice car to drive us places doesn't hurt. Oh! Clean and confident too. I don't care if he's metahuman or not but he has to be able to pick me up and carry me in his arms.
  • He can be an emotional guy but not whiny. Oh! And no Klondike mountain man beard or no beastly hairy chest or that nasty man-back hair. That's about it-- --eyo you forgot the Vixxi LaFontaine policy: his wallet has to be hella bigger than his di-- --shut the hell up, Ahvelina!! So you still hungry for EMP!! Aaaaaauugh! Will someone please get this annoying brat bitch the hell away from me!!


Kay. Lemme get this straight. I don't like talking about my past. So when I say we are done. We are done. 'kay?
  • My parents are Madame Victorine Étoile LaFontaine and Monsieur Étienne Michel Desjardins. My older brother is Jean-Luc Étienne and my younger sister is Juliette-Étoile. We're from Austin, Texas. I love them all very much and they love me too.
  • When I was 7, I started to be able to heat things up by touching them. Just before my 8th birthday, I could light my own candles by throwing red plasma at them. I got mad at my siblings one time and I lit their toys on fire. My family was not too fond of that.
  • To get me some help they sent me off to a fancy and exclusive school, The Eagle Valiant. But it turned out it was more than just a school and something far, far, less than inhumane. They scammed my family and stole me away. I was... 'treated'. Given some kind of serum and brainwashed into becoming a soldier in a shadow war perpetuated by a North American paramilitary facility I later learned was known as Sector XTC. They hurt me. Up here and all over here. They... they broke me and made me their toy. Oops. I didn't mean to break those... Oh gosh... Give me a moment please...
  • Right. But I was losing it. I really was. They constantly put me into solitary. They... they hurt me some more. Oh gosh... But there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Her name was Veronica Hernandez. They turned her into a wild and ferocious shaggy four-armed beast. We bonded over some food I sneaked in. My word, I hate being alone, but she was there for me. Like I mean but she was scary. And hideous. And... and thoughout our suffering and pain, she never stopped being my friend.
  • We plotted together in secret and finally we were given the green light to join the team on an excursion. They called it a milk run; a simple drop off mission. We escaped with the cargo. We were somewhere in Mexico where we lived for several years... it was tough. Honey let me tell you. It was hard to survive since we needed specialize meds to keep our bodies from eating themselves. And it was soooooo hard... soooooo gosh'dang'd hard to maintain our mental health when the only way I could earn us money was by... I sold my body. Oh my gosh... I sold myself to them... me... a Lafontaine... my word... oh, but poor, poor Maman would be mortified if she ever found out... Gra'mere would just... just... Give me a moment, kay? Please.
  • Right. No one could ever know what I had become. And so we had to silence them. Ronni and I went around the towns we were travelled past and killed every single, disgusting person that ever laid a greedy and repulsive hand on me. We were busted. Ronni was taken away and caged. I was extradited, shipped back to America but during the flight, we were attacked. Apparently, there was some other person of interest on that plane with me. Some one from H.I.V.E. This strike team was then intercepted by the Titans. But not before the plane crashed.
  • I was badly injured. I was the only survivor due to being a supersoldier. The Titans took me in to the tower and nursed me back to health for over a year. When I was finally fully healed, I repaid them by joining them in their causes. They trained me well and I was greater than what XTC had ever taught me. 'Soleil Rouge...' Red Sun. That was the name we picked out... just darling wasn't it? It was going well until I picked up on a dark secret they were harbouring. They were in contact with my family. I couldn't prove it but I still believe to this day that the Titans held me ransom, but my family paid them, fearing that they would ship me off back to Sector XTC. Gosh... Or maybe XTC was pressuring them and if I contacted them, they'd hurt my family. So they had to be strong and brave and let me be; they could never chance it to see me. My word... it hurts that I cannot see them but I love them so much for sacrificing their comfort and joy of being with me for keeping me safe.
  • One day, I received a tip. Ronni was still alive. I told the Titans and asked them to back me up to rescue her. Time and time again I asked... pleaded.... then I actually begged. Time and time again they refused to help my only true friend. They made me feel alone... and things went downhill from there. They made the mistake of trying to bully me into doing more of their dirty work without even considering my friend. So I blew up the tower.
  • The day they were going to kick me out, I just fled. I went off looking for help. So I went back to Mexico covertly. There I found out that there was a person called the Mandible that was recruiting metahumans with spec-op backgrounds; people like me. That was where I met Ahvelina, Okscana and the others. We gelled together really quick. We were the Hellbound. And I asked them for help to rescue Ronni. Without question, the Mandible sent us. Unlike the Titans, I belonged here. We were broken... but we were... we were a family. We rescued Ronni but they had done something to her. She was different. She drifted from me and fell in with Ahvi. Seemed like they were new besties. As if I didn't matter...! All those times we leaned on each other when we could rely on no one else...? I sold my body to keep us alive and then she goes off and she has the gaul to leave me alone!? That ungrateful bit-- no. LIke I said. We were broken. And... and Ronni wasn't the only one that changed... I turned away from her. I turned away from them... I left for a better prospect at LexCorp. And I took Ronni with me. She was not going to be attached to Ahvelina's hip anymore. She was my friend. MY FRIEND! And I just could not leave her alone.
  • And things really changed between me and Ahvelina. I hunted her for a bounty that I issued from LexCorp. Then to finally capture her, I set the Hellbound up just so I could cut a deal to get the Advancement Serum... I set up my family. And in the process I got Ronni killed. My best friend died because of me. But I had to make it right. She was going to get a second chance to help me again to take down that traitor bitch Ahvi...! So I collected the pieces of her from the battlefield and then I... I... my gosh I took her pieces and I-- It's all XTC's fault! I know they planned this! I swear they made me set up the Hellbound. ITS' NOT MY FAULT!!They hurt me. They used me. They made me ALONE!! Right. Well, I'm going to get them back. I'm going to nuke them and that goddamned city...! Ronni did NOT derserve that! Oh, but my word... Maman would be so mortified... I took pieces of my dead best friend and I--
  • I'm now successful as a guard at Belle Rêve and I have a dream to claim and a job to finish, 'kay? That's it. 'Kay we're done talking. Yeah... Honey, we are so done here.



'AJ / Zen' ○ Azenne'Jinn Fareva ○ Alias: "Wither"

'Syphon', 'Downer,' 'The Mood Ring Twins'


She/They ○ 21yrs ○ 5'8" ○ 135lbs ○ Chestnut Hair ○ Hazel Eyes ○ Light Sienna Skin
Metahuman ○ Slightly Malnourished, Toned build ○ May 21st ○ Canadian
Guard ○ Former Drugdealer/Super Criminal ○ Lifeforce Manipulator
Demisexual ○ Single and celibate

This is Wither...


Powers: Lifeforce Manipulator
  • Hail of Harm- creates a downpour of viscous negative energy that breaks down opponents mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Targets become disoriented and confused, lose the will and drive to resist, bodies become fatigued, pain wracked, and sores emerge. She can create a bubble of hail 40 metres across, she at the epicenter, or a cone that hails upon targets in a cone 10m wide and 20m distant from her body. The longer the targets are exposed in the Hail, they will suffer more detrimental effects until they are degenerated into lifeless husks.
  • Soul Siphon - has the ability to drain the vitality of a target and transfer that energy to her brother, Deluge. If the target(s) is touched physically by her or within her Hail of Harm the drain flow will increase and is even more likely to permanently damage the target of the drain.
  • Harm Shellter - this ability allows her to obscure herself behind tihick columns of the Hail making it exceptionally difficult to see and target her since it seems like to the viewer she is moving constantly and phasing in and out behind different barriers. She may not use her Siphon power nor the Eradication combo attack while dodging in this manner. Energy based attacks directly at her are doubly likely to fizzle out and miss while she is maintaining the Shelter. Even without the Shelter she is hard to see by regular people at night. But she can see clearly within the shelter and up to 10m beyond in dark conditions.
  • Eradication - When DJ and AJs energies touch, whatever is caught between their opposing streams will suffer a lifeforce collapse and eventually be completely eradicated as it implodes into the fabric of reality. Any nearby energy is pulled in with devastating effects.
Training / Upgrades / Implants:
  • One full year of elite level combat and security measures: close quarter combat training in martial arts, firearms, coordinations/tactics, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical strength and endurance.
  • Thievery, Criminal Skullduggery and Streetwise survivor. Understands French and Farsi. Shares a weird language with DJ.
  • Needs to maintain a bi-monthly dose of a cocktail of irratdiated narcotics to keep her powers under control or she will siphon uncontrollably by mere touch
  • High level security allowance to maintain docility of mid level or lower powered inmates.
  • Green light to use lethal force. Full inmate and quarters investigation clearance upon justified suspicions
  • Newly graduated Security Guards. Directly subordinate to Null, Void, and Shine. Manta, however may supercede their orders. Currently rookie status and in pre-lim training under Nova.

~Looks (FC: Hailee Steinfeld):

  • tall, lithe and toned body, although toned could use a liiiitle more meat on her. Hair is chestnut brown that shifts with her mood from pitch black to golden highlighted. Hazel eyes are the same; pitch black to a near irridescent green. Normally hair and eyes remain on the darker shades. Has some minor scars from scrapes and fights but nothing that stands out. She does have some barely visible scarring from tattoo removal. She no longer wears piercings nor jewellry. She doesn't shave her body hair either.
  • When not in uniform, she will be seen in dark flowing clothes and usually barefoot. She will wear makeup but only to draw attention away from the dark circles neath her eyes. Always has some kind of handwear on. Seems to love overcoats and cloaks too. She only uses underwear while at work or while training/workouts.


  • Resting Bitch Face - Shes not one to get overly hyped or excited and it shows on her face. Not low energy but usually expressionless or that soured look on her face. As much as possible, she controls emotions to a usually flat level. Some even question if Wither is capable of feeling emotions. But she is normally stoic, calm, level-headed, and strong willed; if you're lucky she may even toss in a dose of dark humour.
  • Flat Persona - contrary to belief, she is not arrogant, stuck up nor unempathic. A dark joke or a random caress are her ways of showing she's in a good mood. The darkened soured look on her face shows the opposite.... buuuut she does that soured look often. Mood swings are dangerous for her and the reason she keeps her demeanour consistently at a constant level, lest she has uncontrolled power surges. The the reason she always wears long coats and gloves is a precaution she is not making skin contact during these surges. She whispers messages to her brother by their open energy channel with one another so he may say what she wants to say without getting worked up over it. Especially when she is upset or overjoyed by strangers.
  • Lifeforce Sensitive - Hates being touched by negative individuals or overly hyper ones. Malnourished cuz she hates the 'depleted lifeforce' feeling of whatever she's eating being digested by her and so she avoids eating when she can or just does supplements and injections for feeding. She is very 'vibes' sensitive and can easily sense emotions in others, but if she lets herself go, she will drain lifeforce of whatever she lays her skin on involuntarily./SIZE]
    [*]Gullable and too trustworthy now to her employers now ever since ending rehab, especially towards Shine whom she truly enjoys being around due to her positive vibes. Overprotective of her Twin fo'sho.


  • Fraternal Twins were born into strangely spiritual/religious family tied heavily into criminal activities. Of African, French-Canadian and SE Asian descent. Their names are phoenically similar sounding to 'Ascension Forever' for twin sis Azenne'Jinn Farava and 'Devotion Forever' for twin boy Devoe'JInn Farava. AJ was born exactly 2 min before DJ.[/I]
  • Were already careeer criminals early in their lives. AJ was a wild and self destructive child while DJ was violent and had a horrible temper. Both were already on the verge of becoming substance abusers and addicts. Got into a very bad batch of specialty irradiated narcotics that were meant to subdue metahumans. Their plan was to concoct a street level version of this for business purposes. The tester result ended up killing 4 of their friends and making themselves very ill. But they survived due to their lifeforces and strange rituals their parents applied and lead them through since birth. They unlocked some kind of metahuman potential within the twins and the mix of radiation and narcotics were the catalyst.
  • The teenaged Twins fled across country after they were being investigated where they continued their criminal ways, AJ known as 'Downer' and DJ as 'Jumpscare.' They soon learned they could not make it on their own and joined others to form a criminal super-villain group of supernatural metahumans called: 'The Circle of Vengeance.' AJ was 'Syphon' and DJ was 'Torrent'. The rest of group was: 'Spiral, Entropy and Infernal.' The group was moderately successful until Spiral's death. Shortly thereafter The Twins were apprehended and Entropy and Infernal escaped.
  • They ended up in remand limbo during processing. Until finally they met with Nouvelle Tiamo aka 'Shine'. She had assessed them and requested they complete a full rehab. Upon successful treatment and training, their skills would be utilized as suppression guards in Belle Reve. They agreed and turned their lives around. The Twins have proudly graduated recently and are in the pre-liminary stage of training in the facility. Right now they are rookie trainees under Victorine LaFontaine aka 'Nova Red.'


'DJ / Voe' ○ Devoe'Jinn Fareva ○ Alias: 'Deluge'

'Torrent,' 'Jumpscare', 'The Mood Ring Twins'


He/Him ○ 21yrs ○ 5'10" ○ 180lbs ○ Chestnut Hair ○ Hazel Eyes ○ Light Sienna Skin
Metahuman ○ Toned, Athletic build ○ May 21st ○ Canadian
Guard ○ Former Armsdealer/Super Criminal ○ Lifeforce Manipulator
Striaght ○ Single and celibate

This is Deluge...


Powers: Lifeforce Manipulator
  • Intensity Beams- shoots chaotic positive energy that disrrupts targets mentally, emotionally and physically. Minds are overwhelmed with all thoughts and memories amplified and surging like a tsunami to the conscious mind all at once, a sense of euphoria overwhelms the emotions numbing the target into becoming motionless, and the body begins to vibrate causing loss of muscular control. He can hit targets up to 100 metres away and may shoot beams from hands or eyes. The longer the targets are hit by beams, the more the beams snowball in intensity, Targets will suffer exponentially increasing detrimental effects until their mind, body or soul burst open wide.
  • Soul Deluge - upon receiving Siphoned energy from Wither, he can create an aura around him that may extend up to 10 metres that has the effects of his Intensity beams upon targets caught within the aura. His beams will now disrupt holes in physical bodies, causing mental and emotional trauma that may induce numbing of senses, emotions and brain damage.
  • Rejuvenation - this ability allows him to restore others by merely touching them. Ailments and damage will heal, confusion and disorientation will deplete and emotions will level off or uplift. When Deluge is available, instead of harm, his aura will shrink to 3 metres max and those within will be Rejuvenated. Beams will have the Rejuvenation effect too but may only be shot out at a max of 15 metres.
  • Eradication - When AJ and 'DJs energies touch, whatever is caught between the opposing streams will suffer a lifeforce collapse and eventually be completely eradicated as it implodes into the fabric of reality. Any nearby energy is pulled in with devastating effects.
Training / Upgrades / Implants:
  • One full year of elite level combat and security measures: close quarter combat training in martial arts, firearms, coordinations/tactics, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical strength and endurance.
  • Thievery, Criminal Skullduggery and Streetwise survivor. Understands French and Farsi. Shares a weird language with AJ.
  • Needs to maintain a bi-monthly dose of a cocktail of irratdiated narcotics to keep powers under control or he will surge uncontrollably and not only cause harm on himself but to others and his immediate surroundings.
  • Mid level security allowance to maintain order upon lower powered inmates. Raised to high level security allowance when partnered with sister.
  • List of restrictions to use lethal force. Inmate and quarters investigation only under supervision.
  • Newly graduated Security Guards. Directly subordinate to Null, Void, and Shine. Manta, however may supercede their orders. Currently rookie status and in pre-lim training under Nova.

~Looks (FC: Terrence Howard):

  • strong and athletic body, with minor bulk. Entire body turns a glowing white when using his Deluge or Rejuvenation powers. Hair is chestnut brown that has white streaks in it after using his Deluge power; will fade in time. Hazel eyes will glow an irridescent green during strong emotions or when he uses his powers. Has some minor scars from scrapes and fights. 4 gnarly scars from GSW and one from stabbing. Does have some barely visible scarring from tattoo removal. No longer wears piercings nor jewellry. Always sports a goatee.
  • When not in uniform, will be seen in a sharp clean fit with colours that match the season. Always has some kind of unique hat and kicks on that nicely complement his overall drip. Unlike his sister, he seems to overspend on fashion.


  • all smiles all the time and exudes a positive upbeat prescence. Easily overly hyped or excited and always shows on his face and sparkles in his eyes. High energy and always on the go-go-go much to the detriment of errors caused by oversight or impulse. Loves to laugh and lighten the mood. Pesters his twin and persistently tries to make her laugh. Spendthrift to ensure all around are having a good time but his wallet hates that for him.
  • defo not the most reserved and not the most perceptive or sensitive to anyone short of his fam. Thus has a tendency to suffer from foot-in-mouth-awkwardness syndrome. He has a hard time reading the room and misinterprets social cues by always erring on the bright side. High intensity and extremely emotional moments are dangerous for others and the main reason both Twins keep celibate; there is a much, much, much bigger and literally more explosive happy ending with a sexual partner. Oh and he don't care what people think when he has to speak for AJ; that's his big sis and anyone else can go to hell.
  • Hates when people step on his shoes or squish his hats. Has to eat constantly to support the drain from his powers. Always needs supplements and injections. Always munching on something or digging around upon his person or his bags, searching for candy. A hand talker no doubt, but suffers from a problematic habit to invade personal space that may result in a random hug or hand on the other person. Stress relief consists of pushing the intensity lifting weights or hitting the heavy bags.
  • Mistrusts his employers but as per usual, follows AJ's lead without question. Flirts with female staff but pays special attention towards to Nova Red who matches his energy and Void who's an enigma that intrigues him. Not as overprotective of his Twin as she is of him but will still lay his neck out for her or literally give his life up for her.


  • **See AJ's bio since they are intertwined.


'Markie'Markina Lahadita Martinez Del Rios"Pixie"

'Gutsie', 'Cyberia,' 'KiKi'


She/They ○ 24yrs ○ 5'7" ○ 135lbs ○ Black Hair ○ Dark Brown Eyes ○ Tan Skin
Human (Savant) ○ Athletic, Toned build ○ May 1st ○ Canadian
Tech Engineer (Security) ○ Former Dark-Ops Cyberneticist ○ ABORT Lead Researcher, Belle Reve
Demisexual (Fem) ○ Single

This is Pixie...


Powers: None.

Training / Upgrades / Implants:
  • Genius level intelligence in the STEM fields. Savant in cybernetics, robotics, biomech systems integrations. Grad highschool at 10. First PhD at 15. Multiple awards and publications.
  • Advanced robotic tech. She uses insanely advanced devices to aid her research and work. Known for her patented Gravitiatonal Uplift Systems Technologies (GUST). Uses her own GUST wings to move around her work space and lab. Middle name is Spanish for 'Pixie' so the nickname is bang on. When in the research lab, team lovingly call her 'Gutsie' cuz when brain goes faster than body she writes out GUTS instead of GUST
  • Pro MX and BMX racer. Mostly used as alternate but still with enough skill and expertise to ride for 'The Hellraiser Crew.' Started off BMX as a method to deal with stress and escape family criminal involvement. Rose with 'Pixie' Moniker, but was bestowed 'Cyberia' when she went pro due to her work in robotics and a complete 180 persona switch when she rides; cold as ice.
  • Criminal Ties. Her familiy is the Del Rios. Her Uncle is none other than 'El Guapo' a Syndicate Crimeboss aka Ghost of the Pac NW. Brothers are all career criminals in their uncles legacy. Mom is big news in Darkweb and the underground too.
Role: Team Lead, ABORT Inhibitor Research
  • Elite level security clearance to conduct Test Research and Reverse Engineering at Belle Reve for the ABORT Teams (Advanced Bio/Off-Terran/Red-Line Technologies).
  • Green light to use ABORT research to apply for induction into the Belle Reve inhibitor collar program.
  • 16 month veteran at Belle Reve. 1 year at BR's affiliate R&D in Gotham. Other experience is redacted.

~Looks (FC: Brianna Hildebrande):

  • Good height and in excellent physical condition despite often forgetting to eat. Hair is raven black that she keeps no longer than chin length and prefers it in bobs or pixies. Dark eyes look black (Spanish eyes) and are always bright and glinting with ideas. Make up is simple foundation, eye makeup and lip gloss. Has some minor scars from research related injuries but 2 major ones; tummy and thigh. Work hazard related prior to employment at BR. A few simple tattoos on arms, legs, feet and tummy. Ears, Nose, tongue, hood pierced.
  • When not in uniform, she will be seen in normie person clothes. Her style ranges from simple and easy to manage plain Jane to baggy and urban Skater Boi look. The only time she goes all out for is ceremonie or afterparties at B/MX rallies and is usually with some theme of fancy denim, leather or stockings.


  • + Sense of Humourr- silly and fun she is easy to get along with since she is so eager to laugh or poke fun. In fact, people pull practical jokes on her just to hear her laugh it off like a good sport. But when working, 1she is normally stoic, calm and level-headed, strong willed yet may even toss in a dose of dark humour.
  • + Considerate - she will put your needs in front of hers and even if she cannot, she is welcoming and will try to be a sympthetic ear for you. Always asks about your day and is truly willing to hear you out!
  • + Clever - Yes, she is witty and sharp but it is those thoughts outside the box that help her excel in what she loves to do. She thinks outside the box and has a knack for figuring out problems with solutions that seem a bit off kilter but hey, they work
  • + Strong - Yes, physically she is stronger than she looks but she is also mentally tougher than her smiling face and shiny dark eyes show. She is stronger than most will ever know; she is a survivor.

  • - Talks too much - Whether it be about robotics or engineering or any topic really, she will ramble on to the point someone needs to cover her mouth. Even then, she may not realize her blabbering is being muzzled.
  • - Push over - The girl is too passive and aims to please way too much. She is easily manipulated and has lead her into one uneven romantic relationship after another. **See 'Mystical'.
  • - Short Sighted - Sometimes the things she creates, she does not realize may be just as detrimental, or even deadly, as they are impressive and clever. Her employer Syntheticals had taken advantage of her and possibly her current one is too.
  • - Drinking Problem - sometimes the rides, runs and exercise is not enough. When stress starts to hit her hard, she hits the bottle hard. It is here where she is lain low by her own mind and turns to a more dominant person in her life to find self worth and pick her up.


  • Markie's family of Del Rios is a criminal family that owns the Pac NW of Canada and US. Major coastal dealers in deal in arms, tech and shadow investors. There may still be undetected sus activities they may or may not partake in of which she is not aware.
  • Maria-Michelle "EmEm" Del Rios, 53 | Mother
    Marlon "Lon" Del Rios, 34 | Half-Brother
    Miguel "Miggy" Del Rios, 30 | Half-Brother
    Montillo "Monito" Del Rios, 26 | Brother
    Markina "KiKi" Del Rios, 23 | Brother
    Mariposa "MiMi" Del Rios, 21| Sister (Missing)
  • Hired on immediately after PhD grad by Syntheticals, where she quickly became a top member of the SIM sensory division. She was a top thinker in the inhibitor protocols that kept boundaries between clients and android performers.
  • Was hired on by a Dark-Ops facility. No records of employment nor permanent residence for those years.
  • Moved to Gotham where she worked Robotics at the Wayne Corp. Finished and patented her GUST tech in Gotham and Met her girlfriend Pólvora Marianne Waylan-Reyes/ "Mystical" at a E-Motorbike rally. 'Mystical' is a Lone wolf Vigilante crime fighter and so-called 'Witch of Gotham.' Great start off as a couple. But Polita soon became physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to her gf.
  • She rode as an alternate in the MX brand Hellraiser Crew and her famous friend Derrick 'Beastmode' Johns helped her escape to Lousiana where he has his sect of the Hellraiser company.
  • He intro'd her to his gf Nouvelle (Shine) who eventually got her hired at Belle Reve as a tech engineer and eventually placed high and is now a team leader in the ABORT Teams.
  • Nouvelle and Markie became fast friends as they bonded over horror stories as a kind of duo therapy to get over their mutual former abusive girlfriend, 'Mystical.' Been besties ever since!


''Nika" ○ Nikani-Nicole North ○ "Agent Delta"

'Afterburner', 'Turbulence,' 'NiNi'


She/They ○ 31yrs ○ 5'9" ○ 165lbs ○ Black Hair ○ Dark Brown Eyes ○ Brown Skin
MetaHuman ○ Athletic, Muscular build ○ Apr 25 ○ Vancouver, BC, Canada
Voluntary Participant Agent (Guard) ○ Former H.I.V.E. Assassin ○ VPA Squad leader
Bisexual (Fem) ○ Common-Law Marriage (Poligamy)

This is Agent D...


Powers: Jet Propulsion
  • Flight - can fly up to speeds of Mach 5 and outer stratosphere altitudes, but needs highly specialized mech suit. Without the suit she can fly 500km/h at most and lower stratosphere when only in her VPA gear. She may hover in place or use the propulsion under water.
  • JetWash - this ability allows her to hit targets with turbulence and even sonic booms without roasting them. It also may be used to enhance her physical attack force and shoot non-lethal concussive blasts.
  • JetBurn - any part of her body can fire out rocket thrust and burn a target with intense 4000 degree Celsius heat. These would launch her body so she may also direct Intense, quarter sized beams focussed out her fist when she makes a striking motion; she is literally punching holes in targets.
Training / Upgrades / Implants:
  • On-the-job training of elite level combat and security measures: close quarter combat training in martial arts, firearms, coordinations/tactics, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical strength and endurance.
  • H.I.V.E. training as an assassin, sabateur and helicopter pilot. Native English Speaker. Knows some Filipino, Spanish, and even less French. Secret HIVE tongue as well.
  • Her mech suit has been confiscated but still needs to visit in-Clinic to receive maintenace for biomech parts installed in her to ensure still working when gets it back.
  • The VPA suit has a close quarter and ranged weapon with sidearm and serves as body armour, body temp regulator, breathing apparatus, flight suit, and stealth package. Hud screen inside helmet allows for AI assist targeting and detection. Thermal vision and Night Sight enabled too. Not to mention it covers her entire body and remodulates her voice so her identity is unknown to the Belle Reve populace.
Role: Squad Lead, VPA Spec Unit.
  • Elite level security clearance to escort and/or protect any individual or body of individuals that Warden marks. Green lit with any means necessary. Works in tandem with the ABORT Teams (Advanced Bio/Off-Terran/Red-Line Technologies) to report first hand and experimented encounters with Red-Lined Threat inmates.
  • Green light to activate the Belle Reve Pacifying inhibitor collars upon Red-LIne inmates upon discretion. But must yield to constraints placed by SCA Supervisors if Red-Lined inmate is a Specialty Case for the Agent. Only override is by official command of Warden.

~Looks (FC: Shay Mitchell):

  • Great endurance, durability and in excellent physical condition; consistent high-intensity training has paid off. Hair is raven black that she keeps just past shoulder length. It is naturally wavy however she takes the time to straighten. Dark brown eyes are always lush with liner and mascara and are held narrowed under a heavy scowl more often than not. Make up is simple foundation, lip gloss but always pays attention to trends and styles reg. brown skin women's looks. Has some multipe scars across her body and 1 major one; a gnarly wicked line from left shoulder to small of back . A few simple tattoos on arms, legs, back and tummy. Ears and navel pierced.
  • When not in uniform, she has a vast array of styles. From chic urban to fancy formal if it is trending she will wear it. And she pulls it off rather well. Hates ragged clothing and will discard as soon as she notices holes or tears. Has a thing about collecting cute socks. Sometimes she can't decide which pair she wants to wear so she will put on one of each.
  • Uniform serves as body armour and tactical gear that provides warmth and camo. It covers a VPA from top of head to tip of toe. Voices are remodulated on the fly using the latest AI voice replication software.


  • + Honourable and Loyal - some say that Nika is not the most creative person out there, but give her directions and a reason to be loyal and she will see it out come hell or high water. She keeps her word and will not stoop down to a lower standard for anyone. Takes pride in all that she does.
  • + Team Player - she is not selfish and shares the glory and the pain. Knows that you can't make it out there on your own so know when to reach out to get pulled up and know when to pull your weight. She is a great listener and always there to help provide solutions or advice to her mates in need.
  • + Thick Skin - Yes, she does get pissed off, but it takes a lot. She epitomizes the 'I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed' approach. She can take a lot of critcizing and insults and just brush them off. And they might just be right, she may need to do better. She tries to maintain more emotionally stable than most. It helps that she tries to see things from both sides.
  • + Appraisal - with her tastes for high quality, she is able to discern the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Her judgements are usually sound and she can assess situations and environments quickly. Those split second decisions and thoughtful discussions are what make her a great leader for this VPA kind of team.
  • - Gullable and Easily Manipulated - It is so easy for her to fall for someone or be enamoured by those in charge. There has been too many times she's be used or taken advantage of because she just cannot help but stay loyal and give it her all. Despite her appraisal skills, it keeps happening time and again.
  • - Selflessness - Too much giving is one thing. But always giving is too much. Others have come to expect her to be that way and so she has bought into being that way too. She also expects this from her team but it is sometimes an ask too far.
  • - Insecurity Issues - All the above listed she is not immune from internalizing. It has become a vicious cycle of getting burned, feeling humiliated, trying again and over compensating, only to get burned again. It has done a number on her psyche and so she only goes for the top notch items and services now to compensate.
  • - Marital Issues - it all comes to a head since she has many partners and cannot find the time to see them. She tries her hardest to make it work but it gets harder and harder to please her marital partners. They have started to become emotionally abusive and are traumatizing her psychologically with their gas lighting tactics.


  • Nika's family was an interacial family that was constantly on the move or with her military dad away from the home for long stints.
  • Molly Jo North, 57 | Mother
    Lt. Arnold North, 54 | Father (Deceased)
    Jessie Jo North, 36 | Half-Brother (Estranged)
  • Mom divorced dad when Nika was 8, Dad KIA when she was 10, Brother ran away from home when she was 11, and she was put up for adoption at 12.
  • Spent 4 years in the foster system; some good families, others abhorrently rotten to the core and laughable that they were allowed to get within a mile of a kid.
  • At age 16 she was detained because her metahuman powers had activated and she had given her foster dad multiple 3rd degree burns in an incident which she claimed it was self defence. She never made it to trial. She was kidnapped a week before the hearing.
  • She had been abducted by a criminal org called the HIVE. But it was actually a twisted blessing in disguise. She was actually in a stable home with proper rules and standards. Yes, the standards were nigh attainable and what they had done to children and what they were teaching her the others was no where near ethical nor just. But it did reset her life onto the straight and narrow... albeit a path that consisted of explosions, violence and murder. She felt like she flourished where she never would have in the reg. system; Nika had always believed she would be dead by 18. But not in the HIVE, for she became a well received and highly accoladed operative while still just barely breaching adulthood. 'Turbulence' the powerful rocketeering opeerative was well on her way.
  • Her star continued to rise with each consecutive successful mission. That was until 4 years ago. The beginning of when the HIVE was beginning to crack down the middle. The man she had fallen in love with wanted to stage a hostile take over of the org. But Nika found herself at odds since she loved both he and Madame Hornet. Instead she decided to stay out of it completely. She would just leave. But one does not quit the Colony so readily, just like that, no... she had to plot it and time it perfectly. Then she ghosted.
  • After about 6 months of unsatisfying a Vigilante/Meta-for-Hire stint as 'Afterburner,' she found out about the new Warden at Belle Reve. It was one of her old CIA contacts she traded secrets with re: each other's secretive org. Back then she was known as the dead eyed shooter Neith. It was time to make one last trade.
  • In exchange for asylum at Belle Reve, Nika gave up all the deets on the coup inside HIVE. There was a possibility if this saw the light, CIA could destabilize the assassin network. As a dual purpose mutual benefit, Nika was to work as a specialty guard in the prison and remain 100% completely concealed and anonymous. Thus the Voluntary Participatory Assistance initiative was birthed. Being the 4th recruit, she was designated the 4th Greek letter, and became 'VPA Delta' just shortened to 'VPA D.'
  • As her loyalty flourished and her star rose in Belle Reve, she was given a promotion of sorts. She became an unofficial Agent and leads her squad to escort and supress Red-Lined level threats in Belle Reve.

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Name: Balor Fiahd
Name meaning: Balor means touched by darkness. Fiahd is a Irish name associated with wild places and things.
Nickname: Grimlin
Gender: Male
Hight: 4ft 9in
Wight: 400lbs
Age: 30
Birthday: April 21st
Species: Yik'Anthy- a race of true omnivores who see anything, organic
or not, and everyone as food.(Click on picture for better view. Only realistic enough pic I could find that matched my mental picture.)Gremlin, Damon Hellandbrand.jpeg
Appearance: Balor is 4ft 9inch and is actually quite tall for his species. He is covered in what seems to be a thick exoskeleton of green bone like plates. His face is mostly taken up by a large savage maw with black almost metallic looking teeth, slit nostrils, black almost shark like eyes and two large pointed ears. His animalistic legs end in three toed feet with sharp claws at the end.

Nationality: unknown though he got adopted young by an Irish American family.

Role: Inmate

Crime: 54 count armed robbery, 200 count assault, 15 count consumption of humans(10 of which were cop), 100+ count vandalism, 40 count human experimentation, 38 count of grand theft auto.

Enemies: Stun- a bruiser hero with the ability to generate electricity throughout his body. He was former SWAT officer and a corrupt one at that.

Powers: (all of these are species wide.)

Sensitive hearing- They have great hearing on the level of fox's when they raise there ears from there natural down position. Otherwise there hearing is about the same as a human.

Night vision- they can see in the dark though every thing is in grey scale and slightly fuzzy.

Agile: The are very fast and acrobatic as they can launch themselves ten feet in a single jump and run at 45 mph at full speed but only for about a minute.

Very durable - Small arms do nothing but high caliber can still hurt/kill them.
Surprisingly Strong- they can lift up to twice his own body wight at maximum, and they struggle to do that.

Poison immunity (Ingested) - he is immune to toxic things he ingests as his species actively eat heavy metals like lead.

Acid 'Spit' - His species can upchuck either a stream or blob of acidic bile that is extremely effective against most compounds. Exception is glass which is completely immune. Also they can't do it forever as it takes a bit for the bile to build back up.

Extremely destructive bite - His species has extremely over developed jaws and digestive systems giving them to eat most anything from bones to plastic and metal. A determined Yik can literally chew threw a tank. Though there mouths are designed much like a crocs in that they bite down hard but are much weaker opening. If say a decently strong person like a soldier can get an arm around his maw it's staying closed

Tinkers Twitch - His species are natural mechanics and engineers and can make some truly impressive tools, weaponry, and rides. Though they don't really choose what they make as it is not through learning that they create but by instinct. Give a Yik a car and he may make you a bomb or a cannon or a really big microwave.....or just shank you with a screwdriver and steal the car. And that's on top of there tech having weird quirks like a super computer that only lets you use it to play pong on every Thursday or a reactor that cause every one near it to speak German but not automatically understand german.

Skills: Hand to hand combat- he's gotten into a lot of scraps and has learned what works and what doesn't.

Parkour-He learned how to move quickly in an urban environment to get away after the first few times he got cornered and hat to fight his way out.

Auto mechanics- his father taught him how to fix and maintain vehicles without the aid of his Tinkers Twitch.

Weaknesses: UV sensitive- They evolved on in subterranean habitats meaning they never had to deal with UV. This makes it so they are extremely avers to uv, it literally burns them like fire.
Sound sensitivity- They are easily disoriented by loud sounds if there ears are not folded down protecting themselves.

Water- the Yik are much heavier than they appear, this gives them their hated toughness, and as such can't swim. In fact the quickest way to kill one is to drown it.

Neon - Yik are drawn to bright shiny things and as such will be hypnotized by neon lights much lick moths to lamps.

Hunger- If you can't drown a Yik then the next best thing is to starve them out. Yiks eat many times there body wight to maintain their rampant metabolisms, but if you can lick them someplace with nothing they can eat including the room they will quickly either starve to death within four days. After just two days they may result to self cannibalism to satisfy their hunger or go completely feral until feed.

Low temperature - Yikes are cold blooded and so low temperatures can slow them down, knock them unconscious, or even kill them.

Tinkers Itch - When they get the Itch they have to build something, the longer they go without doing so the more irrational, twitchy, and aggressive they become until finally they have to do so no matter what, even if there life's in danger. The longer they wait the more chaotic the creation will be.

Allegiances: None as of yet.

Wardrobe: Balor wears mostly dark colored hoodies or T-shirts and either cargo shorts or sweats as these clothes are easy to move in and easy to replace.

Scent: He has a slightly sulfuric and earthen smell.

Physical disabilities: none as of yet.

Body Mods: None as of yet.

Personality: Balor can best be described as a gremlin as he is chaotic, violent, mischievous, and brave to the point of recklessness. He flits from one task to another without any seeming reasons and yet still some how know every project. He is the king of organized chaos as when he had his own workshop it looked like an absolute warzone but if you had asked him where anything was he'd of been able to tell you. He has a soft spot for ducks as he had a pet one as a hatchling. He sees his crimes as a way to get back at the society that took his family from him. He seems to always be moving even when sitting down as he'll fidget even then. When nervous he'll tend to laugh sounding very similar to a hyena. He tends to trust very few people but those who do some how find there way into his good graces he is very protective of, similarly if he is wronged or betrayed he will never forget as he is very vengeful and lives by the code "Don't get even, get ahead." And being that he has quite a short fuse and a very big temper means it'll happen sooner rather than later. He is extremely stubborn almost never giving up on something once he's made a decision. He tends to be attracted to shiny and bright things or things that smell tasty.

Positive traits- Loyal, protective, energetic, crafty.

Negative traits- Greedy, Glutinous, vengeful, destructive, stubborn, anger issues.


Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Temperament: Chaotic

Likes: Food, shiny things, ducks, classical music, cars, destruction, and cheese.

Dislikes: water, sunlight, cops, heros, pigeons, cabbage.

Fears: Burning alive, starving to death, and pigeons.

Hobbies: Cooking, Street art, and the viollen.

Family:Father was Kenny a former auto mechanic turned get away driver, Mother was Alice a former viollenist, Grandfather was James a former army ranger and retired baker.

Hometown: Queen's New York

Backstory: Balor was found in the dumpster out back of an old bowling alley. His parents had been leaving when they heard whimpering from said dumpster, thinking it was a puppy and being decent people they went to check it out. What they found instead was a small creature freshly hatched and seemingly abandoned. Unknown to them this dumpster was a dead drop location for a villain who had stolen an alien egg from a government cryo facility where they were studying it. Seeing the two humans starting at it the newly and yet named Balor imprinted on them and his whimpering increased as he struggled to crawl to them. Thinking he was just some horribly mutated human, much like some of the well known villains in there town, who'd been abandoned they took him in and raised him as their own.

Despite his looks he had a decently normal childhood as his mother quite her job to homeschool him as she was afraid how other kids would react to him. He ate a lot more than a normal kid but his mother had a lot saved up and his father made decent money , it wasn't until his father was laid off that there luck turned for the worse. His father couldn't find a job so they had to move back in with his grandfather. Balor had just turned 10. James didn't seem to mind and he even welcomed Balor with open arms to his home not really saying much about the kids appearance. He was the one to first teach Balor how to cook. You see James was a baker and owned a small bakery downtown. He and his family helped out in the shop wherever they could, his mother with the sales and assisting James, his father maintained and drove the delivery truck, and Baylor watched, listened, and learned. He enjoyed fetching ingredients for his grandpa and mother and grabbing tools for his father. He loved learning how to take the individual parts and make it into a whole.

That is when tragedy struck yet again as his grandfather had a heart attack on day when he was closing up shop. That was when they learned James secret, he was deep in dept. He had apparently taken a loan from some less than reputable people to get the money to buy the shop. It seemed he had been able to make the payments until they moved in...or more specifically Balor moved in. He was now 13 and his appetite had increased exponentially, the cost to feed him was great. And now that James was gone the debt fell to them.

They had to sell the shop to catch up on payments. His father joins a local outfit to help take care of their rides and drive get away when needed to keep the loan sharks at bay. It wasn't until 15 that the itch started to set in. At first it was small things, the toaster was turned into a new heater, the radio was now a microwave, stuff like that. It wasn't until he turned the blender, tv, and part of the stove into a plasma rifle that also caused the user to talk in riddles that his dad's employers took notice. The payed Balor $15,000 for his creation enough to replace the stove and otj appliances and have a little left over. That was how the minor gang known as the Wild Boys became a major player in the cities underworld. His father continued to work as a driver and mechanic and despite his mothers wants he continued to build stuff for the gang. Not all of it was as useful as the gun but every piece gave them an edge. For a while they lived well. They didn't have to worry about money anymore and Baylor found out he could eat more than just food. This continued on until his 25 birthday when he was out drinking with his family and a few of the gang he'd got close to. That's when Stun showed up along with a bunch of police. He was one of the local Heros and had been after the Wild Boys for a while. Baylor fought hard but was ultimately pinned by Stun. That was when his father pulled out a small high-tech looking pistol and shot Stun. A large blast of compressed air knocked Stun of Balor for just long enough for one of the police to shoot at him. The bullet bounced of his exoskeleton and hit his father square in the chest. The look of pain, surprise, and fear on his fathers face will never be forgotten. His mother who had been hiding behind an over turned table ran out from her cover screaming like a banshee as she ran to her husbands corpse. As soon as he laid eyes on the cop still stunned by what had just happened she picked up the force gun and fired turning his upper body into a fine mist. That's when the other cops opened fire on here and her body joined her husbands. After that things get a bit blurry as he seemed to black out. He came to covered in blood and in a specialized cell to contain people like him.

Sexuality: Demisexual
Relationship status: single
Past crushes: None
Past Partners: None
Current Crushes: None
Current partners: none
Turn ons: unknown
Turn offs: unknown
Sub or Dom: unknown
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Gonna have a plotting/chat thread up in the next day or two, once I finish up my own character's form! Hang tight, y'all, and get thinking about the kinds of interactions your character may have with others in the Squad!!!
Gonna have a plotting/chat thread up in the next day or two, once I finish up my own character's form! Hang tight, y'all, and get thinking about the kinds of interactions your character may have with others in the Squad!!!
k so like how long have we been in the Belle Reve and are all the charries accepted?
BuggaBoo BuggaBoo Great question! All of the completed characters have been accepted, so just Balor isn't so far. As for how long your characters have been in Belle Reve, that's up to each individual RPer! From the time whenever they'd been arrested, I suppose, because once you're in Belle Reve, it's hard to get out lol.
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ThakDaBonker ThakDaBonker Accepted! Balor's whacky inventions ought to be a meme lmaooo

If any of you guys have friends who write on advanced levels, I would be eternally grateful if you invite them to our thread here!!! Ideally I would like a few more characters to join before we start the RP.


Full Name: Sinead Breaux
Name Meaning:
  • Sinead (shin-aid); God is Gracious.
  • Breaux (b-r-oh); Those trusted with immense responsibilities.
Nicknames: Sin, the Cajun Cracker, Bree, and Host.
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthday: March 7th
Species: Human (Earth Born Angel)
Nationality: American


Role: inmate
Crime: Armed Robbery, multiple assault charges, 2 confirmed cases of murder, and tax evasion.
Powers: Fledgling Earth Born Angel of Music; Powers limited by her angelic handler. Powers ebb and strengthen based on a level of "belief" in herself and what she's doing.
  • Flight- Can manifest a pair of wings that look like stained glass.
  • Superhuman strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Sound mimicry- can reproduce any sound, from human voices to pieces of music and so on.
  • Sonic Scream
Skills and Weaponry: Some basic unofficial hand to hand combat and firearms training. Expert in lock picking and safe cracking. Expert driver and was working on a pilots license before incarceration. No known specialized weapons.
Allegiances: Intergang
Enemies: The Checkmate Organization, Law Enforcement, her sister Hazel, and Ezrael (more on him later)



Sinead is a woman on the shorter side with an average build. She has light brown hair of medium length that she would occasionally highlight with a variety of colors before her incarceration. Her pale skin is mostly covered by what looks like a full body tattoo in an orange color. Prefers minimal makeup, though enjoys mixing and matching nail polish.
Her eye color is an often debated subject. Officially they are marked as grey, however some claim they are blue, others green. Some even claim to have seen them change hue right before their eyes. They seem to reflect the color she "hears" from the sounds around her.
While she'll use her looks to play sweet and innocent when she has to, her more natural state is either a self satisfied grin she gets from messing with people, or the far off look she gets when lost in a song.
Wardrobe: Generally prefers baggy, durable clothes in civil life. Even when in more formal settings, will wear leggings or shorts under a skirt. Was arrested in a black suit and tie, white dress suit with the sleeves of it and the jacket rolled up, both combat boots, and suspenders.

Scent: Mint and wood smoke
Height & Weight: 5'1", 118 lbs.
Body Modifications:

Physical Disabilities: Hyperopia.
Faceclaim: Maisie Williams


Personality: Sinead is often taken as harmless due to her size and look, so she let's her sharp tongue teach others how wrong they are to underestimate her. She has a deep seated anger that she projects out in the form of wit and sarcasm, lest the anger turn inward. While she's smart enough not to mouth off constantly, she has been known to get in over her head while acting tough. A lot of this bluster is used to mask her self worth issues and fearing she ultimately doesn't matter in this world. Her brother's death affected her deeply and while not her fault, she still bears guilt over it. Though a career criminal at this point, she has some principles she sticks to to prove to herself she's not a complete piece of shit.
Her status as an Earth Born Angel has thrown her into disarray. She knows she's not good enough for the title and resents it being thrust upon her. But likewise, she wonders if this is her chance to be something more than what she thought she was. She would hate to admit it out loud, but the idea of being the good guy appeals to her, though once again her sense of self-worth tells her that's impossible.
While always very sound oriented due to her synesthesia, since Sinead's transformation this has only heightened. She can usually be kept pretty compliant by a music library and quality speakers or headphones. She once broke into the guards room to play with locker combination locks and hear their tumblers flash colors for her. This reawakened her desire to play music herself and has been given a couple of different instruments to experiment with. She'll often volunteer for kitchen duties, preferring most of them to other jobs around the prison. While she has had some rowdy incidents, she currently seems content to wait for maybe the opportunity to bust out.
Positive Traits: Tenacious, cunning, quick thinker, creative, loyal to those who earn it, and resilient.
Negative Traits: Sarcastic, short tempered, self-doubt, stubborn, and vicious.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Moral Alignment: CN
Temperament: Firecracker


Likes: Music, Cajun food, spicy food in general, infinity cubes, mint, ASMR, and fictional character suffering to overcome.
Dislikes: Bland food, picking on kids, people who try to rush her work, gaslighting, and abuse.
Habits: Vaping, subconscious humming, fidgeting with something during downtime and conversations, swearing in french, pacing, and tapping things to hear what sounds they make.
Fears: Not being good enough, Ezrael, drowning, going deaf, and being helpless.
Hobbies: Learning the instruments, cooking, gaming on a handhelds, card games, anime, and reading works in the cyberpunk genre.
Mental Disorders: Nicotine Addiction, ADHD, and Chromesthesia.


  • Robert Breaux (father)
  • Louise Breaux (mother)
  • Hazel Breaux (sister)
  • Matthias Breaux (brother, deceased)
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
  1. Sinead was born the middle child of an upper class family with a constantly traveling father Robert and domineering mother Louise.
  2. She had a “perfect” older sister Hazel who got everything she wanted and a younger brother Matthias who was on the spectrum that Sinead tried to protect.
  3. With stead hands and good hearing, Sinead developed an interest in lock picking that she used as a side hustle.
  4. As the Breaux children got older, Hazel grew more cruel, reveal sociopathic tendencies. She would target and torment Matthias.
  5. Eventually, Matthias was driven to take his own life by Hazel, who manipulated their parents to blame Sinead.
  6. Sinead cracked open the family safe and stole all her mother’s jewelry before going on the run.
  7. Fell in with a couple of thieves, utilizing her skills with locks to help finance her new life.
  8. After getting picked up for a bigger job by a man named Wiggins, Sinead was given the opportunity to join Intergang, which she accepted.
  9. After a few years in Intergang further honing her skills, Wiggins brought Sinead in on a job to steal advanced tech and materials from Star Labs. Their way in was a scientist and her family Intergang had kidnapped, which didn’t sit well with Sinead. Worse, the scientist’s autistic son reminded her of Matthias.
  10. The heist was going perfectly until a speedster showed up. Wiggins panicked, grabbed an alien weapon and started blasting.
  11. With members of the gang getting hit in the indiscriminate fire, Sinead tried to escape, only to see the kidnapped boy huddling in the line of fire. Acting purely on instinct, she dove for the boy, putting her body between him and Wiggins. An instant later, her body felt as if it was burning up from the inside as the energy weapon hit her. Her last conscious act before she faded out was to pray to anything that was listening that the boy survived.
  12. The next thing Sinead could remember was floating in a void. Neither light nor dark, merely empty until the eyes opened. All around her were glowing eyes, all watching her intently as if staring into her soul. A stern voice asked why she had saved the boy. The only answer Sinead could muster was “I couldn’t let him die again.” After what felt like an eon of silence, the voice spoke again. “Hmph. You’ll do, then.” Before Sinead could ask what that meant, pain filled the void. All she could do was scream…
  13. Sinead woke up screaming. Glass in the ER cracked and shattered under the sonic force of the scream. From her back stretched a pair of wings that looked like they were made of stained glass. As her voice gave out, the pain died down. She could vaguely tell she had been healed of her injuries, but there was something strange about her skin. She got to her feet to leave, but crumpled to the ground as sleep claimed her.
  14. When Sinead regained consciousness, she had a power neutralizing color on and under heavy guard. The wings she remembered from before were gone, but her body had changed in other ways too. Old scars and the one tattoo she had gotten on a drunken night out were gone. Replacing them was an extensive pattern on her skin that reminded her of cathedrals and henna.
  15. Classified as a meta human criminal, Sinead was sent to Belle Reve.
  16. During some night while she slept, Sinead would find herself back in the void with eyes. The voice would identify itself as Ezrael the Judge. He explained that Sinead had been made an earth born Angel to battle the darkness in the world. But the first darkness to be purged was within her. During these “visits”, Sinead was forced to relive her misdeeds with Ezrael promising that her penance had only just begun.
  17. During her waking hours, Sinead was able to test some of her new abilities despite the power dampener. Sounds were even more vibrant. She was able to take on other inmates nearly twice her size. She could even feel her wings at times though they did not appear. Sinead became convinced that what was holder her powers back was less the collar and more Ezrael.
  18. Sinead has now been at Belle Reve for over a year. She has yet to find answers as to why she is now an earth born angel, or how she should proceed with her life.


Sexuality: bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Aquaman and Mera
Past Partners: Jackie Reyes, Mei Ling
Turn-Ons: Honesty, dependability, musical ability, calming influence, patience, and nerdy.
Turn-Offs: Manipulative behavior, talking down to neurodivergent individuals, not appreciating good food, not liking music, and overly focused on their look.
Dominant or Submissive: switch


- Into The Night by Off Lights
- Blow by Eva Under Fire
- Survivor by State of Mine
- Superheroes by Soul Extract
- Sinead by Within Tempration
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  • Kenna Grace Rose
    "Evil doesn't always look evil. Sometimes it's staring right at us, and we don't even realize it"

    TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions killing and torture

    Full Name: Kenna Grace Rose
    Name Meaning: Kenna - "fire-born", Grace - "blessed", Rose - "rose, flower"
    Nicknames: In the past, those she has been close to have called her Ken for short which she used to love but has since grown to hate because it reminds her of all she has lost. Her villian alias was Basilisk. Also known as Viper & Snake Bitch.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Birthday: April 25th
    Species: Super Powered Human
    Nationality: United States

    Role: Inmate
    Crime: The crimes Kenna has committed are not all documented and are vast in number. She has done everything from theft to murder without batting an eyelash and with seemingly no remorse for her actions. Before she was finally captured Kenna had executed leaders of nations, mob bosses, police chiefs, basically anyone who would try to hold any sort of power over her. She was known to be a true cold-blooded killer who wanted to make the world hurt for seemingly no reason. She was known to torture some of her prey before killing them, those usually being the ones tied to crimes of their own.
    Twin Serpents - She has snake tattoos on each of her arms that at will can turn into real genetically modified/enhanced (aka bigger and stronger) reticulated pythons that obey her every command without her even having to speak it. If anything happens to one of her snakes it returns to her arm and she is unable to use it for a few minutes. She can also communicate with these snakes as well as others.
    Second Skin - She can heal quicker than most due to her ability to shed the skin of an affected area allowing it to seal, scar, fully heal in a day or less depending on the severity of the wound.
    Poison Lips - She has an extremely toxic venom in her lips that can be released when she touches her lips to the skin of her prey, the venom is extremely painful and extremely deadly. The venom can also be used to coat weapons and even her claws.
    Paralysis Sight - At will, she can use her gaze to paralyze her target so long as she makes eye contact with them. Her target is thus unable to move or speak for several minutes even if eye contact is broken. If the gaze is intensified or held for too long it can result in the death of the observer and can weaken Brandish quite a bit.
    Constrictor Strength - She has enhanced strength especially when she squeezes, she is very capable of squeezing the life out of a person.
    Claws/Fang - She has powerful jaws/fangs that can be coated in her venom as well as claws that she can do the same with.
    Enhanced Senses/Snake Sense - She has enhanced senses including the ability to detect heat and see in the dark. She also has enhanced smell when she opens her mouth.

    Skills and Weaponry:
    ~Expert in hand-to-hand combat
    ~Weapons expert with knives, whips, bow & arrow, and sword (her main weapons are whips tho)
    ~Expert interrogator/torturer
    ~Animal handling
    ~Gardening and alchemy, she used to have her own garden where she grew plants she would use in her interrogations
    ~Agility & stealth
    ~Strategic and quick on her feet
    ~Expert at surviving in nature
    Allegiances: She works alone up until now.
    Enemies: Too many to count including the police, several intelligence agencies, a number of superheroes, quite a few governments, and several organized crime groups, overall she has made quite the name for herself and a list of ever-growing enemies to go with it.

    Appearance: Kenna is a beautiful young woman who carries herself with great strength and regality even during her time at Belle Reve. She has a sweet face and a smile that makes people want to trust her without knowing anything about her. Her hair is long and thick with a light brown coloring that in the sun seems to have gentle streaks of gold running through it but in some lights can also look much darker. Her soft almond skin is not unmarked and bears several scars from her past, the largest of which circles her neck and looks to have been inflicted by something searing around her throat for a long period of time. She is decorated head to toe in ink serpents that are tattooed across her body, many of which hide her scars including the one on her throat. Along her arms, you can easily spy the intricate black markings of her beloved serpent tattoos that are known to come to life if she so desires it. Her eyes are a warm whiskey gold hue that turns neon green when she is aiming to inflict paralysis or even death upon her prey. She has a small yet well-muscled and well-endowed build that she has no shame dressing to show off.
    Wardrobe: Kenna clearly dresses with great confidence in her appearance. Her attire tends to highlight her figure as well as colors that complement her hair and skin tone so she can more easily charm others but also for her own enjoyment. She loves skirts, dresses, ripped jeans, bralettes under sheer tops, shirts with open backs, etc. She also enjoys dressing to show off her tattoos. You will not often find her sporting anything that covers her neck though since she has a specific hatred for her neck being touched.
    Style Examples: Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3
    Villain Outfit: Outfit (No cape tho), or this Outfit (without the green hair)
    Scent: Lilies of the Valley and Pine
    Height & Weight: 5'3" 124 lbs
    Body Modifications: Neck Tattoo, combat snake tattoos (arms), stomach/side tattoo, sternum tattoo, foot tattoo, hip tattoo, leg tattoo
    Physical Disabilities: Doesn't handle cold the best.
    Faceclaim: Sarah Jeffery

    Personality: Kenna is a complicated girl trapped in a complicated state of mind. She was once a sweet and loving young woman who wanted to use her powers to help the world in whatever way she could, but due to life repeatedly punching her in the gut, she changed. When held in captivity for years and tortured in unspeakable ways something inside of Kenna broke in a way that completely changed the girl for the absolute worst. Having been treated as an object and weapon for so long she became cruel, violent, and demented. Her desire for control over herself, as well as others as a sense of what is owed to her, became greater than anything else. Her kind heart was shattered and replaced with a tortured and tormented soul that wants to see others suffer as she once did, especially her family. Due to her past, Kenna has some serious PTSD from her years in captivity that can trigger episodes and flashbacks that can cause her to break down and become panicked, afraid, or violent. After certain events from her past Kenna also has a strong need to be looked at and adored, she wants to know that she is still beautiful, that she is still desirable, and that people could still want her. Because of this Kenna is an absolute demon with an angel smile. She is an amazing liar and actress, especially when it comes to flirtation and seduction. Before being captured and put on parole Kenna had been one of the deadliest and cruelest villains in the world, she took joy in torture and putting others through immense pain as she held their life in her hands and crushed it to pieces. It is hard to believe that now every once in a while little pieces of the person Kenna used to be will peek through, she will be sweet, she will care, she will feel remorse and it will crush her. The more she is forced to be around The Squad the better she becomes, meaning she will at least do some good and has mostly stopped killing and torturing innocent people as she once did when she broke free. Now she tends to target criminals, people who are like those who hurt her all those years ago, thugs, mobsters, and slave drivers, they are all her prey. There is something clearly unstable with her but there are still seeds of hope that a soul still resides within her and could be reached through hard work and with a helping hand.

    Positive Traits:
    ~Hard working
    ~Quick on her feet
    Negative Traits:
    ~Enjoys the suffering of others
    ~Looks after herself first (this could change)
    ~Clearly unstable
    MBTI Type: ESTJ
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Temperament: Choleric

    ~Traditional Mexican food
    ~To be desired
    ~Messing with others
    ~The finer things in life (clothes, food, jewelry)
    ~Snakes (duh)
    ~Sun bathing
    ~Feeling strong, like no one could ever hurt her again
    ~Tea & Coffee
    ~Old Fashions
    ~Begging (From others, she doesn't like to beg)
    ~Serious cold
    ~The fail-safe they put in her head
    ~Being restrained
    ~Just about anything around her throat
    ~Someone having control over her (clearly not gonna be a fan of this whole situation)
    ~When people refuse to look at her
    ~People who dislike snakes (I mean come on...)
    ~Being forced to beg
    ~Her old self showing in any way
    ~People in power
    ~The color yellow (just doesn't vibe with it)
    ~Thugs, mobsters, crime lords and their businesses
    ~Having episodes
    ~Her family
    ~Traces the scar on her neck when she is feeling uncertain
    ~Will talk to herself (isn't actually talking to herself but is talking to her snakes) when she is feeling overly emotional
    ~Makes a clicking sound with her tongue when she is bored
    ~Being restrained
    ~Being drugged against her will
    ~Sleeping in general because she has constant nightmares
    ~Being powerless and becoming prey
    ~Not being in control
    ~Gardening (her garden is home to many plant species that can be used to inflict pain or kill)
    ~Taking care of animals (she hates other humans, not the poor little animals)
    ~Playing piano
    Mental Disorders: PTSD and overall just twisted tortured soul who was driven insane and made cruel.

    —Father: Andrew Rose
    —Mother: Callie Rose
    —Sibling(s): Jamie Rose, Samara Rose
    Hometown: Farmville, Virginia
    Backstory: (TRIGGER WARNINGS!)
    When Kenna was first born it was fairly obvious that she was gifted seeing as she was born with twin serpent tattoos on both of her arms that came to life in the delivery room. This as one could imagine didn't lead to the best first few moments of life when everyone is screaming and running because a baby just produced snakes. It was pretty clear for Kenna growing up that her family had one goal in mind for her and that was for her to be as normal as possible which she did her best at as she grew up secretly dreaming of becoming a superhero. She often was forced to wear sunglasses around the house to keep from paralyzing her parents by accident, outside she always wore long sleeves to hide the ink serpent marking that her conservative and religious mother and father disliked so greatly, and she wasn't allowed to have romantic relationships of any sort for fear that she might poison someone by accident. Her parents never seemed to realize that she was completely in control of her abilities from an early age so all of the rules and regulations served no real purpose. Kenna didn't complain though because she loved her parents and she knew that despite them being horrified by what she was they loved her in their own way as well, or at least she thought they did. When Kenna was 18 the preacher's son asked her out on a date and without telling her parents she agreed to go since her parents had always vetoed every date she was asked on. Things were going great until the preacher's son started driving down a back road and pulled off at a random overlook. The two began to kiss and everything was fine seeing as Kenna had complete control over her powers, but then the boy started going too far. Kenna told him to slow down but he wouldn't listen to her and in order to protect herself she fought back in the best way she knew how; she released her venom into the young man and he began to howl in pain. Alarmed and afraid Kenna regretted her actions and pushed him into the back seat so she could drive him to the nearest hospital. When they got there the boy was rushed into the ICU and both of their parents were called. Kenna was still shaken and when asked what happened she told the adults the truth, but of course, no one wanted to believe that the preacher's son would have tried anything like she described and so Kenna became the villain of the story and her family was kicked out of the church. Not only that but the preacher threatened to press charges if her parents didn't do something to contain her.

    It was soon after that that Kenna learned that the love she felt for her parents was not shared as much as she thought. A few nights later at dinner Kenna was eating in silence as her parents barely touched their food and not looking at her, she thought it was odd but figured they must still be mad at her or disgusted with what had transpired between her and the boy. Or at least she thought that until her world went fuzzy and she fell unconscious. When she woke up she was bound in the back of a moving van with several other people. Instantly she began to panic and tried to summon her serpents to help her and protect her but found she could not. Looking around in a panic she spotted blinking collars on the other people's necks and reached up to find a heavy metal collar on her as well. It was clear that these collars were built to interrupt her powers as well as the powers of the other people who she soon found out to be superhumans as well. Kenna was alarmed and began to panic which only resulted in her getting drugged into unconsciousness by one of the men in the back of the truck. When Kenna awoke again she found herself lined up at a bidding with the people she had been in the truck with. To her horror, she discovered that they were being auctioned off to crime lords, mobsters, thugs, etc. to be used as weapons, experiments, and more. Kenna fought and was sedated again but her fighting spirit caught the eye of a very cruel crime lord named Nolander. Nolander purchased her and for the next four and a half years of her life, Kenna became his property to do with as he pleased. It was at that time that Kenna experienced some of the worst pain in her life as she was tortured, experimented on, beaten, drugged, forced to kill, etc. Kenna was torn apart on every level and stitched back together by Nolander, he destroyed the kind, loving, forgiving young woman he purchased and rebuilt her as a cruel and merciless killing machine that he believed would obey him and him alone. It was Nolander who told her that her own parents had handed her over to the slave drivers because of their desire to be rid of her. That bit of information mixed with so much else destroyed her.

    After four and a half years of being Nolanders pet Kenna relished the day that she managed to convince him that she was loyal enough that he could remove her collar and let her serve him freely. She had become an expert in manipulation at that point and as soon as the collar was off and Nolander's guard was down she slaughtered him and his entire crew before breaking out of his facility. With her freedom came a reign of terror around the world as she went on what seemed to be a mass and random killing spree though it was very clear in her mind what she was looking for; her parents. The couple seemed to have vanished into thin air and Kenna was willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to find them. She tortured and killed anyone who might have had any sort of information and she terrorized entire cities attempting to seek them out. She craved their blood on her hands and was completely unhinged and ready to do anything she viewed she needed to in order to find them. Eventually, a group of superhumans managed to catch her and place her under arrest in a maximum-security shadow prison known as Belle Reve. It wasn't until recently that someone dared to cut a deal with her and placed a fail-safe in her head to make her manageable for The Squad to handle. Now she is "free" but with the fail-safe she is still a prisoner on a mission to apparently save the world.

    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Relationship Status: Open
    Crush(es): Open
    Past Partners: Open
    ~Very physical
    ~Works out often
    ~Likes a bit of crazy
    ~Lets her steal food from them
    ~Kisses her tattoos
    ~Doesn't mind being rough with her or her being rough with them
    ~Picks her up
    ~Piggy back rides
    ~Gives her lots of attention
    ~Honest with her
    ~Has an issue with snakes
    ~Tries to "fix" her
    ~Hates tattoos
    ~Tries to control her
    Dominant or Submissive: Switch

    - Control by Halsey
    - Breakfast by Dove Cameron
    - Queen of Kings by Alessandra
    - How Villains Are Made by Madalen Duke



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