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Fandom Sweet Dreams at Belle Reve // Suicide Squad RP // interest check


"I came here to place a bet."
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In one of the infinite universes created by Barry Allen's tampering with time, General Zod has successfully killed the legendary Kal-El, known as Superman to the public. During this time, mankind is beginning to understand time travel only at its barest bones, but they know enough to realize that in 98% of universes, General Zod is successful in his attempted invasion to dominate Earth and subjugate humans to Kryptonian will. In a last-ditch attempt to save Earth 8344 from meeting the same fate as so many of its predecessors, the guardians of Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary have reached a crucial (but not altogether novel) decision: Just as the Suicide Squad was once deployed to thwart Enchantress and destroy the Jotunheim laboratory in alternate timelines, a different ragtag group of criminals, supervillains, and psychopaths will be deployed against the invading Kryptonian force. How the Belle Reve authorities justify such ridiculousness, you ask? Well, since in 98% of timelines military intervention fails anyway, it's time for a different solution; most importantly, one in which low-life criminal scum are at stake, rather than American war heroes. As was the case in previous timelines, the criminals enlisted in this likely death trap are being bribed with reduced sentences... and supervillains have a convenient knack for bloodlust, anyway. Should they egregiously disobey their superiors' orders at any time and go rogue, they will be destroyed via the nanobomb implanted in their necks.


Setting: Modern-day Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana… although the prison has miraculously managed to keep details of its location hidden from all inmates, current and former thus far. Only the prison staff—who as you can imagine go through a highly rigorous selection process—know where to find Belle Reve on a map. As aforementioned, this RP is located in Earth 8344, a universe in which all of the Justice League have fallen at the hands of General Zod’s forces.


Characters: In terms of characters, my only request is that everyone play an OC… in other words, no canon characters other than our villain of all villains, General Zod and cronies. Even Amanda Waller and Rick Flag do not exist in this universe, or if they do they are not associated with Belle Reve. The prison houses a completely different group of inmates and is operated by completely different staff. You may play as either inmates, guards, or both! All non-NPC guards will accompany the Suicide Squad on their mission as their handlers. In accordance with the DCU and DCEU, your characters may indeed have superpowers or just be normal humans with a penchant for troublemaking on a large scale. All that I ask is that your character not be too OP with their powers and have a few legitimate weaknesses, either physical, psychological, or some combination thereof.


Rules and expectations: While it’s not required that you’ve seen or read the DCU/DCEU to join this RP, please be aware that it is the source material! It definitely can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with a few comics or movies, but we will also be willing to help out newcomers to understand the universe as necessary. On another note, please be aware that this is an advanced RP, so 3+ paragraphs per post! It’s A-okay if English isn’t your first language, but please do try your best with spelling and grammar unless it pertains to dialogue. Please be able and willing to post on the RP thread at least once every two weeks; don’t make me have to hunt you down for RP posts. Lastly, feel free to come up with NPCs and side plots on the fly! I love RPers who have an imagination and take initiative to keep the story rolling!


I think that is all for the time being, folks. Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to RPing with y’all!


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i'll throw my hat in for this one

Harley Quinn Lets Do This GIF by The Suicide Squad

typing up a new OC as we speak
Always interested in a DC-inspired roleplay, even more so when I'm allowed to play bad guys. Rubbing my hands like a villain right now.
Thank you guys for all your interest and support! A character sheet thread shall be up either tonight or tomorrow at the latest! I can't wait to see what kinds of characters y'all come up with, my loves. 🤎

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