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Fandom RANGERS: A Power Rangers RP - Interest Check



Araknarok… that word alone is enough to instill fear into the hearts of anyone. Its arrival meant that the beginning of the end for whatever world had the misfortune of meeting a great evil face to face. Araknarok’s plan was simple: travel to new worlds and eradicate everything in its path. The destruction of worlds was the ultimate form of exerting dominance and establishing Araknarok as the true power across the universe. Those plans do not bode well for the next target within Araknarok’s crosshairs: Earth.​
As Araknarok began to infiltrate Earth through the city of New Harbor, the response to the otherworldly threat needed to be rapid. Metamorphosis, a government organization, was thoroughly prepared for this threat but before they could protect New Harbor, Araknarok invaded their base, obliterating as many of the officials as possible. In a last effort to ensure Metamorphosis’s remained safe, the Commander released five superhuman devices into the world before fleeing to shelter in a hidden bunker.​
That was weeks ago and since then, the threat of Araknarok appeared to die down. But the citizens of New Harbor remain paranoid. With Metamorphosis seemingly vanquished, what sort of heroes will rise if and when Araknarok shows their faces once again?​


RANGERS is a Power Rangers RP that follows a group of individuals as they stumble upon not only an immense power that changes their lives but also the fact that they have a responsibility and duty to protect the Earth despite not asking for it. In the Rangers universe, the “Power Rangers” do not exist until this particular moment.​
Araknarok has not only established its dominance but also its unity, which makes them extremely dangerous when comparing them to a ragtag group of people who may or may not be in it for themselves. The Rangers have to use their powers to come together if they want any chance of defeating Araknarok and saving the Earth. All the while, they will also need to investigate where exactly these powers came from.​


The age of the Rangers will be between 21 and 25 years old. I really want to tap into them being young adults and dealing with the reality of having to balance what’s occurring in their personal lives while also being a Power Ranger. As of now, their identities as Rangers will not be made public (intentionally anyway).​
Designations are not gender specific. There is not an established leader of the team. Each Ranger will be able to contribute their respective skills and traits in a way that should allow them to be a leader at any given time. The Rangers will, however, get direction from the Command Center.​
Meta Red Ranger - Open​
Meta Blue Ranger - Open​
Meta Yellow Ranger - Open​
Meta Purple Ranger - Reserved
Meta Black Ranger - Open​
Be as creative as you would like with your application. Be sure to include the following information:​
Name: Full Name​
Age: 21-25​
Ranger Designation: What Ranger color would you prefer?​
Appearance: Include a photo of your character somewhere in the application (real life only). Brief description of how your characters looks along with a description of their styles in terms of what they were on a regular basis.​
Personality: 3 adjectives that describe your character with an explanation as to how that defines them.​
Facts: 3 interesting facts about your character. Can be related to your character's background, skills, or something funny.​
Why is your character a good fit with the Rangers?: A brief description about why your character is a good fit with the team. Can be related to personality, skills, knowledge, etc.​


Morph X-Calibur - The main morphing device and sidearm of the Rangers, created by scientists and engineers at Metamorphosis. Can also be used to summon their respective Insectizord and complete a finishing attack.[/spoiler]​
Meta Phone - A special cellular-like device that all of the Rangers have, functioning as their belt buckles and communicators.​
Insect Souls - A set of amber-themed stones containing the Insect Souls. Once bonded with a Ranger, the souls are freed and can be shifted into the larger Insectizords.​
  • Beetle Insectizord - The stag beetle-based Zord piloted by the Red Ranger. It has large, well-developed pincers that can instantly exert a force 190 times greater than its body weight, allowing it to throw objects that are caught far away. It can use the base of its pincers to ram its opponents, or use its flat body to scoop up its feet from the bottom. Forms the main body, arms, and thighs of the Megazord.
  • Dragonfly Insectizord - The dragonfly-based Zord piloted by the Blue Ranger. With its blinding speed abilities, it has well-developed large wings that enable it to perform acrobatics such as somersaults and sharp turns while flying agilely through the air. Its head has 30,000 compound eyes that allow the mech to see up to 2 miles, allowing it to track its targets. Forms the wings, the sword blade and handle of the Megazord.
  • Mantis Insectizord - The praying mantis-based Zord piloted by the Yellow Ranger. It fights with sharply cutting abilities as it slices up its enemies brilliantly with its large, razor-sharp raptorials, and can detect humans buried under rubble with its sense of touch, which can detect sounds up to 160,000 hertz. Forms the right lower leg of the Megazord.
  • Butterfly Insectizord - The butterfly-based Zord piloted by the Purple Ranger. It has large, well-developed wings, and its surface is protected by scales, allowing it to continue flying even in bad weather. It is equipped with a catcher and can camouflage its entire body for covert action. Forms the head and the sword's hilt of the Megazord.
  • Hornet Insectizord - The hornet-based Zord piloted by the Black Ranger. It fights with unstoppable momentum while outsmarting its opponents. In addition to being able to completely pierce the enemy with its large, well-developed stinger, it can also draw a figure-eight to create a protective barrier that shields allies and repel enemy attacks. Forms the left lower leg of the Megazord.
Meta Weapon - A giant shield that the core Rangers carry with them. It is normally used in Shield Mode, but in an emergency, it transforms into five different weapon forms on its own, incorporating the characteristics of insects.​
  • Sword Mode - A mode that specializes in close-range combat that is made by transforming the blades to form together on the top. Primarily used by the Red Ranger.
  • Gun Mode - A mode specializing in medium-range shooting that is made by holding the upper part of the grip like a gun. Primarily used by the Blue Ranger.
  • Sickle Mode - A mode usable for close-range combat or as a throwing weapon, made by transforming the blade on the left side horizontally. Primarily used by the Yellow Ranger.
  • Bow Mode - A mode specializing in long-range shooting, which is made by transforming the blades on both sides. Primarily used by the Purple Ranger.
  • Claw Mode - A mode that specializes in close-range combat, in which the blades on both sides are deformed horizontally. Primarily used by the Black Ranger.
Morph Sequence - To morph, the Rangers activate their respective button on the sword and shout "Meta... MORPH!" The Ranger's body is then covered in a protective barrier to ensure that the morph sequence is protected and then the Ranger's specific Insect Soul burst through the shell to complete the morph sequence.[/spoiler]​


  • First, thanks for making it this far into the interest check. Shout out to you.
  • This is not a first-come, first-serve sort of roleplay. I'm looking for roleplayers that can vibe with a casual roleplay while also providing great characters.
  • Once you are done with your Character Sheet, please post it in the OOC and not the character tab.. PLEASE NOTE: You may not receive your preference for Ranger color.
  • That being said, the aim of this RP is for it to be a small group RP. I'm looking for no more than maybe 4-ish roleplayers depending on the vibe. Those who are accepted will be able to write more characters if approved.
  • Please post at least once per week in character. There will be instances where the group may be split up into separate groups to handle a task or quest so the Rangers won't always be together. The goal is for this to be a long-term plot with minimal pressure. If you are unable to continue the RP, let me know so that we can phase out your character.
  • The roleplay will be a combination of slice of life, action, and adventure. Feel free to create your own subplots with other characters (enemies, friends, lovers), but just make sure that the other person approves of it.
  • There can/will be a Discord for quick OOC chatting, but OOC here is fine too. Important information will be posted in the OOC and linked in the Discord.
  • At least one to two paragraphs per post. Give us something to reply to!
  • The RP takes place in the fictional city of New Harbor, New York.
  • Have fun!

whats that? Giant robo-bugs? Hell Yes.

Soooo like is this goofy like the kids show? All goods either way. Thinkin lmma drop an app for black or purple ranger. Btw not joining the discord.

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