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Multiple Settings A Mad Search (Updated 05/22)

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Hello there! My name is madlyhazel, but most people call me mads or hazel. I'm honestly not all that particular! I have a few plots in mind, as well as some general pairing ideas. Take a looksee! There's definitely a lot more fantasy plots vs modern, because that's just what I'm better at!

About Me:
-I'm a 21-year old female living in the Rockies in the United States. I work part-time at a company that owns several museums, and I work mainly as an educator. I do suffer from a chronic illness that can pull me away at times, but don't let that dissuade you!
-I live in MST. I'm generally available Monday through Friday either 8-12 or 2-9, depending on which work schedule I'm given. Usually I'm busy all day Saturday and Sunday with DnD, but currently both days are open. I'll let you know when those start up again! Occasionally I can get pulled away by an event at the museum, getting wrangled into writing programs, or one of my very frequent doctor's appointments, but usually I'll have at least a little time in my day to write a reply.
-Following that, I generally reply a least once a day, and more often than not two or three times. I will always at least give three replies a week, though it should never get that sparse.
-I tend to write two to three paragraphs, but, inspiration granted, that can be doubled or tripled.
-I'm comfortable with darker themes and romance within the rules. Naturally no extreme gore or erotica, but fade to blacks are fine.
-I play both male, female, and nonbinary characters comfortably. However, most of my characters are males. I tend to really only be comfortable playing MxF pairings.
-I don't code! I just don't have the energy for it. I don't mind if you do, however.

About You:
-I would prefer if you were 18+, but that's not necessary. Naturally, if you're underage, I will not participate in any romance leading to fade to blacks.
-If you're able to reply once a day, awesome! If not, I would like at least three replies a week.
-I would like you to match my writing, but, again, not necessary. One paragraph is required at minimum, and please no one-liners!
-You are comfortable with darker themes. I don't expect you to want to write things involving abuse and the like, but I believe difficult subjects can make for an interesting story.
-Not required, but OOC chatter in a separate PM is always welcome!

The following plots and pairings have some little marks! If they have a star (*) beside them, I'm more interested in it. If one of the characters is bolded, that is the one I would prefer to play.

*Dragon King x Human: High up on the cold mountain in an old castle lives a man known as the Cold King. Little is known of him other than every year he takes a new bride, selected by the council of the town that lives in the shadow of his castle. No one knows where the brides go after their year is up--some say he eats them, others say he simply kills them. The town fears what he may do if they don't send a new bride, so they continue the tradition to appease his wrath. When a new young bride is chosen, fear grips her as the King's carriage brings her up to the castle doors--but when she meets the king, he's not at all what she expected. Instead of a cruel tyrant, he's a quiet bookworm with a great magical skill. In time, she learns more of why each bride disappears after a year, and why this gentle king has closed off his heart to humanity.
*Kitsune x Human: When a young samurai's family is slaughtered by the rival shogun, she is left to flee into the nearby woods. For days she wanders, starving and slowly withering away, until she happens upon a dilapidated hut. Inside lies bags upon bags of rice, which she greedily begins to consume--that is, until a kitsune appears. She frantically convinces him to allow her to stay in his home for but a day, as she's weak and can't make it on her own. The kitsune reluctantly agrees, and come nightfall, retires to his room. Muse A has formulated a plan, however, and she steals his fox orb while he sleeps. Desperate to keep him under her control and knowing no magic, she does the next best thing--she swallows the orb. Now the two are trapped together, and the girl drags the kitsune along on an adventure of vengeance for her family, whereas the latter seeks to find a powerful user of magic to separate the two of them.
Coworker x Coworker
Neighbor x Neighbor
Pirate x Captive
Tragic Villain x Hero (can also be fantasy)
Deity x Human
Demon x Human
Dragon King x Betrothed*
Dragon King x Human*
Ghost x Human
Kitsune x Human*
Knight x Princess
Mage x Human
Monster boy x Human
Shifter x Human*
Shifter x Shifter
Vampire x Human
Werewolf x Human
Werewolf x Huntress
White Rabbit x Alice
Other Ideas:

DnD Style Adventure
Naturally since I play so much DnD, I'd like a roleplay based off of that. You don't have to actually know DnD, but a roleplay that involves adventuring and growing stronger in a specific class sounds like a hoot! A plot would need to be formulated.

Perhaps an otome style roleplay? I wouldn't mind playing several guys while your female character chose her ideal one. Again, we would have to formulate a plot, but it could be modern or fantasy. Only big no is that they have to all be adults, so no school otome.

As for fandom roleplays, I'm not currently craving them, but I do have an interest in a few fandoms. For the most part, I only play OCxOC in these; however, that may change depending on the character. These fandoms are as follows:

Assassin's Creed
My Hero Academia
Star Wars

This thread will likely be updated as ideas come to mind. Of course, none of this is set in stone. If you have an idea for something I haven't listed, feel free to send me a PM. If you're interested any of these pairings, please comment here or shoot me a PM! I'll also be glad to answer any questions.
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Updated on 05/22! Dragon King x Human and Kitsune x Human plots added. Tragic Villain x Hero, Dragon King x Betrothed, Dragon King x Human, Werewolf x Human, and Werewolf x Huntress pairings added.
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Style Kella

The Lonely Wind
Don't know if you're still looking, but not gonna lie, the Kitsune x Human sounds pretty dank. I'm also willing to do the Dragon King, too.

But, if you want a more simple route, the pirate x captive doesn't sound all too bad either.

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