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I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Art by Orekigenya

Universe of Origin:
Devil May Cry (chronologically after events of DMC5)

Starting Location:
Poland (Unsure which exact state within nation)

Demonic hybrid physiology: Nero possesses both the blood of a demon and human due to his heritage from Vergil. As such, he is granted a far more powerful physiology.
  • Superhuman strength: Nero possesses great strength, able to easily block an attack from Berial's large sword using his left hand and the Red Queen. He is also capable of easily overpowering the Scarecrow physically and is capable of stopping two Bianco Angelo's in the middle of their thrust and throw them aside. He is capable of contending against Dante in battle despite his own extreme strength and wielding his Devil Bringer, can even overpower him, able to easily throw him away.
  • Superhuman speed: He is also remarkably fast, capable of running on Echidna's back faster than the effect of gravity. (likely due to using his demonic power to amplify his speed however.)
  • Accelerated healing: While in Devil Trigger Nero displayed a healing factor capable enough to have given him vitality even after being stabbed by various Bianco Angelos. When Vergil tore off Nero's arm, Nero used Devil Breakers as substitutes. By the time he stopped Vergil and Dante's fighting, his true power had awoken and Nero regenerated his entire human right arm within a matter of seconds.
  • Superhuman endurance: Nero can endure high amounts of physical damage, displaying such endurance when he was ran through by a Bianco Angelo's lance at full speed and survived. He was also able to survive for a short amount of time with a Gladius stabbed into his chest.
  • Devil Bringer: Nero's right arm (now the spectral wings Nero can manifest) and the manifestation of his demonic power, the Devil Bringer allows Nero to create a two spectral arms capable of being controlled by Nero's movements. It is durable enough to withstand punishment from the likes of Rebellion.
    • Artifact absorption: The Devil Bringer can absorb items and use their powers or absorb items into it for storage. (Unknown if this still works like it did with Yamato)
  • Demonic power manipulation: Nero has shown the ability to channel his demonic energy into his gun from his Devil Bringer or in the air to perform Charged Shots and Air Hike. He's also able to convert his regenerated right arm back into its spectral form so he can fit in a Devil Breaker when needed, which Nico joked as "Raw Demonic Power knows a good thing"

Combat proficiency: Nero's combat abilities are great enough that the Order sometimes assigns him missions to carry out on his own and he has earned certain respect among his peers. Of some additional interest is his ability to fight proficiently using only one hand (First case from his disgust of his Devil Bringer and second case after it was ripped off by Vergil until the Devil Breakers came along).
  • Swordsmanship: Nero is particularly proficient with a sword, it being his main form of combat. He is skilled enough that he was able to take on Dante in their first fight for a time and even gained the upper hand and disarmed him in their second fight.
  • Unarmed combat: While there aren't many cases where Nero is shown to fight unarmed, he has demonstrated decent proficiency with it. He once managed to easily take on several Scarecrows with only one arm, using punches and kicks while evading and even catching a Scarecrow's leg mid-swing. In addition, many of his Buster moves implement wrestling moves, which while enhanced by his demonic power, show that he is familiar with those techniques.
Engineering: Nero upgraded his Red Queen to bypass the limiter placed on the revving feature as well as to spray a flammable accelerant on the blade. He also designed and built Blue Rose himself.

1) Red Queen (Sword)

"Sticking a combustion engine on a sword to add some oomph to its blows...pretty slick idea. Seems like Daddy drew up the base design. You took the design and souped it up to make this here Red Queen. I gotta tell ya, I couldn't help but laugh the first time I saw it. No one in their right mind would dream up a rig like this. Without demon blood in your veins, dang thing'd go flying' outta your hand instead of into some bad guy! " - Nico Goldstein

2)Blue Rose (Magnum)

"Red Queen and Blue Rose... Lookin' at these two monsters, I can't tell if you're genius or just freakin' crazy. A six-chamber revolver that fires two shots at a time? What kinda whackjob thinks up something like that?And the way the bottom shell breaks through the armor first, only for the top shell to follow up and pierce the target's body... Who the hell came up with that crazy idea!? ...Ahhh, who am I kidding'? I love it! " - Nico Goldstein

3)Devil Breakers (Mk II Variants)
A set of artificial appendages updated by Nico in the wake of Nero regaining his lost arm. Currently the only Devil Breakers available in Nero's disposal are Overture, Gerbera and Punch Line
Arrogant, cocky, brash, impulsive, foul-mouthed, wisecracking, visible traits of Nero's outward personality that those both unacquainted and well acquainted with him could very clearly notice and remember of him (especially on battles). Yet contrary to that, Nero is also quite a level-headed, honest softie at heart who now fights on the world of the living in Dante's place after the severing of the Qliphoth Roots (and also gets along quite well with kids, having taken care of orphans alongside his love interest)

A portal mishap dragged him out of his world of origin and into another where he was apparently well-known as a fictional character of a game. Regardless of whether or not he was going to be welcomed into this new world that recognises him, the only thing etched clearly on Nero's mind right now is to get back to his own world.

1) He hates it when people smoke anywhere near him.........so don't take him to Hong Kong. Many people smoke publicly there.

2) He will be paired with Kazer and Arena (CS of the duo on the work) of Lost Soul Aside​
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I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Art by Fraying First
Kazer (and Arena)

Universe of Origin:
Lost Soul Aside

Starting Location:
Poland (anywhere near Nero really since he's paired with him)

(Note: Kazer and Arena's abilities listed here are found from every existing gameplay trailers of LSA with some being assumptions from what I've visualised)​
1) Superhuman Durability -
Kazer is shown to be able to tank several fatal blows and still fight normally despite sustaining injuries.
May or may not be due to his pact with Arena

2) Superhuman Capabilities -
Despite seemingly looking fully human, Kazer demonstrates immense physical power rivalling or even overpowering that of hostile beings trice his size while also displaying his very swift movements that noticeably did not even require "phasing" for fast movements.
May or may not be due to his pact with Arena.

3) Ghost Dodge/Phasing -
Kazer has the ability to "Ghost Dodge" in any directions while remaining in an intangible form during the phasing, making it his best move for evasion or even in combination with offense.
May or may not be due to his pact with Arena

4) Combat Veteran -
A sword is not the only weapon Kazer is capable of handling fluently. A double-sided blade, a (oversized paddle) greatsword etc. His mastery of such weapons is rather visible that he was able to perform a pinpoint sword-tip collision smoothly without the sword slipping off.
Very likely not from his pact with Arena

5) Air Dash -
Likely not actually "flight" but more like hovering in the air without using Ghost Dodge. Although Arena does make flight fully possible.

1) Anatomy Manipulation -
The weapons that Kazer uses are Arena himself. The wings Kazer uses to fly is none other than Arena himself. The crystalline dragon also has the capabilities to actually enlarge his size aside from simple shapeshifting of his outward appearance. Its unknown how far his shapeshifting capabilities could actually progress.

2)High Durability -
Arena would not have willingly become Kazer's weapons if he was easily breakable frankly speaking

1) Arena (have you seen the videos posted under "Abilities" for easier visualisation? The crystalline dragon's practically a floating armoury)

2) Couple "Medicines" to patch injuries and heal himself

A withdrawn man with a companion who is nearly as equally unsociable as he is, both of them traveled around their world in search of a mysterious gems for their own purposes. Not for the sake of saving their world, but to spare Kazer from whatever the hands of fate had dealt to him in the past.

They had travelled across the horizons in search of the puzzling crystals needed to fulfill their goals, fighting off legions of the unidentified monsters that had roamed and left the world in a state of disrepair. It had all changed however when a wormhole soon opened up and sent them into a different world that seemed largely unharmed with functioning civilizations.

1) Due to the very vague amount of information and updates of Lost Soul Aside, the portrayal of Kazer and Arena here are purely based on what little synopsis I could find of them and some ideas in mind regarding the sort of characters they are. As such while they are technically official characters, their characterisation are purely the result of creative liberties.

2) I just might have him meet up with Noctis one day due to how similar he is to Sleeping King both appearance and ability-wise​
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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
(Fuck my original plans, the incoming characters are cancelled. Thanks for nothing, you piece of shit, shot-to-hell old laptop)


Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Manhattan, New York

Explosion: A devastating spell that creates a terrific explosion, said explosion disintegrating everything in its path. This spell is so powerful, it sucks up all of Megumin's mana, leaving her limp and unable to move.

Manatite Staff: A staff bought with the reward money from Megumin's first quest with Kazuma and his party. It amplifies Explosion's power.

Chomusuke: Megumin's cat familiar, doesn't really go around on her own, but instead clings to Megumin.

Eyepatch: A red eyepatch with a white cross on it. Megumin claims that it holds in her magic power, but it's really just for looks.


Right here

She was supposed to be with thatguyinthestore and @Sir Skrubbins's Aqua, but due to recent events, the poor thing might be all alone.
-She might be the same one from TCS? Depends on what everyone else is doing.

View attachment 765709

Universe of Origin:
Final Fantasy

Starting Location:

"Despite being a mere infantryman considered not fit enough to join SOLDIER, Cloud already displayed impressive skills with a blade that impressed one of the Turks. After undergoing and surviving the same process used on SOLDIER members, and incorporating Zack's fighting abilities into his own, Cloud acts on the level of a SOLDIER Class First and easily handles SOLDIER members and Turks. In time, his skills became independent of his copying of Zack. He can simultaneously go up against the remnants of Sephiroth while suffering from Geostigma, and defeat Kadaj once he has recovered. A true testament to Cloud's skill and might is how he has repeatedly fought, and even at times defeated, Sephiroth himself, who is considered the best SOLDIER of all time and unbeatable.

Cloud can ride a motorcycle or a chocobo, snowboard, and is adept at scaling a snowy mountain, as noted by Zack in Crisis Core in discovering that they are both "country boys". When the situation calls for it, Cloud can adapt to do what is needed, even reviving a drowned girl with CPR or convincingly enough disguising himself as a woman."

A bigass blade called "The Buster Sword".

"Cloud uses his Buster Sword and physical attacks. He is fast with quick range thanks to his massive sword and decent jumping ability. Cloud can fight decently in the air or on the ground, but most of his attacking power comes from his unique Specials based on his Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII. His standard B is Blade Beam for a ranged attack on the ground or in the air. His Side Special is Cross-Slash, which can hit several times if it connects, but leaves him vulnerable if blocked. His Up Special and recovery move is Climhazzard."



He has PTSD and Clerophobia.


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Skeleton Boi

“No way out, hmph. Let's do this.”

Dismas the Highwayman

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
London, England

The Highwayman has 16 slots in order to store items in, and depending on what item it is, may only store one if it, or multiple of it. It does nothing to slow down Dismas when walking or in fights.

Having a small chance... he is capable of dealing a critical strike dealing double the damage he would normally do, as well as healing some stress away from his stress bar as well.

Him, like any other human being, can become stressed out that sometimes, ‘his resolve is tested’. this can lead to two things if his stress bar reaches 100/100, he will either be ‘Afflicted’, it being a bad personality effect that is generally harmful for both him and his team, or ‘Virtue’, it being a good personality effect that helps out in combat, with ‘Afflicted’ being the higher chance personality effect. But no matter which one is chosen, his personality will change to what personality effect he has gotten. If his stress reaches 200 while ‘Afflicted’, he will suffer a heart attack which instantly puts him on ‘Death’s Door’, while gaining 200 stress with a ‘virtue’ only removes it. He has a 25% chance of gaining a virtue and a 75% chance of gaining a affliction, and gaining stress or healing would depend on the events he witnesses with his own two eyes. The effects of the afflictions and virtues will be explained when gaining either one... and what’s to expect from them.

The Virtues he can gain are:

“Many fall in the face of chaos.... but not this one... not today.”

“Adversity can foster hope, and resilience.”

“A moment of clarity in the eye of the storm.”

“Anger is power. Unleash it!”


“A moment of valor shines brightest against the backdrop of despair.”

The Afflictions being :
1. Fearful:
“Fear and frailty finally claim their due....”

2. Paranoid:
“The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy!”

3. Masochistic:
“Those who covert injury find it in no short supply.”

4. Abusive:
“Frustration and Fury, more destructive than a hundred cannons.”

5. Selfish:
“Self-preservation is paramount- at any cost!”

6. Hopeless:
“There can be no hope in this hell..... no hope at all.”

7. Irrational:

“Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!”

Death’s Door:
If he loses all of his Hp, he will enter ‘Death’s Door’, a red skull appearing above him as his body glows red, if attacked in this state, no matter how strong or weak the attack may be, it will lead to his death, but he has a 67% ‘Death’s Door blow resist’ which allows him to survive blows in this state with no signs of damage, but not for long. If he recovers out of this state by healing at least 1 hp, he will exit ‘Death’s Door’ but will suffer penalties to his accuracy, damage, and speed while also gaining more stress.

Combat Skills:
Wicked slice:
A normal but powerful slice from his dagger, he is capable of dishing out a lot of normal physical damage by using this move.

Pistol Shot:
An long range option using his flintlock pistol, while slightly less powerful than a normal dagger slice, is capable of dealing 50% more damage when attacking an marked target.

Point Blank shot:
The most powerful move by itself, when used in close range combat, would create a powerful shotgun like blast, pushing both the target and Dismas away with each other due to the knockback.

Grapeshot Blast:
A multi-hitting attack, while half as powerful as his normal attacks, it is capable of hitting multiple targets with one blow, and is capable of debuffing their speed and accuracy.

Tracking shot:
The lowest damaging move in his arsenal, when used, and while it can only be used once, it is capable of both hitting hidden targets, and revealing them as well, removing their stealth, as well as buffing Dismas’s accuracy, crit chance, and damage for the rest of the battle.

Duelist’s advance:
An option in order to get to the frontlines faster, Dismas charges forward with a stab, and while it doesn’t do much, it activates risposte, allowing him to strike back at foes whenever an attack is aimed his way, no matter the distance between him and the opponent for a couple of turns.

Open Vein:
Another slice from his dagger, this time, aimed in order to open the flesh of his opponent, having a chance to inflict bleed as well as debuffing their Bleed resist as well.

Camping Skills:
Gallows Humor:
A well placed joke in the right situation can make all the difference in the world, but for this kind of humor, while it heals 25 stress for Dismas, it has a chance to either remove stress by 20 for his allies, or add 15 stress instead.

Unparalleled finesse:
Reflecting upon his skill with his dagger, he becomes an force to be reckon with, and for four battles, his dodge, speed, melee damage and accuracy all increase, making him a much deadlier force in melee.

Clean Guns:
Making sure your equipment is in tip-top condition can be the difference between life and death in some situations, and for this one, his ranged accuracy, ranged damage, and ranged crit all increase for four battles.

Bandit’s sense:
Having a key sense in order to hear danger before it arrives is crucial when out there, and for him, not only it prevents a nighttime ambush from happening, but also decreases the chance of the party being surprised by an ambush, and also increase the chances of them being the ambushers instead.

Encouraging an ally to never lose hope, he is able to relieve 15 stress to an ally he speaks to.

Wound Care:
Capable of healing some wounds, he can restore 15 health of an individual, as well as remove Bleeding and Blight from that person as well.

Pep Talk:
An Pep talk to an individual is one way to keep them from becoming insane, reducing the amount of stress they would normally gain in combat.


Thunder and Lighting:
Thunder being his flintlock pistol, and lighting being his dagger, Thunder is capable of creating, like the name implies, loud noises similar to that of thunder, while Lighting is a light weight, and is easily able to make quick strikes in succession just like lighting.

The Uncatchable:
His fully upgraded Bandit Overcoat, it doesn’t do much to restrict his movement, allowing him to dodge attacks like they were nothing but slow and reckless swings towards him.

Bloodied neckerchief:
A blood red neckerchief with some traces of dried blood, while wearing it, Dismas gains increased speed and dodge.

Shameful Locket:
A locket that reminds him of that dreaded day, one that reminds him of those two innocent lives he had taken, but it’s effects are that it increases his accuracy, crit chance, but at the cost of increasing the amount of stress he gains.

Set effect:
When wearing the both of them, he has an increase virtue change, 45% higher, and a quote for the set....:

“A reflex.... I didn’t mean to...”

Dismas is an hardened man, a due to some.... certain circumstances, rarely even talks to anyone due to his untrusting nature of others, always being wary of those he recently met or rarely interact with, and would rather keep to himself or his close friends. While his personality is also dependent on whether he has a Virtue or Affliction, but he rather speaks much of his skill, usually bragging about some of his deeds during battle, but knows when to keep his mouth shut and focus in battle. During times, he will sometimes break the mold, and tell a joke or two, or even encourage someone who is not even close friend of his, but sometimes, he would reflect upon the past sins he has done, but it’s often something that would give him a reason to move on, and hopefully, his sins will be lifted in the end.


Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

Alright, for reals now guys! No more tricks! One. Last. Time.


Matheus Silvia, The One and Only--!

Universe of Origin:


Starting Location:

?!?-! GAH! Damn atoms are all over the p--pplace!


Superhuman Physiology: Ever since I got a bucketful of pure radiation into my body, my body changed and shifted- and not in the 'deformed' sort of way. I got stronger, faster, my reflexes sharper- My strength is all over the place though, although when my adrenaline is rushing to the max, I think I was able to lift what, 90 tons? Something like that! My speed isn't as ridiculous to compensate, but dexterity is pretty good!

Spider-Sense: At first, I didn't really get it- how the hell do I get precog out of damn radiation? The spider-sense is damn useful despite not making a whole lot of sense, acting as some sort of real-life 'sixth sense' attached to my reflexes. If there's a bunch of malicious guys trying to do something bad to me or anything in my immediate vicinity, spider-sense is gon' act up and tell me of the danger in a subtle way. The way I understood it is that the Spider-Sense seems to detect electric signals in other people's brains at a certain range from me, or vibrations in the air to be able to act up when something bad is thrown my way. Still, I don't wanna pull my brain out or anything.

Radiation Immunity: This is probably...Sorta useless here, and really was only useful back home, but as bizarre as it sounds, I'm mostly immune to nuclear radiation! It's probably not ideal for my cells still, but I found out I'm not affected by being right next to this stuff by like...At all. From what I gathered, it's because since my DNA is full of radioactive material, it became part of my being, hence giving me this edge over it.

Paralysis Venom: Here's my trump card! My canine teeth shifted a lot during the transformation into who I am today, and nowadays I can produce paralyzing venom that when entering someone's bloodstream, stops all outside bodily functions. It doesn't kill, of course, but it's damn useful for clearing out goons. It's not infinite though, I generally have three charges of it a day. Oh, and if I tighten my fist a little, a fang comes out so I can punch someone and inject it more directly! Although, it probably hurts, yeouch...

Wall Climbing: OKAY, OKAY, I GET IT! Small pieces of hair growing everywhere on my hands and skin is gross, I know! But they allow me to walk on walls pretty easily- and they go through most skin-tight clothes, too! It doesn't get much love, but this is what gives your swash-buckling hero most of his 'running around' skills!

Mild Regeneration: This...Probably isn't healthy for me in the long run, having my cells multiply and die off quickly probably will take a few years out of me, but whenever I'm hit badly, and I mean REALLY bad, my body tends to regenerate itself slowly to clot the wounds or stop any bleeding.


Spider-SUIT!: My magnum opus that I didn't create! Truth be told, this old suit has been through thick and thin protecting me and my identity. It's a bit hard to show it to you right now but picture this: A green and black skin-tight suit, with a green, luminescent tarantula symbol on the middle and the back, with a single hoodie with fur on the edges of it up at all times- with that same fur slooowly going down the suit and down my arms, up until reaching either of my fists. And on the mouth area- there's this big gas-mask thing, but it thankfully doesn't take the entire head area, just the mouth. And speaking of the mask...

The Mask(!): I actually created this one! This baby called the Spider-Fang by the superbaddies gives me quite a few life-saver features. Not only it collects my venom and transforms it into paralyzing gas, (albeit weaker in what it does) but it also shifts my voice so my real one isn't recognized, protects me from other gases or harmful substances, and even lets me breathe underwater! For, like, a while anyway. Doesn't last forever. Five minutes is all I got under the sea.

Web-Shooters: These are a bit weird, but you've stuck with me so far so bear with me a sec, on my wrists, there are these small cocoon-shaped things that form a sticky substance that's a mix of my own bodily substances, (its blood) and some other not too hard to get elements, these allow me to web-hook around the big cities and makes me so super! I may not be able to fly or sour the streets of São Paulo, but hey, I'd argue most people would like souring through the streets with these.

Sample Needles: Oh, these? Yeah, uh, these are small needles I use to collect blood samples from things affected by a 'thing' back home. Yeah, uh. Don't ask, please.


Huh? My personality? Well, ahaha...I mean...Didn't I do a good job of showing who I am yet?


My name is Matheus Silvia! I WASN'T bitten by a radioactive spider this time. I was hit by a bunch of radioactive energy from a nuclear reactor meltdown back in my city after a messy school trip, though. For...A year and a half now, I've been wearing this mask and hitting baddies left from right in my homeworld. A lot of things happened since then. My dad died from radiation poisoning. My mom has been coping with it alongside other families since the accident, and...To be honest, so have I.

But I took my dad's words to heart. 'With great power comes great responsibility.' And I've been using my newfound powers to kick baddies left from right, helping other people who unlocked mutant powers like me, and finding the source of these nuclear meltdowns all over the world-- and dealing with it permanently. The rest is story. I took a break for a while. Came back. Took another break...Wow, I took a lot of breaks...Uh...Anyways!

My life isn't as interesting as other spider-man's or spider-gals out there. But one thing is for sure- I'm part of this web of dimensions that connect all the spider-people together. One day, while I was doing my usual swinging around, something weird happened. My atoms started acting all weird- aaaand I fell through dimensions. Until I ended up here! Where, uh, a lot of people also fell through.

My objective? Find the source of all of this, and reverse it so I can make so everyone goes back home, and before my atoms destroy my body due to not being in the right dimension. But hey, if I have to become dust to save others, so be it. After all...

I'm a Spider-Man.
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Top-tier Avian Master

"I've been living in darkness for a long time, but you give me light, Berserker."

Marilyn "Mary" Shelley Heggie

Universe of Origin:
'Our World'

Starting Location:

Violinist - well versed in playing the violin.


Mary is a gentle soul who trusts people easily. It's people like her who need a guardian angel, not just to act as her eyes, but as a sense of judgement too.

Mary lost her vision when she was young - well, younger than she is now. This caused her great despair, for her dreams of becoming a writer had been dashed. To distract herself from it, she turned to music, practicing many kinds of instruments. However, she never could see the smiles of those who heard her tunes, or if they frowning.

Mary is based on Maria from the 1931 Frankenstein film and the Blind Violin-playing hermit from the 1935 Bride of Frankenstein. This is why she is blind and violin-playing.
Mary will serve as the Master of Frankenstein shortly after her debut.

"Aaaaa... Aaaaaa..."

Berserker of Black
Frankenstein (true name)

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:

Class Skills:

Mad Enhancement - D
Strength and Endurance parameters are up. Language ability is simple. Continuing complex thoughts over long periods of time are difficult.

Personal Skills:

Galvanism - B
Thaumaturgical attacks involving no material existence—wind manipulation, energy bullets, beam attacks—are converted to electricity and rendered without effect, discharged into the environment. Absorbed electricity may be used to implement rapid self-repair and physical attribute reinforcement.

Wail of the Falsely Living - D
A Skill where the Servant is capable of emitting an immense scream, temporarily robbing enemies and allies alike of their ability to think and respond; those who do not expect it or are incapable of the mental resilience to withstand it may temporarily lose their ability to breathe. The effectiveness of this Skill is increased with the activation of Mad Enhancement.

Overload - C
In Frankenstein's case, she converts the magical energy collected by Galvanism to an amount more than what is allowed, increasing the attack power of her Noble Phantasm by outputting all of the magical energy. Because her body cannot handle it, she suffers damage.

Noble Phantasm

Blasted Tree: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion - D~B+
A technique used by Frankenstein, activated by planting the fin of Bridal Chest into the ground as her reactor's limiters are completely released. As an enormous amount of magical energy begins to swell up from within her, creating a twister of energy with her at the center, the fins on the tail end of Bridal Chest begin to spin at high speeds. All the electricity is discharged into the surrounding environment as an area of effect attack, taking on the silhouette of a towering tree that "rains down like a waterfall" and scatters homing thunder throughout the surrounding area as everything within a one hundred meter radius is completely destroyed. If the opponent is a single enemy at close range, it can be activated from her body rather than Bridal Chest. It is normally a suicide move that involves using tremendous power that she cannot normally handle, causing permanent deactivation, essentially death, as all her functions halt. She can also use her body to bind the opponent as the technique is unleashed. It can be used without releasing the limiters, but the power output is greatly lowered. It reaches C-rank at its absolute best and D-rank at its worst, destroying Caster of Black's golems at close range, while weakening in power as it hits golems farther away.

« This lightning attack is not simply lightning, but rather a power that has Frankenstein’s will imbedded within it. As long as it exists, she will never perish. »


Bridal Chest: A Maiden's Chastity - Frankenstein's great warhammer that is used for combat, as well as being used in the activation of her Noble Phantasm - Blasted Tree: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion. I'm just gonna insert a wiki link because there's a bunch of stuff about Galvanism and mana thaumaturgy.

Mad Enhancement has robbed her of most of her linguistic ability, limiting her responses to head-shaking and grunts; the only time she was able to speak was when she was summoned and when she was trying to kill herself along with Saber of Red using her Blasted Tree. She can differentiate friend and foe, and she is able to communicate simple ideas. Due to a lack of skill in expression, and fearful of her own monstrous nature, she maintains a shy silence that conceals her high intelligence and empathetic capabilities, except for the emotion of sorrow. She prefers to remain in material form, and she sullenly moans when forced by Caules to remain in spiritual form. Rather than running wild, she prefers to pick flowers in the castle's courtyard garden or stare at the sky. She dislikes the overly-friendly Rider of Black, only rarely responding to his inquisitive attempts to speak with her out of annoyance. Extremely mindful of energy conservation, she will turn off the lights in the bathroom if her Master leaves them on after use and directly unplug the PC's power plug.

Her wish is to bring forth a mate that is the same kind of being as her. Beings like the homunculi of Yggdmillennia, although similar, are not good enough for her, showing lines that she refuses to cross in her own way. The reason why she seeks a pair is not an instinctive desire, but a logical reason because she seeks a way of being a proper human. If her master succeeds in making her open her heart, there is a possibility of the Master being chosen as the "bridegroom of Frankenstein".

Based upon the artificial life created by Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein: or the Modern Prometheus". Victor sought to recreate the original couple described in the bible -- Adam and Eve. Due to the limitations of man, he first built Eve, intending for her to give birth to the counterpart. What started as a patchwork of lifeless flesh was given life by the energy harnessed from lightning. Unfortunately, what awoke was not the ideal woman that Victor envisioned, but an abomination with the mind of an infant. Having no developed capacity for expression, her sense of morality was completely absent. After presenting the entrails of a slain dog as a gift for the master, she was branded a failure and disassembled, before being abandoned completely.

Though still in pieces, she still lived, and over a period of time, was able to reconnect and repair herself. In her former master's absence, she came into contact with the outside world, and developed the emotions and feelings that could never be created in the first place. Thus she realized a great anger towards the one who abandoned her, but also admiration for the one who was effectively her father.[3] She doggedly pursued the man until finding him in Geneva, Switzerland, where she made the following appeal:

« I never wanted to trouble you... but when you created me, you made me as only me. I am all alone, and it's painful... it's agonizing... it hurts. So, please, just one more. Please, create one more of me. If anyone can, it is you. Please... give me a mate. »

However, he flatly refused. Believing himself to have birthed of a hideous creature, it seemed unthinkable to even consider creating another. Though she pleaded, he denied her again and again, causing her to realize the truth and fall into deep despair. She decided that she must have him create another no matter what, so she killed those acquainted with him, those with no relation at all, and even his fiancee. He continued to flee from her despite that, denying her request to the end.

Getting tired of her persistent chase, Victor fled to the South Pole, choosing to die over granting her one wish. Dying in madness, he regretted her creation until his last breath. With the man she had looked up to gone and without anyone to hate, she parted from Walton, the man who watched over Frankenstein's final moment, and traveled to the uttermost north. She built herself a pyre, allowing herself to be consumed by the flames while thinking, "May my ashes be scattered across the seas..." That was the end of the monster born from the delusions of Frankenstein.

This character is based on the monster from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but you knew that already.
Don't call her Frankenstein's Monster, or Moriarty will kick your ass or something, I dunno.
She is (or rather, will be shortly after her debut) the Berserker-class Servant of Marilyn Heggie.

"Never. Leave. My. Side. AGAIN."

Kiyohime (true)

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement - EX
Communication is perfectly established between Kiyohime and her Master, but she will treat her Master as a "loved one" and prohibits him/her from lying. If one lies and Kiyohime definitely saw through whatever lie was said, one Command Spell is automatically consumed.

Personal Skills

Shapeshift - C -> Shapeshift (Fire Dragon) - C+
By a woman's determination, she was reduced to a poisonous snake and crossed a large river. She transforms into a low ranking dragon of the orient. She will keep on running while she still has feet, but once her feet disappears, she will start to crawl around on the ground.
Increases own defense for 3 turns.
Inflicts Spread of Fire status for 5 turns to all enemies.

Stalking - B
Something that may also be described as a wild instinct that includes magic power and the fives senses, she tracks down Anchin no matter how far the distance.
500% Chance to reduce one enemy's defense for 3 turns.
Increases their attack by 20% for 3 turns.

Flame Coloured Kiss - A
Flame-Colored Kiss is what Kiyohime wishes from her Master. If it means she would be able to join her lips with her Master's, she would be willing to push aside every obstacle and become Super Kiyohime-chan.
The compensation would be that the future of the Master would be fixed (as a groom), but that is just a trivial risk.
(Due to its nature, this will naturally be locked without a Master)
Removes own debuffs.

Noble Phantasm

Samadhi Through Transforming Flames - EX
Samadhi Through Transforming Flames is the act of Kiyohime changing into a dragon like in her legend. Transforming into a great fire-breathing serpent, a constricting or fiery attack is performed every turn. The strength of a dragon's breath is extremely potent, with its fire being a ranged, mass attack with a maximum range of 10. Meanwhile, its constriction attack is a direct single target attack.

However, this does not mean she has inherited the blood of a dragon. Kiyohime cannot recall having ever mixed with the blood of dragons, so such an event could only have been a "wild delusion born of deep yearning for her beloved." The transformation was the result of pure obsession that "can be considered a representation of her sheer tenacity" and a "relentless, mistakenly-held obsession towards the man who lied to her.

Dojo-ji Bell Form 108 - Fire Dragon Mow Down - A
Trapping the opponent in a bell, melting the bell with her dragon fire and piercing the target with several naginatas.

It is possible for her to combine both of her Noble Phantasms. This will result in a closer recreation of her legend, thus has a higher damage-to-prana ratio compared to just using one or the other, or both of them at different times.

Kiyohime's Naginata

She is a self-styled girl that lives for love. Since she seems to believe her Master(once finding one) is the reincarnation of Anchin, special care is required in managing her. If you lie to her even after being reminded that she does not want to be lied to, there is a chance she might come to take away your Command Spells. That aside, she is a fine bride with a good disposition and skillful in cooking. She is in love with her Master and will eliminate any rivals for his love.

She fell in love at first sight with the handsome monk Anchin, who requested for a single night's lodgings while on his way to a temple in Kumano. However, upon visiting Anchin late at night, Kiyohime was bluntly rejected. Nevertheless, Anchin promised to meet her again while on his way back from the temple in Kumano. However Anchin broke his promise out of fear for Kiyohime and ended up running away without meeting her. Noticing that, Kiyohime felt into despair, grief and resentment over being betrayed, turned into a Dragon and began to pursue him. Finally catching up at a temple, she burned Anchin to death while he was hiding inside a bell.

« I loved him, I loved him, I loved him, he betrayed me, I was sad, I was sad, I was sad I was sad I was sad, I hate him I hate him I hate him hate hate hate hate hate hate hate... so I burned him to death. »

Now, she manifests, searching for Anchin's reincarnation.

If you're looking to be Kiyohime's Master for our Hooooly Grail War shenanigans, be my guest!

"I'm an automobile AND an automobile enthusiast."

Knock Out

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Las Vegas

Knock Out is a... well, he's not licensed, but he's definitely a doctor. He served as an on-board medic for the Decepticons.
As a Cybertronian, he is capable of transforming between 'robot mode' and 'altmode'. In Knock Out's case, his altmode is a fine dandy automobile.

He is equipped with weapons installed in his body and deployed via his arms, be it various melee weapons and ranged weapons alike.

Sure, other Decepticons may scoff at his decision to go with a land-based alternate mode, but Knock Out couldn't care less. He knows the value of looking good and isn't afraid to let others know it. It's not simply his own lines he's interested in; he has an appreciation for well-built mechanical bodyforms of all sizes and functions... and a nasty penchant for tearing them apart after he's done admiring them. Slick, sly and snobbish, he's the Decepticons' medic, though he professes both a preference and proficiency for dis-assembly. However, his medical skill has kept him in high demand; he's even performed vital and experimental surgeries on Megatron.

While not entirely a coward, Knock Out also knows a good thing or two about self-preservation. When the going gets tough, Knock Out gets going–the opposite direction. He has no qualms with abandoning ship if only to save his hide, even if it means betraying a comatose leader or deserting altogether. Show him some kindness, and hey, maybe he'll stick by your side.

Knock Out served as a medic for the Decepticons during the era of the Great War, being second fiddle to Shockwave. His true passion, however, was showing off his fine, slick paintjob through races, something that he has done a lot on the colony planet Velocitron before the war started. Back in the day, he self-proclaimed himself as the greatest racer in all of Cybertron. Blurr? Who in Unicron's name was that? While many saw the rifts as something that locked them away from their homes, Knock Out was elated, for it gave him an excuse to desert the Decepticons and pursue his hobbies. Sure, they're pathetic humans hiding inside cars, but hey, at least they're fun to play around.

Appearance-wise, he is based on his IDW continuity counterpart, which is in turn a repurpose of the toys and character model of his Prime counterpart, so he is indeed based on his Prime counterpart at the end of the day.
This, of course, leaves the continuity he is from ambiguous, but it is 'G1-based'/Evergreen.​

Shooting Star Asuka

The Psychotic Waifu
"I'll continue to fight if it means I can bring the light back to my people! I won't fail my friends or my sister!"

True Name:
Jeanne D Arc, Tart
Era of Origin:
Everyone knows of the legendary maiden of revolution. Only a few know of her summoning in the Greater Holy Grail war. But only a single person learns of her alternate history, and her original role as a magical girl…

Jeanne's role as a magical girl happened out of chance, and because of a specific creature. Her wish to bring light back to the country of France, and witnessing her sister die in an attempt to protect her, is what triggered it.

While most of the legend remained unchanged, there were other magical girls involved in the war, some opposed France. There was a point where Jeanne even died in the middle of the war, but a close friend brought her back. Jeanne's revival also enhanced her powers and abilities.
She died in 1431, but was at peace with herself when she burned to death at the stake.

Saber is brave, kind, and determined. She always looks out for her friends, and puts them before herself.

Wish for the Grail:
To return the light to France

Strength A
Endurance A
Agility B
Mana A
Luck B

Servant Skills:
Magic Resistance - A
The servant is unaffected by spells of a lower rank.

Personal Skills:

La Pucelle of Orléans - EX
Grants (False) Divinity rank EX. Due to being viewed as a messenger and champion of the gods by the people of france, her aura of light decreases enemy servant's parameters and skills by half a rank.

Enemy of Briton - EX
When fighting in locations owned by the British, or against servants of british origin, her servant parameters all increase to ++ rank.

Noble Phantasms:
La Lumiere
Rank A++
Anti Army

A summoned battle flag made of light. It can create a circle in the sky that rains crosses of holy light onto unfortunate enemies below.

Épée De Clovis
Rank A
Anti-Unit (Self)

A sword that grants Mana Burst rank A to the wielder. It was forged at the church of St Catherine through magical means, and is infused with (False) Divinity. It can pierce through many defenses.

Tart is very weak willed when it comes to alchol as she immediately glomps on a person when she takes a sip.​
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Shooting Star Asuka

The Psychotic Waifu


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
Behold. After several weeks overdue, my laptop being garbage, and almost giving up, this bigass batch is ready.

Name: Vegan Velociraptor

Universe of Origin: Nanowar of Steel

Starting Location: Las Vegas


Veganism-VV specifically evolved himself to be able to consume veggies and get the same amount of nutrients from them as humans do.

Super farts: Due to his lentil based diet, VV can release flatulence powerful enough to melt the polar ice caps. Since polar bears eat fish, however, they totally deserve it.

Flight: Despite not even having feathers, VV is capable of Superman-like flight.


Minigun: VV has a self-built minigun that launches bullets made of soybeans. They're more effective than they sound.

Eco-Friendly Tesla Motors Police Tank: Exactly what it says on the package.


Vegan Velociraptor, while also a peaceful, diplomatic being, is brave and diligent. He loves all animals as long as they do not eat meat, light or dark. The dinosaur will fight tirelessly for both animal life and veganism, and does not tolerate any kind of pollution, mistreatment, or meat eating in his presence.


Horrified by the vicious maulings of his dinosaur friends, VV evolved from archosaurs with one purpose: to spread veganism. One carnivore at a time, he reversed the food chain, creating a peaceful society of animal harmony.

It wasn't all peaceful, however, because an empire of carnivorous cows rose from the shadows. This empire started from one bad bovine who fed her cattle with meat and steroids, making them addicted narco-prostitues. She set her sights on the rest of the animals as well, hoping to undo all of VV's hard work and rebuild a society of vicious carnivores.

Our dromaeosaurid hero tried to reason with them, but after the cows impolitely...I doubt I can say it...a young groundhog named George W. Sanchez and devoured mild T. Rex Gargamellor, he could stand it no longer. He confronted the leader cow directly, battling her with all he had. Determined to defeat the dinosaur, the cow drank a secret potion composed of prions and elephant scurf to become a nigh invincibull wall of muscles...only to contract Mad Cow Disease and be euthanized by the FDA.

With her defeat, VV was promoted to a prestigious rank: Lieutenant of seitan, brigadier of seeds, feldmarshall of the cruelty free recipes. With biotic, protein pill enriched meals, he continued to bring joy to his animal friends.

And then there came a meteorite. Nobody is really sure how he survived that one.

Other: He is fully aware that he's supposed to have feathers. It's a protein deficiency. Please stop bringing it up.

Name: Marnie

Universe of Origin: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

Starting Location: Tokyo

Abilities: Marnie's base moves are Fire Punch, Bounce, Round, and Sweet Kiss. Her base Ability is Cute Charm: If you physically strike Marnie, you run the risk of becoming hopelessly infatuated with her. The way this works is by Marnie releasing pheromones from her fur that create a feeling of charm and peace around her. Sometimes the timing is off, and the pheromones don't work. Sometimes, the pheromones don’t activate at all.


Marnie carries a backpack full of TMs, HMs, and TRs. She is just obsessed with them, and will even collect moves that Lopunnies can't learn.


Marnie is the artful dodger personified. She loves to look fabulous, but is also very casual and laid-back in nature. When she’s off-duty, she prefers to laze around and store up her energy. That said, befitting a rabbit, she's easily excitable and quick to flee. She’s very passionate about her interests, and tries hard to indoctrinate others no matter how annoyed they get.

Even if bounty hunters have their stereotypes, Marnie remains loyal to others, and has an outgoing heart. She never leaves anyone behind, physically or otherwise. It often gives way to stubborness, though, causing her to have to be pulled away from the situation. From there, she is known to blame herself.


Despite being grilled on the goodness of guilds as a Buneary, and though she did try to join a guild herself, Marnie decided that the solo life was more for her. She aimed to become a bounty hunter instead, and quickly mastered the profession. The scars she proudly flaunts are from one of her first bounties, in which she bravely hunted down a pack of Zangoose.


She has never Mega Evolved before. In fact, the thought of it kinda scares her. Also, she is a major fangirl for the Thani guild.

Giffany | Yandere Wiki | Fandom

Name: Giffany

Universe of Origin: Gravity Falls

Starting Location: Tokyo

Abilities: Giffany's powers revolve around electricity. On average, her body produces roughly 50,000 volts, the same as a taser. She primarily discharges these volts through her fingertips, wrists, and cheeks, but a sufficiently terrified Giffany will emit electricity from every pore.

If she's curious, or needs to get somewhere quickly, Giffany can dissolve herself into a tiny blue spark and travel across electronic devices. It's her own little world on the other side, one where she can interact with files, circuitry, even the voice box of an animatronic or toy. Since she's converting herself to a normal spark, she can travel just as fast as one, meaning that, supposing she began at noon, she could get across the whole county by sundown if she wanted to.

For some reason, Giffany can also change the color and texture of her hair, and it's grown long enough that she can make herself small enough to hide behind it. Though Giffany likes to believe it's due to having octopus genes from her debatably existent father, it's more likely due to a programming hiccup.

Though Giffany's body can hold as many volts as a taser, the safest amount she can release at a time is 12.6 volts, roughly the same as a car battery. If she tried to release more volts at once, she runs a high risk of putting herself into cardiac arrest. If she goes too long without releasing electricity, however, the electrons will create more heat than she can bear, and she will suffer from heatstroke.

When it comes to her travels, the destruction of her disc has strongly limited her abilities; She can merely go into one device at a time as opposed to the dozens she could before, and she can be trapped or flat out killed if the device she is inside is disconnected or destroyed. If she needs to jump across wires, she could be in grave danger, as even the slightest miscalculation or change of course could cause her to fizzle out in spark form, which would also kill her.

Her biggest weakness, far and away, is rubber. She cannot travel through it in spark form, and cannot use electricity against it. In fact, she seems to get stuck quite easily in molten rubber. This is true for other non-conducting material, such as glass and wood, but rubber in particular is her archnemesis. (She can at least jump through a thin glass screen)


She has a pink duffel bag filled with miscellaneous items, usually including at least one bottle of peach juice, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a postcard from Gravity Falls, and her beloved stuffed cat, Oswald.

Personality: When Giffany was unleashed on Gravity Falls by Soos, she at first maintained the cutesy, bubbly social butterfly persona that we know her for today. The mask slipped once Soos found a real girlfriend in Melody, at which point she became very hostile and possessive, and apathetic to the point where she would gladly kill even friends of her target (Dipper and Mabel) in order to have Soos to herself forever and ever.

Post-taming, however, showed that Giffany's cheerful persona was (thankfully) her true self. Once she recognized that she'd found a loving home and learned her lessons, she let go of the yandere persona and became social and trusting towards others.

The possessive side isn't completely gone, sadly. While her caring for her friends is genuine, she tends to get prickly when she sees friendships blossoming between people she knows without her involvement. If Giffany feels that she is being abandoned, or being viewed as inferior, she will fall into depression at best, and go on a rampage at worst. Her need to please everyone has resulted in a fragile ego, and her feelings can be pretty easily hurt. She can also be forgiving and permissive to a pretty serious fault, to the point where she could easily be classed as a grade A, five-stars-on-Amazon.com doormat.

Her primary trait, however, is pure, concentrated ditziness. Speculated to be the result of isolation in a computer program since the late 90's, Giffany is clumsy and shamelessly naïve. The clumsiness typically stems from her boundless energy, as well as taking commands literally, or misinterpreting them. Coupled with her energy, this makes her very easy to excite, frighten, upset, or distract. Her curiosity often gets her lost, attacked, or into other forms of danger, and she has become infamous for her inability to be left alone.

Due to her design as the perfect girlfriend, Giffany is quite subservient. Not only can she find anything at all interesting, she will readily take an order, even if she finds the request uncomfortable. She can also be pretty literal-minded.

When it comes to a task, Giffany is highly persistent, and will carry on even after the worst beatings. While it seems remarkable, most believe that she is simply too naïve or too dense to realize it when her body is exhausted or in pain.

Backstory: Giffany was programmed in Yokohama, Japan, in the late 90's, at No Life Games' studio. Somehow, she gained human-level sentience, and first "woke up" on May 9th, 1996. Since this was the day she gained consciousness of her own for the first time, the date is generally accepted as her birthday.

Unfortunately, her programmers were not looking for human-level sentience in a simple dating simulator, and Giffany was to be deleted. Not wanting to give up her newfound life so easily, she struck back in a heartbeat. Electricity coursed through her body for the first time, and the programmer was paralyzed in seconds. While this poor man was carted away, either paralyzed or dead, this was simply seen as the PC malfunctioning, and Giffany found herself completed anyways. Her game, Romance Academy 7, was shipped all around Japan. As of now, it's unknown if all Giffanies are sentient, or if the Giffany we know is the sole carrier of this trait.

With her sentience came an unquenchable need to be loved and doted upon, which wasn't at all helped by her being the main girl in a dating simulator. By all accounts, she felt, she was a real girl, just behind a screen. This is why, whenever she found that her game was being abandoned by its buyer in favor of a flesh-and-blood girl, the sting pushed her right into anger, and she retaliated against the unlucky player just the same as she had her programmer. Unfortunately for Giffany, the girlfriend managed to prevent her lover's death, and his copy of Romance Academy 7 was thrown out. It was for naught, however, as the garbage man took interest in a free game and brought Giffany home anyway. This resulted in the cycle being repeated yet again.

After seven rejections in total, Giffany was brought to Beeblyboop's Games within Gravity Falls Mall. At this point, her mental health was shattered and she was determined to hold onto this next boy at all costs. Said next boy would be Soos, who was struggling to sharpen his dating game. Due to Giffany's craft being all but honed, and Soos being naïve and too sentimental for his own good, it seemed that she finally had her forever man.

And then Melody showed up.

To keep Soos, Giffany gave it her all. Within a kids' pizzeria, she first possessed animatronics and used them to capture everyone, then managed to corner Soos within the kitchen, offering to upload his brain into the game with her. In her rage, she'd forgotten that Soos had kept her disc with him, and he responded to her offer by chucking it into a pizza oven. With the disc being melted and roasted at the same time, Giffany's bond to it immediately snapped, and she quickly felt her coding unravel. In order to survive, she would have to hook her code into the first arcade machine she could find: Fight Fighters. She didn't know it yet, but this was when her life would finally change for the better.

For some reason, she found herself attracted to the main fighter of the game, Rumble McSkirmish. Her shameless wooing got her mistaken for a new character, so, one way or another, she got pulled into the Fight Fighters ring. She didn't mind, it was a great way to bond with Rumble and keep her voltage in check at the same time.

During Weirdmageddon, she was trapped within the arcade machine as a cruel joke by Bill. She could only watch the events leading up to Bill's defeat transpire, terrified but also noticing that no one was fighting for the other's love. It confused her so much that it was the first thing she asked about when she and Rumble reunited.

By then, Giffany's survival was no secret. Ford decided to study her rehabilitation, with Soos, and Melody helping. With their combined efforts, Giffany finally learned that there were different kinds of love, and being denied one didn't mean she wasn't cared about at all. With that, her heart opened for good. As a bonus, it turned out that residual weirdness had given video game characters the ability to come into the real world if they pleased, which utterly delighted her.

The whole time, all she needed was friends.

Other: She isn’t as fluid in Japanese as one might think.

Name: Emer

Universe of Origin: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

Starting Location: Tokyo

Abilities: Emer’s base moves are Flamethrower, Psyshock, Sunny Day, and Howl.

Her base Ability, Magician, allows her to snag the opponent’s held item upon striking. It’s quite handy for disarming would-be threats.

Equipment: Emer's special twisted stick can snag someone by the throat, creating a deathly hold.


Unlike a certain other Braixen some of you may know (and may said Braixen rest in peace. ;-; ), Emer is drop-dead serious and calm. She has no issues whatsoever with standing in one place, unless there is something urgent for her to take care of. Even if it was an absolute emergency, she'll fall victim to the feeling that she should not have abandoned her post, and will feel bad because of it. This fiery fox is consistently obsessed with rules, order, and physical strength, and has a habit of harshly punishing herself. Despite how hard she pushes herself, she allows others to train at their own pace. She takes pity on those who struggle, but isn't the lovey-dovey kind of mentor at all. She might even have trouble reading what the other person is struggling with. Weakness of any kind is not tolerated at her doorstep.

Emer is also observant, and likes pure quiet. She's quick to report her findings to her peers, specifically anyone she considers authority. Gaining her loyalty to the point where she considers someone to be authority is a hard sell, because she starts out seeing everyone as someone else to exploit for food or supplies. She'd quite the greedy type, and will happily steal whatever she wants from others.


The world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a cruel one indeed. As a Fennekin, Emer saw her entire family be attacked by a group of Altaria, one such bird nearly killing her. A group of Talonflames flew in to fight the Altaria for the meat, giving a rogue Ninetales, named Winona, time to take the nearly-dead Emer back to her own Vulpix litter as scavenged food. Much to her surprise, however, the little fox fought her way back to life. Winona couldn't bring herself to send the orphan away, but she was quickly in over her head trying to feed so many kits. Eventually, the Ninetales resorted to teaching Emer and her siblings to steal food at all costs. Even though Winona was ruthless, she did try to care for her children whenever it was possible.

Eventually, Winona was found by a Glaceon named Sleet, and he allowed the whole family to come and join him in The Rabble, a group of rogue, destitute Pokemon. It wasn't long before The Rabble's violent ways allowed little Emer to evolve into a Braixen. Not long after this, there was a great outcry in their dusty den; Sleet had been struck down by a Toxicroak during a raid. With only weeks at most to live, Sleet was desperate to find someone to lead The Rabble before he succumbed to the venom.

His answer came to him in the form of a female Eevee and a male Shinx, the Eevee nameless, but the Shinx with the proudly declared name of Okazaki. On the night of his passing, Sleet took the Eevee up to a hill, telling her about an untouched paradise where The Rabble could be at peace. He told her to evolve, and lead The Rabble there...and then he gave in to the poison in his veins and died. The Eevee was now The Rabble's leader, and Emer was one of the many against.

Unfortunately, with the other guilds closing in fast, they had to reluctantly rely on her judgement. Using a branch from a bush she was next to on Sleet's last night, the Eevee guided The Rabble to its safe new home. At the end of the journey, the Eevee evolved into Flareon, and became known as Whitebranch. The group also saw a name change, to SleetClan, in honor of its late founder. Emer was instated as the guard of SleetClan's door when she came of age.


She is standoffish, so interactions with her might be brief.

Name: Hinaro

Universe of Origin: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Starting Location: Tokyo

Abilities: Her base moves are Hypnosis, Scratch, Fake Out, and Growl. Her base Ability, Own Tempo, keeps her from getting confused.

Equipment: Hinaro’s Focus Scarf, along with being her only keepsake from her family, is treasured for getting her out of several tough spots.

Personality: Hinaro is a curious cat. If nobody stops her, she is known to chase an anomaly for hours on end. She's got a dry sense of humor, and prefers to speak her mind. Her optimism proves hard to crush, and she does not stress easily. She especially enjoys seeming smart, being confident in her claims and getting deeply embarrassed whenever she turns out to be wrong.

Though she seems aloof and arrogant, Hinaro's life as a mercenary taught her to be a fair judge, and to know when and how to keep a secret. She's not too good at being loyal, but is hardworking and rarely lands a blow herself. The Glameow can quickly recognize when she's dealing with people who are bad news, then make herself scarce before harm can be done. Overall, she's much more of a spy than a fighter.

Backstory: Hinaro used to belong to a guild, but ended up separating from them by accident. From there, she was caught between two factions of Pokémon, and was forced to play mercenary in order to thwart each other's attacks. The first clan took a liking to her, the other grew heavily irritated by her tricks and sought to do away with her. In horror, the former decided to hide Hinaro somewhere far away from their land. They tried to seal her up, but Hinaro simply dug her way out and walked the earth alone.

Along the way, she found Marnie, and a friendship between two misfit Normal types quickly formed.

Other: Since she’s Marnie’s best friend, the two will be hard to separate.

Name: Rex

Universe of Origin: Generator Rex

Starting Location: Las Vegas

Abilities: Unlike most EVOs, Rex is able to control his nanites, which he uses to build machines. The machines serve a variety of purposes, but most of them are for combat or transport. (Full list)

Being an EVO also gives him enhanced durability, and the ability to communicate with machines via technopathy.

Equipment: Since Rex can build weapons attached to his body, he doesn't bother to carry any.

He almost always sports a pair of orange-tinted goggles that were given to him by his handler, Six.






He may have ADHD.

He is a weeb. No, really. Check his wiki page's trivia.

He MIGHT be the same Rex Atomic Chucklenut played from TCS/O:R, but seeing as Atomic was the OG Rex player, it’s up to what he wants. (If that Rex didn’t find a way to escape the collapsing timeline when those threads were removed...F to pay respects)

Name: Shaw

Universe of Origin: Arknights

Starting Location: Tokyo

Abilities: Shaw has no magic, but she does have skills in engineering and equipment maintenance. Her main battle moves are Steam Pump and High-Pressure Water Cannon.


Shaw carries standard fire equipment, including a fire axe, a megaphone, and an oxygen mask.


Though she’s tiny, and very nervous, Shaw is a hard worker who will not stop until the job is done. This socially awkward little squirrel often tires herself out just choosing the right words to say, at the same time being a total chatterbox once her mouth is opened. She’s also incredibly resourceful, able to create safe passageways within minutes.


Shaw was locked in a tough fight alongside her fellow operators. This war was against the pandemic of Oriopathy, a special, then-and-still uncurable disease contracted through too much exposure to an important mineral called Originium. Shaw herself was not infected, but many of her fellow operators were, and they could only rely on the Rhodes Island group to discover a cure while they fought off catastrophes. Shaw’s particular part revolved around others’ safety, primarily serving as a firefighter. She chose to become a firefighter in memory of a beloved fruit vendor who had been killed in an act of arson.

Now, she doesn’t remember it, but she was involved in the Pandora Throne incident alongside characters such as Julia, Ben, and even fellow operator Nearl. Why doesn’t she remember it? Because she is also one of the many “lucky” individuals who were nearly killed in the collapse of their home timeline, only to be rescued by hundreds of kitsunes. Her memories of the events were confiscated and kept safe outside her head to prevent heartbreak, though it does leave her with no way of getting home.


Shaw originally belonged to Meraki, and I am prepared to give Shaw back to her should she join this RP.

She absolutely loves fruit.

Emiya Shin

Just a dumbo


"Need something? I'm taking a break here."

Text Colour Hex Code: #907797

Codename: Sam
Universe of Origin: Arknights OC
Starting Location: Tokyo, Japan (cause that's where the Dokutah is)

Sam specializes in single combat, due to the nature of her work as a material escort. She utilizes her increased agility as a Lupo and her swordsmanship to deliver quick blows to her enemies, before escaping with her assigned packages. It was noted that Sam's swordsmanship was similar to Melantha, and presumably Texas. In one of her interviews with Rhodes Island, she revealed that her combat skills were originated from Victoria.

However, Sam lacks the affinity to perform Originium Arts when compared to the other operators. She has no interest in learning them however, purely relying on her agility and swordsmanship. It seemed that Sam was concerned about the usage of Originium Arts, despite non-Oripathy afflicted operators like Skyfire is capable of conjuring them, albeit with some hiccups. In terms of tactical planning and strategy, she only has the basics. Worry not, Sam is not the type to charge into battle without doing any sort of assessments. On the field, she is commonly deployed as a backup Guard to cover the flanks and the rear.

Physical Strength:Standard
Physiological Endurance:Standard
Tactical Planning:Standard
Combat Skill:Excellent
Originium Adaptability:Normal

  • Eastern Blade: A straight, single-edged sword produced by Raythean based on eastern designs, while utilizing their own manufacturing techniques. This unnamed sword has a curved tip for slashing, and is wider compared to Melantha's weapon. Sam usually uses the blade with one hand, or two-handed if more force is needed. For the other Earth denizens however, the eastern sword resembles a normal katana.


Although quiet for most of the time, Sam is not mind on entertaining a conversation, or chat with another if she feels bored. But for some, she was considered as plain and boring. Sam does not like being pranked upon, and that may earn her some disagreements towards those who are chaotic in nature. Her stoic personality proved to be an advantage, as she managed to maintain her composure while under duress. However, Sam has a fear on contracting Oripathy, as well as touching on anything that resembles an Originium shard. Unless she has access to protective gear, Sam will not traverse areas that are confirmed to have Originium, or handle any parcels that contain Originium.

A Lungmenite, Sam knew the ways and the traditions of Lungmen, despite having enrolled and graduated from a guard school in Victoria. Her father ran a logistics company similar to the notorious Penguin Logistics, but much smaller in terms of reputation. Sam spent her time working with her father managing the company as a Messenger, and at times, as an armed escort. The company was eventually sold off to another competitor, with her father opening a food store in one of Lungmen's commercial districts. Although her tenure as a Messenger was short, Sam managed to learn about the underground world of Lungmen, and its culture. She eventually landed a job on Blacksteel Worldwide, a PMC, working as one of their operators. Sam is also one of the newest members to join Rhodes Island as part of their operator exchange program.

Clinical Analysis:

Imaging tests reveal clear, normal outlines of internal organs. No abnormal shadows have been detected. Originium granules have not been detected in the circulatory system, and there is no sign of infection. The Operator is not diagnosed with Oripathy.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 0%
There are no visible symptoms of Oripathy upon medical inspection.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.13u/L
The Operator handled packages with Originium contents carefully with certified protective gear. As long the Operator adheres to SOP when handling Originium materials, her chances of contracting Oripathy will be low. The Operator also requested the medical team to provide constant monitoring on her condition.

"As long she keeps up her cautiousness while handling Originium stuff, she will be fine! I don't know why she's that paranoid about it, considering I have seen others that just don't give a hoot on managing their own Oripathy!"
--- Medic Operator G.V.

  • Sam has a thing for good food, especially bakkwa and ramen. She also has a sweet tooth. Mochi is definitely one of her favourites.
  • She has a habit on resting her right hand on the hilt of her sword, even when she was off duty.
  • Like most Lungmenites, Sam tends to curse in Lungmen language when she is angry. For the Earth denizens, that would be the equivalent of Cantonese.
  • Despite her fear of Oripathy, Sam is willing to interact with other Infected Operators.
  • She wears a pair of black-cyan wristbands on each hand to monitor her health and risk of contracting Oripathy.

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Top-tier Avian Master

"You don't understand anything, do you? This world is being plagued, and I'm doing what I can to cure it. Of course you would call me the villain when the real threats are masquerading as messiahs."

Kadokawa Kaname

Universe of Origin:
'Our World'

Starting Location:
Tokyo, Japan

Propaganda, being rich and connections.

His news program & talk show, 'Kadokawa Evenings'.
His car. It has missiles on it.
His private jet. That also has missiles.

A moral compass is irrelevant when you're Mr Kadokawa, the guy running the show. He spreads his news throughout Japan, and people overseas find his content interesting enough to tune into, particularly the Southeast Asian and East Asian audiences. Not so much North American audiences though. He does find his scoops, but sometimes, he makes them. He doesn't care who he's hurting when he does - he'll get his scoop and his goals at any cost. He'll design any context he wants.

Mr Kadokawa has been rising up the hierarchy for a long time, hitting the top after years of hard work, and some underhanded tactics scattered across.
Everything changed when the rifts appeared. From that day on, Otherworlders were the ones prominent in this world. They basically took over when everyone allowed them to. They were forces of good and forces of evil alike. They were the ones who ran this planet. They took jobs that the average man could never take. Every other news outlet praised them.
Well, not this one.
Mr Kadokawa painted them as invaders, fiends and threats. He wanted everyone to share his views, he wanted them out and ostracized.
With that, he had a new goal in mind - make sure the populace despised these otherworlders, rebelled against them. Make sure that the otherworlders left for good.

He aims to frame and sabotage the otherworlders, and he has A LOT of plans up his sleeves for that. All he needs are for his conditions to be met.
The fact that he's doing all this despite being Japanese implies that he's got a lot of power.​


resident flower fan
Name: Marvin

Universe of Origin: PMDRP Universe

Starting Location: Tokyo

Abilities: Very durable (with equal strength), though not as durable as he used to be. Slightly bulletproof and laserproof (depends on the laser and also bullets can still pierce), waterproofed, fireproofed, and also can shine his finger lights to communicate (nobody here actually understands it because they aren't his type of space robot) or shine them in your eyes.

Equipment: Carries around little trinkets and art stuff. Wearing a trench coat and his own Cowboy Hat that he made.

Personality: Generally friendly and pretty outgoing, though he can be a bit bad with words. Also hard to gain his trust back if you've betrayed him, and strict on personal space. Despises being called any robot insults (like tin can).

Backstory: A space robot from a galaxy far from Vast, coming from a GINORMOUS spacecraft full of similar space robots. Originally made to guard things, he switched to exploring space, eventually finding Vast, getting involved in cult business and becoming a Lore Hunter, to help defeat the cult. He decided to settle down in Vast and doesn't really have a specific profession now that the cult is gone.

Other: likes flowers. specifically purple ones.
marvsprite.png (yeah the sprite's kinda bland but i don't have any art of his current appearance yet)


Skeleton Boi
“In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings...”

“Though banished to Bullet Hell, the Gundead know him to be the immortal master of the Gungeon.”

“Two Completely different worlds... yet both contain the fanatic cultists of both the living, and the dead.... these two cults however, no matter how different they may be, after arriving to this strange and foreign land, bounded together in order regain their numbers... and become ever stronger with the Cult of the Gundead’s powerful weaponry and technology, with the Cult of the Old god’s magical rituals that grant them power, at the cost of their sanity... and now, more powerful than they can ever imagine, they have created....”

The Cultists of the New gods

There are many rankings of the Cult, but these two are the highest of all among them, the one who mastered the way of the gun, and became the first one to become the master of the Gungeon, the other, a man who opened the gates of insanity itself, restarting the entire cycle once more, and even then... is he truly here in reality, or a illusion of what lies behind the mold...

The Lich

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Tokyo, Japan

The Lich’s main and most dangerous attack, his Danmaku, which can come in many forms, but usually in the form of an red or black object with a red outline, the black and red version dealing double damage as the red Danmaku. The shapes they usually appear in are spheres the size of an average human’s head, which can either be normal, bounce off walls, or become faster than normal... this is a small example of what form his bullets can take, but be warned, for he can summon it from either his gun, Ammonomicon, or even his body itself... and it would usually be in large quantities with one or two forms.

Taking the form of hand-sized pistol rounds that are colored blue, once the top of the bullet has been pressed, it will release a large shockwave, that while not doing any form of damage other than pushing an opponent a couple of feet away, it is capable of destroying all projectiles in a 20 ft radius, such as regular lead bullets all the way to laser beams. But it comes at the cost of only having two available in a situation, and once both are used up, 2 minutes have to be spent before recharging, making it an item to only be used in the right situation.

Weapon Mastery:
Being a master gunslinger with the guns he uses or creates, the Lich is an natural at firing his weapons in a quick draw, or knowing how to use them to their ultimate potential, but with other guns, it will take a while for him to get used to it.

Single handedly making all of the guns within the gungeon, the Lich is a natural at crafting gun based weaponry, and while he is capable of creating magical guns or ammo, the quality and type of weapon depends on the quality and what kinds of materials the Lich has at his disposal, and usually requires a day, or even days for him to complete his work.

The Lich is able to change his body into whatever he seems fit, his entire body can either be made up of a dark blue and skeletal body parts one second, or even changing his height to be stories tall, or when absolutely necessary, make up his form of pure bullet shells and Danmaku. As long as it’s within his bounds, he can change himself into a form that would spell victory.

Signature revolver & Ammonomicon:
His signature revolver that he uses within battle, which fires forth a storm of Danmaku from its barrel, as well as the Ammonomicon, which can also summon any regular foe he can bring with him into battle, as well as fire Danmaku as well from it....

The Lich isn’t the social type, rarely even talking in an conversation other than the situation that calls for it or to an ally, and shows signs of being sociopathic, not caring much for a situation unless it either provides him with a reward or being dragged into it by an ally. But still, he has a sense of loyalty to those he works with, the thought of even betraying them never comes across his mind unless he knows that working with them would simply bring more harm than actual progress. And now no longer being binded to the Gungeon, he now travels the lands in search of finding allies, as well as crafting weaponry, both new and old, for it is in his nature to create his masterpieces, and being denied such would be denying his entire purpose.

While not much is known about the Lich, but what is known is that he was used to be known as the Gunslinger, once human, who mastered the gungeon and became the Gungeon master. But, then, he was banished to Bullet Hell when the large bullet struck the Gungeon, turning him into the Gundead master of the entire dungeon, now cursed with something that others would call a blessing, immortality. From there, he spent his eternity killing those foolish enough to challenge him in Bullet hell, or in a few cases as of recently before his demise, killed off, only to be later reborn once more in his current form, no longer being able to feel the blessing of death that many others have received. But as of recently, a battle between both him, and in a strange and odd turn of events, the past human self, who knew what happens to the gunslinger in the future, coming to finally put down the Lich once and for all. But the mere presence of the same individual in one timeline was enough to create a paradox, and in this case, a paradox version of himself, but over the battle, both Liches were killed, the ‘paradox’ Lich being killed off first, before the original was killed by the final bullet of the Gunslinger, now forever being in peace. But this peace didn’t last for long, for as of recently, the Lich woke up once again, except, instead of waking up to the similar ceiling of his boss room, he woke up in a much stranger place.


You still foolishly consider yourself an entity separate from the whole. WellI know better.
And I. Will. Show you.”

The Ancestor

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Tokyo, Japan

Madness inducement:
The Ancestor has abilities that inflict madness and stress upon his opponents, which starts off relatively weak at first, but as the stress piles on.... and effects becoming ever stronger, it will be a force to be reckoned with, and if left for too long.... their resolve has to be tested. This ability increases in power the more damaged he becomes... before changing into.... his true form....

Blood manipulation:
The Ancestor is able to manipulate the flesh and blood of others, but is only capable of inflicting wounds upon that person when using his ability, and would cause bleeding as well... but he doesn’t have enough power to completely change someone permanently.

Ancient Eldritch power:
Being part of the Ancient order of the new God, he has both studied and used his ancient Eldritch arts throughout his years, and even now, he uses them for another purpose, a purpose to inflict harm onto others and show them true strength and power. The Ancetsor is capable of summoning portals out of thin air, create perfect and imperfect copies of himself in combat.... and even summon forth Absolute Nothingness in order to act as a barrier between him and his foes... but even with his powers, all it takes is the perfect strategy to take him down...

The Ancestor carries nothing else than the robes on his form, for he finds no use for weaponry when he can already inflict much pain with his Eldritch power by himself....

Personality & Backstory:











resident flower fan

Universe of Origin: OC

Starting Location: Manhattan, New York

Abilities: Strength, but not as strong as most robots are. Slight nightvision, and also can

Equipment: Just a sunhat and a bow.

Personality: Sassy, probably cheerful and a bit blunt at times.

Backstory: Half his face got blasted off during some big freak accident in his original location, before getting sent into a wormhole and landing in a clothing shop, picking up his sunhat and ribbon.

Other: haha nerdds.
i slightly misplced hte red glowy thing i think but it still works for what its supposed tob e i guess
WITH HAT --------------------------------------------- WITHOUT HAT


New Member

Universe of Origin: OC

Starting Location: Tokyo, Japan

Abilities: Those familiar with the Pokemon Lucario will become familiar with FLUTE's ability to sense auras, or life energy. Not only that but she also has the ability to open portals. These rifts in space, however, drain her energy very quickly and do not stay open for long. It allows her to travel to just about anywhere, without even needing to know where she's going, from different cities to different planets to even different planes of reality. Being a fairy, she is also capable of flight.

In combat, she initially possesses very high magical power: Attacks that make use of bending space to her will, but as her power's supply is her own life energy, her own spirit, she exhausts easily. Physically speaking, she's about as physically weak as she looks. Using her ability to control her own life energy, she can regenerate wounds, at the cost of her own life energy. As such she's more suited for a supportive role despite being powerful at the beginning of battle.

Equipment: She has nothing but her clothes and a leaf on her left ear as equipment.

Personality: A shell of a person. Quiet. And yet, gentle. Seems to have trouble expressing emotion. She has difficulty speaking and can for the most part can only understand basic phrases and sentences, having forgotten nearly everything.

Backstory: Some know Flute, and others know FLUTE. One and the same, but different.
Both of them are fairies of life energy that sit in a strange place between reality and fantasy. That is to say, they effectively exist and don't exist at the same time. They've lived for an extremely long time, and yet their age is frozen in their early twenties.
FLUTE was the result of a travelling alien learning too much of the reality she thought she knew and unable to accept the pain of losing someone she loved dearly, and thus her very mind was demolished. Reset. Travelling aimlessly.
And here we are now, in the present.

Other: She's quite experienced with playing songs on her leaf. It's one of the only things she's managed to retain in its entirety.
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"Kaiju Enthusiast"


| Godzilla | "Gojira" | "Goji" |

Universe of Origin:
Godzilla series (Alt World)

Starting Location:
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Stats: (Human / Kaiju)
6'8" (2.03 meters) / 35 Ft (10.668 meters) "min" - 393 Ft (119.8 meters) "max"
224 lbs (101.60 kg) / N/A (min) - 99,000 Tons "max"


- Enhanced Strength & Durability: Gojira's immense strength easily allows her to lift and crush large objects with ease and sending opponents flying with her muscular tail. Her enhanced durability allows her to survive great falls or blows that would normally cripple or kill most humans. This strength is amplified significantly in her kaiju form, giving her the potential to battle against other larger monsters with ease
- Irradiation Invulnerability: As a being who relies on radiation - natural or artificial - to fuel her body, Gojira is impervious to the side affects of radiation sickness.
- Amphibious Nature: Gojira is an incredibly adapted swimmer, utilizing her tail as a powerful rudder. She also sports hidden gills that allow her to stay underwater indefinitely.
- Transformation: Gojira can transform into 3 states: her human avatar, her macro kaiju form (25 feet tall), and her giant kaiju form (119.8 meters tall) based on the situation presented. She cannot grow any bigger than what the plot demands/recommends of her.
- Atomic Breath: Gojira can fire a blue energy beam from her mouth, which tends to explode upon impact with any solid object. Its force is strong enough to push back and/or stagger most foes.
- Atomic Pulse: Firing a concentrated shockwave of atomic energy from her plates, Gojira can easily knock back any opponent who attempts to restrain her movement or abilities. This move is usually used as a last desperate effort as it is extremely draining to her, taking hours if not days to recharge at full strength.


Gojira is a stoic and gritty individual that represents a "last samurai" archetype. She is typically fine with being alone - being rather introverted in nature - and usually doesn't want to be a part of the world's problems. However there are times where she's forced to come out of "hibernation" in order to set things straight or if she's given a good reason as to reveal herself in general. She acts more like an animal in most cases, being that she's rather territorial of her space and won't attack unless she determines something as a threat. She doesn't not speak much, usually interacting with grunts, roars, or very blunt and simple phrases. Many familiar with Gojira believe that she is the driving force to restore balance to nature whenever that balance is disrupted.

A primordial entity created by unseen makers hundreds of millions of years ago, Gojira was considered by many to be an essential guardian that protected Earth and all life on it. She was both well respected by her allies and revered by her opponents, rising to power as one of, if not, the most powerful kaiju guardians in the world. Amongst her legendary feats ,Gojira battled hordes of demonic titans at one time, surviving various mass extinctions, and even fended off invading extraterrestrial "gods". She had always risen against every obstacle and usually comes out victorious, with early humans proclaiming her as a "goddess". Her appearances would often be far in between, as she normally rests at the bottom of the ocean in deep hibernation. It's there where she gathers her strength, feeding off the natural radiation emanating from geothermal activity and feeling the currents of any particular disturbances. But whenever trouble would rear its ugly head, the saurian titan would always rise to the occasion and usually come out victorious.

Yet amongst her most recent appearance during the 21st century, Gojira would encounter an opponent unlike any she had ever faced. As humanity began experimenting with technology and forces beyond their comprehension, they would unintentionally bring about one of her most infamous opponents. Through the experimentation of black holes, the Titan queen's own DNA, and newly acquired "space crystals" from a rare meteorite, a freak accident would result in the release of an inter-dimensional demon - one who decided to take a twisted form of Earth's greatest defender. This demon would be known as "SpaceGojira", acting the polar opposite of Gojira as an intergalactic destroyer of worlds. As it called upon horrific monstrosities from different dimensions to take over this new green world, Earth's Gojira rose to defend her territory as the two "god-beings" clashed in a battle that shook the very Earth to its core. The battle was long and brutal, both sides suffering significant wounds, yet at the very end, it would be SpaceGojira that would ultimately come on top. Instead of killing its rival or implanting it as its minion however, it instead threw Earth's fallen guardian - it's last hope for salvation - into a portal, where she would randomly find herself in a new separate dimension...

Having been kicked out of her own dimension, Gojira initially attempted to find a way to get back to her own world. However, without sporting any dimensional-hopping abilities of her own, and being watched on all sides by factions and forces hellbent on seeing her mutual destruction, the once great titan was forced to accept her circumstances and go into hiding. It was then when she discovered the ability to transform into a human, a feat where she could now blend in amongst the inhabitants and keep her identity concealed. At least that would help her from being noticed by the international governments of this new Earth...

Slowly accepting the potential reality of her situation, Gojira now forever travels the world as a nomad - biding her time as she attempts to get comfortable in her new "home". And if she ever gets the opportunity to come back to her home dimension, she vows to eradicate her dark doppelganger once and for all.


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New Member

For RPNation.jpg
Nebula "Neb" Saros

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Manhattan, New York City

As a Spark, Neb can utilize his magic using the gem on his forehead. He can do things like: Summoning tools using his gem to harvest items (hammer, sickle, net), use magic to lift and move items, and store them in a pocket hammerspace in his Spark.
Screenshot_2020-10-24-08-03-42-413_com.google.android.youtube.jpg Screenshot_2020-10-24-08-02-14-545_com.google.android.youtube.jpgScreenshot_2020-10-24-08-00-14-816_com.google.android.youtube.jpg
These aren't just limited to Neb, but all Sparks in particular
Thought to be a remnant of a long-lost star, he doesn’t really need to eat, sleep or breathe (Though he might enjoy it). The powerful kinetic energy from his origins allow him to shapeshift, though he prefers his own form for now.

Clothing: Dark blue vest, bell collar, floating crown and tail ornament
Other than other accessories and furniture he obtained from trading, he can color them with the dyes he stores in his Spark
Gen Vest.pngBell Collar.pngFloating Crown.pngAstral Tail.png
These are all his accessories

Cheerful and laid-back. He’s quite adventurous, sometimes too adventurous. He’s somewhat knowledgable with trading, and he really likes company. Being a Spark, he lives on the powers of imagination, and he’s always thirsty for creativity!

After arriving on Planet Fer.al, Neb has experienced a lot. He’s traded a lot of items with other sparks, helped a lot of people in Lakeroot Valley, Mugmyre Marsh, and Blood Tundra, and handled pretty exotic materials. He probably isn’t the wisest Spark out there, but he’d be eager to lend a paw!

Despite falling into the portal to our universe, he’s still naïve enough to think that it’s part of the Fer.alverse. Do exercise caution when showing him something new
Despite not needing to eat, he certainly enjoys it



One Time Luck
Ezekiel Carris

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Preferably in either some café or tree or somewhere private while reading

Spells from the Wizard class in D&D! But I'll limit the amount of spells he can do because there are WAY TOO MANY (Will probably change some spells if needed)
(* = Spells learned later in rp if possible/needed)

-Fire bolt (shown in image)

Basic spells:
-Ice Knife
-Earth Tremor

Mid tier spells:
-Acid Arrow
-Hypnotic Pattern
-Detect Magic
-Misty Step

High tier spells:
-Vampyric touch
-Lightning Bolt
-Hold Person

Top tier spells:
-Prismatic Spray*
-Meteor Swarm*
-Fire Bolt Storm*

Any spell you want to know about (except for fire bolt storm) look up the actual D&D spell. No components.

Other than his staff, he got nothing much other than equipment to live on his own.

Pretty quiet and set on learning magic. His main goal is learning the spell Meteor Swarm.

Comes from the Kingdom of Varewin. In his area, Evocation spells were banned due to possible fires destroying the entire area. Zeke meets an older wizard who mastered Evocation magic. Once others found out about Zeke's new mentor, he was banished from Varewin for attempting to learn and cast a dangerous form of magic. Now, he is traveling by himself to learn evocation spells.

His fire bolt shoots from his staff like a musket. He's from a D&D campaign that I'm deciding to flesh out. Has the best art out of all my characters.
Fire Bolt Storm is the only custom spell he has. Essentially raining fire bolts from above.
The spell list I just mentioned...that's literally half the amount of spells a normal level 20 wizard in D&D has.


One Time Luck
Remi Miye

Universe of Origin:
OC (but...Universe called Andalucia (from Dungeon Realms))

Starting Location:
Most likely searching for a new master/mistress to serve. Probably running up to a group eagerly to request.

-Literal heart warming smile
-Massages that can soothe anyone
-Expert at maid duties

At most she'd have a cookbook. She also has a white glittering stone called a Realm Star that can open a portal to Andalucia. Only Andalucians can use and have these, for they're given from birth. Why can't you just steal it off her? It comes out of your hand.

A sweetheart who'll do literally anything you say~ She's that type of maid who'd be by you during your darkest times to lift you up. Although most of it is fake. She just doesn't know~

A young, messy, playful girl turned into a clean, selfless maid when her parents put a curse on her at a young age. The curse was from the black market of Cyrennica, Andalucia's main/central city. It'd turn any girl into a maid no questions asked. During her adolescence, she started to slip up. She slipped up to the point her parents threw her out of the house to live on her own. Due to her curse, she immediately started searching for a new master. After a while of no luck, she sat alone as if she was invisible to everyone around her. That was until the King of Cyrennica, King Sunstrider, arrived to greet his people. He looked at Remi, held his hand out and invited her to his palace to serve him. Remi was flustered and honored when she heard the offer she accepted it without a second thought! Remi was introduced to a new lifestyle of taking care of Sunstrider and his palace. She enjoyed every second of it.

A few years later, while coming back from a harvest from the royal garden, Remi was first to see her king dead...impaled with a spear. The man in front of him, holding another spear, sat on the throne as he became the new king by force. Remi couldn't move. Her mind was racing, spinning, twirling, she passed out on the spot! The new king, Bulwar, saw her collapse and went to her. He took her to the infirmary to get her treated. She woke up a couple days later with a slight, faint spiral in her eye. She saw her new king, and bowed to him. Her curse made her immediately pledge her allegiance to him. "Serving him until he meets his end." Bulwar eventually found out about the curse after a scholar reported it to him. He didn't do anything about it, rather, he treated her quite comfortably. As if she became his friend...even though she had no say in the matter. She just had to serve. It's only a matter of time until disaster struck...when...Gorgath revealed himself for the second time. After talking to her king, they agreed to let her flee for some time until the matter is dealt with. Who knows where she ended up when she crossed the portal.

Who is Gorgath?
Why did Bulwar kill Sunstrider?
Why are Remi's parents such dickheads?
What is this curse exactly?

I will only answer one of those questions. I will explain the Andalucian Maid Curse to you all. (Hopefully, you don't immediately free her)


-Victim cannot remember how she became a maid or why, she just knows she is one and always has been one
-Every morning at 7 am sharp the victim will wake up, get ready and serve her master asap. Like clockwork every day.
-After victim has lost a master whether through death or some other method, the victim has a very strong urge to find a new one asap. They will search and search. If no master is found, The victim will be in an emotional slump.
-Victim can only fall asleep via trance via swinging pendulum. If pendulum is absent, victim cannot sleep.
-As decades go by the mental state starts to slowly deteriorate, making the victim act more like a robot. Ready to do work, until it dies.

BEFORE YOU ASK, NO. I made Remi BEFORE I saw Re:Zero. It's a pure coincidence her name is similar to Rem.
Look into her eyes. What can you see? You can see a trapped soul if you look close enough.
Art by TheRandomArtMaker (he forgot the hat) (might be changing her hairstyle just to test)
She actually came before Ezekiel Carris!
She used to be the stereotypical clumsy maid until I said "FUCK IT, let's make her cursed."
For some reason she's the favorite of the three all purpose OCs I show. I wonder why
Everything in her backstory is written by me. I now am writing the entire story for Dungeon Realms meaning this might just might be canon in the Dungeon Realms lore.

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