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Angry Boi
Lord Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III of Whitestone, better known as "Percy".
Universe of Origin:
Critical Role

Starting Location:
Las Vegas

-Peak intellect: Percy is a genius of the highest order that mortal men can achieve. He is excellent at planning, investigation, and building contraptions from firearms to explosives.
-Incredible Dexterity: Magic has pushed Percy's reflexes, aim and fine motor skills to a superhuman level (not radically superhuman, but superhuman). He is able to reload his Pepperbox in a matter of seconds, as such.
-Magical Initiate: Due to what remains from the powers granted by his pact with Orthax, he has very minor magical abilities, such as the ability to create small illusions, very temporarily alter someone's disposition towards him, and curse someone for a short while, limiting their abilities. He dislikes using these powers due to the nature of their origin.

-Animus: The magical pepperbox Anna Ripley built to kill him with, also with Orthax's help. The weapon's magic helps guide it to its target, pierce through almost any mortal armor, and the weapon itself causes intense psychic pain to anyone it strikes.
-Diplomacy: This one, fairly simply, is a taser gauntlet. It requires an electrical charge to restore it after use. Its primary purpose is to be used non-lethally, but the charge could hurt or kill someone.
-Cabal's Ruin: This cloak, an artifact of an unkown god, gives Percy the perhaps not as useful here ability to resist and absorb magic thrown his way. More notably, energy from the cloak can be expelled to charge his attacks with a devastating electrical charge.

Percy is more down to earth and altogether melancholy than his better half. He is quick-witted and bright with those he considers family, but otherwise, he is often quite shy and somber except on matters of what he thinks is right. Though tormented by the loss of his family, he has learned to live and grow with his loss, having long since forgiven many of the people involved in their deaths.


Percy is from the end of Campaign 1, a fair amount more has happened to him than to Vex and Grog.​
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This is the greatest plaaaaaaannnnn!

"Don't fuck with a witch!"



Universe of Origin

Starting Location
Las Vegas, Nev-

You know what? No.

We've done this song and dance before. Multiple times, in fact.

I think we can do a bit better than this, can we?

Let's go back to the beginning. The VERY beginning. Specifically the 15th of February, 2017. On that fateful Wednesday, at exactly 7:04 in the afternoon, a 12-year-old girl made a character sheet.

That's right.

A blast from the past.

But this time, we're gonna do it a little better than before.

Kat has sand-colored skin, stands at roughly 5'8", with a ruler body-type. She has reddish-auburn hair with burgundy highlights that she usually wears in an updo of some kind, hazel eyes, and a light dusting of freckles across her cheekbones and nose. Kat generally wears very casual clothes, sticking to jeans, plain color leggings, the occasional cardigan, hoodies of all kinds, sweaters, and t-shirts in her everyday wardrobe. Wearing cosmetics is an uncommon occurrence for her, but she usually sticks to just some lip gloss and maybe a cats eye if she's feeling particularly bold. Needs reading glasses and usually carries around her pair of black round rimless ones in a case on her person. Usually wears synthetic ruby earrings or just plain studs most of the time, and just has basic ear piercings.

Katherine "Kat Ruby" Rubelline

Universe of Origin
OC (Originally made for Tear in the Multiverses: The Voice's Event)

Staring Location
Las Vegas, Nevada



Katherine is self-taught in magic using her grandmother's old books. She's not particularly skilled, but she has a good number of spells memorized. The ones she has particularly burned into her brain are water, ice, and other fire extinguishing spells. This makes a lot more sense when the company she keeps is taken into consideration. All of her spells are cast with a combination of hand/staff gestures and words, and if she is unable to do either she cannot use her magic.


Kat's Staff

An heirloom from her grandmother, this beautiful antique allows Kat to cast magic with much less hand waving. The beautiful red jewel at the top allows her to cast fire and heat magic with less mana useage than without it.

(Second to leftmost staff. The original artist is Alakotila. Please check them out!)

Katherine is multiple things, but "do no harm but take no shit" summarizes her pretty well. She's a laidback ambivert with a strong moral compass, greatly valuing manners. Endlessly curious, Kat will see her questions answered and a conclusion to her investigations, sometimes to an unfortunate extent. She's fairly short-tempered and will speak her mind if she believes or knows if someone is out of line, along with being easily disheartened and quick to abandon projects if they don't spark joy in her. She's agressively quick to become skeptical and suspicious, but holds a great deal of respect for anyone who respects her (authority or not), and doesn't see the point in being cruel if they haven't been cruel to her.

Kat had a pretty tame life up until recently. She had both of her parents present, a younger brother, and an older sister. She got fairly average grades in school, graduated as another member of the flock, and went to college to study fine arts and pursue a career in photography. She became a freelance photographer and has had moderate success with her career. Kat's grandmother passed away roughly a year and a half ago, leaving her with a variety of old magical heirlooms, one of which was an enchanted middle eastern style oil lamp. Accidentally opening it during an examination, she unleashed the demon that allowed it to have such an enhanced flame in the first place, the demon Blazelinn. The destructive demon was initially set on revenge and destruction before Katherine managed to trap Blaze in her home using one of her grandmother's books and staff. The demon initially hated her but eventually decided to cool down and became her roommate/friend through the power of being convinced that maybe slaughtering all those who dared wrong her had mixed results. Since then, Kat has been studying magic fairly well and dealing with the consequences of being the impulse control to a destructive demon.

No voiceclaim for Katherine at the moment, if you know anyone suitable, let me know.

I have a theme in mind for Katherine, but it is 2am and my emotions are crunchy.

Blazelinn is an anthropomorphized Maine Coon cat, with black, orange, and red tabby fur and ears similar to a lynx's. She has four cold disturbingly yellow eyes and a mouth full of slightly yellowed yet very sharp teeth. She has black steel-colored claws that are visible even when sheathed within all four of her white paws, the color of her paws matching the hue of the tips of her somewhat less fluffy tail. Her tail splits midway through its length into two endings, with her sometimes twisting them together when in thought. Blaze is roughly about 7'2" in human height, though usually not clear in her more feline-like postures. Her pupils are similar to cats in the ability to change. Sometimes this results in intimidating slits, sometimes this results in greatly dilated pupils that make her look stupid.

Blazelinn the Chaotic

Universe of Origin
OC (Originally made for Tear in the Multiverses: The Voice's Event)

Starting Location
Las Vegas, Nevada


Natural Weapons

Blazelinn has ridiculously powerful teeth and claws. She’s been able to break bone with a bite, and she can do noticeable damage to stronger metals with a scratch. Her senses are ridiculously enhanced, specifically her eyesight, her hearing, and her sense of smell, and she can produce large amounts of a highly flammable oil-like substance from glands hidden beneath her fur. She can then set her doused self on fire, either by striking a spark with her claws or by breathing flames. Additionally, she is extremely quick and strong, able to quickly race over to somewhere to cause damning damage.

Demon’s Tongue
Being supernatural beings for the most outside of the rules of humans, demons can understand just about any human language after a few minutes of hearing it spoken, Blazelinn included.

Blazelinn can create, manipulate, and shape fire to a dangerous degree, never seeming to run out of creative ways to set things ablaze.

Blazelinn cannot be harmed at all by fire, most strongly shown when she sets herself ablaze using her natural flammable substance.

Blazelinn can float up to 100 feet in the air, but usually sticks to just floating a half foot or two above the ground.

Blaze can easily shapeshift into any feline animal, can shapeshift into a humanoid form with effort, and could potentially shift into other animaloid shapes given the practice and dedication to do so. She has no interest in doing anything more with her powers at the moment, however.

Blaze can become invisible to all beings that don’t have any enhanced senses or abilities that could perceive her. She usually uses this to stalk Kat or whoever has wronged her.


Blazelinn’s personality is several aspects of other personalities thrown together in a blender. An aggressive demon, ready to strike at any chance she gets. An unhinged criminal, an unashamed pyromaniac and destructomaniac. An extremely prideful proper lady, delicate in her movements if the situation requires it. A fool with a wicked sense of humor and a tendency for pranks. A terrifying individual with an extremely short temper, an ability to hold grudges for a ridiculously long time, and all the power and time in the world to plot revenge against someone. An annoying brat who won’t hesitate to resort to whining or full on tantrums if necessary. A hesitant but loyal friend. A connoisseur with a passion for luxury fish and meat, treating delights for house cats like something to savor and enjoy. A distrustful stalker of the night, holding a passion for cussing and things one can light. All of it, wrapped up in some behaviors that are startlingly close to a simple fluffy cat and a huge lack of impulse control. Additionally, Blazelinn is very claustrophobic, the thought of being stuck in a space as small as the lamp again really freaking her out.

A demon doesn’t remember much about their past life. They might have decontexualized memories, vague flashes, perhaps even distant emotions. But almost nothing is guaranteed to be remembered. The only thing that a demon can remember for certain is how they died, and what led up to it. Blazelinn was a pyromaniac in her human life, causing destruction and death simply for her unaltered love of fire. She was eventually caught and executed by the same thing she loved, burning to death. Offered the chance to become a demon by the forces of the realm of demons or instead go to hell, she eagerly accepted the deal and happily allowed herself to join the demonic rank. After roughly a few decades of being a demon, she was suddenly summoned by an inexperienced mage, breaking free of her weak restraints and killing her summoner. She wandered around the desert that he called his home for a while, setting many mighty fires and causing destruction. Eventually she got the attention of a powerful wizard, who tricked her and then sealed her in an oil lamp, her being sealed within it enhancing its flames. She sat within the lamp for centuries, with barely any room to move and not so much as a sparkle of daylight, until she was suddenly set free by Katherine. Enraged from her centuries of imprisonment, she was determined to tear Katherine’s throat out then return back to the realm of demons. She became trapped in Kat’s bathroom thanks to a wall spell, leaving her within. Blaze was trapped for a few hours, forced to speak to her captor before escaping Kat’s home. She tried to cut a path of chaos like before, and found herself pushed back by the authorities that had sprung up in her imprisonment. Considering the things Katherine had told her, she decided to begrudgingly chill somewhat and began hanging around Kat’s home again. Things progressed as you’d expect, and they soon became friends. A rare thing, for Blazelinn. She doesn’t really like anyone save for Kat, nobody else really having proved to her that they’re decent people who aren’t going to shove her into an oil lamp. But despite Kat playing strict mother to Blazelinn, she couldn’t get rid of her zest for destruction entirely. Which is why they are by no means the perfect duo, but they are definitely a duo.

No voiceclaim for Blazelinn atm, if you know anyone suitable, please tell me.

I have a theme in mind for Blazelinn, but it’s 2am and I am tired. Might edit it in, I dunno.
Sebastian Cooper
"Remember: It's not about being good, it's about praying that the enemy sucks more than you do."

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Las Vegas

F.E.A.R (Fuck Everything and Run):

His goons are dying left and right, the enemy is dead set on getting him. Do you honestly expect him not to run? He's good at retreating too so good luck catching him when he starts booking it.

Screw Everybody, I'm Rich! Strategy:
He'd rather hire thugs to do his bidding, pay spies or hackers to get something worth blackmailing for, reward the enemy with money if they kill themself and so much more.

Godlike Narcissism:
His ability is to inflate his ego in order to deflect criticism. Whenever you give him a way he can improve himself he would usually dismiss you as an "Eccentric idiot" and other profanities that I will not state.

Kinda Cowardly:
Would rather hang out in a bar while talking mad shit using a communication device than get the job done. He'll usually throw goons on your way but not much else. Unless you pose a real threat to his eyes, he will take matters into his own hands.

Gun sucks, Not my Fault:
Saying he has shitty aim is an understatement. He's most likely to hit you when you're trying to dodge around. We all know villains can't hit their targets because of plot armor.

Pimp Cane:

It's like a weapon that you can freely wave around without getting noticed by cops or nosy civilians.

Fancy Revolver:
What's the point of this?! He can't even shoot a large target to save his life! The more shots he misses, the more agitated he'll become.

Sebastian is not a very flashy or theatrical villain. He is efficient since he sees himself as a professional though not overly stuffy and has some snark with him as demonstrated in his quote at the introduction. Though, he won't mess around with gutshots and monologues. Why do you think he hired a mute person with no personality? Well, at least not an eccentric one. He's not some Saturday morning cartoon. He will try to get you out of the way if you pose too much of a threat. Even if he has to do it himself.

If you annoy him to a great degree or even piss him off to no end. He will take his time if he has you in his hands. Though, he doesn't give you a chance to get away. He does it quick enough to be efficient but long enough to make it last. Obviously has some sadism to him. And despite what you would take from all of this, he's not that wise. "Intelligent" if you can even call him that. But definitely not wise. He has a habit of ruining his relationships with other criminals just to follow his philosophy of being no-nonsense and professional.

Also, really easy to irritate. When he gets incredibly angry, desperate, or stressed. He kind of becomes the kind of villain he hates. Swears up a storm, laughs at his enemies, takes his time just to inflict pain, all that unprofessional goodness. Example: If he is in a tense court case where he was caught for his crimes for strangling kittens or something. He will plead for insanity and start dancing in front of the people he hurt.

Sebastian was a famous businessman belonging to a well-esteemed company. He did everything for his elderly parents because they took care of him and gave him everything he wanted until his reputation was tarnished and got blacklisted from ever working anywhere big again after his previous misconduct of sexual assault on multiple women. He faced jail time for it and when he came back from his time in prison. Nobody was willing to trust him with anything and his parents disowned him. This drove him crazy since he had no way of getting money to support himself anymore until the mob decided to make this desperate man a pawn on their schemes. They kept mistreating him and reminding him of his misconduct to the point of pent up rage and once he has had enough. He managed to turn the mob he was working with against the strongest criminal empire of the city before leaving it to get destroyed.

Decided to mix things up!​


Skeleton Boi
Cleon Starborn

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Arabian Desert, Eastern Egypt

Like many other fantasy universes, Magic also exists in his own world like any other. Cleon has the following elements in his Arsenal, each of which comes from his family bloodline, but unlike most magic, instead of having spell, it is instead based on the user’s imagination and how flexible they can be with using their mind to create new combinations and ‘spells’ to use against opponents.

Using a highly acidic form of a strange and black liquid, it is capable of burning through most common materials and metals, and when used upon normal and unprotected skin, would mildly to severely burn it depending on how tough it is. Useful in the ways of water ‘spells’, since both are in a way, liquid and can be used similar, except for different effects, the acid can also be used to create permanent marks on surfaces, this not being commonly used but has a purpose of marking areas. This ‘magic’ is not a commonly learnt one considering its destructive capabilities, and is often related to ‘Death’ with its purpose only being that of to destroy.

One of the more pure elements and regarded as the most holy and beneficial to humanoid kind, it requires both grace to direct the flow of water to your command, but force and energy in order to turn it into other states or bring it fast enough to even cut through steel, but the more advance techniques are usually kept for high ranking members of the ‘Order’. It’s main purpose, is the purify the wounds of any point of damage, whether it’s bleeding or poisoned, it will remove all such illnesses and diseases, but it’s not strong enough to fully heal wounds, often leaving scars or scabs in its place. Some forms of water can even ward off the unholy and vengeful spirits, and this element is most regarded as the most protective of humanoid kind and holy.

One of the more rarer elements in the spectrum, the gemstone magic is capable of creating large temporary walls of jewels and minerals, along with creating sharp edges and even manipulating the earth itself. In its strongest form, it allows someone to naturally find rare permanent gemstones, fire off storms of sharpened gemstone shrapnel, and even create permanent jewels and ratites in its highest and most hardest to achieve form. This is usually paired with the sin ‘Greed’, for it can easily be abused to create gemstones for profit, and is only gifted to trusted members of the ‘Order’.

A seemingly normal sword that seems a bit too large for its wielder to use, it’s surprisingly light weight, but to those with a keen eye for sensing the paranormal, the sword would be in fact, being a host for a lost soul within, a talkative one in fact, that can respond to others if spoken to. But this is not the only strange property the sword has, for it is able to transform into another weapon if their owner wills it, such as into a spear or a musket, and is capable of working along with the ‘magical’ spells of Cleon in order to deal devastating attacks to foes. It is mostly sarcastic at times, but it tries it’s best to keep its owner out of his gloomy state, especially in times of need, and tries it’s best to be useful, even when in the afterlife and implanted into a sword.

If there isn’t anything ‘unique’ about this kid, it’s the fact that he acts so damn normal all the time, waking up on the exact number of sleep needed, having a schedule to do, even routines to do on the daily, if you name it, it’s probably already on his ‘to-do-list’. But he still retain some features, such as the natural curiosity of the felinid humanoids, exploring and adventuring being one of the main things he enjoy other than doing chores, and has a taste for music, especially one in the piano category.

But his greatest downfall is being a pessimist, always assuming the worst in things and people, along with having a generally gloomy aura follow him. Nothing stops him form having other emotions tho, especially with the help of his talking blade, and gains enough confidence to go through the day as according to plan.... with some detours as well within.


(Here is the past about his own homeworld, for Cleon is not too willing on speaking about his past)

On a unnamed Desert planet, one which is only a couple of thousands old.... laid a multitude of different tribes and two large factions, each having multiple humanoid species that are given different traits and physical attributes depending on who they are, like the common canine humanoids, who are loyal to their friends, and are mostly the main characters workforce in common jobs like mining and scavenging, while the more rare species called ‘homo-sapient’, a much more fragile species with little ‘fur’ to block bludgeoning and sharpened attacks, but given the gift of producing ‘salt water’ from their skin, allowing them to refresh themselves on the fly, and having the gift of being either wise scholars in studying objects and shaping history with their intellect by inventing new things.

There lies two main factions, the ‘The Order of the Light’, a kingdom of religious but powerful ‘magic’ casters whose goal is to unite the all the civilizations on the planet under the ‘Light’, one of the greatest holy and light based beings that blessed the humanoids on the planet with ‘Magic’, but a tad bit strict on their laws and count technology as taboo. While the second is called ‘United Mechanicus of the Desert’, a Faction mostly made up of those who relies on technology rather than magic in order to do daily tasks, using machines and engineering alone to survive the deserts, and while there are some hints of magic, it’s mostly used along with tools, so not a lot is present. The faction had lighter laws and the punishments are not as bad, even magic is allowed here, but like many good things, they all have a bad side, for this illusion hides a war mongering faction, wanting to take over the lands of the desert as their own, and their main focus, taking down the ‘Order’ to stop any point of resistance.

Cleon just happened to be one of the many tribes to be in the middle of the carnage, and the reason for their targeting, the other factions heard rumors of a powerful weapon, one that can shape into anything that the user perceived it as, and is capable of flowing magic through its blade, and it’s wielder....? One of the newer generations in the bloodline, aka Cleon. Now, what happened after, us forever kept within the mind of Cleon, now wandering the desert lands to try and get as far away as possible from the enduring war, hoping to find peace at last.​

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

"What's so fun about it? What are lives for you?"


Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:



Yoriichi is the strongest known character in the entire history of the series and the most powerful swordsman and Demon Slayer, being born with the Demon Slayer Mark and Transparent World. As a child untrained in swordsmanship, he was able to defeat a trained sword instructor and he was referred to as a miraculous prodigy. After training as a Demon Slayer, Yoriichi could defeat multiple Demons to where his older brother stated that he as a child couldn't even compare to him as an adult. He alone among the Demon Slayer Corps was able to corner Muzan Kibutsuji and had him on the verge of death until he managed to escape. Yoriichi was considered to be a real monster by Muzan, both the progenitor and strongest among all Demons.

Shortly before his death of at least 85 years in age, he battled his older twin brother, Kokushibo who turned into a demon. Despite both his extreme age and apparent blindness, he quickly gained the upper-hand in the battle in a single move, even slitting his throat before he finally died standing up, unscathed. Kokushibo himself admits that if Yoriichi launched a second swing before dying, he would have killed him while commenting Yoriichi's power was still in his prime.

Natural Abilities1598913261202.gif

  • Demon Slayer Mark: A special marking that appears on strong Demon Slayers. Its specific abilities are unknown, but it drastically improves the abilities of the Demon Slayer, making them much stronger and faster with a quicker reaction than can be achieved normally, though at the cost of being cursed to die at the age of 25. Unlike all other marks users in his era, Yoriichi was able to defy fate and lived to about 85 years of age. It is presently unknown why Yoriichi is immune to the Mark's effects. Unlike all other mark bearers, he was born with this ability naturally.
  • Transparent World - Yoriichi had the ability to see the "transparent world", allowing him to see the muscles, blood flow, and joint movement of his opponents. He could accurately predict and anticipate the movements and attacks of his opponents with this ability. Unlike all others users, he was born with this ability naturally.
  • Master Swordsman: Yoriichi was an extremely powerful and skilled swordsman. Even as child with no training, he was capable of easily defeating a trained swordsman the very first time he ever picked up a sword. His swordsmanship was so tremendous that a battle doll was made to look like him and have 6 arms wielding katanas utilizing 108 techniques only to imitate Yoriichi's skills.
  • Immense Speed: Yoriichi possessed immense levels of speed, with which he was able to move fast enough to slit Kokushibo's throat without the latter being able to counter him, despite him being on guard and Yoriichi's blade was slightly near his throat. Sometime before, during his battle against Muzan, he also managed to near-fatally injure Muzan with one move, despite the Demon's own inhuman speed and strength, and, when Muzan divided himself into 1,800 flesh pieces to escape, Yoriichi still managed to reduce the number down to a mere 500 in only seconds.
  • Immense Endurance and Durability: As Yoriichi managed to survive all the way to his 80's- 90's years of age without his body succumbing to his Demon Slayer Mark or him having lost any of his original strength despite his advanced age and blindness, its likely that Yoriichi possess immense superhuman durability and endurance to still be fully capable of fighting and killing demon despite already being an aged old man without his power waning.
  • Crimson Red Nichirin Blade: When fighting, Yoriichi had the ability to dye his black sword to crimson red, letting him hamper the enhanced regeneration of Demons, even Muzan's instant regeneration, leaving permanent damage burned to his cells that haven't healed for hundreds of years.
  • Lack of Presence: During their first battle together, Muzan noticed that Yoriichi emanated absolutely no sense of drive, hatred, anger, fighting spirit, animosity or even bloodlust despite being in mid-battle against him, rendering it practically impossible for Muzan to detect him or gauge how powerful he was upon first seeing him despite his immensely enhanced and practiced Demon senses. This caused him to severely underestimate Yoriichi, a judgement that nearly cost him his life, and the Demon Progenitor then deemed Yoriichi to be an even greater monster and more of a genuine Demon than he ever was.
Sun Breathing: Created by Yoriichi himself as the original Breathing Styles and so far has shown thirteen forms in total in his battle against Muzan Kibutsuji. Even in his old age, he has shown to be capable of using the Sun Breathing against Kokushibo 400 years prior to the present time of the story.

  • Dance - A single high-powered slash.
  • Clear Blue Sky - The user spins his body vertically to create a 360-degree slash.
  • Raging Sun - The user unleashes two horizontal slashes to hit or intercept an enemy from the front or side.
  • Fake Rainbow - The user utilizes this technique to evade incoming attacks with high-speed twists and rotations, thus creating afterimages. The afterimages work most effectively on enemies with good vision as they will probably fail attack the afterimage instead of the actual body of the user.
  • Fire Wheel - The swordsman leaps behind the opponent and spins in the air while releasing an attack in a circular motion.
  • Burning Bones, Summer Sun - A circular slash that defends from imminent frontal attacks.
  • Sunflower Thrust - A single thrust attack with the point of the blade.
  • Solar Heat Haze - The user charges towards the target, attacking it with a haze covered slash that seemingly fails to hit, but actually does hit.
  • Setting Sun Transformation - The user flips into the air to deliver an upended sword slash.
  • Beneficent Radiance - The user spirals into the air to deliver a powerful slash to those caught in it.
  • Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance - Resembling a dragon, the user moves in circles to avoid enemy attacks and slashes then multiple times at the target.
  • Flame Dance - A two-combo strike which starts with a vertical slash and then a horizontal one right after.
  • Thirteenth Form - A technique that is utilized by continuously performing all the twelve styles in succession, which is noted to be the only effective method of killing Muzan Kibutsuji.


  • Nichirin Blade: A blade that absorbs sunlight and transforms it into potent energy capable of bypassing a demon's regenerative abilities. In this case, it deals lasting damage to a victim and is able to bypass their regeneration, no matter how strong it is, as Yoriichi was capable of bypassing Muzan Kibutsuji's instantaneous regeneration with just one attack of it.
  • Demon Slayer Crow: A highly intelligent crow that is capable of speaking with other animals and humans. Albeit they have no name and are often as quiet as Yoriichi, they are often used to pass information to him to other people.
  • Demon Slayer Garb: A highly protective vest that protects Yoriichi from attacks. While not heavy armor by any means, a Demon Slayer's garb is capable of protecting their wearers from otherwise deadly attacks that would rip a person in half. They can, however, be destroyed.


Yoriichi was a calm and respectful individual. He was extremely humble, seeing himself as just any other man and no one special. Yoriichi was also noted by his brother to always have had faith in the future and was confident that, despite the already overwhelming power the Demon Slayers of the First Bre1598913261202.gif1598913261202.gif1598913261202.gifathing possessed, a generation would emerge that would further surpass their own. Normally, Yoriichi shows little to no emotion. However, Yoriichi does express emotions such as sadness, when he met his brother again during the final moment of his life, or when the baby Sumire want to hug him.


A Demon Slayer's Story.



A Roleplayer with Standards
"I am Skadi, bounty hunter. I cannot speak as to what calamities I may bring forth."

Universe of Origin
Arknights (Hypergryph / Yostar)

Starting Location
Tokyo, Japan

• Skadi's most noteworthy feat is her humanly impossible strength. Theorized as a common feature among the Ægirian race she is presumed to be a member of, it has allowed her to, with ease, topple entire buildings, shatter ribcages with a single punch, and slaughter other ocean dwellers easily more than ten times her size. However, she appears to hold back often, unless it is a necessity of her mission or when excessively provoked.
• In combat, she adopts a very unorthodox method of fighting - that is, overwhelm as many enemies as she possibly can simultaneously, and focus them down one by one. Her solo duelling prowess, as a Guard and a bounty hunter who fulfills several contracts on a monthly basis, is nigh unrivaled in her realm of origin, and thus combating her without aid from other prepared individuals is strongly discouraged.
• Though able to pump out disastrous damage left and right, Skadi is not notorious for taking beatings, herself, and will hastily flee without a trace when she judges herself to be seriously injured.
• While Originium, an unstable element that remains the driving force of the world of Terra - and the cause of the disease Oripathy, is present in at least trace amounts in most folks documented and examined at Rhodes Island, an armed pharmaceutical firm with transient headquarters that takes on the appearance of an oversized, metal-encased, wheeled train housing a city, Skadi's blood Originium granule density is ten times lower than most of Rhodes Island's denizens. This makes her unnatural strength even more peculiar, and the butt of much scrutiny and rumours among her peers.

• Skadi carries a blade she's named 'Dödsbudet', an Ægirian term loosely translating to 'harbinger of death'. Resembling the Zweihänders of the 15th century, and measuring roughly the same height as herself (65 inches), its steel-forged body has yet to be replicated by anyone known to Terra, with the ways of its construction likely an Ægirian confidentiality. Not even Vulcan, the resident blacksmith of Rhodes Island, is remotely sure of how it was created. In any case, it only compliments Skadi's calamitous power even more so, with it granting her the power of rupturing a cave wall in a single blow, and ripping straight through Krakens that could feasibly snap the average person in half with a single binding of its tentacles.

• Though a relentless force on the field of combat, she remains taciturn and hushed in most social situations. She keeps a face of stoicism as long as her debts are settled and her bounties are paid, yet she seems to take advantage of everyone's reluctance to challenge her by abusing sarcasm every opportunity she gets the chance to, much to the dismay of Rhodes Island's higher command. When communicating with unfamiliar faces, she will often utter little more than a mere warning of her strength, and / or an inquiry pertaining to the target of her next bounty and their whereabouts. However, she does have the capacity to be conversational. Just... not much.

• Not much of Skadi's roots have been clearly discerned, aside from the fact that she is originally from an underwater civilization resting on the deep sea, Ægir, and is affiliated with a little-known bounty hunting organization deemed the 'Abyssal Hunters'. The organization is known to extend far beyond merely herself, with the existence of others documented such as Specter, who hides her assigned purpose under the guise of religious dress. Years after her hiring, she began wandering on the surface, in hopes of locating more targets and securing higher amounts of sterling for herself, though this was born of a desire to prevent further apocalyptic consequence, as she's worded it herself, rather than monetary desire. She is known to hold a now-friendly rivalry with Grani, a lancer of the Victorian Mounted Police.

• She's a bit out of her element. ... Literally.
• Skadi greatly values her hat. Dislodging it, or otherwise touching it without first earning her trust or receiving permission, is just asking for a swift elbow to the jaw.
• Skadi does have three Skills and two Talents to take advantage of in-game, but for the sake of simplicity, they will not be brought about here.
• Skadi speaks with a thick Ægirian accent, which is identical to a Swedish one. Moreover, when speaking in the common tongue (English), she will often use archaic wording to get her points across, but not always (ex. professional matters).

Theme music
• I couldn't find any official themes pertaining to the event that introduced Skadi to the game, 'Grani and the Knight's Treasure', and, from what I gather, the missions issued during this event used pre-existing music. Therefore, I shall set this tune, heard often in Chapter 3 - Stinging Shock, as her motif.
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Shooting Star Asuka

The Psychotic Waifu

  • Name:
    Ryujo Katagiri/Destroy Moon Gundam

    (Note: This is a real life gunpla model of the Destroy Moon Gundam that I created.)

    Somewhere between 18 and 25 (Since the time frame between Plavsky Warfare and Virtual Dive is big)

    Male, but he has the ability to make a convincing female voice when needed.

    Universe of Origin:
    Gundam Build Universe (An RP series by me and Tamotsu)
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Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!
"idk man, Green seems kinda sus"

Red, YHWH, better known as...


Universe of Origin:
Among Us

Starting Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada


The Imposter can use any vent in the world to hide, as long as it isn't too small. They can hide as long as they want in there. However, they cannot kill or sabotage in vents. They regain these abilities once they exit, and whatever cooldown was paused in the vents now resume. Additionally, the Imposter can use the vents as a way of transportation.

Not only can they travel from one vent or another nearby, but it also doesn't matter if they happen to be close together at all! The Imposter, through anomalous means, can travel great distances in a span of a few seconds from these vents, even if the destination is several thousand miles away. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how far they can vent except that they cannot vent off Earth.

The Imposter is capable of some level of shape-shifting. Its unknown what YHWH's true form is, as their current form is just a copy of a crewmate that they've killed. They can morph their bodies to extremes, allowing them to squeeze through small openings with ease. They cannot fit through openings that are too small.

Because of this shape-shifting, YHWH is unusually strong.

Spear Tongue:
The Imposter can form a mouth from their stomach, allowing them to spear their enemies with a thin, sharp tongue with great accuracy. This is a medium-range attack. They can also eat with this mouth, usually opting to dispose of bodies in this way to destroy evidence. It takes them several long seconds to consume a human, though it varies depending on the size and whether or not the prey was still alive and kicking during consumption.

In a situation where they could risk getting caught doing this, they tend to just abandon ship and flee.

Dash Attack:
YHWH can dash a short distance to quickly dispatch opponents. On humans, this usually happens in a split seconds before they can react, and the Imposter can choose how to kill them from there. Some of their favorite ways to kill are to spear them with their tongue, shoot them, snap their neck, or simply just bite the upper half of their body off. Their kill cooldown is about 45 seconds.

The Imposter can sabotage various electronics and cause them to malfunction. This may only irritate others, or cause life-or-death situations if they are not repaired. The Imposter can also shut doors temporarily, among other things. This has a 17-second cooldown.

Night Vision:

Since they don't need to breathe and they can use their shape-shifting abilities to make their bodies air-tight, they can surviving the harshness of space. Even harsh UV rays don't bother them here.

10mm pistol, fully loaded. Comes with extra ammo.

YHWH is cold and unforgiving. They seem to experience no emotion other than bloodlust... and the fear of being caught. The Impostor isn't a bold killer and takes the time to make sure nobody spots them and escapes alive. Should the jig be up, they'll dig up whatever lie they can gather to save themselves or, preferably, accuse another. Regardless, YHWH does slip up sometimes. They aren't perfect.

They're goal is to wipe out all life on Earth, so as they and their kind are the dominant lifeforms on this planet. Afterward, they'll move onto another planet and rinse and repeat. YHWH dreams of one day wiping out all life in the universe... But that won't happen unless they do some killing!

YHWH, the name it has given itself, impersonated a crewmate on board the Skeld. The spaceship was originally filled with 10 astronauts, but YHWH managed to widdle them down to just 2 when they killed most of them off. They eventually got caught after one of the surviving crewmates, Orange, spotted YHWH venting in from the Admin panel. With that, Orange and the other crewmate Lime ejected YHWH into space. They believed that this would kill them.

They were wrong.

The crewmates were unaware that YHWH was able to survive in the vacuum of space. In fact, that's how the Impostor invaded their ship in the first place. YHWH furiously lashed about as they spent the next few hours flying through the void. Eventually, they crash-landed onto Earth and survived, leading them to where they are today.

In this RP, they have been here for a few weeks. They have already killed some humans here and there, but hopes to kick it up a notch very soon...

The Imposter is 3'6" and weighs 92lbs. Their blood is black and colagulates very quickly. Their hands are disembodied and disappear when not in use. Ignoring that, they're normal hands. When they speak, it looks like this.

YHWH will insistently claim that their name is Red until they know that either their jig is up or they know that they're in a safe enough place to reveal themselves.

Birb Birb uvu​
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We don't want zombies on our lawn!
Lilith Audrey

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Manhattan, New York City

Lilith uses her spiritual magic to attack any foes

Spirit Bullets:
Lilith shoots the target with spirits that cause a small burst of white fire on impact, they also leave a a small fire trail as they travel.

Spirit Spike:
Lilith summons a spike that will quickly protrude from up to five to ten feet, she is also able to summon multiple in quick succession.

Spirit Shield:
Lilith summons a shield that will protect from any attacks but can break if it takes too much damage witch will leave her vulnerable to attacks.

Spirit Heal:
Lilith uses her spiritual magic to heal any wounds anyone has, although she is not able to heal any amputated inquires.

Lilith brings her diary with her almost anywhere she goes, using it to write down any thoughts
(Yeah that's basically it)

Lilith is often pretty shy and introverted but isn't too afraid to open up to people she trusts once she gets to know them more, she's also highly self-conscious about herself due to her past.

Lilith used to live with her only father and often drew a lot at home but started to get bullied more at school, she tried to transfer to other schools but it never worked, this caused her to get more depressed over time until she took her own life. Many years later she came back as one of her drawings witch was a stick figure like ghost.

She has Zuigerphobia (Fear of Vacuums)
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Skeleton Boi

“This fight-fray is done-over. Squeak-swear to serve me or join that fool-meat in death. Ikit Claw now commands this expedition.”

Tell-say that Ikit Claw, Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre, Master of the Warpstorm, Flayer of Forgemaster Gharhakk Bloodtongue, Butcher of Chicomecoatl, Gutter of Jarl Alfhild Daemonkin, Burner of Magister Klaus von Doenhoff, Razer of Helwigstadt...”

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, Japan

Anti Large / Armoir piercing

When facing against an opponent as large as a horse, he gains extra damage with every attack against them, and with armpit piercing, any form of armor would be mostly ignored when Ikit Claw strikes back, effective against large and armored targets, but not so much for smaller and less armored units.

Mad Genius:

One of the smartest, if not, the smartest of Clan Skyre, Ikit Claw has built many successful inventions such as the DoomWheel or his personal favorite, the Storm-Daemon, a hellish halberd like weapon made of warpstone. But like many other mad scientists, this rat has only one big desire, to create the most powerful weapon known to all races, and to even end the entire world with it.

Warp Lightning:

Dire green-black lightning strikes at the Skaven's chittered command. Upon activation, a small dark cloud would appear up in the skies and once fully charged, let’s forth a blast of multiple green arcs of lightning that each cause a small green explosion upon contact with the ground. Effective upon multiple groups of soldier but weak against a single target.

Brass Orb:

A large brass orb that Ikit Claw can let forth, it is capable of launching small bolts of electricity as it floats around on the field, shocking anything and anyone that comes near its range.


Ikit Claw thrusts his paws into the ground and summons forth a great gout of green flame. It starts out small, but when continuing on its path, the spread of the flame increases in a tear-drop like shape, scorching anything within its ever-growing path.

  • Iron Frame (Magic Armour) - A mighty Iron Frame encases the mighty Warlock-Engineer's entire body, giving him amazing strength, dexterity and resistance against physical harm as well as magical. It also comes equipped with a powerful warpfire thrower, includes a jet pack installed as well.
  • Storm Daemon (Magic Weapon) - Storm Daemon is a magical halberd wielded by the infamous Warlock Engineer. It also has the ability to project a bolt of pure warplightning

Ikit Claw is a mad tinker-rat obsessed with the pursuit of technology, yet unlike other Warlock-Engineers, his madness and obsession has the potential to obliterate the entire world with a single push of a button. So committed is the Chief Warlork to prove his superiority to the world that he would go to any length to achieve his goals. One of his greatest goals is to create a weapon the likes of which would uplift the Chief Warlock's name beyond even Master Morskittar's own fame. In all practicality, the Chief Warlock is mad, so obsessed with his science and his technology, he didn’t care what happened to the Under-Empire, so long as he could boast about unleashing the most destructive force ever known to ratkind. The Claw would ruin all of skavendom just so he could measure the power of his creation for all to bare and see.


-Ikit Claw starts with 9 other units in order to aid him in his quest to take over the world with nuclear weaponry, the units are:
The Second in command of Ikit Claw’s small personal army and one of his most trustful and loyal ally (for a Skaven), not much is known about Tim underneath the gas mask other than his name and title, but he seems to have taken much inspiration from Ikit Claw and puts it to use in his own diabolical and strange way, not only building a suit of armor to encase his entire form, making a spear capable of firing out small balls of warp flame, but also replaced his left arm with a warpstone powered claw capable of shooting warp lighting from his arms. But unlike his title, he rarely knows of any true warp spells, and instead, focuses mostly on his equipment and experience in order to survive in the field, but he is still great at machines and technology.
Made up of 24 duo machinegun teams manning a six barreled warp steam fueled weapons that is capable of firing a onslaught of warpstone bullets to those stupid enough to get within their range. Each gun requires two Skaven to operate, one to crank the lever and prepare the gun, while the other gains the pleasure of firing the weapon.
With the same dynamic as the Rattling Gunners team, the Warplock Jezzials is made up of duo Skaven working together in unison, the size of the entire unit being
A small squad made up of 4 drivers, the Doom-Flayer is a motorised iron ball of whirling blades that was first deployed during the merciless underground battles against the Dwarfs of the World's Edge Mountains. Various incarnations of this Skaven killing machine with spinning, stabbing and slashing blades were used to assail the Dawi's subterranean strongholds. The first few Doom-Flayers were largely Skaven-powered, as the pushing crew generated much of the impetus needed to drive the whirling weaponry. The Skaven crew, protected by a scrap-barrier of old shields, metal-reinforced planks, and even the patched-together armour plates of fallen enemies, could just about avoid incoming missile fire and steer the device to plough into enemy lines, and is greatly effective against hordes of infantry.
Stormvermin are the fighting elite of the Skaven Warlord clans. They are distinguished from their scrawnier litter-matters - often standing a full head taller, with thick muscular necks and a powerful build. Most Stormvermin are marked at birth, as their size and darker fur colour is recognisable. As the largest and most aggressive, young Stormvermin-to-be typically outfight the rest of their litter for precious food. If the young warriors are particularly strong, the weakest of their litter actually become the food. Should they survive the traumatic politics and back-stabbing as their litter-pack jockeys for position, the strongest Skaven will be assigned to regiments of Stormvermin and outfitted with the best war gear. Their duties may include forming a retinue or bodyguard for anyone from a minor Chieftain to the mighty ruling Clan Warlord himself, which puts the Stormvermin at the vanguard of the army where they can ensure continued preferential treatment by fighting with ferocity and zeal for their leaders. These units in particular are effective against large opponents in armor, gaining bonus damage against large opponents and able to cut through most of their armor like butter, these guys also wield armor of their own and are effective at stopping enemy charges such as those like horses or any other means of dashing attack. There are a 160 Skaven units in each elite squad, becoming a total of 320 Stormvermin armed and ready to fight to the death.
The most numerous and weakest of all the Skaven units, The Under-Empire is run by slave labour. Skavenslaves perform all menial tasks, including mining, tunnelling, and food production. In lean times, they themselves become the food. The majority of slaves are Skaven born into bondage, the lowest class of a hierarchical society. Their ranks swell as rival clans are captured during internecine wars. At times even non-Skaven become slaves, although few other races last long under the whips of the ratmen overseers. In warfare Skavenslaves are used en masse to absorb missile fire and to overwhelm the foe with numbers. A common Warlord tactic is to whip Skavenslaves to the fore of an assault. Many are butchered, but the loss is acceptable if the slaves bear the brunt of incoming or tire the foe for the next attack wave. The best Skavenslaves will even pull down and tear to pieces a few of the adversaries, although this is considered a bonus. Having very low leadership, they are very likely to break and run away from battle as quickly as they entered, but with each Skaven slave group being a total of 180, there are a total of 540 Skaven, their only real advantage is quite literally their numbers, and will fight tooth and nail if their own survival wills it.


A custom dude

The universe of Origin:

Starting Location:

He has military training

  • Brass Knuckles: Doomguy's basic melee weapon whenever he punches.
  • Flashlight: While its main purpose is to light up dark corridors, Doomguy can use this as not only a tool but also as a blunt melee weapon (Doom 3).
  • Fire Axe: Doomguy can use this Axe to beat down zombies at close range, besides, to break down beaten-up doors (Doom RPG).
  • Fire Extinguisher: While primarily used to put out fires, this is very effective against fire-based enemies such as Lost Souls & Arch-files (Doom RPG).
  • Chainsaw: While there has been no known use for the Chainsaw being on Mars didn't stop Doomguy from using it, he can use this weapon to cut through many demons at ease as it's capable of dealing constant damage upon contact.
  • Ionized Plasma Levitator: This unusual weapon allows Doomguy to hold certain objects above the ground for a limited time and can throw them with great force in addition to the fact it can also allow him to grab incoming fireballs thrown by enemies, reach otherwise inaccessible pickups, \destroy certain enemies and remove obstacles in the player's path.
  • Frag Grenade: Doomguy can throw this frag grenade once every ten seconds, he can throw a total of two of these and only wait for twenty seconds to throw two at a time again.
  • Hologram: Doomguy can create a hologram that not only acts as a dummy but can even shoot. He can use a hologram once every ten seconds and can use a total of two every twenty seconds at a time.
  • Siphon Grenade: This functions similarly to the Frag Grenade as it deals with damage to enemies within the radius. Besides, the Siphon Grenade not only deals damage to enemies but also partially heals Doomguy as well.
  • Pistol (UAC EMG Sidearm): In the 2016 version of Doom, Doomguy can shoot this at unlimited amounts of times as he wishes. As soon as he fires this, it compresses up to 4 megawatts of Argent Energy into a hardened plasma gel as it launches the slug at high velocity. The gel has the same impact properties as conventional ammunition thus making it feel like an actual firearm.
    • Charge Efficiency: Doomguy manages to modify the Pistol to decrease the duration period it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Quick Recovery: Doomguy also managed to modify the Pistol to decrease the recovery duration period after he fires off a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Light Weight: Doomguy has managed to make it so that the Pistol is lightweight, meaning he can move at his normal speed when using a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Increased Power: This further increases the maximum power of a Charged Energy Shot.
  • Chain Gun: Also known as "The D12" by operatives, the Chaingun is a high-velocity heavy weapon that is capable of suppressing multiple targets all at once. It should be pointed out that recent changes to the firing mechanism have managed to push the Chain Gun to the physical limits of a ballistic weapon as an Argent Infused Piston compresses gas within the firing crucible to over 220,000 PSI. The moment it's released will launch a 15mm Tungsten Slug with a muzzle velocity of nearly 5,000 feet per second.
    • Gatling Rotator: A 3rd party modification overrides the crucible release safety, allowing Doomguy to fire the Chain Gun immediately and without having to wait for maximum rotation. While it does prolong the duration period it needs to reach full speed, Doomguy can fire off a volley of bullets instantly.
      • Improved Torque: This upgrade that Doomguy made on the Gatling Rotator allows it to further increases the spin-up speed to fire the Chain Gun sooner than later.
      • Uranium Coating: This upgrade allows the Gatling Rotator to fire off bullets that have a Uranium Coating which allows them to penetrate through targets at ease.
      • Incendiary Rounds: This upgrade allows the Gattling Rotator to deal even more damage the moment the Chain Gun reaches its maximum rate of fire.
    • Mobile Turret: While this modification unbalances the Chain Gun, this allows Doomguy to fire off twice the normal amount of rate of fire but at the expense of overheating it. The moment Doomguy activates the Mobile Turrent causes the barrel of the Chain Gun to split into three separate mini-barrels that fire off a barrage of bullets. This modification allows the Chain Gun the sheer capable of rivaling the BFG-9000.
      • Rapid Deployment: This upgrade allows the Mobile Turret to deploy itself at a moment's notice.
      • Uranium Coating: This upgrade allows the Mobile Turret to fire off bullets that have a Uranium Coating which allows them to penetrate through targets at ease.
      • Ultimate Cooling: This upgrade allows the Mobile Turrent to not overheat, thus allowing Doomguy to fire off a barrage of bullets for as long as he wishes while using the Rich Get Richer Rune so as long as his Armor remains 75% and above or until he runs out of bullets whichever happens first.
  • Combat Shotgun: The standard military issued combat shotgun forged out of high-quality Titanium Steel, Doomguy can use this to shoot down any target at close to melee range. Its pump-action and it's spread ranges from 7 to 10 pellets in a single blast.
    • Charged Burst: This modification allows Doomguy to fire off an automatic fire-up that shoots up to 3 shell rounds in rapid succession. Utmost useful against Doomguy's foes at close range as it is capable of taking down all but the most resilient of adversaries.
      • Speedy Recovery: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification to recover more quickly between fired bursts.
      • Rapid Fire: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification with an increased fire rate.
      • Quick Load: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification a quicker loading duration period.
      • Power Shot: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification a further increase in damage on the next burst. This only happens the moment Doomguy manages to successfully land all three shots on a single target.
    • Explosive Shot: This mod allows Doomguy to incorporate a glycerin fuse within a shell that detonates an Octanitrocubane gel upon impact to create a wide-area of effect. This mod is highly effective against either multiple targets or when detonated to the ear of enemies in defilade.
      • Speedy Recovery: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification to recover more quickly between fired bursts.
      • Bigger Boom: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification to further increases the size of the explosion radius.
      • Instant Load: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification will remove the loading duration period for the Explosive Shot itself.
      • Cluster Strike: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification will create a series of Cluster Bombs the moment Doomguy scores a direct hit on his chosen target. The Cluster Bombs will deal additional damage to said target plus other targets near-by.
  • Super Shotgun: Despite being removed from the Union Aerospace Corporation's approved weapon arsenal didn't stop Doomguy from using the Super Shotgun thus making it extremely ideal in close quarters combat should he ever have to.
    • Faster Reload: Doomguy has managed to improve the Super Shotgun thus allowing him to reload it quicker than usual.
    • Uranium Coating: Doomguy has managed to modify the Super Shotgun to the point where the shells now have Uranium Coating, thus causing the shells to penetrate through even multiple targets.
    • Double Trouble: Doomguy has managed to modify the Super Shotgun to the point where he can fire twice before having to reload, this modification still makes the Super Shotgun as if Doomguy fired off two shells in a single blast.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle: Despite being replaced with the Plasma Rifle, the Heavy Assault Weapon is still the ideal weapon due to its dependable mechanical firing mechanism in addition to its high accuracy at long-range targets.
    • Tactical Scope: This allows Doomguy to zoom into targets and snipe them down from a long distance as it allows him to fire multiple .50 calibers FMJ rounds without having to deal with unmanageable recoil.
      • Uranium Coating: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Tactical Scope Modification to fire off the .50 caliber FMJ rounds that have a Uranium Coating which allows them to penetrate through targets at ease, this only takes effect while Doomguy is zooming with the Tactical Scope Modification.
      • Skull Cracker: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Tactical Scope Modification to deal even more damage to enemies when Doomguy aims for the head of such targets.
      • Light Weight: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Tactical Scope Modification to be more relatable as Doomguy made it weigh less.
      • Devastator Rounds: In addition to Uranium Coating, Doomguy has managed to make it so that the Heavy Assault Rifle with Tactical Scope can fire off of what appears to be experimental yet heavy damage dealing ammunition rounds. Doomguy can only fire off these rounds whenever he's zoomed into his chosen target.
    • Micro Missiles: This multi-chambered cylinder that is located under the primary barrel is something that Doomguy can load up to six HMX missiles. The small-but-deadly rockets are designed to deliver multiple payloads to even a single target and can subdue multiple targets within a tight kill-zone.
      • Ammo Efficient: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification to reduce the ammunition cost for using the Micro Missiles.
      • Advanced Loader: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification to quickly reload the Micro Missiles themselves.
      • Quick Launcher: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missile Modification to instantly activate the Micro Missile rack the moment it is ready to fire.
      • Bottomless Missiles: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification to fire an almost seemingly endless supply of Micro Missiles which only stops until Doomguy runs out of ammunition or until he chooses to stop whichever happens first. He can fire endlessly so as long as his Armor remains at least at 75% and above upon using the Rich Get Richer Rune.
  • Plasma Rifle: This standard-issue military weapon is capable of delivering a rapid salvo of plasmoids that deal not only with impact but also thermal damage to Doomguy's chosen targets.
    • Heat Blast: This modification allows Doomguy to cause the Plasma Rifle to absorb residual thermal energy thus instantly transferring the heat to the borosilicate diffusion chamber. As soon as the meter is full will allow Doomguy to unleash a heatwave from the end of the weapon that deals localized damage in addition to the possible chance it will create a pressure wave that will knock back targets.
      • Super Heated Rounds: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification causes the heat within the Heat Blast Modification to build up faster than normal, taking at least 3 seconds for Doomguy to max out the Heat Blast's heat bar thus allowing him to unleash the Heat Blast.
      • Improved Venting: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification significantly reduces the Heat Blast Modification's recovery the moment Doomguy fires off a Heat Blast from it.
      • Expanded Threshold: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification further increases the amount of heat that can be contained within the Heat Blast Modification itself, thus allowing Doomguy to deal even more potential heat-based damage from it.
      • Heated Core: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification to generate heat on a massive scale, thus making it so that Doomguy won't have to use up ammunition to build it up. It takes the Heat Blast Modification 10 seconds to build upon its own without Doomguy having to fire the Plasma Rounds.
    • Stun Bomb: This modification for the Plasma Rifle allows Doomguy to fire off a powerful pulse that will stun near-by targets caught in the radius. The modification requires cooling between uses.
      • Quick Recharge: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Stun Bomb Modification to allow the Stun Bomb to recharge at a faster rate.
      • Big Shock: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Stun Bomb Modification further increases the radius effect for the Stun Bomb detonation.
      • Longer Stun: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Stun Bomb Modification slightly increases the duration period up to 4 seconds totals thus causing anyone caught within the radius of the Stun Bomb itself.
      • Chain Stun: The moment Doomguy manages to kill his chosen targets while they remain under the effects of the Stun Bomb will release a secondary stun that will detonate and stun other targets nearby if any.
  • Gauss Cannon: This weapon is the result of the basis for numerous industrial projects over the years with the Argent Tower is one of those projects. The Gauss Cannon is capable of scoring near-perfect accurate hits due to its aerodynamic design of the projectiles with the ammunition being cheap and readily available.
    • Precision Bolt: This standard telescopic sight is used to allow to further improve it's already near-perfect accuracy at long ranges. Doomguy can accumulate additional magnetic charge within its launch chamber and when released will fire off the flechettes at an even greater speed. A fully charged flechette is almost seemingly unstoppable as it will pass through even multiple targets within Doomguy's sight.
      • Energy Efficient: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Precision Bolt Modification to reduce the duration period to charge up the bolt to maximum power. Furthermore, it also reduces the duration period between shots as well.
      • Light Weight: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Precision Bolt Modification to be lighter in weight, thus allowing Doomguy to move at normal speed while using its Zoom Inability.
      • Volatile Discharge: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Precision Bolt Modification to fire off a Volatile Discharge, which causes a target who's weak enough to explode thus dealing with damage to anyone caught in the explosion itself.
    • Siege Mode: This allows Doomguy to shoot a plasma beam once fully charged. Because of its precise nature of the modification itself, safety valves prevent the weapon itself from discharging until the Argon has been fully ionized. While Doomguy charges this also prevents him from moving anywhere until he manages to release the plasma beam which is capable of penetrating up to multiple targets at once thus producing a concussive blast at the final point of impact.
      • Outer Beam: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Siege Mode Modification a devastating area of effect around it, thus dealing with damage to other enemies caught within the area of effect.
      • Reduced Charge Time: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Siege Mode Modification to reduce the duration period for the beam to fully charge up thus only taking one second to charge up.
      • Mobile Siege: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Siege Mode Modification allows Doomguy to move while charging up the Gauss Cannon while using it's Siege Mode Modification. Furthermore,e, if Doomguy aims it dowd after it's fired, allows him to perform up to a triple jump.
  • Rocket Launcher: This heavy-duty weapon is a standard issue to Heavy Weapons Specialists in all known military forces due to its unparalleled direct impact and radius damage. Utmost ideal for Doomguy when he's firing the rockets at either a group of demons or against a highly resistant one.
    • Remote Detonation: This simple yet useful modification allows Doomguy to allow his rocket to detonate by remote upon his decision.
      • Improved Warhead: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Remote Detonation Modification to allow the rocket itself to cause a larger explosion, thus allowing it to deal damage to enemies from wider distances.
      • Jagged Shrapnel: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Remote Detonation Modification causes anyone caught within the explosion to take piercing damage from the Jagged Shrapnel itself. Furthermore, individuals that survive not only the explosion and the combined piercing damage from the Jagged Shrapnel also take damage over time for a short duration period.
      • External Payload: Upon obtaining this upgrade allows Doomguy to modify the rocket in such a way where it is now mounted with explosives. Doomguy can fire off the rocket then outright detonate the mounted explosives at any moment he wishes and the rocket itself will remain in one piece assuming it hasn't hit its target or missed its mark.
    • Lock-On Burst: This modification allows Doomguy to lock-on to his target and fire off three rockets in a single launch. It also has a built-in laser targeter for Doomguy to ensure he doesn't miss his mark.
      • Quick-Lock: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Lock-On Burst Modification to allow Doomguy to lock-on to his target within one second.
      • Faster Recovery: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Lock-On Burst Modification to cause the duration period between another lock-on to be reduced.
      • Multi-Targeting: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Lock-On Burst Modification allows Doomguy to lock-on up to three separate targets, the rockets themselves will be divided among the lock-on targets themselves.
  • BFG-9000: When Doomguy dishes out the BFG-9000, it is capable when correctly charged will unleash deadly packets of Argent Energy in a controlled manner that can utterly destroy or deal high damage to the most resistant of targets as it's capable of delivering an electrical shock that instantly boils the blood and fatty tissue of such targets thus causing a spontaneous explosion of the said targets caught in the blast. It is said that this is what leads the UAC to build and mass-produce the Plasma Rifle.
  • The Unmaker: Intended to be a demon-tech weapon as it was made out of demon bones, this weapon is designed to destroy demonic beings. Doomguy enjoys the benefits of its spread fire function in addition to the fact it doesn't pose any recoil openings, allowing Doomguy to take down even his most powerful targets.
  • The Soul Cube: Due to the fact it's an ancient Martian artifact, the Soul Cube can only be activated the moment Doomguy kills at least five targets so as long as they have a soul. The Soul Cube will always attack an enemy with the most amount of health in addition to dealing splash damage to adjacent enemies. It is also capable of restoring some health to Doomguy as well.
  • Heart of Hell: Despite Doomguy's hands showing signs of corruption the moment he holds it poses no ill-effect against him. Upon absorbing three human souls, it grants Doomguy the ability to manipulates time, super mortal strength, and becomes temporarily invulnerable.

he Doomguy is commonly seen as the feared soldier by the demons from Hell. His untalkative nature reassuringly brings out his imposing personality as he showcases his unbridled, seething rage and hatred towards the entire demonic race.

Doomguy is a Marine from the United States Marine Corps, one of the toughest warriors on Earth itself. Doomguy has been incarcerated on Mars after killing a senior officer when ordered to shoot down innocent civilians, it is then he is taken to Mars where he worked among side the Union Aerospace Corporation where they researched interdimensional travel and secret experimentation.

Despite the signs of anomalies and instability, the UAC has managed to continue its further research on Mars, but when something goes horribly wrong to the point where the armies of Hell swarm out of the teleportation gates on Deimos and Phobos, quickly overpowering the defensive response from base security. All known personnel at this point are either killed or turned into zombies.

It then gets to the point where a military detachment from Mars pays a visit to Phobos as Doomguy finds himself tasked with securing the perimeter as the assault team with heavy weaponry is brought inside to clear up the base. It then gets to the point where Doomguy hears screams, orders being shouted out, and then... silence.

Realizing that Doomguy is the only last person standing against incredible odds, he realizes that the only way to escape from the Moon Base itself is to go inside and fight through the complexes.

he does not work well with others.
Doomguy (Character) - Giant Bomb

The Mechanist

Everyone's favorite cybernetic robot! 🤖
Primarch Vulkan

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Tokyo Japan

Like his genetic father, Vulkan was a Perpetual, a rare Human mutant with the ability to be resurrected from death over and over no matter how much damage his body suffered. Vulkan was able to regenerate fully from any injury, including a death that resulted in his complete disintegration. This ability was unknown to him until the Horus Heresy and his near-death at the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan V.

Is a blacksmith, capable of crafting highly advanced equipment with both form and function.

  • The Draken Scale - Vulkan's Artificer Armourwas a marvel of the Imperium and famed relic in its own right, and its crowning glory was the skull of the great Firedrake Kesare mounted upon the Primarch's shoulder, upon whose image the Legion's symbol was based.
  • Dawnbringer - A warhammer of prodigious size and reputedly indestructible material construction, Dawnbringer was too great a weight for any but a Primarch to lift. Wielded by Vulkan, Dawnbringer was capable of sundering any defence set against it, from isolithic stone to the densest armour plate, and brutally crushed countless foes in the Primarch's hands. Dawnbringer also possessed unknown, formidable teleporter technology that enabled the Primarch to safely teleport over vast distances of space, even from one world to another.
  • The Furnace's Heart - A baroquely-styled energy weapon similar to a Plasma Pistol gifted to Vulkan by Ferrus Manus, this unique weapon utilised individual charged shells to produce powerful laser-like blasts capable of cutting swathes through even heavily armoured foes. The weapon, however, was not truly favoured by Vulkan, for reasons that remained the subject of dark rumour, but the Salamanders Primarch carried the weapon into battle at Istvaan V regardless to honour his brother for the gift.
Unlike his brothers, Vulcan is humble, choosing honor over pride, self sacrifice for the greater good and not seeing others as lesser. He chooses to stick with the teachings and cultural life style of the nocturneans who had adopted him when he landed on their planet.


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Off to a Better Place

"Talk about low-budget flights! No food or movies? I'm outta here! I like running better!"

Sonic the Hedgehog



Las Vegas


  • Super Speed: Often referred to as the "Fastest Thing Alive", Sonic is well known for his speed. His best-known speed clocks in at over 768 miles per hour. When boosting for a long time it is possible for his speed to reach over 2500mph. Sonic can use his speed while he's in spinball form to home in on targets in a similar fashion of heat-seeking missiles. He is even capable of moving as fast as light with the aid of his Light Speed Attack. Sonic can use his speed to scale up building or similar structures and run across water. Sonic can also use his full speed while running backward.
    Sonic also possesses great agility and acrobatic skills. His reaction time is also on par with his speed. He can avoid objects and attacks in an instant with his quickstep move, no matter how fast the attack is coming at him.
  • Super Strength: While not known for his physical capabilities, Sonic possesses a certain degree of superhuman strength (though not as strong as Knuckles). His Spin Dash is strong enough to break through solid structures and the metallic armor of multiple robots. His arms also yield great strength as he tears a robot's body with his bare hands.
  • Combat Prowess: Despite receiving no formal training in self-defense, Sonic has been shown to be skilled in close-quarter combat. He has been shown to go against more experienced fighters, include those, stronger than him.
  • Super Sonic: When Sonic obtains all the chaos emeralds, he becomes a super form of himself by fusing with the power of said emeralds. In this form, Sonic's color is changed to a bright yellow. He can fly and is even faster than he normally is, being able to fly faster than the speed of light itself. He also is practically invincible as well.


The Chaos Emeralds
- These seven emeralds hold the ultimate power in Sonic's own dimension. The one who obtains all of them is said to have limitless power. Sonic has these, though he only uses them and goes into his super form when needed.






Skeleton Boi
“If I was the imposter, then why did green walk past that body in Electrical....”

Mr. Violet
Purple Guy
The Imposter

2 Years old


Starting Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada

Powers / Abilities / Equipment:

Imposter weaponry:

Being an Imposter has its benefits after all, and while not having the shape shifting abilities of the parasitic Imposter type, he does have a couple of tools on him that keeps him doesn’t make him entering vulnerable in battle, such as having a m1911 pistol with what seems to be an infinite amount of mags, and a classic kitchen knife for in case something enters melee range. But in order for maximum potential, he needs to use his Kill ability.

When near vents and holes that has a possible exit, the Imposter is capable of hiding within the vent and going between either hole/vent to the other side, before exiting it into a completely new area. While inside, the cooldown for both his Kill attack and Sabotage moves completely stops, requiring him to exit the vent/hole once more in order to continue the countdown.

‘Kill’ Attack:
One of the most powerful and dangerous moves in the Imposter’s arsenal, he is capable of instantly killing someone back home, but here, if they are more stronger than a weak enemy, it would just deal a great amount of damage towards the individual. The Kill attack can come in a large variety of ways, ranging from a pistol shot to the head, a simple snap of the neck with the twist of his wrists, or even summoning a woodchipper called ‘Brazil’ to throw foes inside of, the possibilities are nearly endless, but a few weaknesses of this, is that he is unable to do moves and such that requires him to greatly change his body other than his hands, and after completing a Kill, he has to wait 50 seconds until being able to use this move once again, a situational move that should only be use in the most dire situations. He can also dash forwards a few feet in order to complete this move.

One of the other well known moves of the Imposter, he is capable of shutting off any electrical or mechanical device or making them malfunction within his field of view, whether it is a run away car, a running chainsaw, or a small lightbulb, if it runs on mechanical parts or electricity, he can shut it off for 15 seconds, or depending on what it is, requires a manual restart for it to work again. This move requires 20 seconds after the sabotage has ended in order to work once more.

Dark Vision:
One of the main advantages he has is that he is completely able to see within dark areas, reasoning for this is unknown, but he makes use of this by attacking those not used to the darkness or knowing where to navigate within the dark halls of a place.

Item and Intractable things:
Like the Crewmates of the space station that the Imposter was once stationed on, he can interact with things, such as machinery or electrical machines like any other, although much slower due to him no longer being that of an Crewmate, but still has common knowledge on how to keep a spacecraft floating in space.

Seal-tight Spacesuit:
Wearing a sealed spacesuit with its own oxygen supply, he is generally well protected from any outside hazards such as fire or poison gas that may otherwise prove harmful to those exposed to it, it’s also the reason why he survived long enough in space to be teleported to a new world.

High Endurance:
The Imposter is capable of running for an indefinite amount of time, able to keep a steady pace without ever stopping, maybe it has to due with the Imposter’s home planet having much more gravity, or some other reasoning behind it, but generally, he knows how to continue his pace for as long as possible.


On the outside, the Imposter outs himself out as a generally chill and friendly individual that is actually quite well at doing his own tasks and killing foes as well. In fact, the Imposter is an great actor at keeping this fake shell of himself out for all to see, but the inner mechanisms within the mind of this Purple suited astronaut holds a far worse tale. He is truly a cold and calculating killer, often thinking about the best course of plan during each situation, killing anything that comes to stop his adventure of returning back to the space ship he was ejected from, friend or foe alike. He knows when and how to plan out his moves, whether he would go into the fray at the right moment or let someone else to do all the heavy lifting for him, whether he is around, expect many dirty tricks to be played into the field. But for some reason, he actually seems to enjoy petting small creatures, once owning a small blue dog like creature, now gone, but maybe, if maybe, he has a chance of changing his vile ways, and instead, go on a path of redemption for what he has done. Well, maybe not now, but later it’s a possibility.

Short Bio:

Once a Crewmate of an unnamed space craft, he used to work with his colleagues every single day every since he had arrived months ago for his first assignment, and the for most part, it was peaceful, like everything he ever wanted was here at his own fingertips. Of course, this was boring to the Crewmate, who wanted a life full of excitement and experiences he hadn’t done before, the feeling of doing something new and different than what he has done for the past months.

Unfortunately, that newfound experience was found in the most brutal way, as a short series of events later, he found himself working with an parasitic ‘Imposter’ impersonating as the Red fez wearing person he rarely spoke to, but seeing the opportunity, he agreed to working with the alien in taking over the entire space craft, and from there, their work had truly started. From there, they had worked together and killed the six other Crewmates of the ten that were on the ship, including theirselves, but before they could continue on with their plans, a small little trap involving them getting stuck in the airlock, and one push of an button, they were then thrown into the void of space, never to be seen again.

And that would be the truth, if it weren’t for what happened out in space, as an couple hours of being launched into space, the two were approaching a large ocean like planet in the distance, the kinetic energy they had pushing the two all the way there, but before the Imposter could react, he had blacked out from nowhere, and now woke up in a completely different spot, definitely not near his ally any bit.... now on the planet that they were heading for..... maybe his ally was nearby, or maybe they were miles apart, but no matter, he was gonna try to find a way back to his friend, and possibly enjoy killing multiple innocents as well along the way.

Other Info:
  • The Imposter stands at the height of 3 feet tall, pretty short for a human.​
  • The Imposter was once a Crewmate, before the temptations from the dark sides of space called out to him and influenced him to silently rebel against his own team in the most brutal way.​
  • Unlike the Majority of Imposters, instead of being of the same parasitic race, the Imposter is instead part of the Crewmate’s race, but is mostly notable for using technology to kill his foes.​
  • The Imposter also has hands that are not attached to his body in any shape or form, always seemingly like it’s floating in mid-air​

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

"Gods, Demons, Angels, superpowered teens...Who cares about that...If they can kill me, they're worth my time."


Seo-jun, Immortal of The Dying Earth

Universe of Origin:


Starting Location:



[Curse of the Trickster God: Impartiality]

Seo-jun is completely and utterly immortal. No matter the size of the explosion, the strength of the attack, the conceptual weight behind it- Seo's immortality is tied together with the concept of 'creation' and 'trickery', in the sense that whenever he dies or should be dead, from his death, the concept of trickery is born, affecting the meaning behind the attack of his opponent, and making it so it isn't able to affect his immortality or make him reach a true death. Despite this incredibly powerful ability, however, Seo-Jun is still affected by non-deadly effects and attacks. When his head is lobbed off, even if it will eventually attach itself back, a scar will stay in place. When he breaks his bones or ruptures his lungs, they won't heal instantly. When he feels hunger, sleepiness, thirst, he will suffer the effects of each and all.

In other words, Seo-jun cannot be killed despite looking for someone who can be so, but he isn't immune to everything and anything- just the things that would cause his death.

[Blessing of the Trickster God: Holder of the World's Treasures]

Seo-jun is old, and in his home, he collected many magical artifacts. Some important and noteworthy, others common and able to be replicable. But many of the ones he wields belonged to great men and women in story- legendary figures who were their original wielders. To be capable of wielding them all, Seo-jun was given the ability to be able to have any magical weapon or artifact be able to be wielded by him, by 'tricking' and 'willing' the artifact with both trickery and divine will to be wielded by him. Despite this, Seo isn't known for using the artifacts to their full potential when he does fight. His fighting style is akin to a wild and drunken man grabbing whatever there is next to him as a weapon. While he can use the full potential of his '''treasures''', they tend to be used in short periods of time, seemingly as a way to constantly confuse his foes due to him constantly shifting weapons.

[Photographic Memory]

Seo is over nine thousand years old. He's seen empires rise and all met legendary figures that came and went, fought beings who could lay waste to the land he stood- yet. despite all this time that has passed, despite being older than the messiah who was born two thousand and twenty years ago, Seo is capable of remembering details of the story and his life down to the specific detail in an almost supernatural sense of the word. He truly is a holder of true knowledge...

...If he wasn't drunk all the time, and was barely conscious most of the day. God damn it this useless drunk-

[Semi Superhuman Body]

Seo's body is capable of hitting hard and taking strong hits, despite his frail and weak appearance. When he isn't drunk and constantly bumbling around and asking for money, he is capable of fighting with great prowess, being even proficient in taekwondo, overpowering most humans in terms of speed, agility, and reflex. It is unknown if this is a natural power of his, or if he simply developed these abilities due to his age, but Seo is definitely above most humans, although still falls short to most supernatural entities.


[Magical Trolley]

At all times, Seo carries with him a supernaturally enchanted supermarket trolley with a blanket all over it, hiding its inside contents from the rest of the world. This trolley, an artifact capable of changing shape to whatever storing object Seo needs, has essentially infinite space- and is where Seo keeps most of his magical weapons, artifacts- and...Candies, food, among other things. There's probably a bottle or two there. This artifact seems to give Seo whatever he wishes if he thinks about what he specifically stored there, and is seeming, in his words, a 'way to keep track of his deal.'


Seo somehow always has alcohol with him. Don't question it.

[Unknown Number of Magical Artifacts]

Seo-jun possesses an as of yet unknown number of magical artifacts. Those of which being national treasures, mythological weapons, simple slightly useful pieces of gear, among others. He forgets many of the ones he uses mainly, making this largely a wildcard factor for people fighting him for the first time. Although due to his style of fighting and personality, he doesn't use these artifacts to their full extent in most situations, and seems to forget a few of them exist unless someone mentions them, the which he'll go 'oh yeah.'


Blunt, stoic, and emotionless- Seo, at first glance, is what many would expect from a homeless man. Wasting his money on food and alcohol, constantly drunk and dirty, and sleeping in blankets in small communities of other homeless people. But despite this, if one is to talk with Seo-jun, they'd find an extremely cold and depressed individual. Always blunt and not afraid of insulting someone if they're acting stupid, he can be seen as with a 'careless' attitude. Yet, this carelessness is often tied in together with his rudeness towards others. Seo hopes to find someone that can kill him and free him from his curse, and often pushes people to try and attack him.

Despite this, Seo isn't outright cruel or disrespectful to a disgusting amount to others. He appears to have a soft spot for kids and animals and knows when enough is enough for others. To those close to him, he can be seen as someone with a 'grumpy grandfather' attitude, berating and insulting them if they do something stupid, but always looking out for them and keeping them safe. He also always seems to take his time to listen to people through tough times, even if he doesn't fully know them. His advice can be blunt and sharp, but he still carries an edge of compassion to himself.


[To be updated over time]


Seo's favorite beer brand is one that doesn't exist anymore.

His favorite game is Mahjong- he's never lost on it before, even winning against a god, seemingly. It's the main way he gains money.

He hates snow a lot. Seriously, fuck winter.

Drunk all the time. But surprisingly enough, he doesn't do drugs. Probably because he doesn't want to get addicted to them, either. He's willing to talk a kid out of drinking and using drugs too if he ever came to a situation like that.

Really doesn't seem to care about all these unique powers, entities, and such. He's literally chill as ice.
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Off to a Better Place
"You wanna get nuts? Alright, let's get nuts..."

"Because I just wrote a song about how I'm gonna kick all your butts!"


Universe of Origin

Starting Location
Tokyo, Japan

  • Super Cool Martial Arts Skills​
  • Expert Analyst and Detective​
  • Totally a Chad with the Ladies​

  • Impenetrable Batsuit Made of the Strongest Metal Known to Man (it's made of plastic like the rest of him)​
  • Totally Rad Batarangs​
  • One Extra Ab for Extra Coolness​

Night-stalking crime-fighting vigilante. A heavy metal rapping machine. Super Hero. Master Builder. Batman is all of those and so much more. Equipped with a utility belt packed with Batarangs, grappling-guns and other inventions, and backed up by a Batcave full of cutting-edge vehicles and batsuits, Batman has sworn to forever defend the citizens of Gotham City against crooks and super-villains. Batman ALWAYS works alone. He’s also got a really sweet music career going, thanks for asking.


Lego Batman will, of course, be written in first person.​


Messing about.

"Your faith is admirable. I see that halfhearted measures will not put a dent in that...
I may have no true name, but I devoted my life to the sword.
If I can not convince you to give it your all for this fight,
Shall I break open that belief with brute force? "

Name: Assassin (SAKAKI KOJIRO)

Age: 36–37 in appearance.

Universe of Origin:

Starting Location: London (may be changed at a later point.)

Powers / Abilities:
Parameters as a servant
Strength: C
endurance: E
agility: A+
luck: E
mana: A
Noble Phantasm: N/a

He won't win in any strength contests any time soon, so he would normally evade attacks rather than guard them head-on. His high rank in agility is his what he relies on alongside his other skills and technique.

Vitrification: By limiting his fighting spirit as a martial artist, one can conceal his presence. (As he is not a true assassin, Kojiro cannot truly make use of the Assassin's Class Skill Presence Concealment. However, with this ability, he is able to simulate its effects to some extent.)

Basically, he can render himself hidden from plain sight, given some vigilance he can be found. This also makes his train of thought relatively calm

Eye of the Mind (False): Being able to see through the weapon and style of his opponent after crossing blades only a few times, the perception of his eyes is the best among Servants.

A 6th sense for danger. In Assassin's case, he is able to distinguish someone's fighting style from only a small confrontation.

Knowledge of the Sowa: It becomes impossible to see through his attacks. Paired with Kojiro’s unique "head-shot" techniques, the effect is vastly increased.

To simplify, the ability makes his attacks hard to read and predict regardless of how many times he uses the same technique. Not to say that it's imposable to defend against him.

Tsubame Gaeshi (swallow reversal): the fabled technique of the legendary swordsman Sasaki Kojiro who was said to be able to cut down a swallow in mid-flight.

By repeated repetition, Assassin was able to obtain this demonic technique where he creates three simultaneous slashes from the left, right, and above the opponent. Combined with the long reach of his Nodachi, this technique is usually deadly. Requires a proper foothold in order to use it, otherwise, only two slashes can be done.


Monohoshi Zao (The Laundry-Drying Pole)

An overly long nodachi, a weapon that would be impractical, yet it was the one used and mastered by this servant.

Short Bio:

(Note that I will be taking him from the end of the unlimited blade works route.)

Other Info:
The command spells that were applied to him by his former master and most restrictions applied due to his unusual circumstances as a servant are to be considered void due to the ever-persistent portals. The only one of those restrictions being left behind would be a curse that forces open a hole in his chest (do what you will with this).

As a servant, he is also able to join in a contract with someone, a master, as you might refer to them.​
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Raptor Shapeshifter
Name: Wolf
Universe of Origin: OC
Starting Location: Las Vegas
Abilities: Immunity to magic, fast healing, can shapeshift into those that it devours.
Personality: Has a disdain for two-legs, and often comes across as menacing and prideful, has no qualms about eating other humanoids.
Backstory: This is the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, only this one didn’t end well.

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Top-tier Avian Master

"You're in the presence of Ifrit! Silence told me Rhodes Island's a nice place, but I absolutely hate white-coat scientists like you people... well, Silence is an exception..."


Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Tokyo, Japan

Ifrit's base ability is the high-affinity usage of fire-based Originium Arts.

Boosts Attack & Attack Speed

Deals 250% of ATK Arts damage in the next attack; Targets' DEF -300 for 3 seconds; Causes them to take Burn damage.
Can store 3 charges.

Scorched Earth
Deals 140% of ATK Arts damage per second to ground enemies within range and reduces targets' RES by -20.

What kind of special things does your character carry? Any sort of awesome one-of-a-kind clothing? Weapons also go right here!

In terms of personality, Ifrit is a bit... immature. She acts like a 6-10 year old and is rebellious, impetuous, overly confident most of the time, and it could even be said she is egotistical. She is the kind of person to do something the second the idea pops into her mind, regardless of how dangerous it might be.

On the other hand, her fearlessness is her most outstanding Originium Arts and should be supported. Rhine Lab even created a flame-casting wand device to complement this talent. This gift pushed Ifrit to show off her abilities with even more bombast.

In short, after daily observation, we can say that Ifrit is someone who easily gets caught up in emotions. For now, she doesn't have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and she's quite immature. In an extreme environment such as a battlefield, her instincts impel her to fight against and even annihilate all those who get in her way. As a result, even if saving people was not her original intention, she has saved many.

Ifrit is an Operator who is difficult to describe.

What is currently known about her: Before she transferred to Rhodes Island for treatment, she had already received a long period of treatment at Rhine Lab. Judging by Ifrit's current symptoms, we can at least tell that the treatment did not succeed.

As one of the Rhodes Island medical team's more critical patients, Ifrit primarily receives care from Silence. This is consistent with information currently available from their time at Rhine Lab. Even after coming to Rhodes Island, the two have maintained the close relationship they built when they were both at Rhine Lab.




Universe of Origin:

Starting Location:
Tokyo, Japan



Prior to their amnesia, the Doctor were a member of Babel, the predecessor of Rhodes Island, and appears to be in bad terms with Kal'tsit. They also acts as a teacher for Ifrit and Projekt Red. However, it is implied that the pre-amnesia Doctor appears to be less concerned on their men's safety in the battlefield, leading many R.I. combat personnel to their demise.

Darknights Memoir confirmed that the Doctor is a ruthless strategist/tactician who viewed the battlefield as a chessboard on a self-played game of chess with the others (including their own soldiers) as chess pieces.

Almost nothing is known about the Doctor's background and past, other than that they have a doctorate in neurology and had extensively researched Oripathy prior to the events of the Main Story. Despite of their title, the Doctor is seen to be a capable field commander, seen by their impressive records of commanding Rhodes Island Operators in the conflict against the Reunion.



A custom dude
Name: Chad
This one’s pretty self-explanatory!

The universe of Origin:
What game, movie, book, series, or whatever is your character from? Use ‘OC’ if they’re an original character!
Starting Location:
Where would you like your character to start? See above for more info!
Tokyo, Japan
Superhuman Strength: Sado possesses remarkable raw strength for a Human. With little effort, he lifted a steel beam that had fallen on him.[234] He can effortlessly throw another person half a block away with one arm.[235] Sado's bare fists are strong enough to harm a Hollow in battle and are strong enough to break a telephone pole and swing it like a bat.[236] He effortlessly threw off the Hollow creature helpers of Shrieker.[237] After training in Hueco Mundo, Sado becomes strong enough to effortlessly lift and throw Ichigo into a building, destroying it in the process.[238]

  • Chad Catapult (チャド・カタプルト, Chado Katapuruto):[239] A technique used by Sado to launch an ally into the air.[240]
  • Grua Tirar (クレーン投げ(グルーア・ティラール), Gurūa Tirāru; Japanese and Spanish for "Crane-Throw")[241] A technique involving a shoulder throw, reminiscent of seoi-nage, that allows Sado to hurl an opponent of gigantic proportions effortlessly.[242]
Enhanced Durability: Sado is unnaturally resistant to damage. He withstood a falling steel beam, which bent upon contact with his back, relatively unfazed.[243] He took a head-on collision with a motorcycle; while the driver was seriously injured, he walked away with only minor injuries.[244] He sustained a clawed attack from Shrieker which would have been fatal for anyone else.[245] He is highly resilient mentally, able to endure a powerful attack on his psyche, and continue fighting.[246]

Spiritual Awareness: After his encounter with Yūichi Shibata, Sado started to detect the approximate locations of spirits and Hollows, but could not fully see them.[247][248][249] Only after saving Karin Kurosaki from a Hollow did Sado begin to fully see spirits.[250][251]

Enhanced Speed: Sado's speed is above that of an average Human.[252] Through his various battles, his speed increased to the point where he can anticipate high-speed attacks and counter them. During his fight with Gantenbainne, Sado develops a level of speed that can easily keep up with that of Sonído, even becoming capable of appearing behind his opponent and attacking.[253]

High Spiritual Power: During his training in basic spirit energy control with Kūkaku Shiba, Sado demonstrated intensely strong and high levels of spiritual energy, though the Shiba Clan cannon orb he created was unstable.[254] He commonly uses spiritual energy to augment the strength of his punches.[255] His Reiatsu intimidated an unseated Shinigami into submission.[256]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While never officially trained, Sado is a very capable fighter, even when outnumbered. Ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Sado became highly skilled in boxing, reaching the WBO World Heavyweight match.[257]

Brazo Derecha de Gigante (巨人の右腕 (ブラソ・デレチャ・デ・ヒガンテ), Burano Derecha de Gigante; Spanish and Japanese for "Right Arm of the Giant") (Brazo Derecho del Gigante in the English dub and English manga).[258] Originally it was thought that by encountering the spiritual form of Ichigo Kurosaki constantly, Sado's natural spiritual powers were pulled from the depths of his soul.[259] This power is actually a product of Fullbring.[260] Upon entering Hueco Mundo, Sado felt the power inside him rustling, something he never felt while in Soul Society. The rustling increased the deeper he went into Hueco Mundo, and it was the beating he received from Gantenbainne that caused the rustling to settle down. Upon coming to Hueco Mundo, his power had been happily crying out as it had come home, and through the violent welcome of its brethren had reclaimed its sanity. Sado acknowledges that his power is less like a Shinigami's or Quincy's and more like that of a Hollow.[261] This allowed him to fully tap into his powers, which manifest as armor on both arms, instead of just his right. Sado states that when he first used his power, it awoke because of the pride that had been instilled in his heart by Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa and that the object that acted as the source of his Fullbring was the skin on his arms.[262] Originally, he could only activate this power from his need to protect.[263] Later, during his training under Yoruichi Shihōin, Sado learns to activate his powers at will.

The Completed form of Sado's arm.

  • Completed Form: Sado covers his entire right arm in a liquid which then solidifies into a form of armor. The shoulder extension becomes pointed and slightly longer, making it a little bit taller than Sado. The arm maintains its black color, but the magenta becomes slightly lighter, and the design becomes more intricate, while the white is lost altogether.[264]
  • El Directo (巨人の一撃 (エル・ディレクト), Eru Direkuto; Spanish for "The Direct", Japanese for "One Strike of the Giant"): A powerful attack learned upon attaining the second form. The end of the extension on Sado's shoulder opens up and charges up spiritual energy, resembling the flaming exhaust from a car engine. He releases a huge blast of spiritual energy, which he can either use to augment his punches or fire as a concentrated medium to long-range attack.[265]
The Defensive Form of Brazo Derecha de Gigante.

  • Defensive Shield Form: He covers his right arm all the way up to the shoulder in a liquid which solidifies into a form of armor. Brazo Derecha de Gigante becomes a shield, which extends from his hand to some distance beyond his forearm, with the same intricate pattern as before. Hollow-like teeth lie in the center, with a rose-like pattern or skeletal nose and eyes near the end. He loses the wing-like protrusion which extended from his shoulder and replaces it with a hexagonal plate, which covers his wrist up to his shoulder. In this form, it is used for defense instead of offense, though it's still more powerful offensively than his original arm.[266] This is the true power and form of his right arm.[267] Sado says that "the soul of his Abuelo flows through his right arm," speaking metaphorically of his grandfather's teachings. What his Abuelo taught him was to protect, and that is why what dwells in his right arm is a defensive power.[268]
  • Enhanced Strength: In its true form, his right arm is powerful enough to take on a former Espada, send him flying a great distance through a wall, and give him a considerable injury.[269]
  • Enhanced Durability: With his right arm in its true form, Sado attains an even greater level of endurance, allowing him to withstand relentless beatings and being thrown into structures without showing any signs of injury.[270] His right arm is durable enough to effortlessly block attacks from a former Espada.[271]
Sado's armored left arm, Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.

Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (悪魔の左腕 (ブラソ・イスキエルダ・デル・ディアブロ), Burano Isukieruda Deru Diaburo; Spanish and Japanese for "Left Arm of the Devil") (Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo in the English dub):[272] Obtained during his battle against Gantenbainne, Sado covers his entire left arm the same as his right. The arm is white, with a red stripe running down the length of the center. His fingertips have red diamond-shaped marks on them. A spike protrudes from the shoulder. and two more, resembling claws, extend over his chest. This is the offensive power within him.

  • Enhanced Strength: With his left arm in its true form, Sado stopped and crushed Gantenbainne's most powerful attack.[273]
  • La Muerte (魔人の一撃 (ラ・ムエルテ), Ra Muerute; Spanish for "The Death", Japanese for "One Strike of the Demon") (El Muerte in the English manga): A powerful attack, La Muerte is used by his left arm by grasping spiritual power focused on the five fingertips. His fingertips charge in the forms of five disks of crackling spiritual energy, and he forms a fist and punches his opponent. The blow is devastating, and upon contact, huge skull shape is gouged into the surface behind the target. Those who are struck by it are like sacrifices crucified and offered to the devil.[274] The power can easily defeat a Privaron Espada.[275]

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Chad is a quiet person with a very kind heart and is sometimes the subject of jokes or bullies because he never fights back, against ordinary humans, or often hollows and Soul Reapers until necessary. Nonetheless, he is treated equally within his group of friends in Karakura (Ichigo, Keigo, and Mizuiro).
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During his early years, Sado was extremely violent; exploiting his advantage in size, he intimidated and hit any other children who annoyed him. Oscar Joaquín tried to teach Sado to be gentle but was initially unsuccessful.[9] One day, the fathers of the children Sado fought, seeking to punish him, attacked Sado. Oscar Joaquín stepped in between them, taking Sado's punishment without retaliation. Sado was inspired by this example to become a decent person. To commemorate this event, Oscar Joaquín gave Sado an old Mexican coin; years later, when Oscar Joaquín had died, Sado made a vow that he would never fight unless it was to protect others, as instructed — even if his own life was in danger.[10] The coin would come to symbolize this vow, which Sado now claims to hold more value than his own life.[9]
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