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One Thousand Club
Location: Small Village


As her....associates? companions? playthings? whatever carried on the introductions Something finally jumps back to her feet and wanders over the elder once more as the discussion with the Guild Master slows "Excuse me, mister, I know the others should be fine with your hunters knowing the area and all...but i was wondering if you had any map or anything to get a little more familiar while im here?. Id wander out to take a look but with getting turned around, how far it could be not to mention those icky spiders and all other manner of bad things....it might not be a good idea" leaning over slightly with a childish grin after skipping over "I mean you mentioned a trader too right? he must come from somewhere pretty big to have stuff to trade...or does he just go around the villages?" the innocent child act going on in full force, at worst it was a distraction but if he did have some more guidance then it would help with showing the stuff her little legion had traveled over so far....plus drawing maps was boring with how exact everything had to be.



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Cobalt's eyes widened with fear on what he just saw. She didn't just..... She did..... Why...

A sort of fear came over his heart as he looked up to Jyeen. He slightly gripped his sword on his back, waiting on what her next move would be. Will she attack him now? Will have the same fate as them?

He opened his mouth to speak something but was a bit too shocked and scared to say.

At last he spoke out,"Why....? Why did you do that?"



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Location: Syndicate Guild Bridge

Standing like a still just starring for several moments the woman looks down into him with the same stare as before "Do not make me say the same thing twice. When I repeat something that only needs to be said once, that means that the listener is either ignorant or simply unintelligent" raising a hand slightly with an open palm "For example when I address an individual of there transgressions and state the outcome of doing so again, I would not do so unless fully willing and able to carry out...though for claritys sake i will indulge you this and expand upon the reasoning so you may gain a greater understanding" the hand turning to gesture behind them at the previous forms of the two individuals.

"I made it clear that the surrounding area should undergo no harm without the permission of its residents after providing them the ability to rectify the previous mistake with the understanding there would be consequences should they persist..." the hand moving to Mallow "The spell that the louder one cast would have damaged a significant portion of the local flora and fauna, despite personal feelings on that matter it is a duty to ensure that does not happen. In addition, the fact that they were willing to both attack once I turned my back as well as use a limited item to do so shows full well both the intent of the individual and reveals the character...I have no patience for either so simply removed the issue. It is unfortunate the other placed themselves in the way however the consequence of the poor choice lays on them alone" the arm coming back to cross in front of them, though it is of note through the entire explanation she had not once mentioned it was due to an attack on her, seeming to show little concern with the focus more on both the rule and the surrounding area instead of her own protection.

"In Summary, Transgressions will be reacted to accordingly, take heed of this example in the consequences of ill-thought-out actions"



The Phantom Hexblade
Elven City
@HellsHaven @general ostruppen @ManofManyRoles @Entity.Eclypse @Azure Sky

After using mage sight, Yapora could tell that Elf guards had some talent in magic but nowhere near her talent or power.

The guards thought about her words for a moment before speaking once more. "If you're lost we can give you basic directions but if you want to get in the city, get supplies and any further aid it will cost you ten platinum coins," The guard said putting his hand out for the money.

"And if you don't have the money lesser one, then leave. Our city doesn't need to help trash. If we let in everyone in need of aid then our perfect city would become filthy. If you're looking for charity you should have gotten lost near Valo" the other guard said with a grin.

Meanwhile, inside the city, the elf guards watch some the strangest serious of events to happen in the city. In front of them as the child pulled out a gun out of nowhere shouted crazy words they couldn't understand. Then a human in elf clothing appeared from nowhere and picked up crazy child and called them their sister. Then a butler showed calling the bizarre humans their masters and apologize on their behalf, even giving the guards a crystal the purify the water once more. The guards were quiet for a moment as they looked to each other as one cast identity item on the crystal.

"It's the real deal. It should purify the fountain." the lead guard said to his men before looking to the bizarre group. "Well, that will cover for dirty of the fountain I suppose, and this time I'll let the crazy talk of his little sister go. But only just this once," the guard said being swayed by the butler's words and charisma. "Oh before I forget, I need to see entry permits. I need to stamp them for this misdemeanor. While you paid-for the crime already, I still need to follow protocol " the lead guard said with his hand out, believing the group had them.

In the nearby elven tavern, a witchy dressed woman mindlessly walked pasted a current on to the main stage of the tavern. Before she knew it, Isuka somehow found herself on stage in what seemed to be a very high-class tavern, were bartender was dressed in a suit and customers seemed to be dressed in high-class dresses and clothing themselves. And they all stared at Isuka wonder who she was, how she got on stage, and what she about to do. Also, a very large suited minotaur stood by the entrance of tavern waiting for the cue to kick Isuka out, forcibly.

Small Village
@Fenris @Azure Sky @BriiAngelic

"I'll try not to hold it against you all," Devan said to Snowdown

"Thank you, sir" the hunter who said as Snowdown helped him to feet. After getting back up he picked up the fur cloak to Fae once more, though with a nervous smile this time.

Then a another stranger arrived at the village. The villager looked at Ergo and his squad of summons. They gave curious gazes but none seemed to be worried as they just assumed he was with the other strangers. Devan quickly noticed the Ergo and his summons and looked back to Snowdown. "Another of your members? This time with a paraded of mushrooms and fairies. You guys are starting to take the whimsy out of the unknown" Devan commented pointing to Ergo.

@Entity.Eclypse @Damafaud @general ostruppen @HellsHaven

'"True, I don't get much company. I invited Mr.Bity here many times but she doesn't show up and Ms.One Eighty just says whoever time I talk him. Can you believe that? He always forgets my name ever time I see him." Goblin said as Vail tried the stew. As soon as he started absorbing the stew, he could feel a very strange sensation that could only be described as "this is wrong, just wrong". If it wasn't for his high levels, Vail could be certain something terribly bad could have happened to him. "Wow, your the only one to try my stew without vomiting in enjoyment!" The goblin said with a starry-eyed look. "Oh, the area. Well, I haven't gone far from the Marshlands in about... maybe fives days to maybe a few hundred years. I lost track after the second month. Anyways from what I remember is that marshland stretch out for about for roughly a hundred miles. This place has plenty of nice creatures like Mr.Biteys, fish friends, bad fish friends, Sam the snakes, one-eighty birds, and then there were the vampire bats that master left here before he traveled up north to the city with the "Bell of Oblivion" as my master put it. I think left about five hours to a three hundred years ago" the goblin said calmly making another bowl of stew for anyone else wanting some.

A bar

The suited man watched calmly as the butler disappeared and reappeared to take the paladin. "Well, it only a matter of time. If he doesn't join us willingly, the good doctor has his methods he can employ after we destroy the Gentlemen Alliance." the suited man said calmly as his magitech soldiers proceeded to destroy the camp and kill the soldiers.

Alevia was fighting the magitech soldiers in a fight she knew she could have won but then the butler grabbed her and teleported her elsewhere and immediately slammed into a cabinet. As she got up she could hear strange music that she never heard before and wasn't sure what to make of it. But once she looked to the butler, she stared with a look that could kill. "What is the meaning of this! My men need me and instead, you teleport into..." Alevia said angrily glancing around. "...Into this bar! My men could be dead without me! Take me back now" Alevia demanded only getting angrier and pointing her lance she stole earlier at Xylzrilyn.

Dwarven City of Moulow

As Barin spent his last moments in the game, he closed eyes at the last second to only open them up and being a completely different place. He seemed to now be a dimly lit tunnel under the ground. What was immediately around him were the stone tunnel walls, torches, and his NPC, Irma.

"Argem I think I hear some noise up ahead" Irma spoke, a feat NPCs should not be capable of but she was as she pointed down the tunnel to what seemed to be an exit.

If traveled down, one would here more and more sounds of fighting and once you made to edge you would see roughly ten feet down was battle in large spaces area inside possible cave or mine. On this makeshift battlefield, armored dwarves with axes, swords, and blunderbusses fought against giant ants, twice their size. While the ants seemed powerful and fordable oppents the dwarfs were showing themselves to be powerful adversaries themselves.

Somthing with the village leaders

"A map? Of course, we have a map. Let me show you" the old dwarf said pulling out a large map from a bag near the table and laying out. "Now for the trader, he comes Dwarven city-state of Moulow, just north of here. He brings ores and jewels from mountains, trades it for grains and meat to bring back to the city. He's one of many traders to do this, though he's the main one to travel our village. He's a good man and a skilled merchant" the old dwarf said while pointing the city indicated by a brown circle.

View attachment Pure city map.png
Each circle represents a city
City Names:
Black Circle: Black Flag City
Dark Blue Circle: Artisa
Yellow Circle: Ralequa
Red Circle: Norvain
Brown Circle: Moulow
Green Circle: Elritch City
Sky Blue Circle: Oakly Forest
White Circle: Valo
Pink Circle: Huture
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A Bar...? (Sky Fortress Phillip) | @ChazGhost

"Quit your yapping!" Xylzrilyn snapped at Alevia in response to her demands. They shook their head in a sombre manner as they motioned toward a seat standing in front of the bartender's table. "Your men, paladin, are as good as dead. You probably can't tell - likely due to your inexcusably pathetic level, but that man in the suit - I'm not even sure that I could beat him." They muttered indifferently as they began to reach for various liquors lined along the cabinet.

"If it's your men you are worried for, the Treasury's guardian can probably perform a mass-resurrection. Don't get the wrong idea, though, I couldn't care less." They began to pour various liquors into a cocktail mixer. Before long, Xylzrilyn had slammed a cocktail onto the table, and placed a silver needle in front of it - an low-level item made via alchemy that turned black when coming into contact with poison. "It isn't poisoned." They reassured Alevia.

"Take a seat, and if you cooperate, I'll help you with bringing your men back. I'm sure they've been killed unjustly, yes? Not everyone in this Guild is a brainless piece of living trash - and I certainly don't fancy myself as one of their numbers."

Azure Sky

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He was ready to make a run for it, if his 9th tier skill wouldn't have caused any damage, but it killed everything in sight. And it seemed...flashier than before? Also, Ignis was having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the new sensorial addition of the game. The smell of cinder was so perfectly reproduced, one would think it was real. Maybe he got transported to another world, like in those old isekai novels that were popular many decades ago.

Pfft, yeah right.

"Hold it! You owe an explanation for disturbing the peace of the forest!"

Ah, at least his attack made someone appear. She had a halo on her head. Angel probably. Peace of the forest, though? It was a game. Was she an NPC? No, that couldn't be. NPCs only talked in fixed patterns. Was she a chunni? Just Yasuo's luck. The type of people that were the hardest to deal with for him.

I'm getting too old for this.

"Yes...Peace of the forest. Sorry for the lost piece." He made a word play. The lost pieces were the grass and trees reduced to nothing because of his skill. He was just trolling Candy a bit. He didn't care if she'd realise it or not. "Are you aware of what is going on, by chance? Why is the menu gone? Is this an event? I can't get a hold of the GMs, nor am I able to log out. Is it a change in system interface, or something?" He cut straight to the chase. Even if Candy was a chunni, at least maybe she could answer some of his questions. Or at least one... If not, he'd try his luck with whatever player he'd find in the nearby village. Hopefully, some more mature ones.

It seemed some of the men got the wrong idea, so Ergo tried to clarify, as he approached them. "There seems to be a misunderstanding. I am not associated with anybody in this group. I am merely a lost traveller." He said, with no emotion registering on his face, or in his tone. The mushroom warriors and the fairies stuck close to him. The mushroom assassin was invisible, just in case.

Maybe, these people can help me. No harm in asking.

"I beg you pardon, but would you happen to know in which direction the Disenchanted Forest is?" Ergo cut straight to the chase, just like his creator. The Disenchanted Forest was the name given to the woods near Harvest's base, the Skyfallen Castle. People that were interested in rankings and top PK guilds would have heard, or known about it.


This was the end. But Isuka was happy. Her final moments would be in the grandiose world of Yiggdrasil. The adventures, the endless discoveries, the mysteries of what was yet to come, the romanticism, Scarlet would cherish all of it. She'd die with along with the game. That was the best outcome. She had no regrets left after all... Or so she thought. On the last seconds of the game, a swirl of emotions engulfed her. She was happy she could die peacefully, but...

I want to live!


Scarlet opened her eyes. She was on a stage, filled with beautiful people in nice suits and dresses. "Ah, this must be Heaven." She thought. She was still dressed in her Yiggdrasil attire and still had her guitar. She smiled. She couldn't live longer, but at least Heaven was nice. She could perform and sing to her heart's content. The angels were waiting for a performance, so she'd give it. She still looked like her Yiggdrasil avatar. Would she be able to use that skill?

[Summon Orchestra]

The musicians were summoned! Incredible. Heaven was incredible. Ok, time to sing a song. She'd sing one in the memory of Yiggdrasil, and what better one than...

The sun is sleeping quietly,
Once upon a century...

As she finished singing. Scarlet took another look at her audience. The angels had pointy ears lie the elves,and the surroundings... the place looked like a classy tavern. There was even a nicely dressed minotaur by the door. Heh.


This is a tavern!

Snapping out of her confusion. Scarlet could feel her heart beat. Pumping blood in her vains, like she was still alive...

I am alive!

But how was that possible? She felt amazing, like never before. Did she get miraculously cured? Yiggdrasil also seemed to not have been shut down. Scarlet started getting emotional. She wanted to log off and see her family. But there was a problem. There was no menu. Ok then she'd try to contact the GMs.

It was not possible...

Ok, then she'd try to contact her online friends from the game...

Nobody was on...



Also, she forgot that her songs, apart from being beautiful, had an emotional effect on people, depending on what she played. This particular one would make people feel at peace, but combined with her passive bard abilities, it also caused a powerful emotional response in most cases.

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Yapora had to chew the inside of her cheek for a moment, god high elves were grating, be they PC or NPC. Why couldn't it be wood elves, they were always rather relaxed. Or even dark elves...sure a little gloomy, but certainly better 'high and mighty'. Keeping her smile in place she gave an elaborate bow. "How gracious of such a mighty race! Ten platinum coins? Oh no, no no no! I wouldn't dare undercut you. Here, I hope this will prove my worth to you in turn.". Reaching into her pocket she held her breath for a moment...please, please, let her on hand equipment have transferred, not just her clothes. Her hand met the certain cool hardness of a coin, and she had to hide a breath of relief. Yes, good. Pulling her hand out, she politely deposited twenty five pure platinum pieces. "The purest platinum coin I have, surely this should prove I am of enough worth to enter?". A thought occured to her for a moment...what if the currency stamps were different here? Would it make much of a difference though? Platinum was platinum was platinum....she had just dumped solid platinum into their hands, crests be damned, if it's that much of an issue they can melt it down and restamp it! Better be ready to come up with an excuse if it's an issue...likely the excuse of 'etremely lost, and this is from home' may work.

So this is how it ends...one last dungeon finished, and another dead demon. It had been fun, living the life of a warrior, even if he didn't really live it. But the thrill had been all the same. He closed his eyes, expecting the game to disappear into nothingness...and when he opened them...this wasn't the dungeon of gir...this was a dimly lit tunnel? Well...it HAD been dimly lit. His dark vision passive seemed to kick in, and it brightened up to a normal amount. Then...irma spoke? Wait, since when could she talk?! She had a beautiful voice, that made sense with all those speaker levels, but why was she speaking? Though..she was right...the tell tale sound of combat ahead. All questions seemed to fade away, a sole thing taking root in his mind. Combat...a fight...yes...YES!

"Aye, i hear it as well me faithful friend. Tha din o' combat lays ahead, let us go forwards!". He mentally paused for a moment...that wasn't his voice, close, but not quite it. He was scottish but this was a bit...off? As they journeyed forward, questions started to mingle in his head again as the thought of combat seemed to stay in place. Why was he here now, instead of that dungeon? Better yet, why wasn't the game shut down yet? And if the game hadn't shut down, why was his companion talking? Cresting the exit, the sight of dwarves against massive ants met his gaze, and some sort of primal urge filled him. I should be down there...I should be helping...no, I should be helping and killing, all at once.

Irma, instead of drawing her blade, produced a small book and quill that seemed to never dry. "I trust you desire me to make records as always, argem? Or would you prefer I aid the dwarves first hand?". He paused for a moment to consider it. Her helping them would make sense but...he'd almost always kept her on the sidelines to keep records, that had been one of her primary duties anyways. but...there had been times she'd helped, usually in cases like this. Help them, I will get ta work. Dinna let one o' them fall if ye can help it!". The woman gave a nod, putting away her record book and drawing steel, before rushing downhill. Well...his NPC was talking...there were giant ants...and the game hadn't shut down. No time to ask questions, only time for a fight...and what was wrong with that, it's what he loved wasn't it? Giving his axe a spin in his hand, a wide grin spread across his lips. He'd get answers but first...to battle! With a mighty bellow he charged down towards the horde of ants, before coming up behind one and taking a mighty swing at it's midsection.




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    Hideous Hut

    Interaction: Vail, Rommel
    Mention: @Entity.Eclypse @general ostruppen
    When he first saw that the goblin was an undead, Drevis furrowed his brows. This goblin was not as simple as he thought he would be. His suspicion was only reinforced when the goblin mentioned his master, an artefact named 'Bell of Oblivion', and hundreds of years ago. Clearly, the goblin was a minion of a powerful entity. Seeing that this master did not carry him around and let him rot in this swamp, his position could not be too high.

    "Do tell me, what city is located up north?" Even after he once tried to kill the goblin, his voice remained a tranquil stream. He ignored the stew offered; if he wanted to eat something disgusting, he would at least eat something he made himself.


general ostruppen

General Ostruppen
Commanders Log#4

Based on the answer of the undead goblin, it wasn't far fetched to believe that it didn't know anything. The creature already seemed extremely unstable and detached from the outside world. However it mentioned about a master that it served, tho this master hadn't been around for nearly 300 years at best. Meaning that this goblin had more then indefinitely been abandoned here in the swamps to live off it's days supposedly in peace. Peter signaled his soldier who was holding the comms crystal to turn slightly towards Vale, to which he observed him consume the goblins questionable stew. "I do hope we have someone already put in charge of scouting out the perimeter? If not then I'm more then happy to deploy several squads to do so." The three soldiers who were there looked down at the comms cystal.

"If need be sir we three would be more then happy to go forth and scout out the marshlands. It would be as easy as 123." Another soldier commented, "Or shooting from ten paces." Then the last soldier, "Mmmm I don't know sounds somewhat disgusting really when you think about having to trudge in the THICK goopy waters that is the swamp. Blasting our way through possibly hundreds of hostile creatures and then sustaining possibly high casualties." All three soldiers stayed silent along with peter who was somewhat suprise of the answer then any of the other two. One of them finally spoke out, "Then more of a reason to take the mission!
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Azure Sky

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Ignis: Getting Really Tired Of This

"Speaking your chant in a conversational tone will not fool me! [Earthly Divine Hammer]! "

"You are coming with me to the Lover's Crypt under suspicion of spying at Midnight's Lost Children!"

Ah. It was worse than he thought. She wasn't just a chunni. She was a complete moron. Or maybe she was trolling just like him. Probably the latter. Nobody could be this stupid. Why me? On second thought, I was a smartass, so maybe I deserve it. Ignis thought.

"You'd use such power against a poor old man? Against such a frail, defenseless... [Ashen One]." Suddenly, Ignis's body became ash. An ability that made him temporarily intangible, but also unable to attack. He dispersed,dodging the attacks of the earth hammer and flail, before reappearing behind Candy. "Behold the power of an old man's...dropkick!" And that's what it looked like. He jumped towards Candy and honestly looked like he'd perform a dropkick. As soon as he got close to the angel, in the heat of the moment, out of pure passion, he threw his sword away in the air. A true power move to show real manliness and testosterone...


[Call At Arms]

Suddenly a magic circle formed on Ignis's left hand and on the sword. His body suddenly moved towards his weapon, in the air. He also whistled, and his horse blitzed through the skies to catch him, at the exact time that Ignis got a hold of his blade and sheathed it. The tiefling mounted his horse and soared through the skies.

[Metal Sphere]

As the name implied. A sphere of shinny metal materialized. just slightly above Ignis's forehead.

[Metal Scrying]

By closing his eyes and forming a connection with whatever shinny metallic item he created, Ignis could see normally. Unhindered by his Blurred Vision curse. And thus, he flew away on his trusty steed, Ashton Martin, the Cinder Pegasus.

"Bye bye boo!" He stuck his tongue out at Candy.


general ostruppen

General Ostruppen
Walk of Adam

As much as he appreciated the strangers aid to him and the drunk loli nazi girl, they had jumped from one issue to another. Which was the fact that they didn't have any proof that they were even allowed to enter the city. Simply telling the guards that they had magically popped here would indefinitely kick them out or rather get them arrested for trespassing. Adam simply just steps down from the edge of the fountain, "Right......Our permits......Servant if you don't mind presenting them to our.....mighty guard friends here?" Making sure the guards didn't see his face, Adams face would be compared to that of the grumpy cat that most people would know of. It was rather scary to see the resemblance.
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Location: Small Village

Taking note of the displayed map Something now at least had a direction to focus her scouts in a more direct fashion, tracing around the areas covered already with her finger based on distance before taking a quick look to the sun and getting to work "This looks really neat mister, Ive heard of Dwarven cities but never seen on myself...all sorts of cool stories, like big underground mountains with lava forges and giant statues" chuckling to herself a little more as she turns back to him "Hopefully big sister and the others can find something they would like to work it out, I mean if its a big city there's lots of people and lots of things to see....maybe even see if they have guilds of there own? like one for adventuerers or something.....thats sure to get alot of people around, maybe even from whatever beyond this ocean" jesturing to the edge of the map, it really did seem a good place to investigate, plus with so many people it would be simply to slip in a few replacements for keeping a eye on the place, best to get a good idea of the place to show Jyeen once she had finished the talking and playing with the intruders.

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Cobalt stared at her for another minute his hand on his sword. Then his hand left his sword as his eased up a bit.

"But you could have just knocked them out..." He said,"Can't you see they have really died now.... They won't be alive when they are disconnected of the game...."

He still felt a fear in his heart. The way that she had killed the two was very much...... Painful and horrifying. He wanted to attack her right now but doing this maybe he would have the same fate as both of them. So he just stood there waiting for her answer.



One Thousand Club
Location: Syndicate Guild Bridge

Tilting her head to the side slightly she takes in the words for a moment before responding "Tell me, What number of individuals have you "Knocked Out" in your road to reach your level? How many do you believe they have? The ability being used was rarely one that results in use, the same as my own being incapable of such against maximum level individuals, I am not a caster with access to such abilities...and unlike many others, I accomplish what I do directly and swiftly instead of seeing targets as a mere game as those who refer to themselves as players do" tone remaining cold and impassive as the living monolith continues to speak "Regardless should a person use lethal force on an individual they are accepting and willing that the same be used in turn, I will eliminate any threats to what I have been tasked with protecting if needed, and following the betrayal of trust displayed previously after both chance and warning was given it was needed...I do not hold any interest in their fates be it alive or simply woken up as they do not matter anymore" gesturing to the sword within his hand "But if you wish to attack then do so, I am ordered to protect this area after all...so attacks against my person i am far more lenient on...though be aware of the consequences should you also attempt to damage the area"


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Look at big boy forehead over here
Tlaloc kalchīwani in semanāwakOakly Forest
Kenzō, or as he was better known in the game Tlaloc, was laying atop of his grandest structure, an Aztec style pyramid towering over the foliage of the lizard men starting area. Whereas most creators in this game liked making things and then sharing them to the world he couldn't really relate, all he liked doing is creating his work, admiring it for a bit before moving on. Which is why the jungle was the best place to build them.

Even as it was imposing on the jungle by a couple dozen meters most people never found his buildings, mainly because the lizardman area is incredibly huge and nobody came back due to the low level, so if anyone ever found one of his buildings he would just have to venture deeper into the jungle where no one would find him.

But as the game was ending he couldn't help but feel a bad taste in his throat, he never looked for admiration but it was somewhat sad that no one besides him is going to see what he spent so much time on. After YGGDRASIL ends he'll probably make a blog about his new creations, nobody reads blogs these days anyways so it'll probably get minimal attention.

5 minutes left until shutdown, letting out a sigh he would open his inventory, seeing the summon items for his two dreadsaurs. An incredible expensive item, the only things he's ever really bought in the game, a boy and a girl.

It's probably best to give them a look before the end comes, so he summons them their combined weight making the pyramid shake. While some where of the opinion that they were scary he thought them to rather charming, even cute. Hell he bought a female and a male, wondering if he could breed them but no dice.

Shutdown in 5,

Opening his eyes he would expect to see his computer desktops, the bright light contrasting his dark room. But surprisingly it was something different, he felt different, he smelt trees and he felt surprisingly chilly. Looking around he would be surrounded by tall trees, conifers, the smell of pine in the air.

Looking down at his body he would still be his character, but curiously he felt as if he was really the character, being capable of grasping but it was somewhat weird with only having 4 fingers instead of 5. Perhaps the developers tried updated the game a final time as a ploy to get more players?

"Log kuawākpa." cried out, sounding like a guttural growl that he curiously understood.

Confusion begun to set in, everything was too weird. How was it possible that he was in a different area, able to perfectly speak the lizardmen language and why did everything feel so realistic? Perhaps this was a... new world?

Too many things bothering him, he needed to find civilisation, that would probably help. However his map wouldn't work anymore, if only he had some sort of mode of transportation through this thick forest.

Then it came, the noise, thump, thump accompanied by shaking of the forest. Then through the foliage emerged two ginormous beasts, straight out Jurassic park, their heads bigger than a car. But instead of fear at that exact moment all Tlaloc could feel was relief, finally someone he knew;

"Marshmallow, Nugget? kā inon tehuatl ōme?"
The two primordial beings grinning, as if happy being called by their names. Perhaps this new world wouldn't be so bad. So mounting one of his dreadsaurian he would then call, directing them to find civilisation.



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    Interactions/Mentions: @ChazGhost @HellsHaven @general ostruppen The elves had taken the practically minimum-use magical item without an issue. From here the elves, along with the white-haired man, asked for permits to this city. Of course, the two in the fountain wouldn't have abilities to make this easier. That would be asking for far too much. Despite his inward thoughts of how useless the other two individuals had proven to be, he still held a subservient expression. "Why, it would be my esteemed honor to do such. Let me just retrieve them." He said and reached into his pocket once more. From there he removed a scroll from his pocket, "My apologies. This is a [Message] I had been asked to deliver earlier." Having stated the name of the spell he returned the scroll to his pocket as it practically disintegrated out of sight. The message spell, which had been bound to a scroll, now activating. Mentally he would begin to speak to Adam, "I'm going to hand you two scrolls in a moment. Activate them both as I turn my back to you, it should work on you and the loud one so long as you grasp her." With that, his message spell ended and he stood to his feet.

    "Surely I hadn't misplaced them to my other pocket... but perhaps I did." He stated and began to reach into his other pocket from which he produced two more scrolls. "These aren't them either." He stated as he walked over to Adam, "I apologize for being so sudden. But hold these, my master." He stated and placed the two scrolls in one of Adam's hands before taking a step back. "Ah! I remember where I placed them." With that, he would reach into the collar of his tailcoat and begin to remove something. The sound of paper brushing against the material of his clothing ringing out as his hand began to emerge. With that, he would turn towards the elven guards once more, still not producing the paper just yet. The scrolls which he had given Adam were [Scroll of Teleportation] and [Scroll of Invisibility]. With that much, he imagined they could make it to the entryway of this city, or at least hide in a back alley. The scrolls wouldn't let off any presence of magic until they were activated, and he had a bluff ready for that as well. Now he just needed to let the pawns fall into place.


*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

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    Racial Levels (30):
    Dullahan Lvl 15
    Fairy Lvl 10
    Wraith Lvl 5

    Class levels (70):
    Elementalist (Flame) Lvl 15
    Actress Lvl 15
    Wizard Lvl 15
    Illusionist Lvl 10
    Miko Lvl 5
    High Sage Lvl 5
    Runesmith Lvl 5

    Interacting With: Snow (@Fenris), Hunter (@ChazGhost), Ergo (@Azure Sky)
    Mentions: Devon, Titania
    ~ Village ~
    Younger You || Fae’s CS File
    The first thing she got from Devon out of the conversation was, well okay it was offense at his manors she wasn’t the one that planned to face spiders why should she be ready, but after that, it was a deep-seated worry at the comment on coins not going that high. Theoretically, it could be that he simply hadn’t seen one but if he was right she was walking around with foreign currency which would make life quite a bit harder. Elven coins as a term interested her as well, perhaps after the spiders, she should try to convince snow into a library as they hardly knew their current place.

    She was gracious for the token of favor from the hunters and took the cloak with a soft smile for the mystery hunter and a glaring side-eye for their “gracious host”. Denying a lady a cloak, why what a jerk. Her retainer, Titania certainly was one for fancy entrances a proud quality she had coded in after all a dollop of Pride was necessary for those at the top. It would do no good to not flex her power, intimidation was necessary at times. The humble were either fools or the strongest in her own opinion. It took a great deal of will to purposely stay quiet when one could tip the scales in their favor.

    She only vaguely noticed some of the items Titania to be holding seemed to be quite a bit older and quite a bit “already claimed”. At the very least she now had an idea of who crossed back. She heard Snow begin to speak and nearly let the confusion slip to her face. The piece he was following was quite an early one, she could redo it and improve on it but it hadn’t crossed her mind. In the future, she would carefully transfer over useful runes and refine them but for now, the leather would do though she did wish he would take another.

    “What is mine is yours, for the glory of the Spirits. You always have my permission to them. Besides, how could I trust you to be our spear and wall if I hold back my support.”

    She stared at her own old bracers, a gimmicky illusion charmed armor. She no longer needed it, she far outgrew it just with her passives but perhaps they might suit some lower leveled person well. It certainly was a worthy trade, she beckoned for Titania to pass it on. Naturally, her own creation would know her mind well. The girl turned from her gifting of Snow to pass on the bracers as instructed with a slight uninstructed bow, perhaps she was feeling bad for knocking them off their feet. It was no small feat that Titania was head maid her levels nearly rivaled Fae and Snow themselves.

    “A gift begets a gift. Indeed my lady would wish that you put an earlier model to use. While it offers a more unrefined art it is in fact an enchantment fitting of her caliber. While you wear this you will be quite a bit more lucky in remaining unspotted from harm.”

    She turned as Devon made mention of another guild member with hope in her heart. Sadly though she had never met this man, at least not to her knowledge. She motioned for Titania to recompress the scrolls. She took a step away from Snow to face the man putting a bit of her actress charm into it. Before she could think of the words to say the man was already explaining himself. Well, that worked just as well. Wait… did he say disenchanted forest?

    “Quite interesting, I do believe I know what you might be referencing but… well, that may come with a cost.”

    She was bluffing naturally she had no clue what had seemed to change with this new layout but why let this man realize that? Besides she was a trained actress she could get through this.


general ostruppen

General Ostruppen
God of War and Chaos

Within the Senate Hall, Loud cries of anger, dissatisfaction, and profanity could be heard. Several senators could be seen standing from their seats, attempting to speak out their opinions on the matter that was at hand. But with all the yelling and constant interruptions, nothing would seemingly going nowhere. In the middle of the room sat Tiberius, the Pro-Consul of Firmum to which he had held the position for nearly twenty eight years. He was a rather short but physically strong looking man with black hair, and a rather soft looking face. He was wearing his crimson blood tunic and toga, and some golden armor around his arm and legs and his Laurel wreath which signified his position. He sat there rather tired and annoyed at the constant bickering, the debate was over whether the Senate would allow the reinforcement of two legions to aid the City-State of Artisa which was located south of their city. Nearly half of the senate favored in allowing the sending of their legions to their ally. However others saw it as a waste, seeing that city of Artisa was a society of warriors and should easily be able to hold their own. Reports had come in that the dark forces were slowly making progress towards the city, some feared that a siege was inevitable and that with the city-state falling. The defenses would be compromised and the city of Firmum would be surrounded. Regardless Tiberius had enough and slammed his hand onto marble throne that he sat upon. A loud thud echoed the room and the senators went dead silent. Tiberius rose from his seat with an expression of annoyance, "This is dragging rather far longer then I would expect it to be senators!? We have been discussing this question for more then three days and we have yet to come up with a proper answer! Let alone break this stagnant line of votes we have ourselves thrown into! Will we continue to bark at each other like rabid dogs and spit insults of poison until we grow old?!" He takes a moment of breather and allows the weight of his words settle, "The Artisians are indeed a strong force to be reckoned with......HOWEVER! They are nothing but brutes who think with their muscles rather with their brain. No wonder their defenses and armies are slowly being pushed back! The enemy is clever and indeed equally as strong. But strength means nothing in this war!......I propose that we send 1 legion. Surely two legions is rather a bit of a stretch considering that we ourselves have already deployed 7 out of ten of our legions to the front lines. However we of course need to assign one of our.......Best commanders to lead the legionary's into battle. Dare I say we appoint.....Crassus."

The senators murmur amongst themselves, the name Crassus was unfortunately was well known. Crassus was one of the five generals who had unique and demi-god like fighting capabilities. They are said to be Firmum's mightiest warriors and defenders of the city. However their reputation was known to be cruel and brutal. Crassus was a man who did not care for anything but for his own personal glory and military career. Not caring for civilian casualties in the wake of battle. Despite the dreadful reputations these generals had, they were needed as always in these dire times. Without these Generals, The defenses at the border would surely collapse and the city would be sieges and possibly laid to waste. After another brief debate with Tiberius now speaking and using his charisma, the senate felt ready to put one last vote with an assurance of a final decision. The final vote was 210 of the 300 senators voting for one legion to be sent to give relief to the Artisians. Tiberius sighed in relief as he had managed to once again work his charms on the senate. Eventually they moved on to other minor matters and finished talks an hour later. It was now midday and the senators flock out of the Senate Halls and went off on their seperate ways, whether to hang out with other fellow senators, to drink, return to their families and so forth. Tiberius however left through the back entry of the Senate Hall and was followed by two Praetorian Guards. They are led through a secret entrance that would be activated by a spell that only Tiberius and the other generals knew. The three made their way downstairs to which led to a gigantic marble room, with minimal visibility with only dark flames hanging from torches on the wall to light the room. At the end of the room stood a statue of what appeared to be a female warrior, looking up to the ceiling, holding her large round shield in one hand and pointing a spear towards the direction of Tiberius. Tiberius signals the praetorian's and they stood at attention and turned towards the exit. The Pro-Consul slowly makes his way to the statue, feeling a bit nervous as he got closer and closer the stone spear. When he reaches just close to the spears tip, he takes out a dagger from under his toga and cuts his palm and grabs ahold of the spears tip. The statues eye's suddenly started to glow red, and the statue begun to animate and move. Slowly raising the spear and quickly striking down upon Tiberius, the man stood still and trying his best to not cower to which he doesn't. He closes his eyes as he waited for the spear to pierce him, he felt just for a split second the tip of the stone spear touch his chest and then nothing. A low grizzly voice is heard, "welcome......Tiberius son of Serjanus."

Tiberius opens his eyes, the room he was now in was just about the same size as the one he was in. But the room was well lit, revealing a marble room but in the color red and black. At the end of the room in front of Tiberius, stood the 6 foot man known as Augustus sitting in his golden throne, with his spear in his hand and his beautiful wife Harmonia sitting on his lap, arms wrapped around his neck. Her eye's just now turning from looking up to her husband now to Tiberius. "I do hope that the senate meeting went well" He asked in curious and threatening tone. "Oh but yes but of course! Your wise and well put advise was well conceived. The senate has allowed for one of our legions to be led by General Crassus in relieving the Artisians. Just as you thought would happen."

Tiberius bowed as lows as he could and waited till Augustus raised one of his fingers to allow him to rise. "Good.....Then you have done well and followed your orders to my satisfaction.....Come forth Crassus." Tiberius eye's widened as he turned to the direction of the sounding footsteps coming nearby. Crassus had come forth from the behind one of the massive supporting pillars, with a rather sinister grin. His Xiphos sword was drawn and his large golden Hoplon shield in the other. "You know Tiberius, I was actually hoping you would fail so I would have a reason to step into the Senate Halls and ruffle up some of the old farts. But I suppose you'll do." He gets close enough and at first seemed to motion himself for a punch to which Tiberius reacted by cowering before him. But no assault came and Crassus boast into laughter. "You stupid little shit. You actually thought I'd lay my hand on your little pretty face, don't worry I won't do such thing.....Unless you piss me."

"ENOUGH! Crassus silence yourself." Crassus froze up from the booming voice of Augustus and quickly stood at attention, his face somewhat troubled. "We are not here to fool around you insolent meat head.......We are here to discuss further into our plans of pushing back these abominations that wreak the land with their very existence." Both of the men nodded their heads in agreement, "O-Of course my creator......I will atone for my ill manner I assure you." Augustus simply glared at him and waved it off, "Whatever......So long as you raise the body counts I do not care, but anyways Tiberius. What news of the spies that plague our grand city? Any news you can offer me?" Tiberius nervously shook his head slowly, "Unfortunately no my creator, the spies have not changed their stances since they have been here. However we have as you've instructed, ensured that your whereabouts and legitimacy of being a true god has still been upholded. There is by far no suspicions since.

Augustus rubbed his chin, seemingly in deep thought as he took in the news. It was relieving to hear that the guild known as Havoc, had yet to obtain any crucial or hardening evidence upon him. However it was still nerve wrecking as there was still a small chance that the truth could be revealed. Yet thanks to Marius and his legion of assassins/praetorians, they were able to quell any such opportunity. "Good....I suppose this is for the best for now. Now moving along to our plan to aid the Artisians to the south, Crassus shall lead the 5th Legion of Lions to the city. You will do whatever it takes to obtain a decisive victory over the enemy, and if you could do not cause trouble. As much as I would love to see their beloved city burn to the ground.....We need them and their warriors for the grand scheme."

"Of course my creator, I will ensure that we bring forth both victory and blood that will satisfy you." Just as Augustus was about to speak, Harmonia grabs his attention and whispers into his ears. His eye's show a bit of annoyance but sighs as if defeated. "Patience Harmonia." He says before turning his head back to the two mortals in front of him. "Tiberius, you shall offer as much material and support to Crassus as you can. If need be you will conscript more men to bolster his ranks if he so desires. Tiberius bows his head and so does Crassus, yet it appeared that there was a sense of uncertainty from Crassus based off his look. "Glorious Creator....With all do respect, a mere legion would not be enough to help the weak minded Artisians. Surely I should obtain another legion in the case that I-"

"SILENCE!" His voice booms throughout the room, Augustus looked at crassus with his boiling red eye's staring from behind the slits of his helmet. "Do not question my orders Crassus......Do remember your place or I shall have Adesseus retrain you like last time." Crassus froze in sheer fear and kneeled down like a scared dog. Tiberius was himself scared shitless as it was more terrifying to see Crassus cower as he was. "Forgive me!" Was all he could say as sweat streamed down from his forehead.

"Both of you.....Get out of my sight and complete your tasks, and I do not want any failures. Are we clear?" Crassus stands up and both him and Tiberius silently nodded their heads in agreement, both eagerly waiting to leave the room now as their master was obviously pissed off. Harmonia however reaches her hand out and gently strokes Augustus's neck, "Dear please, Crassus didn't mean to upset you. He was just curious is all, give them a break." Augustus looked to her and then back to the two frightened men, ".......Leave us." Was all he could say and the two immediately got to it and chanted out some words before telaportating out of the room.

Augustus sighs and raises a brow at his wife, "You shouldn't be speaking when I'm doing official business woman." Harmonia simply smiled, "And you should give your underlings less hassle, their doing their best. Now come on you now you promised that you would do it." She said in a rather excited tone, Augustus simply rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. A crystal ball suddenly appears in front of them, levitating with a flow of energy right under it. Augustus goes ahead and waves his hand over it and the crystal ball slowly starts to form a vision within it. Within the crystal ball, revealed what appeared to be a young warrior holding a sword and round wooden shield. From the looks of it, it would seem that he was going through his usual sparring training. Harmonia looked at the young warrior with a smile and rests her head on August's arm, "He seems to be doing nicely. Can't get over the fact that he's inherited his fathers looks and strengths." Augustus however didn't seem happy about something, "Unfortunantely he has not inherited his height....Rather his mothers." Harmonia looked up to him with an angry look and upper cuts him, "Don't talk down upon those who are short!"

"Whatever. All I care about is whether he will show his potential or not. You know what happens if he does not." Harmonia seemed troubled when he heard those words and went back to her relaxing her head on his arm and watching her son. "Yes, I know.....Can't you be fair to him, he is your son."

"It does not matter. If he cannot prove himself as a warrior, then he deserves not my gratitude and aid."


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