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Fandom Overlord: Another World Guild sheet



The Phantom Hexblade
Guild name:
Guild owner/leader: (could be a person who didn't show up for the game last moments)
Base/headquarters/dungeons name:
Base/headquarters/dungeons appearance: (Picture or written description)
Amenities- (What kind of thing doe your guild/base have for guild members to relax, prepare battle, or other functions useful for the guild)
*Named NPC- (Name, race and job levels, appearance, general personality, and what there purpose)
Guild History-
Other- For if I missed anything you want to add.

*- I won't limit how what level your named NPCs are (except to 100, sense that your guys max as well) or how many named NPCs a guild can have but do not abuse this. If you go overboard and for example have ten level 100 NPCs, I will deny them and then put limits for this. Also, these are NPCs, not your main characters. While you can play NPC as your main character(s) if you like, that will have to be summited on the character sheet thread. Just wanted to be clear on this, thank you.
Please do not post any guildsheets here without my permission.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Guild name: Dining Table
Guild owner: Ginger (he doesn't show up though)
Members: Ginger (leader), Mallow (vice leader), Nori, Pocky, Naruto_, Mayonice, Bananice, Cookie, Camus, Gin, Bourbon, Jinro, Chacha, Charlotte, Lemon, Pia, etc

Base/headquarters/dungeons name: Full Plate
Base/headquarters/dungeons appearance:
A two stories moderate-sized building made of concrete, wood and neon light cables. Despite its average exterior, the size of its interior was much bigger than what its supposed to be, as if the inner part of the building was built in another dimension. At nighttime, the neon cables will light up, making the building stands out like a swollen thumb.

The main room where the members usually hang around was the lounge. It's a moderate-sized room with a bar counter and various kind of chairs scattered about. Ones could see MgRonald patiently standing behind the counter.

Amenities: gachapon machine to increase your pulling experience, hall of fame and hall of shame to salt about your pull and game room so you can play games inside a game. There is also a workshop in the basement, but its rarely used. There's many more facilities but most are just for entertainment.

Named NPC:
A lv50 incubus butler
Flavor text: The most coolest, badass incubus ever. He is a hard-boiled gentleman that can sway the heart of any lady. He is just brimming with coolness like that!
Appearance: by default, he is a red skinned man with spiralling horns on the side of his head. He can change his appearance though, he's an incubus that can fulfill whatever fetishes his partner wants.

Lv15 Incubus
Lv15 Butler
Lv10 Sentinel
Lv5 Bulwark
Lv5 Perfumed Knight
A lv50 elf maid
Flavor text: The clumsiest maid ever. A reminder for Pocky that he's our best craftsman. Cheers for Pocky!
Appearance: A tall elf with braided blue hair and black eyes.

Lv15 Maid
Lv5 Wizard
Lv10 Thief
Lv10 Luck Mage
Lv5 Assassin
Lv5 Doomsayer
A lv100 Mimic
Flavor text: A kind mimic. It's happily provide its belly to become our base. How wonderful.
Appearance: It's a two stories casino. A wooden moderate-sized building, but the inside feels bigger than it should be. The biggest main room is a lounge with a bar counter, there's various kind of chairs scattered about.

Lv15 Mimic
Lv10 Fortress
Lv5 Kaijuu
Lv15 Scavenger
Lv10 Engorger
Lv5 Ruler of Gluttony
Lv15 Crusher
Lv10 Earth Mover
Lv5 World Shaker
Lv5 Foundation
Lv5 Spacetime Wonder

Guild History:
Ginger and Mallow decided to make their own guild that is less focused on things like raid or PvP and focus more on, well, nothing in particular. Most members of Dining Table were casual players that could only log in once or twice per week, or players that already got tired of the game but still love it one way or another.
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Guild name: Spirit Forest Syndicate
Guild owner/leader: Evangeline FantasyDoctor FantasyDoctor
Members: Evangeline FantasyDoctor FantasyDoctor , Snowdown Fenris Fenris , Fae Domine BriiAngelic BriiAngelic
Base/headquarters/dungeons name: Lost Woods
Base/headquarters/dungeons appearance:

Amenities- The guild hall comes with a magical hot spring. Two of them specifically. These springs will, over time, restore MP or HP depending on the spring you are in. The guild hall is one large room in the center that changes form based on what it is needed for. It has a training arena setting, a meeting hall setting and even a feast setting. The room is sounded by staircases and each floor holds doors that are the guild members rooms. On the top level is the guild masters throne room. To east and west of the main building are platforms. These platforms are magical vaults for storage. The one to the west is a vault for personal items and to the east the platform is for guild items such as guild funds, World and god Tier items and weapons. The southern bridge is the only way in or out of the guild hall. There is also a library of books dedicated to monsters, raid bosses and anything else that the guild may need to know for a raid or dungeon crawl. It has years of gathered information stored and ready to use.

The actual guild hall is surrounded by the Lost Forest. This expanse in brimming with trees, streams and ponds, but is also owned by the guild. The entire forest is considered a safe area for the guild and any member can log out in the forest and be safe. The entire place is considered a top tier guild hall and is well known through the game.

Named NPC- Jyeen and Something PlusUltra PlusUltra (Both loaned to Evangeline just before the shut down),
Name: Omnath, Ruthless Guardian
Racial levels:
Bear Lvl. 10
Spirit Lvl. 10
Godling Lvl. 5

Job Levels:
Beast Lord Lvl. 10
Berserker Lvl. 15
Guardian Lvl. 10
Forest Stalker Lvl. 10
Brawler Lvl. 5
Heavy Strike Lvl. 10
Titan Lvl. 10


Personality: Omnath was made by Evangeline herself to be the silent protector of the Lost Woods that surround the guild hall. He is a titanic spirit that does not speak, nor take orders from anyone except for his creator. He is a dutiful and powerful forest guardian with a quick and ruthless temper. However, around Evangeline he is a sweet and respectful being, knowing it was her who created him.

Extra: Omnath is always watching and has a few very special skills which make him one of if not the most powerful NPC's around. However, he is anything, but perfect. He is considered the guilds mascot and greatest frontline defense.
Name: Nya Rainwater
Racial levels:
Water Nymph Lvl. 10
Spirit Lvl. 10

Job Levels:
Druid Lvl. 15
High Druid Lvl. 5
Doctor Lvl. 15
Sage Lvl. 10
High Sage Lvl. 5
High Cleric Lvl. 5
Healer Lvl. 15


Personality: Nya is by far the shiest of all the NPC's of the Spirit Forest Syndicate. She is openly awkward talking to others, but is the first to act when a team member needs healing. She spends all her time traveling between the springs, streams, rivers and pools that cover the Lost Forest. She rarely shows her face, preferring to keep it covered.

Extra: Her healing capability is second to none in the guild and makes her a very important support.
Name: Fenris Alpha
Racial levels:
Spirit Lvl. 10
Wolf Lvl. 10

Job Levels:
Commander Lvl. 10
Pack Leader Lvl. 5
Tactician Lvl. 15
Beast Lord Lvl. 10
Asura Lvl. 10
Stalker Lvl. 15
Intimidator Lvl. 10


Personality: Fenris was created by Snowdown to be the main attack force if an invasion happened. Fenris is loyal and will bow to no one other than the members of the guild he was created to protect. He is serious and dutiful, but has a tendency to take his duties to a level they need not go. Despite that he has been considered the guilds shared pet since his creation.

Extra: Fenris Alpha counts as a full force due to his ability to split himself up into about 50 copies. He is an army himself, but as such he needed a very powerful commanding force to keep the others of him in line.
Name: Geodis
Racial levels:
Hydra Lvl. 10
Godling Lvl. 5
Leviathan Lvl. 10
Behemoth Lvl. 5
Dragon Lvl. 10
Primal Titan Lvl. 5
Primordial Abomination Lvl. 5

Job Levels:
Dragon Caster Lvl. 10
Hierophant Lvl. 15
Beast Lord Lvl. 10
Calamity Lvl. 5
Scourge Lvl. 5


Personality: Geodis is the primal aspect of the guild that instilled so much fear in others. He was built using rare perks from raids and such and is seconded only Omnath. Geodis is a very stand offish creature, but controls himself enough to make sure he doesn't snap on the guild members. He was tasked with living in and guarding the massive trench beneath the guild hall. As such he is territorial and titanic. The only ones he really gets along with are the guild members and the other NPC's.

Extra: Geodis is not your typical monster. Each specific head has its own elemental attribute. Not only that, but most of his skills are racial rather that class based. However, the combination of his racial skills and his job classes make a unique instance where it seems he was made simply to lay destruction when he fights.

Also, the guild edited the flavor text of the guild hall a little to state that the bridge leading to the guild hall is actually resting on a long dead neck of Geodis.
Name: Titania Tatl
Racial levels:
Earth Golem Lvl. 10
Nature Construct Lvl. 10

Job Levels:
Valkyrie: Magic Lvl. 5
Cursed Knight Lvl. 5
Nocturnal Mother Lvl. 5
Dark Knight Lvl. 5
Caster Lvl. 10
Night Walker Lvl. 10
Maid Lvl.15
Dark Cleric Lvl. 10
Withered Druid Lvl.5


Personality: Titania was created by the guild member Fae to be the head maid of the household. As such she is a very cool and calm person. She looks at situations rationally and with a cool head, but has her curious side which directly reflects to her work and micromanagement. She is constantly checking on the maids under her and nit picking at them to keep everything as she wants it. On top of that she has a habit of working around the orders given to her. She will actively find a way to not only serve her masters as instructed, but also find a way to push what she wants into the equation. If the orders she is given inhibit her duties in anyway, you can fully expect her to work around them in some way. She is also a very unpredictable woman and only the maids under her can really keep up. She has a habit of changing the way she wants things organized on a daily basis. One day she might want them sorted by color, the next she might want them sorted by size and it changes constantly. Despite this she is a loyal worker and one of the most accomplished NPC's in the guild.

Extra: There was a bit of controversy with her in the guild as she didn't seem to fit into the theme. However, it was then revealed by Fae Domine that she was created to represent the nocturnal creatures of the forest, which up until her creation didn't get recognition.

Guild History- The guild hall had to be earned through a raid called 'Spirit King's Castle'. The guild took an entire week to finally beat it and claimed the guild hall. It wasn't long after that the guild began performing raids everywhere. They gained a reputation for being the most effective dungeon crawling guild around. They made money fast by completing other raids with a guild hall prize then selling it to the highest bidder. Not only that, but people were willing to pay top dollar for a few members to join their party for a raid. This, coupled with the special healing potion that only they had made it very easy for the guild to gain money and popularity. They didn't really enter tournaments as all members were more built around dungeons and raids. This of course meant most guild thought taking their guild base would be easy. Many people tired and none have been able to take the guild. This is because their expertise in raids meant they knew exactly how to defend against one, so most overthrowing attempts ended in failure. That was pretty much how all days went. Raids, dungeon crawls and defending the guild hall.

Spirit Forest Syndicate was not after fame in the slightest. In all honesty they were out to have fun. It was a game for people to forget the real world for a moment and they took full advantage of it. They gained a reputation despite not seeking one. They gained a few actually. They gained a reputation as the number one raid and dungeon crawl guild in YGGDRASIL. They gained a reputation by acting like they all were spirits. Being mischievous and acting like an actual band of spirits. Finally, they were known for their leader, who was rumored to have the infamous World Disaster class. The entire guild was known for being wild and for selling loot as well. The guild as won more raid loot than any other, but sold a lot of it, only keeping the best for themselves. This scared people as the raid quest loot was always impressive, so no one knew what they were holding onto. They also went on raids with the reward of a guild hall, just so they could take everything, sell the loot and guild base and make 3 times the amount they would have. Some even made the bold claim that they were better at making money than some of the merchant guilds.

Other- This specific location comes with a perk. The liquid flowing from the tree is actually a high tier healing potion only found in this guild hall. There is a one vile a day limit, but over the years the guild has built a substantial hoard of the potion.

Thanks to an item from a raid, the guild boasts 100 elven maids. These maids are not combat special, but excel in all household tasks and even armor keeping and weapon care. They all look very similar, but in all honesty they look like a copy slightly changed from one elven woman.
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Stressed, Depressed, Lemon Zest
Guild name:
Midnight's Lost Children
Guild Master:
Magthorok (Formerly)
Vail (Current)
Vail Entity.Eclypse Entity.Eclypse
LovelyKiss Mena Mena
Aurora Seraphon HellsHaven HellsHaven
Base/headquarters/dungeons name:
The Crypt of Lover's Ruin
Guild History-
The guild known as "Midnight's Lost Children" originated from a place of peculiarity, it began with the gathering of six particular individuals. The original intention of this guild had been to grind through the game, the original six individuals had been close friends either in their real-world lives or through their meeting in YGGDRASIL. This band of six denoted themselves as "Dusk at The Sky's Peak" and set off in this new world around them. For the first month, this progression had gone fairly well, their levels gaining substantially as they played further and further into the game. When they began to grow in levels they took on more members, branching out to a total of 26 people. However, at the time of reaching higher levels they had begun to get targeted by other players. The cause of this? Well that came from the fact they had been playing Heteromorphic Races, five of them to be exact. Because of this, they were met by numerous setbacks, people targeting them in attempts to unlock other classes- in the process taking numerous magical items and copious amounts of currency from the rather weak guild. This was only emphasized when groups of humanoids or demi-humans would wait to ambush them just outside of safe-zones fresh from their spawn. It took a few weeks for them to get into dangerously low levels, and at the end of this most agreed to retreat into areas that were more accepting of their species. They decided they would attempt once more to try and farm at lower level areas, deciding that it would be best to get some experience before heading off to the other worlds. By the time their first member had stepped out of the safe-area, they had been jumped by eight other members and killed once more. Given their measly 5 levels, their character was immediately eliminated- lacking the levels required to respawn.

The assailants dictated it as a victory for themselves, having gotten one of their members enough experience to level into their chosen class. However, the guild had been stunned by this display- the removal that occurred to one of their own. The remaining five members attacked in that moment, through a stroke of luck they had managed to slay the four-party members who had attacked them. With this they changed their identity, with the death (Despite being fairly temporary) of their sixth teammate they became known as "Midnight's Lost Children" in honor of their late guild-mates character. The reformed clan would then continue to grow in levels, as well as numbers, as they managed to combat other groups. Anytime a guild member wished to go out and farm, or even just to go a trade, they had to have a full party of other guild members. This restriction was due to the fear of losing more members to the same fate as their belated companion. Their conquest continued as they adopted a secondary role of a PK Guild, becoming a much more hardcore group than many others around them. Around this time they had been searching for a location to know as their guild-base. Based on what they'd heard from other parties in passing, there was a high-level dungeon that boasted extreme difficulty. This dungeon went by the title of "The Crypt of Lover's Ruin." Around the same time their leader, Magthorok, had some sort of ire towards it (Likely related to breaking-up with their significant other IRL) and as such this had been decided on. Midnight's Lost Children would seize the dungeon as their own.

The raid had been failed dozens of times by other parties, this time there had been new challengers. A meeting that led the six strongest members of the group to engage the dungeon, a party of members who met the requirements of the dungeon. There was a requirement of at least level 80+ to take on the dungeon, though it had been considered difficult even at that level. The members who engaged this dungeon were under extreme pressure- this dungeon remained unexplored as other players hadn't managed to reach even the second floor of the location. Delving into the dungeon proved itself to be extremely rigorous, and led to many hours spent attempting to overcome it's difficulty. After a grueling 6 hours the party had made it down to the final boss, A gorgon queen in a garden of statues. The fight was insanely difficult, beginning with waves of gorgons and serpents pouring into the room as the queen rained down arrows of chaos. Following this the statue of the hydra reawakened, before finally, they were able to challenge the gorgon queen herself. All-together it had taken them 8 hours to complete the dungeon, a task that seemed indomitable and yet crumbled just as fast.

After that, the crypt was granted to the guild, conquered by its strongest members at that moment. Magthorok, the leader at the time, had been encroaching on his leave- and as such transferred ownership of the guild over to his second in command. The second of the original 6, Vail. Under his control they would begin to reshape the dungeon that now served as their guild's vessel, transforming it into a place that not only served their needs. But into a location that could preserve itself against those targeting the guild. With this, the guild grew to roughly 94 members. As time ticked on players would dissipate. Some flaking out, others burnt out of the game, in the end, they remained immortalized in the Crypt. The clan grew a reputation of evil, most known for killing players without mercy. A great deviation existed within the clan; Hardcore Players, Role-players, and PKers all associated themselves under its banner. Towards the fall of YGGDRASIL the guild had been ranked as the 20th guild in the game.
Guild Base Floors/Amenities:
The Crypt of Lover's Ruin was a dungeon located in the far reaches of Vanaheim. In YGGDRASIL it is presented in a rather large field, the trees around it seem to curl inwards and despite retaining their green leaves appear to host a jet-black trunk. The exterior that leads to this dungeon had the appearrance of a cathedral that's beginning to collapse, the exterior overgrown with ivy numerous spots allow light in. Entering the cathedral immediately leads one to see the descending stone path that leads to the massive door, from here one enters the dungeon.
Floor 1: The Garden
The first floor is the first sight one will be greeted by upon entering The Crypt of Lover's Ruin, despite the broken cathedral and fearful entryway they step into a garden of sorts. The world around them is bathed in the moonlight of some kind, flowers and plant life burst with coloration without the slightest hint of disturbance- almost like that of a utopia. The monsters that spawn here tend to be considered weaker to the dungeon delvers of YGGDRASIL, this is shown mainly because these levels 'Combatants' are lower levels skeletons and plant-based monsters (Mandrakes, Alruna, Alarune, Death Vines). But, as they approach the way down the enemies take a sudden leap in difficulty as if the higher leveled encounters were pushed to the end. This is counteracted by clever usage of traps in a number of locations, large hedge walls block the path which individuals can move through. Within these hedges are the occasional trap, or in some cases runes that activate the magic. Magic held in these hedges are little more than Entanglement or Poisoned barbs, little spells to hold one in place or inflict a naturally occurring effect upon its victims. Alongside this, there are normal dart traps, and a few poison-cloud traps disguised as mushrooms. Things aren't all bad either, as there is a vast amount of vegetation, supposedly used to supply food for the guild's stock hold.

Floor Guardian-
Poinsettis Aletris Rostrata

Known Areas-
Field of Frantic Flowers: A small clearing in the center of the floor, the location itself is dotted with beautiful flowers and herbs. These can be used for alchemical concoctions if an individual chose to do so. In the center of these is a level 35 Alarune who defends it from all intruders, it won't attack members of the guild as it registers them as peacekeepers or gardeners.

Murmuring Garth- The area where Poinsettis Resides, guarded by 2 level 85 ancient Treants.
Floor 2: Vast Seas
The second floor is peculiar in its design, upon entering this floor individuals will emerge from a cave and find themselves stationed with their boots in the sand. A bright light beats down on them as heat immediately floods the senses, for those wandering in a full suit of armor this is the equivalent of hell on earth. Roughly a two meters ahead is a small dock, with a singular wooden boat. It doesn't appear to be anything special, nor anything too strong, and outside of the pier is a lengthy stretch of water. The only land as far as the eye can see comes from a small island with a single palm tree sitting in its center. From the surface one can only see a short distance into the water, roughly five feet, however, once an individual enters it their field of vision broadens to roughly 100 feet in a circle, centered on themselves. This location is filled with beautiful coral reefs, sand, seaweed, and kelp. However, it is also filled with dangers, beasts of the marine depths spawned through the standard mercenary system hunt here.

This floor is especially dangerous due to its exotic terrain, an individual here will have to fight under the element of water- a very uncommon one at that. The crushing pressure that makes it hard to swing a blade, the resistance of a projectile's full speed, or even the distortion of images (Helped by saltwater to the eyes) causing magic spells to have a harder time hitting. This floor is meant to be fought in the inky depths.

Floor Guardian-

Known Areas-
Coral Reef Garden- A decent sized area of the coral reef, this area seems the most vibrant and beautiful. Granted it doesn't denote this to be a safe location, as enemies still surround this area as much as any other location.

Trove of Hidden Depths- A portion of the floor where any treasure dropped by foolish delvers is stored. A small cave mouth opens, hidden from the outside light. If one chooses to enter they will be met with not only a mixture of items and riches but also by the two area guards. Two level 80 Eel-Mermen by the names of "Ki-Kel" and "Kana-Pho".

The Anchors Weight- Surrounding a deep pit are a plethora of corals, this pit goes down in a sharp decline. Though one could just swim upwards to escape it, this is where the Floor Guardian resides. However, the fight commenced with them could take place anywhere on the floor.
Was actually redesigned from large cold deserts, the designer of this room (LovelyBeam) saw fit to turn it into a beach of sorts.
Floor 3: Twisted Holt
Upon reaching the third-floor invaders would quickly be met with a rather peculiar scene, leafless black trees stretching skyward in an otherwise pitch-black room. The ground is covered by a thick, rolling mist that coats anything that it can reach. No enemies are in sight, however, an unnerving presence can be heard throughout it as the thick scent of blood lingers.

Floor Guardian-

Known Areas-
Maw of the Beast- A small cavern within the twisting forest, the floor is littered with scraps of armor, weaponry, and bones. Serves as the home of Mamorg
Floors 4 + 5: Catacombs of Chilled Bone
The fourth and fifth floor harbor a catacomb, the earliest instance of danger in these tombs is that of the claustrophobic nature it prompts- partly due to it's excessively compact design. The area is quite confusing, many locations looking the same as small pockets in the wall hold wrapped corpses, skeletons, or in some cases freshly decaying bodies. Within these floors are numerous types of the undead: Skeletons (Mages, Archers, Warriors), Zombies, and Wraiths. The average level of the monsters on this floor, excluding floor guardians, is roughly 75. Alongside these higher-leveled enemies, there are a plethora of traps. Traps range anywhere from pitfall to poison-dart traps and are hidden cleverly throughout the dungeon. Those without a high perception skill are unlikely to make it through this area without setting off a few.

Though they don't serve to do much, a variety of different skulls and bones have been used in the creation of this place. Much alike stone walls, there is a grouping of these held together to form walls, pillars, and even the floor at times. (Bone Pillar [Link], Bone Wall [Link]) It's possible that the entire dungeon is actually made from bones, merely those that have been weathered down to appear more stone-like in fashion.

Floor Guardians-
Valaine Mariana Crucifex and Demetria Taliana Cruxifex
Known Areas-
Tri-Bone Archways- A side room form the main catacombs, this shows itself to be a relatively small locale with three bone archways holding a single torch above each. Bone-meal lays scattered across the floor like a white powder. Against the wall are three skeletons bound in cloaks and robes that are covered with splotches of this bone meal, along with long dried blood. The skeletons in question activate when the adventurers approach, revealing themselves to be 3 level 85 skeleton mages.

Boneway Bridge A thin bridge made entirely of brittle looking bones, the 'ropes' that hold this bridge are truthfully long spinal columns (Supposedly from snakes). As individuals walk over this bridge horrible sounds will come from the depths below them, a canyon that is predominately dark. If one was to throw light down to the bottom then they would be met with a massive crevasse absolutely teeming with centipedes wriggling and writhing around.

Mausoleum of Maelstrom- On the fifth floor, at the end of an extensive hallway dimly lit by a red light, there is a singular large Mausoleum. To either side of it's doorway are two gargoyle statues. This Mausoleum is fairly large, and serves as the residence for the floor guardians Valaine and Demetria
Floor 6: Garden of Stone
The sixth floor was at one point on the final floor of this crypt. Upon entering the room one is met by a draining feeling, the walls around them are stone and the room is dimmed with it's coloration. These walls have signs of damage, some appear to have melted away while others have marks from a blade's impact. This locale remains a battlefield in spite of the time it's had to be modified. Pushing through one will travel through this garden of statues, some of which break free from their stone tombs and into level 60 undead. Moving through the floor, delvers will enter multiple rooms of these monsters before they reach the final location where a level 95 Skeletal Hyrda rests.

Floor Guardian-
Kia Nyarosa
Known Areas-
Den of the Hydra's Head: The residence of the floor guardian, met by a large number of statues and the Hyrda.
Floor 7: Ruined Kingdom
Floor seven is a land of desolation, the sky is filled with smoke and darkness as the dungeoneers enter to see the ruins of a once-proud castle. It's banisters scorched, and the long decimated bodies of guards lay on the ground scattered about whilst still clad in their armor. This is a realm that marks itself as a dragon's keep.

Floor Guardian-
Telirus Nenotrima
Known Areas-
Kingdom of Desolation: A large castle that stands in ruins, sitting atop a mountainside. Serves as the battlefield and residence of the floor guardian.
Floor 8: Gilded Quarters
The eighth floor is one of the largest in the entire dungeon when it comes to size and the number of things contained within it. This is due to it containing most, practically all, of the amenities held within the dungeon. The main usage of this floor comes in the fact that it held the rooms for the NPCs and the Guild Members to return to for the night. This only really went into action for the NPCs during the time of YGGDRASIL, the rooms served mainly as personal storage areas for players- as sleeping wasn't required in the game. Alongside this, there was a large cafeteria meant for the servant-type NPCs to get their meals which included a rather illustrious kitchen area, granted it didn't really go into use.

Known Areas-
Mangled Pulse: A heavy suggestion from one of the original six, Mangled Pulse is a bar/restaurant. This bar serves numerous drinks, but is well known for an odd concoction that the Bar-maid boasts can "Knock a dragon off its feet". This statement along with the entire drink menu had been orchestrated by the member of the original six that created it. There is also food provided here, making it a good place for lower level players to pick up a buff. This was mainly practiced when it came to getting food at the location, as the chef was capable of providing Lesser Defense, Lesser Strength, or Lesser Speed with the dishes prepared. Granted this did nothing to help higher-level members of the guild, it served smaller members quite well with grinding up to higher ranks.

Gathering Hall- This room served as the setting for many guild meetings, the room boasted an enormous ovular table accompanied by 94 luxurious chairs. Each chair was dedicated to the individual who had arrived there, as such when a player was to log into a game (Given they had logged off inside the base) they would log in seated within their specified chair.

The Bath Castle- Another suggestion from one of the original 6, a large bathhouse that didn't do much outside of looking nice originally. Though one of the members in the guild managed to infuse effects into a few of the baths. The sections of this bathhouse were quite plentiful and as such varied in design and effect. There was, of course, the standard changing rooms, divided into male and female, and a lobby area where an individual could relax after leaving the baths. The most prominent of these features was likely the baths themselves, which were once again split into Male and Female with the center bath separating the genders by a singular wall.
The types of bath in the bathhouse are as follows:
Open Air Bath- Male and Female Separated. Your standard Japanese open-air bath, large rocks are spread within the water allowing even some of the larger guild individuals to lean up against them. The water is hot, but not uncomfortably so. The male and female baths are separated by a singular wall, however, if either side attempted to peek at the other a rune would trigger summoning a water elemental at 1/4 strength. The intent of this is to serve as a warning system for the other side, along with something that the peeking side has to deal with in embarrassment.

Roman Bath- This bath is modeled after bathhouses from ancient roman times, simulated through an man-made underwater spring that flows without end. The temperature is warm and appears to heavily represent roman architecture. Given that this bath is sectioned off from everything else it's common that many individuals will come here for the music. A few NPCs constantly play instruments on the outside of the bath, this is meant to allow any who enter to have an easier time relaxing. (For Reference or Reference 2)

Sauna- A fairly large wooden room that is completely sealed up, in the center, there is a long wooden box that releases hot steam constantly. This room is supposedly beneficial for removing the poisoned status effect after about 30 minutes of continuous exposure to the room.

Medicinal Yuzu Bath- A large bath, Male and Female separated, similar to the open-air bath. The water is hot and infused with a medicine of some form- because of this it has the properties of slowly restoring HP (Supposedly 6% every 10 minutes, this effect could be stacked with spells or potions.). In its description, it was said to remove the Fatigued and Exhaust status effect. Along with his, it's supposedly a pleasant citrus scent released due to the Yuzu Fruit (Or it's equal in YGGDRASIL) in the steam.

Bedrock Bath- This is a bath without any form of water, Mixed 'bathing', it takes place by laying atop granite 'beds' and allowing for its visitors to bask in the heat of the room. It's known for weakening poisons and toxins within the body. Usually making it a popular place for those who hang out at the bar a little too often, along with reptilians/cold-blooded individuals. (For reference)

Upon spending 30 minutes in the bath players and NPCs will have a special item added to their inventory, a coin. You can NOT gain more by staying in the bath longer. This coin can be used after exiting the baths at a machine in the lobby, it's purpose is to take these special coins and dispense a prestige-level health potion that heavily resembles milk. It would be considered rude not to drink it immediately, however, this is commonly stored by the lower-ranking members of the guild for later usage.
Floor 9: Hall of the Exalted
The ninth floor was considered the "Final Confrontation" for any invasive adventuring groups. The final floor that one would enter before reaching their final confrontation with whatever sat behind the large doors.
Floor Guardian-
Elinyla "Glasya" Ariendaiel (Info)
Known Areas-
The Iudicium: This stood as the receiving room for adventurers who had made it down to the ninth level. A fairly expansive room with a domed ceiling above, a faint light spread throughout the room with an eerie flicker. This was present thanks to the four hanging braziers that appeared to hold a blue flame, in spite of this the light in the room wasn't blue. The room's layout is that of a semi-circle with the staircase coming down centered on the flat side of it. Within this room is a final line of NPCs meant to put their final stand against the invaders before they can enter the Throne room. These NPCs consist of The Floor Guardian "Elinyla", and 4 Large golems. The ground is accompanied by a red carpet with gold trim, and at the center of the curvature in the room, there is a set of two large doors. They stand about 5 meters tall and are decorated with images of large vicious serpents. Passing through this doorway will lead to the final push of the dungeon.

Throne Room: The throne room is just beyond a set of enormous doors. The room itself appears almost like that of a long hall, presumably capable of holding hundreds within it, the ceiling is quite high so much so that one can't even see it from the floor. The room itself is well lit, numerous large chandeliers hang down from the ceiling and illuminate the ground- sadly this leaves the ceiling primarily cloaked in darkness. The walls are primarily white in color, a mixture of black, gold, and silver provide details to the archways between columns that rest on either side. On either side of the room, enormous statues stand upon podiums, six in total, these are statues of the six-members who formed the guild. Dotted between the statues, three on either side, are banners with the insignia of each member in the guild. Excluding the six creators, there are forty-four banners on either side. Directly ahead of the doors, at the end of this long room is a flight of six stairs, these lead up to a central throne. The throne itself is quite large, created from a glossy black stone that seems to absorb all light that hits it. It appears fairly uncomfortable to sit on, mainly due to lacking any form of cushions and yet it appears prideful in its display. The elevated stage it sits upon could hold as many at twenty figures without blocking the throne itself.

This enormous room holds no traps, it is the stage for a final duel between the guilds. The Final Stand.
The treasury is what one could consider a "hidden floor" as it doesn't appear in the initial directory of the guild. In order to unlock, along with entering, this location one must be in possession of the guild's ring "Ring of Midnight's Lost Children". When the aforementioned item is registered the possessor can freely enter and exit the room.

Floor Guardian-
Candy Crusher (Information Here)

Known Areas-
Moonlight Repository- A large circle makes up this room, the primary currency location on the Treasury floor. The center of this room is the only spot that one can see outside of the pathway leading to it. The area surrounding them is mostly obscured due to large masses of currency (Of which 98% was Gold or Platinum). The room itself is the one at the very end of a long elaborately designed hall. From above a trickle of light streams forward and causes all the coinage to glimmer in an enchanting way. If the guild upgrades their base, revives an NPC, or deals with daily maintenance fees it comes through here.

Hall of Values- A long corridor that connects the entirety of this floor, one will start out in a small waiting lounge that heads this area. The hallway is one that seems to span on for quite a while, the walls themselves hold numerous display cases. They're bordered by valuable metals meant to highlight the importance of the items contained within. Behind the glass windows are numerous items that range from magical weaponry all the way to full sets of enchanted armor. The most notable of these displays rest in the center of the hall, supposedly containing two world items. They're sealed in a way that only the highest-ranking officials of the guild could open them, as such their names and effects have become hazed. All that's seen is the appearance of the two items.

Scales of Balance- This room serves as the residence of the floors guardian, Candy Crusher.

Chamber of Ancients- This room serves as a special kind of storage room, a room locked to nearly all of the guild members. The Floor Guardian can of course unlock this location if they so choose. This being due to the guardians authority over the floor. Within this location are six mannequins, each modeled after the original six founders of the guild. Those who have left had their characters armor/weaponry stored within this room. Because of this multiple powerful items are contained in this area, along with numerous things items that the original six had produced.
Named NPC's-
Poinsettis Aletris Rostrata

Name: Poinsettis Aletris Rostrate
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Dryad (15), Elder Dryad (10)
Job Levels- Druid (15), Cleric (15), Battle Cleric (10), High Cleric (5), Primal Druid (10), Summoner (10), Terra's Wrath (5), Nature's Herald (5),
Text From Console Deciphered- Poinsettis is known for being a bit distant from others, she's not one for talking and will avoid if when at all possible. This reigns true for everything except plant life and plant-based monsters. This distant nature makes her mysterious, and because of that she's not easily understood. Her creator, Olruki, didn't give her much in the way of a personality. Instead explaining her role as a guardian of nature, stating that she was determined enough to preserve her garden that she would hunt down any perpetrators. Alongside this she is shown to have a respect for her creators, viewing them as beings meant to keep the natural order in line- as such she trusts their judgement even if it may be wrong. She would do almost anything they said, anything except to destroy the world she's tried so desperately to maintain.
Purpose- First Floor's Guardian, Also serves as an overseers to the garden.

Name: Stomatoga
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Carapaceon (15), Karkinos (10), Pistol Claw (5)
Job Levels- Monk (15), Single Blow (15), Striker (10), Martial Lord (10), Fist of the Southern Sea (10), Technical Master (5), Depth's Claw (5)
Text From Console Deciphered- Stomatoga is based off of a small aquatic creature from Earth, known as the "Mantis Shrimp" or a similar species the "Pistol Shrimp". This nearly silent individual possesses a deep voice that seems to resonate nicely within his shell. Two massive claws which serve both as weapons of bludgeoning power, and as deadly tools for laceration. Given his domain, Floor five, he doesn't have to worry about the rather slow pace in which he walks at. Instead he can trade that out for his much quicker swimming speed. Upon snapping his claws shut he can fire a bullet of compressed air, this is most effective underwater where it becomes something of a shotgun blast. Stomatoga is excessively loyal, willing to tear himself apart if it meant pleasing the "Great Creators". He was created by another of the original six, DaiymoNeru (One of the Original 6), who valued honor about all else. As such Stomatoga is unmovable in his morals, willing to do anything that the greater beings would have of him. If they ordered him to destroy a village then he would make haste towards destroying any location they dictated to the best of his ability. Outside of this, he is a follower, unable to lead or act on his own accord. From his perspective disobedience to the Great Creators is to be met with death, unless they define a punishment of equal severity.
Purpose- Second Floor's Guardian, Also serves as a fisherman.

Name: Mamorg
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Bafolk (10), Bafolk Lord (5), Wendigo (5)
Job Levels- Slasher (15), Stalker (10), Technical Master (10), Master Assassin (10), Beserk (15), Clawed Beast (10), Bloodluster (5), Whisperer of the Fog (5)
Text From Console Deciphered- Mamorg is a beast, an unbridled predator that stalks the landscape only in hopes of spilling more blood. As such he acts almost like that of an attack dog with far too much ambition. He gets great joy in dismembering and consuming anything that the Higher Powers demand of him. This blood-lust is what guides him to act irrationally, having no concern for his own safety. Because of this, it's a common feature for him to need to be reigned in by other members before actually listening. His mind is clouded with darkened spirits, voices who wish for demise- voices that ask to bring forth nightmares. Creator was Olruki, who modeled Mamorg after a creature she had seen in her nightmares.
Purpose- Third Floor's Guardian, Also serves as a hunter.
Valaine Mariana Crucifex

Name: Valaine Mariana Crucifex
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Vampire (10), True Vampire (10)
Job Levels- Fighter (15), Unholy Knight (10), Impaler (10), Blood Knight (10), Indomitable Force (10), Cursed Knight (10), Blood Warden (5), Valkyrie: Claw (10)
Text From Console Deciphered- Valaine, a vampire which one might describe as... peculiar? Her creator was one of the original six, PekiPekiNobu, who attempted to create a pair of floor guardians that she and her twin had. Her forward appearance is that of a condescending force, likely modeled after their creator's personality, which gives her a bit of a superiority complex. Being a true vampire only serves to promote such arrogance to the next level. With this she fights while maintaining a smug grin, seeing all opponents as weak or beneath her. Noting opponents as "Worms" is quite common for her, and she will berate opponents with insults in the midst of their fighting. In the means of intelligence she is somewhat lacking, and because of that she recieves teasing from her sibling. This is rebutted by teasing her smaller sibling about her lacking of physical strength along with the pathetic size of her bosom.
Purpose- Fourth/Fifth Floor's Guardian, Also serves as a blood guard.
Demetria Taliana Crucifex

Name: Demetria Taliana Crucifex
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Vampire (10), True Vampire (10), Fangs of the Abyss (10)
Job Levels- Necromancer (15), Weilder of Necrodollicon (15), Blood Drinker (10), Puppeteer (10), Master of Death (10), General (5), Prime Golemancer (5)
Text From Console Deciphered- Demetria, the younger sibling of the vampire sisters. Her creator was one of the original six, PekiPekiNobu, who attempted to create a pair of twins embodying the duality she and her twin had. Demetria was also what one could refer to as a diva, or to be more correct, a Chuunibyou. Demetria herself is a geniues tactician, one who could fell even the great roman empire in one fell swoop. This along with her capability when it comes to analysis makes her frighteningly good for guiding armies or even lone soldiers into battle. Though more often than not she will over-exaggerate to an excessive degree, making wild motions with her hands or the entirety of her body when she feels the "Power of the Dead" coursing through her.

This is her forwards personality, seeing as she was developed later than her sibling- a portion of their creators disdain towards others leaked in. As such she is hateful towards humanoid and demi-human races, not openly expressing this, however. She see's them as less than her, and would gladly end their existence just to bring them back as a thrall of her own. She is dominating in battle, seeing her opponents as mere "Playthings" that should bow to the hand of their puppetmaster.
Purpose- Fourth/Fifth Floor's Guardian, Also serves as general of the guild's undead army.
Kia Nyarosa

Name: Kia Nyarosa
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Gorgon (15), Greater Serpent (10), Hydra's Blood (5)
Job Levels- Ranger (15), Gazer (10), Archer (10), Sniper (10), Elementalist-Lightning (10), Gaze of the Gorgon (5), Hyrda Master (5), Divine Poisoner (5)
Text From Console Deciphered-Null Chronos (One of the Original 6) had created Kia Nyarosa with the vision of the previous dungeon boss of this crypt in mind. As such his attention to detail and numerous hours, he had managed to make a being in a similar fashion to that of the boss prior. Much like her creator, Kia is a collector. Objects she finds or is given will be added to her collection- though the thing she enjoys to collect is stone statues of her own creation. To that extent she is a perfectionist, ensuring that any member of her "Collection" is perfectly placed to fit in how she wishes with the others. Because of this and her confidence, she appears to boast a noble personality, standing in a way that makes her appear more alluring and even speaking properly.

She bends the knee to few, the few which she will are those of the original guild members. She values the opinion of all guild members, but due to the script she'd been given she values that of the Original 6 by leaps and bounds more. This is in part due to a fear that had been rooted in her, the fear of being abandoned by those she valued so dearly. This had been a fear of her creator as well, that seemed to find it's way into her protocol. Because of these, she is willing to execute a severe lethality to desmember any who may attempt to harm the guild, though her concern mainly is granted to that of the "Rulers Six".
Purpose- Sixth Floor Guardian.
Telirus Nenotrima

Name: Telirus Nenotrima "The Blazing Dragon Queen"
Levels- 100
Racial levels- Dragonoid (15), Greater Dragonoid (10), Dragon Queen (5)
Job Levels- Mystic (15), Sorcerer (10), Yang Master (10), Arcanist (10), Shapeshifter (10), Draconic Caster (5), Dragon Underlord (5), Beast of Greater World Rending (5)
Text From Console Deciphered- Telirus is the eternal flame that burns within all things, she is the monster that darkens the sky. Or at least that's what the first part of her lore states. Her creator was technically Magthorok, though she was created by Vail's hand. She was written to be a calm and collected individual on the surface, forth-wright and stern with those she speaks to. However to those of her friends she's awkward, tending to tumble over her own words when interacting. To that of enemies she's excessively harsh, showing a brutal dedication to the persona of destruction that she's imbued with. As with the other NPCs, she serves loyalty to those who created her- seeing them as the only being who's power she can't topple. A slight jealousy of their strength dwells within her, this is quelled by her dedication to serve them. Her desire to become a vassal worthy of their divine power, and their continued tolerance of her.
Purpose- Seventh Floor Guardian.
More NPCs have been confirmed but haven't been seen (I haven't written them out) as of yet.
Other- For if I missed anything you want to add.
The Ring of Midnight's Lost Children- Was a guild-item that allowed its users to warp around The Crypt of Lover's Ruin. The user could teleport to specific locations within each floor, however they couldn't transfer themselves directly into a combative scene. Along with this they couldn't warp themselves into an environmental effect that may harm them (Lava pool, Fire, Falling Spike, Traps), this was done to keep players from immediately halting a siege on the guild-base. Another function of the ring served to keep it in the hands of the guild, upon leaving the guildhall with the ring on your being it would dissipate and appear in the guild's storage. When the individual who had worn this prior walks back onto the lands it will reappear where it had left from before. This assured that individuals wouldn't drop it outside the guildhall and end up giving it to an outsider, if an individual was killed in the range of the guildhall it could still drop and be taken.
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  • Guild name: The Gentlemen's Alliance

    Guild Master: Lilith ( Noble Scion Noble Scion )
    Members: Cyrus of Alfheim ( Birdsie Birdsie ), Faust Windfallow ( HellsHaven HellsHaven ), Ragna ( Reinhardt Reinhardt ), Arael ( June Verles June Verles )

    Base/headquarters/dungeons name: Phillip

    Other: Aside from each of the guild member's floors, everywhere else in the entire base is swarmed with innumerable amounts of homoncumaids*, as instructed by their creator - to conduct impeccable maintenance and keep things orderly. The sight of such beings has influenced quite a lot of other guilds, often times mimicking them by creating their own form of it.

    With an extremely complex process, Ragna, with the aid of Faust and Cyrus, has installed an AI onto their base, which they also named Phillip. This AI seems to have a similar personality to that of the real life Phillip, constantly verbally bullying Cyrus - though it would completely obey the orders of the authorized guild members. The Phillip AI is mostly used by the guild members to make the fortress steer itself and choose a specific area or direction to head onto, but it also has other purposes, such as it being a verbal dictionary, a verbal encyclopedia of the game's info, and even a simple chatting buddy.

    *to be expanded upon in a different section.

    Guild History: The Gentlemen's Alliance started with a party of three chaotic, unpredictable and uncontrollable players - Cyurs, Faust, and Ragna. Much like any other group out there, they came from humble beginnings - rising from the low levels and slowly accumulating their gears and feats. Of course, as time passed by this group of three eventually formed a guild.

    Why? Because they wanted the mechanical benefits of it, nothing else.

    During that time, their fame was rising, each in their own fields - Cyrus was being recognized a great tutor to casters and having them realize what they could potentially be (but never really making them on par with him). Faust was being recognized in forums and various sites as "that one masked dude with the frying pan", where he completely breaks the PvP system with his horrendously 'balanced' item and build. Ragna was getting the attention of the developers with his constant experimenting and attempts to achieve what was initially impossible by the game's systems.

    When their fame rose to a certain degree, people flocked to their guild - and they didn't refuse, since more members would mean more benefits. And when the guild seemed to be big enough, the three were always passing around the mantle of leadership from one person to the other, the guild became very chaotic.

    Fortunately, Lilith arrived, and since then, the handle was passed onto her. The guild slowly stabilized into an actual functioning guild, and not an absolute messy pit of players gathered in a long list. But there was one problem - they had no base. None of the three actually planned to get this many people.

    So, when a new raid came out, which was a flying, moving dungeon called "Sky Fortress Argentel", the three immediately went on to conquer it and make the said dungeon as their base.

    Three (3) hours after the launch, it was immediately taken by the said party of three. A surprising occurrence that immediately spread news from one channel to another, from one server to another. It wasn't even a day until almost all of the playerbase knew the names of that legendary party of three - Cyrus of Alheim, Faust Windfallow, and Ragna.

    When the party moved onto the flying fortress at their base, it was immediately renamed to Phillip - the same name of that one guy in middle school that bullied Cyrus in real life. They didn't know that the name change was one time only and is now stuck with it.

    Eventually, after realizing that the party of three aren't really living up to their legends and are shoving most of the guild responsibility to others, mostly to Lilith, their population slowly died down, along with their fame. But that really never mattered to any of those that remained.

    They were here to have fun and enjoy the game to its fullest anyway, each in their own ways. Whether it be in a VRMMORPG, or an isekai realm.
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Guild Name: DrakesGaurd
Guild Owner/Leader: BurningSalvation (A.K.A Yapora 'Salvation' Thestar)
Members: Yapora ManofManyRoles ManofManyRoles , Martolla Xcelgamer Xcelgamer , Dean EldridSmith EldridSmith ,Ray Cam E. Leon Cam E. Leon Kitsunei Miku Amyleii Amyleii
Base/HQ/Dungeon Name: Castle Drakesguard
Base/HQ/Dungeon Appearance:

Draconic Council Room; Third floor: The meeting hall and gathering place for the guild proper, it consists of a large table done in fine wood, the center showing a massive dragon with wings spread, made of gold. In the center of the dragons chest is a massive emerald orb, easily the size of someones torso. This emerald in truth powers the illusion guarding the entire castle, making it look disheveled and worthless to dissuade explorers. Each chair had the name of it's owner embroidered into the backrest in a fine metal of the owners choosing. No expense seemed to be spared for this room, fine embroidered banners hanging along the walls. Though many members eventually stopped playing, nothing was changed about their seats, in the event they one day returned. Truly, the members here played to the 'draconic' theme.
Celises Recovery Room; Third floor: Stationed right up the hall from the 'Draconic Council' room, was the medical area inhabited by the castles dedicated doctor and surgeon. The naga was often found curled up in a relaxing position by the entrance, and quickly jumped to attention at the sight of work needing to be done. The entire room was done in the style of a deep cavern, somewhere dragons would have returned to rest and heal over a fight. A massive ceiling hung overhead, stalactites pointing down towards the floor with the largest of them at least several meters long. Inside the room consisted of medical equipment evenly spaced out at large flat stones that looked akin to a table one would use for operation, a set for each. Also in the room were soothing spa's and baths, ranging from a literal tub of magma for the guild lead, to more natural hot springs which eased fatigue, restored lost stamina, and given enough time could remove a curse or debuff. Along the rim where wall meets ceiling, large stone dragons can be seen. Aesthetically pleasing, they also serve to defend the otherwise defenseless surgeon, and her charges.
Marlina’s Room of Flowers and Honey; Third Floor: A room stationed on the third floor near the steps leading to and from the 2nd floor. The bee girl can be seen in this room when she isn’t serving Martolla. The room is one of the more brighter rooms within the castle, the room itself seems like a neverending expansion of massive flowers of all different colours and types, so that Marlina and her colony can make honey with ease. Speaking of which people who enter the room will find near the back of it is a massive beehive easily accessible by people. Inside the Hive is both a rec room for any guild members or guests to relax, play games and such while bees both small and human sized are busy collecting pollen and making honey. Enemies that manage to actually make it to the third will find the room filled with a constant infernal buzzing that will only stop if they somehow manage to kill Marlina or if they brave the rec room and kill them all.
The Insectorium Bridge: The massive bridge that spans the chasm to Castle Drakesguard is either a welcomed sight, or the first warning to turn back, depending on the group approaching. Half a mile long, and a city street wide, this bridge was only for the determined, the foolhardily, or those coming home. About a quarter of the way across the bridge, large insects would ascend from the chasm below and climb the bridge strut or outright fly over to harass and attack any unwelcome trespasser who would seek to bring harm t the castle. Nothing overly powerful at the start, no they would be the prod to turn around...those that fought on, faced worse. By the time one reached the halfway point, the threats became all the more real, more numerous, and sometimes more massive. Three quarters of the way all hell would break loose as what would seem is every imaginable threat the insect kingdom could offer up came forth, flooding the bridge. Those that were 'lucky' enough to fight through the swarm met a whole new threat... the Gatekeeper; Dimrir, The Chosen.
Ground Floor; Halls of the wurms: Beautiful carpets and banners decorate the halls one can enter from the 'front door', comfortable chairs and tables set up sporadically. In truth, this all looks quite a bit like your normal castle ground floor. But beneath the floor, right below it, lays wurms. Serpent creatures that are classified as 'dragons', these extremely long and massive creatures stretch themselves along beneath the flooring, slithering in silence and moving in ungodly speed. The floor of the ground floor is lined with hidden trap doors that only open into an 'up' position. Should a trespasser move by one of these, these elongated draconic serpents will pop their head out and either take a bite, or make a breath attack. Said attacks can range from either Highly toxic and poisoness gas, or fire. But how can you tell which it will be? They all look the same, and if there's any distinguishing marks, it's quickly apparent that they're just too fast to note. Those that visit the castle on good terms or on invitation, can find that it is quite relaxing and perhaps even lavish in it's decorations and feeling. Large stained glass windows to the outside world, most all of them depicting dragons and their kin at the prime of their power, either as benevolent protectors, or vengeful guardians. The first floor is also home to the dining hall, which is a self serving system. The glasses, bowls, and plates seem to fill with what is desired...though coin is required in trade for a more 'lavish' meal. Cydryss, the quiet guards this floor, making use of the wurm tunnels in combat to keep his opponents guessing and stall them until aid arrives.
First Floor; Common areas and Personal rooms: The first floor is where each guild member could safely retire for a night, or whenever they really just wanted to sleep and rest. Each room was designed and tailored by it's occupant exactly as they wanted (though currently Yapora's is missing). In times of crisis, the rooms enjoyed an extremely powerful lock of the physical and magical kind, to the point even a level 100 rogue type would spend too much time to be comfortable just to break into one. Other features of the floor are a bar, a 'bath house' (Which in truth was just a line of rooms that led to personal bathing areas), and an area that just consisted of pointless 'mini-games'...that have turned into real games since the transfer to the new world. The Guardian of this floor is the bartender, Bisir, The Clean.
2nd floor;Halls of the Strange:
Similar to the Halls of the Wurms, the second floor is adorned with beautiful carpets and banners with these. To allies and guild members, this floor is very plain and uneventful, however if an enemy somehow manages to make it past all the wurms and manage to either run or defeat Cydryss and get to this floor the floor is a lot less friendly and turns into a psychological nightmare for them, the walls and floors seem to turn and twist folding in on itself. Zombies, bugs and other creatures come out of the floors, walls and some of the rooms as the walls seem to come along writhing with tentacles. All of this unsurprisingly is just illusions set up by Martola and kept up by the floor guardian Aropay, in truth whatever the enemies perceive as hellish zombies, giant bugs to stomp and writhing tentacles are all in truth just their friends killing them without any remorse. If one were to escape into one of the rooms, they would find the rooms be normal, allowing them a moment of reprieve only for a moment however, as that means they would welcome a quicker death and less mind melting death. The amenities on this floor has fallen into major disrepair as this floor was all about crafting and designing as the people who had once used them have all but disappeared, the only exception is the training hall/colosseum in which both PCs and NPCs practiced new techniques, held tournaments and 1v1 fights with the last two having prizes for winning.
Basement/Dungeon; Lair of the Níðhöggr: A massive cavern that delves deep into the mountain that castle Drakesgaurd is rested upon, too deep to tell. What is certain, is that nothing pleasant resides here, and those who enter have entered a place few outside the guild tread...and a place none outside of the guild return from. For within this maze of tunnels and rock resides the most fearsome creature that resides in the castle. The guild did not have a world level item for home defense...though they had something on par. The inhabitants of castle drakesgaurd, when they were still twenty strong, had made their expedition into the mountain to face one of the strongest beasts one could face in the game. The aspect of the Níðhöggr was a rare creature to encounter, as they resided solely in certain spawn points and never traveled away from it. These max tier 'raid boss' enemies were said to be portions of the beast that was rumored to aim to topple the world tree the game was named after. True to it's name, it had nearly wiped the entire twenty person guild back to respawn, save for about six. By the time the beast fell, the guild was welcomed to all of the loot it had hid (Which was in excess) some wonderful items, and the guild lead was treated to a congratulatory message from the admins. Risking her luck, she asked to keep it for the guild. They agreed, on the condition it was eternally bound to this dungeon basement, and could not leave to aid the guild in any terms.
Basement/Treasury: The treasury area, which is so visciously guarded by the Níðhöggr houses the guilds accumulated wealth and goods in twenty one seperate tunnels. Twenty of these tunnels are smaller, a statue of the guild member who owns it keeping it safe. To get into their tunnel (and by extension, to their hoard), the visitor had to interact with their statue, say a passphrase, or simply outmanuever the trap they had set that only they knew about...sometimes all of the above. The treasury guardian is an Automaton named A.R.A
Basement/Dungeon; Kobold Barracks: Within the massive caverns that hold both the monsterous Nidhogg and the guilds vault of treasures, lays a sprawling underground complex, populated solely by an army of kobolds, roughly 1500 strong. Many kobolds are the same, some are different, all have a task and purpose. This army is not for war making, and solely for the defense of the guild, or service. They range from fighters, to archers, to messengers, to repairmen, to just general assistance. They are all under the service of Sid, their general, and the guild by extension

Name: Dimrir, The chosen
Racial levels: Dragonoid 15, Death Dragonoid 10
Class Levels:Knight 15, Summoner 15, Dark knight 10, Entomancer 10, Armored Mage 10, Black knight 5, Knight of Death 5, Master of Insects 5
Total 100
Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance and physique, Dimrir is a massive sweet heart, and is easily flustered by people and other NPC's. Perhaps it's because of this that he prefers to dote his attention on the insects he fights along with, or summons. Just like every NPC, he is incredibly loyal to Drakesgaurd. Two people he seems to get along well enough with however, are his creators Yapora and Martolla. One of the oddest features, and most mysterious, is that none of the other drakesguard NPC's are aware of what Dimrir looks like outside of the armor as he never leaves it. The only people who do know for certain, are his creators.
Purpose: Dimrir had the sole duty of guarding the gates of DrakesGaurd should unwanted threats fight their way to the end of the bridge. While his attack stats were high, even higher were his defense. While he may not do more damage than the opponent on one strike, he was more likely to outlast them and then return to his post

Outside of armor

Name: Cydryss, the Quiet
Racial levels: Dragonoid 15, Poison Dragonoid 10, Ancient Poison Dragonoid 5
Class levels: Thief 15,Archer 15, Assassin 10,Skilled archer 10, Master Assassin 5, Master archer 5, Master of Silent Death 5
Total 100
Personality: When he is not actively defending the castle, Cydryss is...unique. They speak about themselves in third person, constantly pose, and generally believe themselves to be far cooler than they probably are. The creator of this NPC found the idea that a stealth fighter being so outgoing and weird would be funny, and hence they coded it in.
Purpose: Cydryss had more than just the job of popping out of trap doors and shooting someone. He was also responsible for being the friendly face that anyone visiting encountered first. He helped direct newcomers around as a sort of guide, being as helpful as possible.

Name: Biris, the clean
Racials: Dragonoid 15, Dragonflyoid 10
Class: Paladin 15, Cleric 15, Bartender 15, Exalted Paladin 10, High cleric 10, Paladin Ascendent 5, Battle cleric 5
Total 100
Personality: Biris was coded to be a 'shoulder to lean on' at the bar, someone who was reliably there for you when you needed her. She was always supposed to be comforting and supportive of your problems, and help you however she could. Inversely, she was made to be absolutely ruthless to those who'd disturb her bar, or the lodging floor.
Purpose:Bisir was made to serve drinks, keep the players fed and watered, and be enough of a tank to beat back whatever had made it to the first floor. Her defense, like all paladins, is impressive, her attack bolstered with paladin blessings and cleric spells.

Paladin Armor:

Name: Aropay
Racials: Dragonoid 15, Platinum Dragonoid 10, Vampire dragonoid 10
Class levels: Pyromancer 15, Draconic Pyromancer 10, Purifying Fire Disciple 10, Child of Bahamut 5, Illusionist 15, Grand illusionist 10
Total 100
Personality:Aropay is a weird case, as the reason as to why she was created was to fake out any who somehow made it past the bridge, ground floor and the first floor and they thought they had made it to the leader.. Her personality is how Yapora is like when she is transported in to the new world. When none of the PCs are around she takes it upon herself to lead what NPCs are here in the main part of the castle. She is far from a perfect copy mind you, she is quite vindictive to enemies who violate the castle and will often rip them apart, letting her vampiric bloodlust take over when she has people cornered.
Purpose: When not defending the floor, Aropay was responsible for assisting the members using the workshops on the second floor by ferrying and fetching materials, help test items and equipment, and generally be as helpful as possible.

Name: Aspect of Níðhöggr
Racials: Ancient dragon 15, Dragon of the end 10, Herald of Ragnarok 5
Class: Immortal eater 15,Bearer of Corpses 15, Soul eater 10, Feaster of Criminals 10, World eater 5, Eater of worldroots 5, Survivor of Ragnarok 5
Total 100
Personality: To say Níðhöggr lacks personality is an understatement. It is not a true created NPC, but rather a game creation that was simply admin gifted to be kept as a last line of defense of the treasury. All the creature knows, is what's in it's code. Hate and malice, anger...and hunger. Eternal hunger that it cannot sate, the hunger for the end, for souls, for whoever walks into it's tunnels. However, as part of the gift deal, it is also loyal to the guild, even if it may not look like it's capable of being such.
Purpose: Níðhöggr's purpose is a simple one. Kill, eat, destroy whatever comes into his tunnels without the permission of the guild or was not granted rightful access. This two hundred meter tall creature of doom stalks the tunnels it resides in, the only warning sound of it's arrival of it's scaled hide being dragged across the ground. If it finds you, it's over.
Other: Abandon allr vætthannr hverr enters hí, nidhoggrinn hungers. Translates too: Abandon all hope he who enters here, the Nidhogg hungers. Sporadically carved along the cave walls.

Name: A.R.A/ Anti Raid Automaton
Racials: Automation 15
Class: Gunner 15, Explosive User 10, Explosive master 5, Seamstress 15, Record Keeper 15, Knight 15, Cursed Knight 10.
Total 100
Personality:A.R.A is more or less acts like the stoic secretary, only showing any hint of emotion when recieving commands from the PCs or when someone threatens to steal from any of the vaults she is in charge of protecting
Purpose: Tasked with Record Keeping, protecting the vaults, and helping guild members open vaults when required, A.R.A may have had the simplest duties out of all the NPC'S

Guild History:
Drakesgaurd (yes, Yapora made a typo) didn't have a grand start or a wonderful scheme to go off of. It was really just something that came into being, when one girl who was never noticed, started to make friends and just enjoy the game. It took about a solid three months to recruit the members that would eventually constitute the full twenty members of Drakesguard, some of them one after the other, and some few and far between. One of the first people Yapora befriended (and recruited unintentionally) was a newbie player with the screen name of Martolla. The two eventually continued to expand the guild, most of their friendships forming from Yapora and eventually martolla standing up for players who were being harassed or targetted in an unfair circumstance. But with a growing horde of people, they needed a place to stay.

Eventually, the entire group decided to attempt to make claim by settling into a lower level dungeon in the mountains, which would eventually become Castle Drakesgaurd. The upper half of the dungeon, the castle proper, was easy enough to clear out, they were of decent level to handle it with minor issues. However, 'puzzle pieces' left around the castle revealed that if they were going to stay here, they'd be rooming right above a very dangerous boss. The castle had been a bit of a front it seemed, as below it in the tunnels was an aspect of Níðhöggr. In retrospect, perhaps this made sense? The upper levels of the castle were almost worthless, trashed and emptied. But down below...who KNEW what that creature had stored as a reward? it was generally agreed upon at that time, that they'd try to take it out, but it was going to take a LOT of grinding.

What followed was another few months of the group having fun, enjoying life, leveling up, and getting sidetracked every so often as they made NPC's. Yapora continued to lead her 'Crusades' when she caught wind of bands of PK'ers who were after easy exp by targeting new players, and other members likewise did their own thing. So it took another month or two for everyone to get everything sorted before they were going to try this challenge. The composition of their attack was hardly uniform, the guild fronting members from level 60 to level 80, no one had reached the top rank yet. But they were feeling cocky, and even if they died, they'd respawn.

With that said, what followed was the toughest fight the guild would ever face as a group, with fourteen members biting it against the aspect. But they won, despite their losses...and with that victory came more money than they knew what to do with, a flood of exp, so much valuable equipment, and yapora even managed to smooth talk the aspect as a guardian for the dungeon still, but on their payroll. After that, things boomed. They did collaborative stuff from time to time, but with their big boss beat, the group eventually just started to do their own stuff unless Yapora had an idea for them to pursue. Drakesguard however maintained it's position as a 'good guy' guild, continually going out of their way to help out others, and by extension, get targetted by negatively aligned guilds who were getting tired of them.

Sadly, as the game went on and reached closure,people stopped logging on...and twenty turned into six...and then less and less. Drakesguard never really reached high populations like other guilds, it didn't gain fame or notoriety of much notice, outside of them being known for killing the aspect. And as the game came to a close, the socially awkward players began to come to terms that their fun was about to come to an end, and that they would have to say their goodbyes.

Other: From an outsider perspective, Castle Drakesguard looks completely ruined, Disheveled, and looted. This is thanks to a powerful and permanent illusion spell that covers it, which is continually fueled by a large emerald gem in the meeting table of the draconic council room.
The entry way gate is enchanted to shrink down Dean into a more manageable size so he can navigate the castle. The reason this was put in place is because Dean bust open the roof of the castle at one point after his twenty two hours were up...needless to say, no one wanted this to happen again.
Guild level item; Altar of the Phoenix:A cumulative effort of Drakesgaurd crafters and mages, this 'item' looks a bit more like a strange pyre altar. By absorbing a massive intake of gold or sustained magic channeling, this can be used for a 'true revive' effect on a guild member, should they suffer a death effect that is otherwise irreversible. This item cannot be used on anyone outside of the guild or those not registered to it. After it's 'casting time' is finished, the body of the revived is pulled from the pyre itself.​
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  • NOVASPHERE Guild Entrance
    Guild Name:

    Guild Leader:

    Guild Members:
    Centurion (My Character), Cosmic Vision (Guilds Bard), Lady Cathleen (Guilds Magic Expert), 8 other unnamed members

    Guild Headquarters:
    NOVASPHERE Citadel

    Guild History:
    The Guild was created by Azrael a holy Knight warrior who wanted to bring together a strong group of people who would help him conquer the games massive dungeons and raids. The guild was founded on the belief that anything was within the guilds reach, even the sun and stars which was what inspired the name NOVASPHERE as nova is an astronomical event when a new star forms. The Guilds Beliefs were that they were able to beat all of the games events with only twelve members, which compaired to some of the larger guilds was a fairly small number. They adventured through the world doing everything they could.

    The Founding Members Were Azrael, Cosmic Vision and Lady Cathleen, but soon after they began to find more and more members who were willing to join them. Centurion was the 10th member to join the guild and the other two followed shortly after them. The guild members were around a level 60 average when they first made the guild but in the following years they grew to level 100 and created a bunch of Non-player characters even buying their own home base which was named the NOVASPHERE CITADEL. The Guild Hall was built from the ground down, Having the entrance looking like some sacred place of worship while the lower levels were hidden below the earth. The Guildmemebers built 12 levels, Each one with their own specific purpose and floor gaurdians.

    The First Level was the entrance level Guarded by the Elder Lich Ren, A high level magic caster and necromancer whose purpose was to keep all invaders out of the lower levels. The second Level was the battle arena, which was Damiens creation, hosting many battles between the guild members and the floor guardians as tests of strength. The floor Guardian of this Level was Ras a Minotaur whose purpose was to train the soldiers of the fortress. The Next Level down was the magic Labs, Lady Cathleen's level. The floor Guardian for this level was the Golem Grandiver, a Golem that learned magic from lady Cathleen. The fourth Level down was Cosmic Visions Level, know to the other members as the Grand Harem Level, The Maidens of Purity served as the floor guardians for this level. The Fifth Level was the craftsman level, where all the weapon and artifact creation took place, its floor guardian was the Dwarf Gimli, an excellent craftsman. The Next floor down was the Common Grounds and Gardens, Its floor Guardian is the dryad Millim, a Elementalist, druid and summoner. The Tenth floor down was guarded by The War Cheif Khas, A Oni monk with similarities to Centurion, much to his displeasure. It served as the war room and it had a round table where the guild members would discuss their plans. The 11th Floor was the throne room and it served the purpose of announcing things to the npc's or if prisoners were brought to the castle they would be brought before the leader there. It was guarded by a high ranking Fallen Angel named Lilith. The Final Floor Was the vault and it was guarded by the death Tyrant Zack, a large warrior who made sure no one but those with the NOVASPHERE ring could enter. Floors 7th to 9 Were guarded by general soldiers.

    The Ammenities of the NOVASPHERE Citadel include a common ground on floor 5, a hot springs on floor 6, a lunch room/ cafeteria on floor 7, as well as several resting areas scattered throughout the whole of the Citadel.


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