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  • I made the mistake of looking at the 'Hero Forge' site for custom figures...and it's a hundred dollars for it in total...god help me, I can hear my wallet dying.
    Ever grab an evil skeleton by the skull, channel holy energy into your hand, and make it explode? I did. It was awesome. DnD is great for things like this.
    I am happy to report, that no one died, and we managed to handle this...rather well. I used both healing spells, yes, but not on the same person, which is nice.
    Tomorrow is the first session of DnD. Our DM has stated, quite openly, that 65-85% of him is actively trying to kill us. Factor in my sisters tendency to 'leeeeroy jenkins' a situation, and having only TWO healing spells on hand for the entire party....wish me luck.
    Heading out this weekend for a social get together hosted by my sister. Finally getting out of the house. If I had a kazoo I'd blow it.
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