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  • I'm beginning to think I want to self publish.

    Not only that but I wanna restart and restructure my entire main project
    Good works always go through many, many drafts before reaching the final product!
    man it's a small world. I was seeing you everywhere so I was like, i'm going to check out this profile. and the FIRST COMMENT is my irl friend.
    anyways, uh, hi! i like your character
    Hello! Glad you like my character. And also I feel the same way because I see a lot of the same people everywhere here. Nice to meet you
    Name: Decible Naori
    Age: 15
    Pronouns: he/him/his/she/her/hers/they/them/theirs (this really depends on how Decible is perceived Decible does not care.)
    Personality: Decible Lacks empathy and apathy though this could be due to his lack of interacting due to his family basically keeping him locked away. as a result they lack understanding in human emotions and thought and can act like a robot due to lacking emotion in her voice. Despite all of this they do manage to treat others with varying amount of respect to avoid the case of a catastrophe. They know how to analyze and his analyses are most of the time up to par. (Despite their lack of empathy and apathy though they do still experience human emotion but lack understanding)
    Likes: weapons, history analyzing, trying to understand people, bombs.
    Dislikes: people, animals and gross things, other peoples opinions.
    Powers(if any): water magic though he is easily exhaustible
    Name: Lotus Blue
    Age: 16
    Personality: She has a pretty eccentric personality. She may come across has hyper or even a little bit crazy (which she is) Depending in how other people treat her is how she’ll treat them. With a love of experiments beware when she’s in a lab. She can be rude she can be nice she can…ignore someone if she is not in the mood to talk. She has the tendency to forget things like forgetting her phone at home or leaving her bag behind… (don’t trust the food in her bag she may or may not have forgotten it was there a tad bit too long) she is goofy and rambunctious and has a considerably difficult time making friends. Due to her experiments she can be seen sleep deprived.
    Likes: tinkering, experimenting, people(depending), energy drinks.
    Dislikes: people (depending), cooking, lectures
    Powers(if any): basic water manipulation. She cannot do anything crazy with it, and she needs a water source.
    Name: Damian Auster
    Personality:Energetic and easily distracted. He isn’t the smartest but isn’t the dumbest either, He loves Talking to people! Extremely extroverted. He’s goofy and honest depending on the subject at hand. Very easily excitable.
    Likes: people
    Woodwork. (Maybe drawing but only to design wooden projects)
    Peanut butter
    Powers: he has two different powers.
    Light manipulation: He can manipulate light. The only down side to this is that it really just makes him extremely hungry when he’s done with it. (Perhaps even starving depending on whenever he’s done with it)
    drawing of Damian!
    Okay so I think it’d be okay to post information about my oc’s right on my status? So here is my first OC for roleplaying.
    Name:Mako Bain
    Personality: he is a good kid who is not very energetic. He has difficulties talking to people and would prefer to avoid social situations, he has issues with his own emotions and is scared to interact with the living in case of the possibility it’s a ghost. He is smart and talented at Strategy and he’s loyal to what family and whatever friends he manages to make.
    Likes: being a ‘detective’ (he only acts like a detective when his abilities are involved because he’s gonna be involved anyway)
    Art specifically drawing and painting
    Hiding in his bedroom
    Dislikes:being a ‘detective’ (he only acts like a detective when his abilities are involved because he’s gonna be involved anyway)
    His abilities (to an extent)
    Powers: he has three different powers.
    Ghost sight. Ghost sight is a passive ability that allows him to see ghosts however, that’s it he can’t hear, touch or anything he can only see them. He can also not tell the difference between those who are living and those who are dead.
    Envisioned. Envisioned is his second ability that can be triggered by different and random means. It allows him to see strictly 15 minutes into the future before those events occure. He has 1-2 minutes to attempt processing anything to try to intervine. He cannot have visions without being involved in them. He has to be involved in order to have them.
    Drawn Fate. Drawn fate happens randomly and cannot be triggered nor can he use it of his own will. Drawn fate will cause him to blank out and draw a random scene due to happen in the future, however the date is not stated and the faces of the people involved are blurred out. Much like Envisioned he has to be involved for this to be a thing.
    here is a drawing of Mako because I ran out of space!AF41E506-8A71-4F1A-B245-66071D4DA213.png
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