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Fandom Overlord: Another World Character Sheets



The Phantom Hexblade
Character sheet
YGGDRASIL screen name:
Species: (Can be human to any other fantasy race)
Aliment: (Did you play your character evil when it was just a game or were you a good guy? Or maybe something in between.)
Levels- (What classes and races did you spend your time leveling in. You have up 100 levels. Also a side note: basic class can be level up to 15, higher-powered classes and race can be leveled up to 10, and highest-powered classes and "special" forms races can be level up to 5. A human can't be leveled up)
Racial Levels:

Class levels:

Personality: (what is there general personality and how has it changed after going to the new world. Rember your aliment and species will affect and change how your character acts compared to when they're just a human playing a virtual reality game)
Appearance: Picture and/or description.
Background: (The character's life both when they played the game and when they were not playing it)
Guild: what guild were you apart of or did just play alone?
Misc: Anything else of note I should know?
Helpful links
overlord races (you are not limited to what on the list)- Race
Classes (again not limited to what's listed)- Job Class
If you have a compaion NPC us this sheet
Racial levels-
Job Levels-
A like from me means the character is accepted
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Two Thousand Club
Character sheet
Gender: Female
Species: Devil Construct
Aliment: Neutral

Racial Levels:
Lemure15/ChainDevil10/MadnessDevil5/Golem10/Titan Collosus5/AncientGolem5 (50)
Class levels: Barbarian15/RagingHulk5/WarHulk5/MageHunter10/Spellbreaker5/WorldBreaker5/LegendaryDreadnought5 (50)
Synopsis: A unmatched force of nature through pure physical force and impenetrable defenses, the antithesis of magic and divine. The initial challenge is to be able to damage them even before their regeneration is challenged all while surviving their attacks that deliver varying levels of destruction to the area. Their strongest ability being the adaptive growth that allows for defenses to be increaed against encountered damaging or detrimental effects.

A silent monolith starring outwards coldly Jyeen can often come across as the imposing juggernaut she was created to be, though there exists far more to her than simply what the surface may seem to imply. When they choose to speak their words are soft yet firm coming out in a low tone and often carry a cold bluntness to them that can be jarring in their straightforward manner and lack of subtlety they imply in regular conversations. Even with the high reverence given to her creator, she would still speak in the same manner. Some believing them as overly prideful or haughty with the amount of confidence they tend to display the truth remains they hold little value in their own personal self but more that of others. While most passive and observant, they nevertheless show an almost inhuman determination for anything they put their mind to locked beneath their usual demeanor. This is most obvious in times of adrenaline or when on task seeming to come alive such as when carrying out objective, devoting themselves to a task they care deeply about and when the hunt this reaches a new terrifying high as the seemingly unstoppable monster stalks with seeming word or reason to explain to the target in front of them. Despite what one would expect for there role, they hold a strange sense of honor in how they go about their tasks, giving openings and chances to those encountered and of course their undying Loyalty to the Guild. Though this loyalty is slightly different to what you would expect being one to the guild as a whole rather than a singular member, even should her own creator return, if he turned away from what the guild was set to stand for she would not follow.

Towards others, they can be somewhat anti-social, mostly due to misunderstanding several emotional cues, though they do seem to want to help in their own way if somewhat haphazardly. It can also happen to come across as lacking respect as many of her prior guildmates would often state complaints about the personality Zom had programmed. Jyeen has had a number of philosophies deeply ingrained in her by her creator, which only really come about to those, not the operations and are fortunate to safely converse with them, Zom believing that the greatest monsters where ones with sympathetic sides buried deep below. Despite all this, deep down Jyeen is deeply conflicted about her purpose given Zoms absence, struggling to put thoughts to feelings and often questioning why she carries out some actions or feels the way she does. The emotions are clearly there to her, yet she lacks a clear understanding at times. What is confusing, however, is there entire purpose seems to completely avoid any harm to either child and certain animals, perhaps partially due to Zom's distaste for those elements of movies and as a result, she will go out of her way to aid such as well as certain individuals deemed as truly innocent. Finally she holds a true love for every member of her guild even if they have left, due to the efforts placed in her creation she sees herself as the cumulation of their wills given form and is attempting to live like that, her very existence proof that the guild was here and they existed even if others may forget.

A recent quirk she does appear to have developed on her own is specifically attempting to expand her horizons, purposefully heading into situations they are unfamiliar with or may dislike overcoming a perceived weakness. This combined with a single line of code has made her new experiences very different from other NPC's of the guild, her creator having a preference for being self-aware of horror tropes and attempt to subvert them at times though as a result she also gained a unique 4th wall awareness.

Likes: Animals, Broken, Children, Malformed, Meat, Nature, Observing, Puzzles.
Dislikes: Complaints, Cowardice, Crowds, Excuses, Trespassers.

In her base form, Jyeen towers above most humanoid races at nearly 3m in height, their curved body wrapped with taught muscle with several old scars kept in memento of challenges faced in their old world duty's. On the surface, they appear a quiet, dark and solemn individual with whatever feelings they hold locked behind a passive face, through their eyes appear to captivate with blue flames burning with intensity within black pits. Loose locks of golden blonde hair hang loosely from their head, while behind a long ponytail descends downwards past their waist.

Clad in what appears to be a ragged canvas coat, chaps and vest they do not present themselves as what would be expected from the monstrous nature aside from their size, though this may suddenly change when focused on a task or hunt, giving off an aura of danger and dread to any who meet their gaze, as if a creature of rage and madness has just been unleashed, this normally coincides the the placing of a unique mask down over their features leaving only the eyes exposed which change to giving off the fear and madness of their creation. Concealed within the coat is their weapon of choice, a large blade that is far too wide to be considered a sword as a carved wooden handle was bolted around a giant slab of steel.

In the presence of other players or those skilled in magic, this even remains the same which has mistakenly lead many to consider her a weak easy target. Perhaps a feature added by her creators to allow some to underestimate her, or merely to let something they stand a chance. Detection abilities, in general, appear distorted but registering in the end as a low-level NPC. In her true monster form, Jyeen's appearance and size change drastically, becoming what appears to be a Hulking Ultra Large Mass of Muscle on the verge of immolation as viscous molten fluid threatens to drop from the mass of wounds across the form. With a titanic height it was described by an incarnation of insanity and fear one first revealing such, and if one would close enough what appears to be a variation of molten lemure can be viewed within the wounds writhing around.

Developed by her creator Zom as a continuous project originally part of their university project into advanced AI programming to draw information from outside the game world to develop a far more realistic personality than the other NPC's of YGGDARSIL. This was continued to be developed until left to run as they gradually grew away from the game as there eventual work-life sucked up more and more of their time and so were simply left to run in the background collecting data and items from the game for RMT on the side.

This RMT was not done in the typical fashion to others, collecting information on players, guilds or environments initially through Jyeens unique build allowing effective suicide runs to gauge danger/skill levels of challenges. This developed over time as more and more experience was gathered and deaths incurred boosting them to the point of a valid distraction to reduce opponents resources prior to full assault by another party and picking out priority targets to eventually a deployable endgame raid boss in its own right under the control of the guild Carnelian Lake. Augmented with the wealth occurred as a further investment by the collective efforts of the guild, as well as numerous game developer, favors from events and rewards they soon became the crown of the guilds treasures and effectively a world item in her own right.

Carnelian Lake itself was seen in one of two images, either as an event guild known to run increasingly elaborate horror-themed dungeons created upon the upper levels of their mobile guild Nightmare-On-Low that even rewarded prizes to players who reached lower floors, or as a trading guild in all manner. These in fact intertwined with the former being used to recruit, farm items and analyze game secrets from those that participated and the later selling back all but the most valuable treasures along with the data gathered and mined from both the events as well as hunting down guilds. They chose to leave RNG to those with the will to grind, and they themselves to instead play smarter than harder with a deployable force of nature to lead the vanguard of any assault.

Following the server shutdown, the Carnelian Lake has been lost with the connection severed and required to be reestablished, a task made all the more difficult due to the nature of its entrance randomly teleporting and the denizens state currently unknown. They hold a strong desire to find their home once more, not due to the endless vaults within, but instead the family and memory of her creators.

Guild: Formerly Carnelian Lake (Currently Lost)

  • Savani, The Sultans Edge: A morphable weapon with a corrupted item description, and a unique effect that teleports the experience and items of those slain by it directly to the guild vault as well as administering a true death effect. Offensively capable of bypassing many defensive enchantments, resistances, and immunities.
  • The Millers Shawl: A unique glamoured armor to the Mage Hunter class able to appear as any garment wished, concealing items held within and the wearer from detection as well as allowing increased storage space. Detecting as non-magical divination and detection abilities result in the wearer registering as an Lv1 commoner as well an activatable false death effect.
  • Barkers Gauntlets: Twin gloves capable of creating small basketball-sized portals to previously locked locations through hand gestures, these, however, deny the passage of organic material.
  • Crystal Mask
  • Assorted Scrolls: Being unable to use magic itself they are known to carry numerous low-level utility scrolls used in non-conventional manners.
NPC Companion:
Name: Something Something, (Heteromorphic Doppelganger)
Race: Doppelgänger15, Greater Doppelgänger10, Elder Doppelgänger10, Arch Dopplegänger5, Ancient Doppelganger 5, Mimic15, Tyrant Mimic5, Worm that Walks10 Elder Evil5 (75)
Class: Shapechanger15, Legion 5, Herald of Kyuss5, (25)
Appearance: Something Something
Personality: Adaptable/Fluid
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Price Blackery


Absolute neutrality

— — —

Class levels:
Master Assassin LVL 15 - Archer LVL 15 - Sniper LVL 10 - Mercenary LVL 10 - Stalker LVL 10 - Paladin LVL 5 - Necromancer LVL 5 - Ninja LVL 10 - Armor Smith LVL 10 - Weapon Smith LVL 10

— — —

In the real world, Price is the type of person who is overly nice to everyone and will help others without thinking. He has a mentality that others should always come first and himself second. However that was not his real personality. Price has always grew up with a mask of being nice to others and he hated it. Deep down, Price never really liked others and would prefer to work by himself instead of in groups as he thought others would just slow him down. He has a hobby of playing video games competitively which tends to bring out his true nature of only caring for himself and winning.

In YYGGDRASIL, Fovos is very complicated person to understand and is very hard to approach to. He does not like to spend time with other people and tends to keep to himself a lot. He will do whatever is needed to be done as long as the end result benefits him. Fovos will always be seen with a serious look on his face with a clear goal in his mind. Whenever he has a goal that he wants to reach, he will never lose sight of it and will always strive to complete it. Contradictory to his reserved nature and dislikeness of others, he does consider others when making decisions to a certain extent which also depends on the person. He is very monotone and never speaks too loud as there is simply no need for him to do so. Due to his assassin like nature, he only says what he has to see and does not like to have conversations about useless topics that are not related to his goal or work. Fovos has a tendency to get frustrated quickly when things don't go as plan due to others making simple mistakes but if it was he himself who made that mistake he will take full responsibility and find the best possible way to fix it. Phobe does not have a particular interest in anything as its very hard for him to be interested in something for a long time.

— — —

Fovos is always seen in a tattered cloak and a metal mask that resembles a paladins helmet. His weapons consist of a long sword and rapier crossing each other and a worn out shield that is strapped on his back. He also carries a miniature dagger on his right thigh as well as a mini crossbow on his waist which is hidden by his cloak. Fovos rarely shows his face and will always stay in clothing that is dark and never bright or that will draw attention to himself.

Due to Fovos rarely showing his face or any physical features, he has been mistaken for many different races primarily a skeleton or devil. No one knows Fovos' true race but he is in fact human.

— — —

Price Blackery grew up as your average normal boy. When he was 5 and could just understand English, he was told by everyone constantly to be nice to others, respect others and whatnot. He followed and became a model child who was very caring and friendly to everyone he met. Over the course of his early life as a child, he experienced many hardships that traumatized him. His overly kindness nature has caused his classmates, family friends and strangers to constantly take advantage of him. He would always be trash talked by others when Price wasn't with them and pretend to become friendly with him when Price was around them. Everyone acted that way towards him except for one person. His only friend would stay by him and help him out which Price was very thankful for. Eventually, he grew tired of this and wanted to stop his overly kind and model student act that he was constantly told to become. After several years of putting up a mask, He was introduced to the game YGGDRASIL that was in its early stages by his one friend. It was a game where he realized he could be his true self since no one knew who his true identity is.

He created his character and named him FOVOS, the Greek word for FEAR. He wanted his character to be alone and away from others so he decided to be an assassin. Price's friend also enjoyed playing YGGDRASIL and the two of them ended up grinding a lot together. His friend took up a Paladin class which strongly resembled his in real life personality. Over the course of years, YGGDRASIL become more and more popular and turned out to become one of the worlds most popular games. The two of them would constantly party up when they were both free of tasks in the real world. Later on, Price's friend died due to an illness which left him all alone. Before his death, his friend left him his YGGDRASIL player account. Price logged on and saw a note asking for him to take whatever he needed that would benefit him. Price felt as it was rude and inhumane to steal his only friends belongings just to make his YGGDRASIL life easier. As loving memory, Price ended up taking his friends Paladin helmet and sword The Crucifix as a memento to remember him and carry on his friends legacy. Price become more and more immersed in YGGDRASIL that YGGDRASIL became his life. Due to his friends death, he became less and less involved with the real world. He went to his office job as usual but always looked forward to YGGDRASIL after his work. He decided to focus more and more on his character, Fovos. His character become more and more evolved and Price decided to equip his character with a long sword and shield to resemble a Paladin style for his friend. He rarely uses them but in times it proved itself useful.

In the present time, Fovos has always leveled up and solo-ed his way to the high ranks of YGGDRASIL. He's made a name for himself as the "Dark Paladin" due to his Paladin helmet and weapon but assassin figure and playstyle. Even rumors of him slaying Paladins at night and stealing their helmet and weapons have circulated around the game.

— — —

Fovor has joined many guilds as temporary members for quests and missions but never stayed for longer than one week. Currently he is solo and is not in a guild.


God Slaying Emperor Blade
The God Slaying Emperor Blade
is a rapier known to be the sharpest in YGGDRASIL. It can pierce through the toughest magical armor and physical enhancements. The swords durability however is low and does not do a lot of damage compared to other Divine Class Weapons. The rapier needs to be mended after every battle or it will become broken and unusable. Fovos has altered it to make it a double edged rapier that increases is lethality but also increases the risk of hurting the user. Fovos carries the God Slaying Emperor Blade on his back. He moves away from the traditional way of using a rapier which is meant to be used to pierce opponents but instead he swings it as a katana. Fovos uses this Divine Class item with one hand and the other hand to dual wield another weapon.

The Crucifix is a Divine Class longsword which can only be held by users who reached LVL 100. The longsword was forged by a black dragon's scales which is rumored to be the toughest of all dragons. The Crucifix has moderate lethality and power but has one of the highest durability of the game making it able to withstand the toughest sword strikes. The Crucifix can go on for years without needing to be repaired or mended.

The Dreambinder is a bow that shoots arrows haunted by the Skeleton King's ghost. Each arrow is covered in a black cloud that leaves a trail of dark mist. If inhaled, the dark mist causes lower level players/npcs to fall asleep. The Dreambinder is said to be one of the fastest shooting bows in YGGDRASIL. Dreambinder enables the user to shoot arrows with upmost precision and from long distances. The Dreambinder can dissolve into a black mist and disappear when needed to be put away. When needed, the user can call it and it will reappear.



Illusionist LVL 15 - Master of Death LVL 10 - Thief LVL 15 - Wild Magic Caster LVL 10 - Blood Drinker LVL 15 - Diabolist LVL 10


Banshee is a loyal and faithful crow that will come to Fovos right away when called. He understands his master very well and will do whatever he is ordered. Banshee is very silent and does not cause a lot of commotion. Banshee only comes when he is needed, otherwise he will fly away to a high location and look out for Fovos and alert him of any dangers.

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New Member
Name: Cobalt
Gender: Male
Species: human
Ailment: Good guy

Class level: Fire elementalist (15)/ Assassin (10)/ Sword Master (15)/ Fighter(15)/ Weapon smith(10)/ Beast Tamer(5)

Personality: He is a distant type of person. He is cheerful and trustworthy if you get to know him which is difficult as he has trust issues. He is a very brave and reckless person, which sometimes cause him to end up in the serious situation. He is also very kind hearted.

Background: Cobalt was always a lone player, he never asked anyone to join him on a mission, due to trust issues because of some events with him in the real life. He had only one friend in his real life whom he considered his best friend. He told him most of his secrets like his crush, his different choice of video games, anime etc. But that was his biggest mistake as the person whom he told his secrets spread the information in the school. Everyone one started to tease him and he was on the verge of depression until he with his parents moved away.

In his new school he didn't mak3 any friend. When the YGGDRASIL came in the market he was excited to play it. At last when he got the chance to play it, he fell in love with the game. But he still never made any friends both inside and outside the game, afraid that the event will happen to him again.

Some were quite shocked that he had reached this MNclass level without taking taking any help. When YGGDRASIL was about to get shut, he stayed online till then to see the place he loved the most shut down.



Misc: The sword he has is called Ignem. It a long handle with an accelerator of a motorcycle and a brake. The accelerator charges the sword and the brake bursts the sword to flames depending on how much it is charged.


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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Name: Sora Sasaki
IGN: Mallow
Gender: Used to be male, but now female
Species: human
Alignment: neutral

Racial Levels:
Class levels:
Lv15 Cleric
Lv10 Augur
Lv5 Fate Weaver
Lv15 Wizard
Lv10 Light Bearer
Lv5 Purgist
Lv5 Archer
Lv10 Diviner
Lv5 Seraphim
Lv10 Lightningrod
Lv5 Storm Ruler
Lv5 Eidola

Playful, approachable and radiant. Mallow's personality couldn't be more different from Sora's pessimistic and gloomy attitude. Mallow is what he wanted to be. Even Sora himself was amazed when he first took notice of this personality gap.

Sora himself was never a caring person in real world. He knew that his father's company commited many attrocious deeds, but never flashed on Sora's thought to at least attempt to convince his father to stop doing it. Well, maybe there's one instance... but he stomped on it.

Mallow's avatar is a young girl with pale blonde hair and black eyes. Her attire consist of jet black robe and light blue mantle with fur collar. She carries around The Dried Twig of Yggdrasil as a magic wand and wears an elegant headband on her head.

His father is the owner of a multibillioner company. Due to the rising pollution and crime level in the outside world, he is prohibited to venture too far from their house and even get private education. In order to quench his desire for exploration without breaking his father's rules. He log in into the world of YGGDRASIL.

Since Fate Weaver's perk, Fate Change, able to boost the chance of getting certain loot drop, this class was known as everyone's best friend. Mallow was able to became a well-known loot booster quickly and oftenly asked by other players to join them searching for loot. Some are just genuine grind, but some other are more diabolical PK planning. She enjoys the latter a bit more.

The immersion of the game world and the popularity that Mallow's got indulged Sora into the sense of superiority. He started going even more hardcore in the game, spending less and less in real world. After years of doing it though, he started to burnt out, playing became a chore and for some time he thought to quit the game. He just spent his time doing nothing in the game and muted his private chat.

Mallow met Ginger in a tournament event, there Ginger throw his first place reward worth of millions of real money to make a gachafest for everyone attending the event. Sharing the happiness, he said. Ginger indirectly teached Mallow another way to enjoy the game. Mallow quitted her guild and made a new one with Ginger.

Guild: Dining Table
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Name: Alice Riley
YGGDRASIL screen name: Evangeline
Gender: Female
Species: Forest Spirit
Aliment: True Neutral

Racial Levels:
Spirit Lvl. 10

Class levels:
Evangelist Lvl. 5
Yin Master Lvl. 5
Yang Master Lvl. 5
World Disaster Lvl. 5
High Druid Lvl. 10
God Druid Lvl. 5
Balance Keeper Lvl. 5
Caster Lvl. 5
Evoker Lvl. 5
Wind Elementalist Lvl. 10
Fire Elementalist Lvl. 10
Water Elementalist Lvl. 10
Earth Elementalist Lvl. 10

Personality: IRL Alice was a sweet girl. She cared about others and actively sought to help anyone who needed it. She was the type of person who would literally give you the shirt off her back if you need it. Since coming to the new world she has not felt too strongly about anyone one way or the other. For the first time she looked at the logic and whether or not someone deserved what was happening to them. She didn't worry about what others were feeling and merely tried to be the balance in a situation. She looks at both sides and decides on the most logical course of action. Not to mention when something is carried out, whether it is brutal or not, she seems to have no feelings towards it. However, that is not to say she lacks emotion. She is actually a very shy and flustered person, which is a far cry from her original personality. Then when it comes to decisions she becomes a cold and logical person. Despite this she is not disgusted with herself. On top of that she has become the biggest over sexual person. In the game she played at unintentionally sexualizing herself and playing the airhead not realizing she was doing it. Now, it's like every move she makes is unintentionally seductive. As a result, whatever divine force keeping her human embarrassment in check is always changing her feelings at that moment.


Background: Alice was a girl everyone liked in the world, but she had a side that no one knew. She loved her life, but she also wanted to be strong. However, the only way she could do that was with in YGGDRASIL. The first time she logged in she felt amazed that she had so much control over her character and she could be whatever she wanted. After designing Evangeline she found herself in love with the idea of a wandering spirit of the forest. Soon she became a very well known player. Mainly because of her avatar's.....assets. However, anyone smart knew not to get on her bad side.

The way Evangeline was designed made her one of the most well rounded characters in the game. She was able to deal in credible amounts of magic damage, but still had an acceptable level of healing capability. She was widely regarded as a powerful support and was sought after for dungeon raids and such.

It was about a year into her playing that she got into a fight with another player. She was almost max level and the fight was brutal. By the time it was over she was almost killed, having lost 85% of her overall HP and her MP was nearly drained. Despite this she managed to claim victory and when she did a new Job Class showed up in her class list. A Job Class called 'World Disaster'. She was in shock to see it. World Disaster was a famous job class. It was infamous for it's pure destructive power. Evangeline was on the fence about if she wanted it or not, but she had it and eventually decided to just keep it.

The word quickly spread about her new job class and she was swarmed with requests to join a raid or dungeon crawl. It got to such a point she even decided to just block requests all together. This was not ideal as she loved a good dungeon crawl and wanted to play, but how was she supposed to choose who to go with? After a while she finally decided to create a guild and only work with them.

Her guild was named 'Spirit Forest Syndicate'. They quickly became one of the most successful guilds in the game and had a reputation for being a raid based guild. It was powerful and had a very strong set up.

The announcement that the game was ending was a shock to Evangeline. She loved this world and wanted to stay in it. So, she sat in the guild hall until it was over, but now she has a whole new world to explore and she has never been so excited and fearful at the same time, but this was going to be fun.

Guild: Spirit Forest Syndicate

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Kamen Rider Amino
Name: Eiji Tomari
Screen-Name: Walker Zero
Gender: Male
Species: Devil
Aliment: Neutral Good

Racial Levels:
Archdemon: 10
Arch-Devil: 5

Class levels:
Sorcerer: 15
Gunner: 15
Monster Hunter: 10
Ancient Wizard: 10
Masked Hero: 10
Terror of Death: 10
Weapon Smith: 10
High Sage: 6

Personality: Walker is the kind of person who wanted to escape from the mundane existence of everyday living. In the real world, he was a socially awkward nerd. In this new world, he's a cool, stylish and heroic figure. Walker is cool, quirky and optimistic. He delights in the new situations he finds himself in and loves using his new abilities to help others and push himself. As a result of inhabiting the body of a powerful demonic being, Walker is a tad more neutral than he'd like to admit. Unless he knows a person is in serious trouble, he'll keep a bit of distance. He also has no qualms with gunning down another person if they get in his way.
In reality, Eiji is a shy and socially awkward nerd who holds down a job at a book store. He hasn't gone on a date in his life and has trouble talking to girls. His only two friends are engaged to be married and he's overshadowed by his successful family. Only by playing YGGDRASIL does he feel like he does something that matters, that HE matters. Originally playing at the suggestion of a regular patron to his store, Eiji fell in love with the freedom and excitement provided by the game. Every spare moment he had, he'd play YGGDRASIL.

Walker Zero is a well known Bounty Hunter among the players of YGGDRASIL. He became well known after he killed two notorious PKers that had been killing off some of the less combat oriented players. Since then, Walker has become a legend known to hunt high level quests, rare monsters and even Player Killers. Originally a regular hunter from the Slow Dancer Guild, named after the Rare Horse Mount of its leader. Walker was killed and robbed by the two greatest PKers on YGGDRASIL. Seeking revenge, he threw himself into grinding and became an expert at magic and gunplay. Upon gunning down the two and stealing their stuff, Walker used the proceeds of his deed to reimburse all the affected players. As a show of thanks, he was gifted with his signature hat by one of the greatest Armor Smiths in the game. He was also given an Automaton named Corina by an Admin as a sign of appreciation by the developers. Upon the announcement of the games end, Walker decided to spend his time hunting down the rarest dragon he could find. The moment he killed the beast should have marked a decent end to his time in YGGDRASIL. However he soon found himself trapped in a fantasy world in a situation straight out of a novel.
Guild: Slow Dancer

NPC Companion:
Name: Corina

Job Levels:
Pharmacist: 15
Alchemist: 15
Blacksmith: 10
Cleric: 10
Cook: 10
Sage: 10
Druid: 10
Racial levels:
Advanced Automaton: 10
Artificial Intelligence: 10

Since gaining sentience, Corina is snarky, snippy and quirky. She doesn't like it when people underestimate her abilities and she despises people who consider her a mere machine. Corina takes great pride in her work as a scientist, doctor, craftsman and artisan. She thinks Walker is an idiot for always helping random people but understands her place as his assistant. She tries to give him good advice and steers him away from doing something stupid. Corina dislikes fighting and would rather help out Walker in keeping them safe. She also hates Slow Dancer, Walkers horse.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Name: Ema Winheart
IGN: Nori
Gender: Used to be female, but now is male
Species: human
Alignment: good

Racial Levels:
Class levels:
Lv15 Samurai
Lv11 Warrior
Lv7 Rogue
Lv10 Kensei
Lv5 Blade Saint
Lv3 Ninja
Lv5 Wizard
Lv10 Spellblade
Lv2 Warlord
Lv4 Berserker
Lv5 Reaper
Lv10 Hunter
Lv10 Jungler
Lv3 Beast Tamer

Loves some dirty jokes. Everyone in the guild know about Ema fangirling about a character from an Otome game, Tanaka. She even changed her YGGDRASIL avatar to immitate his appearance.

Despite her unruly nature, Ema is a reliable person that cares a lot about other people. Her YGGDRASIL avatar also exhibit the same personality in helping other. She know that she's weaker compared to most max level players. Hence why she spend most of her time to help newbies navigate the game. She call herself a 'Newbie Savior', the antithesis of 'Newbie Killer'.

Appearance: A tall guy with lean body. His black hair is kept long and tied into a ponytail. His sharp face is flawless and he has 1001 'killer pose', whatever that means. His attire consist of a green yukata with black sash. He only worn the right sleeve though, he let the left sleeve dropped over his sash to show off some of his abs.

Ema was a normal salarywoman. Playing YGGDRASIL was her hobby and her first IGN name was Tanaka. She admitted that she's rather dumb at playing video game though, she didn't even bother to research about what class she should take and what skill build she should use, she just wanted to become a cool swordman in a fantasy world.

She hated the rising trend of newbie killing. Apparently some veteran players got bored and started bullying newbies by killing them again and again. Ema Tanaka donned the mask of annonimity and started ambushing newbie killers. The newbie killers' attention shifted towards Tanaka for quite some time. Tanaka couldn't beat them directly, but his goal was not to defeat them anyway so he ended up running from the fight most of the time. Until the newbie killers decided to group up to PK Tanaka. The beaten up Tanaka was almost killed when one person from the group bombarded the other players with deadly magic and killed them quickly.

That person introduced herself as Mallow and invited Tanaka to join her guild, but first he must change his username to something that evoke food or beverage. Its a strange requirement, but after seeing the homelike base and hearing Ginger's enthusiastic speech. Tanaka Nori decided to join the guild.

Guild: Dining Table
Misc: He is the one who wrote MgRonald's flavor text.
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  • The Gentlemanly Devil
    A beautiful day for a funeral. Don't you agree?
    Revin Elerius

    In-game Name:



    Race Type:

    Lawful Evil

    Racial Levels:
    • Imp (10)
    • Incubus (10)
    • True Devil (10)
    • Arch-Devil (5)

    Job Levels:
    • Diabolist (15)
    • Tamer (5)
    • High Tamer (10)
    • Evil Lord (10)
    • Embodiment of Pride (10)
    • Prince of Darkness (10)
    • Hell Representative (5)
    Charismatic. Most people would describe him as that. Courteous manner, eternally polite, Drevis completes his appearance with a charming attitude. Despite his friendly mannerism, he is also a bit aloof, putting a distance between those really close to him and those not so close. Of course, this is only around those he cares about. When in a situation where he doesn't to be polite, his sharp tongue can send a nun into rage, despite himself smiling all the time he deliver unpleasant remarks. A tongue of silver has no need for swear words, after all.

    What most people don't know of him is his pettiness. He dislikes being ignored and will hold grudges until he can avenge them. He respects law and rules but will try to go around it through existing loophole or paying favour through the right person. Cunning, yet respectable. To those who know him, Drevis is a figure both to love and to be cautious of when they are against him. Few know him closely, but he holds them dearly once he cares about them.

    How would a successful lawyer with a working wife and a boy in his late thirties spend his evening? Believe it or not, the answer was playing a VMMORPG. Revin heard of the game through one of his client, an irritable brat with mountain of money from his parents, suspected for an assault case. The brat's alibi was backed by the data of his play time in the game, and with persuasion of words and wealth, his activity log from the server side. When the case was done and done, how the game ran behind the scene piqued the interest of the lawyer a bit, which prompted him to make a character. Then he fell for the game.

    In a satirical reference to his job as a lawyer, Revis' character Drevis was a devil. He, bearing a vein heart, threw himself into the game and was determined to be one of the best in the game. Something which, he grudgingly admitted, was impossible without fully throwing himself into the game and hurt his career as a result. Unable to choose the normal path to success in-game, Drevis decided on an alternative.

    Cash items.

    Oh, he had enough money to throw around; his reputation, though not squeaky clean, was well known enough for him to be able to live for five years without seeing a decrease in his lifestyle. His wife job as a day trader helped. As if mocking the effort of many addicted gamers, Drevis paved his way to the top with money. By no mean he was a poor gamer himself. Heteromorph players were target for PK by YGGDRASIL Players. Rich heteromorph players even more so. He had his share of beatings, but he prevailed. He himself became known as a Player Killer himself, and it wasn't too long before he joined Midnight's Lost Children, a guild of heteromorhps characters to solidify his position in game.

    When the game fell in popularity, Drevis kept playing. Though the amusement provided by the game was one reason, the amount of money he threw for cash items amounted to quite a sufficient figure. Abandoning it would be a waste. For that reason, he stayed. Stayed until the last day, when there was no more player to kill and nothing else to proof. Even so, he stayed. When the number of players dwindled, Drevis left The Crypt of Lover's Ruin to wander on his own. On the last day, he returned to see the guild. A temporary housing, if he couldn't call it home.

    Midnight's Lost Children

    Role of Guild:

    The number of cash items on Revin's hand exceeded that of the remaining members of Midnight's Lost Children combined.

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Howling Tempest
Name: Elliot O'Connor
YGGDRASIL screen name: Snowdown
Gender: Male
Species: Lycanthrope
Aliment: Chaotic Neutral

Racial Levels:

Lycanthrope 15, Elder 10, Alpha 5

Class levels:
Monk 15, Striker 10, Single Blow 5, Assassin 15, Master Assassin 5, Stalker 10, Merchant 10

Personality: Elliot's upbringing led to him being industrious and analytical; preferring to have his days events laid out in advance and cautiously avoiding missteps. In game this occasionally expressed itself as a cold and overly cautious behavior. While he often appeared distant toward strangers those who knew him were aware of his kinder side and occasional volunteer work (some believed it served only to polish his resume) but Elliot actually has a compassionate streak and enjoys helping others. He is also a bit of a crowd pleaser, straining himself to meet expectations.

Since being stuck in game he has shed the industrious busy body personality and become a bit more honest with himself. Often excusing his indulgence with a single excuse, there wouldn't be much time once they returned. He was already behind schedule on his studies anyhow. However, the excus is growing ever thinner as his in game settings and choices are catching up and the avatar crafted to be a remorseless, efficient killer is beginning to show its face. This odd duality has made him a bit of a wildcard as of recent; as likely to provide a meal to a traveling stranger as he is of turning the stranger into a meal.

Background: Elliot was a grad student of business economics, posed to take over the family trade one day. He was initially drawn into playing YGGDRASIL by his former high school companions who complained that they never go to hang out ever since Elliot moved to attend an international college. However, the game quickly reeled him in turning from a mere test bed for his marketing theories to an endearing distraction from the dull day to day.

Despite playing to escape from the humdrum of reality he couldn't completely shut out his habit of optimizing workflows, quickly forging a path he deemed most efficient to leveling up. Leaving his early Merchant levels behind, Snowdown became a one hit, one kill leveling machine which soon eclipsed his former companions and rose to the higher echelons. While he enjoyed rapid progression, his extreme niche skills meant that Snow would have to join a Raiding guild where others would take care of crafting, healing and supporting while he focused on simply dishing out the pain.

Obviously the most optimal choice was Spirit Forest Syndicate, the top raiding guild which housed the player rumored to have gained the 'world disaster' class. Yet, even after having made the raid team and earning a pretty penny off of the drops Snowdown continued to play with his former friends; occasionally assisting lower level groups or donating some loot to those less fortunate. At heart he cared for others and enjoyed fostering a sense of community.

When the news of the shutdown reached him Elliot was rather discouraged, having been unable to reach his goal of founding his own guild, losing connection to the community he had cared for and worse of all seeing his invested time vanish without any monetary returns. Unable to just accept failure he spent the last day fruitlessly wandering and trying to turn the situation to his benefit somehow.

After the unexpected reboot and unsure of what to make of the miraculous events Snowdown has decided to take it as an extended vacation (until someone rescues them) explaining many of his new and odd urges to be related to simple stress relief. However, his alignment went from good to neutral and he is beginning to suspect there is more to his shift in perspective as the ease of slaying his foes becomes ever more enthralling.

Guild: Spirit Forest Syndicate (Member)
Misc: Snow has his heart set on founding his own trading guild once he can acquire a few more levels in Merchant and save up sufficient funds to kick things off. He has also been trying to complete his set (Hunter's Fate) but so far nobody has found the location for the last drop.
Ares Ring of Wrath – Immense increase in the users attack power upon receiving damage
Merchant Brief - Brief certifying carrier as registered merchant able to legally conduct trade
Ornate Iron Ring - Simple ring made of iron (often claimed to be enchanted by Snow when he needs to explain abilities related to his race)
Hunter's Fate Set (2/3)
Markov's Oath (Bracer) – Allows wearer to target an opponents mana instead of their health when dealing damage.
Lilith's Embrace (Bracer) – Heals the wearer for a percentage of the damage they deal
Promise of the Everqueen (Amulet) - ?????
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Name: Grant Green

YGGDRASIL screen name: Alucard

Gender: Male

Species: Shifter

Aliment: Chaotic Evil

Racial Levels: (30)
Vampire (10)
True Vampire (5)
Lycanthrope (10)
Shifter (5)

Class levels: (70)
Unholy Knight (10)
Holy Knight (10)
Paradox Knight (5)
Cursed Knight (5)
Blood Drinker (5)
Cursed Castor (5)
Lancer (15)
High Lancer (10)
Dragoon (5)

Personality: (what is there general personality and how has it changed after going to the new world. Rember your aliment and species will affect and change how your character acts compared to when they're just a human playing a virtual reality game)




Guild: Midnight's Lost Children

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Dark Lord of Edge and Demonic Potatoes
Don't get me wrong, I do indeed think being alive is a total pain in the ass - but that doesn't mean I, for absolutely no good reason, want to annihilate the living because I hate them for god knows why. I haven't gotten bored to that degree. Yet.
Faust Windfallow

  • Faust.jpgName: My true name is irrelevant here - it is not something you need to

    YGGDRASIL Username: Faust Windfallow
    Gender: Male
    Species: Undead
    Alignment: -100 (Chaotic Neutral)
    Allegiance: He, him, and only himself

    Racial Levels:
    - Lich (10)
    - Elder Lich (10)
    - Hinterland Overlich* (5)

    Class Levels:
    - Necromancer (15)
    - Wizard (15)
    - Master of Death (10)
    - Cryomancer (10)
    - Lord Crowned By The Deathgod* (5)
    - Grand Archmagus* (5)
    - Chosen By The Sacred Pan* (5)
    - Witch-King of Cocytus* (5)
    - World Disaster (5)

    MP: 100+
    PHY ATK: 25
    PHY DEF: 10
    AGILITY: 15
    MAG ATK: 100+
    MAG DEF: 25
    RESIST: 15
    SPECIAL: 100+

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The God-Emperor of Mankind

  • Name: Kyle Francis
    YGGDRASIL Nickname: Cyrus of Alfheim
    Gender: Male
    Species: Heteromorphic Race - Dragonoid
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Racial Levels:
    - Dragonoid (10)

    Class Levels:
    - Wizard (15)
    - True Magician (10)
    - Archwizard (5)
    - Silver Evoker (5)
    - Summoner (15)
    - Conjurer (15)
    - Dragon Caller (5)
    - Hypnotist (10)
    - Trickster of Alfheim (5)
    - Dragon Priest (5)

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Noble Scion

Lover of Lewd and Space
Name: Megan Francis
YGGDRASIL screen name: Lilith
Gender: Female
Species: Demon-fire elemental hybrid
Alignment: 0 (True Neutral)

Racial Levels:

Demon (5)
Fire elemental (5)

Class levels:
Blacksmith (15)
Elite-blacksmith (10)
Divine blacksmith (5)
Cook (9)
Tailor (5)
Craftsman (15)
Master Craftsman (5)
Enchanter (15)
Alchemist (10)
Maid (1)

Personality: A cheerful and energetic person that would love nothing more than to spend hours upon hours crafting large numbers of items of varying utilities. Dislikes and actively avoids combat, tends to be friendly towards people of all alignments, tending to treat everyone the same way with few exceptions. The transition from real life to the fantasy world left her with significantly less morals due to her choosing to live life as a demon, meaning that she typically just supplies whatever is requested without thought to what purposes they may be used as long as she receives the materials needed and a sum of money for her efforts.

cat demon (2).jpg

Background: Megan was an arts student attending university for a master's degree in her life outside of the game, working full-time as a bartending staff member when she wasn't spending time on projects due to her love of all things creative, be it painting, sewing or drawing.

Coaxed into playing the game by her older brother and his nerd friends, The ever-popular Megan fell in-love with the game's expansive and interesting crafting mechanics to the point where, while her brother focused on more combat-orientated classes and the usual enjoyments of an MMO, she forwent and neglected all such things, choosing to become one of the most elite crafts-people the world had ever seen. Capable of forging just about anything if they are provided the materials.

The shift to the new world didn't pose much of a problem for Lilith considering it just meant she had much more time to work on her projects, and her promotion to guild leader was negligible as she was allowed to delegate all of her duties anyway, leading to the other members to deal with the proceedings of world domination and what not.

The one rule she imposed upon becoming the guild master was that all members must wear some variation of a suit, for style, and if they did not have one, she would be more than happy to make one for them, and refusal meant either being exiled or wearing a frilly maid outfit instead.

To her, the rest are just silly boys and their dumb little plans don't matter. as long as she gets to smith and craft and make things, she is happy.

Haste boots:
auto-casts haste on the user and allows for heightened move-speed

Ring of the divine artisan: improves the efficacy of equipment created and increases the maximum possible strength for Legendary-tier equipment by a small amount

Lilith's Tailored suit of heat resistance (custom-named): enchanted for improved heat resistance and bolsters crafting stats and success-rate of item creation

Lilith's necklace (custom-named): Improves mercantile and speech craft of the user significantly

Asdfafasdgh (custom-named): bracelet that bolsters constitution and stamina of the wearer

Emergency stealth-kit: A small object wrapped to the user's leg that turns the user invisible temporarily upon taking damage

Guild: The Gentleman's alliance
Misc: Younger sister of Kyle Francis and current Guild Master of The Gentleman's Alliance
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  • Name: Yuri Hayashi
    YGGDRASIL Nickname: Ragna
    Gender: Male
    Species: Anomaly
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Racial Levels:
    - Automaton (10)
    - Homonculus (5)
    - Half-Golem (5)
    - Anomaly (5)

    Class Levels:
    - Wizard (15)
    - Transmuter (15)
    - Alchemist (10)
    - Craftsman (10)
    - Sage (10)
    - Archwizard (5)
    - Pioneer (5)
    - Virtuoso (5)
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June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here

  • 1565877876942.png
    Name: George Palacio
    YGGDRASIL Nickname: Arael
    Gender: Male
    Species: Heteromorphic - Angel
    Alignment: +100 Chaotic Good

    Racial Levels:
    - Angel (10)
    - Principality of wrath (5)
    - Featherless (5)

    Class Levels:
    - Cleric (15)
    - War Cleric (10)
    - Saint (5)
    - Hexer (15)
    - Hex Master (10)
    - Hexlord (5)
    - Mana Conduit (10)
    - True Mana Conduit (5)
    - Grandmaster (5)

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*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*
FC: Humanized Chandelure

  • Name: Aurélie Amour Dufort
    YGGDRASIL screen name: Fae Domine
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dullahan
    Guild: The Spirit Forest Syndicate
    Alignment: Neutral
    Racial Levels (30):
    Dullahan Lvl 15
    Fairy Lvl 10
    Wraith Lvl 5

    Class levels (70):
    Elementalist (Flame) Lvl 15
    Actress Lvl 15
    Wizard Lvl 15
    Illusionist Lvl 10
    Miko Lvl 5
    High Sage Lvl 5
    Runesmith Lvl 5
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Stressed, Depressed, Lemon Zest
  • Name:
    Kenji Aiuchi
    YGGDRASIL screen name:
    Lawful/Neutral Evil
    -500, Extreme Evil.
    Levels- 100
    Racial Levels:
    Predator Slime (10), Shoggoth (10), Ubbo-Sathla (10), Bloodletter Slime (5), Viscous Archon (5). Total- 40
    Class levels:
    Illusionist (15), Warlock (15), Chosen of Níðhǫggr(10), Child of Loki (5), Bearer of Falsities (5), Níð (5), Predator/Devourer (5). Total- 60

    Heteromorphic players were supposed to be one-step away from monsters, this was true for many of them. Vail on the other hand, turned himself in a different direction than your "standard" monster. In sharp contrast to a monster, Vail is shown to be a calmer individual when it comes to how he acts/reacts in the game. More often than not those who met him would sense an aura of darker power, and often when one challenged him he would have a singular reaction. A smug smirk, one that gazed down on people with a condescending tone. The appearance of undermining another abilities, he was quite adept at causing anger and agitation in those whom he came in contact with. In a sense he was like a puppet-master, using his words and actions to manipulate people's judgement- hazing them over and causing irrationality in their decision making. His goal being to have his opponent dance to the tune he played, even in those he made alliances with this trait seemed prominent. In many cases it was arguable that he had a superior intellect to those who he'd been up against, or even that he was some sort of nefarious mastermind. Those who didn't care for, which had been many people, served merely as a means to reach whatever goal had itself in his mind. Following this, would likely be an explanation of those who he values. In the case that he valued someone, they would earn a loyalty unlike any other- an unwavering dedication that held it's word above all else. That was of course, IF he cared for the person/npc.

    Vail proved himself time and time again to be domineering, a being of was able to seize control with even the tiniest opening. In guild wars he was able to live up to a few of the titles he'd gained, this was due to his predatory nature. Given the opportunity to fight he would approach it as a predator, forcing the "prey" into a corner and making them fight back before delivering a killing blow. The game of cat-and-mouse that he engaged in consistently proved to be an aspect of his semi-sadistic nature, gaining pleasure from harming opponents. Though there were moments when he was known for attaining joy in being harmed by an attack, leading heavily to the possibility that Vail had some form of sadomasochism. This nightmarish appearance was enforced by not only his acts, but also the lacking of morality that he seemed to possess.

    Upon entering the new world a few things changed about Vail, most of his traits remained- even the... stranger ones. Possibly having been ingrained in his mind from the continuous torture, being killed over and over again, that he endured in the past. However, he isn't nearly as immoral as he once had been. While he is still very much a twisted individual, he has shown restraint and even goes as far as to avoid senselessly harming others. While he may not harm others senselessly, he is still evil- and can kill without remorse of any kind. Bringing demise or harm to other doesn't cause a guilt in him at all, even if it had been an orphanage he burned to cinders. In short, many would consider Vail to be a "Villain." He just considers himself to be the very thing that others had seen him as, a being who managed to surpass their expectations.

    Vail's true appearance is that of a gelatinous crimson red ooze, a slime. In this form he's seemingly half-transparent. His form is in truth opaque, and appears almost like that of a living mass of blood. Due to this appearance, the bloodied mass tends to take a human form (Thanks to the Shoggoth racial). There are of course aspects that alter him from the normal human, his eyes glow faintly which serves to further emphasize their redness. In his maw are four sharp canines, emulating that of a vampire almost- the remainder of his form appears like that of a human. If one were to attack him though his form would react differently than your everyday human/humanoid.

    To understand Vail one must first understand the story of Kenji. Kenji Aiuchi, a boy born to a pair who seemed to constantly be at odds with one another. He served as a way to try and deter this, a beacon of positivity to keep them from fighting with one another. This was met with ill-tempered slanders, and anger, turned onto him. He grew up under the impression that his parents despised him, isolating himself from the rest of the world at times due to the worry of appearing undesirable. When his father left the family, without saying so much as a word to him, he began to spiral down into a depressive state. The junior-high student, at the time, had begun to think of his family- his father had abandoned him. His mother spoke little to him, outside of ensuring that he was home and ate something. High-school was similar, an individual who didn't stand out among others. An individual who tried to keep himself as similar as possible, to avoid standing out in any way possible. Like everyone else he graduated and left for college, his departure lacked the sappier moments of a child being sent off to college. Instead, his mother sent him on his way after helping the movers get his stuff into their truck.

    After awhile of being in college a group approached him, in the past he'd been approached by groups of thuggish characters and imagined that this one was no different. However they approached him with kindness, something that seemed foreign to him at the time. He made fast friends with them, one in particular by the name of "Aihara" was rather fond of him. After spending a bit more time in college she invited him to join a game known as "YGGDRASIL." This game would soon begin to consume his life, in his free time he would have the habit of reading fantasy stories, watching anime, or even writing his own stories. Each time he did such a thing he would get more involved in the idea of a fantastical world that could absorb him, given this nearly perfect opportunity- he took her up on the offer. It had taken him a total of an hour and a half before "Vail" came to completion, a slime character which Kenji could play as and fufil his desires in this fantasy world. The game would then take the next few months of his life away, absorbed in leveling with the group of friends he'd made from college. They would play a little every day at the least, which came to a halt for midterms. A patch had been due that day so, while the game updated they each anticipated going to their homes and getting into the new update- especially given their current advancements in the game.

    Their group had become a small guild of sorts, the group consisted of: Midnight, In reality she was Aihara, in the game she was a Dullahan (Female); PekiPekiNobu, a Birdman (Female) along with the eldest of two twins; Magthorok, PekiPekiNobu's younger twin-brother who played a Demon/Devil character (Male); Olruki, a Brain Eater (Female); DaiymoNeru, a hulking minotaur (Male); and of course Vail himself. This group began their journey into the higher levels without realizing what this patch had done, it revealed more class options to humanoids that would hunt down or even kill the heteromorphic races. For the next few days they had begun to loose levels rapidly, eventually being driven back to lower-level areas to try and farm back up. Though when someone's at their weakest it would seem that something else is always there to shove their face in the mud.

    Upon their most recent party-wipe, they respawned and managed to leave the "Safe Area". They were immediately ambushed by a group of humanoids who took haste in letting their magician dispatch the final levels of Midnight's character. Her items dropped to the floor as her figure dissipated into light. Silence took the party as they watched their friend die once again, this time she didn't respawn- her name vanishing from the party group. Rage burned within him, and after a moment Vail attacked one of the individuals. The enemy player went to punch him only to be absorbed into his body and devoured. The remainder of the fight continued with this scenario, the party had been fairly weak so they were unable to truly fight but each managed to get a hit off before Vail ended up absorbing and killing the final one. The next few months were spent grinding again, helping their fallen friend Midnight as her new character "Null Chronos" to try and get their grounding again. The guild rebranded itself as "Midnight's Lost Children" and all members from the original group "Dusk at Sky's Peak" were converted to their new tradition. Their group expanding to add "PK" to their list of roleplaying/grinding guild.

    After some time of becoming a monstrous individual, fitting the archetype of the heteromorphic races, he was granted the power over the guild. He accepted it before his previous leader disappeared. At this point they'd all graduated from college and moved on to working in the real world, so most of their time had been limited anyways. Slowly but surely more of their members disappeared, leaving small tokens of their own with their companions. He did his best to nullify the unease that presented itself from the situation, plugging the "hole" with a renewed fascination... Player Killing. One by one the original six disappeared, one by one he was abandoned without so much as a "Goodbye". Distrust had began to writhe in his stomach, paranoia perhaps. He tried desperately to snuff this flame of growing paranoia, wishing to stop it before it threatened to consume him. In his past on the game he had risen to the top ten of infamous players known for pking, in the last few months of YGGDRASIL he'd grown to become the player with the second most player kills in the game. This was until the final hour of YGGDRASIL was marked, he and the final remaining member "Null Chronos" agreed to spend some of that hour together. She planned to log off beforehand, just to get the final experience of it all. He couldn't do that, if he was going to lose the most valuable thing to him- the thing he clung to for years at that point. Then it would have to leave him itself... to abandon him.

    That didn't turn out as planned... to say the very least.
    Vail is a member of the clan currently known as "Midnight's Lost Children", along with it's current leader.
    Vail is personally responsible for recruiting 75% of the members in Midnight's Lost Children.
    Coming Soon... Yeah I know this isn't vital
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Noming on Treats
IRL Human Form
Succubus Form
Angel Form


IRL Name:
Hana Tanaka

YGGDRASIL screen name:


Half Angel/Half Demon

Chaotic Evil

Racial Levels (30):
Succubus (15)
Angel (10)
Lilith (5)

Class levels (70):
Alchemist (15)
Priestess (15)
Battle Priestess (10)
Cursed Knight (10)
Poison Maker (5)
Farmer (5)
Cook (5)
Merchant (5)

Personality/Background (Human):
Hana at the age of 18 was already into games since high school. During her childhood years, Hana was always seen alone while her brother stole all the friends she ever had away from her. This made her very lonely so she buried herself in video games to escape this fact of reality. Her parents would always get on her case because to them she was a "waste of space" in their little family of three. Hana didn't see herself as one of them, rather she was an outsider that lived underneath their roof due to an accidental birth. Outside the game she is a bit of a fun going person, often helping others selflessly. She's often seen with a smile plastered on her face and surrounded by friends; both old and new alike. This wasn't a facade as she simply enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by people that truly wanted to be her friend. Hana didn't need to worry about her difficult family and could be a normal person around others that didn't treat her differently.

Whenever others wanted to know about her personal life, she would lie and tell them about the various things that her family has done with her. In a sense it was truth but the stretched truth. In reality behind closed doors she hated being around her family most of all. It was true that her family did take them on trips but they always ignored Hana, acting as if she didn't exist. They favored her older brother who appeared to have a future in the world rather than their "good for nothing" daughter, who they leave behind with just barely enough money to feed herself. This incredibly hampered her mental state as she was always striving to better herself in the eyes of her parents, seeking their approval most of all. Hana never got it, instead all she got was scorn and voices full of contempt to her.

She was considered to be a sin to them; that's why she can never forgive them. Eventually after their last fight, Hana decided to simply move out and become a NEET. Waste her days playing video games while on the ocassion, doing things or the community. It was better than being around a toxic environment that hated you.

Personality (YGGDRASIL):
Due to the trauma from her life as a human, Hana or rather known as LovelyKiss on YGGDRASIL was a difficult person to get along with. She used the game as a means of personal escape from all the mental abuse that her family gave to her. For the most part she was quiet and often kept to herself, rather doing solo runs than actually making friends with other players. Hana had a increasing distrust on everyone she met; often leading to huge misunderstanding between the parties involved with her. She hated being near others as she always thought someone would try to attack her like other people would complain about on the forums. Well one such thing did happen to her, players that wanted to kill her and take her items. However things didn't go as planned for them as Hana mercilessly killed each and every player that came her way; each a little bit of sanity began to chip away from her.

Hana developed split personality disorder after the incident which led to the creation of Myu, her less stoic but more dangerous angel side, and Alice, her more demented sadistic side. Hana was too damaged from the heavy abuse of her family afterwards so she resides within the confides of her inner mind, often put asleep by either Myu or Alice to keep her safe. Myu was the first of the two split personalities. Myu is a rather chipper personality, one would think they weren't the same person due to the gaps in each entity's personality. She is rather polite and very kind to those that she values as companions. Overall she is a person that loves making friends, often in a most naive way possible.

Alice on the other hand is very harsh and doesn't hold back any of her words, often leading to greater misunderstandings than what she intended. Even though her words mean the opposite of what she says, often people begin to distrust her entirely. Myu and Alice are aware of the other's existence; due to the different styles of costumes they have in their inventory. Before joining the late guild former known as Dusk at Sky's Peak, both of them have tendencies for suicidal thoughts based on Hana's inner thoughts. They often drive themselves to dangerous corners of their personalities and find themselves trying to harm their own body. Myu often experiments on herself using poisons as a way to try to kill herself while Alice tries to challenge other monsters in hopes one would kill them. Both of them fail miserably as Myu has given herself high amounts of poison resistance while Alice became too powerful against farming monsters.

Personality (Guild):
After joining Dusk at Sky Peak using Myu's personality at Vail's request, she began to interact with others of the guild. Both girls began to grow closer to everyone, in particular Vail - the one who invited them. With their growing feelings for the man, Hana even began to slowly emerge from her shell as well. Their suicidal tendencies began to decrease with time they spent with Vail and the others. They began to express violent tendencies towards any females that approached him, often PKing them in secret if they did anything funny to Vail. However towards their own object of affection, they fail miserably at confessing their love to him; often leading to funny interactions between the two.

This leads to her being embarrassed and rather angry at herself for a short time before she tries again. Towards the end when the guild began to change its name from Dusk at Sky Peak to Midnight's Lost Children, Myu and Hana unexpectedly merged together. Hana no longer felt the urge to push everyone away, she was more open to make friends but still a little distrustful of others at first meetings. As a result Hana became the dominant personality, Myu disappeared entirely, however she adopted her name and her personality absorbed into her.

Guild: Midnight's Lost Children
Misc: Myu will never talk about her past unless its with someone she trusts.


Dark Lord of Edge and Demonic Potatoes

  • Dragon Empress Otohime.jpgName: Akane Fuyukawa
    YGGDRASIL Username: Aurora Seraphon
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragonoid
    Alignment: -500 (Lawful Evil)

    Racial Levels:
    -Dragonoid (10)
    -Leviathan (5)

    Class Levels:
    -Cleric (15)
    -High Cleric (5)
    -Dragon Priest (10)
    -Dragon Empress (5)
    -Sibyl of Genesis (10)
    -Herald of Bahamut (5)
    -Mystic (10)
    -Elementalist (Water) (15)
    -Miko (Water) (10)

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Bum Bear

So I'm an alien now

Perry Whispurr

  • Name: Leona Cross
    Species: Beastman
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Screen Name: Perry Whispurr
    Gender: Originally Female, currently male

    Leona has always been a bit on the clumsy side when it comes to taking care of herself. She also tends to forget things she needs to do or the chores she sets out for herself. She has a deep understanding of the world and can make cold analytical decisions without involving her feelings. She can make the hardest of choices in a matter of seconds if she takes in account the logical idea behind it all. A realist at heart, she doesn't shoot for dreams she know is folly and idiotic as she considers it a waste of time. For the most part she keeps to dreams that she knows are within her boundaries. Can be sarcastic at times when she hear something incredible stupid, and can really ... really means what she says. Not quick to anger, but has a enough sense to know when to get pissed she is normally calm and collected. Leona does have an overly annoying side when she makes an awkward and untimely puns about every and anything

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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Real name: Sophia Horton
IGN: Yapora 'Salvation' Thestar
Screen Name: BurningSalvation
Gender: Female
Species: Platinum Dragonoid
Alignment: 500, Extreme Good
Racial Levels: Base dragonoid; 15, Platinum Dragonoid; 10, Enraged Dragonoid; 10, Ancient Platinum Dragonoid; 5, Lord Platinum Dragonoid; 5, Juggernaut Dragonoid; 5
Total: 50
Class Levels: Pyromancer; 15, Draconic Pyromancer;10, Purifying Fire Disciple; 10, Child of Bahamut; 5, Primordial Pyromancer; 5, Eternal Flame Pyromancer; 5.
Grand total: 100
Personality: In 'life' sophia was a bit meek and soft spoken...not much to look at, not much to talk about, hardly noticed. Despite this, deep down, she had a temper that always wanted to fire off for the lack of notice or care she was even given...but like a wet match, it never really came to fruition. She always had a strong sense of 'good and bad', silently idolizing people who did everything for their friends, family, and community, and begrudging herself for not being anything like them. She never really was a 'girls girl', preferring more 'guy' activities such as games (obviously), occasionally sports, and the much more comfortable lazy attire a guy could have. No dresses, no make up, nothing...very much a tomboy.

However, after transfer into YYGGDRASIL, she's become noticeably more spunkier and hot headed, always ready to give her two cents on just about anything she feels she has the right to (which is quite a bit). That's not to say she's lost her views on right and wrong however...if anything, they've become a lot more solid, and she's far more eager to speak up and act for them then ever before. The only thing that seems to have not overly changed, is her tomboyish nature, she's still all too happy to do something that someone (Who she'd now refer to as a 'princess') wouldn't be willing to do.

Appearance; Human
Besides what's pictured: Yapora is relatively short, only 4'10 in height. Her attire tends to consist of a set of relaxed and unassuming 'commoners garb', including trousers, shirt, and vest which despite seemingly more fit for a male's physique, seems to work well. on her wrist is an everpresent unique looking wristband.
Appearance; Dragonoid

Outside of the game, Sophia was your usual unassuming, small girl. She was attending college for a degree in engineering, worked part time to afford what she needed, and generally kept to herself due to a lack of friend group or companions to speak of. Her family never really seemed supportive of her, nor where they unsupportive, generally just...existing. When she wasn't playing YYGGDRASIL she was playing something else, usually a hack and slash or a strategy game, but most of her hours had been spent on the MMO. She'd managed to get back into it early at it's launch, and had been hopelessly hooked since.

In the game, she was brave guild leader, who's goals tended to line up with her personality...meaning there were a lot of PKers who registered on the evil scale burnt, scorched, and generally killed by her or the others in a guild war or quest. The guild inevitably wound up making the joke that she was 'Leading another Crusade', and that's inevitably what she took to calling such outings. The guild wasn't overly large, maybe twenty or so members, but they were the only friends Sophia had, so it really hurt her when they stopped logging in, showing less and less...eventually, she was one of the only six who made the highest possible level in the guild, and by then, it was just those six that stayed as regulars. Her 'crusades' and level obviously did not go unnoticed, just as any guild that managed to do would find. In fact, the guild itself became a bit infamous for it's 'quick and brutal judgement' attacks. Evil guilds took to trying to kill her, her guild members, or the guild itself....which almost always wound up with a overly torched PC, or the enemy guild running back to wherever they crawled from, fire chasing after them. By the time the games servers were shutting down, only three of the six remained...and the other two had informed her with heavy hearts that real life obligations would mean they wouldn't be able to stay till the end, that they had a great time playing together, and that it was a blast. So, when it came down too it, she was the last one in a guild...all alone, save for the NPC she had created a while ago when they first started up.

Guild: Drakesguard
Runic Wristband: A magic item seemingly engraved with dragon Glyphs. The attuned wearer enjoys a massive boost to their MP while wearing it.
The dragons hide: Seemingly useless commoners garb, the magic 'armor' actually grants invulnerability to common weapons, and a resistence to the powerful magical variation.
Platinum Dragonoid Form: Due to the massive racial level investment, Yapora is capable of ten hour long transformations a day, into a massive and powerful platinum dragon. While in this form, all stats and power massively sky rockets.
Enraged Juggernaut: When her HP drops below 15-20%, her stats jump and her temper flares to irrationality, meaning a frontal assault just got quite a bit harder.
Perfectly attuned to fire: Fire (outside of her own) heals her, according to strength and intensitiy. A campfire may heal minor wounds, but jumping into a volcanic pit is a massive boost back to the HP. Enemy magic fire can harm her, so long as it's level 4 or higher. After that, she is harmed, but enjoys resistance.
Bahamuts flame: Her flames have taken on a platinum hue...this is mostly aesthetic, damage applies just as it would per level and such.
Hot Blooded: Though it was a purely cosmetic effect in game, it's become quite real. Her pyromancer and dragonoid investment have accumulated in the inability to get drunk, let alone a buzz. Her body simply 'cooks out' the alcohol before it can inebriate or affect her.
Mage Sight: A rather standard spell that just about any magic caster can grab, it let's the user identify the potential magical potential, and therefore the threat, in those they're interacting with.
Breaths of the Platinum Dragon: While in her dragon form, Yapora has access to three different breaths. A cone of cold and ice, a gas like breath that will turn weaker foes into pure gas and do large damage to others, and a classical fire breath attributed to the massive fire class investment.
Roar of Destruction: A roar achieved only by the massive investment into dragonoid and platinum dragonoid. The roar devastates and destroys anything within a 100 foot radius. Those that aren't outright destroyed, suffer large damage all the same.
Nero's fiddle: The greatest debuff a pyromancer can acquire, and it also plays homage to the great burning of rome, in which their emperor played his fiddle during the entire thing. Nero's fiddle causes the target to suffer from a massive weakness to fire. In the instance that the target has immunity to fire, they suddenly lose the immunity for the duration of the debuff, and are instead simply able to be affected by it.
Brand of the phoenix: A quest reward from a limited time availability quest. It takes the form of a permanently emblazoned black tattoo of a large phoenix on her right upper arm/shoulder. When invoked, a large soul bound phoenix is created, equal to her level. This creature is impossible to permanently kill as it is connected to Yapora's life force, and phoenix's are notoriously impossible to kill.
Earring of drakes: protection from energy drain (level stealing)
Earring of the celestial dragon: grants good damage resistance. More importantly, it allows a dragonoid to fly to otherwise impossible heights with protection from Ill effects such as air deprivation, exhaustion, and natural drop in temperature.

Name: Celise
Levels: 50
Racial Levels: Naga; 15, Forest Naga; 10
Job levels: Doctor; 15, Surgeon; 10
Appearance, Extended: Celise is approximately twelve feet long, though tends to 'stand' upright at about half that.
Personality: Celise is a genuinely sweet and caring individual, usually having to act as the level headed one on Yapora's behalf in an effort to excuse her outburst or anger. While she has no combat class, she is a readily adapt medic and doctor, capable of preforming otherwise difficult surgeries or operations on a patient, and getting them back into functioning order.

Theme songs:
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Azure Sky

Random Lazy Guy
Name: Yasuo Akira
YGGDRASIL screen name: Ignis
Gender: male
Species: tiefling variant (half-human, half-demon)
Karma/Alignment: -500/lawful evil

Racial Levels:

Tiefling (none; humanoid)
Class levels:
Blacksmith (15)
Master Blacksmith (10)
Fighter (15)
Elemental Blader: Fire (10)
Cursed Oracle: Metal (10)
Inquisitor (10)
Purger (10)
Rune Forger (5)
Dragonheir Scion: Solar Dragon Ancestry (5)
Knight of Purgatory (5)
Divine Forger (5)

Personality: Ignis behaved rather calm and collected in real life. He apparently did not invest himself emotionally in anything, was strict, and approached each and every situation in a completely logical manner. That was a bit different from his gaming persona, to say the least. He expressed himself freely and laughed... sadistically each time he killed another player. He also liked to troll people a lot, in multiple ways. He basically used Yiggdrasil as an outlet for his stress. Both the serious and playful side are aspects of his personality. Yet now, in the New World, with his new body and negative karmatic alignment, his personality will suffer a few changes.

Yasuo was an accountant in real life, and didn't really enjoy it. But the salary was good, and there were not many job opportunities one could choose from in Japan, so he just put his disatisfaction aside and worked hard without complaining. One day, he'd go up the social ladder, he thought. But it was a long, tiring process, and he eventually realised that he was merely one of many disposables. Yet he dilligently continued his work. Despite the shitty bosses, and toxic collegues. He moved on, trying to dettach himself from it all. But he was merely human, and all humans had a breaking point. Before he could reach his, however, he discovered Yiggdrasil.

A world that temporarily made him escape his monochrome life. A world in which he had freedom. Beautiful and green. A world in which he killed and got killed multiple times a week.

Wait... what?

Apart from the forging he liked so much, PKing would eventually become his main hobby in Yiggdrasil, as it was the best way for him to relieve some stress after a hard day's work. He would later create the dreadful guild Harvest, known throughout the game as one of the top PK guilds. Individually, each member was a specialist in a different domain, and put together they were a force to reckon with. Yasuo had fun. But nothing lasts forever...

Yasuo was a man in his fifties. In the everygrey reality he lived in, Yasuo Akira was not the strong player Ignis. He was a sick from overwork, he had money but nothing to spend it on. He wanted so badly to pursue a career and get promoted, but he barely did. Years past by, his parents were dead, his girlfriend didn't consider marriage and recently left him. At least he had solace in playing with his niece and nephew and when he visited his sister. He loved his sibling, but deep down he was a bit jelous of her happiness.

Ignis was no longer the guild master of Harvest. He transfered the role to somebody else and quit. He didn't want his depression to spread to the game. He didn't want to come to hate it. It was his happy place, but it wasn't real, and it frustrated him. He preffered Then he logged off for a long while. Then he heard of the game shutting down very soon.

"Ah, that's a shame. But it's ok. It's just escapism. Not a real world. Not real..." He repeated himself that for a few times that day. The last day of Yiggdrasil. It was down to one minute only... It was fine, it-

"It's not real... But my emotions are! Damn it!" He couldn't lie to himself. Despite trying to deny it, despite being only a fantasy. His happiness was real, the friends he made were real. He had to see it one last time. And he logged in, trying to see if he could meet his comerades one last time.

Guild: formerly Harvest, considering Midnight's Lost Children

Main/important passives:
>Like all lvl 100 players, he is immune to magic, skills, attacks, and items lvl 60 or bellow.
>As a tiefling, he gains resistance to fire, cold, and electricity, as well as darkvision (which is however, hindered by the curses of his Oracle class)
>The curses of his Oracle class are Blured Vision and Aged:
  • His darkvison is maintained, but he can only see decently 9 meters in front of him, vision buffs don't work. However, he gains a blindsight passive which he can turn on and off, which gives him 360° pseudo-vision like a slime. That in turn makes him immune to vision-type spells, such as blinding ones, or illusions.
  • The Aged curse makes him take the appearance of an old man, his physical stats suffer a minor decrease, shapeshifting doesn't work, but as he reached level 100, he gained immortality instead of slowed aging, and immunity to diseases as well as death spells, except Super-Tier and above (World-class item effects).
>Blacksmith, Inquisitor, and fire-based classes rase his resistance to fire and heat to the point where he is downright immune to it.
>His Oracle subtype (Metal) offers him the passives Iron Body and Improve Metal. The former improves his resistance to all physical attacks (except skills) and the latter improves the properties of every metallic item that he equips.
>His Inquisitor job class offers him Curse Immunity (except the ones from his Oracle Class), Acid Resistance, further Cold Resistance, further Electricity Resistance, Sound Resistance, and further Fire Resistance (as mentioned above, stacked to the point of fire immunity)
>Divine Forger gives him Greater Item Resistance.
>Knight of Purgatory gives him Greater Holy Resistance.
>Dragonheir Scion adds to his fire resistance, as well as a passive that enhances the strength of his fire-based attacks, and Natural Armor (with skin as tough as dragon scales, acting as an extra layer of armor, Ignis is especially resistant to physical harm). Stacks with Iron Body. The class also grants immunities to sleep and paralysis.
>All his blacksmith-type classes give him various passives that greatly improve success rate, bonuses, and overall quality of forged items.
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general ostruppen

General Ostruppen
Character sheet
Name: Peter Shull
YGGDRASIL screen name: Rommel
Gender: Male
Species: Dullahan
Aliment: Chaotic Neutral
Levels- (What classes and races did you spend your time leveling in. You have up 100 levels. Also a side note: basic class can be level up to 15, higher-powered classes and race can be leveled up to 10, and highest-powered classes and "special" forms races can be level up to 5. A human can't be leveled up)
Racial Levels:
Dullahan LV 15

Class levels:
Lord Commander LV 5
Commissar LV 5
War Wizard LV 5
Master of Death LV 10
Sniper LV 10
Illusionists LV 10
Necromancer LV 10
Gunner LV 15
Fencer LV 15

Personality: Peter is known to be a very loyal, calm, and stern man who comes from a military background, there isn't a day where he finds himself making a organized list of do lists and goes through them step by step. He likes to keep things organized and neat, always needing to keep himself busy even if there seems to be nothing to do. If there is a task that needs to be done for the sake of the guild or simply a request by another guild member, usually peter takes it as a means to be busy. He doesn't mind chattering with his fellow guild members, in fact there is a kinder side that most wouldn't expect from him as he seemed to be the silent and angry type. However he is brutally honest and isn't afraid to say what is on his mind. The man is also a walking talking history book who wouldn't care telling you about random facts that would vaguely or barely be similar to a certain situation or topic. A crazy gun/tank/vehicle fanatic that will suddenly sound oddly more cheerful when talking such things.

There however times when Peter finds himself in a dark episodes, reminiscing in the past and locking himself in his private quarters. There are few individuals who have helped him cope these dark memories, but knowing that they weren't there in the last days of the game. It has come to his realization that he has no one that would be there for him in his time of need. Which is a problem as he doesn't like to ask for help. Always having to keep things to himself.


Background: Peter was once in the military who served for more then 15 years in the military, rising to the rank of major in the army. However his time in the military would be cut after being severely injured oversee's from an IED (Improvised explosive device). Because of this his whole lower half from the waist were paralyzed and his life changed from there. As many veterans who went through such events, many found themselves rather lost or alienated in their return to civil life. Peter was one of those people, his personality had also shifted to which aided in his pushing of those he deemed close. Life was hard but overall he was financially stable, but his life felt miserable. Everyday seemed like a painful sake of living, that was until he was met up with an old friend of his from high school. He was a gamer at heart and it didn't seem to change over the years, his name was Ethan and after hearing the situation that peter was going through. He decided to get into contact with him and hopefully make his life a little better. After spending some time catching up and hanging out like the old days, Ethan managed to convince Peter to try out this online game called YGGDRASIL. At first Peter didn't seem to enthusiastic in joining him in this game, he wasn't big on video games and thought of it as a waste. Yet he tried it out once and bought the equipment to play it.

His first memory that he recalled when first starting out, was the feeling of both freedom and joy. Seeing that he could once again walk and bring out old fantasy's he had as a nerd in high school to life in this game made him feel joy that he hadn't felt in a long time. Since then he joined his friend and the guild that he was a part of, building his little fantasy army and waging wars on other hostile players and guilds who would dare give excuses to fight them. Yet over the years he once again found himself somewhat alone, many guild members over the years would log off and never return. Peter was one of the few players would log in on a daily bases since he didn't really have anything else to do in real life other then work on the stock market. He was glad to see familiar faces however return in the final day of the game, yet he was somewhat disheartened that none of his comrades returned. Ethan had also not returned as he was unfortunately comatose after he suffered a major seizure. Peter of course would now and then visit him every day. But now he finds himself trapped in the game, with NPC's coming to live and a strange new world. He finds it his sole duty to help aid in the protection of the guild, but also possibly scratch off a top must on his wish list.

Guild: Midnight Lost Children
Misc: WE ARE DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG! OUR DUTY IS BOUND TILL DEATH DO US PART! But yes he has many decently leveled Dullahans that were made to be soldiers. Most being gunners, and others that specialize in specific classes.

Azure Sky

Random Lazy Guy
Creator: Ignis

Name: Ergo

Racial levels:

Yellow Slime (15)
Plasma Ooze (10)
Radiant Essence (10)
Amber Blight (5)

Job levels:
Summoner (10)
Herbalist (15)
Plant Lord (10)
Disenchanter (10)
King Mycelium (5)



Ergo displays Ignis's real world demanour: calm, collected, careful and attentive to details. Unlike Ignis, he is not a battle junkie, and would rather spend his days analyzing plants and come up with new medicine or potion ideas. His alignment (+50, Neutral) also makes him more prone to help people than Ignis, but he isn't a goody two shoes either, willing to devour, or experiment on those he considers "undeserving of life".

In battle Ergo never loses his cool, or, at least, that's how it seems. While it doesn't register on his face, Ergo can get angry, and one will tell when his neutral tone shifts to a harsh one.

>Separated from Ignis, he is near the Spirit Forest Syndicate guild
>As an homage of sorts to Ignis, one of the guildmates of Harvest brought Ergo close to the Forest where his creator last logged off, as well as giving him a certain sealed weapon in a large indestructible container (special item) that can be carried like a backpack. Only a selected few Harvest members knew the code, including Ignis.
>His racials make him able to magnetize nearby metallic objects (including weapons and armour, as well as the player using the armour). He is not poisonous but generates extreme heat that can melt objects (on the level of Herohero's acid). His Radiant Essence racials mean he can generate light and his attacks have a positive karma effect regardless of his own alignment. Finally he can use his light abilities to create a mini "sun" to empower the plant creatures he summons (from his job levels).
>Any creature weaker than him will be transformed into a lesser slime if he kills it.
>Ergo has a bulky, defensive build, and relies on his plant summons to do damage, as his magic and physical attack stats are low.
HP: 100
MP: 100
Phy. Atk. : 30
Phy. Def. : 100
Agility: 40
Mag. Atk. : 20
Mag. Def. : 100
Resistance: 100
Special Ability: 100
>As a slime he is immune to poison, sleep effects, polymorph, stuns, normal weapon/bare-handed attacks (except bludgeon). His subtype special traits also bestow him with immunity to cold, heat/fire, electricity, and the holy element.
>Severe weakness to bludgeon attacks. No immunity to physical attacks enhanced by skills and magic.
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