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The Phantom Hexblade
It's the year 2138 and the Earth is... well not the nice place to look at anymore with pollution making going outside particle impossible without a mask. Luckily gaming technology has evolved greatly over the years to provide a distraction to the bleak real world. Which brings us to YGGDRASIL, one of the if not the most biggest MMORPGs to exist. Its popularity for the longest time seemed to be unmatched but even YGGDRASIL was not immune to changing times and tastes. The number of players went down eventually to the point of the owner were not making enough money from the game to justify keeping the servers up. So they announced the game servers would be shut down good. With this news, many players who loved the game decided to stay on for its final moments. While they enjoy their final moments in the game little did they know what would come after those short moments...

@PlusUltra @Phobia @Vasu43 @Spoiled Bread @FantasyDoctor @DanGriin @Damafaud @Fenris @ThatOneProtag @HellsHaven @Birdsie @Noble Scion @Reinhardt @June Verles @Entity.Eclypse
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Location: Spirit Forest Syndicate Guild Hall
Mentions: @Fenris

She couldn't believe it. The shut down was already here. It wasn't something she wanted at all, but it was here and she had to deal with it. She hated it. YGGDRASIL was the one place she could come to feel human. She understood the irony of it considering here she wasn't human in the slightest, but it was still her escape into a world where she could have fun. Now it was all being taken away.

Evangeline was designed to be a spirit. As such she was very beautiful. However, her beauty was only the second claim to fame she had in this world. The first was her power. She was known far and wide for her skill in raids and dungeon crawls, which she soon turned her experience into a skill as she started the Spirit Forest Syndicate. They quickly turned the guild into the number one raid and dungeon crawl guild of YGGDRASIL. They were feared and respected. Now, whittled down and almost dead, but a few of them still remained. Too attached to this world and all they had done inside of it to let it go that easily and Evangeline was one of them.

It was minutes until the shut down and Evangeline was sad. All her hard work would be gone. All the time and effort she put into the Spirit Forest Syndicate, just wasted and left to the wind. It was all so unfair. She walked through the entrance to her guilds territory and sighed as he walked down the path. Her avatar clad in her normal fur robe and her color scheme the same as always. A white and black combo which demonstrated her many skills with balance and even the true neutral alignment she played as. She looked at the streams that flowed through the forested area her guild controlled. She noticed the trees in a new light she had never seen before. It was a light of knowing she was going to lose them and this land. It filled her heart with sorrow and sadness. The wind blew and gently caressed her face. As it blew her hair it also loosened leaves, flowers and petals. All of which scattered along the wind. Some landing on the soft grass and others coming to rest on the gentle and pristine water of the stream flowing through the land. It was such a beautiful place and it was such a shame. It wasn't like she could do anything about it, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy it to the fullest. She wanted every last little second here and she was ready.

Eventually the path lead to the long bridge that connected to the tree castle. This guild hall was so beautiful. The way it was designed was something out of the fairy tales you read as a child. As she made her way down the bridge she admired the architecture and how immaculate the entire design was. How everything was carved in a very elven and earthy fashion. Everything looked so beautiful and she wanted more than anything to stay inside forevermore.

Eventually she walked through the massive opening that served as the entrance. She looked at the massive inside of the tree and smiled, remembering the times she and her guild. The fun they had and the raids they completed. Most would think making money in game off raids was hard, but this game always had a new raid coming or a dungeon crawl to do. Even if there wasn't a new one, there was always someone willing to pay top dollar for the loot they got or even to hire a member of the Syndicate for a raid. Most raids had a boss that dropped a world level item. That was usually something they took. They had more than a few world level items, but didn't really use them.

Evangeline made her way up the stairs and sighed as she finally made it to the door of the guild masters throne room. Her room. She opened the massive doors and smiled. There was sunlight cascading down to a throne of vines and flowers. It was so beautiful. As she stepped closer, petals began to fall around the chair. This was the perfect place to spend the last few moments in the world she worked so hard to build. Her hand gingerly caressed the arm of the throne as she turned her head and smiled to see one of the 100 maids that were housed here. It was a raid item that allowed them to do this. The item allowed them to create 100 maids for the guild hall in any race they wished and they chose elf. They were all different, but just as elves do, they looked mostly similar in a few ways. Each one had a different shade of blonde hair in a different style, different eye colors and different ear shapes. Other than that they all seemed like a generic copy of a very pretty elven woman. They were amazing, but not good at all for combat. They were however fantastic cleaners and caretakers. It was like they were made to be servants.

After a moment Evangeline finally sat in the throne of her guild masters quarters. She looked at the time and sighed. Second away from it all being gone. Well, she had a good run here. She didn't know if any of her other guild mates were here, but she hoped they were somewhere saying their goodbye's to the home they built together. She looked up to the sky and closed her eyes as she waited peacefully till she was forced to log out.

It took a long time. Longer than she had. Her eyes opened and she looked around. She was still in game. What was going on? There was only 45 seconds till the shut down left. Was it pushed? No. They would have given a notice. She shook her head and decided there must be a logical explanation. With a wave of her hand she tried to open the message board, but nothing. Now was about when panic started to sink in. She tried to open the menu. Nothing. She tried to access the GM call function. Still nothing. What was going on? She took a deep breath and decided not to freak out.

Suddenly, from the side of the room she heard something "Are you alright Lady Evangeline?" Evangeline stopped and turned her head. Her eyes widened as there was the maid she had seen, moving without orders. The elven girl tilted her head as Evangeline shot from her seat. This was not possible. NPC's don't talk or move without commands.

Evangeline was shocked, but tried to remain calm. She then walked back to the door of her throne room and opened it. She walked out to the railing that over looked the entire common area in the center. She saw something else. Maids moving about and cleaning. Tending to their duties as good maids should. Upon seeing her they all turned and bowed, speaking simultaneously "
Good Evening Lady Evangeline."

Evangeline was starting to freak out, but then, suddenly she wasn't. It was as if some force calmed her emotions and now she was completely fine. This was such a messed up situation, but she was completely fine. It wasn't normal. As the maids returned to work, she thought about it and sighed. Evangeline put her fingers to her temple and took a deep breath, hoping this would work "
Message: Closest Guildmate." She sat there, waiting in silent anxiety hoping one of her guildmates was logged on and somewhere close. Also hoping she was just seeing things.

  • Location: The Real World
    Time: Near Midnight

    Price knew it was bound to happen. He knew YGGDRASIL wouldn't stay forever and that he would have to move on from this game. He knew, but he didn't want to accept it. After all, YGGDRASIL to him was paradise. It was a place he could escape from the cruel and polluted world outside and live a second life. He didn't want to see all his hard work put into the game just disappear and leave nothing. He didn't want to see the good memories he made with his only friend vanish. He didn't want to see the harsh times in YGGDRASIL he overcame fade away. Price even went out of this comfort zone and joined a guild. Without YGGDRASIL, he didn't have a purpose in live anymore. Thinking about it made him furious and depressed. He lied down on his bed and contemplated about what to do moving forward. He finally decided to log on YGGDRASIL once more to say goodbye to his second life.


    Fovos opened his eyes to see a wonderful scenery. His eyes were filled with the sight of vast mountains and bright greenery. 'That's right', Fovos thought to himself. He was sitting at the peak of YGGDRASIL's highest mountain. He was traversing the mountain in harsh weather to kill the Ouroboros dragon that only appeared every 6 months. It was said to be one of the toughest event boss monsters in the game and if killed, divine class gear would be dropped. This was how Fovos obtained his God Slaying Emperor Blade. By the time he defeated Ouroboros, the system clock read 6:23 AM and he had no choice to log off. With only an hour left before YGGDRASIL's servers would automatically shut down, Fovos stared at the scenery for a while longer before deciding to scale down the mountain and head to his guild's - Midnight's Lost Children- base. The red moon was out giving the town a mysterious and dark feel. When reaching the town he always felt as an outsider due to his appearance and rumors made about him. Thankfully, there were only NPC's who couldn't move or talk unless you interacted with them. Before quickly making his way to the Guild, he stopped by his house one final time. Fovos didn't like the location of his house as it was in the middle of the biggest cities in YGGDRASIL. It was a place where beginners and elites frequently gathered to do business, entertain themselves or whatnot. His former partner however liked the location and insisted on staying there. Fovos couldn't refuse and gave in. Fovos rarely stayed at the house and would usually sleep in quiet inns or in the forest where he laid camp.


    Fovos reached his home and instantly was filled with nostalgia. He remembered all the great times he had with his former partner who is now gone. They traded, trained, slept, and bonded in this small broken down house. He entered the house and realized how long it was since he's been here. The place was dusty and left exactly like he last saw it. He went to his former partners room and stayed there for a while. He saw his partners old paladin gear and sword that he put up on display. There was his crafting bench and potion brewing station. There was only 10 minutes left before the servers were expected to shut down and Fovos decided he didn't have time to reach the guild so he stayed in his house instead. He sat down leaning on the wall and reminisced about what to do moving forward. As soon as the server was about to shut down, Fovos closed his eyes and everything went dark.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Mallow / Nori

Location: Stardust Valley

Mallow watched silently as the last of her gold coins dropped from her inventory portal into the dug up hole that Roaster made before. In the background, a big wooden structure was burning fiercely. No, she didn't burn Full Plate, it was just an instant temporary luxury camp from the cash shop.

Ah, goldbathing and burning a building. Such shallow desires, but that's just what she Sora wanted. For the boy named Sora, YGGDRASIL was a place where he could do whatever he couldn't do in the boring real world, and Mallow was a perfect persona to represent himself in this virtual world. The perfect antithesis for himself.

"Whoa, I almost late to the party." A swordsman in green yukata appeared. This one's Nori, the only Dining Table member beside Mallow that was able to log in for the so called 'Farewell Party'.

Right, Mallow spammed the global chat one week prior for this event of hers. Based on the amount of reply, which was zero, she didn't expect anyone beside Nori to come. Still, she hoped anyone who decided to log in into the game until the last minutes like her would be able to have their last fun of the game.

"Speaking of fun, this will be my last performance in this game." Mallow opened her spells list and clicked one of them.

"Speaking of what?" Nori was a bit confused with Mallow's train of thought, since it seems she just sprouted a topic out of nowhere and acted like they spent the last few minutes talking about it. His confusion was cut short when he saw magic circles appeared above Mallow's extended hands. "Oh, no. You don't-"

At first it just started with one circle, then slowly another magic circles started to appear above it, then another one, then another one. Each magic circle was bigger than the one underneath it so when Mallow finished chanting the spell, the stacked magic circles appeared like a huge glowing upside-down cone that was supporting the sky.

"Super-tier magic: Extinction!"

A sphere of light appeared on Mallow's hand and flew upward into the sky beyond the cloud. Then a thundering explosion occur as the sphere self-destruct, spreading thousands of massive energy balls across a wide range of area. Yes, Extinction was a spell that can cause a meteor shower. A befitting ending for a dying world like YGGDRASIL.

"It's... beautiful, really. As long as no meteor hit us." Nori watched in awe as the meteors made a beautiful mosaic in the sky. The sounds of the bombardment was annoying though so he turned off the game sound effect so he could enjoy Mallow's last performance.

"Right! It's beautiful. This is the reason why I hold the party here instead of inside our guild hall. I also set the probability of a meteor landing here to 1% so we don't have to worry. Now..." Mallow jumped into the gold pool. "Let the party begin!"

If anyone want to join Mallow in the party. Just drop your gold into the pool and enjoy the show!


Howling Tempest
Elliot O'Connor || Snowdown
-Spirit Forest Syndicate-
[Throne Room]

A sigh escaped Snowdown as he sank deeper into the guilds famed hot springs. Despite his best efforts time was ticking down to a few minutes and he'd seldom felt so powerless within YGGDRASIL. It was frustrating and perhaps that's why he had sought out the shelter of this serene place. How often had they gathered in these very springs to lick their wounds or celebrate a successful raid?

His own distorted reflection conjured memories of livelier times. “You know I'm going to miss them. Even if the lot wouldn't stop with the wet dog jokes...” He chuckled and glanced at Nya, spirit of the springs, who ignored him going about her business of tending the springs in the usual graceful manner. “Guess this is it, goodbye Nya.” Closing his eyes Snowdown allowed himself to slip below the waters surface.

The last few seconds ticked down and nothing happened. What had he hoped for? A farewell message? Sudden darkness? None of it occurred and eventually his lungs began to burn with the need for oxygen. Gasping for air the white haired man burst from the pools surface, confusion plastered across his face. It felt too real! “Goodbye?” the soft voice carried from across hot springs where Nya starred at him awkwardly, tilting her head to one side in a questioning manner. In all the years he'd been part of Spirit Forest Syndicate the water spirit had never responded to his monologues.

Her simple response was perhaps more disorienting than his recent near drowning experience, prompting Snow to hastily attempt opening multiple menu's without much luck. The initial shock was threatening to turn into simmering anger, an unusual feeling for him, when a voice reached his ear. “Evangeline? What...where are you?”

He was moving before receiving and answer. Soon storming down the ornate guild halls of the Spirit King's Castle, his unruly white mane a damp mess. Passing by a number of elven maids Snow finally spotted an elegant robe of white and black, the telltale garb of the guild master. As usual Evangeline appeared composed, the unshakable monarch of Spirit Forest Syndicate living up to her name and striking a stark contrast to the disheveled Snowdown. “Looks like they got even you caught up in this... unless it was your doing? Come on, don't hold out on me Angel.”



Location: Throne Room
Mentions: Snowdown @Fenris Jyeen and Something @PlusUltra

Evangeline was more than happy that at least one was here. Snowdown might not have been her first choice, but his physical combat skills were more than what she needed. When he asked where she was, she knew he was already on the move, so she didn't bother to answer. She simply stood and waited. When she heard his heavy footsteps coming through the halls her head turned to him and sighed. He clearly was in the springs and she turned her head back to the working maids "How many times must I tell you not to call me Angel? Also, you couldn't have dried off. You smell like a wet..." She stopped, her eyes widened. Smell was never a function put into YGGDRASIL. Sight, touch and hearing were parts, but never smell or taste.

Something was going on. What was it? She took a deep breath and folded her arms over her bountiful chest. She sighed and looked down at the working maids "Snowdown, as far as I can tell, there are two options for what is happening. One, there is a bug that trapped us here. It wiped out the menu and gave our NPC's sentience. The second option is we have found ourselves in the center of an overused anime plot of being transported to a new world and our NPC's are actually alive." When she finished talking her hand moved to her black and white hair. Both of those options sounded insane. Despite that however, she found herself not worrying about that, rather she found her weighing the options and coming to a logical decision based on the facts presented to her. After a long thought she finally looked up "I do believe we have been trapped in game and it is now real, which is why I can actually smell you."

Eventually she looked at him "If that is the case we need to make sure we are fortified. Since the NPC's are alive now, go get Fenris Alpha to split apart and keep the forest secure. Tell him to get Omnath on the move as well. While scouting have Fenris relay to me the surroundings of the Lost Forest." After that she needed to think. She stepped back from the railing and then stopped. She remembered. The NPC's gifted to her by a close friend.

Jyeen and Something were loans to her, but if the shut down really put them in this world, she hoped that those two were alright. She stepped into the throne room again and shut the door. Her eyes looked around. She tried not to panic, but even as she did an unknown force calmed her back to an indifferent state. She took a deep breath and then folded her arms again, closing her eyes "
Jyeen and Something, if you are here, come before me now." Her voice was calm and silk like on the air, but there was a firm and stern sound to it that only a true leader could muster. It wasn't surprising given the fact that in the guild she was looked at like the queen of the guild of spirits. Some other guilds even called her the 'Spirit Queen'. Which she actually enjoyed. She stood there, hoping those two were here and safe. She would feel bad if they weren't. She remembered putting them in the throne room, but hopefully they were still with her.


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Faust Windfallow
Personal Floor - Sky Fortress Argentel Phillip | @Reinhardt @Birdsie

"Fuck." A single word was uttered from Faust as he repetitively scanned the final news alert that ever came out of Yggdrasil. In place of some exciting patch note, a dungeon to instantly conquer, or awesome new PvP features that he'd completely and utterly break on release, was complete and total shit. Yep, the final news was Yggdrasil's shutdown.


He wasn't exactly upset because he had some deep connection with the game. It was just that he wasn't exactly pleased that the thousands of hours he blew on Yggdrasil were just going straight into the trash bin. Sure, it wasn't like he couldn't grind up in some other VRMMORPG, but that'd be another couple of years off his life. Well, whatever. He looked down at the clock. 1.5 minutes until shutdown. Maybe he'd play a practical joke on Cyrus or Ragna. He was almost certain that those two were also wasting their final minutes away somewhere in their Sky Fortress.


Planning out and executing the perfect prank took time, and that was one resource even this shut-in didn't exactly have. 45 seconds until shutdown. Well, may as well do something, right? Faust gave a vocal command for the menu to open, and his immense list of spells opened up before him. He quickly scanned through the enormous list, finding the desired spell. The whole game was going to die anyway, right? May as well go out with some fireworks. He was certain Ragna and Cyrus wouldn't mind.

"Casting Super-Tier Magic..." Faust murmured, an enormous circle appearing on the ground around him, with smaller circles elevating into the air from the larger circle. A colossal spire of light extended outwards from the ground. Normally, in a PvP scenario, that was basically a massive 'Please Kill Me' note taped onto your forehead.

CHANNELING: 15 Seconds Remaining.

Shutdown in 15 seconds.






He wasn't force-logged out.


He wasn't force-logged out. Did the shutdown get pushed back? Did it get canceled? Was it a prank? And...

The Fortress was about to go up in flames.

At that moment, milliseconds before Faust's spell went off, he was pierced through the chest by a lance, canceling the channel. And it hurt. It didn't just hurt. It hurt like absolute fuck. "The fuck?!" Faust cursed aloud, partly in shock at how real the agony was.

"Oooh~ All the way through, just the way I like it~" A female voice rang from behind him.

"Huh?" Faust turned his head to find himself face-to-face with an overly-pale woman who was practically wearing nothing but undergarments. The guardian of his floor, and the first NPC he made: Alexiel Pendragon. "You can talk?"

"I can talk however you want me to; perhaps, you prefer to be referred to as master~?"

Faust didn't seem shaken at all that his NPC suddenly has sentience. "Oh. It's one of those scenarios..." He murmured to himself, the lance still stuck through his chest. "At least you actually know how to cancel a mage's channel..." He quietly added, somewhat thankful that his creation had some level of basic intelligence. That being said, however, did he configure Alexiel's personality to be that... uh...

He took his time scrutinizing every 'feature' of Alexiel's model, but somehow, he didn't seem to see the appeal in the model like he was supposed to. Guess his teenage self found it much more enticing than his current self? And it didn't seem Alexiel was oblivious to the undead's ogling, either. "Oh dear, I never thought you saw me that way~" She purred out in an obviously exaggerated and overly-sweet-talk-y voice.

"Silence, you shameless woman," Faust snapped, "let me think." At least Alexiel demonstrated that extent of obedience since she really did shut up. The menu didn't seem to be coming up, but at least the message function worked, right? "Message Cyrus of Alfheim and Ragna." He verbally commanded. He was sure those two also sat on their asses until the game shut down. That, and if his wild theory about getting thrown into some isekai scenario was actually right, he was already beginning to show contempt at the idea of being stuck with the Thot-Paladin.


Stressed, Depressed, Lemon Zest
Interactions/Mentions: N/AIt was really happening.... wasn't it? The final hour of YGGDRASIL crept closer and closer, with it a growing dread tore into Vail. This world that he'd become so engrossed in, destined to disappear in the matter of a few hours. After logging on he was met with a familiar sight, the gathering hall, a room he had helped the other members of the guild to construct. This very room served to start business meetings, guild gatherings that determined a time that individuals could go on raids, or even for everyone to sit around and rant about the horrible day they had at work. Standing from his chair, Vail turned to face the chair itself. The black wood, which had been a difficult thing to attain in the first place, held his symbol etched into it with a great amount of care and detail. Lifting his hand to touch it caused a rather somber smile to cross his lips, the sentimental moment had been interrupted when he heard something behind him. Turning to the sound revealed his last original guild-mate, Null Chronos. A pale blue ghost, adorned in her robes that seemed to phase into an ethereal state.

"Glad to see you could make it." He stated before moving to the side and returning the chair to it's proper position. "Same to you, sucks that the circumstances are so grim though." She responded with a somewhat somber tone herself, she too turned and examined her chair before moving past it. In silent agreement the two exited the room, a sudden change in their actions appeared as they entered the remainder of the eighth floor. A few npcs walked past their creators, each bowed in response to their arrival. "Just as they were created to do, to the bitter end" Null commented before they made the two blinked out of existence from the floor. Reappearing directly in front of the ruined cathedral Vail turned to her, "To think... the thing we all worked so hard for could disappear at the drop of a hat." He stated as he began down the pathway of the cathedral. She floated alongside him, "Yeah... but we knew it was going to happen sooner or later." She suggested to which he shrugged his shoulders, "Tearing the band-aid off still hurts all the same" His response came as the enormous doors before them opened. Entering resulted in the doors closing behind them quite loudly.

"C'mon, you're an adult now, Vail. No sense in getting depressed over your turning a game off" She stuck her tongue out at him. The next hour and a half was spent exploring each section of their guild base one more time, skipping the bath kingdom of course, just to take it all in for the final time. The conclusion to this had been moving to the throne room, as they entered the floor Elinyla stood present with a smile on her face. Null elbowed him in the side teasingly, of course it was a faint feeling due to YGGDRASIL's limited feeling ability topped with her being mostly ethereal. Ignoring her he nodded to the npc before the two of them entered the throne room once more. The two started into the room, the loud slamming of the two doors depicting serpents occurring behind them. "To think.. there was at one point so many of us" She reminisced on the idea as they looked up at the different banners that had stayed firmly placed up on the walls.

Honestly looking back on them reminded him of how they used to be, a bustling hub of players that they once had been. This hall would at one time be filled with people reporting their rewards from the dungeon, it would be filled with other guilds pleading for an alliance. He missed it to some extent, after all of this was over he'd even miss the titles he'd been given. He'd come to miss the power that he possessed in this world, he'd even come to miss the minute details of this area. Null smiled to him as he returned from his thoughtfulness, "I'll have to head off here in a minute or two. So i'm going to go drop off my equipment in the chamber, you do the same before you log off. Alright?" She continued to smile to him, a genuine one at that. "I'll make sure I do, don't worry about tha-" He glanced at a pop-up on his screen, "What's this?" He questioned and reached to open it. "Just a parting gift.... from all of us" She smiled to him before dissipating into a fading light. As he accepted it a rolled piece of parchment appeared in his hand, the edges of it had appeared somewhat worn as the paper itself had browned a little. It was bound tightly in a scroll-like form through the usage of a bright red string. In the guild chat he could see that Null had already logged off, her equipment was likely down in the Chamber of the Ancients now. As had been tradition for those leaving the guild.

He didn't plan to leave anytime soon, instead he looked up to the banners once more. Walking forward he began to recite the name of each and every guild member, a fragment of memories he spent with them flashing through his mind. The joy of all these memories should've been immense, but the crushing wave of losing it all crashed down once more- squashing any hopes he had of cheerfully reminiscing on it all. His role-playing persona had faded a bit internally, his outward character still presented itself quite prominently. Continuing to move forward he began to walk past the six statues, each presented high up on their individual columns. His closest companions stood guard in the form of stone individuals, each a representation of the former being who had been there prior. Passing his own statue felt even stranger, he was eternally marked here- granted it was in his slime form rather than the human visage he presented. He and Null Chronos stood across from one another, the first two to join the game, just before the throne itself. Continuing forward he moved up the small stairwell towards the throne. It seemed that the faintest hints of light spilled towards the throne before being consumed themselves, his final moments in the game were going to be here. Heading the guild, as he had done for the longest time.

Sitting down in the throne brought a slight chill to his body, the cold stone lacked any semblance of warmth in itself. Instead it was the same hardened exterior he'd become so used to. Heaving a sigh he sat upright in the throne, his back pressing against the stone as he looked down upon the empty throne room, devoid of life other than his own. Surely their maids had been busy with their duties, and he wouldn't take the floor guardians from their important positions. Instead he looked to the scroll in his hand, unraveling it from the red ribbons that held it closed he began to read it. It was a long message, one that he figured had come from Null herself- but the writing didn't seem to be hers at all. Continuing to read through he noticed a striking similarity to others in the guild. The first had been Magthorok's writing, following it the rest of the original six who had left presented themselves. Each writing their own farewell to the remaining members of the guild, and to YGGDRASIL itself. As he read through it, he could feel a sharp pang in the area where his heart would be. He assumed that was from the human form of him outside the game. The end of the parchment had a large space meant for him to write his farewell as well, instead he began to roll the parchment back into it's form. Registering it to his inventory and storing it away, "I apologize my friends. But I can't bid farewell to this world, it must bid farewell to me" he uttered quietly- in the throne hall it echoed as nothing more than an inaudible rush of air.

Looking up to the clock, which now served as a countdown timer, he saw that he had far less than an hour remaining in the game. He'd been present for the last three hours of YGGDRASIL's life, and he wouldn't leave until the four reached it's end as well. With that he sat in the throne once more, waiting for the timer to reach it's conclusion. There was no better ending to this magnificent world he'd been a part of, than for the world to remove itself- and him with it.


Two Thousand Club
Location: Spirit Forest Syndicate (Bridge) (Pre-Shutdown)

The amazon form of Jyeen sits motionlessly upon the front of the Syndicates long entrance, the cold winds of high bridge whipping their hair and coat around with the only sound being the ruffles of fabric and clinking of her metallic tags around her neck. Her dark eyes remained out of focus with her passive expression though internally it was quite different as she ran over all the data of memories that brought her to this point, to her end.

She had long since hoped her creator would one day return, though did he even recall her? even if he did he even wish to preserve this version of her existence? after all, he could always just boot up their files again on another system...but that wouldn't be her that existed at this moment, the her that was confined to starring at the countdown towards her oblivion. The moment that server timer hit 0 there would be nothing, her data would no longer be processed, everything she had accomplished and helped build within the guild, any guild would cease to exist...simply because there was not any profit in maintaining such a world to those responsible for it. A storm of conflicting voices ran through her mind as she attempts to find a logical explanation for what she was feeling, or could she even feel or was it just another line of code from her creator that ran on the detection of pre-set triggers, her arm shifts slightly around another form that seems to be sat in her lap casually kicking its feet.

The form, however, wouldn't speak, not until interacted with at least, so here she would sit, alone and far away from home starring down the end of the world, should she state something in the end? should she say something? No...no matter what choice she makes at the moment, it wouldn't even matter nor be remembered, so she simply closes her eyes and internally says goodbye.



The Phantom Hexblade
The countdown when down to zero... But once it did all those who were still logged on didn't get kicked from the game but instead something strange happened. Some players would notice sooner than others, but they would all realize soon enough while there not kicked from the game, they sure we're no longer in it. They were in another world now...
(Rp Theme Song)

Location: A field in the middle of nowhere
@Spoiled Bread

A few moments after Mellow announced the party to begin, the clock reached zero for the servers to shut down. But both him and Nori were not worried about that as they enjoyed the sight of a burning build and the pit of gold near them. Though something strange happened with there vision. The sky and the edges of the area around seemed to blur for a moment and afterward, they seemed to be different from before. The pit of gold and the burning building was there but the meteor didn't seem to be the sky anymore. There also seemed to be a new large forest to the east and mountain range to the northeast.

Not too long after the strangest of there new surrounding start kicking in the pair could hearing yelling come from behind them, from a dirt road not far from them. The person yelling was a dwarven man with a red beard and bald head. He was on a cart with several carts on it, before he got off and ran to the pair. "What the blazes happened here? Why is that building on fire..." The dwarf said before noticing the pit of gold. "And there's a pit of gold coins?! By the creators what is happening here?" The dwarf said looking to Mallow and Nori.

Spirit Forest Syndicate
Location: A larger forest with new neighbors
@FantasyDoctor @Fenris @BriiAngelic @PlusUltra

The guild's original forest was now surrounded by a larger forest, seeming to blend into the original forest like it was always there. Beyond the forest was a mountain range to the north. But more immediately there seemed a few villages around the new forest of the guild. These villages were not big, more simple areas with a few farms and only enough buildings to be barely called a village in the first place. The population of these villages seemed to be mainly humans and dwarves.

Midnight's Lost Children
Location: A new forest and new far off neighbors
@Entity.Eclypse @Damafaud @Mena

A simple maid began sweeping the throne room, dusting the walls and columns. It took her some time to notice her master was sitting on the throne. "Oh Lord Vail, I didn't notice you. I'm sorry it rude of me to not greet you when entering a room" The maid said apologizing before bowing to Vail.
(Feel free to control the maid NPC as you wish)

Outside the guild, entrance cathedral and its field now surrounded by a new forest. The forest housed mainly regular creatures, such as deer and squirrels. Though the forest seemed to also house an unusual amount of bats. You would be hard-pressed not find a bat in a tree where ever you looked. Beyond the forest to the east was a very well used dirt road, that seemed to lead into the distance to a possible city were a massive bell tower could be seen from hundreds of miles around.

Location: A ghost town

As Fovos rested his eyes, the surrounds of his home seemed to change drastically. His home was now in what seemed to be an abandoned ghost town. Many of the builds were beginning to break down, with barely an unbroken window or door among them. Except of course Fovos house. Which what attracted the attention of a group of traveling bandits walking through the town.

"Hey looky there, that place seemed prime for looting" on of bandits said gesturing for the rest of his band to follow. The whole seemed dirty both in dirt and some blood. Their hair was in a mess and their smell was purely disgusting. Their leader wore rusted metal armor and barely had any teeth left in his mouth.

The group of bandits began trying to kick down the door, which seemed to fail. So they went with plan B, which was to break the windows with the hilts of there swords and climb through. The sounds of broken glass could be easily heard from Fovos location, as the bandit broke the windows and climbed in...

The Gentlemen's Alliance
Location: South of a war
@Noble Scion @Birdsie @HellsHaven @Reinhardt @June Verles

The sky around the great sky ship Philip blurred before changing quite drastically. The changing sky was not the biggest difference, however, as only a couple miles north the sounds of battle could be heard. A large scale battle to be more exact. If those on the guild ship used a spell or item to obtain a closer look at the battlefield they would see...

The battle took place over a large open area in the midst of a field. Though the grass was harder to see as two armies clashed with each other. On one side there humans and dwarfs fighting. Most of the humans were dressed in thinner and more lightweight iron armor with what could be described as spartan style helmets. But even though soldiers in that style mainly populated the armor there seemed squads of a different soldier in different styles of armor. And the dwarves themselves wore heavy armor and mainly of them could be seen mainly large cannons in back of the army and using them artillery. Then finally among the soldier were men in white cloaks, who mainly cast healing magics and enhance spells to help the soldiers.

The other army was different from the human and dwarf army. They had many humanoid soldiers of course, who were Drow and Duergar. But the very bulk of there army was made up of black-armored soldiers. These soldiers seemed to move more mechanically and more strangely. Though lower number the Duergar seemed to lead many of the black-armored soldiers and seemed to be capable of fight multiple soldiers at once. The Drow mainly took the rule of magic support and offense, with boost allies and others shooting magic bolts at enemies. Some Drow were also seen have ridding giant armored spiders across the battlefield.

The last thing of note for the two armies was their leaders. The humans and dwarfs seemed to lead by a woman in blue and gold battle armor, wielding a single sword as she cut down the black-armored soldiers. The Drow and Duergar, on the other hand, seemed to be lead by a Drider, a creature with the top half of a Drow and the bottom half of a giant spider. Other than his spidery half, the only thing of note about him was his dark metal armor and his skills with a spear.​
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Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Faust Windfallow
Sky Fortress Argentel Phillip | @Birdsie @Reinhardt @ChazGhost

Faust had originally intended to message Cyrus and Ragna - however, when he did get a response, it was from neither of them. Instead, the voice that responded was one he'd never heard before. "My Lord, there seems to be a small issue outside. I believe it is better for you to see for yourself - I am on the second watchtower." Faust paused. Who the hell had a voice this deep and threatening? This was the voice of an absolute alpha fucking -



NPCs were alive now, and if it was the north tower of the ground floor, it was likely that hulking suit of armor. What was his name again? "Oh, yeah, Kodbromaal." Faust reminded himself. "Alright, I will be here shortly." Faust replied to the wraith. Now, how did magic work now? His HUD didn't seem to be showing up, and neither was the menu. "Greater teleportation...?" He murmured, picturing the second watchtower. He didn't notice Alexiel moving to retrieve her lance, and neither did the Paladin notice Faust cast Greater Teleportation until it was a tad bit too late.

Both phased from Faust's room, and appeared on the watchtower, greeted by Kodbromaal, and Faust's blood-curdling screech as Alexiel removed her lance right after they were both teleported to the common ground. "JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FUCKING HURTS, YOU DAUGHTER OF A WH*R-" He cut himself short as he realized he was essentially calling himself a whore. As silence befell the watchtower, Faust finally noticed Kodbromaal in front of him, on his knees. "Uh, you can stand now..? Also, what's this 'small issue'?"

Kodbromaal slowly rose to his feet, before his voice boomed out from within the helmet again. "There was a sudden change in the weather, my Lord. There are also signs of conflict happening below, toward the north. I cannot confirm, however."

"Yeah yeah... HEY PHILLIP, HEAD STRAIGHT NORTHWARDS" Faust hollered right as Kodbromaal finished his very brief report. Next, made a lazy gesture with his hands as if shooing something. Within seconds, the clouds suddenly disappeared, as the land below was basked in sunlight. They were rapidly approaching the scene of the 'conflict' Kodbromaal was talking about. Two sides seemed to be battling it out, though they were too far away to confirm the fine details. Faust reached into the air as a rift opened in the nothingness, and pulled out a pair of binoculars. He placed them in front of his eye sockets... The wrong way around. Somehow, that was still able to give him a clearer view of the situation.

"Huh? Did Sparta go to war with Ironforge or something?" Faust murmured. Behind him, Alexiel raised an eyebrow and whispered to Kodbromaal.

"What the hell is Sparta and Ironforge?"

Kodbromaal didn't reply for a long while, implying he had not the bloodiest clue either. "I'm not sure, 'Sparta' sounds like a battlecry to me. "

Alexiel scoffed. "Yeah, it does sound like a battlecry." She replied, tone laced with sarcasm.

"Uh huh. So, Sparta is being lead by a flat-as-fuck valkyrie-looking ass girl, and Ironforge's champion is some Drider thingamajiggy... That's cool and all, but where's Kratos?" Faust murmured, lowering his binoculars. "Well, may as well have some fun." He commented, turning toward Kodbromaal. "Hey, Kodbromaal, throw yourself into the middle of that crowd and make a riot, and Alexiel, I want you to kidnap both the girl in blue-gold and Drider." Something was already brewing in his head. "Now, I'll telepor-" He stopped mid sentence as he noticed Kodbromaal wasn't there. He turned to the side, in time to see the hulking knight literally hurl himself off the side of the sky fortress. "... I... didn't mean it like that...? Welp."

His attention shifted back to Alexiel, who had a dangerous grin spread across her face. "So, I'm just going to confirm that I can do anything I want to the girl?"

"Yeah sure whatever." Faust replied hastily as he snapped his fingers.

Then, once Alexiel and Kodbromaal were both gone, he would go on to message Cyrus and Ragna again. "Message Cyrus and Ragna: Hey, guys, a bunch of mobs are fighting out here. Get booze and popcorn."


As the battle raged below, a colossal shadow would loom over them as the Sky Fortress drew ever closer. Then, a figure would then be spotted falling from the sky. It was getting closer... and closer...

Then, the falling man would scream out some sort of battlecry at the top of his lungs. "SPAAAAAAAAAAAARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" It hollered as the armored figure landed into the very center of the conflict, and as he landed, shattered the earth and creating a massive crater, instantly killing dozens of soldiers on both sides, who were unlucky enough to have been caught in the landing, the resounding shockwaves of the landing knocking hundreds more off their feet. Then, Kodbromaal drew a greatsword that was as large as his looming figure, standing at about 250 cm. He thrust the greatsword into the ground, as his voice boomed out once more to the confused souls of both sides. "I AM KODBROMAAL, SERVANT OF THE GREAT AND POWERFUL LICH AND LORD OF DEATH! BY HIS ORDERS, YOU WILL ALL DIE HERE. NOW, COME! YOU WILL HAVE THE HONOUR OF SERVING THE LICH KING IN DEATH!'' He held out his hands, gesturing soldiers of both sides to conflict.

Meanwhile, Alexiel appeared in the midst the Spartan-like army's side. A wicked grin broke across her face as she immediately moved with lightning speed, cleaving a bloody warpath with her sword, straight toward the girl who appeared to be the leader of this army, while Kodbromaal was beginning to cause a huge uproar.
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NPCs: Biancat Enpurrea, Natalie Mk2 & Phillip AI
Location: Sky Fortress Phillip

Ragna was working on a new project when the shift came. Completely oblivious to the sudden change that occurred. Well, until he received and read Faust's message - which would usually contain some kind of random link to the internet, if not a prank. Normal messages were rarely passed on between the three mages, after all - they usually did their conversations face to face.

"Hm. Weird", Ragna said. The HUD was gone, there was no way to log out, to switch servers, but for some strange reason, he felt as if all of the YGGDRASIL's system was still in effect. He knew every spell he had and could easily picture them in his mind in perfect detail and accuracy. He began to speculate if the server shut down was just a joke, and the developers were actually planning to upgrade the system to a more advanced one. Either that, or Faust's message about the absurd idea of being thrown into an isekai scenario was true.

Which was immediately proven when an NPC addressed him with a voice - which was impossible in the previous system, and highly unlikely to be possible in any future updates. The tremendous freedom the game had on the players would simply render such a feature to be unattainable.

"Sup, Ragnya~. I'm heading out to eat with the other maids on."

Ragna astounded by this, turned to the source of the voice - it was his masterpiece. His first NPC. His irreplaceable artwork. Biancat Enpurrea.

As she casually walked towards the door, Ragna rose from his seat, his eyes fixated on the NPC that was moving so organically. Breathing. As if she was truly alive and not just a bunch of codes programmed inside a gaming system.

"Hold on a moment there, Bea."

The NPC turned, head slightly tilted like a confused puppy. "Hm?"

"Can you repeat what you just said?"

"Sure.", she casually answered. "Sup, Ragnya~. I'm heading out to eat with the other maids on."

And once she spoke, a specific word echoed through his ears





A devilish grin uncontrollably formed on Ragna's face as he slowly looked to the ceiling and began to laugh like a madman. Biancat stood there with a confused and suspicious look on her face - has her master gone mad? Fortunately, after a short while, Ragna stopped laughing - and a genuine smile was now what appeared on his face. He was brimming with joy and pride.

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing. Everything is absolutely perfect, Bea."

Biancat shrugged. "If you say so, boss-nyan.", she then left the room at a rather lax pace.

Once he was alone, Ragna sat back down on his chair. Whether it's a extremely advanced update, or an isekai situation, he didn't care anymore - he's in paradise.

But before he gets to relax, a familiar, monotonous, somewhat robotic voice spoke. The source? A doll-like girl standing at the corner of the room, it's eyes glowing as if it had been awakened after a long time.

"Natalie Mk2 Activated. Contingency Protocol Initialized. Target: Faust Windfallow. Objective: Neutralize. Restrain."

Ragna's eyes widened. He stood up.

"Woaaah, there.", He said, slowly approached the girl with his open hand stretched in front of him, as if taming a wild beast. "Postpone Contingency Protocol."

The girl's blank gaze turned to Ragna, the brilliant glow in her eyes slowly fading away to a normal appearance. "Command Accepted. Standing By."

If Natalie Mk2 had been self-activated, then that only means one thing. Ragna snapped his fingers and spoke out loud. And suddenly magic circle appeared at his wrist, glowing in a brilliant yellow-ish color.


A deeper, more monotonous voice resonated from each and every corner of the room. "Master Ragna. You called for me?"

"Status report."

A beep quickly was sounded for a second, then the voice spoke again.

"Sky Fortress Phillip: Fully Functional, No Damages.

Course Change: North. Authorized by Master Faust.
Surrounding environments appears to have changed. Current location is currently unknown.

The following NPCs have left the premises upon ordered by Master Faust: Kodbromaal, Alexiel Pendragon.
All other NPCs are in good condition and promptly doing their tasks.

Log Date: Error. No calendar is currently registered."

"Hm." Ragna fell silent for a moment. "Send this report to the other guild members. Dismissed."

"Sending report." A beep followed shortly for a second, then the voice was no more.

Once that was done, Ragna called out to the girl.

"Natalie Mk2. Accompany me."

The girl nodded. "New task assigned. Processing. Initialized.", she stepped forward and stood to the side of Ragna.

Ragna snapped his finger. "Gate."

A large portal appeared before him, bordered by an endlessly spinning magic circle of extremely complex proportions.

"Let's pay someone a visit."

The next moment the two appeared a few inches before Faust, at the Common Grounds - exiting through the same portal, which promptly and swiftly closed once the two set foot.

"Faust." With a casual voice and a nod, Ragna called out to the necromancer. "Mind telling me the reason as to why Natalie Mk2 suddenly activated by herself?"

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New Member
Location: Startdust valley

@Spoiled Bread

Cobalts watched the meteor show up in the sky, his hands in his pockets. Today was the last day of YGGDRASIL. Surely he was sad, upset, but he knew every good thing always comes to an end.

He when logged wanted to go on one last dragon hunt, where he could possibly tame the fiery beast, but he also had heard of a farewell party going on at the star dust valley. Deciding he should go for the party and try and make at least one friend or an acquaintance which he will probably never see again.

As he reached the area of the party he saw Mallow inside a pool of gold.

'Damn.. that much gold' he thought. He could easily buy a blue fire crystal for his sword with that but that didn't matter now.

He walked further and dropped a bag of gold into the pool of gold. He was about to say something, but his vision blurred for split second. He shaked his head and then saw around. Things had changed a bit.

'Wait, how did the mountains and forests came there, and where is that meteor shower?' He thought,'Did the servers shut down?'


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Faust Windfallow
Sky Fortress Argentel Phillip | @Reinhardt @Birdsie @Noble Scion @June Verles

As Ragna arrived at the common grounds, he would be greeted by Faust laid out in an armchair with a small wooden table next to him, hogging an 'Infinite Popcorn Bowl' in his hands - a useless novelty item people back in Yggdrasil could buy for practically nothing. He was stuffing his mask full of the popcorn by handfuls, shoving them underneath the beak of his mask. "Mrrghm?" A strange, indescribable noise came from Faust as he noticed Ragna's presence - Faust's way of letting Ragna know he acknowledged his being there.

He held up one finger to Ragna, gesturing to him to 'give him a second', presumably to swallow all the popcorn that had been stuffed into his jaws... He was a skeleton, where did the popcorn he ate disappear to?! In front of him was projected an image in the air of the battle that was raging below Phillip, almost like a live broadcast on a TV screen. "This popcorn tastes like nothing..." Faust whined, while in his mind accumulating a list of things that all could have possibly garnered Natalie Mk2's attention. "I do a lot of things that annoy that bitch," Faust muttered to himself as he held up three fingers. "First, I was gonna cast the Super-Tier Magic 'Mobius Arcanum' and implode half the Sky-Fortress since the game was shutting down anyways. It didn't shut down, but Alexiel stopped my channel before it ended," he said while using his free hand to point out the gaping hole in his chest. "That brings me to the second one. Alexiel came alive and turns out her personality was more of a bitch than I configured her to be since she decided to stab me. And then she pulled it out and it hurt like hell. Like, it really, really hurt. I can't see my health bar but that stupid sacred lance ate like a third of my health bar. So I was going to unleash 'Fallen Down' on her, but decided against it in the end. Then, lastly," his finger shifted from pointing toward the gaping hole in his chest to the 'livestream' of the battle going on below. "I wanted to summon that undead again? You know, the one I made up and tried to summon that one time, and it just went on a rampage in my catacombs, destroyed half the damn thing and Greg the Hinterland Ghoul stopped it? I was just about to cast the spell."

It took a while for Faust to stop his tangent, but he eventually got to the end. Soon after, he directed his attention back to watching the shenanigans unfold below them. "Sparta went to war with Khazad-dûm or something, and I got Alexiel to kidnap both sides' leaders. The Spartan one's a waifu-looking girl and the other one's some Drow-Spider hybrid thing. I was thinking we make the Spartan one a maid or give it to Alexiel or something, and I have no idea what to do with the Drider. They both look comically weak though." As he said this, Faust reached into his dimensional storage to retrieve firstly a reasonably large bag of gold, and two bottles of 'Crypt Ale'. He offered one of the bottles to Ragna. "Wanna make some bets?"

June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
NPCs: Adramelech & Phillip AI
Location: Sky Fortress Phillip

A tired, huffing man entered his apartment, his face covered in bandages. Fighting was no easy career path choice but it was what he decided, and he won today so he wouldn't have to fight for a few more weeks. Dragging himself with difficulty to his computer he would turn on his computer, heaving his body on the chair as he started his computer. Most people would argue that this perhaps was a bad idea but nonetheless, it was the last day that the shitty game would be on and he wouldn't be seen skipping.

Logging in he would finally relax in his chair as he laid on the pixelated rendition of the "god-fist temple", a name that was a bit on the nose for him but he was too lazy to ask Ragna to change it. As the count down went down he would smile to himself, regretting that he didn't keep his shooting star ring, he used it up sending "You're gay" requests to the developers. He'd want to let out a final chuckle but he was afraid of moving his broken ribcage, so for now he'll just close his eyes...

Opening his eyes he would find that all his previous wounds didn't feel like there were anymore, hell he even felt shorter as if this wasn't even his body. A quick glance to one of the many mirrors surrounding him he would squint to see that would in fact be the case. Blinking a few times as he frowned, seeing his character follow the expression he would nod slowly. With a quick shrug he just decided that he was probably dead, taking too many injuries in his last fight.

Or that was the case until he felt a tap on his shoulder, looking over to see it was from Adramelech, his own npc looking somewhat worried.

"Sir, is everything alright? You look a bit distraught."

The man would blink again, this was rather realistic for a dream, he certainly didn't posses the neurons required to run such a detailed reality. So obviously the next train of thought would mean he is in a isekai.

With a quick cough however he managed to cook up a response for his follower;

"Yes Adramelech, everything is just fin-" He said before being interrupted by message from the intercoms from what he assumed to be Phillip's AI.

"Sky Fortress Phillip: Fully Functional, No Damages.

Course Change: North. Authorized by Master Faust.
Surrounding environments appears to have changed. Current location is currently unknown.

The following NPCs have left the premises upon ordered by Master Faust: Kodbromaal, Alexiel Pendragon.
All other NPCs are in good condition and promptly doing their tasks.

Log Date: Error. No calendar is currently registered.

"Perhaps maybe not everything is fine then." He said as he gestured to follow him as he made his way to where both Faust and Ragna were located.

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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Mallow / Nori

"What is the name of that rumour again? Mindbreaking?" Sweat dripping down her forehead, Mallow tried to keep her calm as she and Nori discussed the strange things that just happened. Not only the extinction spell was suddenly vanished, but their entire senses were dramatically heightened to the point that they could even smell and taste, and many other surprising changes. Nori also confirmed this by his new ability of getting a boner when looking inside his own pants.

"I'm sure you mean mindshackling." Just to make sure, Nori once again attempted to open the menu and log out. No use.

Mindshackling, a rumour that first appeared when the first dive console was introduced to the public. Was it possible to trap all those players' mind into digital world? Can our mind be quantified and saved for another purpose by the gaming company? Illuminati strikes again? Those were the usual questions that stemmed from the mindshackling rumour. Mallow always thought those as silly, but looking at her situation now...

"Nori, we might not be able to return to real world. Ever."

"Umu. Also, the person who trapped us here might be one of the developer."

"That is just want to be a God in this virtual world."

"And he pretend to be the leader of the group that wants to finish the game so they can get back to the real world."

"But then the main protagonist dicovered- WAIT. We are getting distracted here." Mallow set the topic back to what was at hand. "Whatever is happening now..." Both of them gulped hard at the implications of the current situation.

"BYE REAL LIFE. GAME WORLD, HERE I COME!!" They both said simultaneously. Even though the situation might be dire, they seemed to be happy with what was happening.

"Ah, right Mallow. That NPC over there had been noisy for quite a while." Nori pointed at the dwarf that still freaking out at the burning building and the gold pool. The two had been ignoring him for a few minutes.

"You handle him. I want to check our surrounding." Mallow tried to open her spell list, but failed. Shaking her head in frustation, she tried to concentrate the spell she wanted to use in mind. "Fly."

Mallow yelled cheerfully as the spell lifted her high into the sky, barely touching the cloud. She used the height to scan her surrounding. Checking if there's any change to their environment.

Meanwhile, Nori approached the dwarf. Finally being recognized, the dwarf once again asked the same questions at Nori, but the swordsman just raised his hand and said.

"Skip dialogue. Accept quest."

There's a brief awkward silence as both Nori and the dwarf trying to figure out what was happening right now. They both had confused look on their face.

"Umu. L-let's introduce ourself to each other first, o-okay?"

"Fine by me, swordsman. My name is Tohappi."

"Tohappi, okay. My name is Nori. That one before is Mallow." Nori noted the name inside his head, but he still felt weird knowing he was speaking with an NPC. Still, the fact that this NPC was the one that initiated the interaction wasn't something that a player would find in YGGDRASIL, guess they're really not in the game anymore. "Now please tell me what is happening."

"What?? No, you are the one who should explain these things." The dwarf pointed at the gold pool.

The two debated about who should explain first for the next several minutes. In the end, Nori gave up and made up a story about them being foreign treasure hunters that just found some fortune.

"That's my story, your turn."


Noble Scion

Lover of Lewd and Space
Sky Fortress Philip
NPC: Burmy the cat
cat demon (2).jpg
Lilith had been enjoying herself in that very fantabulous floor of hers, working away at a workbench as she finished off her three-hundredth and forty-seventh collar for a very special level cat called Burmy, a tabby cat that looked identical to about twelve others on the floor, but she still was able to tell was different from the others by tail-length.

Usually a person could only equip one pet at a time without any skills, but due to the animals being classified as floor guards, despite having almost no capable ways of damaging opponents considering they were all around level 5, give or take, she could have as many as she liked.

Holding up the custom-crafted red leather pet armour to admire it, she wandered over to where the fluffy purring Burmy was, and to her surprise, unlike the previous three hundred and forty six cats, no menu appeared as she approached, and the most peculiar thing occurred. They meowed without her interacting with them. This elicited a smile from the demon-craftsman as she attempted to wrap the piece of equipment around the creature's neck, and to her surprise, it staying on.

Very strange indeed. Perhaps the server shutting down had been a lie for a new pet rework update. Whatever the case was, she was quite pleased as she wandered over to a bike made entirely out of gears and metal-work and sped through the room, chuckling as cats moved out of her way as she cycled laxly to her floor's teleporting pad placed there by her brother that had been so kind to think of her inability to use magic. She was going to take a break before she want back to working on more collars for them all, and the roof was the only place with fresh air, well, simulated fresh air.

Lilith hummed along to the bass of the jazz music before reaching her destination, stepping onto the small circle littered with lines and runes, and called out her destination as the hud refused to appear, which, to her surprise, worked. "Top floor please!", and with that, she disappeared.

With a small flash of light, the smooth-talking and fashionably-dressed cat-demon avatar appeared a short distance away from Faust and Ragna with a smug. "What's going on edgelords? Philip's changed direction. Also, have you two seen the new pet mechanics? The menu's gone, looks like you need to equip stuff manually now." she chatted as she approached before leaning on the wall, peering at the vast array of battle beneath.

"Oh, NPCs fighting? Wonder if I could sell 'em some stuff and make a quick buck." she pondered aloud to the others, perfectly content with not giving anyone an opportunity to answer before noticing Arael and giving him an energetic wave.

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The God-Emperor of Mankind

Cyrus of Alfheim
Sky Fortress Phillip

A spot of light flashed next to Lilith, and from it emerged an old man in elegant, silky robes with a beard spanning his chest and a pair of sunglasses concealing his grim eyes. He greeted the group with a wave and approach.

"Those aren't fucking NPCs," he started in a raspy voice, "and this isn't Midgard or even YGGDRASIL."

When heads turned his direction to demand an explanation, he turned his head to the battlefield grimly. "Have you guys noticed that the shitty devs enabled voice changers since I sound like an old man? They also enabled the sense of touch, which is weird, since dive hardware doesn't have neurotransmitters, so someone had to break into our houses to install it. Except breaking into that many houses just for an update, at the same time? Occam's razor says a truck hit us and we're in an otherworld fever dream, and the first thing this undead retard does is antagonize the military leaders of two factions," Cyrus explained, gesturing at Faust like nobility at trash.

Suddenly, another spot of light appeared, flashing in an indication of a teleport spell. In the empty spot appeared Elsimore – also known as Ellis – with his cloak over his mouth and face like a pseudo-ninja. He approached Cyrus and demanded, "You called me to come here, but I was busy. What do you want, father?"

"What?!" Cyrus asked, taken aback. His eyebrows darted to his hairline faster than a rocket into space. "You can talk!?"

"Evidently," Ellis replied, nodding in confirmation with a bored expression.

"Don't talk back to me!" Cyrus ordered, and Elsimore just glared at him. After a moment of tense silence, Cyrus began to say, "Elsimore, I need you to-"

"Crush all criminals? Annihilate all traces of disobedience? Fertilize this ground with the blood of the defiant and the lowlifes?" Elsimore nodded sagely to himself, eyes closed. "I understand."

Cyrus was speechless, but Ellis simply continued his speech in a tone utterly lacking in conviction or enthusiasm but colored with multifarious prose. "Ages ago, when I was formed from specks of crystalline data you drained from the corpse of a dragon, coded with the information of a star, and completed with the black grains of a crushed star opal and milky chalcedony mixed with a drop of blood, cooked at two-hundred Celsius for five minutes - Even then, I understood. I am a weapon of war, the agent of slaughter. I will kill, and I will crush without mercy. Blood for the blood god, and let his skull throne grow to pierce the endless sky above like a spear thrust into the guts of our enemies. Buff, me, old man, and let Satan's will be done."

Ellis smoothly withdrew a pair of glowing silver daggers from his ass and poised to leap off the Sky Fortress and into the midst of battle, emitting enough killing intent to silence the birds in the area.

"No!" Cyrus vehemently denied, once his mind caught up to the madness his NPC was spouting.

"That's highly unfortunate. A real shame," Ellis said, sheathing the daggers. "I didn't take you for a quitter, father. You didn't raise me that way."

"Are you on acid? Wait-wait-wait, in the first place, you're an NPC! How are you talking with me right now?! How are you sentient?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Elsimore shook his head with thinned lips, his eyes closed in true disappointment. "Father, father, oh, dear, gullible, rusty old father. NPCs are a shared delusion - you, of everyone, should know that best. After all, what am I, Elsimore, if not simply a newer, better incarnation of your splendor? Either way, there are no NPCs - it is your gacha rolls that bend."

"Whatever," Cyrus replied, "Just go down there and stop Alexiel from molesting the war leaders."

Elsimore's eyebrows raised in an expression of hope. "That means I can molest them myself, right? And Alexiel too?"


"Damn. Buff me, at least," Elsimore insisted again. "I want to feel the strength of dragon blood like methamphetamine sluicing in my dessicated veins, like the seven-hundred grams of morphine and one gram of cocaine they give to British royalty on their deathbed to ease the pain."

The Dragon Priest class - a unique class that doesn't have Cleric as its prerequisite, instead demanding the user have at least five levels in a Job or Racial class related to dragons. It contains high-level buffs and cleric spells, but the majority of its effects are only enjoyed by any creatures with the 'Draconic' tag. For example, a human will only be affected 50% by the buff, but a Dragonoid will enjoy the full effects, while a true Dragon will get additional bonuses. The buffs also have better effects and efficiency than those of normal cleric spells. Making a Dragonoid and then adding the Dragon Priest class was a common strategy back in YGGDRASIL.

"[Maximize Magic Dragon Power]! [Maximize Magic Dragon Strength]! There, that's enough. Now go," Cyrus ordered.

"See, Great Ones?" he asked Faust, Ragna, Lilith, and Arael, as he climbed on the balustrade that separated the balcony they were on from the empty air. Even as he leaped off, he continued to say, without raising his voice, "Lord Cyrus is like my DMT dealer. He materializes doses directly into my hypothalamus"- his voice trailed away as he fell down.

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Howling Tempest
Elliot O'Connor || Snowdown
-Spirit Forest Syndicate-
[Forest near Spirit King's Castle]

Evangeline would not do him the favor of confirming all of this to be some elaborate prank; in fact she did quite the opposite. Snowdown was silent for a long while, intently listening to the guild leaders suspicion while considering his own course of action. Her hypothesis seemed impossible, but there was no other explanation. Just how was he going to handle this? There had to be a solution to this chaos, an obvious path to follow. The well known barb about his particular odor broke him from his internal musings. “Never would have guessed that'd be implemented...or come in handy.” Snow noted with a mild grin.

Evangeline decided their priority would be securing the current location of the guild and both Snow and Fenris Alpha possessed skills useful to scouting the surrounding woodland. It was a rational choice, even if Snow was hesitant to part ways immediately. “If you insist... just give me a warning before you decide to go and pulverize a township or ferret out the nearest nest of dragons. You know, the usual world class disaster stuff.” The broad shouldered man gave a wink, putting on more of a jovial display than he really felt, before turning on his heel and stalking from the ornately furnished room.

A few minutes later Snowdown entered the dusky grove in front of Fenris Alpha's Den, this part of the guild's forest appeared untouched and yet it felt different. Maybe just being there in person was all it took but sparse lighting finding its way through the thick canopy above gave everything an eerie feel. “Summon: Fenris Alpha” Snow practically growled, his frame tensing up in expectation. Fireflies from between the trees seemed to swarm and coalesce into a solid form of a massive wolf. It trotted forward, lowering its massive head to stare at Snowdown. “You have called for me?” the harsh voice echoed in the monk's head but instead of fear it filled Snow with a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Reaching out to run his fingers through the thick fur Snowdown took a moment more to admire his own, now supposedly sentient, creation before relaying Evangeline's orders. “... try to stay out of sight when possible and if they're capable of dealing with more than one or two of you're copies herd them toward Omnath.” Upon finishing Snow stepped back expectantly, the commands he'd relayed were far beyond YGGDRASIL's simple AI system and yet Fenris Alpha set upon his task almost immediately; the massive beast shrinking as more and more smaller copies leaped from within the gently glowing form.

With his immediate task completed Snow wondered what to do next, there was bound to be something more productive to do than restlessly pacing about. His storm grey eyes caught a thin smoke stack lazily drifting off into the sky not too far south from were he stood. “Message Guild: There's some activity to the south, I'm going with Fenris to take a look.” Snow set off easily weaving through the thick underbrush, his passing silent and trace less thanks to a slew of passive abilities from the assassin class. He expected to reach the source of the smoke within a few minutes.


  • Location: Unknown Ghost Town
    Time: ???
    Guild Midnight's Lost Children | @Entity.Eclypse @Damafaud @ThatOneProtag @Mena
    Fovos expected that after opening his eyes, he would be back in his room in the real world. Everything in YGGDRASIL would be gone and so would all his memories of it. Except none of that happened. He was still in the game. Fovos looked around and realized he was still in his former partners room. His paladin gear was still there and everything was left just as it was a few seconds ago. Something was wrong, 'Is this a glitch? Did the server shutdown get delayed?', Fovos thought in his head while trying to find more information. He got up and looked outside the window. It wasn't the town where his home was situated. Everything seemed darker and eerie and not a single NPC was to be found. Thinking that he would contact an admin, he swiped to pull out his menu but nothing happened. He tried and tried again but still nothing. 'Shit, shit shit....what the hell is happening', Fovos thought to himself. He took a moment to think of possible explanations but came up with nothing. Fovos decided to get out of his house to search for more clues.

    Just as he was about to leave his ex-partners room, he suddenly heard a few voices. He couldn't make out what they were saying but he knew it was a group of people. '1...2...3...4...5...6....and 7', Fovos whispered slowly, 'There's 7 around the house...and more hiding'. While the voices turned into banging and what sounded like they were trying to break through the front door, Fovos wondered if Banshee was still with him. He silently called him and sure enough, Banshee silently came through the bedroom's window. Fovos ordered him to fly up high in the sky and circle around the house and surrounding area. After Banshee left, Fovos activated 'Through the Reaper's eyes' which allowed him to see through Banshee's eyes. Fovos was right, there were 7 people around the front and 3 people hiding further away with long ranged weapons. Judging from their outfits, Fovos could tell they were bandits or thieves. Fovos instantly thought up of an effective plan to eliminate the intruders and began to execute it.

    'This door's fucking tough, I'm smashing the windows!' said one of the bandits. The glass broke and following it was an evil laugh from the bandit. The bandit stepped inside the house and looked around and shouted to his fellow bandits, 'What a let down, there doesn't seem to be anything good in this area. I'm checking the ba-'. The bandit stopped talking and silence filled the area. Behind the kitchen counter, Fovos was pinning the bandit down to the ground and covering his mouth. Fovos then lifted his hand to his mask and made the quiet gesture and then killed the bandit with a slash to his throat. Immediately after the bandit's death, the rest of the bandits rushed inside the house to check what happened. All 6 of them were in the living room staring at the dead bandits corpse. Behind the bandits, Fovos unsheathed his God Slaying Emperor Blade and decapitated the rest of the bandits instantly. He didn't forget about the 3 hiding further away. An arrow was aimed right at Fovos but before the arrow even hit anything, Fovos disappeared and a cloud of black smoke appeared. Fovos then appeared again behind the 3 bandits hiding and took aim with his Dreambinder bow. Before they even knew it, the 3 bandit's body fell to the ground and became limp.

    After finishing the bandits, Fovos could instantly tell he was teleported. His house was still there but the surrounding area was completely different. It looked like a ghost town as it was silent, dark and ominous. Fovos still wondered if there was anyone else who was also still in the game. He tried opening his menu once again but nothing happened. Finally, he took out a scroll and inscribed a message to it. The message wrote 'Is anyone still here? Where's the Guild's location right now', following underneath the letter was Fovos' signature which was an indistinguishable F. He set the destination to the Guild's base hoping that at least the guild master or a member would notice it.


Two Thousand Club
(Open) @FantasyDoctor
Location: Spirit Forest Syndicate (Bridge) > Unknown Forest

The timer hit zero and the guardian prepares for the eternity of nonexistence that is to come, though strangely nothing happens, there is no endless void but instead a shift of the wind and a strange lightness as she feels her connections....just vanish leaving her with an alien sense quite unlike anything she had felt since her creation. As they sit there for several moments longer they soon begin to sense something else is wrong, the wind was not blowing quite the same and there were unfamiliar scents on the breeze...this required investigating at the very least and given she still needs some time to come to terms with what had just occurred it would either present a welcome distraction or time to contemplate things.

With a small release of her arm, the form within it hops out just as Jyeen begins to rise up to her full height turning to look towards the now visible child-like form in front of her she shares several words before she starts to head out along the bridge and into the new forest itself with the girl in tow.

"Send a message to the half and half, I'm going for a walk" a short nod as the smaller girl just grins widely and relays the message via a burning paper to fall down within the guilds the main hall before skipping on behind the larger woman in order to keep up with their wide strides.




Location: Top of Spirit Forest Syndicate Guild Hall
Mentions: Snowdown @Fenris , Jyeen and Something @PlusUltra , @ChazGhost

Evangeline was getting worried when neither of the loaned NPC's came for her when she called. She prayed they were not gone, but then she saw a piece of paper enter in fire and float down to her. She grabbed it and read the note. With a sigh of relief she smiled. They weren't gone, but on the bridge and heading out. She then got the message from Snow and sighed. All the NPC's were acting like full sentient beings. That confirmed it for her. This was no longer a game. This was real and she now had a reputation to keep up. Here in the guild she acted like and was looked at like a queen, so as the queen she had a duty to perform.

She put on a strong face and walked out to the balcony overlooking the main hall. She looked down to the working maids and took a deep breath. She was strong and as the guild leader it was up to her to make sure everyone was alright. She looked down to the maids "Two of you, with me." With no hesitation at all, two maids left their duties and walked up the stairs that surrounded the hall till they reached her. Once they were behind her, Evangeline made her way up the stairs with the two in tow. Slowly she scaled the stairs and soon made it to the top of the tree her guild called home. There was a platform here used as a guild hang out. Here she had a full view of the entire Lost Forest. She stopped and sighed. The once great mountains that surrounded the lost forest were replaced with more woods and a few dotted villages. Rather small in all reality compared to what they could be, but they had clearly grown used to the idea of living in the forest. She needed more information, but she also knew she couldn't waste any time. She needed to let all near know that she was here and here she would make her home.

After a moment she placed her fingers to her temple. She wondered who to message, but then realized she needed to keep up with everyone "Message: NPC's and Spirit forest Guild Members." She waited, but once she knew she was through to all she needed to talk to, she spoke. Her voice stern and powerful with the softness a woman's voice carried "To all who can hear my voice. I believe we are in a new world and I believe we may be here forever. So, I think I have decided to make this place my home and make it a forest we can be proud of. I will be queen of this place as I was of the guild. With that in mind, sound off to let the world know I am here and this land is mine."

Once the message ended, she stood and waited. Then from the silence of night came the noise. The low, bellowing roar of Omnath echoed and shook the trees. The howls of Fenris Alpha's clones shook the sky and the menacing roar of Geodis shook the very earth. Even the maids all began to chant "
Hail the Spirit Queen!" With all these sounds erupting from the forest, Evangeline watched as new fires light inside the village. All panicked, wondering what beasts could make these sounds. Then, Evangeline decided to send a message. The air grew cold as the magic erupted from her body. The fur of her robes fluttering violently. The spell she was planning was massive, but what was it? She raised her hands like a mother looking for a hug from a child and white, misty energy coalesced around her "Yang Released Maximize Territory Magic: Realm of the Spirits!" From her body erupted streams of color like the northern lights. They traveled in all directions from her and radiated magic. The colors lit up the sky and danced across the sky. The colors sprinkled down like snow all over and every plant they touched lit up for a few seconds. This caused the entire surrounding forest to gently and unevenly strobe around them all. The colors about would dance and form shapes of spirits and animals in the sky. This spell was mainly used to give any allies in the AOE an increase in mana until the spell faded, but in this case it was flashy enough to get the locals to start rumors and speak of the arrival of some being powerful and kind. It was a great way to get the locals looking for a goddess to follow and she was that goddess.
NPCs: Natalie Mk2, Homoncumaid Nua & Phillip AI
Location: Sky Fortress Phillip

Before Ragna could even comment, the other members of the guild...well, those who remained and were dragged in to this mess, seemed to have the same idea of grouping and meeting together. A wonderful scene that reassures and strengthens the bond between these very chaotic individuals, even though a ton of chaotic events did come accompany it. With the revealed information, and the situation being slowly enveloped by this rather messy group, Ragna turned and called out to the doll-like NPC, Natalie Mk2.

"Natalie Mk2."

Natalie Mk2 turned to Ragna, stiff and silent. Awaiting for the next words that would leave his mouth.

"Go and take a stroll around the Common Grounds. You're going to be its temporary guardian while Ko-bro is out."

The girl's eyes glowed. "New task assigned. Processing. Initialized."

"And loosen up for a bit. Be more at ease. Too much stiffness and robotic mannerisms will strain your joints."

Natalie Mk2 appeared confused. "Loosen up...?" At...ease?"

With a snap of his finger and calling out the name 'Nua', another female approached Ragna - long, brown locks, a fair skin complexion, clear green eyes, and dressed in what appears to be a maid uniform. "I have come as you have called, Master Ragna.", the maid said with a gentle bow.

"Accompany Natalie Mk2 while she roams around. Answer her questions to the best of your abilities. Help her loosen up - it's about time she grew past the natural stiffness and robotic mannerisms of hers."

"As you wish."

The maid bowed, turned, then headed to Natalie Mk2's side. "Greetings, Miss Natalie Mk2. I am Nua, and I will be accompanying you." After a minute or two of conversation between the two, they eventually left the guild members to themselves as the two of them headed out and began to roam the Common Grounds.

With them gone, Ragna moved closer to the projected images. With stomped the ground, as a magic circle suddenly emerged at the floor - and from it, a large cushioned chair rose and attached itself to the ground firmly. Ragna sat down, eyes watching the images depicting the war between the two armies, and the chaos brought by the sudden appearance of the guild's NPCs.

"Relax, Cyrus.", Ragna said, one hand grabbing a share from Faust's popcorn. "We'll do the negotiations and diplomatic stuff later. For now, let's enjoy watching our NPCs crush an army of ants. I'm betting 200 pieces on the armored girl having her clothes torn in one way or another - Faust did send Alexiel to her, after all."

"Phillip." Ragna snapped his fingers, mouth still crunching the popcorn he has decided to consume.

"Master Ragna, you called?"

"Yes. Tell the cooks to prepare a meal for...", Ragna pointed to each one in the area, forgetting to cross out Faust due to his undead race and his incapability of digesting or even ingesting food. "...for five."

"Understood. Meal for five. Any specific recommendations or preferences?"

Ragna placed a hand on his chin. "Hm."

After a minute of silence, he finally spoke again. "I have none. Surprise me!"

"How about you guys? What do you want to eat?", he turned to the others, calling out to them.

Tags: Faust (@HellsHaven), Cyrus (@Birdsie), Lilith (@Noble Scion), Arael (@June Verles)


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Faust Windfallow
Sky Fortress Argentel Phillip | @Reinhardt @Birdsie @Noble Scion @June Verles

Faust ignored watched quietly as guild members piled up on the common grounds one by one. Good. It seemed Lilith, Ragna, and Cyrus, and Arael were all there. He guessed that the rest of the guild members didn't make it to Yggdrasil's shutdown.

"No shit they ain't NPCs anymore, genius. Perhaps you've also grown senile since you're now an old prune, mind and body?" He flipped Cyrus the bird as the old mage had his exchange with Elsimore, his floor guardian. "Dude, you just sent Elsimore to his death. He is literally going to get sucked dry by that voracious bitch of a paladin." Faust commented, shaking his head as if mourning Elsimore, who leapt off from the sky fortress, and into the fray below in a futile quest to put a stop to that rampaging-paladin-in-heat.

"Whatever, not my problem," He muttered to himself, while Ragna had his little exchange with Natalie Mk2. The aura around Faust seemed to immediately lighten as the automaton left Faust's immediate surroundings. Then, came Ragna's bet that the female warrior was going to get her clothes torn by Alexiel. "I'll bet 200 pieces that Alexiel molests Elsimore before that," he responded. "Phillip, I want a fresh colony of Deathshade Parasols."

Then, moments after he said this, Faust let out a cheer as he watched Kodbromaal on the screen picking up two fully-armoured dwarves, brutally smashing them into each other, followed by an explosion as their skulls were literally crushed inside the helmet, a red goop that is a concoction of crushed bits of brain and skull gushing out of the openings of the helmets. "Woah, this looks so much cooler than Yggdrasil's shitty graphics!" He exclaimed while cackling hysterically at the brutal scene that would've probably made a normal person's stomach churn.

Bum Bear

So I'm an alien now

Perry Whispurr[​

This world was so beautiful, the virtual manifestations of humanities best efforts to give man release from life's harsh realities. It was plain to see why people found this place precious, herself included. This game, Yggdrasil, made it easy to ignore the problems happening on the outside. Rapidly increasing crime rates, record high human mortality rates, and even the toxic smog and poisoned waters that was the catalyst for the world's degradation, all of it could be forgotten and left behind. Just by wearing a headset visor and flipping a switch, one could leave their sorrows in exchange for a fantastical world of ravenous monsters and endless adventures. Leona, no that wasn't correct, Perry laid sprawled across a bed of leaves and twig that decorated the forest floor. Trees towered miles above her, the leaves acting as mild protection from the sun that sat amidst the blue skies, it's visage only slightly contorted by the few digitally crafted clouds that passed by. How strange it was to be back. After the break up, she thought she would never return to this place but look at her now, lying on foliage made up of ones and zeroes whilst in the body of a feline. She couldn't help but feel weird. Perry raised a small paw to the sky before letting it fall limply against her side landing on one of her tails. This was fine. Despite her past, it would be wrong of her to blame the game for it. In truth, she had many wonderful memories here, some that tortured her inside while other still tickled her stomach when thinking about them now. Well, all of that didn't matter anyway. This would be Yggdrasil's final day and as she glanced at the clock at the top right corner of her vision, it's last few minutes as well.

Large emerald eyes stared blankly at the screen, Perry looking through her inventory one last time. A smile graced the cat's maw as she saw some of the first potions she ever made, vile purples and green melding together inside of small flask. She remember her friends telling her it would be better if she just threw it away, and looking back on it now, she probably should have. However, for some reason, she couldn't bring herself to do so. Maybe out of some weird perfectionist complex or possibly her overwhelming sense of pride, she couldn't remember. Perry was sure that Kiss Baybay would have probably chastised her if he'd found out she was wasting space like this, but despite that, she was glad she hadn't. It was one of the many fond memories she had, even if the outcome wasn't what she'd expected. Clicking on the small icon, an info screen popped up in its place with the name, description, and appearance of the item. The name read as "Failed Potion" the flavor text reading, "A Failed Potion created by mixing the wrong ingredients. The Failed Potion does not provide any positive boosts or status effects and has a 50% chance of causing a random status ailment if consumed." Perry let out a small chuckle. So not only was it crappily made, but it also has a 50% chance of causing status ailments, talk about critical.

Perry was about to click on another icon, another failed potion of a different color, but didn't as she could see the time slowly reaching it's last seconds. Exiting out of her inventory, she crossed her paws over her chest and took one last deep breath in this body. Closing her eyes she counted along with the clock, in her final moments she whispered a small goodbye to her character. Even is she had abandoned him for months, she at least wanted to give him a proper send off. He was her first ever VRMMORPG avatar after all. Soon, a small tick sounded in her ears. Finally, the game was over.


What's going on? Why wasn't her desktop appearing on the screen? Opening her eyes, she saw the same scenery as before. Trees standing above her, leaves beneath her cloak, the sun sitting amongst the clouds. Leona jumped up in surprise, landing on two tiny feet while two tails stiffened between her legs. She touched her face in confusion. It was fluffy, her nose was more profound and pointed than it normally was, and her hands were ... paws?

"I wasn't forced to log out?" she muttered to herself, wondering if the whole "shutting down" was all an elaborate ploy by corporate to garner more traffic. A smart momentary marketing plan, but she was sure it wasn't something that was going to last in the long run. Surely, Yggdrasil players would be upset that they were lied to. Whatever the case, she decided that it was time for her to log off. She searched the screen for the menu button, but looking at it she realized that there weren't any of the usual command button present. In fact, her vision was perfectly clear for even the clock that floated in the corner was no longer there. Perry's character began pushing against the air in hopes that the button had just glitched out of sight. Nothing happened. Okay then, if that didn't work then she would have to use voice commands to sign herself out.

"Force Log Off." she stated, her voice sounding a little higher pitched than normal. Nothing.

"Force Log Off.", no response.

"FORCE LOG OFF." she said loudly, a flock of birds jumped from their branches and flew north, frightened by the sudden burst of sound below. Leona felt her face once more feeling the same silk like texture as before. Something was off. She should have been logged off by now. More so, she should at least be able to contact the game dev, but their communication channel was offline. Leon- Perry ran through all the possible reasons for something like this to occur, but having limited knowledge in coding and game development, she couldn't effectively single out the problem. Although it sounded like a fever dream or a terrible plot from some cartoon, she began to surmise that whatever happened, whether it be due to a glitch or a malfunction, she was now stuck in Yggdrasil. Deep breaths. Deep breaths, she repeated to herself. Her heart, or what she believed was her heart, furiously began slamming against her rib cage, each beat causing her chest to slightly contort. She didn't want to believe in something so impossible, but now that she took the moment to look around her the digital graphics she had grown accustomed to were now hyper realistic. Perry felt the warmth of the sun, detect small changes in the direction of the wind, and could even smell the fauna below. As impossible as it may seem, she had to admit that despite the lack of logic, she was still in Yggdrasil and she couldn't log out. Silently, she stood in the forest, trying to keep herself from panicking. Perry was an adult and currently alone. She had to keep it cool.

Suddenly, she the ground began to vibrate beneath her, a symphony of screeches and yells coming from the distance. People? Without a second to waste, she ran in the direction the sound was coming from. Yes, the sounds of screams didn't bode well with her, but at least that meant there were people present and from there she could gain a better understanding of where she stood. Running at full speed on two tiny legs was quite difficult as keeping balanced in an anatomically incorrect body of a cat human hybrid was hard. However, as ground quakes began to grow in strength Perry knew she was going in the right directions. When the quakes reached its highest, she slowed down from her sprint and reverted back to a walk. Slowly, she crept up towards the forest edge, the copious amount of sunlight at the edge of the forest notifying her that she was coming to an opening. Edging closer to the light, she began to notice something strange the further she walked. Something unsettling littered the floor, lumps of what appeared to be some kind meat decorating the soil. She couldn't really focus on them as her body shook due to the ground constant shaking. Maybe it wasn't something to be alarmed about, or so she hoped. One foot after the other and finally she made it out of the forest and into a large clearing. Perry shielded his eyes from the light of the sun as it would take a few seconds for them to adjust to the new scenery. Blinking furiously, Perry opened her eyes to see what was happening before her, a slither of hope rising to her chest. Maybe there would be some ...

A severed arm and leg accompanied by metal plates and clumps of red mush flew in front of her, something warm covering her face as they soared above her head. What? She touched her fur where she felt the sticky substance, a crimson red liquid coloring her paws. Huh? Looking at her red fingers, her attention was stolen by the sound of movement next to her. It was a man, a dwarf in technical terms, coughing profusely while trying to stand, the fellow not realizing that it would be impossible to stand for someone with only a torso. Perry gagged, the smell of blood and steel filling her nose, blurring her other sense. W-w-what was going on? She hurled, bile burning her throat as it left it mark on the blood ridden soil.

"H-elp. Please..." He called, Perry jumping at the sound of his ragged voice. "I beg. I need. t-t-tooo..." he reached to grab her leg, but before he could his body went limp. Perry threw up once again, more violently this time, as yellow fluid stained the edge of her cloak. She just ... she just witnessed a man die. A real one. She gagged profusely.

"I-I can't." she stuttered, with her paws touching the floor. Another loud boom from behind kept her from crawling back into her forest, instinctively bringing her attention to whatever the cause of the commotion. Tear filled eyes could make out two large groups fighting one another, in the middle of it all were two dust clouds, but past that she couldn't make out the figures within them.

"I need to ... t-t-to ..." she began shaking uncontrollably, her body refusing to move as she commanded. She crawled her way up ever so slowly making as much of an effort as possible to get away from the massacre behind her. If this was a game then his body would have disappeared. That was normally the case for things that died in games. But he, the dwarf, he remained untouched as his body began turning grey as blood poured from the bottom of his torso as his other organs spilled from within. This was too real. Screw fucking logic, there was nothing logical about this! She began panicking as she tried to escape. This - this was real.

Racial Class: Beastman lvl10
Guild: n/a
Alchemist - Lvl 13
Illusionist - Lvl 7
Summoner - Lvl 12
Sorcerer - Lvl 10
Elemantalist (Dark) - Lvl 8
Thief - Lvl 5
Charisma - Lvl 7
Merchant - Lvl 10
Pharmacist - Lvl 8
Diabolist - Lvl 10
Equiptment: Cat's Paw Staff || Widow's Cloak || Nyarth's Hat


mood: sick & frightened
company: severed limbs and the torso of a dwarf
location: a ... battlefield?
mentions: Alexiel, Kodbromaal , and Elsimore
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