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Multiple Settings looking for partners !! romance, angst, hp, pjo, etc.

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AU, Harry Potter, Historical, Magical, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers
hi, hello! i'm salem (pen name, but i wish my real name was that cool).
i'm seventeen years old, i love my cat, and i think that cake is honestly a bit gross.
i'm totally new to forum roleplaying but i've been roleplaying on instagram and tumblr for maybe 6 years now.
i've especially been involved in the percy jackson, marvel, and harry potter roleplaying communities, but more than anything i love to write romance.
i absolutely adore writing angst- the type of stories that make your heart feel like it's sinking into your chest from the sheer amount of tension between two characters. slow burns are my weakness.
to give you an idea of what i mean, i'm completely in love with barchie (riverdale), harmione (harry potter), rina (hsmtmts), and kastle (the punisher), to name a few ships.

as a rule of thumb...
- as i mentioned, i'm seventeen, so if you aren't comfortable with that that's completely fine with me, although i do stick to writing purely pg in terms of relationships, but i won't shy away from mature topics.
- i tend to write lengthy responses: i'd guess 3-5 paragraphs on average, but i can definitely adjust depending on whatever you'd prefer.
- i write in lowercase for the aesthetics, so just as i said above, i can just switch to caps if that's what you'd like.
- i prefer writing with people who write in 3rd person, apologies if that's not your style.
- excluding this week (sorry, school exams), i'm not likely to just leave you hanging as long as you don't leave me hanging,
so if i don't reply to you for two days without giving a reason then feel free to just shoot me a reminder- it probably has something to do with school.
- if you want to write back and fourth with something involving a canon character, i'd prefer not to write as the canon since i'm not very good at that haha

+ feel free to mix together anything below as you please~

some fandoms that i'm interested in...
- harry potter **
- percy jackson ***
- marvel (most familiar w/ mcu) *
- the vampire diaries/the originals/legacies
- gossip girl
- skins (uk of course)
- chilling adventures of sabrina
- the 100
- the society
- the perks of being a wallflower
- teen wolf
- divergent

** things i'm especially interested in

some plots that i'm interested in...
**muse i'd prefer will be bolded- if neither are in bold then it's up to you :)
TBA soon !

some general pairings that i'm interested in...
- love/hate
- soulmates !
- childhood friends to lovers
- enemies to lovers or rivals to lovers
- secret admirers?
- forbidden romance
- demon x angel
- fake relationship (celebrities pr relationship turns to real feelings maybe?)

word vomit that will maybe inspire you...
TBA soon !

if you'd like to write with me, whether that have to do with anything above or anything you have on mind, feel free to leave a reply or shoot me a pm <3 thanks for reading !

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