1. Zubyn

    Fandom 1800's Mania. (Jane Austen, Fanny Burney, Charlotte Brontë, etc. -inspired; Romance Preferred.)

    First thing out of the way: I'm 21 years old and female. I'd prefer to have 18+ writers both for personal comfort reasons and for the sake of the content I'm looking for. I've gotten back into my fixation on some Regency writings, so of course, I've come looking for a potential RP partner to...
  2. Lorsh

    Fantasy ◙-Fᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ Sᴛᴇᴇʟ-◙

    No metagaming! Sheets | Realms / Regions | Economics HOUSE CHERBOURG Notes -Forester lodge in Kaspars under construction -John de Cherbourg Money 🜲 4,098 Household Lord Robert de Cherbourg, 29 | Baron of Berngard [PC] Lady Adelaide de Cherbourg, 44 | Mother Lady Judith de...
  3. Foxglove_Rae

    Fantasy My little song bird

    Hi! I'm Rae I go by She/her pronouns and my time zone is MDT. I have had the rp Idea and hopefully someone else will be interested as well. I am open to any suggestions or changes to the story as well. Muse A was a giant but not any giant they were the ruler of the entire kingdom of giants...
  4. Mitheral

    Fantasy Tetra - GoT Inspired (original setting)

    Welcome to Tetra. This RP will be conducted in two phases. The first is a world building phase. The second will be an actual Group RP. Tetra is a counter Earth. It has four moons rather than one. Each moon is believed to influence Tetra in a specific way. The map, in general, is based on...
  5. Lorsh

    Fantasy ◙-Fᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ Sᴛᴇᴇʟ-◙ [Low Fantasy | Political]

    A low fantasy nobility / political RP, where you play as court officials and warrior nobles in a turbulent realm. Feel free to ask any questions about lore, setup, character ideas, etc.! There is information about the different Kingdoms here, but the RP would focus on characters from Carmondy...
  6. RavenDaas

    Fandom Anbennar: Dead Gods and Mortal Folly.

    This is a requesting for a GM. I'm an advanced-novella writer inclined to Discord for at least OC, and whatever platform my partner would like for actual writing. What is a god, what is a man? Men, elves, and orcs had tried to answer this question and had come to different answers. Where most...
  7. TaperedNightjar

    Fantasy The Other Side - Humans, Non-Humans, Gifted Humans

    Hello everyone! I recently moved over to this website from Gaia. This is a roleplay I had on Gaia for three years. I have re-written it and changed it around a bit. The main roleplay thread can be found here. I am looking for mature roleplayers. There are many different roles available! Human...
  8. winplaceshow

    Multiple Settings Fandom, Sci-fi, and Fantasy Cravings

    ◉ I'm searching for some cravings to RP during the summer while I have time, and into the fall. ◉ Specifically, I'm looking for a romance and adventure based plots. I usually play men, but the gender of your character generally does not matter. ◉ Long-term plots are preferred. ◉ For fandoms...
  9. Mitheral

    Fantasy Post Apocalyptic GoT

    This RP is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. It is the world long after a nuclear war has ravaged the planet. Little is left of our once great civilization. We are simply known as the Ancients. What has risen from the ashes is a world not unlike Westeros. I will be looking for people to...
  10. Mitheral

    Nation Building Post Apocalyptic Game of Thrones - OOC

    Welcome to the OOC
  11. PinkSodaPopRemix

    Multiple Settings What Group Role-Play Would You Actually Join? Please Look Inside!

    If you wouldn't join any, then please don't answer. (Some of these will have a deeper plot) For every 12-16 votes (depends on how many people vote overall) I will make a group for that role-play. If I get 9+ votes for Power Rangers, I’ll create that one. Spaces will be open for the villains!
  12. lndigo

    Multiple Settings Let’s take a walk on sublime! - Indigo’s search for partners and their stories

    Everything holds a story within. · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • · What words does your soul whisper? What do they yearn to tell? Are they legends of tragic heroes whose untimely end was brought on by excess hubris? Or perhaps, you’d rather delight in the friendship of two strangers whose intertwined...
  13. Lir_the_witch

    Multiple Settings The Magical kingdom needs their Prince and Royal Magician [M/M]

    Wacky concept incoming: Your character is the lost prince of a magical world/ kingdom! [In my Minds eye he's down to a T in white boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, and muscles, the concept in contrast is good to monkey brain, this is optional however] The issue is he's the stereotypical...
  14. Burning_Heart

    Realistic or Modern Fairytale (Romance 1x1 Open)

    I'm in love with a fairy tale even though it hurts. Cause I don't care if I lose my mind. I'm already cursed. A princess. A knight. A forbidden romance. Saylin Ture wants nothing more than to escape the betrothal to a man she barely knows. To run away and never look back. Her duties...
  15. Burning_Heart

    Realistic or Modern Fairytale [Romance 1x1 Open]

    Please ignore this for now. I put it in the wrong place. My apologies!
  16. darlindeadeye

    Fantasy ➤ dark fantasy/supernatural original 1x1 - descriptive / MxF or FxF / longterm

    → INTRO . . . hello! my name is Bunny; I'm 22, CDT, and I'm new to this platform, but I'm a rusty veteran roleplayer with a strong desire to return to the roleplaying game!! I used to be more active from 2013-2018, mainly on Tumblr, but had to step away from a while due to compromising life...
  17. CountDracula

    Fantasy Looking for a friend of Dracula

    Hi there. 😊 I'm looking for a 1x1 partner to do a Dracula-based roleplay with. The RP plays in my own fantasy world. It includes creatures like vampires, ghosts, demons, and many, many more. And it's always possible to request your own creatures, I'll add them! 😊 I roleplay as Count Dracula...
  18. RavenSong

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell] A Bath after the Storm

    This story takes place in the world of Isekai Hell, following Aria and Regula on their quest for a bath and a breather. For Reference: This rp takes place after the events of Testimony of Truth. Location: Aslan City Aria Barlowe After what felt like an eternal twenty minutes, Aria...
  19. Kekse

    Fantasy Hate By Day, Love By Night

    Hi, hello, it's me Kex. I'm looking for another rather specific story and partner this time, so let me lay out my brain for you again. In today's narrative, our characters are both working for a large firm. A large firm where the CEO is retiring and both of our characters are candidates to be...
  20. ChaosBisexualPirate

    Multiple Settings Heir's Plight (Historical MxM RP) CLOSED!!!

    WELCOME ONE AND ALL! This is a RP on a story I am trying to write but have come to a little bit of a block. Hopefully this will give me some inspiration on writing it out in full! I am not very picky when it comes to length but at least a paragraph (which is five or more sentences) is a must...