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Drew Ellis

New Member
Hello I am a 26 year old male looking for a female role-player who is over 18 and is okay going with mature content that is not suitable for kids let's say haha :)
Why should you roleplay with me well I am someone who is on here everyday so you are guaranteed a response and I am no expert but I think I could help take your mind off real life with roleplaying
I only really ask for no one liners I am not bothered about punctuation or spelling mistakes as long as I can read it I am good :)
In a sentence This Apex College is a heaven for any parent who wants to send their kid to further their kid's education with 5 star reviews fantastic promotion but all is not what it seems as I am hoping you will be intrigued by this post.

Feel free to PM me to get a more detailed description of this idea I have and we can disscuss more including chracters, plot etc

Have a great day and i hope you give me a chance :)

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