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New and looking for RP Partners interested in:

  • Angels x Demons x Humans
  • Sci-fi or futuristic
  • Dystopian

Currently very interested in creating a sci-fi, bio-punk and nano-punk human society in which angels and demons are active.
Perhaps the new tech helps humans finally catch and see that these "higher" beings exist, or perhaps it hinders humans from being able to truly believe in them and their influences on human society. After all, technology is on the rise; human beings misinterpret both angels and demons; and human beings are prideful about science and technology.
Can AI even see, interact, or believe in these ancient, supernatural beings?
  • Will angels and demons use or influence AI or bio/nano-tech as well? Do the ancient beings treat the new sentients like human beings, or do they give a certain preference to the ones with mortal flesh?
Do the concepts of cyber/bio-tech-angels or cyber/bio-tech-demons develop? Did they evolve, or did they already exist and wait for humanity to reach their "level of tech" before revealing hidden truths?
  • Exploration of the society and psychology of angels, demons, humans, AI, bio-tech, and nano-tech are key.

Note: I actually have little to no experience with sci-fi, but I'm very keen on learning.
Post here or PM me if interested. It's quite late at night, I may edit this later.



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I do have experience with sci-fi! And I'd love to rp with you, if you'd like! I am a bit new to the site though.

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