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I have looked through previous threads of the unanswered type to find someone to do a 1x1 roleplay with and have not had any luck with someone that takes my fancy. So, I figured that it was time to create my own advertisement and hope that someone will match what I would like.

Fandom Genre
- By far Marvel is my favorite universe to work with as it is the most known and generally fits the kind of characters I have. However, I have not read any of the comics and only watched a few of the movies, along with the animated series that played on FOX every Saturday morning...so I will not be a stickler to the 'rules' of which Earth or universe we are in.
- I do enjoy the world of DC as well, I have some familiarity there but not as much to Marvel's own.

Note: I am the most comfortable with setting our play in the X-Men world.

Fantasy Genre
- I feel this pretty much speaks for itself here as to what can be done but I play creature based characters as it is what I am familiar with.

Note: I would like to do a mage/wizard/sorcerer x creature servant/pet.

Futuristic Genre
- This depends on the setting or idea you might have in mind and honestly, at some point future technology can be 'labeled' as 'magic' I suppose.

Modern or Realistic Genre
- Not a setting I particularly care for but it is not an absolute 'no' if a plot comes up that is appealing.

A few things for a potential roleplaying partner to be aware of:
- I work full-time and take care of my father that has physical disabilities, so the one day I have off...Wednesday...is generally spent running him around for errands. So please understand that I may not be able to respond to you right away and might skip a day if 'errand day' goes too long for me to get on here.
- My time-zone is EST.
- I would rather my roleplaying partner be 18+, at the least, I do not feel comfortable in roleplaying with a minor.
- I can paragraph post but it has been a while since I did, I may be rusty.
- I do not care if my partner plays a cannon character in their style but personally I do not enjoy using a character that someone else created, never been comfortable with it.

I don't mind OOC chat in our roleplay, just please distinguish it as such as I will by doing the following:

OOC: Hello

Here is where I will make the IC post for the roleplay.

Finally, I'm not picky as to whether we roleplay on-site or through Discord as I am comfortable either way.

Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you, if you have questions please PM me and we can discuss further.


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