1. Nue

    The Eobine Expedition

    s t a r t e r - We begin in Helmfirth, a town right on the edge of the 10th layer of Eobine, leading into the 11th. It's a tiny town, all the buildings constructed from the same wood that Eobine itself is made of, and consists of a few houses, a grocery, various small enchanting shops and...
  2. Minutiae

    Nykios and Diianta | IC

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  3. Maxx

    The Apsinthos-Idimmu Academy

    A sharp noise cut through Tsareena's dream, stirring her from her sleep. She opened her eyes and reached for the phone on the table beside her bed. An old demon, T really didn't understand much technology, but smartphones were something she had managed to work out a few years ago. She turned off...
  4. KokichiLove

    Universes Collide (A Multifandom Interest Check)

    Placeholder title. Anyways I think I saw something similar to this but not quite the same. The basic plot behind this is that every fandom takes place in its own universe, but what happens when the characters from each universe all end up in one big city together? There will be plenty of...
  5. Kipsy

    𝔼𝕦𝕔𝕝𝕚𝕕 | Main

    WELCOME! When writing for this roleplay, please put your character's name, location, interactions, and mentions at the top of your post. Everything else, such as pictures or mood, is up to you. Context: Twelve days ago, the Devil's Children discovered withdrawals from their accounts...
  6. Danoram

    Realistic/Modern Anime FC. MxM or MxF. Almost Forbidden Romance.

    :) * Paragraph-minimum posts, please. Help me out with ideas and have fun with them. * 18 or older preferred. * M x M or M x F (I'm comfortable with either but I rather the male role in M x F.) Plot (M x M): You're in a relationship with a girl to hide your sexual-preference from your...
  7. Storme


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  8. Danoram

    When Characters Come to Life -- IC

    "When's the meeting, boss?" Tatie asks Tsu, the female leader of the Blue Dragons. He's leaned against the filthy, hard wall of a dark alley and wielding a loaded paintball gun over his shoulder, chewing a toothpick. It's dark out. He can hardly see her face but he knows she's troubled. She...
  9. BackSet

    Project: Sailor IC (closed)

    Project: Sailor HQ New York City, New York Sergeant Major Shanon DeLila Sergeant Major Shanon DeLila looked at the group of Magical Girls (and Boys) gathered before her. She had just finished up giving them a tour of the HQ and was ready to leave. This was a rather... rambunctious group. She...
  10. TheHappyPikachu

    || Project E.R.R.A Main IC ||

    // #00230 - Alieel // "Argh- two thirty get the heck offa' me!?" A guard squirmed as a pale white skinned lizard like being clung to his shoulders and suits helmet, trying to grab her off with no success by the hands. Her long red tongue poking and flickering out like a snake as she looked...
  11. OGSG

    Teenagers With Attitude | A Power Rangers RP

    A Power Rangers RP powered by OGSG! Arcs Coming Soon!
  12. Dracowolf

    The Lost - Pokemon RP

    Pokemon and people have lived side by side for generations in the Ranos Region. Connected to an ocean to the far south at the main city, Rutherglen, Ranos rarely interacted with other regions but it was accessible for those interested. Ranos is steeped in plenty of secrets and history, ruins can...
  13. magnificentmomo

    The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (IC)

    A time and place of meetings: Descending Fire, where the warmth of Summer blends with the cooling of winter to form Autumn; The Northwest, where the frigid reach of the Elemental Pole of Air is washed over by the temperate waves of the Pole of Water; Finally, Fajad's South Bank Bazaar, where the...