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Anayian Tales: Divine Intervention (IC) (Closed)


Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds

Your body hits the forest floor with a loud thud. The portions already removed from your body have left you in a state of dizziness and increasing confusion. Even now, with the threat of your own demise lingering ever closer, you cannot find the strength to even look death in the eyes. Pity. You cannot remember where you are. You cannot remember who you are. You feel something holding on to your body. It seems yo-

Earlier this morning a group of well dressed individuals wearing the crest of the City of Light had visited you in front of your home, wherever it may have been. At first you were apprehensive about listening to what they had to say, since public appearances by these individuals never amounted to anything good. Powerful people run those streets. However, the individuals had offered you your deepest desires if you followed them to talk to their lead.
These people do not throw around offers.
For whatever reason you have to follow them, you were brought to a massive skyscraping spire in the midst of the City of Light.
You now sit in a rather sterilized office waiting lounge with two others the individuals had brought here earlier, several potted plants, and a rather opulent vending machine.

Who are you, and why are you here at the Tower of God?

Meta Detail:
Premade group. Lenient post speed. Lenient post quality. Trial custom d20 system.
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