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Meet Sera Pick! Like, Pick, the guitar.
That was essentially how she started most of her intros. "Hi, it's Sera Pick, like the guitar!" And then she'll play some hit cover she'll make up. Sure, it was corny, she had this hyperactive energy to her, and she kind of felt more like an awkward yet passionate young teenager, but she was just stoked to play whenever she had the chance.

It was a common courtesy for her to come early and rehearse a little bit for the venue. Lucky people who would come in just looking for a drink would be greeted with a pretty lady with a very eye-popping hair color to capture the gaze of audiences around her. And when she sang, she was soft-tuned; she catered with her acoustic mind, and she was known for her hand at classic guitar, but the fans who knew her knew her as the indie hit streamer who put in the work when the work counted; from music production to abstract music videos and her upbeat attitude when engineering new sounds for her latest dance/EDM chill tune, she was adored for her contagious personality, even if her social skills were a little on the awkward side.

Then again, her awkwardness is what garnered a popular fanbase. She had a bubbly mind and a spacey world around her, but sometimes when she was trying to explain the simplest things with genuine difficult, one couldn't help but feel for her. And laugh.

And here she was, singing away.

"🎵 Serenades, serene gazes, solitary, anticipation~
Do I ask why? Is it mine? Proclamations...
Motion, shades, pause and wave, playin' patience...
Until the end, all a ride, isolation! 🎶"

Her newest draft for a song was in the works, a catchy song about finding a dream even from inside one's own home. She always had pretty simple themes to her songs, but people who caught on were easily attracted to a pretty down-to-earth message. In the eyes of those around her, she was a great attraction for the bar. A pretty girl with a rhythmic and melodic voice, with a knack for her ambidexterity when combining the sharp sounds of a guitar with the kick-back of its wooden skin.

And behind the scenes, a somewhat awkward streamer talented in the art of sound engineering.

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