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Don’t fear the reaper
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“When the Night calls, will you answer?”

  • Good Evening,

    If you are reading this, your child will enroll at Lumen’s School for Monsters. This school’s purpose is to give the monstrous youth a normal “human” education without the need to be at the risk of being hunted down by the humans themselves. Humanity has driven us into the deepest of shadows. Fearing for our lives. This academy also doubles as a safe haven as it’s protected by a barrier which humans cannot see. Making for a rather stress free environment. The campus itself is rather spacious. Having multiple buildings and dorms to house the students. An environment fit for growing minds

    The curriculum goes as follows:
    -Social Studies
    -Foreign Language
    -Physical Education/Ability Training
    -Home Economics

    Extracurricular clubs can be found here as well. Such as:
    -Art club
    -Coding Club
    -Independent Study
    -Astrology Club
    -Newspaper Club
    Due to clan tensions being high in the monster world, I’ve made a rule that fighting is forbidden outside of combat classes. We do not want a war to happen just because two students got in a fight. We must unify for once in order to preserve our future. We accept any and all monsters in this academy, no prejudice allowed.

    I hope to see your child soon in our academy. May the Crimson Moon guide us to a better future.

    - Headmaster Nicholas Lumen, The Boogeyman

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I am interested, though I'm not sure if the char concept I have in mind would be acceptable. Would a more lovecraftian monster be alright? Particularly one who's an 'outsider' to monster society, not having been born into a monster clan at all.
i am interesed. i do love me some gothic horror! *laughs in shelly*
yes, yes sign me up please and thank you.

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