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Is this still open for another student character?
I could play both teacher and student if you like
Is this open? Let me know if so! I'm interested, but what exactly counts as a "monster"? Would an overall average-looking human with supernatural abilities/senses/etc be considered a monster?
Sounds fun! I have a concept for a teacher, but just out of curiosity would you accept non-teacher staff characters, such as a janitor or cook?
I'm interested, in making a teacher, I already have an idea for him/her [the gender is still questioned], the subject will be decided later on when i have more of it finished.
also is a Enenra allowed?
for context Enenra is a monster made from smoke and darkness, and there are 2 ways for a new Enenra to be "born".
1.It just appears/gets born from two enenra's
2. Rarely when a human dies a enenra is born which is that human but not really. [by that it means it has the memories of said human, it thinks like that human most of the time, but its personality and appearance can deviate widely from what it was]

and I'm shooting for the second option
Hi! I was wondering two things

1. would a biblically accurate angel count? As I was hoping for one of my characters to be such (if not, that’s okay! I have another kind in mind!)
2. would baba yaga count as a teacher? Since in some folklore, she’s perceived to be a spirit that teaches children and such.

Thank you!

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