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Fantasy True power- Rise of the Supers (IC)

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Alpha of the Omegas
Alexia Harper
Location: Pacifica, US
Mentioned: @darkborn @Circe

Alexia couldn't help but laugh a little bit at the scene that was transpiring before her. The "lead" of the four, she believes his name was Soren, had to rush off somewhere, only to shoulder-bump another girl in the process and apologize. Meanwhile, Alexia was left with the two named "Quincy" and "Markus." The two finally recognized Alexia, not just as a pop star, but she was recognized as a Millenium Hero, which is of apparent importance to Soren. As the two apologized on Soren's behalf, Alexia put up a dismissive hand. "It's okay, it really is! That's what this festival is for, to recruit people!"

Alexia looked over the two at Soren, who was still incessantly apologizing to the woman. As Alexia shifted her glance over to the woman in blue, a shiver ran down her spine. It wasn't due to any suspicion on the woman's part but rather because she began to feel colder. Soren, is it? I'll have to remember your name, but who is the woman he's talking to? She doesn't look too out-of-the-ordinary. Alas, Alexia didn't have much of a right to judge. She did, after all, look no different than your usual beautiful k-pop artist (well, with the exception of the giant harp she carries around).

Lost in her own thoughts, Alexia stopped paying attention to Quincy and Markus. Upon realizing this, she shifted her focus away from Soren and the girl and back to the duo in front of her. "Excuse me, I was lost in my head for a second. Are you two here to join the Mi-" Alexia was cut off by Markus bending over and wheezing. "Oh my God! Are you okay? Do I need to get someone?" Alexia rushed over and knelt down next to Markus, putting a hand over Markus' back. When Markus mentioned Johnathan, her eyes widened, glancing back at the other two with the woman before quickly shifting back to the matter at hand. Oh dear Johnathan, what did you do?


Trisha Nelley
Location: Eagle Pass, TX
Interactions: @FearItself @WeslynExistsNow

Trisha didn't exactly know what to make of the situation. On one hand, what Iris told her probably wasn't "false," per se. The man (Joey?) was wrapped up pretty good, only undone by the man's own actions. The man was probably in a fight with a bunch of bad guys, which is what required the "healing" to begin with. That could also explain the bear traps posted at the doorway, miraculously unphased by the door flying away. Trisha reached for her energy blaster to shoot the thing but felt nothing, as she left the blaster in her room upstairs. Instead, she shot a glance at Thumper. Thumper, like a violently loyal pitbull, sat at her feet, wagging his tail, waiting for the order to blow something else up. "Take care of it, Thumper!" Thumper turned around and shot another fireball at the traps, disintegrating what would take a blowtorch several minutes to melt in mere seconds. Thumper wagged happily in satisfaction before sneering at Iris.

On the other hand, none of the situation made any sense. Why was he literally strapped to a chair? Why wasn't he on something comfortable, like a couch or a bed? Why was Iris taking a bath instead of perhaps tending to the man's wounds? Why was she exceedingly calm about this, especially since Joey(?) is now bleeding excessively? Neither of the two were Magistrate heroes, at least as far as Trisha was aware. If they were both Millenium Heroes, why would they be waiting here in a cheap motel? It's presumed the Millenium has influence across the United States in particular, so why here then? After a moment of pondering, Trisha decided that the woman was either extremely new, extremely bad at her job, or lying.

That being said, this was a delicate situation. Trisha couldn't simply blast Iris, as Joey(?) could get caught as collateral. Trish could order Thumper on her, but Iris is closer to the injured man and Trisha didn't entirely trust the bracelet on her left arm. After all, she was wearing nothing but it. This either means she wears it literally all the time or when she heard the noise she made sure to put that item on, either way, it's suspicious to her. Trisha knew she was, at the very least, gonna have to close the distance. Trisha motioned Thumper to search for a window to jump into while Trisha inched closer to Iris and the man. "I'm sure your assistance is appreciated, but really he should be someplace more sanitary. Joey, is it? Come with me, I know where I can take you." This probably isn't gonna work, so I hope you're ready to fight, Joey.
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Kami of Sleep
Iris Ayanami
Freelance Villain
Eagle Pass, Texas
Mentions: @FearItself @Zmandd

This ticks off Iris. This girl has the gall to try and take Her prey away? Joesph is someone she's spent the last two weeks following, waiting, just for a moment like this. The first week he was always on guard. He was tracking something. He spent another finding this exact spot. He never slept deep enough or long enough for a confident kidnapping. He was difficult. After the annoyance of following this one around this girl suggests she can judge him better? Even if it's not the case, that's all Iris could think. This girl wants to judge him herself, but she's uneducated, she doesn't know a single thing about love. This was Iris's area and not this random girl's. She was also a little salty that she just destroyed those bear traps Iris saved up for. Iris takes a step closer to Joesph.

"Now now now, let's not get ahead of ourselves." Following her new enemy's eyes, she decided to play the safety game. She's lied her whole life, this time is no different. This person, this hero was just another person. Her power must revolve around that thing she called "thumper" maybe it's something she made in a lab? Maybe it is her power. Either way, her power must be something revolving around that, not lie detection. Fighting should be avoided, otherwise, her prey might not think highly of her. She needs him to trust her. "I think that's a bad idea." She kneels a little bit, using her arms to frame his stomach. "He is bleeding out since you barged in and startled him out of his seizure-prevention chair. Seems that didn't work anyway, but besides the point and unneeded now that he's awake." She raises a finger. "On top of that, once I start treating someone with my blood, they need to finish treatment alongside me. If he goes too long without it.." She makes a fist and unballs it like an explosion. "It'll explode back open."

She shakes her head, crossing her arms. "You're welcome to stay nearby while I treat him, but your help you speak of is bluntly unnecessary." She smiles, feeling good with that series of statements. She inches even closer to him, locking his arm with hers. "Don't worry, he's in good care! You can stop by every day if you want to and say hi if you're really that concerned about his health. That is your goal, isn't it?" Her eyes lock with Trishas as Iris ends her speech. She keeps her guard up, prepared to defend her injured prey if she needs to.


Praise the sun
Thomas Wagner
Thomas almost jumped out of his skin when he heard someone speak. He hadn't really expected anyone to want to directly speak to him but sure enough someone was asking him a question about what they were supposed to be doing. Thomas didn't quite recognize her, though Thomas had always kept to himself in the academy and as such there was a good chance she was from Millenium and that would definitely explain why he wouldn't recognize her. "Well we're supposed to be allowing the world to recognize us and to be showing off our abilities". Thomas told her, of course Thomas himself had not really shown off anything he could do, he probably should but of course he'd always just wanted to stay out of sight and not get picked out.

The Bull
Carter turned when he suddenly heard a thwip of the ropes and faced the woman who'd leapt into the ring. The Viper, he'd heard of her. Carter kept up with rumors and there were quite a few surrounding the person who could reduce their opponents to nothing. He hadn't expected her to be watching this fight or to want to hop in. Perhaps they were searching for a thrill as well, that would certainly make sense as to why they'd hopped in so quickly and ready to fight. Carter sighed, "don't waste my time" he pleaded. He raised an eyebrow at her offer for a handshake though he took it. It may seem stupid but if the Viper decided to kill him before the fight even started she'd be a coward and deny herself of a battle she seemed excited for so Carter took the risk. He jumped a few steps back and cracked his knuckles, waiting for the bell to ring.
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Kameron Esters-

Here comes the Machine!

Axioms nods partially agreeing with that sentiment "Perhaps...Though the road for them to get where we are is a turbulent one. But that's why we're here, isn't it? To guide them? That's one way to save the world, is by being symbol for the future..." Axioms doesn't have doubts that what he's doing is right but more often times than not, he finds himself tired of this constant back and forth between crime and justice. He knows good and evil will always be absolute constants but he's just a man, where other see a hero. Axiom didn't exactly choose this life, nor was he forced into it. It was hard to explain but all he knew at that time was he wanted to do good with a very dangerous power he had. He was grateful for Blue Steel taking him under his wing like he did. The man is a father to him and taught him the ways of what it meant to be a hero. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that part of him wish there was a more permanent solution to the problem. If he is to eventually retire or even die, he wants everyone and everything to be at peace. A little optimistic but these are the small hopes that keep everyone moving. Axiom still has faith in what he does is for the better of innocents. He just hopes that he's enough to still keep on with the rest. "Precious, what is it you dream of? For the future I mean. If you don't mind me asking."


Junior Member
Andriy Boyko
To busy mourning the death of his snack, Andriy didn’t even notice how the stranger hurtled over his head. As the other helped him up, he murmured a small thanks then brushed himself off. His hand didn’t feel like much - it was like grasping onto frigid air. “Ah, tak, that must be it.” A small smile crept across his face, amused with the stranger’s earnest response to Andriy’s joking comment. “Working with family sounds nice,” he added.

“I heard there’s a tournament of some kind around here,” He replied, a light Ukrainian accent peeking out from beneath his words. “Not too sure where it’s supposed to be at, though. Think you could point me in the right direction?” His arm returned down to his side. “I’m Andriy, by the way.”

»»————- ✼ ————-««

The Viper
Ryder scoffed, yet a smug grin crept across her face. She walked backwards to her starting position, quickly slipping off her slides before kicking them aside. The bell rang. “Alright, big guy,” Ryder circled around her opponent, arms raised, waiting for an opening. “Let’s see how long you can stay standing.” She lunged forward and threw a bunch of fake jabs, quickly pulling her arms back to her side whenever Carter reached for them. One bad move and she’d have a whole lot of broken bones. She elevated her hips as she connected her fist into his jaw, then slid backward, putting distance between the two.

Dust covered her hand. She smirked - she had expected an easy fight. Just not that easy. She glanced up, about to toss a snide comment at her former opponent, before noticing how little damage she actually did. Shit. Ryder glanced down at her hands, now bare. The poison burnt through her bandages, leaving Carter practically untouched. Her jaw tightened.

She pivoted on her back foot, then, with her front, struck Carter in the side. Pain shot up her leg. His body was a lot harder than she thought. This time, though, her poison corroded through his shirt, leaving the topmost layer of his skin grey. She kept her feet grounded, switching to a defensive stance and waited.
»»————- ✼ ————-««

Esme Kohn
Allowing the world to recognize us and showing off our abilities, eh? It was the exact opposite of what Esme should be doing. “I see,” She spoke and looked at Thomas. He didn’t seem too impressive, in her opinion. None of the heroes did. They all looked like a bunch of naive children skipping across a field, trying too hard to be “king of the hill” but failing miserably. By the end of the day, most of them would give up. She wasn't being rude, just realistic.

Though, they were her future enemies. She shouldn’t think lightly of them. No, no, not at all… Sixty-seven percent of losses were attributed to underestimating an opponent, after all.

“So, what are you capable of doing?”
Esme tilted her head to the side, her eyes briefly glazing over the man. Despite her internal distaste and curiosity, her words remained bland and indifferent, as though Thomas were speaking to a machine rather than a human.


Two Thousand Club
@Kameron Esters-
Location: Central Square, Pacifica

"Offer a guide, but not force, follow or lead...it is something for each person to find the answer and that will change from each person, I have no place to say which is correct only to hope it brings them what they need, to shine bright like a diamond not forged into another mold" her eyes don't seem to be moving but her attention seems to shift as she is looking around the area and focusing on particular individuals as well as the exit of the central tower, all without moving. It was people that drew her towards the path of a hero with everything else appearing transitional and fleeting, she had attempted to find other areas of interest since her change and emancipation through her mercurial mind had her moving from one to the other with the people the primary constant.

The glow of her eyes returns to focus upon Axiom at his final question though her response is not immediate, her main view of the future had involved discovering personal answers but nothing she could describe as a long thought out dream. She had little time for such in her life before her powers, and ever since her transformation and newfound freedom the time had been spent in search of other items in an attempt to find something that resonated, ways of living, values, views and more. Dreams of the future? the more she thought about it and picked apart the question the more she started to narrow it down to the end goal instead of the methods of arriving there.

"I would like...to live by the happiness of others, absent from their sadness" stating such simply with her usual tone, though at the same time with more weight behind it than usual.


Goth Wonder Girl ☥
Quinn Bheur, The Ice Queen
Location | Pacifica, US

~ ⋆ ~
The band has a great finish.

Quinn manages to let a smile take over, softening up her usual hard features. She had not grown up on this type of music, instead, quick bursts of childhood memories apprehend her mind. When she was young, her father was still in the Irish rock band he had formed back in the ’70s. Being inspired by The Beatles and other bands that formed along the way, the heavy inspirations were definitely Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Queen, and Oasis, as that was all the old man would play. Quinn suspects, even to this day that knew what he was doing only ever playing rock music in the house. She partially blamed him for not having as many friends as she could have—she was a rare [strange] kid amongst her peers, even without the cold powers. A soft buzz and a bell notification coming from the back of her skirt pocket prompts her to check the cellular device, which has a white finish and is bigger than her own hand.

“Hope you are enjoying the States, dear.
Dadai says to take care, you’re his only wean!
Remember that. Love you lots < 3"

The small text reads on the screen. The first part of the message makes Quinn prepare a long, drawn-out rant that she would speak to her mother about later once she properly called, while the last part of the message simply made a smile forcing itself on her lips, once more. If Quinn kept this up, The Ice Queen truly will be the alter ego and Quinn would be the happy-go-lucky college graduate. Her smile dissipates, shifting into a small frown. Often times, she relates to the bat-themed hero that was popular in western comics and who considers his alter ego to be his true self. With a cold huff of breath, Quinn pushes her cynicism away. Other times, she found that she was more like the amazon. . . just without a sword, or a lasso, or the interesting Greek origins. Whenever Quinn actively referred to herself as her code name during work, she felt no different than when she referred to herself as Quinn Bheur. The Ice Queen was Quinn, and Quinn was The Ice Queen— she firmly resolves to keep it this way.

Enveloped in constructing the response to mom, unfortunately, Quinn was not blessed with the abilities to see into the future, or even have quick reflexes in times such as these. Only reaching the first part of the response, in the middle of explaining to mom about needing to get out of the states as soon as possible— Quinn was able to send an array of vulgarities about the fair amount of crowds before the phone flies into the air. Quinn loses her balance, and ever so briefly— her composure. She was an expert at getting knocked off her feet and being able to spring back up again thanks to the martial arts her father made her learn at a young age. He never wanted her to rely on those abilities of hers too much, or at all even.

She glances at the man, not saying a word. There was a slight ringing in her ears, his voice is too muffled to properly hear what the man is saying. With an arm outstretched, the mild ring of cold around Quinn widens in the surrounding area. The invisible water vapour slowly begins to form into ice. Closing her eyes and flexing her fingers into the shape one would use to scratch an enemy if they had claws, the metamorphosis speeds up considerably. Nearly about to hit the ground—a small construct of ice appears beneath it, tall enough so the phone would not break from the fall, along with a bowl meant to safely catch the device. Just in time and as expected, the phone lands inside of the deep bowl, slipping around a bit before resting in the centre. Letting her hand fall to the side, Quinn finally stands, peering into the bowl to retrieve the only phone she had while she was in an entirely different continent. Inside the bowl was the worst thing she could possibly imagine, other than being run over by mister quarterback.

Hastening to remove the phone from the icy surface it was previously on, Quinn inspects the device in horror. “Cailleach’s bones, my phone!” she exclaims, eyes widening and still managing to hold the device regardless to it entirely being seized by her ice, she might as well be holding a block of crystal, clear ice.

Turning around with a sudden rage toward the man, a feeling that could have lightning strike without a storm, cracking like a whip making contact on the skin. Within a moment, she calms, realizing that it was just an accident. Her features remained stagnant, it was her eyes that one had to worry about—primarily deep sea blue, with a muted green encircling the pupils, “nothin’ to worry about,” Quinn forces a smile that is almost convincing, she has actively been practising her interpersonal skills, aware that she often comes off as unapproachable— it was the truth, but her idea of a hero was someone close to the people, not towering above them and solving their problems like some god, “I’ve been needing a new one anyway.” At the mention of hero organizations, Quinn tilts her head toward the construct which still manages to stand in weather that it was not meant for, an authentic smile took over her existing one, crooked instead of straight and pleasant, “think so, yeah.”

~ ⋆ ~
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Nearby | Jonathan, Soren, Alexia, Quincy, Markus
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Soren and Crew
Location: Pacifica Island, US

Soren blinked, slightly surprised at the cold draft that suddenly chilled the area around him. Well, he was also surprised that he noticed it. Must've been really cold, he guessed. Johnathan, on the other hand, started backing away. He knew trouble when he saw it. He gave Soren a strangely enthusiastic thumbs up, before walking rather hurriedly away from Soren and the girl. For the second time, Soren blinked owlishly, this time at Johnathan's back. Why was Johnathan acting so strange? He shrugged, before turning back to face the girl- well, he intended to, until the ice forming caught his attention. It caught somethi- wait, was that a phone? Did Soren just.. Oh, no. The girl's exclamation only solidified the dread and mortification in his stomach. ...That phone was a goner...

Upon her reply of needing a new phone anyways, Soren managed to contain his beet red embarrassment to say, "I-I can pay for that, or getting your phone fixed, o-or.." It would suck getting the money, but Soren was.. ok. Not a rich kid, but definitely not poor. Dad would definitely get mad at him for this, though. Still... Soren quickly reached into his pocket, took out his wallet, and started pulling out some twenties- Soren had brought around 150, 160 dollars with him in twenties, so he could get stuff here, but it looks like that wasn't going to be the case. "Here's some money... I can get more out of my bank account.."


Johnathan managed to turn his hasty retreat into a trot as he joined the group of three at the cellos. But before he could utter a greeting, Markus quickly demanded of him, "JOHNATHAN! What did you just do!?" At that point, Johnathan's face paled; he knew his fate was sealed. "..Uhh... I may have dropped your pen.. and the island.. may have.. swallowed it?"

Markus stared at Johnathan for a second, before he blew up. "YOU LOST MY CHIBI KONOSUBA PEN!?!?!?!?!?!? JOOOHNATHAAANNN!!!!"

Johnathan disappeared in a flash. But so did Markus. If one were to look closely in the crowds, they could see Johnathan running as fast as he could from a raging Markus.

Quincy stared at the two for a moment, before turning to face Alexia. "I-I think Markus is alright. I dunno about Johnathan, though..." At that, he cracked a small smile. Then he started suddenly, and quickly answered what Alexia had begun to ask. "No, we're not in the Millennium. We're just here to support Soren. I don't have the powered ability for it, Markus wants to game, and Johnathan wants to continue his parent's trade." Quincy was oddly focused for someone who was literally hyperventilating earlier over Alexia's presence.

Meanwhile, back with Soren and the girl..

After managing to get over a fresh wave of embarrassment, and hearing the girl's confirmation of joining a team, Soren smiled widely. "Well, that's great! I just joined as well; my name's Soren. What's yours?" After getting her response, Soren would then continue on in an eager tone, "You can control ice? That's a really cool power- do you ever try ice surfing like in Incredibles?"

@Circe (Johnathan), @Zmandd (Johnathan, Markus, and Quincy)

Location: Eagle pass, Texas, United States

The Rancor Agent painfully awoke back into existence. His entire body hurt. It felt bad. But not as bad as the dread he had in the pit of his stomach. He failed Rancor. He was definitely gonna die a painful death. His eyes landed on the sword, the battered body of his other agent, and the pool of blood with the severed hand of the... beast. Maybe he could salvage something out of this... But not in this condition...

As he tried crawling away, something landed on his back. Painfully hard. Then a deep voice asked him, "Trying to go somewhere?" The Rancor agent felt fear.. and suprise. "B-batman..?" A sigh, then a quick thud, and the Rancor agent fell unconscious.

The figure who landed on the Rancor agent's back- Dorchadas- who was dessed in all black, in addition to a masked hood; he had a bow and quiver on his back, and multiple throwing knives on him- muttered to himself, "Why does everyone call me Batman?" He then picked up the battered Rancor agent and hoisted him on his shoulder. He then picked up the sword- quite a challenge, but Dorchadas had some extra strength thanks to mind over matter- and hooked it to some straps on his back. He trotted over to the communicated device, and disdainfully pried it out of the dead Rancor agent's hand. He then continued over to the dismembered hand, looked at the mess, and sighed. Two arms made of energy spiraled out of his back, and grabbed the arm.

He had everything. Now to let Millenium know what happened. Excalibur was still alive, that was certain. Yes, a girl did call on his communicator and say that there was a dead hero... but where was his body? Why call and let heroes know that he was dead, and leave no body? If it was to send a message, it was a poor one. No, the girl was lying about that. And neither was she Rancor- the agent still alive and here told him that. The man was obviously incompetent. Rancor didn't deal with incompetency. If the girl was Rancor, she would have killed the man for his incompetency. Simple as that.

So where was the girl? Where was Excalibur? Why did the girl lie about Excalibur? Too many questions, and no answers. He would have to quickly deal with the sword, hand, and Rancor agent so he could get to tracking Excalibur. If he even could. Such a pain.

"And why does everyone call me Batman?"
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There is nothing to fear

Joseph gritted his teeth as he rose back to his feet spitting words at the two who argued over his well being. "Both of you shut up, we dont have time for this." as he spoke he began to remove the covering on his wounds "There was something there that was not human and it was very dangerous." with a straight face he managed to get a grip on one of the beasts claws still in his stomach before sliding the thing out of his gut with obvious pain. The damned thing was mostly claw, nearly five inches of it, followed by another two inches of flesh. He tossed the claw on the bed and began reaching for another one. His blood trickled out yet the pace was very slow and slowing more still "plus my sword was left behind, along with a rancor suspect who might be our only lead." he tugged on the next finger which was aapparently rooted in better as he was forced to brace himself before continuing. "I need calories, loads of them 20 thousand is ideal but i can manage with 12 thousand." he paused once again as the second claw came out with a new trickle of blood behind it. "once i have that i can spawn my power and it will heal these wounds but we have to get that damned creature out of the woods before people start dying." as if to punctuate his sentence he gripped the last finger by the bone and yanked it out in one swift motion. It too bled but by now his first wound had already clotted and stopped. His own accelerated healing paired with the little he had gained from his new kidnapper was enough to at least stabalize him and the little bit of rest he had gained had apparently done him well yet he was far from fighting condition and barely at walking around condition though he imagined plenty would argue with him there. "First things first though, Thank you for saving me, but my wounds wont explode back open i have my own healing to factor in. whats your name, and if your so concerned then come with me, i have a job to do and will not he staying." he turned on his heel to face her as he said these things. At the same time stripping the sheet of the bed and begining to tear it into strips so he could rewrap his wounds.
@Zmandd @WeslynExistsNow

Miss Glory

As the dippin dots came she stuffed the remainder of the pretzel in her mouth tossing the trash on the ground where it was quickly absorbed by the island and she took her new treat turning back to acknowledge the other heroes comments with a huge warm smile coated in crumbs and a sweet southern bell accent. "Well hun you got my theme just right, Americas number one cowgirl cyborg Miss glory at yer service." she then looked down at her legs twisting them to show their sides to the interesting russian woman. "And these old things? I built them myself theyre not as fancy as some other heroes tech but tthey definitly get the job done...what about you Hun whats your story?" Her smile somehow got wider as the focus of topic shifted from her and she looked geniunely interested in hearing the answer. Yet the crowds began to shift around towards the press conference subtly jostling the two with them.
Blue Steel

As he gave the press conference he answered several reporters questions and more and more of the island gathered to hear answers to questions like "What are your plans to deal with the massive surge in bomba production" and "have there been any leads to the perpetrators of last years attack?" it wasnt just him luckily and other veteran heroes were there to help him answer the tough questions. As numbers of new recruits got brought up the mood lifted to a more hopeful one and still more people gathered...
Matterhorn Maximum security metahuman prison.
Valaius Switzerland.

For the twenty seventh day in a row the repetitive thump of vibrations reverberated through the matterhorn prison facility, each thump accompanied by the humm of the kinetic absorption units outside of the cell. Thw two guards stationed outside his cell looked both bored and annoyed. But one couldnt blame them, four hours of hearing profanity and fury accompanied by unceasing thumps would irritate the most rational of minds. Finally having had enough one of the guards turned to the cell to shout at Cain to shut up but he stopped when he heard a dull thud between blows. He turned to see one of the lights had been turned off towards the end of the hallway and something spinning on the ground caught his attention.

It was the helmet of the other guard. Immediatly he turned to try and press the alarm button but everything went black for the man as a razor sharp tendril shot out from the shadows in the dark end of the hallway penetrating his skull from the back and exiting the front so quickly and precisely there wasnt even any blood. The tendril then wrapped the man up pulling him into the shadows before moments later the camera's would pick up the unmistakable image of villainess Ella Stitch. She crept to one of the six kinetic nullifiers and placed an emp device on it before slinking off back into the shadows. A few seconds later the device triggered and one of the kinetic nullifiers shut down.

The next Blow Rampage threw at his cell walls caused two of the Kinetic Nullifiers to rupture and a large crack to spread through his cells Super alloy walls. The next one ruptured another two and widened the crack enough that One could see the monster of a man inside the cube. The alarms began to go off as the final blow ruptured the last kinetic nullifier and blasted the super alloy wall into shrapnel which peppered tue fortified concrete across the hallway. The reinforcements of guards heavily armed in nuclear armor and carrying heavy energy weapons would arrive just in time to see The massive figure slam himself into the concrete walls which gave way as if made of tissue paper. They fired into the tunnel leading outward but honestly none of them hoped to accomplish much. Outside sirens blared as the nearby towns were being evacuated and the E.U's Armored military began to mobilise outside. They were still getting to their positions when a loud rumble began to grow into a thunderous roar as Rampage burst through the side of the mountain which held the superhuman prison. A breif moment of calm flooded the air as Rampage took a few seconds to enjoy the fresh mountain air he was now breathing.

However his moment was interupted by a heavy blaster shell slamming into the side of the tunnel he had just carved. He sighed in frustration as the Rain of Energy beams and plasma bolts began. Rather than taking cover of shielding himself he leapt into the fray energy bolts slamming into him and either bursting harmlessly or simply singeing his suit. As he neared the ground he lifted his fist bringing them down in tandem with his landing. The impact would cause the bedrock only a few meters below the shallow mountain base soil to buckle and ripple like a wave...which slammed into to mountain itself sending a huge fissure ripping up the Matterhorn. At once the energy shots fired as those still standing fled before the crumbling mountain, however few could outrun the landslide and the town below was consumed in the debris sending alerts to the entirety of the hero community. Yet even still the rubble shifted and the massive Figure of Cain dug himself out of the debris before leaping northward leaving a trail of dust and rubble falling off him and dispersing in the air.
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Prison break and Earthquake)


Praise the sun
Thomas Wagner
What was he capable of doing? Rather simple question by the sound of it, though he did note her tone he didn't think much of it. Now how was he supposed to answer that question. Normally his superiors took the answer that he had 'plant based abilities', but that never really explained what he could do. Not truly anyway, in all honesty Thomas didn't even know what all he could do. He still had a lot of things to try and see what happened. "Well my abilities are... A little hard to find the correct words for" Thomas told her looking around the island as if trying to come to terms with the crowd.

The Bull
Carter stood still as his opponent danced around him. Her blows felt like almost nothing, Carter wondered where that terrible power he'd heard all about was. So far she'd not proven why she was so feared among the rings. The Bull seemed to not be taking the battle seriously as he lazily grabbed for the Viper's arms whenever she struck forward, he missed every grab and the Viper simply ducked and dodged away.

That was until she seemed to realize how little she'd actually accomplished. She came forward and finally put some actual weight behind an attack. Carter gritted his teeth and gave a crooked smile, he could feel the pain that blow caused. There was the power he'd heard so much about. "Glad to see we're finally starting" he said before he seemed to swell. Pain as always, only made Carter stronger. He lifted a foot and stomped down on the ring. Not strong enough to shatter it but enough to shake it and put his opponent off balance. Without warning Carter surged forward, throwing a punch at the Viper's head and neck, before aiming one at their midsection, he threw one more in case those missed and attempted a grab at his opponent's arm.



Alpha of the Omegas
Alexia Harper
Location: Pacifica, US
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Alexia let out a small giggle at Quincy's quip. The chase between Markus and Johnathan was pretty amusing, after all. He turned to Quincy as he was answering her initial question. He stopped hyperventilating and answered her question with a strangely straight face. It may not be very good of Alexia to think of it... but she did find it "odd." "Wow, you three are amazing friends to come out here to support him like that." Alexia shifted her attention back over to Soren, who was making a complete fool of herself with the girl. "I'm sure Soren really appreciates it." It wasn't easy for Alexia to see due to mere distance, but the girl seemed to dislike his presence currently. Alexia pondered trying to pull the poor guy out of the situation. "I really like his enthusiasm though!" She let out a slightly louder chuckle at the remark, nudging her head in Soren's direction.

It was at this point that Alexia finally decided to pull out the Herotech communicator from one of the inside pockets of her cardigan. When she got around to reading the "Notes" typed up by Excalibur, she gasped and covered her mouth. "Oh no, Excalibur!" She looked up from her communicator. It seemed that either most of the heroes on the island were Magistrate or nobody else received their message yet. She let out a disappointed sigh. No, Alexia couldn't do much about it right now. It wasn't like she had flight or teleportation powers to reach Excalibur. It wasn't even like she was a medic anyway. "I'm a pop star, you think I know anything about medical things!?" She widened her eyes and cupped her mouth, realizing she just said that out loud. She turned back to Quincy. "I'm sorry, one of my friends is in trouble. I just don't know how to help from this remote island." Alexia pouted for a brief moment, and then a lightbulb went off in her head.

Alexia trotted over to her harp and sat behind it, playing a chord to begin her message. "Excalibur, this is Alexia! I got your message! There's gonna a bunch of people coming your way, what do we need to do to help?" She volleyed her message to where only those around her and Eagle Pass could hear her. While Alexia technically could've used the communicator, she decided her voice would also reach whatever Magistrate heroes were free. Besides, the communicator was (apparently) compromised by some random girl anyway.


Trisha Nelley
Location: Eagle Pass, TX
Mentioned: @WeslynExistsNow @FearItself

Trisha was annoyed with Iris. Seizure-prevention my ass! That's a regular dining chair! Trisha was about to both physically and verbally assault her when Joey spoke up, halting the argument in place. It was also at this moment that Thumper burst through the back window, readying an attack against the unknown woman. "Hold Thumper!" Thumper held as ordered, maintaining a combative stance against Iris. Trish finally walked in the door and over to the bed, studying the claws that Joey pulled out. "Those claws are monstrous. They look like the devil himself granted somebody those atrocities." The cast of both heroes and villains are very diverse, but the man was right. "There's no way those things are human." Trisha turned back around to Iris. "Why don't you go to the - actually, why am I asking you, THUMPER!" Thumper let out another exciting growl. This was indeed the most action he's seen in a while. "Go down to the lobby and see what food you can get. We'll take it to go." Thumper snarled back at Iris before leaping back out the window. "It probably won't be enough, but it's a start."

So, the rumors are true.
Trisha pondered her next move. He couldn't leave Joey alone with Iris, especially in such a critical state. On the other hand, he had a point. The Rancor agent is suspect to extraction at any point, and we're wasting time here. Suddenly, Trisha could hear a voice. Trisha could swear it wasn't in her head, based on the initial reactions to both Joey and Iris. "Sounds like you've got help on your way." Trisha turned to Iris. Based on both Trisha and Joey not knowing who she was until now, she figured she was neither Millenium nor Magistrate. She clearly wasn't Rancor either, based on Joey's story. The only other scenario is this: Iris is a freelancer. Trisha specialized in dealing with the Rancor, so she didn't get to meet too many freelancers. What she does know, however, is they could be just as dangerous. "If you are who you say you are, I suggest you get going now. You're clearly not Millenium nor Magistrate, which means you're a freelancer, and the other heroes won't appreciate you 'healing' him like this."


Kami of Sleep
Iris Ayanami
Freelance Villain
Eagle Pass, Texas
Mentions: @FearItself @Zmandd

Those were some brave accusations to make, as someone who didn't see any actual crimes getting committed. On top of that, her weird pet thing must be trained. I'm putting out my best aura, and yet it's just as on guard as she is.

Iris smiled at the man facing her. This wasn't going to be easy because of this hero. She's in the way. Not like killing her is an option. Just means it'll be harder work than she thought. "I'll happily come along, even if you have your own healing factor, you almost died last time. I'm no gonna have my hard work go to waste." She turns her head towards the one ordering her around. "First, it's rude to boss around people on your team. Second, calling me a villain out of nowhere is a leap in logic. I would call myself freelance, but I go around and heal people in need. Is that really something you'd deem as evil? While maybe the chair was a bit much, I take my healing and protection very seriously." Iris plans this in her head. So far she's deduced I'm a freelance villain, though that seems like a leap in logic. Perhaps she's stressed out and on guard. Either way, she doesn't have any real evidence. She waves her hand back and forth. "Don't worry about my safety, as long as you two tell them the truth, then I'll be okay. Even when we fight the red thing that Joey fought last time, I can regenerate, so I won't get in the way. Think of me as a portable medkit."

She turned back to Joey as he finishes binding himself up. "How about this, you go into the passenger seat of the car," She turns to Trisha. "And me, her, and her weird Thumper pet thing go to the lobby. We'll be able to hold a lot more foot that way than if just your pet went. Then we'll return to the car and you'll eat on the way." Iris didn't trust this girl. She wasn't going if Trisha wasn't going to join her. Without evidence, she can't do shit without getting in trouble. Besides, Joey owes her for saving him anyway, if he's worthy enough not to kill, he won't let Trisha do anything, not until he repays the debt he owes. This should work. This trip will be enough time to properly judge this man.


Pumpkin Patch
Olga "Ollie" Bykov (Crash)

"Well hun you got my theme just right, America's number one cowgirl cyborg Miss glory at yer service," came the woman's sweet, southern accented voice. She turned and twisted her legs about to showcase them to Ollie, who made various faces of interest and intrigue as she ogled the woman's legs. Miss Glory said, "And these old things? I built them myself, they're not as fancy as some other heroes' tech but they definitely get the job done...what about you Hun what's your story?"

Ollie perked up, excited for the question. She chirped excitedly, her Russian accent distorting a few words, "Well, my name is Ollie, and I'm here to..." Before she could finish her sentence a crowd came by, sweeping the two along with them, leaving them to part ways. Sadly, she wasn't able to keep a hold on her ice cream as the tsunami took her away. It didn't help that she was shorter than nearly everyone around.


When the natural disaster comprised of people had ended, Ollie found herself conveniently placed right outside of the very arena she was supposed to be at. Ollie was taking part in a martial arts tournament, despite lacking any actual martial experience. Though the ability to be immune to punches and kicks is what she's banking on to help her do well. Luckily this tournament excluded elemental powers, like fire and ice, and telepathic powers, to better showcase physical fighters.

The arena is a large open space. Bleachers line the edges of a platform of concrete that sticks out about an inch above the ground. Ollie makes her way in, trying to avoid the myriad distractions all around the place. She made her way past the sign-in area and orientation, which included the rules. Submission, KO, or ring-out were the ways to win. It's probably a good thing the crowd came to sweep Ollie away, despite cutting her conversation with Miss Glory short, since she is just in time for her turn.

Ollie walks past a plethora of vicious and powerful looking heroes. Most people here had extremely defined muscles. Many were practicing their martial arts on imaginary opponents as they waited their turn. The people here looked like ninjas, body builders, people with morphed bodies, like animal hybrids, or cyborgs. As far as she could tell she was the smallest person there, something she's used to.

As she makes her way out onto the field a feminine voice echoed clearly throughout the area, "And for the last match in the first round, Olga Bykov, AKA, Crash!" The crowd goes wild. Although it's most likely a courtesy, since Ollie hasn't been on a mission yet, so she was relatively unknown, it still made her feel good. The announcer's voice took a pause for the applause to settle down before continuing, "And her opponent, Boris, AKA Grizzly!"

Like with Ollie, the crowd goes wild as a massive 15 foot mechanical bear-person walked out on the opposite side of the field. Ollie recalls seeing him before, becoming excited that this was her opponent. Boris stood on two massive legs. His arms and chest were even larger. In fact, Ollie estimated that one of Boris' arms was about the size of her. Ollie wasn't sure if he was a robot, or just wore metallic armor, but she thought it was one of the coolest things she'd ever seen. It was mostly a shiny metallic brown color with white accents.

As the announcer continues, Ollie couldn't help but wonder why Boris' last name wasn't announced, "Now, let the match begin!" Boris wasn't one to waste time. He immediately dropped to all fours and began charging towards Ollie, snarling like a bear as he shook the very arena. She took no action as Boris approached her. She simply stood there, arms down by her sides, as she watched Boris leap into the air, leaving footprints in the concrete platform and cracks spreading throughout the floor. Boris came crashing down, his feet leaving rather large impressions in the ground. He savagely brought his hands down, intending to end the match with a single blow.

As his hands touched the top of Ollie's head, everything stopped. There was no thud, no impact, no damage whatsoever caused to her. She looked up, meeting Boris' eyes. He retracted his arms, looking down at them, confused, but only for a moment. While not a veteran, he was not one to let such deceptions affect him. Despite not being entirely sure what happened, Boris launched several punches, hooks and uppercuts, all with the same result.

The announcer had been keeping up with the fight, "Grizzly just launched through the air! It looks like Crash isn't even worried about taking up a defensive position. I don't quite know what her strategy is, but Grizzly is a powerhouse you can't just ignore. It looks like Grizzly might have... What do we have here? Did Grizzly just feint an attack against Crash? I'm not sure why he'd pull his punches, but... Wait... I can't say I know exactly what's going on, but it looks like every punch Grizzly throws has absolutely no effect on Crash!"

After a few moments, Boris seemed to let the confusion of the moment set in. He looked down at Ollie, not entirely sure what's going on, or how to proceed. He bent over to get a closer look at her. He raised his hand, bringing it slowly towards her, wondering if he was seeing things. In the blink of an eye, faster than most could see, Ollie threw a punch at Boris. In an instant she launched Boris clear from the arena. To most, it looked like Ollie didn't move. Despite this, there was a strong gust of wind that followed in Boris' wake.

The announcer, luckily, had a trained eye and enhanced senses, "I, I, what just happened? It was so fast it almost looked like telekinesis. But it appears that Crash has sent Grizzly flying! What speed! What strength! It's apparent now why she didn't defend herself earlier, she's an absolute powerhouse! Crash moves on to the next round! What a fight!"

Ollie beamed, pleased with herself. As long as all the fights went like this, Ollie was confident she could win the tournament. She waved as she hopped excitedly back to await her next match. Grizzly would be caught by a telekinetic shortly after, where he would receive medical attention.

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