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Fantasy True power- Rise of he supers (OCC)



There is nothing to fear
Keep it civil and message me for the dicord link if you want it.

Rp rules.

1. Myself and darkborn darkborn are both GMs and our word carries equal weight

2. No auto hitting or blocking/dodging. Keep thing realistically within the realms of possibility.

3. Heroes cannot kill their targets unless authorized by the government. Accidents happen of course but heroes inspire hope and enforce the law not dish out their own justice.

4. No child characters or non-functionally insane characters. You can be crazy but not incapable of rational thought.

5. Magic does not exist in this rp.

6. There are no main characters in this rp. The plot drives the action amd the characters drive the plot. Please dont go out of your way to make your character steal the show or be the center of attention as it ruins it for other characters. Be awesome but dont force it.​

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