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Oscar Somerset stood in the midst of the small, ruined town, frowning deeply at the appearance of it. Oscar knew that he was an important person, but how was he supposed to work with this? Were the people who sent him here completely incapable of alerting him earlier? Did they not know how powerful he was? Tsk. Mortals. Of course they couldn't do something as simple as that. Everyone who wasn't himself were immediately idiotic, anyways. Rolling his eyes dramatically, he swished his white coat around himself, now walking through the village as if it were the biggest chore ever. At his entrance to Alice's hometown, Earth itself suddenly went onto his side. The winds spun around him, whisking his blond hair around as if it were playing with it. The sun shone on him for the most attractive angle, beating onto his blue eyes and dark skin. Of course Oscar went into town like this, while Alec came into it running away from a tiny beetle that couldn't have surely harmed him.

It was morning time, and the monster attack seemed to have come from yesterday afternoon, so it couldn't have been expected from anyone with good manners that everything in the town would have been fixed. Oscar wasn't one with good manners, though. He looked disdainfully at the messes nearby that the stone creature had created earlier, hopping over debris and looking disgustingly at everything. "Of course it's all a mess. Everyone is so incapable of cleaning up a few matches of dirt!" This attack did not just create a few patches of dirt. "Do they not know who I am? Oscar Somerset!? THE NOBLE, for goodness sake!"

Someone from town seemed to have noticed Oscar mumbling angrily to himself, looking worriedly at him. They seemed to have been affected by the recent monster attack, and looked like they were affected by it. Their hair was shot in all directions, their clothing had holes in it, and they had scrapes and bruises all over their legs. Oscar frowned at the person's appearance, stepping away from them once as if they were vermin. He then shot them a look, as if wondering why someone below him was looking pitifully at him. "What? What do you need, peasant?"

The person frowned at them, about to turn away from Oscar, but suddenly had their eyes filled with recognition. "Oh! You're Oscar Somerset! The mage! Have you been sent here because of the rock monster? Because I'm pretty sure this girl and a pink-haired boy already took care of it."

Oscar smirked when he was recognized, flipping his hair egotistically as he changed his resting stance. "Why, yes, I am. I humbly am Osc- wait." His selfishness was soon interrupted when he processed what the citizen had just said: someone else defeated the monster before him. How was that possible!? He was sure that the monster would be hiding in the forest nearby, or still in the town, threatening puny mortals! And did this one say that there was a... pink-haired boy? That was impossible! That would mean that he was special! One of a kind! Only Oscar had these traits! Everyone else in this world was either useless or completely normal (besides Oscar, of course)! This person must have misseen this boy. Oscar must get proof for himself!

"What are you talking about? Who are these two? Where are they!?" Oscar ordered, as if expecting the person in front of him to cower in fear. While the person did not do it, their uncomfortableness was obvious, which encouraged Oscar's attitude. "Answer me immediately."

"Okay..." The person rubbed their neck, pointing to a nearby house. "Right there. That's where Alice Archer lives. She was with the pink-haired boy last, but I don't know if he's in there as well. I don't even know if they're alive."

"Yeah, yeah," Oscar waved them off, immediately finding talking to them completely useless again. What was the purpose, now, that he wasn't getting something out of it? Now done with talking to the random stranger, he turned around and stormed towards the house they directed him towards. Oscar needed to see this pink-hair for himself, and see how this girl and boy happened to defeat this monster without Oscar's help. It was impossible!

When standing in front of the house, he knocked thrice rapidly on the door before standing back, observing the area. He frowned slightly when he saw how small the house seemed compared to the buildings he lived in. Is this what poor people would live in? Pitiful. Oh, how he felt sorry for people that weren't nobles. They must have lived such a hard life compared to Oscar's. Oh, that was impossible! Oscar's life was the hardest, yet the most useful out of anyone in this world.

After a while, a girl finally went to the door. The sun was behind Oscar, so he saw the girl squint. This wasn't what caused Oscar to step away from the girl, though. She had... injuries. Terrible ones. Along with this, her sense of clothing was terrible and needed to be fixed immediately. Her hair was decent, though. If Alice looked at the male in front of her, she would see a tall male, taller than Alec and herself. He seemed to have a disapproving scowl stuck on his face, along with an outfit that showed that he meant business coming here. When looking over the girl, Oscar gritted his teeth for a second before relaxing his face.

"Hi. I'm Oscar Somerset," He said, letting his hands rest in his pockets. "I'm here for the monster case, and I heard from a pea- uh, civilian, that you were responsible for it going away. May I go inside?"

Normally, Oscar would order his way into the building and be more condescending, but he needed to make sure that he could actually go inside. For some reason, people usually did things when he tried to be nice. Peasants were so sensitive sometimes. Still, Oscar needed to get inside this tiny, small home. Behind the girl, he could see a pink-haired figure on the couch... sleeping? Hm. He needed to investigate.


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Alice blinked once, twice, was she seeing a noble? Wow, she could already tell the way he addressed people and the way he dressed, she had a perplexed face before smiling slightly at the man, "Well, hello there kind sir, thank you for coming for the monster case," she thanked giving a small curtsy her mother taught her it would do good to do some politeness with a bow, of course she self-consciously wondered if her hair was in a messy state her clothes well she couldn't help it. The moment the person named,Oscar Somerset announced that she was the one that made the rock monster flee, she immediately shook her head, "No, sir. I'm not the one who cast it away, the gentleman sleeping on my couch... is." she didn't want to tell the truth she back lies, "I was just a witness, now, please come in, I-I don't have much to offer though."

Before Oscar could say anything else she quickly added looking at him, "Oh, and it would be kind of you to stay quiet. The gentleman, or Alec. Hit his head with a stone or rock... And currently isn't in the best of minds." hopefully he would understand? Would he? Some nobles were kind others were fine and most are snotty or rude as she heard, she hoped that the man in front of her wouldn't be one of those people who would bring her trouble.

After letting him inside, Alice quickly scattered to the kitchen, boiling some water to make some tea. The best she could offer at the moment her mother's supply of tea was waning but if it were for guests she would understand. she quickly showed him around the small kitchen which was quite shaken but it looked clean, much clean than the other houses somebody must've been cleaning and taking care of the house.

After seating him, she turned away moving her hands as she talked, "I'm guessing one of the villagers here showed you here, because I wouldn't be surprised if you don't know this small village." she smiled chuckling slightly, "As for the rock monster incident, the boy on the couch-" she paused, she should tell a lie. But what would that bring her to? More lies? she shook the thought away before she could pinpoint what started them,

"Is named Alec, or so he told me. He isn't from here if you noticed by his- vivid pink hair. I don't suppose, do- you know... Dimension travel? If you do, I'm pretty sure the boy here did that. That would explain his hair and his clothing but... I can't really ask him anything because I don't want to push his head to hard... I was doing some relaxation remedies-" he words were cut off by the high pitched sound of the boiler she walked to the boiler turning it off before pouring it into a small pretty cup, it seemed old and antique but a fancy one. Sometimes people owned such things as heirlooms and such.

As soon as she finished pouring in the water she walked to a cabinet filled with flavors, and spices and picked out a small box even with the cover the smell of jasmine overflowed, she grabbed the cup and put some of the remnants of the jasmine plant into the tea, she placed it in front of Oscar on the table so he could drink or not like Alec distrusted her at first.

She rubbed her eyes tiredly did she sleep? Or was she awake at night her eyes didn't seem bloodshot but dark circles were slightly appearing but she didn't seem to be annoyed or much less uncomfortable with Oscar's presence each time she showed a smile it was still full of energy. "Please drink some of the tea if you would like. I assure you it's not poisoned. You just saw how I made it." she reassured fumbling with her hands slightly.

"Sir Oscar...? Can you help me, please? I promise I-I'll pay you. I'm sure I have something valuable around here. But can you heal Alec? I'm worried about his concussion. I-I don't know how to treat and..." she trailed off looking at the ground. Alice bit her lip slightly and clenched her fists, she felt her nails dig into her palms, her sweaty palms. Was she afraid or simply nervous? In any case her nails dug deeper into her skin until crescent moon shapes were visible on her palms. She released her hand before wiping them on her wrinkled skirt.

"Also, I want to ask one question out of curiosity. Were you sent here because of your parents or the officials? Or because of your own will?" she wondered, this was out of curiosity, really. She glanced over Oscar's shoulder worriedly her eyes weren't looking at Oscar at the moment but at Alec, he wasn't awake yet which was quite scary, was he not- she stopped herself before the thought could continue on,

he will wake up. Will Sir Oscar help? Or... Alice sighed putting her hand up to her temple this talking made her head woozy, and dizzy, she already felt her energy being drained she couldn't get much sleep yesterday. Only having 3 hours of sleep wouldn't help. Trying to have a seat she felt a sharp pain hit her leg and winced and she fell down.

A sound echoed slightly she rubbed her head with her hand, she mumbled something to herself, "Sorry... I-I..." she muttered, she glanced at her leg she forgot the bruise where sharp rocks were inflicted, the pain in her shoulder took most of the other pain away replacing it will sharp burns inside of her body on her shoudler but now that the pain in her shoulder began declining slowly. She felt the pain of her legs once again, "Never-mind me." she sighed getting up, she smiled again trying to look to bright. Beofre seating on a chair silently, pulling a strand of hair falling on her face back to it's original place.


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Oscar nodded in acknowledgment when the girl curtsied to him, showing his approval to the gesture. Maybe she wasn't dull if she figured out that she needed to bow to him, who was a high and needy noble. He smirked at this thought, knowing that he was a high noble: higher than an insect like her, anyways. This smirk disappeared from him, though, when she said that the male was the one who defeated the monster. That was impossible. He had bright pink hair- which was never known before- and he defeated a monster that trashed a whole village by himself? Only Oscar should be the one to do these types of traits! He scowled majorly at the girl, and it only increased when she said that she was only a witness. Well, that certainly contradicted what the peasant earlier said! He noted the girl's slight hesitation before nodding, believing that either the random person from earlier or this one was lying. Of course, anyone who wasn't himself would lie, so he wasn't surprised.

He was about to let out a sigh when she said she didn't have much to offer, but she interrupted him before he could do anything. He put his hand on his chest, still having his left one in his pockets, while having the deep frown remain on his face. She was ordering him to be quiet? He was not stupid! He was not idiotic, like her or like anyone else in this world! He simply nodded- although annoyed- before stepping into her home. He immediately swept his eyes across the house in a matter of seconds, seeing if there was anything suspicious lying around. After going to the conclusion that there was nothing that stood out, he followed the girl to the kitchen, where she was preparing tea.

The kitchen was quite clean, but he simply lifted his nose up and thought it was merely fine. His kitchens would have been much cleaner than this, but he supposed this would do for the poor people. He was quickly shown to sit down, though, and he did. He shifted uncomfortably on the seat he was on, though, deeply uncomfortable that this was not the expensive materials that he was used to. Is it so hard to get good furniture these days? He simply bit his tongue to point it out to the girl, though, as she was now telling him information. He needed this if he was going to come to any inferences.

He snorted at her comment about him not knowing this small village, grinning slightly. "Of course I have never been here. I do my best not to interact among pests." He rolled his eyes at this, as the idea of him talking with these types of people was simply inferior. However, he continued listening to all Alice had to say. It wasn't for politeness, though, but simply for his own gain. He needed to get this monster case further done and closed so he could get out of here and be around... non-peasants.

He felt like laughing at the girl's words. Dimension travel? That was powerful magic right there. This boy simply couldn't be involved with this. With an amused expression, he turned his face away from the girl and examined the boy. This amused expression, like his smirk earlier, slipped away. His clothing... it wasn't like a peasant or of any type of royalty. It seemed to be... irregular. He had seen nothing like this. He looked at the boy's pink hair as well, staring right at it. Maybe... dimension travel wasn't such an idiotic idea anymore. It seemed like a high possibility. Still, this boy didn't look too strong, even if he did defeat a monster. How would he get involved with such magic?

He simply ignored the high-pitch noise filling the air, now having all his attention on the boy. Oscar wasn't one to touch peasants, but the boy named Alec had gathered his attention. Hearing the slight breathing of the boy, while Alice was getting the drinks, Oscar felt his hair to see if it was an animal's of any sort. It felt like regular human's hair, so that meant that this definitely belonged to the boy. How was his hair pink?

When Alice finished the drinks, he took his place back in his seat, now seeing the old, fancy cup she was offering him. While she was saying how it was not poisoned, that didn't necessarily make him want to drink it. After all, it hadn't come from any of his servants or his family. The drink she made would most likely be the lowest of quality. He simply nodded his head no, and although he didn't intend it for any certain message, if Alice looked at it in a certain way, she could see it was politeness. "No. You can save it for the pink-haired boy later, if you must. He would most likely be thirsty."

He raised his eyebrows at Alice's outward stress, listening to how she wanted Oscar to heal this boy. He sighed, looking at Alec. Sure, Oscar could... but why should he? Oscar was sent here for a monster case: he doesn't need to spend his energy healing people. Oscar didn't even want valuables or anything like that: he was rich and a noble, for goodness' sake. He didn't need more money. He wasn't a money-greedy person, and he personally felt offended that this girl would even consider that. Her, a poor person, thinks someone above her would need her pathetic attempts? Hmph.

He was silently thinking of how to reply to her, but she already asked him a question. He gave her an exasperated, sarcastic expression that could only scream bad news. They had just met, and now she wanted to know more about his personal life? Who did she think he was? Sure, this boy named Alec here might have immediately given her information about everything, but Oscar wasn't the same. He opened his mouth, about to answer her question, but saw her worried glance towards Alec that was soon met with pain.

He frowned disapprovingly at her when she said she was fine when she was obviously not. What was she doing? Was she trying to gain attention, letting him know that she wasn't okay and then saying she was? "Are you actually serious?" He muttered, crossing his arms. "What are you trying to pull here?" He got that people in classes lower than him needed to do things to get more praise, but this was next level.

He rubbed his temples, as if getting rid of any headache that was there, before staring at the girl again. "Alright. I'll start with this: I am a mage. I am not a cleric. I don't heal people whenever I would feel like it. I only came here to investigate how the monster came here. No amount of money or valuables from you will change that fact. If you really want to heal him," he scrunched up his face when mentioning Alec, "then you should get a professional healer. Let me repeat: I am a mage, not a cleric."

He leaned back in his seat, although it was unclear whether he did it to put more distance between himself and Alice or because it made himself more comfortable. "For your question, what makes you think I would answer that?" He crossed his legs, giving Alice a look as if he were about to defeat her with his words. "Do you really think I would give this personal information to a liar?" He did not know if she was lying with her information or not, but the way he was talking about it made it seem as though he knew everything. He learned from past events that if he accused those who were suspicious of lying, then they would either react three ways: panic, confess, or question. If Alice either panicked or confessed, even for a split second, then she would have been lying. If she questioned, then Oscar could back off.

He looked at her closely now, seeing any reactions that she would put out. He had a feeling that this girl was in an emotional state, so she would show emotion and give more truth to him that way. He had to not trust her words, but he had to trust the truth.


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Alice breathed silently, what did she expect. But what made her mad was that he called her a liar she sucked in a breath quickly, before turning to stare at Oscar, it was sure disrespectful it stare at a noble with the same way you did to other people but she stood up, leaning on the edge of the table before composing herself looking at Oscar in the eye, the sense of fear was gone she didn't look guilty,

"How do you know I'm lying? What do I have to lie about? I live a fine life. There's no need for me to plead and lie to a noble," she pointed out, her voice was still polite but it no longer possessed as much warmth, "I will do as you told me, I will ask for a cleric to help me friend instead a mage." she nodded.

She silently exhaled, "I did not lie, but I will tell you everything I know. If you think it is a lie, then so be it." she paused before closing her eyes momentarily, you can do this Alice... Don't be afraid of him. "I'll tell you how I met Alec, I went to the forest like every morning, and then I heard a crash so I traveled there and then I met him. He told me his name is Alec, and that he was lost and he came from a different place. I believed that because I've never seen pink hair, or such clothing as he wears. Since he looked hungry I took him to my friend's restaurant. But then I heard rumbling, and then the monster was there. I ran away to distract it, or poke it's eye. But apparently Alec followed me as well... I-I dislocated my arm, which you can't see at the moment, he saved my life. I was at a tree I was about to be killed by the rock monster, until a bright light emerged from him..." she took a breath before finally adding, "Then the monster ran off."

She finally sighed, what was the point in telling Oscar this? He would accuse of her lying. She tied her knot on her braid tighter, she took a glance at Alec before glancing back at Oscar, she knew he must be a high ranking noble, by the way he talked about himself and commoners, and how he dressed, she massaged her temple slightly, if only she knew how to heal it would be great. But such high ranked books wouldn't exist here, in such a small town.

What would Oscar say? His reaction, would he be angry? Considering she wasn't as nice... She grimaced inwardly, her mother if she were here would just have made another lie and then Oscar would perhaps get mad, but honestly Alice hated being called a liar, when she wasn't lying. What did she lie about? Well, she didn't tell him the whole story.

After a moment she fumbled with her hands, she felt awkward, there was a noble, and a unconscious boy in her house she wanted to start a talk with Oscar but he wasn't the average commoner boy so it would be better to be quite than loud. She had to do something, it felt weird doing nothing with awkward silence, she just remembered then, about how she collected herbs the other day, but left them at Bill's.

As Oscar didn't answer her question she slightly frowned, but silently sighed, it was easy to know he didn't want to come here and offer help to others, but she didn't say anything, as Oscar said they needed a cleric but where? Perhaps the village healer could help him? Just maybe.

Considering that they only had one healer in the whole village was quite bad, the healer would have a few apprentices but because she was stubborn to have apprentices always saying on how young people weren't discipline the whole village worried about the healer's health as she was getting worse each year and she was growing old, without an apprentice there would no longer be any healers.

But Alice knew that people got hurt, most of the villagers perhaps worse injuries, than both her and Alec, it would be a miracle if they could get past the line of people waiting to get treated, and the healer, she would probably already be tired by the time it was their turn, no doubt going to the cleric here would change a thing, she had to think of another thing.

She could take a chance in going somewhere farther but how long could Alec go to? she sat on a chair across Oscar but she wouldn't look at him in eye as it made her quite uncomfortable years ago, when Alice was young she met a noble, but he was such a tight-up person she feared the persons gaze. But Oscar did seem to be the same age as Alice, or perhaps older, or was he younger? For that reason she didn't feel that intimidated she just felt uncomfortable.

Alice muttered something under her breath, "Do... Do I have to tell anymore...? I tried to tell it as short as I could..." Alice looked at Oscar her green eyes were bright but they were tired, she knew that Oscar might ask her to tell her more, everything she told him was a truth, not a single lie was buried in her story which she told about how she met Alec and such.

She prepared for another remark from Oscar asking why peasants do such things, and blah, blah, blah. Alice folded her hands neatly on her lap as she sitting nicely, it was rude for anybody to sit in a bad manner like a cat, with an arched back. She waited for Oscar's response quietly casting swift glances at Alec wondering if he was still sleeping soundly or not.


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Oscar raised his left eyebrow in surprise when girl looked at him in anger and had a passive aggressive voice. Although her tone was polite, her speech certainly wasn't anymore. If she was looking for any emotion from him, she didn't get any. In fact, Oscar didn't seem angry at the reaction, but annoyed. His facial expression said that he was expecting this, and that he had endured it in the past. Every word that the girl said to him, Oscar simply shrugged it off. He had no intention to listen to any emotion she was expressing, as he only wanted the information. That was the only reason he was here right now. Why should he waste his time getting offended and arguing with the girl? He wasn't that pathetic to stoop down to her level.

He simply stared at the girl blankly, as if waiting for her to finish her little monologue of how she wasn't lying. Even though Oscar might have seemed like the usual, snotty royal that came into town, this was a big difference. He wasn't offended by the words that would have upset others. Who would have been offended by a cockroach, anyways? There was no point. He listened to the girl, not getting angry at her, although he only showed interest in her speech when she started talking about the things he actually wanted to hear about. Finally. It was about time.

He listened closely, noting every single detail inside his head to use for further usage. It was all normal: a story of regular life before a monster attacked. He nodded at her words, and even if he didn't care about healing the people here, he did care about the monster case. He did care about his work. It was his entire existence. It was the reason he was above everyone else. He raised his eyebrows again, though, when the girl said a light emerged from him. Light magic, he thought, and then frowned at the boy again. Another reason that the boy was special. Gosh, was anything normal about Alec?

Oscar heard her question, how her speaking of words was different from when she was annoyed earlier. He frowned at this. First, she became angry at him, and then goes to a hesitant, shy girl personality? He made no comment about this, though, not desiring to speak to the girl any further. She had given him information, and he didn't think she was lying now. He simply stood up, adjusting the white coat around him.

"No, I'm done." He said, looking at the boy again. He wasn't one to be close to others, but he walked forwards to the boy and kneeled down in front of him. He could heal him to get information, but the girl certainly desired a cleric instead of a mage. There were plenty of other witnesses, anyways. Well, actually, Oscar didn't necessarily need to heal him to get information. He could cast a spell to search through his memory...

"Pervidere," he muttered under his breath, leading his hand to form a dark, gray cloud. It could be compared to a thunder cloud if you looked at it in a certain way. Now having this, he placed the cloud onto the pink-haired boy's head. When it made contact with his forehead, the cloud seemed to travel up Oscar's arm until it encircled his head, and at that point, Oscar's attention was full into his spell. Through Oscar's brain, he could see what Alec was "remembering" currently...

Black hair. A mother threatening to leave. Laughing. Absolutely nothing about what Oscar was looking for. Scrunching his face, he retracted the cloud from Alec's forehead, causing the spell to end. Was his mind trying to heal right now? That process would take a long time. After all, this was an injury that affected his brain and not something like a leg. If he didn't have a healing spell on him soon, he could become potentially worse.

"He's... actually, never mind." He stopped midway in his observation, remembering how he wasn't obliged to help this brown-haired girl, and she didn't even want him to. He stood back up, looking towards the home exit. "Now, I shall-"

At that time, another male voice that wasn't Oscar's filled the air. It was the slurred, tired voice that Alice would soon remember. "...who are you?"


Alec's slumber was filled with memories and dreams. It was a mixture of the two, and Alec couldn't figure out the difference between them. The only thing he knew was that he was trapped in his broken mind, slowly swirling between everything. Who knew how long this would happen? However, soon enough, the fog in his mind quickly became dark clouds. It thundered, and suddenly, Alec seemed to have the same dreams he's been having all night happen all at once: kids laughing, him growing out his black hair in fear of fitting in and being forgotten among the crowd, his mother threatening to leave. Then, as if it never happened, it all... stopped.

And Alec arose.

"He's... actually, never mind," was the first thing Alec heard when being awaken from his sleeping phase. His eyes opened slightly, but quickly squinted at the male as his double vision somehow seemed to worsen. From what he could process, though... it was a male. With... white hair? No, blond. Alec hadn't made a single movement other than the slight movement of his eyes, so he didn't think he was noticed yet by the male in front of him. Who was he, though?

"...who are you?" He choked out, looking at the girl and the male in confusion. He quickly shut his eyes again, though, when headaches came back onto him. For some reason, even when Alec rested and tried to heal, it didn't seem to work. Was it because when he was inside the book, his body worked differently? Did he somehow become weaker when he got in here?

When Alec opened his eyes again, he saw the unfamiliar male in front of him again, staring right at him. Even though he saw the male's mouth moving and heard his voice, he didn't actually process anything until a few seconds later, when he knew the boy said, "Do you remember anything?"

Alec tried to search through his foggy mind again, but ultimately just gave up trying to get information from it. Instead, he just closed his eyes again, blocking out the world. It was easier to look at nothing than see everything around him doubling and spinning, after all.


Oscar frowned, standing up when the boy ignored his question. Pests were so weak. He quickly made notes inside his head, trying to see what was wrong with the boy before coming to a conclusion. Perhaps he should share it with the girl? Well, it depended on if she would cooperate. He looked at her, stepping away from Alec. "Do you want my analysis, or do you still want to find a cleric?" His facial expression cued that he didn't care about either option, and he really didn't. Even if he didn't help the girl and the boy now, he could still find them later. The boy wasn't her property, after all. He could still talk to him.


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Alice let out a sigh of relief, that she wouldn't have to endure much more awkwardness with the noble, Oscar seemed to have taken nothing to seriously except for the things he wanted to hear just having an blank expression, it didn't anger her much, but still. Couldn't at least have a shred of kindness in him well everyone had different ways to show their kindness biting back her own thoughts she just stood up feeling the pounding on her leg once again but she ignored it, thinking to much will only make her feel worse...

She looked at Alec but Oscar's figure was nearing Alec, she was about to call and say something when Oscar murmured the word Pervidere it was a spell, she herself knew words of spells but would only practice easy ones as difficult ones would probably be impossible for a commoner like her, magic was based on heritage and mana inside the body, everyone had a magic element, but elements could produce different spell outcomes... Or so she was told.

She searched her mind to remember any power of what the spell Pervidere would do to Alec, but the only thing which came into pieces of her mind was that Pervidere was a spell to search the victims mind, or the owner would be able to read others mind, she felt her skin on her arms rise with goosebumps, it was a powerful spell, was it? Did it seem like it in Alice's mind? Reading minds would be able to know what they mean... Which scared her.

After finishing with Alec, she murmured a grateful thank you, that Oscar wouldn't have done anything to Alec, hopefully she didn't anger him she did release some of her emotion on a noble which is never a good thing to do. Heading to the exit, Alice was about to head to the exit with Oscar when the familiar voice chocked out,

... Who are you?

She turned to face Alec in the small couch, she breathed at last, at the moment that was all she could think, thank the lords that Alec was awake, he should be fine but he would need care, or help at the moment, seeing him squint and shut his eyes, Alice guessed that Alec was both tired, confused, and in pain. Once again he seemed to have forgotten Alice, which hurt. But it would feel fine after a while, she calmed her nervous heart down with a few breaths, the cleric in the village would no doubt be busy with the other people as well.

Another male voice, it was Oscar's voice speaking, this time, she turned to face him again, this time she felt more relived all her stress began washing away, leaving only worry, Alice herself knew well enough how much her mood was changing each time, like mood swings.

She thought for a moment, Oscar's analysis, he wasn't a cleric he was a mage, he repeated it into her thick skull, more than twice. But it didn't mean he wasn't full capable of those things was he? She wouldn't say it aloud, because of not wanting to hurt Oscar's pride.

Filling her mind with thoughts, she opened her mouth, "Yes, please. I would like your analysis. I know you ave repeatedly told me, that you are not a cleric and I believe you are not one, but it would be better to listen to someone who is smarter than me..." she mused silently, adjusting her braid.

About then, loud footsteps could be heard Alice had a calm face she had already knew who was coming, perhaps Oscar thought is was the monster. She was about to open the door but decided not to, after a few minutes the door flung open and a lady about 40 or 50 entered her face had a scowl, she had perfectly jet black hair tied in a tight bun with streaks of small grey embed into it, while she had sharp tiny brown eyes, her clothing was perfectly like of a head maid, cleaned, ironed and in pristine condition.

Alice frowned at the sight at the woman, the woman scowled even harder at the sight of Alice, did they know each other? It was likely who else would just barge into someone's house to begin with? But as soon as the woman saw Oscar and Alec she smiled, behind her was a man perhaps the same age as her with a small beard and a workers hat.

"Why, hello there, I didn't think I would be expecting guests...!" the woman exclaimed she shot a glare to Alice, and Alice flinched before looking down at the ground, the woman neared Alice before holding her arm, it seemed to be a tight grip, "Alice, dear, what have I said about guests?" the woman asked her smile looked very truthful but behind it, it was obvious the woman was angry at Alice, her tone was sweet and silky like honey but menace was hidden in it.

The woman took a look at Oscar before smiling again, "Oh, goodness...! I didn't expect a-" she paused she looked at the couch with her sharp eyes seeing a boy with oink hair was something rare, and not something you would see everyday. She murmured something under her breath, the man behind her just tipped his hat to Oscar before heading outside, "Boy sleeping on a my couch, and certainly not a noble." she laughed quietly.

"Well, excuse me, whatever reason if my daughter," she sneered at the word daughter. "Has caused you any trouble or if there is any reason why you came here, please tell me. I'll return in a moment, I must educate, my daughter." she told Oscar, before gripping Alice's hand harder, Alice gulped her eyes were distressed she quickly bowed to Oscar before heading outside.

Yelling, shouting, and screaming was heard from the lady earlier, but not a single word came from Alice's voice just silently, squeaks and yelps. But they were quiet not to stir up Alec awake, minutes later, the lady came back with Alice but Alice seemed more quieter than before her eyes glued to the floor and her hands neatly holding each other, the lady bowed, "I'm sorry for the introduction, I am Beatrice Danfield." she replied, again her voice sounded like honey.


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When the brown-haired girl thanked him quietly, Oscar simply ignored it. He acknowledged the thanks but didn't say "thank you" or even nod in appreciation. What good did appreciation do in this world, anyways? Exactly. It did nothing. It didn't fix your opinions of others or slay monsters. It was meaningless words that lowered who you were, at least, in Oscar's eyes. He deserved "thank yous" all the time, anyways. If he were to thank every single one, it would be utterly exhausting. He was a noble, adventurer, mage, and other roles, anyways! Wasting time was useless and not something Oscar wanted to do.

Speaking of wasting time, that was most likely what he was doing, waiting for this girl put self-pity on herself and explain why she was taking in Oscar's help. When the girl said how Oscar was smarter than her, he scrunched his nose at her. He knew it was true, of course, but why would she say something like that? She must have had some motive behind it. Maybe she was trying to take back in how she used her emotions on Oscar? He waved in front of him, as if dismissing her thoughts, before continuing with his. "Well-"

BAM! BAM! BAM! Oscar jumped up from where he was, both of his hands on the sword that was at his hip, ready to attack whatever was approaching. He heard that the monster that attacked was a rock monster... was this it? Of course this girl and the boy didn't drive it away completely. They can't just simply make it run away. That would just make it angry and insure that it would come back. They needed to kill it. He glanced at the brown-haired girl and Alec, then frowned at the sight. It made sense how they had to make it run away. They were too weak to kill it.

Oscar was close to unsheathing his sword and attacking the woman in his sight right then and there, but he quickly processed that it wasn't a monster. He stopped himself from slicing the loud civilian right open, although he didn't necessarily take his hands off of his sword either. If the woman was that loud, how would he know she wasn't a threat? He was quickly drawn into her sweet, honey-like voice, though, looking at her puzzlingly as the older one gave the girl he was speaking to looks. Was that how poor people treated each other? Eh. This was why he didn't spend too much time with them all.

He frowned deeply at her when he mentioned himself as a mere guest. It seemed as though the girl's name was Alice, though. She should have introduced herself much earlier, but he supposed that insects couldn't have manners. Even if Oscar wasn't offended with Alice's emotions, he was angry with how the woman said he was just a guest. He only seemed to be annoyed with others when it's about his image personally, like when Alice offered money to him like he was a greedy fool. He looked down on the woman disdainfully.

...well, until she looked at him in happiness and surprise. The moment she recognized him, though, Oscar's serious face turned into a giant smirk. That's right. Grovel before him. Know who is in your household. Know he isn't just some guest. When the woman obviously seemed disappointed, or even angry, with Alec on the couch, Oscar immediately sympathized for her. He knew how disappointing it was to see a poor person instead of a rich, prosperous one. Even poor people would get disappointed with poor people.

When the man bowed his hat to Oscar, he simply looked at him. He sighed for a moment before bowing his head slightly. He knew it was proper etiquette to bow to others once they bow- even if they just bow their hat- to you. He had always heard as well that it was important to respect your elders. He never understood the rules, since he himself was much more important than elders, or anyone for that matter. They should teach in etiquette classes: to always bow to Oscar Somerset.

Oscar raised an eyebrow about how the woman obviously disliked having a child, but nodded to the rest of her requests. He obviously did not know the full hatred the woman had for Alice, yet. When Alice bowed to him, as he had done before with the man with the hat, he bowed his head slightly in response. Then, they simply rushed outside, where the man with the hat went earlier. Hm. They're probably doing poor people things.

Alec's eyes were still closed, and it looked like the pink-haired boy wasn't paying attention to the world. Oscar watched the boy peacefully in his rest. The boy's expression wasn't like the usual peace that most others had when resting, but it was... a conflicted facial expression. This wasn't surprising. When Oscar searched through his mind, it was all scrambled, after all. Oscar stared at the boy, though, trying to get in details about the confusing person who had just entered.

His head shot up away from Alec, though, when he heard screaming. Yelling. Was the monster attacking again?... no. This screaming and yelling wasn't in fear... but in hostility. Was... the woman yelling at her child? Was that how peasants treated their children here? Interesting. He stood where he was, trying to listen to it, but failed to do so. He peeked at the pink-haired boy again, but he seemed to be oblivious to all of this. Shortly after, the woman and girl appeared in front of him again.

He bowed his head to the woman when she bowed, ignoring Alice's appearance now. He narrowed his eyes at Beatrice, trying to see what kind of person she was. Oscar had summed up that Alice didn't seem like much a threat, but this woman was monstrous. He needed to know if he would be endangered from her, as she seemingly just yelled and screamed outside. Oscar bowed his head in recognition to Beatrice Danfield, having a blank expression on his face, although his eyes seemed to be investigating her. If Alice was looking at him, she would recognize this look as the same one Oscar gave when inspecting over Alec.

"Greetings. I come here as the mage and noble, Oscar Somerset, to investigate the monster case that had bestowed upon your village. May you please tell me if you know information about such?" His manner of speaking, compared to how he spoke to Alice, was much more elegant and fluid. He was obviously still on guard with the woman, even with her honey-like voice and her recognizing him as a noble. Even though Beatrice said how if Alice misbehaved at all to him, he ignored the request. Alice certainly didn't treat him as she normally should with a noble, but what good was snitching to the woman? He had no purpose of it other than satisfaction, but he still wouldn't get much if he said so. How much satisfaction would you get out of peasants, anyways?


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Beatrice, looked at with a calm look on her face, her face revealed absolutely nothing it didn't even show she was angry at her own child... Or was Alice her child? If you looked closely there was no striking resemblance anywhere, even the man from earlier had to resemblance with Alice, both of them had the sharp eyes, but the man had more mellow laid-back ones and both their eyes colors were a darker color than Alice's, "Young lord, I welcome you to our-" she paused she didn't hesitate it was as if she was carefully picking her words, "Village, I suppose it's more of a rubble town now." she laughed slightly covering her mouth with her hand like a noble lady. Her expression didn't change much but her smile faded as she told him her information, "As for the information I know, I do not know much as I evacuated like the others in this village with my husband. But I do know that there was a strong light coming from a different direction. The opposite direction where we were evacuating to."

"But one thing I do know is that this child probably has nothing to do with it." she almost smirked at the word child, why should she consider Alice her own child? They weren't even that close to being related, the only connection they had was that they were thrice removed, Beatrice was an aunt to her. But too far apart. She pulled a strand of hair back into her tight bun looking sharp and clean, why was it that this woman looked much like a tutor than a commoner or peasant, she had a calm face. But it sure didn't seem worried or scared, "My husband can prove it if you would like to know if the light was real." she responded with a smile, she whispered something in Alice's ear very so quietly, Alice's face paled by the minute and she quickly bowed scurrying outside, "A moment please, let me grab my husband." her voice sounded strained as if the mere mention of her husband was a trouble, she quickly went outside the door closing it shut with a creak, before shouting outside the words, "GEORGE!!!"

Even Alec would wake up with such commotion the woman walked back in her footsteps were identical to a monster but nothing radiated which didn't prove she was human. "Now, he should come in a moment, if my actions or anything close to vulgar... Please tell me." she told him her voice was smooth as if trying to convince a child she was completely harmless and she was kind, generous... Where was this going anyway? What did this lead to? Soon enough the man, which probably named George came inside he had a sharp chin, and a well groomed beard, his hair was still full and dense but small streaks of white did appear, he nodded very quietly, Beatrice sniffed as her husband was a nuisance or something she disliked she nudged him hard with her elbow but because he was such a big man he didn't seem to realize instead she stomped on his feet quietly, his hand twitched as if that was a sign to prove it hurt.

"Say something!" she whispered very quietly, but Oscar could perhaps still hear it. The man fumbled around with his hat wondering what to say, when he spoke his voice sounded as if the earth parted away from each other, low and hollow but it had a sound anybody would like it was very mellow as if he were singing and he was not, "... Young lord..." he nodded, "... My... Wife... Told me that... No, there was light..." his words were jumbled as if he weren't used to speaking in front of anyone or anything, or was it a disability? He didn't seem to have trouble speaking of any sort but his speech made it sound as if he hadn't talked in months, years possibly.

Beatrice cleared her throat, it was more of a polite way instead of a rude way, "Excuse my, husband." the word husband was hissed through gritted teeth, she continued on, "He's a man of few words, which would explain his unmannerly speech and disorganized appearance, excuse him, please." she responded, looking disdainful at her husband, did they love each other? Beatrice sure had a way of showing it if she did, George on the other hand didn't seem to care much he put back his hat back on, hoping he could get away from talking any further he could already tell that the noble here, wasn't going to enjoy him any much than he did. He blinked pointing outside, Beatrice rolled her eyes knowing he meant about Alice.

"Go. Go, outside to Alice if you want to do something." she hissed to her husband, her husband frowned, it could be seen anywhere that their relationship was very rocky, how long have they been married? George left with a slight nod. Again. With that he left while Beatrice left pacing back and forth she put her slender finger on her temple, pursuing her lips everything she did made it look like as if she was calculating something, or thinking of a next step. "I'm sorry, let's see would you like anything or... Do you need more information...?" she asked looking at him for a reply, before scratching her temple her eye caught... A boy with pink hair, she sniffed why was there a boy laying on her couch?! Why did he have pink hair? Was it dangerous? Heavens! She wanted inch away from the boy but she didn't she just kept still.

Alice came back in holding a bucket full of water she didn't say hello or nod to anything to Oscar knowing he was probably annoyed with all these bowing, he did seem to enjoy it but it would get quite pestering so she decided to be silent. She walked to the kitchen but to be more precise she was limping but it didn't seem all to bad, she was changed into a much cleaner dress, it was still of a commoner but she had looked more refined, her fair skin was clean with no dirt or anything, her hair was neatly tied more than before. Her dress was clean with no wrinkles as if it had just been ironed. She dumped the water into a small pot before doing something in the kitchen.

Beatrice made a quick glance at Alice before turning her attention back to Oscar, was Alice's meaning that little to her? Or did she just want to focus on Oscar at the moment? She made little effort to make a smooth smile but it ended up looking like a real smile anyway. "I must say, it must be amazing to be a mage and noble at the same time, isn't it quite busy to be yourself?" she complimented him, "To be honest I don't think any of us could ever reach that high, even if we work our wits off, until our lives end to make it that high in status..." Unless we steal it. she thought before adding quickly, "It's amazing to see a young, refined man such as yourself in such a busy, amazing job."

Alice stopped cutting, and looked at her mother with narrowed eyes she looked at Oscar, as if she wanted him to read her eyes if he could they would probably be seeing something like : Don't-trust-her. But she didn't say anything only her green eyes wide with concern and worry, she knew how much her step-mother acted innocent, but inside she was actually cunning think through stuff, she wasn't the average dumb commoner she had some wits to know what she was doing. She then glanced at Alec, and frowned was Oscar going to give his analysis to her? Or was it a lie, she shook the thought away rubbing her eyes before cutting again. Why did she always have to think weird stuff at a weird point of time? She muttered something while cutting the vegetables, frustrated for some reason.


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Oscar Somerset

Oscar seemed to visibly perk up when Beatrice called him Young Lord, and if it was not apparent that he had a major ego, it was quite obvious not. However, even when perked up, he did not laugh along with the foster mother when she made the joke. All poor villages look like rubble, was his immediate thought. He believed the fact Beatrice just stated was normal and not humorous. It could be noted, though, that he felt more comfortable with the woman, if slightly. She acted as high nobles usually would with him, so he guessed it was a different change of pace than her acting like a peasant. Yet, he seemed distant and not listening in closely, the same way he acted with Alice when not giving him information.

He quickly came back on track when the woman said that there was a bright light somewhere. He quickly compared this information to what Alice told him, and he knew that she most likely wasn't lying to him, then. He looked over the pink-haired boy quickly, frowning, before looking back at the woman. The serious look on his face, the way he was crossing his arms: only a pipe and a detective hat would be needed to complete his look right now.

When Beatrice sneered at the word child, Oscar took note of this, but neither did anything to act upon it nor seem to have any emotion towards it. Oscar understood why the woman sneered: anyone would at a poor one. Even though he knew Alice- if only for a short time- he showed no sympathy for Alice. He simply started connecting facts inside his head. The woman was simply saying that with what she felt for Alice, so her statement meant nothing in this monster case. The peasant earlier who spoke to him told him that Alice helped, and Alice herself said how she helped Alec, if only slightly from distracting him.

A light came from his body. A large flash of light was seen from the woman. It was obvious: the pink-haired boy exhibited light magic. A rare case. He examined the boy, looking at his hair. Was that pink color exhibited by his magic? If he had a stronger case of mana inside of him, it could be possible for what caused that unusualness in him. Oscar felt annoyance flashing inside him again, though. How could the boy be this special? Well, no matter how special he was, he would never be as special as Oscar. As the mage. As the noble. He was a mere peasant who will never know the riches of higher society.

He nodded at the mention of having another witness of the light, ignoring how Alice was reacting to her mother, but visibly went on guard when she suddenly yelled out her husband's name. The pink-haired boy seemed to shift uncomfortably, but Oscar turned his head away from him. He was more focused on the woman's actions. He had heard of those who masked their true selves away from others; heck, Oscar even did it from time to time when really needed. When the woman soon spoke to him again- as if he were a child- he simply looked at her. She simply seemed two-sided.

When the old man came, Oscar paid no attention to how his relationship was to Beatrice, quickly scanning him for threats before waiting patiently. Nope- scratch that. Impatiently. When the man didn't speak, Oscar's foot quickly tapped with annoyance as his face scrunched up. Did they not get the part that he was a mage and noble? He had no time for this. Speak, peasant, speak.

He agreed with Beatrice when she whispered to the man to say something, although he made no physical sign that he heard her. When the man called him Young Lord, Oscar perked up again and looked interested in his words, even if they stumbled over each other. Oscar didn't seem focused on how the words were said, but the information inside of them. He did seem like he was relaxed on how George's voice sounded like, though.

When Beatrice apologized for his behavior, Oscar simply waved them off and thought simply to himself. Well, that certainly patched things up on how the light was there. What was the poor man talking about, though? Something his wife said? What had Beatrice said to him? Was he simply talking about how the woman ordered him to say? Hm. The woman seemed to order around a lot. Hm. Maybe that's how poor people worked. Oscar would never understand them.

He knew peasants wouldn't have acted well with each other, so he didn't seem distraught with how Beatrice and George had a rough relationship. He seemed to be lost in thought, but quickly got brought back to reality when Beatrice called him in. Did he need anything? Did he need any more information? Hm. She seemed to be wanting to get on his good side. Oscar didn't seem suspicious at the act, though. Everyone would want to get on the good side of a noble.

"Alice already offered me tea," Even though Oscar didn't seem suspicious that she was on her best behavior, he was still on guard. He still spoke with grace, although the annoyance was apparent in his voice. "So I do not need anything. I do not need any more information as well. You do not need to give me any more."

When the woman looked at the boy, Oscar understood why she was looking and sniffing at him like that, but his face filled with anger. That look said how she thought she was above him. She was nowhere above him. She was at the same level as him. They were both poor, despicable vermin who had no right to speak to others. Only Oscar could look down on others, as he was the one who had the right to. Who did she think she was to look at someone equal to her like that? Useless.

When the woman smiled at him once more, complimenting him on his roles. He frowned at them. He would always hear these things to those trying to get on his good side, or from those who were poor peasants who had no future. The woman seemed to fit both categories. He nodded at the statements, opening his mouth to answer her, but caught the eye of Alice. He read the distrust in Alice's eye, and could only guess that this emotion was either for himself or for Beatrice. Well, he couldn't take his chances. He would just have the guess that the distrust was for them both.

He looked at the woman once more and said, "Yes, I do understand why you would say those kind words. A peasant like you would never have a chance to be in my place, so you can only dream." He cleared his throat. "But, to answer your question, it is quite busy. I have to clean up after those like yourself, who only create a mess for others. Why else would I be here today?" He meant no insult in his words, since he simply stated these as cold, hard facts. Like it was common sense to think this way.

Alec Morris

Alec was never quite sleeping, as others would believe. He was merely blocking himself from the world. Eyes closed, ears closed, mouth closed. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. It was quite easy to do this, as the people around him were keeping quite quiet. Even though Alec was just lying there, he didn't seem to be listening in. The fog in his mind trapped him, contained him so that he was incapable of doing anything. He was a prisoner in his own mind, and there was no hope for him ever getting out. If he would have this concussion for a while, the chains in his mind would never have a key, never have a hope.

He did hear their words, but he simply laid quiet. Restful. He might have even drifted off and went into oblivion... if it wasn't for a specific loud noise. A loud noise that banged against his skull, against the fog, and forced him to process noise.



Alec shifted uncomfortably from where he was, opening his eyes to see the world beyond him. "Wha-?" He murmured, although he doubted others heard him, trying to focus on the double image woman. He couldn't see... but he could tell that she wasn't the same age as the male who stood nearby. They were... different, from what Alec could see. He let out a sigh, trying to squint his eyes at what happened.

"...Young lord... My... Wife... Told me that... No, there was light..."

"Excuse my, husband."


"Go. Go, outside to Alice if you want to do something."


"...Do you need more information?"


What was happening?

He stared at the woman talk, not processing anything anyone was saying. Where was he? Everything either doubled... or was blurred out... or was simply confusing. He opened and closed his mouth slowly a couple of times, as if trying to talk, but no noise came out. It hurt. Oh, how it hurt. Sweat poured down the side of his face, and how he just wanted to close his eyes again. The beating inside of his head didn't stop, and he just wanted to sleep again.

Alec seemed to be forming a sentence, and after Oscar spoke, he seemed to be able to say the words, "Who...?" It was clear he was asking who everyone was- again- since he had absolutely no idea.

He had absolutely no idea.

He had absolutely no idea.​


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Alice Archer

Alice minced the carrots when she looked over at the two of them, Beatrice and Oscar. Did he really play along with her schemes? Apparently Beatrice was having some fun or at least plotting a plan for something. She washed her hands she was finished with cutting the vegetables for dinner, even without asking she could tell Beatrice was hungry and George, though if Alice had to choose who could eat, it would be more of George at least he worked, while Beatrice on the other hand just stirred up gossip and rumors.

Oscar, or he seemed to like the word Young lord much more better than anything at the moment, she heard Oscar refuse Beatrice, for something like tea? She didn't hear it very clearly but he just refused something, he informed her that he would no longer need any more information, Alice didn't show it but inside her heart she could feel it beating normal again, being with a noble was tough, to just appease them was hard.

The Oscar said it, he said it. A peasant would never dream of his status. True, but it did feel a bit sad, even if Alice was smart (which she probably wasn't) and worked hard she couldn't get into a very high position it would only work if she married into status which always made her uncomfortable she had always heard rumors of young girls getting married off to old men, the thought made her want to gag.

But the tone of way Oscar told Beatrice this facts did not seem all too cold, just the truth, she settled away her things the sound of water boiling beginning to resonate across the room. She wiped her filthy scratched hands which her apron she always had. Was Oscar fine with George? Was he annoyed with him? It was common. Beatrice constantly snapped at George because of his poor language but nobody ever complained about his voice, Alice too always felt as ease at his voice for some reason it always reminded her of her...


There was no use being stuck in the past but always thinking of her parents made her think what if? Alice quickly made the thought disappear there was no what if. This was her life now, the road she would take until she breathed her last breath, she wouldn't have anything that could change or could it...? Meeting Alec, felt- out of place, it was a weird feeling to describe it was as if he was really not suppose to be here. The thought didn't quite revolve around Alice's brain much as it made no sense at all.

Alec. She strided to where the couch was, was he getting better? She doubted it, with her mother and a noble here talking it wouldn't do much help, only if the cleric was still available and without any other patients the problem would have been resolved, she trotted back to the kitchen the bucket of water she filled earlier was cool now, much more cool.

She grabbed a small vase, and scooped up some of the water, the well always provided them water even in the harshest summers and she was thankful for that, using the vase she returned back to Alec dipping a rag or what it seemed to be a cloth into the water and placing it on top of Alec's forehead, it could help ease the swelling inside his brain. Possible or to relax himself slightly.

"What are you doing, Alice?" Beatrice snapped, Alice blinked she didn't respond she didn't have to what are her obligation to respond? Beatrice tapped her fingers on her arm, irritated. "What are you doing Alice? I asked you once don't make me repeat things." she shrilled quietly, Alice looked at her, her green eyes were slightly dull, she was tired of this. Tired of everything but she would just have to smile it off. Like always.

"... I was putting a cool cloth on Alec..." she mumbled, that was it, that was all it took, Beatrice whisked past the sofa and glared at Alice, "Alice. I told you I hate mumbling! Now get yourself together or so help me- I will-" Beatrice stopped. She mouthed a few words to her I will expect to see you later. Alice shuddered slightly. She put her hand on Alec's forehead to feel the heat, or how much it was.

Why was she so worried about Alec? Because she found him first? Because she pitied him? Or was it because she wanted a friend, she almost slapped herself when she thought about it, but balled her hand into a tight fist instead. She sat down next to Alec to check to see when he woke up, and try to help him when he woke up, even as much Beatrice didn't want that.

Beatrice Blanchard

Beatrice did her best to smile when Oscar said peasants, of course she was one but it made her blood boil each time this happened. But Beatrice decided to keep a clam state of mind, true. Oscar was only stating the mere truth, he was telling the truth. Not lying.

"I understand, young lord." She agreed quietly, "Thank you for coming to our town." she added quickly as if the two sentences were connected, she looked at Alice. What was she doing now? Her crease on her forehead increased, she bit the inside of her lip.

"What are you doing, Alice?" Beatrice felt herself snap again, Alice stayed quiet for a moment was she not going to answer Beatrice? She felt herself tap her fingers on her own arm, what a child! How useless was she? Beatrice took her in when nobody wanted her, the only reason she wanted to take care of her was because of Casper, oh, sweet Casper...

She felt herself losing her concentration, "What are you doing Alice? I asked you once don't make me repeat things." she felt her voice becoming to a shrill, she glared at Alice, answer, hurry up and answer!

"... I was putting a cool cloth on Alec..."

Beatrice almost snorted she felt the corners of her mouth twitch. How could this child be so so stupid? she mouthed a few words, these words Alice would remember immediately, Beatrice felt satisfaction as soon as Alice shuddered, it was satisfying to see this. Now returning back to her conversation with Oscar she gave a curtsy.

"Young lord, I'm guessing you have more houses to check?" she asked, wondering if this was a polite way to ask if he was leaving, he could be offended but she was only asking not assuming.​


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Oscar Somerset

Oscar did not look for any signs that Beatrice was bothered with what he said, so he simply nodded at her statement when she was thanking him, although looking at Alice. Why was the girl so sensitive, but the one here not? They're in the same household, yet so different. Were mothers and daughters usually different from one another? Was it the same for mothers and sons? He thought about his mother and nodded at his statement. Well, Oscar was much more amazing than his mother, so children could be very different from their parents. Still, it was surprising about the differences of Alice and Beatrice.

While his eyes were on Alice, he noticed her as she went over to Alec. He looked at the pink-haired boy, now raising an eyebrow when he saw that he was awake. Hm. Was the peasant girl trying to heal him, or make him feel better? There wasn't much she could do without magic, and judging how she didn't heal the boy yet, he guessed that she didn't know spells. Oscar smirked at this. Of course she didn't. No peasants could do anything that Oscar could.

The smirk slipped of his face, though, when Beatrice soon started scolding Alice. Right in front of him. Sure, he didn't care that it was happening, but did the woman not know how to act in front of a noble? You don't do these things, especially in front of Oscar Somerset! He didn't want to hear these things! He had better things to do than hear one yelling at another! He frowned disapprovingly at Beatrice, although the frown had no sympathy for Alice who had to endure all of this.

While Oscar could understand why Beatrice was doing, since mumbling was useless and putting a cloth on his head was not needed if you took him to a healer, save it for later! Save it after Oscar left the house and didn't have to deal with all of this! He looked at the boy again, then at Alice, then at Beatrice. Oh. Maybe he could use the fact that Beatrice obviously didn't like Alice and use it for his advantage.

He smiled at his very genius idea, looking at Beatrice as she spoke to him again. He cleared his throat.

"Yes, but before I go..." He gave a glare at Alice. "This girl does not know how to act in front of a noble." Alice was sitting next to the boy right now, but this did not stop Oscar from standing in front of Alec. He frowned thinking of what he was about to do, but what choice did he have? He picked up Alec, putting him into a bridal carry. He seemed to do this easily, so that would hint to Beatrice and Alice about how strong he was. It could also be noted that he physically shivered while carrying him, as if he were holding a cockroach in his arms. He regained his posture, though, and said confidently and with anger. "She clearly had no experience with higher classes. I have never in my life met someone as insulting as her." He turned his head towards Beatrice. "May I go educate her outside myself? If you did it, dear Beatrice, it wouldn't give as much of an impact. I need to make sure she never acts like she did to another noble again."

Hopefully Alice would connect the dots. She knew that Oscar wanted to give his analysis to her earlier, and he wasn't angry with her earlier as well. The fact that he forced himself to pick up Alec as well showed his true intentions. His moment of confidence got quickly extinguished when Alec started squirming in his arms, him shuddering again before standing up straight, angrily muttering at the boy that Beatrice nor Alice would be able to hear.

Alec Morris

Everyone was still talking. His question hung in the air, and everyone just shrugged it off. Alec let out a hot breath, about to shift, but stopped himself. It would hurt too much if he shifted. It hurt everywhere, though. Inside his mind, outside his mind. What was worse than being both in mental and physical pain? He squeezed his eyes shut, letting the deep breaths come in and out of his lungs.

Gosh, it was so painful. Panic welled in his chest now, spreading around his body more and more like a virus. He started shaking, and he might have even let out a caveman scream if he knew that it would have hurt his head. He was going insane! He was-

Then, suddenly, a coolness went onto his forehead. He relaxed at the touch, not knowing how hot and stressed out he was. He opened his eyes slightly, looking at the brown-haired girl in front of him with confusion before closing them again. He wanted to go back to the darkness. He wanted to sleep. He felt oh so tired. Will whatever force that controls sleep let him sleep? Will it?

Apparently not. A shrill voice filled the air, causing Alec to wince and flinch. The shrillness bounced around in his ears like a volleyball, having it passed and turned. Loud. Loud! Was there no quiet here? More voices filled in after the shrill voice, causing Alec to scrunch up his face in discomfort. He couldn't think right now, he couldn't look at things correctly, and all this noise certainly wasn't helping!

Then, suddenly, only one voice filled the air. It seemed like an angry monologue. Alec relaxed a bit, having this voice be much quieter than the shrill one. He let his chest rise and fall in peace, knowing nothing was going to interrupt him.

...or not. Not after a few seconds later that the voice was talking, Alec was soon picked up. His head started swarming, with Alec's eyes opened in alarm. The person who was holding him's arms were stiff and certainly not as comfortable as the couch. Alec's brain started moving around to different places, swarming with fog and confusion. What was happening? Why was the world moving around him?

"...If you did it, dear Beatrice, it wouldn't give as much of an impact. I need to make sure she never acts like she did to another noble again."

Why was the person who was holding him's voice so much more louder now that Alec was in their arms? Alec started shifting with discomfort again, just wanting to have peace again. "No, no," Alec choked out, obviously wanting to be put down. His cries were of no use, though, as in fact they gave the opposite effect. The voice just got louder, it muttering in his ears now angrily, telling him to stop. No matter what the voice said, though, Alec kept on squirming.

Well, at least for a few seconds. Alec's head started hurting again, so he just laid there now like a dead body. Good try, at least.​


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
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Beatrice Blanchard

Beatrice sighed, useless, useless useless. How could a child act like that especially in front of a noble to take care of that thing! Thing? Was it human? Heck; no human has pink hair! No kidding! Beatrice gave Alice another death glare, no need to talk no longer, Alice got the message she was going to be educated. How could Alice be so different from Casper? Sure, they had some traits that were similar but most of her traits belonged to her mother. Such a wicked woman. Cruel, selfish, wicked. What would Oscar think?

Oh, goodness she did it right in front of him. Of course she did. She wanted to massage her temple very badly but withheld it in. She hated this, if only Alice was gone. Gone, do something. Do something, she could've anywhere, at anywhere but she was somewhere and found the boy. Found the thing with pink hair. Was it an alien? A different species... Elf? Oh, perhaps he was.

Beatrice put her hands together. Her attention was caught with a familiar person clearing their throat, she turned her attention back to Oscar, she smiled or at least tried to. Her eyes were warm, but both suspicious. What's going to happen? Did she do something wrong? Hopefully not. She looked at him, trying to look kind.

She saw the look. She saw it. Oscar glared at Alice, Beatrice cursed. What did she do wrong? She glared at Alice too. Alice only shrunk. Her frame seemed smaller with two people glaring at her. She felt her hands getting cold when Oscar mentioned how Alice didn't know how to act in front of nobles. True. But it frightened Beatrice, what was going to happened to herself? This child. If Oscar weren't here, she would've smacked Alice in this moment. But she stood still keeping a poker face.

"Yes, I'm aware of that, sir." she agreed, hanging her head. Beatrice looked at Oscar very strangely for a moment when he walked over to the boy. She clamped her mouth with her hand when Oscar carried him bridal style. How strange. Alice did the same but she seemed shocked, her face full of confusion. Beatrice cleared her throat trying to get rid of her facial expression. Beatrice did not catch the image of Oscar shivering at Alec's touch. Beatrice once again had a poker face.

"Alice? Educated? If it appeases you young lord, you may do whatever that child is to be done. Such a person who has insulted a high member of nobility should be punished." her voice sounded relaxed again, no anger was poised to Oscar about educating her own daughter. Were they truly that indifferent to each other? Or did they truly hate each other?

Beatrice did a little curtsy, "Please. Do what you may." she added finally with a glint of her eyes, no sadness was in her eyes only mere satisfaction, again.

Alice Archer

Alice stood up, when Oscar cleared his throat, did she truly treat him badly? She didn't know, she didn't know what Oscar felt. Alec. This was her fault. If she just brought him to Bill's he would've been in a more safer environment. Goodness he would've been! If Alice knew her mother was coming she would've brought him to a different place. What did Oscar possible want from her? TO scold her? TO yell? Shout? She didn't care she only looked up her eyes were bright with determination.

Alice trembled at the glare her pale skin getting paler by the minute. She slid her hands onto her skirt, she clenched her skirt hard to stop them from shaking. How could she be so scared of a human more than a monster? Ah, but she already knew the answer for that question. Monsters were created from Malice. If they were created from Malice, they couldn't help but be evil. But humans could change. Change easily.

She looked at her mother, she too. Seemed frightened, her gut tightened, she felt her stomach churn.

"This girl does not know how to act in front of a noble." Oscar said with a glare, she felt chills run up her spin. Alice blinked when he got closer, not to her but to Alec. She clamped her mouth surprised. She got it. He was going to give her his analysis. Oh, thank the heavens! Alice tried to act the best she could to look, scared or well at least she tried to look like she was going to cry.

Alice hung her head to make sure that Beatrice couldn't figure out what was going on, she scurried out of the door feeling a glare pierce through her back, she opened the door for Oscar knowing his hands were full, she looked away from Beatrice, how would she explain this later? Oh, well... She would make a lie... She waited for Oscar to step outside her vision scanned her town and she frowned slightly.​


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Oscar Somerset

Since the pink-haired boy now stayed in his arms like a dead body, it proved quite easier to holler him around. Oscar had to hold injured ones before in his past villages to rumbled villages- apparently, he had to help since the village healers begged him to- so the movements he did now were just repetition. The blond-haired boy looked over the male in his arms. He could try to use a spell to list him up without touching him, but that would just backfire against himself. The light-magic user was obviously in a bad state right now, and his spell that he cast on his memories earlier already did enough. He didn't need to waste his magic on him further. Even as he said this, though, he was still clearly uncomfortable with holding this one is his arms. He was always uncomfortable with any form of physical touch.

Well, unless it came from him. Unless it came from the brown-haired one. He... that one was the only one allowed to make Oscar feel comfortable and warm inside. But that was another story for another day.

The noble frowned as Alice only got pale, which she only got from either him or Beatrice. His fake, angry gaze turned into one filled with coldness. He truly, truly felt no sympathy for the girl. She was obviously weak. Obeying the woman like this, being quiet and mumbling, obviously not knowing magic as she had hinted at it and begged Oscar, a famous magic user, to heal her friend. This world was not best suited for her. And, as a peasant herself, she wasn't suited for all the hardships everything was to come towards her. To be honest, he didn't think the pink-haired boy was ready for anything, either. Perhaps Alice was stronger than him, as Alec was the one getting a concussion, though when comparing the two vermin, there wasn't much difference.

His eyes glimpsed over Alice after he picked by the boy, seeing if she showed any sign of recognition. He didn't see any, so either the girl was mightily good at acting right then and there or she was truly afraid. Either emotion would be good for his cause, though. He didn't mind. He didn't care. As long as things worked out for him in the end, she could do whatever she wanted. As long as her actions didn't make his look bad, he wouldn't mind. Some may call him cold hearted for thinking these things, but it was simply 101 on how to survive in a cruel world filled with nobles and peasants, filled with mages and witches, filled with hope and death. Some may call him obnoxious, self-centered...

...but at least he was strong.

At Beatrice's recognition that she was aware, he looked at her closely. When she placed a hand on her mouth, clearly looking surprised, a look of confusion went over him. What was she...? Then, suddenly, it struck Oscar in that moment. Bridal carry. Him. Looks of surprise. Another male in his arms. ANOTHER MALE IN HIS ARMS. An uncharacteristic blush suddenly poofed onto Oscar's face, as if magic itself sent it there. An embarrassed facial expression was now on his face- something that never showed on him- as he seemed absolutely humiliated for what others were thinking of him. And he couldn't even tell if they were right or not.

Even as Beatrice called him "Young Lord" again and gave her approval to take Alice outside, that still couldn't take away the flusterness that came upon him. His brain just stopped operating at that moment. In response to the woman, though, he bowed his head and responded with a very noticeable voice crack, "Of course." He recognized how the woman didn't seem to care for her child, yet, again, he didn't care. It didn't affect him in any way. It wasn't as though he cared for Alice or anything like that. She was useless and weak. She could only be useful to him through information.

When Alice opened the door, Oscar quickly followed suit, going outside and away from the sight of Beatrice. The boy started squirming in his arms at the swift movement out, but Oscar simply held him in a new sense of weakness. The holding wasn't as firm as before. This led to when they finally got out of the house, out of Alice's guardian's sight, Oscar quickly muttering something and dropping Alec to the ground. The drop couldn't have damaged Alec, as Oscar sort of let him roll off, but it may have caused pain.

However, if Alice were to check up on Alec, she would see that he wasn't in any pain right now. Instead, he seemed to have a sort of grayish magical glow around his skin, which could only be explained by the muttering of Oscar earlier. Oscar didn't seem to show that he just put on a spell, however, much more concerned with looking at the ground. The fiery redness was still evident around his face, his mouth completely covered with his right hand. Never, never had he been assumed of his sexual orientation like that so bold. Sure, random people came up to him and started flirting for absolutely no reason, but that scenario had never happened before. It had obviously taken Oscar off-guard.

"Stupid peasants..." He muttered a couple of curses in different languages before trying to compose himself. He took a deep breath, trying to extinguish the red blush, and placed his hand down. Oscar then cleared his throat, looking at Alice carefully and untrustworthily. "If a suspicious rumor goes out about what I did, I'll murder you and everyone you love. Though... I do suppose insects are always at risk of being killed in the first place."

Nice, Oscar. Threatening and insulting with the same breath. You're improving. He seemed to let his embarrassment and coldness wash away, having the arrogance back in his grin. Since Alec was now lying on the ground, he crouched by him, looking over him as one above him. "This boy has scrambled memories. I tried looking inside his head for information, but whatever harmed him is injuring him badly. He may get worse if he doesn't get help."

As if on cue, Alec then started moving around. Oscar frowned at this. He thought he put a spell that limits the physical pain of the concussion the male had endured through. It didn't limit mental confusion, though. Was that one of the real reasons the boy was in pain? Oscar looked at the boy one last time before looking towards the ruined town, asking out loud, "Does your healer have apprentices? They may be able to help with... this problem."

Alec Morris

Alec had been trying to rest. When he finally gave in and started just lying there like a dead body, he found it much easier to try to relax. However, he couldn't deny that what he was laying on currently was uncomfortable. The arms of whoever was holding him were tense, as if they were giving every ounce of strength to hold him right now. Still. as Alec didn't try to fight, he was able to try to minimize the pain. To try to minimize the pounding in his head. To try to minimize the voices of others around him right now. To try to minimize all the confusion that was happening.

Then, suddenly, the tense arms because ones full of weakness. Alec's eyes opened in panic, squirming in the arms to try to remain stable. Of course, it would only backfire, since that would make the arms weaker since they can't hold the pink-haired boy as well, but Alec obviously couldn't think straight with his concussion. Panic flowed through his veins, replacing all blood within his body as he tried not to fall to the ground.

Alec suddenly got transported as well, with these weak arms of whoever was carrying him. It was not two good combinations: having the world spin because of you're concussion and having the world jump up and down because someone's carrying you. Alec squeezed his eyes shut, feeling nausea hit him once, twice, and more and more the longer the journey. Luckily, the world jumping up and down didn't last too long. Unluckily, Alec was dropped on the cold, hard ground.

While Alec was in the air, though, while Alec was in the duration of being dropped, he felt a shimmering sensation all over his body. It felt hot at first, then scolding, then cooling. somehow, in a timeframe of two seconds, this happened to register into Alec's brain as he hit the ground. Yet, with this cooling skin, he didn't feel any pain from hitting the ground. In fact, he didn't feel any physical pain. The pounding in his head went away. His painful eyeballs were now just regular eyeballs. He didn't feel nauseous, the world didn't spin, and he felt overall better than he did a minute ago.

But... he was still confused. He didn't know a lot of things. All the memories inside of his head were still scrambled, not even being matched together correctly. A bunch of puzzle pieces cut with scissors to make them fit, yet it seems strange. No matter how much physical pain was being taken away, the thing that hurt most was that Alec was so useless right now: to himself and to those around him. If he couldn't think straight, what was he supposed to do?

In the panic of knowing this, Alec soon started moving around on the floor he was dropped at. it looked as though he were a child stuck in a nightmare, yet he wasn't dreaming. He was awake. Perhaps that just made the meaning behind his squirming worse, but it was true.​


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
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Alice Archer

Alice patiently waited for Oscar to come, the moment when she paled she remembered the coldness in his eyes. But, what did that matter? They didn't know each other, but at the same time she remembered the slight hue of red that was registered on his face, did he understand what she and her mother were thinking? Or did he merely guess it?

After following suit, she saw Oscar roll off Alec, she immediately wanted to yell at the noble or squeak but she only looked at Alec worriedly but didn't say anything, but one most caught Alice's attention was that Oscar was covering his mouth with his hand. Goodness, did something happen? She only heard a few words being muttered and different languages being muttered as well. He sucked in a deep breath, and put his hands down. She felt the hair on her neck rise when Oscar gave her a look of untrustworthy.

When he threatened her, her face didn't pale but she only gave a small nod, "I didn't mean to assume, I'm sorry. I only thought for a moment, do not worry. I'm not a person who liked rumors anyway. As for killing me, I don't have many people to care for me," She knew that the noble felt no sympathy to anyone so she just decided to brush the statement off before continuing it. Insects. She felt herself internally cringe. Were they insects in the eyes of nobles? When of course they are, all nobles were born with a silver spoon given to them or in their mouths.

Alice straightened when all his coldness and blush washed away, she wouldn't show much weakness, she had to talk. She didn't have to show she was weak. She felt the air grow slightly colder when he grinned. She prepared to listen to Oscar's analysis.

"This boy has scrambled memories. I tried looking inside his head for information, but whatever harmed him is injuring him badly. He may get worse if he doesn't get help."

She listened carefully, she took in a breath, her heart somehow felt hollow and empty, this was the monster's fault. But, she shouldn't blame the monster, she only looked up, then he continued on looking at Alec and asking if her village had a healer apprentices, she shook her head disappointingly, "No, our healer... Does not approve of most of the people in this village to be her apprentice, as she does... No, she knows most of them just do this for money and not a lot of them have a heart to help people."

She thought for a moment, like Oscar said this would get worse, if he doesn't get help quickly. But what could she do? She was a poor mere commoner, she thought for a moment, even if she were to wait for the healer to heal Alec she would have to wait a long time. Alice knew she was going in circles. If she- She stopped the thought the blond haired noble wouldn't help her. Only if she begged.

"I noticed, that Alec seems to have more confusion more than pain now..." she added, quietly. Gosh, if only she had asked or seen the cleric more earlier... Alice shook the thought away, it wasn't going to help. She didn't want to beg Oscar to help though, she didn't want him to feel like he won. She tapped her chin with her finger, looking at the ground. Since Alice wasn't strong in magic or anything, she just had to watch.

Did she really have to ask for Oscar for help? She put her hand on her chest where she could feel the smooth surface of her necklace even under her dress. She gripped it, hard. She sighed, she wasn't going to act so helpless like she did before...

... Because, she wasn't a little girl anymore.

Perhaps... No, even that wouldn't work, if only... Why did everything she always thought of lead up to the blond haired boy? Alice felt hopeless, the voice of her mother, kept ringing inside her head, or at least her eyes told her something. She looked at Alec, what choice did she have? It was her fault she brought him to her village. But, she didn't know what to do. Instead she put her hands together trying to stay calm.

Maybe if she knew the spell of healing she could- but that would require going to the cleric or asking Oscar, but she remembered his words very clearly, he wasn't a cleric but he was a mage. Not a cleric, she scolded herself for thinking that the young man in front of her would actually offer help first, but she didn't want to think too badly of people.

"I-" her voice faltered, she didn't know what to say, how foolish could she be? Magic, status, money, fame, power... If she had any one of those she could have possibly helped Alec not to leave him in this state. But unfortunately she didn't have any of those traits...​


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Oscar Somerset

Oscar was really starting to dislike this girl. She was becoming inferior to insects themselves. While it was true that Oscar disliked everybody, this girl was now becoming a special case. Her actions and words bubbled up anger, annoyance, and horrible memories: three things Oscar definitely did not want inside of him. He let out a hot breath when he processed what Alice said before he gave his analysis, and his cold gaze fell to the ground. He seemed to be squinting, and it was unclear which boy had more going through their head right now: Alec Morris or Oscar Somerset.

A scene suddenly appeared in Oscar's head. One brought up by a sentence Alice said. A memory he hoped to forget.



The brown haired one ran in front of the blond boy, panting with a letter stuck in his tiny fist. A blush of fatigue was on the brown-haired child, with his blackberry eyes squeezed shut. His peach skin was spread across his freckled body, and his bright red clothing stood out in the garden. Pink petals filled the area, yet that wasn't the main scenery there. Underneath the tree sat the most popular one in the kingdom: Oscar Somerset. Neatly cut blond hair was on the brown figure as it soon looked up at the one approaching him.

"Yes?" Oscar's voice was different than it was now. It was calm, loving. "Bastien? Do you need me?"

"Look! Look!" Bastien opened up the already-unsealed letter, showing it to Oscar in excitement and then hugging Oscar soon after. And Oscar accepted the informal gesture. "I got in! I got into the academy!!"

That was the difference between Bastien and Oscar. Bastien worked all his life for good news, while Oscar had everything handed to him. Yet, Oscar smiled besides their differences. A soft look came over his face as he looked at the brown-haired boy in endearment, hugging him back. "Of course you did. Did you think otherwise?"

"Well..." Bastien made a sad smile. "People don't really think I'm great at being a mage. Or that I'm great at anything. I don't have many people to care for me, really."

And that's the first time Oscar said these specific words:

"No. That's not true. I care for you."


This stupid girl had no right to let these memories resurface to Oscar. She had no right to make him break down his walls again. She had no right to make his heart pound with grief again, to make him feel like sobbing on the ground in worry. She had no right to make him feel guilty. He knew his sins would only pile onto his back all his life, grasping at his legs as he tried to walk away. He knew no matter how strong he was, no matter how the universe was in his favor, his past actions would only come after him. He knew that his tears did nothing.

Oscar hated this girl. He hated how she said things that Bastien once did. He hated who she was. He hated her clothing style. He hated everything about her. And, while Oscar didn't know it, he only hated the girl right now because she reminded him of a past, special friend. She reminded him of painful memories, and now anger was slowly bubbling over him.

He put his eyes back on Alice, but if she looked closely at his arms, she would slowly see dark clouds rising up them. He creased his eyebrows about the stupidity of their healer for not getting apprentices, but had his heart pound in despair again when he heard something. A second passed, and he responded. "If you have a 'heart' to help someone..." His voice spoke truth. "...then you'll die. I learned the lesson a long time ago. You must put yourself above others in order to survive. Being selfless isn't good for anything in this world." The dark clouds were now going down his legs, laying on the floor below them. Like Alec before, Oscar's eyes glazed over. It wasn't glazing with confusion, though. It was glazing with anguish.

He silently listened to the girl when she agreed with how Alec seemed more confused than pained, but Oscar was lost in his thoughts. He ignored her movements, the way she gripped at her dress and necklace, and merely stared at the ground. When the girl's voice faltered, though, he snapped. Quite literally. Lightening started snapping in the thunderclouds around him, although if they went onto Alice, they would only give her a large shock that wouldn't hurt her.

"Be quiet." His facial expression grew dark. "You say you do not need to plead and lie to a noble, yet you say things so concerning for yourself. Do you think I care? Do you think any of us care?" The magic was clearly connected to his emotions, and it crackled and popped now with electricity. "You have so much pity for yourself. Yes, we all feel bad for ourselves, yet we keep it inside of us. Even I keep it inside of myself most of the time. You blurt it out for the world for everyone to hear! You hesitate and downgrade yourself and falter. And people call me selfish and self-centered!" Alice would obviously be able to tell the anger in his voice, although she wouldn't be able to tell where it came from.

"I've met people like you. Those who say these things about themselves just for the attention of others. Well, let me tell you this, rodent." A lightning bult from his now large gathering of clouds hit somewhere, although Oscar didn't pay attention where. "People will never feel sympathy for you. I will never feel sympathy for you. You are nothing, NOTHING, and you always will be. You are not good. You are not deserving of being here. You will obviously take every opportunity to be about yourself." He took a step back. "I can see why your guardian dislikes you so much now."

And at that final sentence, one last lightning bult came out, although not somewhere where Oscar wanted it to be. It hit the rolling body on the ground. It hit the pink-haired boy on the ground. Alec. For a split second, yellow electricity filled the boy, until he laid flat. His eyes bulged open, his clothes were sprayed, and his poor, unicorn hair was everywhere. And he was...


Oscar immediately ran over to the light-magic user's side, and his hands which were filled with clouds a minute ago now glowed with green. The clouds now surrounded Alec, and it was obvious that Oscar was now trying to heal Alec. "Fulgur Sana." And with those words, Oscar took off the boy's hoodie and shirt to show his bare chest and pressed his green-lighted hands on the boy's lightning injury, pulsing energy into his body.

Alec's forehead and stomach had a green and white glow on them, which momentarily confused Oscar. It was only supposed to be green. Was he doing the spell wrong? Whatever the reason, Oscar still pulsed energy into the boy. The clouds slowly dispersed from around the blond-haired boy, and he let out a breath as soon as the lightning injury sustained, leaving a huge scar along the boy's stomach. The confusion got wiped off the boy's face, and any bleeding in his head went away until his eyes opened up. Oscar heard the little mutter that came out of the pink-haired boy's mouth:

"Huh...? What...? Where...?"

"Good." Oscar gave a breath of relief. The boy was taking everything in, but the slur was taken out of his vocal range. Still, as a moment passed between them, Oscar was suddenly pushed off of the boy. Oscar could only look at the boy in bewilderment as the male suddenly started yapping away. Who pushed a noble? This boy was clearly asking for a death sentence.

Alec Morris

Alec kept on rolling on the ground, eyes closed as he blocked out the world from himself. Nothing hurt anymore- physically- but he still hurt on the inside. Where he would not be able to see what was happening right now. Eventually, he just laid on the ground, dead to everything and unresponsive. Even through his state and the way he was thinking so many things at once, he still felt a chill in the air, along with a male speaking. Alec opened his eyes, only for his vision to be filled with gray clouds. It seemed as though the air in their area was filled with this, along with lightning in some of them. What was happening?

Through Alec Morris's concussioned state, however, the boy simply thought nothing of it. He closed his eyes again, letting the cooling sensation fill his body. He did wince at the yelling of the male and at the booming of lightning, letting his mind be filled with pain once more, but what more could Alec do? He was defenseless right now. He couldn't do anything, and that would not change for a whi-

Suddenly, without warning, Alec suddenly got a zap of throughout his entire body. It was only for a few seconds, but it seemed to go on for hours. As if he were about to die now, memories suddenly started flashing through Alec's mind. Happy times. Sad times. Painful times. Things everyone would see in a traumatic moment. Painful shocks went around his body, and Alec could even feel something ignite inside of himself, the same ignition that was from the monster attack earlier. But, before it could come out, the sparking of the lightning in his body stopped. Alec's eyes bulged out, and he wouldn't be surprised if his hair was on fire right now.

More things happened, but Alec was too injured to notice. He stared at one part, and even though nothing hurt because of Oscar's spell... gosh, he couldn't feel anything. His brain was numb, his chest was numb, and Alec couldn't even try to form any sentences. His heart would beat in a weird way- too fast for him- but he was too harmed to even feel scared about this. He was going to die, wasn't he? Got a concussion, got struck by lightning: this was the end. The thought, which used to be terrifying for the pink-haired boy earlier, now seemed to be oddly calming as he sat there.

A warm feeling spread throughout him at this feeling of dying. There was too much pain in this world he was in. He would never get out, so what was the point of dying? Maybe he would reincarnate here and have a better life. There seemed to be cool magic. He would like that. That seemed nice. Much better than his life at home, really. But... no. Alec wasn't getting a warm feeling because of the thought of dying. He was getting a warm feeling from Oscar suddenly healing him, and by the time Alec realized this, he was fully healed.

"Huh...? What...? Where...?"

Flashes of memories came back to him all at once. The rock monster. Alice. Being sucked into a book. The fog in his eyes suddenly diminished, and Alice would truly know how powerful Oscar was from Alec's reaction. He widened his eyes when seeing the first person in front of him: a blond-haired male. Dark skinned. Blue eyes. A coat. A sword. And... wait... what?


WHAT was good? What was the male talking about? Alec's eyes slowly moved down to his... chest? Without a SHIRT ON? WITH THE MALE'S HANDS ON HIM? Strange thoughts ran through Alec's mind as a look of pure horror ran through him. The person in front of him looked relieved as well. He looked like he had done something good. What was this person doing to Alec, though? Were they-

"Get off me, you-!" Alec pushed the male off, immediately covering up his shirtless area. His face filled with anger and embarrassment, and when his eyes landed on Alice, he only got more terrified. His eyes landed on his hoodie and shirt, and immediately grabbing the latter and putting it on very quickly, started screaming at the male.

"What.. are.. you.. DOING?" Alec stood up, shaking with anger if anyone was looking closely. "J-JUST TAKING OFF MY CLOTHES? IN FRONT OF A GIRL? HUH?" He covered up his face now. "Gosh... I can't ever show my face again..."


Alec most likely wasn't going to stop screaming at the noble unless Alice or some outsider stepped in, unfortunately.​


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
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Alice Archer

For quite the moment Oscar was silent, really silent, he seemed to be lost in thought, but a few things Alice could tell that he was squinting and that his cold gaze was glued to the ground. Why? She had no clue about that herself, he let out a hot breath, still his eyes were glued to the ground, "Are you ok...?" she asked him, despite the bubbling emotions inside her chest.

He didn't respond, he didn't seem to care, he put his eyes back onto Alice, and she hers into his, looking right into the eye, but she also noticed the dark clouds rising in his hands... What was going on? ... This didn't seem normal... Did it? A second passed before he responded, Alice looked at Oscar in confusion... What did he mean by that? ... But in truth she really did know what that meant, her family had told her once... That too much of a heart will kill you one day... That people will trample over her, but she didn't seemed bugged by the statement. "... Yes, that's true, but when you die, you'll be able to know you had a heart to help someone, and that is happiness for me." she responded with a smile, it was a truth she loved, she didn't mind if she couldn't survive she wanted to help people. Even if that meant she could get hurt herself.

The dark cloud were slithering down his legs, and Alice looked at Oscar with a look of confusion... Again. Oscar seemed to be once again silent again, he only merely stared at the ground... Was there something on there, she looked down, no, nothing... When Alice's voice faltered, something quite literally snapped... The sound of electricity boomed for what seemed like a moment. It didn't touch Alice but she looked around her leg and saw a small crater which was probably caused because of the earlier shock.

Then he ordered her to be quiet, but he seemed... Angry, and his facial expression was dark... Did he feel ill? Perhaps... No, but he seemed to be angry, he continued on, telling her she didn't have to plead or lie... When did she lie...? Oh, maybe he did catch it... Concerning yourself, she opened her mouth, what was he saying? She didn't understand, do you think I care? Do you think any of us care...? The sentence rang a similar reminder of Beatrice, Alice's foster mother, she looked at him her eyes glinting. She could tell the electricity crackled, she felt... Scared, what was going on? What was he suddenly so angry about?


She felt something inside of her shake, she didn't show it, but in anyone could see through hearts... They could see that hers was crying, she looked at Oscar, she didn't mean to... But, she unintentionally took a step back away from him, she was scared, frightened, she did have pity, but she didn't have the right... To say stuff to a noble... She felt she was on the verge of crying but she knew that would only make an angered person even more enraged. The way he told he was self-centered and selfish, she felt a way of sympathy... She didn't know why or what it was because, but surely he was angry... For more reasons.

Oscar told her he had met many like her, for those people wanted attention, she wanted to fight back and tell him she didn't want that. She didn't want to seem like a damsel in distress which she really was... When he called her a rodent she didn't seem by the least intimidated or hurt, she had received more bitter comments from Beatrice before, this was considered kind for her.

His now large dark cloud suddenly roared again and she felt the urge to fall to the ground to protect Alec, what if he got hit? She knew what Oscar said, the next things were true. Sympathy was something she wouldn't get in this life, she lived better than some people... His comments reminded her of... Of course Beatrice, she would always tell her things, was she that despisable? She didn't know... Maybe she really was and was just that foolish not to realize. The moment he added "guardian" something cracked, she felt her eyes get warm but she only looked at the ground, she hoped her bangs would at least give small cover for them at the moment.


"Agh! You little!" A woman screamed as she slapped Alice across the cheek, she felt a sudden rush of pain inflicted in the spot with a sudden heat followed after, ow... It hurt... What did she do wrong? Beatrice's face was contorted with red, and she looked like she was about to explode...

"Thank to you, because you couldn't even serve tea...! My friend said she was thirsty!! What would she think when I have a useless daughter like you?" she demanded, Alice felt hot tears gather up on her eyes, she looked down if Beatrice found out- Suddenly her bangs were pulled by a strong hand, "Are you crying again?" she bellowed, "You're such a useless thing!! You mean nothing and you'll always be nothing, repeat after me." she ordered, Alice's tongue felt like slipping...

"... I am nothing... I will always be nothing... I am sorry..." she chocked a sob, Beatrice let her hair go, and she fell to the ground.

"No food for you for 3 days. Stay here you, you, disgrace...!" she shrilled, Alice curled up into a small ball... She really was nothing, nobody would care she wouldn't have sympathy, she wanted her old life back so much, so much, but she couldn't...

"I really... Am useless, nothing... A piece... Of dust..." she felt tears soak her cheeks, and her hair as the dripped slowly through, this was her worst birthday... She turned seven tonight, and it was a cold birthday party... She turned seven today, and she didn't feel like a child anymore... She didn't feel like anything...


Alice too focused on her emotions saw the lightning bolt roaring, it hit... Alec. She wanted to immediately say something to Oscar but she only could get a gasp and a mixture of a squeak out.

She wanted to say something, was he going to be alright? But, Oscar would feel annoyed, but she truly was worthless... She didn't know much magic neither could she do anything helpful... For once, she couldn't do anything about it and someone else told her. Oscar ran to Alec, this time his hands glowed green, what was he doing this time? She only looked her green eyes were wide.

It was now clear he was trying to heal Alec, he chanted a few words, and with that he begun taking the hoodie off and the shirt, Alice immediately closed her eyes and covered them with her hands, she felt her cheeks beginning to get warm... This was... Alice clearly wasn't used to this, she didn't see what Oscar did next but all she did was closing her eyes she could only hear the faint breathing...

Alice didn't want to see, this was an embarrassing scene, maybe Oscar was done...? No, but unless she heard Alec's voice she couldn't be sure, Alice didn't know but especially since she covered her face her ears were showing and they were a hue of a light pink. The only thing Alice could sense was the strong magic Oscar put to heal Alec, the soft soothing aura was clear.

Suddenly she heard the sound of Alec's voice, was he ok? She opened her eyes, to see Alec push off Oscar after a moment he said something, she was about to tell him to stop but it was too late, oh, gosh... She wanted to tell Alec that it was a dangerous move especially to a noble. This was close to asking for a death sentence...

Alec ordered Oscar to get off him, he immediately covered his shirtless area, and Alice couldn't help but feel embarrassment flowed through her as well... I mean SHE IS A GIRL, A MAN WITH NO SHIRT. She hoped it rang a bell inside Oscar's head, suddenly Alec's eyes met hers and she felt even more ashamed, and she quickly closed her eyes and covered it with her hands again, Alec began screaming at Oscar while he was shaking, was he cold? Or simply angry, she wondered if her face was pink or not, she hoped it wasn't- but at the same time, she hoped someone could understand her feelings...

Alice heard the moment when Alec called Oscar and idiot, and she felt a sudden flare of panic surge through her, she shouldn't say anything though- he didn't know, he was from a different place! She shouldn't blame him she told herself, but how would Oscar respond? The thought made her frightened, just thinking of how the boy could snap again. He suddenly demanded what he was doing to him.

Alice turned to Alec, of course her eyes were closed and covered with her hands, "Alec... He was... Um, healing you..." she whispered, she felt ashamed, should she go inside? Leave Alec alone for a second? She only waited for the two men to respond or to whatever.


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Oscar Somerset

To say Oscar was merely surprised was an understatement. He was beyond comprehension right now, staring right at the boy named Alec as he got screamed at. The shirtless body didn't seem to affect the boy at all- he had seen worse- but he did seem to feel better once the boy put a shirt on. A look of insult came over his face when Alec called him an idiot and accused Oscar of doing inhuman things. Who was this fool? Oscar didn't care if this was a light magic user. Nobody treats a noble like this. Nobody pushes a noble. Nobody treats a noble as an equal. Nobody screams at a noble.

"Alec... He was... Um, healing you..."

A piercing glare got shot towards the direction of where the voice came from: a glare that said, Be quiet. Oscar Somerset still needed to calm down from the grief that had struck him and hearing the quiet voice of the girl was certainly going to make him explode in anger again. Still, hearing her voice made him think of what she said before. About having happiness for helping someone. He gritted his teeth, and if he were anyone else, he may have burst into tears. Yet, it was one of those moments where someone was so saddened that they couldn't cry.

Oscar didn't believe he ever shed a tear since Bastien the Mage got killed.

But hey! It happened. Oscar had his share of seeing people get murdered. He did help with monster attacks, after all, as the great and powerful mage. He saw people die in front of his eyes, with him being unable to do anything about it. Well, no. He chose not to do anything about it. It was not his place to grant miracles unless it connected to him somehow. It was not his place to save lives. He was a mage. He was not a cleric.

After Alice's remark, Alec seemed to look flustered. Oscar used this to his advantage. Before his opponent could strike back a remark, Oscar hopped up quickly. If Alice looked closely, she would see Oscar's hand on his blade, which was his subconscious hint that he felt threatened by the boy. Who wouldn't be, though? This boy was a light magic user. Not even someone was powerful as Oscar had light magic. The boy also had pink hair, for goodness sake! Oscar didn't show any other signs that he was intimidated, however. He quickly spoke.

"Yes, the insect is right. I was. I apologize that I, a noble, healed you." A bitter smile. "I can see why someone as pathetic as you would want to die instead of being healed." Perhaps if Alice were paying attention to Oscar earlier, she would notice the look in his eyes. The same look he had when speaking to Beatrice. A look of caution, yet a look that said he wanted to use the person to his own advantage.

In all honesty, Oscar was trying to use Alec right now. Based on how the boy snapped, his light magic may shine again. Oscar wanted to use this to further his investigation. Based on the boy's look, his poking and prodding of words worked.

"She has a name you know."

"Hm." Oscar tilted his head, and the egotistical grin got placed on his face once again. Alice would realize that it wasn't the safe kind, though. Oscar's patience was reaching its limit right now, and if he really wanted to, he wouldn't hesitate to hurt this boy. Alec did push him first. Oscar doubted that with his status, if he brought that up and said how Alec was insulting him and aggravating him after he healed him, he would get into trouble. "The peasant is standing up for his equal. What a surprise."

Then, suddenly, the boy had the nerve to poke his chest. "What makes you think you can speak to us like that!?"

Oscar slapped his hand away, and annoyance shined in his eyes. Never had he seen someone like this speaking to him like this. "And what makes you think that you can push a noble like that? Especially one who could get your head delivered on a silver platter for assault on someone of high importance."

The boy in front of him scoffed at him. Scoffed. "Like you could hurt me."

Who was this boy? Who did he think he was? Like Alice, he was absolutely nothing. He had no right to think highly of himself. "Whatever makes you sleep at night, roach."

"Whatever makes me sleep-? What the-? You know what, whatever. You're just a stupid, idiotic book character who seems to be a spoiled moron. Just 'cause you're a noble doesn't mean you're amazing. Nobody. Cares."

Oscar felt a flash of anger and confusion come over him as his finger twitched momentarily, and if Alec didn't bring up a book character, he may have done something he couldn't take back. Book... character? Oscar faltered, staring at the boy in front of him suspiciously. What was he talking about? What book character? Was this 'Alec' boy a book reader, and after reading someone way out of his league connected them to Oscar? Then, suddenly, Oscar knew why Alec was saying such frivolous things.

"His light magic rejected my healing." Alec's face contoured into a mirror of Oscar's confusion, but the blond-haired boy was utterly convinced. He placed a hand on his chin, staring at the ground as he spoke to no one in particular. "That's why he's wishing for death for speaking this way. His mind is still in a damaged state, so he's just blurting things out like a child."

"I am NOT a child. We ARE in a book... and... and I can prove it!" Oscar looked at the boy in disbelief and anticipation, but the boy had nothing to say. Oscar gave an annoyed sigh. He was wasting his time. Why was he continuing to stand here when he could simply do something productive? Like-

"Alice! You believe me, right?" In desperation, the pink-haired boy called out to the green-eyed girl. Oscar rolled his eyes slightly, as if begging the Gods of this world to be in his favor, before looking at Alice Archer. His eyes were still slightly glazed with annoyance, yet he tried to give the girl a look that said, Don't be stupid.

Of course, all peasants are stupid, though.

Alec Morris

"Alec... He was... Um, healing you..."

All the anger seemed to drain out of his body at Alice's words as a sudden chill entered him. A chill of pure embarrassment. The moment of the situation seemed to finally catch up to the seventeen-year-old boy as the end of the world seemed to come to him. His body stiffened, and the similar thought process from when he was concussed was back. HE WAS SHIRTLESS. IN FRONT OF A GIRL. Even though Alec acknowledged this earlier, shame now flooded him as he finally had the strength to turn away from her. Coincidentally, that's when Oscar decided to glare at her.

He wanted to be by himself. He wanted to not be here. He wanted to scream in an endless void and be against the world. He wanted to not be in front of Alice. Gosh, he just wanted to be alone.

"Yes, the insect is right. I was. I apologize that I, a noble, healed you. I can see why someone as pathetic as you would want to die instead of being healed."

Alec's frozen body seemed to unfreeze as he shot the male in front of him a dirty look. Who was this jerk, dehumanizing anyone he ever saw? You don't just tell someone to basically die. This boy reminded him of his friends at home- except his friends at home didn't take off his shirt. Even if the boy was healing him, did he have to take off his entire shirt? Couldn't he have just lifted it up? Couldn't he have shooed Alice away first?

Speaking of Alice, how come this noble kid was calling her an insect? Not cool, man!

"She has a name, you know." Alec spat out, although he still didn't dare to face Alice. He was merely speaking up for her. Since he woke up meeting this one... how long had she been having to deal with him? Knowing her (if only for a little bit), she probably could handle it, but gosh Alec wanted to send him flying away. Anyone who reminded him of his friends made him want to snap, really. This boy wanted to make him snap more, though.

"Hm." 'HM'? That's all he had to say? A grin appeared over the blond-haired boy's face- a grin, like he was looking down on Alec. He said it so casually, too, like his profession was to make others around him feel terrible about themselves. No way should someone like this exist. Why couldn't kind people around the world keep on going instead of people like him? "The peasant is standing up for his equal. What a surprise."

If Alice was thinking about walking away, it would be much smarter not too. A warning sign was when Alec balled his fists up, walked straight up to the dude, and poked his chest hardly. He practically yelled, "What makes you think you can speak to us like that!?", which were definitely not things you should say to a noble. Still, even though Alec knew this, he still poked Oscar. He still tried to aggravate him. He still spoke his emotions.

He shot another glare when his hand was slapped away, and the boy carrying a sword seemed to growl the words, "And what makes you think that you can push a noble like that? Especially one who could get your head delivered on a silver platter for assault on someone of high importance." And Alec couldn't think of anything funnier. This dude? Highly important? Right. Like Alec would ever believe that. Nobody would listen to an egotistical fool like him.

Alec let out a loud scoff- one obviously to make fun of the noble- and said, "Like you could hurt me." Plus, this character was from a book. A book character can't hurt you! Alec's memories of the rock monster were fuzzy, so he was still feeling highly about not being able to die in a place like this. He was safe. He wouldn't die. He would get out alright and be able to burn the book that had a character like him in it.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night, roach."

"Whatever makes me sleep-? What the-?" Alec stuttered over his words in surprise, and any reason Alec was holding inside of himself was now gone. He was now stuck in his fury for this person. "You know what, whatever. You're just a stupid, idiotic book character who seems to be a spoiled moron. Just 'cause you're a noble doesn't mean you're amazing. Nobody. Cares."

It was like a whole new persona. The friendly boy who was scared of bugs was now this hostile person who was trying to degrade someone else. The child-like, picky eater was now forcing himself into drama. The pink-haired unicorn was now this soul eater who made sure to have others feel as he does inside. Perhaps that would be confusing to Alice, but as Oscar would say: 'Nobody really knows who you are on the inside.'

"His light magic rejected my healing." Speaking of Oscar, he seemed to speak now. Alec stood there a moment, fuming in his anger, before pausing. Like a dog, he tilted his head, and the anger seemed to drain out of him as confusion came back. Light... magic? What light magic? Like, the Sun, or whatever? Maybe it's just a weird saying coming from this weird person. Alec didn't remember everything at once from after his concussion, so that was nice. "That's why he's wishing for death for speaking this way. His mind is still in a damaged state, so he's just blurting things out like a child." LIKE A CHILD?

"I am NOT a child." Like the flash, Alec was now in angry mode again. Defensive mode, even. He truly was a teenager, going through all these mood swings at once. "We ARE in a book... and... and I can prove it!" Alec didn't know how he could prove it, but he just wanted to be right. He wanted the blond noble to be wrong. He just wanted to be right so that he could feel... good, for lack of better description. Not the best reason Alec should be doing this, but it was the reason everyone did everything. The unicorn boy paused for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

Well. He walked into this one, didn't he? He didn't know what to say. His eyes drifted over to the things to the side, quite desperate as to find a solution, before his eyes landed on Alice. He winced slightly, the embarrassment of earlier stabbing his gut again, but he pushed the feeling down. She was his last hope. He needed people to believe him. He needed to be proven right. He needed to be useful.

"Alice! You believe me, right?" He said these words with a pleading face. He ignored the boy next to him as he looked at the girl, looking for any sign of rejection from the girl. He didn't know how she would react, but hopefully... hopefully she would believe him.

Of course, if Alice didn't believe Alec right then and there, she could always ask Oscar to search through his memories. That was a smart possibility.​


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Alice Archer

The moment the glare came to Alice, she flinched. Such cold eyes the words could be passed even without being said, she only stood still. She hung her head slightly, hopefully none of them knew her well enough to tell what kind of emotions swirled in her chest, she wasn't angry. No, she was. She just didn't want to admit it but the thing that was stronger than anger was fear, and worry, the fear that Oscar could actually hurt Alec and herself, and worry about how she would upset Oscar. Again. Oscar seemed like the type who seemed to take offense or light jokes to the heart. She didn't want to upset, the "generous" mage again. Should she leave Alec alone for a while so she could let the boys take onto the talking? Or should she stay?

While her thoughts were jumping around her mind, she used her boot to made a small hole in the ground, it grew bigger and bigger each time she nudged it lightly with her shoe, until it became slightly a hole. What was she doing? Making holes like a child to avoid a conversation? Now, that was absolutely foolish. After her comment Alec seemed flustered, or embarrassed, she didn't know the reason why. But she did her best to avoid as much eye contact with Alec, how many days had he been out? One? Two?

As her fuzzy thoughts continued her eyes caught that Oscar's hands reached down to the sword on his side, and she immediately felt her insides tighten. It was a mix of pure fear and anger. Would he actually harm Alec? Him? Of course nobles were treated with respect and were supposed to be honored as they say... But... They could not play with a person's life. She kept her face unreadable though.

She almost felt like laughing slightly when he called her an insect. It seemed like she had no name at the moment, but Alice's eyes only glanced up to see the two boys talking, she should stay quiet- another objection from her and she would perhaps upset the noble more. Calling him young man wouldn't help, something Alice did notice while watching Oscar and Alec look at each other was that Oscar had the same looked when he was looking at Beatrice... Why? Did he suspect him? For Pete's sake! Of course he did. The boy had bright pink hair almost as if it were the source of all colors of pink, and strange magic...

"She has a name you know."

The words warmed Alice's heart... Even though it was rude to snap back at a noble it was kind of Alec... She smiled faintly. She wanted to thank him, but he was probably standing up for his own pride as well when he decided to say this. She knew this very well. When Oscar had a grin crossing his face, Alice's face began to move, her eyebrows were scrunched together. Confusion was on her face. What did he think was so funny? She didn't know but she wouldn't bother asking anyways, but her face paled again when she realized that his smile was just covering up the irritation he had for Alec. She swallowed.

But Alec didn't seem to realize his anger and after Oscar insulted him, Alec poked Oscar's chest, and Alice felt like she was about squeeze... Even though Alec was defending both of them or himself she didn't know, Alec was about to get slapped or worse, and she called it. After the moment her poked Oscar on the chest, Oscar slapped it away.

She gasped when Alec continued insulting him blatantly in front of him. He was asking for a most likely death sentence without knowing... But the moment he told he was a book character she tilted her head like a dog who didn't understand the word of their master. It was noticeable that Oscar was furious... No more like he was at his limit or way past it. The arguing sent chills down Alice's spine... She hated arguing. Beatrice constantly did it, and she hated it.

If no one really cared. (and they probably don't) She would have loved to cover her ears and crouch down to where she wouldn't have to listen to people insulting each other. The moment Alec shouted he could prove it her attention was brought up again. But she didn't expect him to ask her if she believed him. All she did was gape at him quietly for a second, she glanced at Oscar momentarily if she told something as if she didn't believe him Oscar wouldn't think much and probably think she was dumb but if she agreed with Alec then Oscar would call her even more dumber...

The green-eyed girl blinked, Oscar looked at her and she could tell by the way he looked, what he was saying. But she clenched her jaw. He already thought she was stupid what more harm could it do if she acted even more stupid? She didn't know. Alec looked desperate to have evidence... Evidence of what...? They are in a book? Suddenly she felt a sudden flash of anger. Was her parents death and her treatment truly just for the amusement of people reading a book if she was a in a book? No. She couldn't believe it. This wasn't a book. This was real life and life and death happened here... Was he saying that was all fake? She felt heat rush through her hands... She did believe and trust Alec. But not on this.

"...I-I..." She frowned. Why did he say they were in a book? But, she put hand on her chest to calm down the strong and fast beating of her heart. "...I don't think Alec is lying about coming from a different place but I can't really believe this is a book... I am sorry... I believe you. It's just..." she gave a wan smile to him, she did trust Alec, but the thought of her world being a book. Never. She couldn't finish her sentence. She still felt some heat in her cheeks from earlier, she wondered if she was blushing or red or not.

She turned to face Alec, "Y-You did say you were from-" her voice was cut off, the door flung open, and she guessed who it was. Beatrice, her eyes were on all three of them.

"Oh? The boy is awake, isn't he?" she smiled her smile seemed warm but her eyes were cold and bitter, Alice frowned. "Young lord, is Alice done with this conversation? If she is I would like for her to return her back into my house." she gave a wan smile, Alice took a step back. Beatrice followed after Alice, she stepped in the small hole her daughter created and she immediately yelped as she stumbled slightly but didn't fall to the ground. Alice immediately felt worry, pity, and satisfaction. Was it wrong for her to have satisfaction? Oh, gosh... She felt like a villain. Beatrice must have saw something in Alice's eyes because as soon as she regained her composure she rushed toward Alice and slapped her on her cheek.

The pain hit like a sting, it didn't hurt as if she was punched but it still hurt. Alice looked at her mother. Hopefully Oscar would just snort it and say she was a bug or something, she didn't want pity right now. Alice was already used to being slapped across the cheek, she bit her lip from quivering.

"You made the hole, didn't you?" she demanded, Alice sighed, it seemed Beatrice no longer had the patience to hide her true colors. Beatrice's hand gripped onto Alice's wrist and her nails dug into her skin, she suppressed a hiss of pain down her throat. She winced though. "I am sorry gentleman. But, I suppose no need to explain. Is there anything else you need from this child?"

Child? Did she say child? Alice was NOT a child. Alice glared at her own mother, "I... I'm not a child." she muttered, Beatrice scoffed and laughed it was rather a mixture of both.

"You? Not a child? You're such a fool, so stupid and foolish. You'll always be a child. Also, never interrupt me while I'm speaking, understand?" her grip on Alice's wrist tightened, why did this woman have to be so forceful? Could anyone tell if she was... No, never mind even if they did they always ignored it.

And of course most of them never realized.

Beatrice Blanchard

The sound of shouting and arguing was echoing across outside, this ticked off Beatrice, she felt her pulse rise and heat rise to her face, those dingoes. They had no respect for being outside someone's house, all so idiotic, stupid, foolish. She snorted and looked around. The living was clean, perhaps because of Alice. She felt bile rise up in her throat. That child was always proving she was better at anything, even when Beatrice had lived here all her life and cleaned for George it could never compare to anything alongside Alice.

What was the child doing right now? Acting pitiful? Trying catch the attention of the noble? Ha! How ironic perhaps she is doing it. Beatrice crossed her arms and her fingers subconsciously started tapping on her elbow. This was tiring, why did she have to wait? Why couldn't she listen to the conversation? She sniffed. She hated being a mother… Once, just once had she wished to be a mother when she was much younger. But now…? No. Alice was a disaster she was such a handful she never listened always trying to rebel.

Even if they never looked alike somehow, just somehow they were related. She was a distant family member. Suddenly She relapsed the voices arguing were the… Young lord? There was another person’s voice, someone she didn't know. She bristled why was someone else outside her house? She heard her daughter talking and rolled her eyes, she would have to wait.

She rushed toward the door and flung it open, she scanned the area, of course Alice looked like she didn't want Beatrice there but she sniffed disdainfully, Oscar and the pink-haired boy were awake. Ha! Why would Oscar be asleep? She smiled, her charade would still continued and she would have to get Alice out. She needed her to do some errands anyway. The boys could talk alone, together.

"Oh? The boy is awake, isn't he?" she smiled at him trying to be friendly but he was just another random person who she had no connection to. A fool. In the corner of her eye she caught Alice frowning. "Young lord, is Alice done with this conversation? If she is I would like for her to return her back into my house." she told them. Beatrice purposely said my, instead of our. Beatrice gave a wan smile and began walking toward Alice but she yelped as she stumbled on something she saw that a small hole was created. ALICE. She saw a glint of satisfaction in her daughter's eye, she quickly fixed her posture before she rushed toward the girl and slapped her.

The sting was on Beatrice's hand, at the moment she didn't care if there were people. This daughter. No, girl. Always made her problems. "You made the hole, didn't you?" she demanded, what was this child's problem with holes?! Her patience was gone, she grabbed Alice's wrist and she didn't notice that she dug her nails into her skin, though. "I am sorry gentleman. But, I suppose no need to explain. Is there anything else you need from this child?"

The moment she said child, Alice seemed to tense at the word, she then looked up to glare at Beatrice. "I... I'm not a child." she muttered, Beatrice couldn't help but laugh? She wasn't a child? She was only 16! She relied on her and George!

"You? Not a child? You're such a fool, so stupid and foolish. You'll always be a child. Also, never interrupt me while I'm speaking, understand?" she tightened her grip around Alice. Never would Alice understand why she hated her so much, she loathed her.​


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Oscar Somerset

Oscar's lips crooked up in triumph when Alice said she didn't believe what the fool had said- although she did say it more kindly than Oscar ever would. But whatever. Facing the boy with success, Oscar smirked happily. Oscar had doubted Alice for a short amount of time, with her acting as though she may break in front of them, flinching at glares, and the sugar coating of her words, but her not being on Alec's side was certainly something. Even a peasant's input was appreciated while in the battle of insults with this pink-haired monster. An unusual drumming of the fingers appeared on the grip of his sword, most likely a tune that now appeared in his head, as the usual egotistical aura came back around him. It was doubtful that Alec nor Alice appreciated this self-seeking trait of his, but it was certainly much more comical than the melancholy side of his.

The noble almost half-expected Alec Morris to lash out again at him or Alice, being at risk of his powers exposing again, but the pink male just... deflated. Gave up. Quit. It was like watching a balloon pop apart, slowly draining from any life that kept it going. Alec's gaze hit the ground, the air around him suspiciously turning meek and docile. Did his hot-headed steam finally run out? Or... was this "weak" act just a plan of his to try to get back at them? Yes. That was it. Wow, Oscar was so smart and ready for everything. Ironically enough, Oscar seemed more on guard with the now-mercy of the boy than when he was poking at his chest and screaming at him. His grip on his sword tightened, and he was about to interrupt Alice to speak...

...before a woman came through the house door.


With Oscar on guard and having his senses heighten in a fight-or-flight scenario, even he jumped slightly at the loud noise. His hand slipped to grab his sword mpw out of his case, and he had to forcefully bite his tongue to stop himself from slashing the woman... again. For the second time. She certainly was monstrously loud. His sword may as well break in his hands from how hard he was holding it by now, with him looking at both Beatrice and Alec cautiously. Well, then. What was he supposed to do now? This was certainly a dangerous group he was interacting with now. Except for Alice. Like she was going to be a threat.

He simply nodded carefully at Beatrice's comment on how the boy was awake, opening his mouth to respond... before the insect started speaking.


"Quiet, peasant." He placed a hand up to stop the boy mid-sentence, giving him a glare that had a mix of a warning message involved. Don't get involved. The boy already lashed out at a noble. A noble. If he already insulted someone high rank, it was likely he would insult someone much lower on the social scale. Before Alec could argue back, Oscar swiftly explained, "It was healed." He gave no hint that he himself was the one who healed the boy- even calling Alec an it. Oscar was vague, and if anything, made it seem like a different healer was the one who did the healing. Normally, he would show off that he used his powers in any way possible, but he didn't want to be seen as one who healed a rat like him. It would do worse to him than good.

Beatrice now directed her sentences at him. He nodded at her, not showing any anger, sadness, or disgust with how the foster mother said her own house instead of their house. "Of course, dear pea- uh, Beatrice." He gave a small look at Alice, who was now walking away from the large woman. What was she doing? "Perhaps you can-"

He abruptly stopped when Beatrice tripped over a hole, stumbling slightly and losing her overall nice posture. The same hole that Oscar noticed Alice was making when trying to act pitifully. Oh. Hm. While Oscar ignored her doing the action before, in fear of giving her the attention she didn't deserve, he definitely acknowledged the hole now that it was important. Well- not really important, but very amusing. The first child-like grin he had in a while spread across his face, and before he could stop himself, he laughed at another's pain.


Wait. That... another voice was laughing at the same time as him. Oscar turned his head puzzlingly, seeing Alec turn his head at the same time with the same amount of confusion he had when he had a concussion. Oscar knit his eyebrows together, tilting his head right. The nice feeling he felt were... confusing. He didn't realize... he didn't recognize for a long time how... nice it was to laugh along with someone, even if it was about a woman much older than themselves hurting herself. When Oscar usually chuckled, everyone looked at him like he was a cold, cruel murderer. His sense of humor was much different from others. So, seeing Alec laugh along with him was...



Well. That nice time didn't last long. Oscar's head whipped towards a loud noise- again- as he saw Beatrice slap the small sixteen-year-old girl. He blinked, but he soon shrugged away any surprise he may have as he regained his seriousness. Alice should have seen it coming, really, with all her weakness. Anyone who was frail was below others, anyways. Everyone would take advantage of them. Everyone would abuse them, downgrading them because they couldn't do anything if they weren't strong. With how Alice was, if Beatrice managed to take advantage of this feeble parts, it wasn't Oscar's job to be a knight in shining armor. It was Alice's fault for being like this.

He simply turned a blind eye while the foster mother did her thing, yelling and gripping at the green-eyed girl. He mostly ignored everything that was happening, letting Alec do all the talking in this situation for them both. Oscar was done. It wasn't his job as mage and noble to interfere. He kept drumming his fingers on his sword case, looking at the sky patiently as he waited for them to be done with their little... moment. But... even though he wasn't interfering himself, someone certainly was.

"I'm not done with Alice."

Alec Morris

Alec's gaze lowered considerably when Alice said that she didn't believe that they were inside of a book. His head tilted towards the ground, and for a moment, he seemed angry that she didn't believe him. He dramatically frowned and put his hands into fists, turning away from the girl in a sensitive manner. Perhaps he was just angry because there was still leftover anger from Oscar Somerset- the amazing noble- but he still made a big show of it. He thought that she, who had to deal with this dude for a while, would understand that he wanted to be right in this situation! That this blond-haired boy needed to learn how to take lose in a acceptable way!

Perhaps she wasn't who he thought she was.

And then Alec Morris, the unicorn king, understood the situation. After a small moment, his fists turned limp and the hostile air around him turned merciful. His head was still turned away from Alice's, but instead of anger, it was filled with guilt. He then let off a dejected smile, running his hand through his pink hair as he looked for little details in the flooring below him. Little grains. Little... holes, even. He tried to focus on anything to remove the negative thoughts flowing through his mind, but he ultimately failed. They kept on coming anyways, no matter what magic he tried to cast against them.

It was his own fault that she didn't believe him. He knew earlier as well that she wouldn't believe him/or panic, which is why he lied. Additionally, the only reason he told the truth now was because he wanted Oscar not to be right. For Oscar's spoiled sense to just somehow disappear with Alec's own words. He put his own thoughts and feelings above what others believed, and put any common sense aside as he tried to put what he knew and expected them to believe it.

But with Alice's reaction, he just confirmed something. A shiver ran down his spine as he rubbed his arms, closing his eyes to make sure he didn't look at anything. Alice... not believing him and thinking she was real... just showed he was all alone here. He was stuck in something fake, and he was the only real thing here. Nobody else understood him, and he could only protect and try to get out himself. He was the only one who understood the situation, and everything happening... with talking to Alice, eating, being mad at Oscar... it was all platonic. Fake. Not real. Never going to happen again. Alec didn't know, but... everything was hitting him now.

He can vaguely hear a SLAM being echoed in the back of his mind, along with a jump from Oscar, but a blank expression went over him as he felt... terrible. Lonely. Alone. He... he was in a book. He was away from home. He... he probably died. Yes. That was right! In his bed, he probably died instantly and got sent to heaven to an angel receptionist who said it wasn't his time or whatever, promising him what he wanted most. Since he had always loved books, he probably wanted to enter a world like that, which is where he was now. These thoughts were... oddly specific, but probably right. That blinding light... was probably just death! That was right. Everything he said was right.

So... that meant that this world was real. Alec must be the one who was fake. He felt fake, so that made sense. Alec obviously was incorrect, but he was trying to connect everything that was happening now inside of his mind.

"Oh? The boy is awake, isn't he?"

Was I even asleep in the first place? Alec's thoughts spiraled even more, and he could only shake his head to try to clear it. Oh. Wait. Who was speaking to him in the first place? He didn't recognize a lot of people here at first; this woman was definitely one of those unrecognizable people. He furrowed his eyebrows at her, quickly looking over her. She... she looked... realistic. Everything here looked realistic. Alec was wrong. This wasn't a book. This was... as Alice said, probably another world. That was right! He was wrong. He must have been wrong.


"Quiet, peasant."

And Alec didn't even argue. He simply shut his mouth, folding his arms side by side, and going back to his own world. Well- or not his own world. This whole situation was... was... was confusing. Nothing in his life had prepared him for this! Maybe if schools actually taught how to deal with stress and manage things properly instead of things like long division, he would be able to react properly. Alec was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't seem to notice Oscar dehumanizing him, let alone the rest of the stranger's words.

But that didn't mean that he didn't notice the brown-haired woman's actions.

Slowly raising his head to see the woman trip, he stared at the scene for only a second before having his expressionless face burst into smiles. Even if it was fake- or if he himself was the one fake here- the whole interaction seemed to be hilarious to him. After all, he and his friends at home always laughed at others' mistakes whenever they saw an opportunity, spreading around word either electronically or personally. Yes, a lot of the times, Alec and many more in his "friend group" were the victims of this nice teasing, but that's how friends worked! They insulted each other!

Not stopping himself in the slightest, Alec let out a small laugh. "Ha."

Wait. What? Alec turned his head abruptly, watching as Oscar soon did so as well to see him. Did Oscar... just laugh alongside with him? The dude smiled? Dang. Shocker. The noble was clearly surprised, even making a scene to tilt his head right while staring right at Alec. Maybe it was the fact that Oscar looked so tame now, or maybe it was the fact that he had just laughed at something, but Alec's smile got bigger. The loneliness in his heart lifted only so slightly as he had his first moment with Oscar Somerset: laughing at an older woman. Make a fake older woman. Alec didn't even know by now, but knowing that he could still laugh along with someone, and that he wasn't alone in his sense of humor and amusement was...



Since Alec was out of his own mind region, he heard what was happening around him now. He heard the loud slap noise, and turned his head towards the woman and girl in fear. What- was Alice... slapped? By the woman? What was... huh? Alec could only stare in horror as Beatrice dug her nails into Alice's wrist, soon insulting her as if she was trying to downgrade her and make her feel less than herself. It was like watching something all over again. Hiding in the wall, listening in.




"What are you DOING, laying around all day, making me do the work!? Taking money out of MY wallet to buy what YOU want? To spend it all on all these da-" Alec covered his ears to block out the curse word. "...bottles of BEER!? To waste electricity, space, furniture, anything? Get your fu-" Dang. His mom must be furious to be cursing this much. "...act together!!"

A pause.

"I'm done, Henery. If you can't fix your useless self, then I'm not dragging myself down with you. You see what it's like raising an moronic child with no other parent support, and then you might be finally grateful for a wife."


"I'm not done with Alice, ma'am."

Alec- he didn't know when- somehow walked over to the two, looking Beatrice straight in the eye. Perhaps it was the flashback that did this, but he could only speak more now. He attempted to grab the wrist of Alice that Beatrice wasn't holding onto, as if making a gesture to the woman that Alice wasn't weak and alone. He attempted to do it slowly so Alice could make the decision if she wanted him to or not. It was true that they barely knew each other, but Alec still wanted to support her. If Alice really didn't want Alec to do that, though, he would pull away. If not, though, he would be by her side.

"I'm sorry for the trouble, but Alice's basket of herbs is gone." It was, in fact, not anywhere to be seen at the moment. "I believe she went to gather them earlier, but then the monster attacked. I placed some things in the basket as well, so I wish to look for it with Alice. I deeply apologize for the request, but..." He smiled. "I've heard from someone here about how generous and kind you are. That is why I'm asking."

Alec wasn't trying to be a knights in shining armor. He just wanted to get Alice away from the situation momentarily, if he could. If he could get her away, they could look for the basket if they wanted. He just needed a moment, not to ask her if she was 'okay', but to ask her about the book situation. After all, it wasn't Alec's role to ask her about this type of thing. Alice could share whenever she was comfortable.​


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Alice Archer

"I'm not done with Alice, ma'am."

It took about 3 seconds to process how Alec spoke, she blinked many times to wonder if she was just imagining it. She wasn't. For a moment she watched her foster-mother's face scrunch up and her eyes narrowing skeptically Alice felt a hand slowly attempting to hold the wrist in which wasn't held by Beatrice's hand, Alec's hand.

She watched him with wide green eyes, she had no tears in her eyes, just wonder and confusion. Why was he doing this? Of course she was grateful, but why? She trusted Alec more than her own mother, so she let her hand still as she let Alec grab her wrist, it was a sign she wanted to leave, but in the second it was held, goosebumps ran over her skin. The only physical contact she ever had with a boy was her father. She tried her best to avoid the thought and cleared it away but if anyone could tell perhaps a slight redness of her ears was apparent.

"I'm sorry for the trouble, but Alice's basket of herbs is gone." It was, in fact, not anywhere to be seen at the moment. "I believe she went to gather them earlier, but then the monster attacked. I placed some things in the basket as well, so I wish to look for it with Alice. I deeply apologize for the request, but..." He smiled. "I've heard from someone here about how generous and kind you are. That is why I'm asking."

Alice watched him, he must have another thing. Not because he wasn't kind or anything he must have genuinely wanted to talk to her, Alice watched her older lady's face slowly soften, it seemed he chose the right compliment. She immediately softened her face but Alice could tell no matter how much her eyes were never warm, Beatrice's face seemed to be content though.

"Oh? Really, why, you're so kind," she gave a soft chuckle, and Alice looked away, she felt Beatrice hand off her wrist but more like she she threw it away. "Was it... Alec...? Sure. That child can talk to you. It would do better if you left with her for a while so I could clean my house." she chirped in a sweet voice. During that time Alice's eyes went to her wrist, it was red, and crescent moon marks were visible because of Beatrice's long fingernails, she rolled down her sleeve so it would be hidden, she pressed her arm against her side and slowly made the clothing roll down her arm. "What do you think, Alice?" Beatrice asked her.

Alice smiled. She hoped it was bright enough to convince her mother she was truly a naive fool. "Sure! I'll go retrieve the basket." Beatrice seemed to be satisfied with the answer. Beatrice brushed off the small dirt she got from when she stumbled. Like she had any dirt on herself! Beatrice gave Oscar a polite bow, "Young lord, well please excuse me. I have some business to attend to my house, and to my spouse. Now, if this is the end of your questioning I hope you have a splendid day." she murmured before, she curtsied and quickly strode back to her house. Alice felt weight being lifted off her shoulder immediately after Beatrice shut the door, she closed her eyes briefly, a flitting moment.

She suddenly remembered Alec still had a hold of her wrist, but she wouldn't bring it up. Ignore it. Ignore it. She thought silently, trying to composed. But she was too tired to be composed. How long had she been composed? Long enough? Or was she ever composed in the first place. Beatrice always loved nitpicking on her so Alice never knew if she was doing something wrong or right, she didn't know anymore.Alice turned to Alec her green-eyes looking into his grey-eyes, "So, I guess we're supposed to look for the basket and the thing you put in it? Mr. Unicorn?" she asked him, trying to lift up the mood. It's been too serious they needed some fun. Her eyes shined while saying this.

The brown-haired girl cast a quick glance over her shoulder to see Oscar, what was he going to do now? She didn't want to think about it. She and he had no relations. Only questions. But was he going to keep asking Alec questions, was he done with the whole village? What was he going to do next? Go back to his big house, or mansion? Maybe. Maybe not. But it wasn't Alice's business to get involved with a noble, it could get bad, she could even have herself killed if she made one of them too angry.

"Should we go?" she asked Alec after a small moment of though, flashing him a small smile. But on the bright side it was nice to have Alec back and not to be unconscious especially after that rock monster... Why was it even here though? Did it have something to do here? And why did Alec emit light? Did he have light magic...? He could... He was different than the rest of them.

She only wished he would get a clue about his hand.

Beatrice Blanchard

Beatrice stared at Alec momentarily when he told that he wasn't done with the girl. She felt bile rising in her throat. What was he not done with? Freeloader, a pink stranger, there were so many words Beatrice wanted to spit at the boy named Alec but she didn't. Beatrice didn't know her own face scrunched up and that her eyes narrowed, she was simply to be said always like this.

The pink-haired boy reached for Alice's wrist and she allowed him. Ha! Of course she did. Beatrice merely stood still watching this unfurl. Beatrice watched as Alec told her about the basket, more like she should have brought it if she weren't so clueless. The it came to her the compliment, now, that was something she liked. She felt her face soften her features slightly. "Oh? Really, why, you're so kind," she chuckled softly. Beatrice took one quick glance at Alice's wrist and she flung it away from her hand.

"Was it... Alec...? Sure. That child can talk to you. It would do better if you left with her for a while so I could clean my house."

That was a lie. Like Beatrice would clean her house when it was already clean. What would be better? If she left Alice off with Alec so the nuisance would be gone but then cleaning and cooking would not be resolved. How bothersome. She turned to Alice, "What do you think, Alice?" she asked her. Alice smiled at her. What a naive, foolish girl to still be able to smile like that. Beatrice nodded stiffly, and brushed off anything if she got on her dress.

"Young lord, well please excuse me. I have some business to attend to my house, and to my spouse. Now, if this is the end of your questioning I hope you have a splendid day." she murmured with a bow, a curtsy to make it seem like she was polite. But in truth she really did need to educate her husband, didn't she? As soon as she gave the small bow and curtsy she returned to the house closing the door shut slowly with a soft click, she gazed at them through the window for a minute. Something about Alec gave her the chills.​


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Alec Morris

Perhaps it was just Alec being dense. Perhaps he was just concentrating intensely. Whatever it was, he seemed to not notice Alice's redness in the ears, nor her seeming to telepathically be signaling to him to let go of her hand. The only thing he seemed to pick up was the acceptance of his touch, for which he softened his face and loosened his grip slightly. Unlike Alice, no traces of embarrassment were shown from his actions, nor any hints that he was thinking about the wrist-holding. His mind was already so overrun with thoughts and ideas of being in this book, it hitting him hard that he was stuck inside of a book. It was so fantasy-like to him, and he was still doubting if this was a dream or reality. Touching a girl right now wasn't his first priority to be focusing on. Maybe that was how Alec held the girl's wrist so casually.

Alec's face seemed momentarily confused for a second at the woman's sudden calmness after his compliment. Based on how she was treating Alice just a moment ago, he was almost half expecting the lady to lash out at him as well. Instead, she has the respect to say his own name, and even added a pro of her own if Alice got to come with Alec. No hostility. No cruelness. Just agreement. He didn't know what was scarier: someone piercing their nails into you, or someone who had just pierced someone's wrist now calmly speaking. The pink-haired boy's eyes landed on Alice Archer once the antagonistic woman addressed her, giving a confused smile at her supposedly bright one. If her smile was enough to persuade Beatrice Blanchard, it was surely enough to convince the inexperienced seventeen-year-old male.

"Young lord, well please excuse me. I have some business to attend to my house, and to my spouse. Now, if this is the end of your questioning I hope you have a splendid day."

Although only a murmur, it was still loud enough to be heard by Alec, Alice, and... the other guy. The other guy that Alec had an argument with. The other guy that somehow seemed to be around the same age range as them. The other guy that had a very intimidating sword on him and was called a 'Young Lord'. Nice guy to have be irritated at you, Alec. This 'other guy' nodded at the stranger, giving Alec a very quick ominous and suspicious glance before responding on his own.

Oh jeez... With the hand not holding Alice's wrist, Alec made his hand go across his forehead in disapproval for himself. The adrenaline of having the noble's hands on his body without consent was now gone, now giving an overwhelming dread in his heart. How could he just... do that? Where did the jokester Alec go? The easygoing one? The kind one? Like a sugar buzz, when Alec woke up, he had so much energy inside of him. He couldn't control anything. He couldn't grip at anything. His emotions were everywhere, and his anger controlled him completely. He hadn't called a person that many cruel names in a long time. Without even knowing he was still holding Alice's wrist, his grip subconsciously grew harder as he realized the dark part of him that just came out. Oh, how the world was against him.

But then the green-eyed girl looked at him. Her gaze was enough for him to drop the hand on his head, looking right back at her with a sudden admiration. While he was reading about her, he remembered the last few words before being brought into here. Something about her 'kiwi green eyes'. It was drastically underexaggerating her eyes, only giving three words to describe them. What Alec imagined in his head when reading about her was completely different than what he saw in front of him. 'Kiwi' couldn't describe it. They were... beautiful. The color could be placed inside of an art museum. Brightness shined across it, and the vibrancy of it reminded Alec why he kept the pink hair color for himself so long. The popping sensation that you felt inside of your chest when you looked at these colors were just as enchanting as the shade itself. In all honesty, Alec was jealous about how pretty her eyes we-

Hold on. That was it! When Alec was reading about her! That was how he could prove himself to her! Smiling to himself eagerly, his gray eyes shimmered with happiness and pride as his head began spinning. No wonder Alice didn't believe him earlier. He didn't have proof! If he could just prove himself, then she would believe himself that she was fake in a make-believe world! ...oh. No. He couldn't do that. After all... raising Alice's wrist slightly, he caressed his thumb discreetly across her smooth skin. Smooth skin. How could Alec feel something fake like this? She seemed to have feelings, she seemed to react to things... she seemed real. How could he just tell her she was fake? How could he be selfish enough to put his own feelings above hers, already knowing that she probably wouldn't react well when she probably was, in her own way, real? But... if he didn't tell her, how would he go home? How would he do anything? If he kept on going with his own lie he was telling her, it was most likely already not specific enough to be able to go back to his own world. They wouldn't be able to get a right solution for the right problem.

Where did that leave him, then? Did he just have to stay in this book, nobody else being real like he was? Did he have to look left and right, knowing frightening monsters could sneak up behind him and bash his head as they did before? Was he supposed to throw his old life away, his plans for his future? Was he never supposed to see the few people he cared about again? His mother again? Was this just his fate? To rot here alone and have nobody believe who he really was? Perhaps this was karma. Perhaps in some past life, he did unforgivable actions, and this was his way of paying them back. A torturous area with no room for care.

"So, I guess we're supposed to look for the basket and the thing you put in it? Mr. Unicorn?" A small pause from the girl as she looked at the noble male in obvious wonder, but she quickly continued. "Should we go?"

Alec blinked in sudden shock at the uplifting mood that the sentence brought, soon letting out a quick noise. "Pfft-" He let out a small laugh, letting the tension he didn't even know he had in his body melt away. With the near-death experience, concussion, and the sudden realization that he was inside of a dangerous book which he could either get stuck inside of forever or die, a joke was more than enough to keep his mind optimistic. "King Unicorn, Alice." He corrected jokingly, finally letting go of her wrist to stretch. It seemed Alec didn't even give a second glance about it. "Sure. Let's go. Oh!" Alec smiled sheepishly. "By the way... sorry. I don't think I actually put anything in the basket. I was just trying to find an excuse for why I need to go with yo-"


Matching up with a POP from Alec's back, the other male's voice rang through the air in curiosity. Alec Morris, much more calm and patient now, looked at Oscar in surprise. The sixteen-year-old mage had his eyebrows knit together in confusion at the sentences coming from the other two teens, and he clearly didn't understand that the "Unicorn" thing was a joke between Alice and Alec. The eldest male looked at the only girl present, having a mischievous glint swirled inside of his gray eyes that told Alice not to correct Oscar. "That's right! Yeah, uh... I'm not from this realm! Where I'm from, unicorns rule the land and seas, and... um... I'm the king of them!"

Alec raised his eyebrows in a daze when Oscar's eyes suddenly went onto his pink hair, and recognition went across the noble's face as if he were wondering all along why the boy had this hair color, and just got his answer. Alec tilted his head. First Alice, now this dude. Were people really this surprised with his hair color? Was there no hair dye to be seen here? When Alec first saw the noble's hair, he had honestly assumed that it was bleached. It was so brightly colored, like Alice's eyes. Perhaps that's the way it was inside of book universes. Perhaps everything was just overexaggerated. Oscar casually raised his right finger, pointing at his hair with wonder. Sort of like... the action reminded Alec of a past event.

"Um, sir... are you a unicorn?" She asked, pointing to his hair. What she was pointing at was the most vibrant thing in the forest they both stood in, since the setting they were in mostly contained of toned green colors. Her own clothing choices weren't that standing out, either.

Sort of like Alice.

But this male was different. While Alice had truly believed he was a unicorn for a few moments, asking about it, the blond-haired-boy's face immediately dimmed down with frustration and disappointment, answering his own questions for himself. He let out a Tsk sound, gazed at the house's window for a moment with suspicion, and turned his face away from Alec. Like a child. Well, now Alec knew why he had basically thrown all war onto this kid! Based on how he reacted, it was like trying to deal with a kindergartener who was a poor sport. If this male really was a noble like he had mentioned before, Alec didn't understand why he was so immature. Alice would probably do a better job at being a noble than him.

"Will you ever know your true place in this world?" The tanned boy retorted back, taking his palm off of his sword to cross his arms. Even though he gave off the vibe that he was irritated, an egotistical smile was planted on his face. The sun hit the male's face at just the right angle right now, so the grin came off prettier than it was meant to be. "Are you so unsuccessful that you have to play make believe to think that you belong? I knew poor people were pathetic, but I didn't know you stooped this low." Alec didn't know why this guy was like this. Maybe some childhood trauma or whatever. The smirk on the boy's face suddenly turned serious as he overlooked Alec and Alice. "I'll send someone to watch over you. If you really are from somewhere else, and you somehow inherit light magic, that's much more dangerous than any monster is. If they ask if Oscar Somerset asked them for you, say yes."

'Oscar Somerset'. So that was his name. 'Oscar' tilted his head slightly, a gesture only Alice would know was his way of saying goodbye, before turning around and taking a step away. Oh. Guess he was leaving. Well. Nobody was going to miss him anytime soon. One thing the man had said made no sense, though, leaving cluelessness in Alec's mind. Light... magic? Didn't Oscar say the same thing earlier? About 'Light Magic' rejecting his healing? Magic... was that in this world? Alec thought he remembered reading about it on the cover of the book, but everything was fuzzy at this point. The pink-haired boy was sure he didn't have magic, however, like Oscar probably had. He couldn't have just suddenly inherited magic. It was impossible.

Moving on from Oscar, Alec put his attention back onto Alice. He put his finger to his cheek in thought, eyes looking directly up as if calling back past memories. "Er, I think your basket was last in the forest. Or at the restaurant place. Or somewhere else. Where else have we been? For some reason, there's a lot of gaps inside of my head. The last thing I remember is..." He paused. "...a white light. Weird. Maybe my blinding beauty somehow transferred to my memories. Anyways!" He smiled down on Alice. With the 'beauty' comment, it seemed to have a bantering tone to it, unlike Oscar, where he said it downright seriously. "Where do you want to go first? You probably remember more than me."

"Actually..." Alec's attention came back to Oscar, and he tilted his head at the sight. He thought he would have left by now. He seemed quite occupied with insulting them and then giving them orders immediately after. What more did he have to say? When the pink-haired boy looked at the other male now, though, there was a strange sight. He was frozen in place, not even having taken multiple steps away from them. His fists were slightly shaking in what seemed to be fear or anger, but nothing else moved. What was happening with him? His voice even seemed to be quavering. "I'll keep an eye on you, t-to... to make sure you don't cause any more trouble."

Alec gave Alice a 'look', trying to see her feelings on the matter. Even though Alec wasn't the best at social cues, it was clear Oscar was giving an excuse for staying with them. Wasn't he just about to get out of here, anyways? Even though that truth was there, something in Oscar's tone told him that the blond-haired-boy wasn't going to take 'no' as an answer. It made Alec Morris wonder what suddenly made the noble change his mind. Alec didn't want to talk about this book with Oscar here, but it was Alice's call to both where they'll go and whether Oscar could tag along or not.

Oscar Somerset

Oscar had one thought after Alec spoke up for Alice: What are you doing, you fool? Shock was printed across his facial features as he stared at the gray-eyed boy, wondering what in the world he was doing. He had no right to walk into their personal matters like that, interfering with their little family issues. What did he think he was? The girl's savior? Sent down from heaven to guide her through life and through troubles? What was his real motive behind this act? No way was the boy doing this to be kind or respectable, especially after that blowing out which showed his true colors. There was nobody like that on this planet. There was nobody that truly looked out for others more than themselves.

Except for Oscar, of course. He was the most humble, kind, and perfect human being there was. No... he wasn't a human. He was practically a god with how flawless he was, from his indescribable personality to his beautiful appearance. Nobody could argue against it.

Oscar's head whipped to Beatrice when she fell right into the boy's obvious lies, seeming happy with his compliments and doing right what he wanted her to do. He looked at everyone present in disbelief. Was everybody here just unreasonable? Was everyone born gullible, falling into each other's webs without a second thought? The blond-haired boy had to resist the urge to slap everyone in disappointment, only showing his intense emotions through a frown. He charily watched out of the corner of his eyes Alice's wrist, covered with red nail marks. His eyes pained for only a moment before his sight flickered away, right on time for Alice to cover her hand.

Stop it, Oscar. He thought angrily to himself. It's quite clear that she didn't put those markings on herself purposely. That woman did. Right in front of your eyes as well. She didn't do it to herself. Someone else did. That makes it better. It's okay. No, Oscar. Someone harming another doesn't make it okay, but think as you may. Think what you must to get the sparks of memories out of your head.

Oscar Somerset didn't even acknowledge that he was gnawing at the inside of his cheek until Beatrice called out to him outright, excusing herself and rightfully excusing him as well. While he scowled on how the Blanchard woman was going along with the pink-haired boy's plans, it was truthfully breath relieving to have such a loud, monstrous woman leave them alone. Giving a respectable bow of his head in regard to the woman's curtsy and bow, he replied quietly to her murmur, "Of course, dear Beatrice. I give you my wishes for whatever else you may have to do today."

He then quietly examined her leave, as if double checking that she would really leave them alone this time around before looking at the other two peasants again. It seemed the mettlesome move the pink one did was still present, his fingers still lightly holding the girl's wrist. Oscar only shook his head slightly in disapproval. Unsophisticated poor people. The male probably meant to make some sort of statement to Beatrice, taking a wrist out of 'kindness' instead of with the intention to harm, but there was no need for him to hold the wrist now. Was Alec even doing it with the permission of the female? What if...

...oh. Right there, plain in sight, was a red burning in the girl's ears. Maybe. Just maybe. Oscar looked suspiciously between Alice and Alec. He thought that the girl had told him that she had only met the boy a few days ago, yet there seemed to be something going on. Oscar himself surely wouldn't burn up if somebody touched his wrist. He would just look at them in disgust instead. Oscar was only assuming that Alice was lying earlier, but he didn't expect to be right. What was really happening, then, if she knew him earl... oh. Never mind. Looking at the gray-eyed male, it was clear that the male thought nothing of the wrist-holding. Maybe it was something he did regularly to strangers. Perhaps the brunette girl just wasn't used to physical touches/sights. She did cover her eyes when the male got exposed bare-chested.

Repositioning his cloak and sword handle, the famous noble and mage of sixteen waited patiently for the right opportunity to either insult these low-classed people, leave them, or do both. That was the most ideal situation. He idly waited by, seeming to have little to no interest in the sentences Alice and Alec were conversing with one another. His blue eyes dimmed with nonchalance, staring at the other-dimension male to fill the time. Light magic, pink hair... how was Oscar supposed to deal with that? Since Somerset was the first one on duty to really 'acknowledge' this male, it would surely be on his hands if anything happened. The tanned male obviously wasn't going to babysit the dangerous creature when he had other items to do. Perhaps he should just put the responsibility on another? Maybe another mage? That way, it would be on their hands if something happened.
"Mr. Unicorn?"

"King unicorn, Alice."
"King?" Oscar, still in thought, subconsciously blurted out the first not-on-track thought that came to his mind like an imbecile. Louder than needed as well. Before he could retrace any steps off of the things he had said, eyes widening in panic, the other boy was already staring at him. Great. Straightening his own back, the blond-haired boy put on a stubborn frown, desperately trying to make it seem like he said that on purpose. It would be more humiliating to just say it blurted out of his mouth than to say he said it on purpose. Based on the look Alec soon 'secretly' gave Alice, Oscar did his job correctly.

"That's right! Yeah, uh... I'm not from this realm! Where I'm from, unicorns rule the land and seas, and... um... I'm the king of them!" Oscar raised his eyebrow at this. While he did hear about 'unicorns' from Fairy Tales and such, those were only stories. The mythical, magical, pink, white, and pastel-colored creatures never roamed this world or any other. How strange for both the girl and boy to bring such a fictional existence up, correlating it to the light magic user. They must be ridiculous to ever think of such a thing. But... some giddy, childish part in Oscar's soul thought otherwise. Some young and free part in his persona placed puzzle pieces together. Some sixteen-year-old part of him, still growing and maturing, had doubts when it came to the true reality.

His blue eyes attached onto the pink hair, widening in recognition of the color. Oscar, like anybody in this place who had seen Alec here, immediately wondered how he got the pink hair that he did. There were only bland, natural colors here: brown, blond, black, red, etc. The most popping out colors on a human being was their eye color (for instance, Alice's green, or Oscar's blue) or their clothing style. Nothing as powerful as a shade of pink. If this was Alec's natural hair color, then... it made sense that he would be a unicorn. Only a creature like a unicorn, or a magical creature similar to it, would have a hair color like that grow on them! Unusual, wishful thinking got over the noble, leading him to smoothly raise his finger to answer his thoughts.

But he soon saw the look on Alec's face, and immediately lost all hope.

Tsk. Feeling foolish, Oscar turned his head away from Alec to face Beatrice's house, a pout ensembled together. He didn't understand Alec. He gave off a certain... vibe. It was like everyone had no choice but to listen to him. Like he was on another level from them all. Maybe that's how light magic users worked. Or maybe that was the vibe that he was born with. Either way, that wasn't fair. If only Oscar Somerset got to be able to give off that vibe. He always had to play the noble card to get what he wanted or had to threaten them in some way. The blue-eyed boy gazed restfully at the empty window case of the building in front of him, skeptical emotions mixed inside of them. He was sure there was a presence there a moment ago.

Toxic venom coating all of his words- the exact opposite of how Beatrice talked to them all- he crossed his arms to further his unfriendliness. A surly smile curled onto his lips quickly. Given how this was the main male role in this novel, he didn't seem too good-natured. "Will you ever know your true place in this world? Are you so unsuccessful that you have to play make believe to think that you belong? I knew poor people were pathetic, but I didn't know you stooped this low." His grin died down, turning into a thoughtful glower. Oscar was right. He didn't want to stoop that low. Which is why he would send someone to them. "I'll send someone to watch over you. If you really are from somewhere else, and you somehow inherit light magic, that's much more dangerous than any monster is. If they ask if Oscar Somerset asked them for you, say yes."

Turning his back to them with a silent farewell, he started walking away. Well. That was that. No relationship ever established; they would surely forget each other after a couple of days. Now, what was Oscar supposed to do? Interview the rest of the citizens. The noble/mage probably had to back-up the theory of Alec shooting light magic at the monster, get descriptions of what the monstrosity looked like, find out if it got killed, and if it didn't, find out which direction it fled to. He then would have to get some other mage underneath him to look over Alec- maybe a knight, if he got permission from someone higher. Oscar didn't think it was that urgent, though. First most, however, he had to take care of that-


I'm completely free today.

I don't need to do anything more important.

I should stay with Alice.

I will not walk away.

...what? Just as Oscar was moving on with his life, planning for the next steps forward, all of a sudden, thoughts came bombarding at his mind. Every time he tried not to listen to it, to push it away, the voices only got louder. Like it was trying to persuade him to stay with... Alice, for some reason. Oscar tried to step away, to run away, to slap himself awake, but to no end. He only froze to the ground. His fists clenched at his side, shaking ever so slightly, but seemingly standing still in place. He clenched his teeth together, trying to seethe any sort of insult out of his tongue, but nothing came out. It was like he suddenly became paralyzed and couldn't do anything.

"Actually..." These weren't Oscar's words. He wasn't willing for himself to talk. Something else was making the words come out. Panic welled inside of his chest, but words still spilled out nonetheless. "I'll keep an eye on you, t-to... to make sure you don't cause any more trouble." The panic of himself somehow showed through the trembling and the slight stammer in his speech, but he doubted that these two had enough social skill to acknowledge that something was wrong. They didn't know him enough to know something was wrong. Maybe if Raylan or Verde was here, they could help... but alas, only Oscar was here, knowing something inside of him was controlling his every movement.


What was Oscar thinking again? Oh- right! He was going with Alice and Alec. He needed to go along with them to keep track of them. With Alec's light magic, he needed to watch over him to make sure he didn't kill them all. He didn't need to do anything important today either. He had a completely free schedule. He turned around calmly, not too sure why he was giving his back to them in the first place, and raised an eyebrow when seeing Alec look to Alice for approval. It's not like them, two measly peasants, could stop a high status such as a noble from stopping them. They couldn't do anything.​


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The moment Alec laughed at the small comment she made, a smile was on her face, at last a laugh. Everything was so tense for a minute, well it wouldn‘t be weird even if it was. With a near death experience and all the things which happened for quite a while. The moment Alec corrected Alice, she giggled quietly hoping Oscar wouldn’t lecture her and just gave a small bow of her head to Alec, ”Yes, yes, your majesty.” she murmured quietly, when he said he was king he finally let her wrist go, and she quickly put it to her side. It was weird being touched other being hit, or slapped, and such so she quickly put the thoughts aside looking at Alec once more. Alec quickly continued on and agreed to go, however he sheepishly smiled and talked about the basket. ”Oh, don’t worry I kn—“

It was quite obvious Oscar didn’t understand jokes, perhaps he had never made one or perhaps he had forgot but he took things very too serious, well it was a thing going on between Alec and her so other people may have thought this was true or simply shrugged it off as a joke. But Oscar Somerset seemed to have taken this to deep consideration. Alec then looked at Alice with a mischievous glint in his eyes, she let out a sheepish smile, as if trying to say she wouldn’t. It was a funny joke though, but some people may believe it, especially with his pink bright hair.

Despite Alice herself believing that Alec truly was a unicorn for a few seconds, the noble, Oscar Somerset let out a Tsk sound from what Alec heard and turned his face toward at the house window for a few moments, either Oscar wasn’t a big fan of jokes or he hated people who weren’t taking things seriously. Alice decided to go with both seeing Oscar’s reaction and such he didn’t seem to thrilled being around the two other teenagers.

"Will you ever know your true place in this world?" The blonde-haired boy retorted, he gave off the feelings he was irritated and it was quite noticeable and he placed an egoistical smile and the sun hit exactly where it made him look more beautiful than supposed to, and for the first time Alice noticed how handsome Oscar was but she said nothing, only paying attention to the next words he was about to say.

"Are you so unsuccessful that you have to play make believe to think that you belong? I knew poor people were pathetic, but I didn't know you stooped this low.

"I'll send someone to watch over you. If you really are from somewhere else, and you somehow inherit light magic, that's much more dangerous than any monster is. If they ask if Oscar Somerset asked them for you, say yes."

Alice’s thoughts were brought back to Alec once Oscar mentioned the subject of light magic to that matter. Did he truly have light magic? If he did… That would be amazing, she looked at Alec with bright, wondering eyes which showed she was truly wondering and both amazed. It would make a lot of sense too, why the reason the monster fled right after the bright emerging light appeared. Also why his light magic rejected Oscar’s magic… But light magic was truly rare, almost too rare to ever happen… Was it because Alec is not from this part of the world?

Everything Alec did showed how much he wasn’t used to magic, nobles, what kind of place did Alec come from? While Alice was once again buried in the thoughts she had, Alec began talking to her about the basket and she snapped into realization, blinking her eyes in a completely startle she looked at him, ”The basket…? Oh, let’s see... I remember I think I put it in the… forest? Sorry, I don’t quite remember either,“ [/COLOR] she gave a sheepish laugh to Alec, she herself did remember having it but not exactly where she put it. Hopefully Alec wouldn’t consider her being foolish by this.

"Actually..." Alice looked over her shoulder to see Oscar, still standing but who took a few steps, his hands were shaking either from anger or fear or whatever emotion he had at the moment, it was showing in his movements and his voice as well, which Alice found confusing, did they do something to anger him again? If it wasn’t anger what was it? But she wouldn’t question the blond—haired noble any further as it seemed he wasn’t in the mood for questions.

"I'll keep an eye on you, t-to... to make sure you don't cause any more trouble."

The sentence didn’t bring any emotion to the green-eyed girl. She kept her inner emotions guarded even if Alec tried to make a look with her she only shook her head lightly in response to Alec, she then had an idea, but she knew the feeling of Alec not wanting to share his secrets to everybody so if he wanted to tell Alice she was fine but he didn’t seem comfortable with Oscar, ”Alright, I understand young master,” she nodded but then she got on her tippy toes and told in a soft voice to Alec, ”I’m sure he won’t take ‘no’ as an answer, so let’s let him follow but you don’t have to share everything, you can be vague, and if you want you can tell us, but only if you want to.” she whispered before she took a few steps back and beginning to walks backwards, smiling, ”Come on, let’s go, the sun will be gone if we don’t hurry.” she told the two other teenagers, smiling under the sun.​

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