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Fantasy The Thin Line of Reality

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Inside the dark room, there could be seen a figure hunched over inside a blanket, reading over a paper-copy with their phone's flashlight next to them. Their bright, gray eyes read word by word, muttering the words that shined under the phone's light. The figure smiled, shifting over to move on their stomach, checking the time on their phone. 2:00 AM. This was a normal time for how far they would stay up, though: he always got this sucked in when reading. Placing down the phone again so the light shone on the pages, the figure named Alec brushed his curly, pink hair aside from his face, reading the next few lines:

"Alice moved through the forest, her short figure twisting through branches and trees. Her kiwi green eyes swept over the woods, searching for the specific plant for medicine she had to make. Her soft pant from the movement filled the quiet, empty forest, as her feet crunched over the leaves. Her eyes finally landed on a specific leaf that was near a dark oak tree, her squinting at it. That was the plant she was looking for, no doubt about it. Filled with the affirmation of her knowledge of plants, she skipped over to the leaf, plucking it up and placing it with the other herbs she collected."

Alec brushed his hand on the page, slowly turning the paper over. He had only read a small portion of the book, and he already knew this book wasn't as exciting and fast-paced as his other books. Still, maybe a relaxing book was what he needed right now? Finals were here, his mother started working more over-time, he's been having a hard time going to sleep. His eyelids slowly lowered in response to that thought. Yeah, he hasn't slept in ages. The page was now fully turned as he read the first word of the new passage:


"Ow!" Alec shut his eyes from a sudden burst of light that came from the book, him squinting his eyes now. Squirming from the sudden blindness in his eyes, he kicked off the blanket on top of him, the book landing on the floor with a THUD. Alec opened his eyes, blinking and rubbing them a few times before glaring at his phone. That sudden light must have come from his phone, even though he never tried to change the brightness at all. Groaning with annoyance, he placed the phone on the floor, turning over to the paper-copy book. In a split second, he came from annoyance to internal screaming. The light, as bright as the Sun, was coming from the pages of the paper book. Alec squinted yet again, staring at the pages with awe, before crawling over to the book. Where was this light coming from? Was it a light up book? How could a paper book be light up? Filled with giddiness and curiosity, Alec reached over to the brightened pages, smiling with all the thoughts running through his head. The moment his fingertips lightly brushed over the book, Alec was engulfed by the light, and he was never heard from again...

... Just kidding.

Just a few moments later, Alec's brightened gray eyes jolted open, his body jolting upwards, scanning the area that he was around. His usual vision of dark room that was filled with books and clothes was replaced with a vision of a luscious forest. The leaves crackled underneath him as he confusingly looked around, squinting from the light of day. Wasn't it 2:00 AM? How was it day now? And why was he at a forest? Alec held his head, standing up and looking around. Why was the book shining? Was it all a dream? He looked all around, staying in the spot where he suddenly appeared at.

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❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice was indeed in the forest looking for a certain herb and she attained it, she moved swiftly in the forest carrying her small basket until she heard a thud, the birds stopped chirping and they flew away she tried looking for the source of the sound or where it came from her green eyes scanning every single bush of course it would be hard to find anyone in the forest, but something felt wrong out of place, she dropped her basket for a second beginning to climb a tree, higher ground made sure to see better. Some branches scraped her knees but it didn't hurt she was already used to so many scratches.

Her vision swept through the lush green forest, she saw some bright light from up north it could be something or someone was in trouble, she quickly hopped of the tree leaves getting mangled into her hair and branches poking her yellow dress, she spotted something pink, an unusual color in her world mostly used for dresses, ribbons and accesroeis but when she saw it was on a humans head she jumped back, she yelped a little bit till she saw Alec she blinked. his hair is pink??? Alice asked herself in her mind she shook her head walking near him.

He still probably didn't realize her until she stepped on a small twig making a 'Crack!' sound, she flinched, now I'm busted. she scolded herself, as she met the stranger's cloud grey eyes with her green kiwi eyes.

"Hello?" she asked in a nervous tone, as she glanced at Alec's clothing and how particularity weird they were and most of all the most attention was caught by his hair, the bright pink hair like cotton candy, perhaps he's a foreigner? But what's he doing out here so far away from the capitol? This is nowhere near anything. she told herself inside. As Alice asked Alec without giving him a chance to answer, "Are you alright...?"


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Alec was about to call out to see if anybody was here before hearing a CRACKing noise behind him. He wasn't expecting it at all, getting used to the quiet noise and chippering of the birds flying away. Whipping around, his eyes met another pair: ones that were a nice shade of green. Who was she? What was she doing all the over here? No, that wasn't the question that should be answered right now. The real question was why he was here. He stared down at his hands in confusion before shaking his head, looking up determinably at the mystery girl, quickly looking her over. He could see green eyes, skinny body, braided auburn hair... wait.

Alec took a step back from the girl, now looking at what was in the girl's hand: a basket filled with herbs. The outfit, the appearance, the herbs, the fact that she was in the woods: everything added up. This girl seemed exactly like the book character he was reading about: Alice. This also slightly explained why the book shined suddenly and how Alec was now in a completely new location. Somehow, in some way, the book did something to Alec, and he had no idea what to do about it. Or was this perhaps a dream? Alec discreetly raised his hand to his arm, pinched hard, and winced at the pain. That solved that. Was Alec somehow trapped in the book? Alec beamed at the thought of this. This was anything but normal. It was interesting... it was cool... it was potentially life-threatening!

Alec then looked at the girl, who was potentially Alice, as she examined him, asked him if he was okay. He nodded quickly, smiling at the girl and the forest around them. "I'm more than okay! Wow, I always knew I was special, but I never thought something as rare as this would happen!" He spread his arms out, beaming, "Is any of this actually real? I bet it wouldn't, since it's from the strange phenomenon that..." He immediately quieted down, lowering his excitement level. Before he gets his hopes up, he better know if this actually was what he was thinking. He looked at Alice for a moment before asking, "Does your name happen to be Alice?"


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice tilted her head while Alec confirmed to see if he was in a dream or something not in reality, what was wrong with this boy? of course he was happy about something saying what not about a rare phenomenon and so on forth, and how he was special, she hadn't met someone like this before strange clothes, weird hair color, and somewhat weird personality she surely knew he was definitely not a soldier of course not, his clothing looks very comfy and soft and not armor. Once Alec asked her name if it was Alice she hesitated, she thought for a moment, do I know this guy? Have I met him before? Is that why he knows my name?

"um.... Do I know you sir?" she asked warily she took a step back now, she didn't to get involved in something strange or a strange manner, she didn't trust this man, but maybe he was lost or perhaps confused, "Are you lost sir? I can take you back somewhere if I know the place," she suggested with a nervous smile, as she let down her basket full of herbs and she looked at Alec strangely, still it was unique seeing pink hair she kept thinking to herself, it reminded her of a mythical creature in books, called a unicorn where it's main was rather white or pastel colors, but the vague color she remembered the most was-pink.

she then got a thought she had heard or at least read in fairy tales about unicorns becoming humans and unique phenomenons, she asked "Um sir, are you a unicorn?" she asked pointing why she asked that, to his hair which was the most vibrant out of all the things in the forest currently, since the surroundings were a toned down green and her dress wasn't that bright nor that clean. She tried her best recalling if she ever met Alec, but nothing came into her head, this was the first time she had a seen a person like this, if normally her foster-mother were here with her to pick out herbs, her mother would've start screaming at the stranger to go away but Alice was a different case she was both confused and interested in this man.


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Alec's face grew to a more neutral when he realized how confused and wary the girl was off him, him pushing the strands of pink hair out of his face yet again. Of course she was suspicious of him: he was a random stranger who popped up out of nowhere and started spitting out random facts to her. If this happened to him in the real world... well, actually, he couldn't compare himself to her. If Alec met someone who started yelling out random theories, Alec would probably listen to them and potentially join them. That didn't sound like something Alice would do. He shook his head at himself, completely and utterly destroyed. Was he a stalker now that he was reading about Alice and knew some things about her when she didn't know him at all? Did he come off stalker-ish right now?

Alec sighed dramatically when the possible-Alice asked if she knew him, him shaking his head. He mutters the words with disappointment, "No, I suppose you don't, even though I know you." He looked even more crushed when she offered to take him back somewhere if he was lost. Yes, he was super lost. He was inside a book for crying out loud! He cried out exasperated, "Oh for goodness' sake! I'm super lost! I'm probably the most lost person on the Earth! Or... whatever planet I'm on!"

He looked absolutely devastated as the girl who's-name-was-probably-Alice further examined him, but he considerably perked up when the girl asked if he was a unicorn. A unicorn? She pointed out his pink hair, as a strand fell down to his side on cue. Why would she think he was a unicorn based off his hair? He simply dyed it... oh. A look of realization popped up on his face when he realized that if his theory was correct, he was not in a world where modern hair dyeing and other technologies were available. A grin planted on top of his face when he realized how much he was going to stand out in this place.

"No, I'm not a unicorn, but I am one at heart," he said matter-of-factly, placing his hand on top of his heart for emphasis. "I suppose I am also unicorn-like in my personality as well. I do go straight to the point." He cracked a smile at the excellent, masterful pun he had just made before looking a little serious again. "Anyways, uh, magic exists here... right?" He was pretty sure it did, but he needed to make sure. If he knew magic existed, he could probably make this girl understand this situation better, him saying that magic brought him here and he didn't belong here. She would probably believe that more than him saying, Oh, by the way, you're a book character and completely fake!


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice's face grew concerned as he said whatever planet he was on, what in the world is he spewing about? Did he hit his head? she wondered but she began wondering if he actually did, but when he made a pun about the unicorn and how he was one at heart he uneasiness faded away quickly she laughed light-heatedly, and smiled. She seemed to relax a bit more now, "Yes, Mr. magic does exist here, you must be from somewhere far away if you don't know such a common fact like that, everyone has magic." she told him kindly getting up, and offering a hand to get him off his knees since the ground was dirty and filled with dirt.

Alice felt more at ease maybe he was just really confused or perhaps he did hit his head, "Um... I don't want to continue calling you sir, but what is your name if I may ask?" she fiddled with a leaf in her hair trying to get it out when she was trying to go up the tree it must've caught into it. "But if you don't know what magic is where did you come from?" she asked suddenly curious almost 99% of the whole world knew what at least magic was or at least heard of it, but she had never heard a person say 'magic exists here, right?' that made her curious since it felt like it meant that they knew that there was magic but didn't actually believe it.

Alice decided to just get straight to the easy facts, "My name's Alice Archer, if you don't know or if you know," she smiled a little, but her eyes kept glancing up to Alec's hair no matter what she thought it was just super vibrant "I'm sorry, it's just I've never seen pink hair or I didn't know it was possible to even have pink hair," she gave a nervous chuckle as she said that, oh- for goodness sake Alice! Get a grip try to act friendly and not suspicious. she scolded herself strictly while maintaining a little smile, as she began grabbing something from her skirt a few leafs and something and fling it to the ground.

But what most interested Alice about Alec was how he was someone who was free, someone who didn't think magic was super important maybe he didn't know about it which was good either way because magic would always lead someone into ranks, and she hated ranks no matter what but she made sure she didn;t say this out loud just keeping a friendly smile and waiting for Alec to respond to the question she asked.


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Alec nodded wonderingly when the girl confirmed that magic was indeed in this world. If that was the case, that everyone had magic, did Alec then get magic powers when coming to this land? He smiled wildly just thinking about it, although he pitied this world if he did indeed have them. The world would be getting new chaos is that was the case. He widened his eyes a bit when the girl offered her hand to help him up. Not many people would do that if he fell down in the middle of a public area, or even at home. Why must all the nice people be inside video games or books? He squinted his eyes from how cruel the world was before taking the girl's hand, pushing himself upwards, and letting go. Her hand wasn't either warm or cold to him- he didn't really know what to expect from a book character though.

When the girl asked for his name, he thought for a bit on whether to make a joke, lie, or just tell the whole honest truth. Maybe this girl was evil. You can't expect anything less from a book that sucks you into its pages and doesn't tell you how to get out. He shrugged, though, and decided to dismiss the thoughts. The girl already knew his face- what more could a name do? "It's Alec! The most amazing male name in the whole world, I know."

His egotistic behavior shrunk down when the girl asked him where he was from. The girl was opening up to him, laughing at his jokes, asking for his name. He certainly wasn't going to be a mood ruiner with his bad news. Rubbing his neck, he muttered quietly and quickly that he was sure the girl wouldn't hear, "You're actually fake and inside a book and I was reading this book and suddenly the book started glowing and I was sucked in and yeah."

Luckily, the girl then started introducing herself, as his face filled with affirmation. Ah-HA! He knew it! He knew this was Alice! He knew this was a fake world! He knew he was inside a book! He suddenly felt like jumping with glee, smiling eagerly at the girl, saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Alice! Well, I mean, I already knew you, but I didn't meet you at all until now! So, technically, I can say it's a pleasure to meet you!" He made a confused face at his own words before laughing, looking at Alice again and laughing yet again. This girl and him were going to get along. He needed attention; she gave it to him from his hair. He rubbed his head and laughed again. "Well, Alice Archer. Pink hair wasn't possible for this world... until you met me." He bowed dramatically, looking up at her to signal that this was a joke.

When he finished his bow, she was looking at her with some sort of... eagerness. An eagerness for an answer. He sighed, rubbing his neck yet again. She surely didn't hear his words before, so she was still looking for an answer to her question before. Would he lie, or tell a joke about it, or just tell the truth? Or maybe just not the whole truth! A truth that is relatively true, but she would still believe!

Trying to find the words she would believe, he spoke the next words clearly and slowly, as if he was processing them himself: "Uh, yeah. So, you know magic? Uh, I was... transported here by magic! Yeah, I was transported here from another world. Or dimension, or another word that basically means I don't belong here. I come from a world where everything's different. We don't have magic there, and, yeah, some of us have pink hair." He laughed a little before continuing. "And I don't know how to get back to my world! Pretty great dilemma I'm in, right? Oh well. Guess I'll stay here for the rest of eternity." He said these words as if they were no big deal, but there was a slight anxiety inside him at the thought of it, although not much.


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice couldn't help but smile when Alec introduced himself to Alice, she hadn't met such a funny person in a while, she giggled at his joked and smiled, "Yes, yes, it's an amazing name," she teased him, what a strange person. When Alec answered he was from another world Alice couldn't hear quite well so she just assumed he didn't want to tell or felt uncomfortable with the topic, probably more uncomfortable.

When they both began laughing for some odd certain reason Alice felt like they could be friends or some sort close to that, when he bowed down she seemed a bit flustered "ah- please don't bow down to me," she squeaked her cheeks were a bit rosy as if embarrassed, perhaps she was embarrassed it was told she had a quiet nature in the book, "Well your hair is interesting. And I like it." she grinned at him, but began giggling,

"You're funny if anyone told that to you before," she complimented him kindly, and friendly.

When she still waited on the answer to where he did live, she didn't want him to feel pressured but she couldn't help him if she didn't know where he lived or where he came from, by the looks of it anyone could quiet tell that Alec was lost or wasn't familiar with this place at all so he must be from somewhere he never really knew any of this land. When he laughed off where he came from her face grew sympathetic,

"Alright- let me process, so Sir Alec you came from somewhere far away from here with magic and you don't know how to go back, right?" she asked trying to confirm this with Alec, inside of her, her heart pounded with excitement as she had never seen this happen before or even heard of but her feelings instantly changed into sympathy.

Inside she felt bad for him, it must be tough getting around a new world with such new people in a way but the seemed more eager than afraid it could be he is enjoying this moment, she knew he must've but it must be tough, she couldn't possibly say that maybe she could help, that would maybe be a bit rude since it could be interpreted as 'Oh- I can definitely help you, I already know how to make you go back.' which she didn't want to get interpreted so she said softly,

"Um, are you hungry?" she asked, it could be possible he was hungry he just came from another dimension, but Alice didn't question him any further she knew sometimes people would like a bit of space of their own with people nosing their own business into others which usually annoyed the other person as well, so Alice just asked him if he was hungry, she knew a place where she could take him anyway.


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Alec gave a childish grin when Alice complimented him, although looking a little embarrassed from the compliment. He didn't know if he was just reflecting off of Alice's own embarrassment or if this was this own, but this girl sure was straightforward with her compliments. His friend or family members never would've been this nice with their compliments- or compliment him at all, if he was going to be honest. Was this just another quality of fake storybook characters? Or was he simply just not used to compliments? He showed a shread of doubt on his face before replacing it with a smile again, never missing a beat when saying, "No, nobody's never told me that, but I do tell myself that inside my head." He knocked his skull once while saying this. "Thanks, though! You must be the nicest person I've met so far... well, the only person I've met so far, but still!'

His face filled with surprise when the girl easily believed what Alec had just described to her, her asking him for confirmation. Was his magic story simply that believable in this world? Or was she simply that gullible? He frowned internally at the thought of her having this personality trait, but simply nodded to her, grinning. "Calling me 'Sir Alec' makes me sound like a knight, Miss Alice. Just call me Alec, or if you must call me something..." His eyes glimmered with mischief, signaling that his next few words were complete and utter jokes, "...King Alec. Nobody calls me that in my world, but it matches my personality completely. A king unicorn." His eyes simmered down, him frowning slightly, "But, to answer your question, yes. I came from another place and don't know how to get back."

He was about to ask if she could help him when she suddenly asked if he was hungry, him tilting his head and looking down at his stomach in reply. He probably was hungry. It was late at night where he came from, and he hadn't eaten for hours, but he somehow didn't feel hungry. Was it because he was in a completely different world? Could people in books even get hungry? All these characters here were made of words. They couldn't possibly get hungry. But if they were just made of words...

Alec was now staring at the girl, deep in his thoughts. If they were just made of words... then how could he see the girl in front of him? And the setting around him? She was certainly real too- when she held his hand lifting him up was proof enough. Did she work just like a normal human? Is that why she had the ability to be hungry? He made a small oh sound when he realized he was staring right at her, laughing a little.

"Sorry! But, yeah! I could eat." He nodded at his own comment, immediately having a thought pop into his head. What kind of things do the people in this world eat? "Uh, but the food that you're thinking of doesn't happen to have insects in them... do they? I'm... uh..." Alec tried to think of an excuse for his question without telling her of his deep fear of bugs. "Uh... allergic! Yeah, I'm allergic to them."


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alec's reply must've taken Alice by surprise "Am I? Well I try to be." she gave a bashful smile, fiddling with her hair, proving she was quiet embarrassed as well, she felt like she trust Alec he didn't seem like a spy of any kind and he seemed naturally good-natured of course her Beatrice, her foster mother. Would have easily reported Alec by the police or guards by now. She shook away that thought that only last for a heartbeat,

When seeing his face of surprise Alice started wondering how Alec's world or place he lived in was like or possible what kind of people lived there to make him this doubtful, when he asked to be called sir Alec she giggled but the most she laughed about is when he asked to be called King Alec, or possibly because he said 'King unicorn.' but her giggled soon stopped when she got shy of being called 'Miss Alice' she wasn't old enough to be a miss yet at least not until her coming of age ceremony, she cleared her throat, lightly.

"Oh- please just call me Alice, I believe we are the same age anyway." as then the answer proceeded to how to get Alec back to his home, "Oh dear, well maybe we should find a magician, they could try to help you since they maybe able to understand the magic of why you were sent here or how to return. I-I'm sorry, I can't be much help in magic since I- myself do not understand it quite well either." she sighed disappointment coursed through her body.

After waiting a moment for the boy's response, Alice wondered what kind of food her could eat or can't, since food differed in different places she had once heard her foster father, Casper. Going to a far place to sell something and it was said that the people far away ate crickets which she found quite unpleasant to be honest. When she found him agreeing to eating food she smiled but her smile quickly faltered she stuck her tongue out in disgust "Ew! Disgusting, no! We don't eat insects of course not!" she laughed after a bit when she commented though, "Of course we eat bread, stew, soup, meat.... you can eat all these things, correct?" she asked him perhaps he had something he did have in mind but hopefully it was in her town, or at least in the restaurant located in her town.

"Wait is it true that you're allergic to bugs?" she asked but before a moment to make Alec reply she responded by pointing that there was a bug on his sleeve "Oh- speak of the time, it's right there on your sleeve." she pointed at his sleeve indicating a beetle, a normal sized black beetle with a few patterns upon it's back.

oh... Wait- won't he get an allergic reaction...?


bloop idots —>
Alec was obviously happy when he got a delightful reaction from Alice, having a smile remain on his face. He wasn't really used to people laughing with him- more laughing at him. He didn't mind, though. That was how he survived in his life: making a moron out of himself so others would like him, such as making bad jokes and overreacting to things foolishly. In his eyes, it was better to stand out like that than blend in with the crowd, like being anxious and nervous. His smile slightly faltered when the girl suddenly stopped laughing, looking embarrassed. Was it something about him? His smile quickly bounced back up, though, when he realized why she stopped laughing, pitifully smiling a little about how he was thinking of why she was embarrassed. Of course she wouldn't think that!

He laughed a little at Alice's soon response, lightly punching her right shoulder as he would do with others out of habit. "Says the one who started calling me 'Sir'!" He nodded with her idea about the magician before making a face of sympathy when the girl started apologizing, them quickly replying, "Well, even if you don't know much about magic, you certainly know more about me."

His face lit up with happiness with her disgust, finding her reaction very relatable and surprising. Usually, he would find others who found his fear silly or 'idiotic'. He laughed along with her, nodding at her to express his agreement to her statement. His smile grew even larger when he heard all the completely normal food they had, nodding more. "Yum! Bread! I... loaf all those food options." The moment the words came out of his mouth, he made an expression that was similar to Alice's previous disgust, as he could be seen having a shiver run up his back. "That was a terrible pun."

His joking antics froze in their tracks when Alice pointed out something on his sleeve. Feeling an impending doom upon him, he slowly itched his head over to look at what was there, and he saw something he wished he would never see again. A black monster with patterns on its back was staring right at him, twitching its legs. Frozen with fear, Alec was seen staring at the thing for a few seconds before screaming out, "Sweet mother of-!"

The next moment was filled with Alec's panic, him immediately squirming out of his hoodie, staring at the beetle in horror. Oh, how was it there?! Why was it there!? The thoughts filled his mind as he was pulling off his bright blue hoodie, finally throwing it on the ground panickily, running over to Alice's side, staring at the hoodie the whole time. Now that the hoodie was off, his average build and plain, white t-shirt could be seen, although his panicking voice drew off any attention of his looks: "Oh, can you see it, Alice!? Is it still there?! Oh, why must the world be so cruel!!"


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
She rubbed her right shoulder winking, "It's normal to call someone sir when you don't know them that well." she said giving a kind smile, after a moment she replied again "Well I'm not a magic maniac fan so I don't really understand so don't worry. We're equal." she gave a soft chuckle, a very light one. Alice had to agree bugs were indeed not her favorite creatures, she gave a brief summary why she dislikes them telling when she was little, she was dared by her so called 'Friends.' to go to a bee hive, and get some honey but that resulted in her having bee stings for 3 months enough swelling to last her, her whole life.

She sighed at her little story but after hearing Alec was excited to eat the food and how their taste-buds were probably similar she beamed and then there came his pun, at first she seemed surprised by the pun when he apologized, she nudged him softly with her elbow and grinned "Why not? That was a good pun, at least I bought it." she smiled at him, when she pointed out there was a bug on his sleeve she didn't expect him to be so afraid she covered her ears before Alec (probably) said a curse word, as soon as he wiggled out of his hoodie he seemed much more normal, like his shirt looked much more normal than the bright blue hoodie he was wearing just a second ago which Alice thought was quite unique. She quickly grabbed his hoodie, and looked over to the sleeve where the bug was still hanging on with it's skinny frail legs, "Don't worry, they don't bite they're not favorite creature but I can deal with them." she said walking away from Alec momentarily and starting to dust off Alec's hoodie till there was nothing not even a hint of dirt was on it,

"There. All clean don't worry about bugs, they come here all the time, beetles only cling to people when it's comfortable for them so I suggest you should take off your----- I'm sorry I have no clue what that clothing is, is it a jacket? Or?" she asked looking to see Alec but then she just had realized how frightened he was of the bug, she quickly apologized "Oh- goodness that was rude of me, are you alright?" she asked kindly and politely not a hint of sneer was in her voice just a voice of genuine concern and worry was laced and toned. He thoughts kept echoing on, oh my stars.... I hope he won't have an attack or bad reaction to the bug? What if he does? Will he be ok? she shouted in her mind "Um... Sir Alec are you alright?" she asked again to make sure he was ok from the shock. Of course Alice despised bugs but she could still handle them especially if you live in a farm filled with spiders, her favorite (sarcasm),


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Alec was still wide-eyed, panting slightly from terror and the very fast physical activity he just did. He took his eyes off of the hoodie to hear Alice's words of comfort, her walking over to the hoodie. What is she-? OH! Alec winced and flinched backwards when she picked up the hoodie and started dusting it off. Did she not realize the absolute monstrosity that was on the jacket, barely hanging by a thread? Was she that reckless as to unleash the terror the insect would bring upon mankind!? His wince grew bigger by the second the longer she dusted it off until- finally- she was finished, with all the dirt that had gathered on the hoodie earlier completely gone. A bit of fear escaped from his expression when he realized he just got a free laundry pass of his favorite hoodie, but he still looked rather worried.

Well, forget the fear that had escaped from his face; his facial features now completely filled with dread at Alice's words of, "...they come here all the time..." His body posture crumpled further with displeasure, him saying with much disbelief, "More. There's more of these... creatures of doom here!?" He seemed to block out outside noises now, focusing on the words and the torture that he would experience from them. Did he... die? Was this the afterlife? Was he a bad person for the 17 years that he had lived, so now he was trapped here with the assortment of bug demons roaming at every angle? He seemed to zone in again when Alice said the words, "Um... Sir Alec are you alright?"

He smiled nervously, attempting to laugh this all off again. "Ha... ha ha... I'm fine! I'm fine. I just need..." He paused, thinking. That incident happened right after he lied to Alice. There was no way that would be a coincidence. Was karma on a regular job in this place? Or was his torture idea correct, and that was simply an incident that was purposely placed after he lied. He sighed. It wouldn't be a good thing keeping this lie either way, no matter the reason of what happened after he said it. He looked at Alice with determination, knowing exactly what to say for his next few words. "I just happen to have entomophobia!" He technically wasn't lying here, and he used a word that not a lot of people would figure out at the top of their head! Hopefully Alice wouldn't know, though.


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice seemed worried but when Alec told that he had entomophobia her facial expression relaxed, "You should've told me," she said kindly "Don't worry I won't judge, let's get out this forest, there should be no more bugs after we leave this place," she said taking him by the hand and leading him out the lush forest which was silent, was the forest this silent always? Wheres the birds? she asked herself and there were clearly no sight of animals around them, as she got out of the forest she had forgotten she pulled Alec out of the forest "Gosh! I'm sorry!" she said immediately retrieving her hand that pulled Alec.

She checked to see if Alec was ok, "I'm sorry, are you sure you're are alright? I know what entomophobia means, you have a huge fear of bugs, right?" she asked for confirmation, but it wasn't a judgy voice it was more of a worried and more of a confirming way of saying, "Don't worry the bugs won't come here." she comforted kindly, "I'm sure." she added to make sure, outside the forest there was many medieval looking houses, citizens with unique clothing, but they all looked at Alec and Alice strangely as they passed by, but Alice payed no mind to them, "Don't pay mind to them." she said briskly,

She soon pointed to a restaurant with the name 'Bills' she smiled "That's where we can get out food, or do you want somewhere else?" she hoped that Alec could recover from the shock of the bug earlier, to be able to reply but her tone wasn't rushed, I wonder why he didn't tell me he had entomophobia before? He didn't have to lie..... but it's alright. it's his choice, I hope he has no more interactions with bugs..... she thought inside her mind while started drift away from reality and deep into her thoughts, she kept seeming to have a difficult face, looking down, from Alec's point of view it could also seem like she was frowning or in a real deep concentration. She tapped her own arm with her two fingers, it seemed like a habit.


bloop idots —>
He made a grimacing face when he realized that Alice did know what entomophobia meant, mentally slapping himself. Of course she knew what that word meant. She was technically made of words, her being from a book and all! Even though she said she wouldn't judge, Alec already knew that she was probably noting it inside her head, and she would never forget the fact that he was a complete coward when it came to insects. If she was like anybody that he knew at home, she would never put the teasing of his phobia at rest. Still... she wasn't like the people he knew at home though. She was nice, didn't seem to judge him... but of course she was like this. She was fake.

The grimace on his face quickly slipped away when she suggested to get out of the forest and suddenly grabbed his hand, him feeling an urge to jerk it away. Do strangers always hold other stranger's hands when guiding them somewhere? He still allowed her to take his hand, however, since she needed to guide him through the unfamiliar woods. He never really held someone's hand that wasn't a family member's before, so he wasn't quite... used to the touch. Her hand felt the same as before though: neither hold or cold. Or was it just that his hand had the same warmth as hers?

When she finally let go, he rubbed his hand a little from self-consciousness, but couldn't deny that he felt a little bit better now than earlier. He still felt panic inside him, but he ignored it and hid it, nodding and slightly smiling at Alice, saying, "Yeah, I'm fine! Even if bugs did come here, at least I know that my knight in shining armor will come rescue me." He elbowed after his comment, laughing nervously a little.

Alec immediately noticed when others started staring at them, Alec grinning. If it was true what Alice said about pink-haired people not being seen in this world, then he was definitely going to enjoy his time here. Ignoring Alice's remark about not minding the townspeople, he started smiling and waving to all of them as royalty would do, bringing even more attention to himself, although it seemed to bring some attention off of Alice. Before Alice pointed to the restaurant, Alec blew a kiss in a random direction and yelled to the people staring, "Thank you for your audience!"

He looked up at the restaurant, nodding. "'Bills'. Sounds fancy!" He grinned at Alice. "I'll eat wherever you want to eat. You're the master between the both of us of this town after all." He tilted his head slightly when he saw Alice looking like she was in deep concentration about something, creasing his eyebrows from confusion. Was she this focused on finding them a place to eat, or was it something else?


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
She sighed inwardly when she heard Alec blow kisses to the crowd, typical. She thought perhaps it was his personality that made him like this but she didn't mind it was pretty funny, and when he said my knight in shining armor will come she started to think who that is but shrugged it off, she smiled when he said fancy to the names 'Bills.' "It really not, it's just a normal restaurant." she chuckled lightly, "Alright I'll show you in." she said lightly she quickly hopped up the stairs leading to a open door, it smelled nice of soap and food, there was many tables most of them were empty or a few people were here perhaps everyone was at their work or just busy. In any case as she led him to the dining table she called "Bill! I'll be taking a seat!" and a 'sure' replied out from the kitchen though Alec couldn't see who said 'sure.'

As she took a seat around the counter she looked at Alec and said politely, "Take a seat anywhere Bill doesn't care." she smiled lightly before looking at a menu in a foregin language, each word seemed unique curled and different it wouldn't be a wonder if Alec couldn't read or write these words, but of course Alice didn't know this she thought they were from at least from the same universe not to mention that Alec was from another whole different world and that she herself was just a book character but everything in the restaurant seemed real nothing looked fake or seemed from a story.

Alice remembered when she pulled Alec here, his hand weirdly felt neither hot or cold, why? Weird question but Alice just kept saying that they had the same body temperature which would make sense but she felt as if she was holding her own hand without any warmth or coldness of it. Weird. If Alice could talk to Alec why were their languages so different from reading and writing when she glanced at the menu, she quickly gave a thought of wondering what Alec would want, "Sir Alec what do you want?" she asked glancing up and down, from the menu to him checking the things that were on the list.

Suddenly after a second Alice asked Alec what he would like a big gruff middle aged man with an eye patch on his left eye, and grey beard came out of the kitchen he seemed hostile but his eyes showed nothing by warmth for his customers "Well I reckon I haven't seen a pink haired fellow before." the man said in a thick accent which was weird perhaps he was not from here, Alice smiled "Bill, this is Sir Alec he's just-----" she paused she didn't want to embarrass Alec by saying 'he's lost.' because then Alec would sound pathetic. instead she just continued on saying "he's just visiting." she lied. Bill nodded accepting the fact easily, and smiled at Alec easily "Well whatever you order I hope ya enjoy it." he replied and quickly left back into the kitchen. Now Alice waited for Alec's response to hat he wanted to eat.


bloop idots —>
Alec quickly followed after Alice, walking in the restaurant as well. His face lit up at the nice aroma that filled the air: one that was filled with cooked food and cleanliness. He looked around the room, which was unusually empty compared to the restaurants he had at home. His head shot up at the "sure" that followed after Alice's call, him tilting his head. Was it one of those restaurants where the owner of the establishment ran the place? There wasn't many of those with the restaurants Alec visited usually. He followed after Alice's lead when she went to the dining table and took a seat, him sitting in a seat close to her.

Since Alec was sitting close to Alice, when she took a menu and started reading it, Alec looked over her shoulder and started reading it with her before creasing his eyebrows. What... was this language? Was it a made-up language that the book had made? It certainly wasn't something he had ever seen in his life, and he had seen a lot of foreign languages on the internet. His eyes swept over the menu, but it was all gibberish for him. Some languages had words than seemed similar to each other and meant the same thing, and that was what he was looking for, but he had ultimately failed.

His eyes widened from panic when Alice called him out, asking him what he wanted to order, as he improvised, saying, "Uh, I'll have what you're-"

His eyes glimpsed upwards from the menu when he realized the new man that stood there, Alec raising his eyebrows at him with amazement. The eyepatch on this man... was amazing. Why couldn't Alec spawn in this world with an eyepatch as well? The amazement spread throughout his face when he heard the heavy accent of the male in front of him- whose name was apparently Bill- as he stared at Bill in awe. This man right here... this was the man he wanted to become one day.

Alec smiled when Bill said how he never saw a pink-haired person before, Alec smoothing his hair in response. He always got attention for his hair back at home, but here, it was like nobody had even heard the idea of pink hair. First, there was Alice staring at his hair, and now this restaurant owner commenting about it? There was also the incident about the crowd of people staring at him and Alice. Alec shrugged at the thought. At least the people here didn't have to worry about being dared to dye their hair a random color.

Alec gave a look of curiosity towards Alice when she completely lied about Alec, saying that he was visiting. Why would she do that? Did she not want to tell Bill about Alec's magical story of how he got there? Did she think that Alec would be bothered by that? He smiled at the thought of that. She didn't need to do that. No matter what she did, there was no way she could make a fool out of Alec. That was Alec's job.

He straightened his back again when Bill spoke to him again, saluting in response. "Yes sir!" He watched as Bill quickly went back to the kitchen, grinning in his direction before looking back to Alice, widening his eyes. "Oh- sorry! I was saying that I would have what you're having." He eternally smiled at his response to Alice's question. He could avoid telling Alice that he couldn't read the menu and still get food. Now he could only hope that Alice wouldn't poison him and get something disgusting.


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice smiled, "Sure, ok. I'll have my regular!" she called to Bill over the counter leaning over but as she leaned over something dangling came out of her neck which was tucked underneath her dress there was a sliver of chain-- like a necklace, Bill gave a gruff yes from the kitchen and the sounds of knife hitting a cut board and vegetables being cut. Alice didn't seem to notice it was showing a bit but just decided to return to her seat, she looked at Alec her expression clearly showing she happy, and excitement possibly mixed in as well, "I hope you aren't allergic to any food." she said half to herself half to him, while she looked around the dining area, "Ok, do you want to do one on one questions while we're waiting for the food?" she asked, she hated silence the most awkward thing she would rather start talking with Alec than stand silence, she hated silence.

"I'll ask you a question, you answer- if you want and you ask me a question and I answer." she beamed, "O-oh well you don't have to do at all, it's just something to kill time." she mumbled started fumble with her hands, as if she was shy. She kept looking down not looking up, suddenly the dining room began smelling of wondrous flavors, soup, fresh bread, and sweet aroma. Alice looked up at this smell, she seemed joyful,

"Also are you born with pink hair???" she asked but instantly her faced to regretful, "S-sorry I just told you about the one and one question thing and now here I am asking a question, just ignore it...." she said quietly her cheeks a bit rosy from being clumsy at asking a question even though she had just told Alec she kinda wouldn't ask a question and he didn't have to do the one and one question thing. How could she be such a fool?

she kept scolding herself like she always did in her mind when she made a mistake, if her Beatrice---- her-foster-mother or George her foster father, they would've started glaring at her for making a mistake but thankfully they weren't here at the moment that's why she could enjoy being with Alec, but if Beatrice were to be here she would start feeling awkward and uncomfortable, she suddenly lit up with an idea

"Alec I have an idea how to get you home!" she smiled, her eyes shining brightly, like the grass on a summer day clear and bright. "First of all how did you even transport here?" she asked waiting for an answer after a while there was a huge clattering sound in the kitchen, Alice jolted haven't hearing her answer from Alec she turned her head to where the kitchen is and where you cannot see what was going on inside she shouted but not quite loud.

"Bill? Are you alright?" she asked, and Bill shouted "Messed up on something! Don't worry the food will be out in 15 minutes!" he promised and Alice sighed in relief, as she understood what he meant and he just quickly settled back into her chair waiting for Alec to answer her question smiling lightly her face bright, still waiting patiently for Alec to answer the question, I hope I don't make him uncomfortable her thought repeated over and over in her mind some people disliked Alice because of her origin and who she was.


bloop idots —>
Alec's eyes caught on a silver object moving near Alice, as his eyes moved over to it to see what it was. It seemed like a silver chain around her neck. Similar to a necklace. He smiled at the accessory. He didn't know she was one to wear jewelry, but silently respected her for it, even if he hadn't seen it earlier. Wearing items is the one way to put yourself out there in the world, which was always a number one priority for Alec. He fiddled on one of the hair ties on his wrist as if making an example to his thought. Although he now wore these hair ties simply for the looks, he used to use them all the time with his hair. Well, before he had to cut it due to the dare.

He raised his eyebrows at Alice's suggestion to passing the time: asking questions. One on one questions. Was that simply just a secret hint that had the meaning of wanting to know more about him? Why would she do that? He made a face of confusion, trying to make a connection to what Alice said and what that would mean. When connecting the words she just said, he made a face of acknowledgement. Oh, like a date!

His face immediately flushed with embarrassment at the thought. No, not like a date! Why would he even think that? It's just two friends asking questions to each other and expecting the other to respond so that they could know more about each other! His face filled with even more confusion at all these thoughts before he made a face of surprise again, Alice just asking a question and quickly apologizing after. He shook his head at her apologies, smiling through his confusion. "Oh, it's, uh, fine. But, to answer your question, no. I wasn't born with this amazing hair, unfortunately. I was born with boring, soulless, black hair." He sighed dramatically at his true words: the only interesting thing about his hair before the dare was how long it was.

His face lit up when Alice said she had an idea about how to get him home, the air immediately filling with his questions of, "How? What? When? What?" His face immediately went back down, however, when she asked how he was transported here. He was clearly making an effort to spare her feelings, and she was clearly making an effort to be hurt with the truth. He sighed and racked his brain for a great response, but his train of thought was interrupted with a huge clattering sound from the kitchen Bill had gone through.

My hero! Alec thought, beaming towards the kitchen. He quietly listened to Bill and Alice yelling back and forth to each other, thinking that Alice would clearly forget about the topic they were discussing earlier. No, of course she looked that way to him again. With the eagerness of having her question answered. She hadn't forgotten one bit about her question. The disappointment slightly showed on his face as the possible answers swam through his head: he could lie, not tell the whole truth, or tell the complete whole truth. With how successful the last encounter went, he decided to not tell the whole truth while still not lie again:

"Oh! I... um... transported here through a book. Yeah, maybe it was a magical book that made portals to other worlds! My book did glow white, so it was probably creating a portal or something!" He internally grimaced at his words. He was getting his own hopes up with his lies. He would tell her the truth later... just not now.


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
She blinked surprised "Then how....? Did you use magic to change it's color....? That would be the only way...." she mumbled through her thinking but possible in Alec's place where he lived there could be another way to make his hair pink but she just smiled at the the thought "Ok. But I don't think black hair's boring! It's cool! It looks like a vampires.... oops. I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean for it to sound like a insult!" she replied hastily her voice in a quiet shrill. As soon as her conversation with Bill was over and Alec responded to her question she nodded,

"A book.... Maybe we just have to find another book that looks like it or we have to find a very powerful sorcerer to enchant it and so you can go back home." she smiled, clearly she didn't know Alec was lying she just accepted the truth easily, "If you want to know anything about me feel free to ask," she grinned but she grimaced inwards she knew that it sounded very awkward she wished a hole would open and eat her whole so she could just disappear but she made a great attempt not to show it on her face,

in a few minutes the food arrived creamy white soup, and freshly baked bread, and some sides of vegetables and fruit, she beamed at Bill who gave it to her and he smiled to both Alec and Alice, "Hope ya enjoy it." he said again with his thick accent once again, and left easily, Alice smiled and began digging into her food, a heavenly taste on her tongue, but why did this place not have more customers that was the question she has had ever since she had tasted the absolute delicious food. "It's nice to eat something with someone else.... " she mumbled to herself quietly, it was true ever since her parents passed away Alice had constantly been alone so sharing a meal with someone felt nice,

Alice internally blushed her cheeks becoming rosy, I should stop being weird! What am I thinking about?! she just continued eating her food hoping Alec would just think her cheeks were just pink from eating hot food, she kept wishing the thought to go away bit it lingered in the back of her mind for a bit more, after finishing her creamy white soup she turned to Alec and asked "Are you 16 years old?" she guessed he was around the same or even younger because of how he acted but she knew she should never judge a book by it's cover,

but it was just an assumption, she took a small bite of her bread waiting on Alec's response while she heard the bell make 'ring, ring.' sound from the door meaning someone else entered, but she just ignored the sound waiting on Alec to answer, she could hear Bill conversing with the person who just came in the restaurant about food, she finally finished her bread because of it's smallness easily sighing in relaxation kicking in as she felt full from eating everything that was on her plate.


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Alec frowned at Alice's comment at the book and shook his head, saying, "Even if a book looked exactly like the one I had and we asked a magician to enchant it, I don't think it would work. The book could've been one of a kind, or it might have not been transported to this world. I have a feeling that we have to find the exact book I transported through or find some other means for me to get out..." He widened his eyes in surprise. He really believed his own lie there for a second. Huh. He grinned at himself for believing himself. If he believed his own idea about how this worked, there was no doubt Alice would believe.

Alec looked at Alice strangely when she offered to give him information about her if she asked, resting his head now on his hand. That sounded... really weird. He didn't think strangers he met an hour ago in his world would offer such things to people they may never see again. This was a book world, though: but still. Was he still making connections between his world and this world because he still didn't believe that he was actually inside a book? No matter what he said to himself and what he saw, too, there was always the nagging feeling inside his head that said that this was all probably a dream. That it was all fake. That there was no way that he was actually inside a book. Of course, Alec ignored the voice, but he couldn't help himself but doubt now.

He didn't take down Alice's offer, though, and quickly grinned at her back. "Alright, then. What's your home address? Your mother's maiden name? Your credit card number? All your passwords? Birth date? Phone number? Place where you were born?" He wanted to know none of this information, but he couldn't help the curiosity inside him of how much of the questions he asked that she actually knew.

After a few minutes, the food immediately arrived as the saliva filled in Alec's mouth. This food had to be fake... it smelled too good to be true. He nodded at Bill, too focused on the delightful food to smile at his newfound hero, as he immediately grabbed a piece of bread and bit into it. Alec had always been a picky eater... the only things that he recognized on this table were the fruit and bread. He tried not to let his pickiness show when Alice was choosing the restaurant and was looking at the menu, but Alec couldn't help but scrunch his nose at the nearby vegetables, scooting them slightly towards Alice. Hopefully she likes those, cause he sure wasn't eating them.

He looked at Alice slightly mumble to herself before her cheeks shot rose red, Alec creasing his eyebrows together. Was the food really that hot for her to flush so suddenly? He took a second from eating his fruit and bread to examen the pot of soup. The bread was warm, but not hot enough to made someone's face red. The soup had to be the cause. He shrugged his shoulders, focusing on eating the hoard of food that he had before looking up at Alice, her asking him a question.

He gulped down the bread he had in his mouth and grinned. "No, Alice. I'm 67." He took another bite from his fruit before continuing speaking. "But, in all seriousness, I'm actually 17. Just turned that age in April, actually." He looked at Alice curiously now. "Why do you ask? Is it my glamourous features make me look not a day over 16?"

Now that Alice had gotten the idea of ages in his head, he now examined Alice again, trying to figure out how old she was. She was certainly smaller than him, and she seemed to be younger than him. Was she perhaps 15? Or 16? Perhaps she was 20 or 30. Alec did hear about how magic was in this world: Alice making herself seem younger than she actually was with magic was a possibility. Alec scrunched up his nose at the thought and ripped out another chunk of the bread, solely focused on eating more of the bread even though it had seemed like Alice had finished.


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice nodded at Alec's reply, truly it sounded real, but she didn't even give a thought that he was telling a lie that this world was a book, she began wondering if Alec's world had been so different from hers, Alice then heard Alec reply to her about her questions she turned her head toward him, but almost nothing made sense to her her heads tried to find anything that was called a credit card, passwords? And what even is a phone number?? home address?? she wondered in her head bit she just decided to ask those things to Alec than worry too much, "Um.... well my last name is Archer right now but I think my mother's maiden name is.... Cecil," she responded she sounded normal but there was a pause before she answered the rest of the answers.

"The place I was born is here, I was born in my own house and my birth date is October 23rd and for the other questions.... I don't think I quite understand what a---- credit card is? Or a phone?" she gave a nervous chuckle, Oh gosh- is this normal knowledge and something I just don't know? she began worrying inside her mind trying to keep a small smile.

When she saw Alec scooting the vegetables over she had to giggle, he's just like a child. she answered in her mind, she smiled at it, and made a sarcastic gesture, "Oh wow. It must be magic because I have another serving of vegetables," she smiled as she commented it sarcastically, and added "Oh well- I'll eat this anyway." she chcuckled, and began taking bites of it, Alice couldn't have the luxury of being picky with her food, because each serving cost a bit and she worked her fingers off to buy food, but she knew some people disliked vegetables, like Alec meaning they probably had the luxury to be picky on what they eat.

She heard her answer to her age question and giggled, "Oh gosh - you're old!" she smiled, "Oh- really so you're 17 like I thought!" she was glad to have her guessed age number close to the actual age Alec was, but she didn't tell him her age. And when he asked if his features made him look not a day over 16, she smiled "Maybe or maybe it's because of your hair covering you left eye." she pointed to his hair, but it wasn't the type of scorn or judged kind of way of saying, she was saying it in a genuinely interested way of saying.

As soon as she finished eating she rested her head in her hands but suddenly she felt the tables shake slightly as if in a earthquake but it was in a rhythmic pattern in which confused Alice, she touched the table feeling vibration, an earthquake? No.... something else.... she began feeling the shaking was stronger around the entrance area and she let out a gasp, "Alec stay here!" she shouted, she burst the door open with her hand outside there was the most hideous rock monster, covered with rocks about 20 feet high, bulky shaped, with tiny beady jewel like eyes.

Alice felt the monster glaring at her, her stomach dropped, she felt a rush of cold down her spine while her eyes were huge with fear, she could feel her hands trembling "Don't go outside." she said seriously to Alec before slamming the door shut, hoping that Alec and Bill would stay inside the restaurant and stay there and the monster wouldn't attack the restaurant, she immediately began running to a tree more closer to the monster to get a better look. Fear kept sending weakness into Alice's arms, Why is there a monster??? Why? This isn't even a hot spot for monster of any kind, she kept shrieking in her mind, trying to stay composed while she hid behind a tree,

The monster began wreaking a few building with force but not enough power to leave them completely destroyed but a bit of damage, suddenly the monster turned to Bill's restaurant and she had the urge to run away but she screamed "Hey!!! Stone head!! Here!!" she screamed every single muscle in her was wailing for doing this, but she threw a rock at the monster making it suddenly rage with anger and stomping toward her, she yelped and began running into the forest as fast as she could.


bloop idots —>
Alec raised his eyebrows when Alice suddenly pointed at the hair that was covering his left-eye. As if on cue, he brushed the bangs that were pointed out aside, and creased his now raised eyebrows. His hair made him look younger than he actually was? That was a first. Usually, others think he's young because of the way he acted, and not because of the color of his hair. Still, he did dye his hair not too long ago. Maybe he just never got the chance to have someone point his hair out as 'young'. Still, why did she point out specifically the hair covering his left eye? Was having bangs now immature? He grinned at the thought. Immature was his middle name. He simply nodded at Alice for her comment, though, and said, "That's a hint I'll take when I'm old and want to seem younger. Thank you, Miss Alice, for your amazing advice."

He held out his hand to take another piece of bread before seeing all the plates and bowls rattling on the table. He hesitated from taking more food now. Was the table rocky? The tables at his apartment where he usually ate at were rocky all the time as well. Of course, since Alec eats alone most of the time, he may be responsible for shaking the table that he eats at on purpose. He placed his hands on the table to try to stabilize it, thinking that he may be the cause of this shaking, before having his face fill with even more confusion. He wasn't making the shaking. It was coming from an outside source. Was it perhaps an earthquake? Or...

Alice seemed to sense that something was wrong as well, her immediately standing up and telling Alec to stay there. He immediately scrunched up his nose at the comment. Why would she tell him to stay there? Was she bossy? Nobody at home would certainly tell him to stay somewhere in the face of danger. In fact, they wouldn't really care what he did. Why would she care? Even with the thoughts swarming in his head, he obeyed and stayed in his chair, although looking to where Alice was suspiciously.

The fear that immediately showed on Alice's face made him lose their scowl, him slightly standing up. What was happening that caused such panic? Such fear? This was a magic world: any assortment of danger could be out there right now. The look on Alice's face immediately told Alec that this situation was no earthquake. He was seriously considering what to do until Alice commanded him to go outside before she herself went out. The annoyance crossed over Alec's face once again, him fully standing, muttering to himself, "You know what, screw this. She tells me not to go outside, then goes outside herself? What does she think I am, some obedient little child who can't do things for himself?" He stormed over to the door, pushing the door open and stepping outside, searching for what was happening.

Monster, he immediately thought, face immediately filling with a pale color of white. A tall, huge, dangerous rock creature roamed the path of the town. It had some jewels covering its body, but the most obvious jewels were the ones that were apparently its eyes. Alec could hear Alice yell at the monster from a good distance away, her running away with the monster going towards her. The feeling went away from Alec's legs as the world seemed to go slow, him staring as the monster roamed towards the forest. There was no way he could help. He was weak. He was a coward. He was...

His eyes drifted over to the hoodie in his hands, a sadness suddenly drifting over him. If he couldn't move, he couldn't help her. What if she died? She would be fine... right? She was fake, anyway. Still, he couldn't help but look at the jacket with downheartedness before something caught his eye on it. He shifted the jacket over to see a bright yellow creature, with a stinger similar to a bee. Oh, it was a flying bug that could poison people!

Wait. A bug. That can poison him.

He immediately screeched, pouring all the fear from the bug and the monster in his scream before throwing the jacket back on the ground again, him inching away from it. Didn't Alice say that bugs weren't usually around here or something? Wasn't he safe now that he was out of that horrid forest? His scream still filled the air as he ran from the jacket before stopping in his tracks again. He was now unsafely close to the monster who was now staring right at him, but at least he was away from the bug who was much smaller than him!

The monster seemed... surprised, if it could feel that, now that Alec had now interrupted his rage away from Alice. The good news here was that Alice was safe! The bad news was that Alec was probably going to die now. Alec's knees buckled yet again as his eyes widened with fear, his mouth slightly open from shock. Why would he run towards the monster? Why would he screech at the top of the lungs, attracting the monster towards him? Why, oh why, must the world be so cruel? The monster seemed to raise its arm in attack as Alec just stood there in shock, unable to do anything to protect himself.


❝My wings have broken off and I keep falling...❞
Alice heard the screech she immediately recognized that voice who it belonged to. Alec. She immediately had a pale face. He'll get hurt, possibly dead. After so much I told him not to go outside!!! she screamed in her head, she immediately turned her tracks toward the monster who was aiming, she immediately grabbed Alec by his arm, she didn't care if he was bigger and heavier than her, she's carried 100 lbs before just without anyone's help he should be nothing she pulled him immediately, and grabbed his hoodie thinking it was important. The monster hit the ground with a great impact leaving a huge dent, breaking the ground, they were milliseconds from getting crushed into a pancake, but the ground shook making Alice hard to control staying up her legs buckled with fear, and felt numb.

"HURRY!!! GO!!!" she screamed to Alec, dragging him practically, whole running from the rock monster throwing rocks practically everywhere, the citizen began fleeing fear chasing their shadows, Alice kept Alec close, making sure he wouldn't get near the monster but of course the monster got near, a boulder the size of Alice got thrown to them nearly landing on them, but before it did, Alice quickly chanted "Heraldo!!" she shouted and a bright blue seal came in front of her, and it quickly blocked the boulder but the seal shattered, she let out a wince of pain, as one of the boulder partical's hit her leg but she continued on,

They both were running and dragging while Alice got into the forest a little time was spared they had a little time before the monster came Alice looked at Alec seriously her once kind gaze turned hard and serious but there was still kindness laced upon her own tone. "Alec run. I can stay here call for help or something." she panted patiently, her hair was a mess leaves stuck into it matted against her head, but still neat enough to stay in a braid, her dress tattered but not that she cared, but the most her eyes were filled with both fear and worry, she didn't want Alec to get hurt especially when he is trying to get back to his world the stomping of the monster could still be heard from afar rumbling the ground, but her hands trembled with each word she said.

There were no animals in the forest, each and everyone probably fled off to safety or somewhere safe, "Our best luck is that we survive or run away from the---" her words were cut off with the trees falling, she whipped her head around to turn and yelp, as she saw the monster glaring at both of them it's beady eyes boring into both their eyes, Alice trembled no words escaped her mouth except a soft whimper, of course she was no hero, or brave she just wanted to protect what she loved, and found important other than that she was a chicken, a coward. She never had an ounce of bravery from the start that was all just her best trying to survive, she didn't know what to do her legs were already gone with strength.

Can I keep Alec safe? Protect him? I'll do my best..... No, I have to.

She grabbed a rock and began leaving to the trees deeper, she threw it to the monster attracting it's attention and it roared, with anger and fury. Alice screamed in fear, she knew she already she screamed enough for today but all fear came out the form of screaming, or that was the only way she could say she was afraid, she had never seen a monster this close or even a monster. "Just go!! Don't worry about me!!" she shouted back to Alec her voice shaking, she knew probably he would be wondering whether leaving was ok,

the leg which she had a few rocks thrown at throbbed at each step she took it already was looking quite purple. Ah- she had already suspected it was a bruise bit not this large, but she just kept grabbing stones from the ground, and throwing it to the monster who kept roaring and snarling and then picked up a tree and threw it toward Alice who was about 28 meters away from Alec, she gasped as it landed close to her. She was going to die.


bloop idots —>
Alec was standing there, wide-eyed, thinking he was going to die before Alice grabbed his arm, him yelping in surprise. She was able to easily drag someone bigger than her. She was certainly stronger than she looked. He let her drag him on, him still in shock, until she grabbed his hoodie as well, him widening his eyes. There was no way that the poisonous bug fell out. It was probably in there, hiding, waiting for its next victim to come into their lair. Alec tried to protest and warn Alice, but he couldn't find himself to open his mouth, let alone speak. He tried to send her a warning look, but she looked straight ahead, screaming for Alec to hurry up. He felt rumbles behind him of the monster attacking, but he couldn't bring himself to look behind him as he kept on going ahead.

He felt a presence going near him as he finally had the strength to turn his head slightly to look behind himself. There, right there, was a boulder coming right at them. Panicked, Alec widened his eyes once again as Alice casted a spell on it, Alec staring at her with amazement. How did she do that? Was magic that powerful in this world to do that? He saw her wince with pain at a small stray of a boulder that had escaped her spell, him immediately looking down at her injury, still having that shocked expression on his face. Was this all really happening? Was this all real? Was this disaster really real?

When they finally got into the forest, Alec panted a little, unable to think clearly. There was no way this was happening. When Alice started talking to Alec, he simply stared at her, barely registering the words. Run... away? How were they supposed to run away from that? It would probably track them down. It would probably never let them live. Any hope of Alec getting home may as well get abandoned right now: there was no way he was surviving this. He flinched as the trees came down, thinking, Speak of the devil. It would always find them. it would always...

Alice attacked back. Alice protected Alec. Alice walked away from him, attacking the monster, knowing that she may die, and that Alec may abandon her, yet she still went on with courage. The rocks hit the monster one pebble at a time, as the creature as slowly getting more and more angry. The moment that Alec snapped, however, was when the tree landed unsafely close to Alice, her looking terrified. Without his consent, his legs immediately sprang forward, running in the direction of Alice.

He stopped running when he was in front of Alice, grabbing her shoulders and pushing her away, yelling, "You idiot! Stop fighting when your leg clearly can't handle it, stupid!" He hesitated before grabbing his hoodie again, keeping on pushing her. "Just go, go, go, moron! When a giant monster creature comes at you, don't go fighting when you're hurt! You hear me!?"

He stopped pushing her, expecting her to continue moving forward, and faced the creature, legs suddenly becoming wobbly again. What was he thinking!? Just because Alice was hurt and couldn't fight doesn't mean that he has to fight! His legs disobeyed him once again and took a step forward towards the creature. He was going to die. He wouldn't even have a chance to write his last will and testament before his death. He wouldn't have a chance to say goodbye to his friends... or anyone else in his life that he can think of. His legs quickly started running as he yelled out, "Stupid, stupid, stupid!! You don't even know how to fight this thing!"

He looked ahead and saw something that immediately made his legs stop moving: another boulder. It wasn't just one piece, though: it was multiple. Multiple, tiny, sharp rocks started flying towards Alec. Instinctively, he ducked, but he still forgot to cover his head. One stray rock flew straight into his forehead, as he felt pain for a split second before closing his eyes, having everything turn dark.

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