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Lycan Queen

I figured I would make this interest check seperate from my original plot list since I've been craving it more on its own. But the guidelines still carry over.

The premise can be a few things:

1.) A young man (the character I'm seeking) has worked on ships for most of his life (can be a pirate, current or former or just a boathand to any kind of vessel). He does the little chores like mop the deck, cut vegetables in the kitchen, and feed the animals on board that serve as their food along their voyages. The sea is all he's known. On one trip during a storm, he becomes enamored with a girl they fish from the water amongst a shipwreck. Though all alone and without family, she has a witty attitude and a fiesty nature that isn't like that of other girls. His superficial feelings eventually start growing nd he finds himself looking for her at night when everyone is asleep, but sometimes she just disappears. When the storm continues on as days pass and he's thrown overboard, he could swear that his shipwreck crush pulls him from the depths. Meanwhile other crew members are going missing during the storm... He's conflicted... is the woman of his dreams real? Or a siren hungry for the flesh of his crew, looking to make the ship her buffet?

2.) A crew of pirates is on the hunt for treasure (aka lost goods from wrecked and lost ships). During their vayage they come across a shallow area of water where sand breaks the surface. On it is an ornate chest. They cant believe their luck and begin to board the small mound, when a vicious siren attacks them and hoardes the chest. Upon their combined effort killing the monster, they go to claim their boon. Inside the chest is a makeshift cradle, with a small baby swaddled in silk handkerchiefs. Filled with remorse and wiser than before, the ship takes in the baby of the creature they killed and raises her aboard as penance for their mistake. As she grows she is told she was cursed by a sea witch and they accommodate her nature, even avoiding docking at ports. As part of the sea, even keeping her from the waves for extended periods send needles of pain through her body. All the while, they keep her feeling loved and accepted. When a new member of the crew joins by volunteer, he's smitten with the strange daughter of the captain, but is concerned that he is not privvy to the secret of the woman he hopes to one day wed.

3.) Your character is thrown overboard during a storm and washes ashore on a deserted island. While her sisters pursue the ship he came from, a lone siren follows him around the island. Appearing to be a mystical mermaid of beauty that swims to watch him in curiosity. She appears to him in the streams that split through the island and leaves him food and supplies she finds. Though he tries over and over to coaxe her into letting him go to her and meet her up close, she gracefully evades him for days before humoring his awe stricken state. She never speaks in sentences, only sings to him. He falls hard, hoping the sea angel will help save him from the island, but she secretly lies in wait to devour him...
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