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wonder if its a round about way of saying: aren't that many interesting rp's popping up each month or worthy members for member of the month anymore?
Lmao, maybe, but maybe its “there are too many good ones and too many worthy people”

gotta stay optimistic
Doubt that. Most rp's are crap. That's why i made ih to escape some of the dumbs. XD there probably are several swell folks though. but ultimately the criteria for getting noticed is fairly random in a community of thousands. Most of it is luck rather than being amazing. Even some of our own members have gotten member of the month. They cool, but are they the best the site has to offer? hard to say.
Unfortunately, too true. I cant say much tbh, as I am a pretty crappy writer when it comes to others, so I am in no position to complain.

They might scrap eventually, but probs not
Being a good writer on this site is like knowing basic algebra in elementary school. You are special among your peers but it ultimately means nothing. So what if most of use are mediocre writers? toss a rock and you'll hit another one. some of what makes a writer good is subjective too
more descriptive phrasing? great but in all that dressing, I can't find what the character is actually doing.
more complex thought and emotion exploration? Swell, stuff i can't reply to and something i have to pretend i don't know for the sake of the character remaining in character.
So I give no credence to anyone claiming anyone on here is a good writer. More importantly, are they a good roleplayer?

1. does their character stay in character and not meta game the shiz out of every scenario?
2. does their character actively engage with other characters and try to create moments rather than waiting for others to engage them first?
3. do they stick to the point and purpose of their post rather than going into page long mental vomit about last weeks 2nd breakfasts sausage speckle on a plate?
4. does their character fulfill the role it is meant to? the healer that actually heals the party. the fighter that actually fights when it should.

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